The plight of the flightless Kiwi… :(

Ahnnn. This one is a tear-jerker, People! The flightless bird saga CONTINUES!

Dixon S.! Buzzkill!



  1. cheesybird says:

    Aw… sad bleen… 😦

  2. MaliceAlice says:

    As soon as I saw the video posted yesterday I knew this post could not be far behind. Indeed, I trolled the comments and found the link I was looking for almost at once.
    I watched it again last night and did, in fact, start to get choked up. The BF thinks it’s hilarious but I always blubber like a little girl. That little kiwi! He’s got the heart of the champion. Or, as I like to say: He landed on pillows! Pillows! And then they took him away in a sleeping bag! ALSO: listen for the splat sound at the very end of the soundtrack, right as it fades to black.

  3. heartbreakingly sad/cute. the little tear just made me sob!

  4. joliesmom says:

    Aw his little arms.


  5. joliesmom says:

    Oh and I really wish the ending would have been more of a “going into the unknown” finishing off in silence and not what it really is.

    Now I’m all emo.

  6. *snerf* He died happy at least. Weenie little wings…

  7. yea, this one is just too sad… this is too high a cost to fly… Couldn’t he have gotten a parachute? Noooooooooooon…

  8. I saw this animation a while back; loved it then, loved it now. Here’s a poem I wrote about that li’l kiwi:

    Poor little kiwi, he who cannot fly,
    No matter how hard the poor bird tries.
    “Aha!” he thinks, an idea brewing in his head.
    “If I cannot fly forward, I’ll fly downward instead!”
    So the little bird grabs a rope and a hammer,
    To create his own forest in a peculiar manner.
    He ties the rope to a tree,
    And after counting, “One, two, three,”
    Hauls a tree up a cliff
    And nails the roots down tight and stiff.
    He does it again, and again, and again.
    Soon, a mighty forest sprouts from the awkward terrain.
    Finally, his task is complete.
    He is ready for his final feat.
    The little bird tenses, and he runs, and he leaps.
    “OMFG!” he thinks, “I’m flying! I’m flying, like all the other peeps!”
    He soars through the clouds; o’er the treetops he wends.
    And here’s where the story comes to its sad little end.
    The little kiwi lands with a “splat”.
    And that, as they say, is that.

  9. What’s wrong with you people??? Kiwis don’t think about flying!!! Only wealthy lottery winners who violate the poor little birds dignity would come up with such a horrible idea!!!1!one

    (Sorry, it just came out. Personally, I loved this movie! [Spoiler alert} The little kiwi achieved his dream…he flew! Wonderful! Loved how he nailed the trees with his feet while lying on his back.)

  10. I’m sorry, but this time you’re way late CO – I saw this months ago for the first time, many months ago. I was linked to it everywhere.

  11. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Aw yes…the kiwi I asked aboot in the WA lottery thread, mate! 😀

  12. sessile says:

    Augh – this one. I can’t watch it again; I get too verklempt. Something that cute shouldn’t be that heartbreaking!!

  13. I can’t watch this again. I cried like a baby the last time I saw it and couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks afterwards…. 😦

  14. pistache268 says:

    Ahn, seen this a while back, still makes me sad.


  15. right when i saw the words flightless kiwi i knew the video. I’ve seen this on youtube and it is sooo sad, i can relate to the kiwi

  16. I sobbed the first time I saw this like a year ago. It’s too sad for me to watch… sort of the like the ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan (however you spell her name.)

  17. …oomigoolies.

  18. Meriweather says:

    ‘Cute or sad?’ Definitely sad. I saw this more than a year ago, and just thinking of the little thud at the end still gets me choked up. I didn’t even watch it again.

  19. The little aviator cap, and the butt-wiggle wind-up to run, and the wee arms, and the tear – and I’m DEAD. I’ve seen this vid so many times and always cry a little. I’ve convinced myself that he has a widdle parachute and pops it at the very end.

    DO NOT watch the Mad World version – you will die of sad.

    And if I ever get to “that dark place” [as my therapist and I call it] again, I’m totally building a vertical forest before I jump. 😦 / 🙂

  20. “I’d rather have one minute of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special” (Steel Magnolias)

  21. On the menu thing where it lists other videos, watch the fourth one listed it made me feel better.

  22. oh ok great. I’m officially the most hormonal person in this world. I mean who else cried when watching this clip?

  23. Whew! Glad he made a soft landing in the rilly, rilly deep soft snowbank. That was the sound at the end, right? Or how they say, ‘AGAIN!!!’ in kiwi? And his friend, Bambi’s mom, helped him climb back up again?

    Right? RIGHT?!?

  24. he landed on pillows… i mean, if he went through that much trouble planning, he would have planned pillows. Yup. That’s what I’m going with. I’ll have nightmares otherwise.

  25. Hi.

    Okay, I’m the smart one, supposedly, and I don’t get it.

    First of all, I didn’t hear anything at the end. Second of all, it’s beautiful when the tear comes out.

    But what did the kiwi do? He nailed trees on the side of the mountain? Then he jumped off the mountain and glided through the trees? Then he kept gliding over the ground? Why did he nail the trees to the mountain?

    < -- dazed and confused

  26. berthaservant – He was trying to recreate the feeling of flying over trees, just like real birds do.

    Btw I’m deaf so I didn’t play the sound – I thought he ‘went into the unknown’, I didn’t realise there was a splat sound at the end!! Have teared up now… *reaches for tissues*

  27. Because he wanted to flyyyyy through a forest and it’s the only way he could!

  28. Oh, I cried, like a big ol’ baby. Like a bigger baby than my 9 month old.

    I never saw this clip until today, it was really beautifully done, and the Mad World version is like an ax in my heart.

  29. Aww, so sad! 😦

  30. This is old…and really sad.

    How about something current and cute and sweet?

  31. dude needs to larn something about how to tell a story

  32. rainyrhy says:

    this is an quite an old video in youtube and it is in the most popular chart for a long time.

    i think, he knew he had to die , but that moment is worth it.

  33. I hadn’t seen this until today. It is sad at the end but I really like the little kiwis spirit. And really if he can pull a hammer and nails out of his a$$ can’t he have a parachute there as well???

  34. noofs>

    thanks for the poem!

  35. Lerrinus says:

    Des, have you seen the other clip Re: Kiwi ?

    Whoever made it, THANK YOU!

  36. Furbabies says:

    Poignant! Indeed, I too felt a little sad. But, damn it, he was so happy for that one moment in time.

  37. Didn’t this win a youtube award?

    I’m another one who hated it.

    Suicide is NEVER cute.

  38. Miss Malice says:

    As someone who lives in New Zealand… What the…
    Kiwis I’m pretty sure don’t think about flying, and they are nocturnal, they could of at least made it night 😛
    Real Kiwis are way cute though

  39. I say bullshit. If the kiwi was industrious enough to build that cliffside forest, don’t you think that “whump” at the end MIGHT be a large air pillow of some kind?

    He’s not dead. He had his little moment in the sun, then landed on an air cushion at the end.

    And yeah… the little wings and that tear of complete happiness… that’s just too much to bear.

  40. RJ, I’m with you, I hope so. Yea, if he can spend a year building the forest, wouldn’t he want to “fly” through it over and over and over? And sell tickets to other kiwis? 🙂 What about good old-fashioned entrepreneurship!

    That was just too much in terms of leaving the ending open. Good writing, but saaddddddddd.

  41. Well, see? That “Re:Kiwi” vid Lerrinus mentioned covered the subject. The “whump” was the sharp sound of a parachute expanding upon deployment.

    Balance is restored to the Force.

  42. temperance says:

    this is breaking my heart.

    please make it go away…..

  43. aw come on CO, this was made 2 years ago and was practically an internet meme by the time you could’ve posted it!

  44. limegreen says:

    Like others…I knew this would be posted lickity split.

    This animation has been on my ipod for quite a while. When I first saw it a very good friend of mine was very sick and I knew that pretty soon she’d be gone. Before she left, though, she took all of us on a magical trip on a canalboat. She was our little wingless kiwi, our fearless captain of our grand ship…fully knowing that for her it would be her last trip.

    So…little flightless kiwi taking that first and final trip is so poetically meaningful and beautiful. Yep, it surely is.

  45. the guy that made this cartoon also made an animation about a pinata and a little girl at a birthday party- it’s sadder than this one.

  46. I remember seeing this a long time ago and I almost bawled my face off. I love this cartoon, even though it breaks my heart.

  47. edmundh says:

    Ah the dream of flight. Makes me even more resolved to earn my pilot’s license. I just logged my second hour in my log book today.

  48. This one really chokes me up!

    But as a tuba player, I wholeheartedly approve of the soundtrack. :p

  49. maybe he had a terminal illness, and if he had to go, let it end by fulfilling his dreams.

  50. girlnextdoortn says:

    ok, but you have to see the other one- “Do Penguins Fly?”


  51. Elizabeth says:

    This is about as cute as a sledgehammer to the face and about as heroic as dying of anorexia.
    People hear me: it is NOT A GOOD IDEA to try so hard to be something you’re not that you DIE. Nor is it, in any way, to be admired. Kiwis are cute, Kiwis are cool–who the heck says they have to fly (or have to WANT to fly, for that matter) in order to be good enough? Please let’s let a Kiwi be a Kiwi.
    And you, too, are fine the way you are, by the way.

  52. What’s a meta for?

  53. MaliceAlice says:

    Good lord, some people just can’t enjoy anything. I mean, jeez, you’re actually comparing a CARTOON representation of an animal to its real life counterpart? How is that in any way logical? Just because it has one of the traits of a kiwi and looks like a kiwi it now has to act and think like what you think a kiwi acts like? God, you people! Also, Elizabeth: shut up. Honestly. I don’t usually get worked up about nuffers but your self-righteous whining is the most non-sensical and annoying thing I’ve seen on this website in a while. I can’t believe I have to be the one to say this but: IT’S A FUCKING CARTOON. Oh wait, I can’t curse, can I? Christ.

  54. I’m crying like a baby and trying to pretend that the sound at the end was a parachute opening. It’s not fair. This isn’t cute enough to make up for the sad.

    Please post some cute puppies and make me feel better.

  55. Dang, Dudes, I know it’s an old video. I saw it eons ago too, but didn’t post it ’til the flightless theme made it seem like a good idea.

    Speaking of, here’s another one, (also old, you Nuffs!) from Clare P. from CNN in April ’08:

  56. My goodness Elizabeth, why in the world would you think that you are never able to be, or experience anything more than your body seems to allow?

  57. cheesybird says:

    Gah! Who cares if it’s old? ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is old but I still want to see it every year! Besides, some of us had never seen this before.

    Thanks for posting this, Meg! And linking to the penguin video! I saw ‘the making of’ for that, oh… way back at the beginning of April on the BBC. Lovely footage. 😉

  58. “As heroic as dying of anorexia,” Elizabeth? As someone who has come very close to doing that several times, and painfully clawed my way back only to slip down again, I find it in extremely poor taste for you to speak of anorexia so flippantly. Self-starvation is not a matter of trying to be something you are not; it’s not a haircut or a boob job. It is the closest approximation of hell I can imagine.

  59. This is the first time for me watching it and I’m still bawling like a baby here. It’s just so sweet and innocent and just wow.. wonderfully created.

    As soon as he jumped and the tinkling music began… man… the tears just started to pour out

  60. Am I the only one who was reminded of the final scene in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”?

  61. Jenny Islander says:

    No, no, NO. The sound at the end is him falling out of bed as he WAKES UP. LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU.

  62. I’m with Berthaminion, I missed the “Thump” and otherwise sad stuff….I liked it a lot! I was wondering if this was a youngster’s creation since it thanks mom & dad.

  63. Hon Glad says:

    I too didn’t hear the thump, so it was just fun for me.
    Meg thanks for the flying Penguins, hilarious.

  64. Yitzysmommie says:

    I don’t know WHAT you peeps are talkin’ about.
    I went to another channel when his beautiful stubby leetle winglets popped out, as I don’t need anything to harsh my precarious mellow these days.
    So Lil Penguiny is still flying happily in his forest of pine trees in my world.

  65. Yikes, Elizabeth. Calm down. Sometimes dreams are worth dying for. I think the kiwi is old enough to make his own decision.

  66. Obviously kiwis don’t think about flying. I’m pretty sure they don’t know much about carpentry, either. They also presumably can’t adhere to the sides of steep cliffs, nor can they singlewingedly uproot large trees and winch them up a mountain. But really, none of that is the point here.

    (And of course he doesn’t die at the end! He’s wearing a helmet!! I’m pretty sure there’s a cartoon rule somewhere which states that any creature wearing a helmet will survive all manner of blows to the head.)

  67. I love your site and your pics! They make me and my friends laugh, ooh, and ah! It’s a hoot looking through the weekly pics. Thanks!

  68. I saw this video a long while ago when I was really really sick and not sure where my life was headed… if made me cry so much, but in a good way.

    To me, it’s like he worked his whoooooole life, preparing to accomplish this one thing. He went out in style, living his dream. LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS.
    How many of US put that much effort into our every day lives? I don’t see any one I know nailing trees to a cliff everyday [or the equivalent for each and everyone’s dream].

    This little kiwi gave me the strength to face another day when I wasn’t sure I wanted to.

  69. snorglepup says:

    Yay for all the kiwi’s willing to make their life’s dream a reality.
    And of course,he landed in a pile of fluffy chickens at the bottom who hang glided down earlier…

  70. Furbabies says:

    Of course, I should have guessed. He does not die in the end, he pops a chute and lands safely! If he is that smart to build a forest, string the rope, put on a helmet and launch himself, then he is smart enough to have a chute or a net to catch him soz he can do it again. How wonderful to work so hard to achieve your dream. Life is to enjoy, not mourn.

  71. The plight of the video that is “no longer available” 😦

    But why?

  72. fleabit says:


    been there

  73. fleabit says:

    This may be ‘old’ but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. I love it, very sweet/sad. Thank you for sharing.

  74. Peaseapea says:

    Excuse me while I go grab a tissue and wipe away the tears of sadness and/or joy.

  75. andrea, you nailed it.

  76. eikoleigh says:

    omg…that was beautiful but it made me bawl. when the little kiwi’s tear came out, I knew a thud was coming…. 😦

  77. This video was created by my good friend Dony Permedi – a very talented animator, and the music was by Tim Cassell, another friend. I hate to dash people’s hopes, but according to Dony, the kiwi doesn’t make it. And yes, the video did win awards. Check out his website

  78. This is one of the first things I ever favoreted on Youtube. I cry every time!!!

  79. Elizabeth says:

    Lizzy: I just wanted to let you know that I wasn’t trying to speak flippantly, at all, though I can certainly understand how I came across that way. I, too, have suffered from and struggled with anorexia.
    My reaction to this clip has a lot to do with things I’ve been thinking about lately (that no one here could possibly know, of course) concerning the way I believe modern culture fosters unhealthy attitudes. I wish I had taken a breath and thought through my comment a bit more thoroughly, but I still believe there’s nothing cute or to be admired in what this cartoon seems to be trying to say.
    Anyway, Lizzy, I just wanted to let you in particular know that I would never take a deadly disease like anorexia lightly; I’m sorry I sounded that way and doubly sorry if I caused you any pain.

  80. Mary Ellen says:

    wait, wait, he has a parachute!!!

  81. that was a good poem that someone wrote and posted further up the page. it helped me understand what happened.

  82. I too think it’s not smart to be irresponsible wit hprtrayals of animals in cartoons. Oh sure, SOME sickos think it’s funny, but guess what: Coyotes don’t enagage in alot of mail order purchases. Also, apparently, sponges don’t wear pants, square or otherwise.

    This cartoon is just sick!

  83. Wait, Phill, does this mean Jessica Rabbit really *IS* bad??

  84. Suicide still not cute.

  85. Ok, that’s just morbid. And bizarre, with the dichotomy between an epic plot (sacrificing one’s life for a moment of happiness) and a CGI kiwi bird.

  86. Oh, and I totally agree with Meg’s titling choice… this video is SADFACE! :'(((((

  87. You know, this film would be alot funnier and not nearly as controversial if it were a cartoon and not a real…oh wait.

  88. I wonder WHERE he pulls the hammer from… Perverted!

  89. Skylar Moon says:

    This was too cute and so sad !!! It made me cry, but I was still happy for him ! I agree with a previous post that someone mentioned the SPCA ad with Sarah Mcgloughlin (sp?) I have to turn the channel right away or I will just bawl for the next hour. It makes me want to cry now just thinking about it !!

  90. I beg to differ, Phill. I’ve met several pants-wearing sponges.

  91. I’ve seen this one many times before, but I am firmly in the LOVE it category.
    It’s sad yes, but so is life, sometimes, and we should all do our best to do what we want. And, believe me, if you want it that bad, nailing up a few trees is nothing.
    go Kiwi!

  92. *whimper* Poor widdle kiwi…

  93. anastasia says:

    that was sooo sweet! i want to fly, too but i will be flightless forever just like the kiwi bird:( it made me cry to see the tears in his eyes and the tiny “wings” flaf helplessly. its tear wrenching

  94. anastasia says:

    i watch it so many times and each time i watch it i cry like a wimp…

    () ()
    ( ..)
    (~ ~)
    ” “

  95. anastasia says:

    that was sooo sweet! i want to fly, too but i will be flightless forever just like the kiwi bird:( it made me cry to see the tears in his eyes and the tiny “wings” flaf helplessly. its tear wrenching