I call it… “Self Portrait with Bun”

OK, Baxter, hold it riiiiiiiiiiiight there, Little Buddy. Stay still!

[camera clicks]


Got it!


You are getting an "A" for SURE, Anna-Marie R.! Anna-Marie’s gallery here, with some adorable ‘Tuning in Tokyo" bunny action.



  1. I want that camera! Bunny is cute too.

  2. Wow, what a bleeny reflection! Perfect Bun-day afternoon posting, Meg!

  3. Hell, I can see FOREVER in bun’s eye. Makes me want to write cheesey ’80s pop songs.

  4. sunnymum says:

    I’m ready for my close up Mr. Demille.

  5. Khadija says:


  6. darkshines says:

    Need to know what the photographer is wearing. Looks like a 1940’s womens US army uniform, which is AWESOME. IN fact, I don’t even care about the truth now, thats the truth in my head.

  7. Darkshines, the camera blocks her whole outfit. It is, however, one of those portable folding-accordion-type cameras that the WWII embedded reporters sometimes carried, long before they would have been called “embedded”.

    Truth is ephemeral.

  8. CoffeeCup says:

    Adorable bun, but the eyelids ick me out a little. Weird, since I have a bun…his eyelids aren’t quite as obvious.

  9. A new movie: Reflections in a BunBun Eye!

  10. eikoleigh says:

    wow….what clear eye(s)…

  11. Theresa Muir says:

    Oh come now, Theo, really, just *which* 80s pop songs were cheesy?

  12. Which *weren’t* ??

  13. But Mr. Baxter, we don’t see your full on disapproval with the side view. 😦

    Love the close-up though.

  14. Theresa says:

    Hm, I’m preparing a list.

  15. Theresa says:

    BTW, Chanpon, you make a good point. A great deal of disapproval is lost in the Bunny Profile. It’s only head on that you get the full-force effect of Lagomorphic Censure.

  16. Anna-Marie R. says:

    First: thanks so much for the feature!

    Baxter is excited (though still disapproving), too. =)

    Camera is a Panasonic DMC-LZ8. Sorry to disappoint, but I was definitely wearing jeans, t-shirt, and baseball hat.

    As for the eye capsules… she was really quite young when this was taken; they aren’t so prominent now.

  17. Theresa says:

    Hm, well it all depends on what the meaning of “Cheesy” is. And YOUR “Cheesy” threshold may be very different from MY “Cheesy” threshold.

    Oh screw it! (Lights lighter, starts swaying back and forth and yowling “I Wanna Know What Love Is”)

  18. Chicken O'Feathers says:

    I just want to thank you for extra helpings of Bunny lately.

  19. Totalee Puppy says:

    Happy Bunday, everyone!
    What a special way to end the day.

  20. Mary B. says:

    I love Baxter soooo much! Although she’s actually a little “Miss” and not a “Mister” Baxter. A little bit of confusion with the gender at the beginning of this little girl’s life. 🙂

  21. Awww, I love the white neck ruff!

  22. it loooks so yummy……..god i just want to cuddle and squeeze it so bad……and wht perfect shot….its like its fur was neatly combed and ready to pose

  23. hon glad says:

    Bunday Bunday so good to me
    Bunday Bunday was all I hoped it would be.

  24. Martha in Washington says:

    Is Baxter wearing a LEASH? So cool and safe!

    Baxter is the most adorabuhlest bunneh I’ve seen in a looooong time!

    PS I took my kittie outside today on her leash for the first time. She wasn’t thrilled. With the leash that is, she liked the grass.

  25. Anna-Marie R. says:

    She keeps her fur really, really clean; no combing necessary. She’s a proper little girl.

    Yes, Baxter is wearing a leash: she has one whenever she goes outside. Recently she upgraded to a trendy green one. =)

  26. @Anna-Marie: Your pictures are GREAT!!! Little Miss Baxter is pretty darn cute, too…..Green leash for summer, I’m thinking. Very stylish.

  27. Kimbunny says:

    Theresa – I hereby elect “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off (to have a good time)” and an officially *cheesy* song of the 80’s.

  28. cowdoctor says:

    excellent bun pic. fine way to start a tuesday
    be well all

  29. darkshines says:

    Ann-Marie, did you take this photo? WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!

  30. January says:

    I like it.

  31. Kimbunny says:

    Kimbunny, it’s certainly the most counter-intuitive. :p What did Bruce Springsteen once say that the subtext of all popular music is “Would you please take your pants off?” Even if it’s “World Peace, No More War, Freedom for All– and would you please take your pants off?”

  32. It’s Whistler’s Rabbit’s Mother!

  33. (Or Whistler’s Mother’s Rabbit.)

  34. Eater of Shades says:

    I see YOU!!

    *buns eye closed* now I don’t.

    *opens eye* now I do!! …

    @darkshines: he he he …

  35. darkshines says:

    I don’t get it *pouts and feels a little silly*

  36. zosterops says:

    is that the sydney opera house in the bunny-eye background? … or am I seeing things?

  37. Anna-Marie R. says:

    Hahaha, I wish. In fact it’s my dorm building.

  38. Katrina says:

    Anna-Marie R. then you say, “That? Why yes, it is right across from my dorm room!”.

    Silly girl!

  39. Katrina understands teh internets.

  40. Anna-Marie R. says:

    Ah, excuse my ignorance.


  41. Katrina says:

    Theo- Thanks, I’m finally catching on, then?

    Anna-Marie R. your bunny is just so cute. More pictures, please! I’m going to take a peek at your other pictures now! We want to hear more about you, Baxter and the Fabulous Places you visit and live next to!

  42. Katrina says:

    Well, Anna-Marie R., color me blown away! Wow, peeps, go see her stuff.

  43. Kaitlin says:

    Nice reference. Self portrait with a convex mirror!

  44. Anna-Marie R. says:

    Thank you so much, Katrina!!
    As soon as I’m back at school, I will be posting tons of pictures of Baxter again on DA (she’s staying right now with one of her co-owners who is not a plane flight away).

    Hehehe, this still has me absolutely tickled.

    Thank you everyone for your comments!!

  45. Katrina says:

    You are very welcome, Anna-Marie R. Well deserved. Are you a photography student?

    Wow. If you are ever in Connecticut, please tell me.

    Wow. Have a great Summer.

  46. Anna-Marie R. says:

    Actually, I’m a biology major. =)

    Enjoy your summer, too!