You’re having a better Father’s Day than this monkey

The primary responsibilities of Marmoset monkey Dads are to schlep the kids around, chomp through bark for midnight sap snacks, and teach  the kids manners (throwing poop joke here.)

These twinmarmosets were born last year at the Bronx Zoo to three-year-oldmom, Squirt, and seven-year-old dad, King. I think Squirt’s somewhere getting a mani-pedi right now.


Thanks, Brinkie G.!



  1. The world’s largest smallest primate!

  2. Patricia E. says:

    Happy Fathers’ Day King!!!
    Looks like you’re doing a great job!!

  3. Such a cute monkey dad and kids!!

  4. If you had a monkey on your back (and one on top of that!), youd have an upside down smile too!

  5. Disapproving monkeh wants to watch the ball game.

  6. snorglepup says:


  7. Well, marmoset there’d be days like this:

  8. chanpon says:

    Oh, where are those swan boats when you really need one? *sniff*

  9. bubbyscranky says:

    Marmosets is the cutest. Especially love the yawn.

  10. Catsquatch says:



    The one just looks almost human.

  11. cheesybird says:

    LOL@ Brandi!

  12. marie_n says:

    i love his grumpy old man frown and furrowed brow hidden by his justin timberlake fur jacket.

  13. That baby has such a human expression when we see his face- he’s like a human infant who’s entered that “pleasantly surprised by everything” stage.

  14. Yay marmosets! Its a shame you can’t see anything for size comparison, these guys are teeny.

  15. La Lola says:

    …giving a whole new meaning to the book “Hop on Pop”!

  16. Aww, they have their father’s eyes 😉

  17. Awww, Lone beat me to the punch!!! I was thinking it gave a new meaning to having a monkey on your back. Hahaha…..very cute, they are very curious. I think curiosity makes you cuter.

  18. Theez ar almoas az Qte az kittehz. ALMOAS. btw bii shur tew chek aowt teh PALLAS CATS on heer, tew! Qteness purrsonifaid!!!

  19. They look like Chewbacca’s babies!!

  20. Katfighter, would that be the legendary Kodiak Marmoset to which you refer? I love me some Ren & Stimpy 🙂

  21. Leave it to dad to do all the hard work.

    [… ducks all the stones and knives …]

  22. hearther says:


  23. Suggestion: In the future could we limit the critters to EARTH Creatures Only please? *shudder*

  24. GO, matriarchal marmosets!

  25. I think they’re part owl. Half monkeh, half owl.

  26. Totalee Puppy says:

    BRANDI lol!

  27. Leilani says:

    Gosh! Someone discovered a bunch of baby Wookies!

  28. In the profile views, they kind of have the dog-faced-boy look, like from an old-time freak show poster. All that swept back forehead hair.

  29. claudia says:

    I love the bitter beer face, AWWWWW!

  30. LOL poor grumpy papa!

  31. OH, OH, OH!

    Want me some baby marmosets!

  32. hon glad says:

    It’s Fathers day and I get left with the kids, I don’t even get a stinking tie!

  33. If we EVERY have an award for best comments, I nominate Brandi.

  34. Catherine says:

    The sound has been added after, it’s a sample from Sound track Pro.

  35. omg, it’s a gaggle of mini-chewbaccas! now i understand george lucas’ inspiration for chewie! fricking adorable, and how cool is it the male of the species actually does something other than shag and run?

  36. ButtaRumCake says:

    Berthaservant, I agree! I’m casting my vote for Brandi!

  37. chanpon says:

    Tee hee. Mini-chewbaccas. So true!

  38. Zanna….maaaaaaybeeeeee! He IS the most feared animal in all of Canada.

  39. They SOOO look like something Lucas would have come up with!

  40. I think I thought of a new word- ‘adorableh’.. so cute it makes you want to throw up!.. has that already been used before?

  41. The YAWN! Angh. So cute!

  42. Cute. But definitely crossed with an owl! 😉

  43. You think those little buggers are cute … check out what these tamarins do with their easter eggs!