Hamster grace

[Tiny paws together] Rub-a-dub-dub


[digs in to Lucky Charms-like hamster chow]


CAN I GET AN AMEN, Kellie S.!?



  1. is that a first post toastie?

  2. What a blobbular fuzzball!

  3. I think that’s actually more like Fruit Loops….but cute

  4. …is that a red fruit-loop in his bowl? fuzziness and fruit-loops always make my mondays better.

  5. Courtney says:

    That’s a sweet-looking hammie. 🙂

  6. momof2kitties says:

    He still has bed head!

  7. k. o'dee says:

    Mmm… Froot Loops! May I have a nibble, hammersons?

  8. You forgot the ending:

    “Rub a dub dub.
    Thanks for the grub.

  9. Awww! He really does look like he’s saying Gwace.

    Also reminds me of the Stephanie Plum books… :o)

  10. hon glad says:

    Ah, just what I need after a spin on the wheel.

  11. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I can’t believe that my little daughter made it on to cuteoverload!!!! Aww my little nani maria hamster bonita ( yes that’s her full name!)

    no it’s not a fruit loop but believe me they look super tempting at 3am!!!

  12. she’s thoo cute!

  13. What a sweet little ham! And such a prosh name, too! WTG, Kellie!!!

  14. SQUEE!! I so wish I could have a lil hammie, but my scottie would nom it.

  15. chanpon says:

    This, my friend, is truly a tribble come to life! I want.

  16. So, so round and adorable!

    Plus, that little pink foot tucked below but peeking out? The gilding of the lily.

  17. fish eye no miko says:

    M. V. said: “You forgot the ending:
    ‘Rub a dub dub.
    Thanks for the grub.

    Look at the hovertext. ^_^

  18. FENM — sometimes the hovertext (or, more precisely, “title tag”) changes shortly after a post goes live. I’m just sayin’.

  19. binky-mama says:

    Where did my powder puff go? Oh there it is…..

    *uses redonk hammie to powder nose*

  20. What a squeal-inducing little fuzzball.

  21. : nuff voice :

    “I hope that hamster is praying to not get a disease from that niblet that has been coated with disgusting toxic food coloring.”

    : regular voice :

    Awww, she thinks she’s people….

  22. miss.anthropy says:

    religion/brainwashing is never cute.

  23. assumption/bulls***ting is never cute.

  24. awww, looks like (s)he just had a bath too.

  25. darkshines says:

    That is the scabbiest looking hamster I have ever seen! Get the guy a comb or someting, for Pete’s sake! *rolls eyes*

  26. Um, that was an attempted joke, right? Darkshines?

  27. darkshines says:


    [OK. Whew. Thanks. – Ed.]

  28. Awww, she rockin’ the mic! I love when my Mr.Peanut does that. Yea hammies!

  29. lol Nani is a longhair hammy so her hair can get a little “tousled”

    this was actually caught during her bath time, during which she actually sits on her bum, feeties out.

  30. binky-mama says:

    I luvs the tousled look. Especially the “post-snorgling” tousled look after which the hammie must groom incessantly to return every hair to its proper place.

  31. Totalee Puppy says:

    I’m saying thanks for this
    little hammie…This is all
    the grace I need for this

  32. cheesybird says:

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I didn’t know hammies came in a “redheaded” variety, although nani maria hamster bonita (I love how her name is bigger than she is) is a bit more auburn than true red.

    It’s so nice to see this post. There haven’t been many pocket pets here lately. I don’t know why, but I’m a total sucker for the itty bitty rodents!

  33. darkshines says:

    Sorry, I’m British, my sense of humour can be misunderstood sometimes. In future I will follow up all my scathingly sarcastic remarks with: 😛 ONLY JOKIN’! OMGWTFBBQPONIES, LLOLOLOL :):):)


  34. Oh now that’s not necessary. Thppppp. I only got tripped up on “scabby”.

  35. darkshines says:

    I love you really Theo, come on, you know that by now…. 😉

    How’s Kenya doing?

  36. Kenya got adopted into a Forever Home many moons ago. Rikki Rocket, however, stayed with us, and he’s Fat’N’Sassy™.

  37. darkshines says:

    Awwww, yeay! He’s GORGEOUS. I think my boyfriend is going to end up adopting his cousin tortoiseshell kitteh, he claims to hate cats, but can’t help but pet her all the time!

    Also, before this threadjack is over, can I just say, please spay and neuter your pets?
    [What, again?? – Ed.]

    End communication.

  38. darkshines says:

    *pokes Ed*

    Thats a message that EVERYONE can learn from *nods knowlingly*

  39. Darn right!
    Spay and neuter your pets yearly! (Twice yearly or more, with terriers.)

  40. darkshines says:

    If you have a Theo in your house, try the house brick method…….

  41. …or not.

    You’re flirting with the “account ban” method now, DS.