Rescute: A baby deer named Jet

The good folks over at the Iron Mountain Jewelry store had quite a surprise recently. On the way to work one recent morning, they found a fawn on the side of the road, it’s Momma just killed. The baby had just been borned. So, rather than leave him, they took him in and researched the finest way to bring up McFawnersons.

Which includes delectabuhl meelks:


Curious housemates…


Knobbular nature walks…


Tap dancing surprises…


Attempts to nurse on the Great Dane…


And of course, carrot slices.


Check out the FULL STORY and loads more photos here, in their Fawn Folio. Thanks for the tip, Amberly S. 😉



  1. cockatoo says:

    OMH, I just splorted milk out my noze at the tap dancing thing! And I bet the Dane was all, WTF????

  2. Look at those bright white spots!

  3. OOhh, she’s all slender and timid. Want!

  4. cockatoo says:

    wups, meant OMG, not OMH.

  5. AuntieMame says:

    Tap dancing surprises. LOL! I wish we could see the Great Dane’s face. I’ll be he (she?) was pretty surprised, too.

  6. I WUVS HIM!!! Espesch the Bambi-esque sprawl on da floor. How teeeeny is that deer to be DWARFED by kittehs!?

  7. And are the kitties actually BIGGER that she is? Cause that would be awesome.

  8. I guess I never knew how big a deer baby is (not very). Maybe that’s just because it’s a Texas deer. Deer up North (especially in my neck of the woods, Montana) are huge. The picture with the cats is great. “Um. Excuse me. What exactly is this thing doing here?”

  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!!



  10. AuntieMame says:

    The cats are thinking, “That’s one funky looking puppy!”

  11. Quincy, the deer have to be big in TX, because you know, everything is bigger there.

    But aside from that, even in your neck of the woods, you probably haven’t seen many brand new baby deer, since the mamas keep them hidden while they’re tiny and wobbly on their feet.

  12. PS, love how the dog’s (very beepable) nose is sticking into the carrot picture. 😉

  13. My heart is broken that McFawnerson’s mamma was killed. **cry**

  14. AuntieMame says:

    Hope springs eternal, Theresa! 🙂 Although I didn’t know dogs cared for carrots much.

  15. how beautiful – I wish I found a fawn on my lawn.

    pic no 4 reminds me of that somehow:

  16. I am sooooooooooooo inlove~

  17. If anyone nuffs this picture, I will come to your house and make it smelly.

    AWESOME story. GO JET!




    Jet with the wind in your hair
    Of a thousand laces
    Climb on the back and we’ll go for a ride in the sky
    And Jet I thought
    that the major was a little lady suffragette


  18. nads-
    I think the apparant giant-ness of the kittehs is just due to perspective.

  19. Well I wanted to nuff, but the thought of someone coming to my house to make it smelly is a powerful deterent.
    Only joking-these pictures are adorable-I love the dogs nose & smile in the last one!

  20. Picture four needs to be next to the definition of ‘Splayed’. Which is even better because how often does anyone get to use that word. 😀

  21. Ron Fellows says:

    God Bless you, for caring!
    This did my lonely heart very much good…

  22. What are the chances that an orphaned deer would be taken in by a family with a mama deer sized dog that loves it? Somehow that makes the story so much less sad for me.

  23. OMG How cute! It’s great that they took a baby deer in =D
    It’s really sad about the momma though 😦

  24. BeanSidhe says:

    There is a special place in Heaven for people like this. What a wonderful story… we need more moments like this. That much love and kyoot could heal the world.

  25. I wanna baby deer!!!! So cute! A little sad, for sure, but mostly a happy story—the people who did this are just wonderful!!!’/

  26. Sweet Pea says:

    This are the sweetest pics in the world!
    My smile is from ear to ear!!!

  27. Dana Cocchiarella says:

    This touched my heart. I went to their Etsy site and purchased some beads (coincidence since I LOVE glasswork). Anyone with such a kind soul deserves support!

  28. The web site is awesome! Such a great story – and awesome surrogate parents for Jet. I lufs heem. (and Drake is da bomb).

  29. OMG!!! The curious housemates!

    and AHHHHHHH the nursing on the great dane!

    I am keeled by the cute. X.X

  30. splat! ded in a puddle of qte!
    that is so awesome. yay for these great peeps (i already loved shopping on their site). i love that the menagerie just welcomed the lil guy. and drake the dane is just wonderful. buddies! so very cute!

  31. Holy crap! I thought the photo of the deer cowering from giant cats was enough to kill me but then the re-enacting of Bambi’s ice-skating on the frozen pond scene was just too much. I NEED a splayed fawn in my living room right now!!

  32. I love the fact that the cats are bigger than he is!

    It is worth reading the story and looking at all the pictures. I really like thwe one where he is looking up at the photographer.

  33. Dear. Sweet. God. What a beautiful baby, and what beautiful humans for stepping in to save this little guy.

    Now please ‘scuse me. I must go about cleaning up all the rainbow barf I hurled.

  34. So amazing a cat is bigger than a bebeh deer! Such a darling bambi. I hope they manage to get him back into the wild one day.

  35. So cute I can’t not hardly stand it!

    I hope there’s a “forever” home for Jet in a (safe!) sanctuary when he’s grown (most animals raised domestically can’t be re-introduced to the wild successfully, as I’m sure these lovely and conscientious folks know). I do so love a happy ending.

    Meanwhile, congratulations, love, and kudos to Mike and Ms. FRIT for their hard work and kind hearts. Is there anything better than saving a life?

  36. auntmame: my beagle loooooves baby carrots. she goes crazy for ’em.

  37. I love, love, love that red collar.

    Kudos to hubby for saving this little guy. My guess is that mama’s trauma induced the early labor. Ya gotta love a guy like that!

  38. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Pic 1: I has a meeelk num num num

    Pic 2: Black cat(picture Eartha Kitt Catwoman here): “Lissen herrrrre, BAMBI…Flufferrrrrrs and I arrrrre the queens of this cassle and you will addrrrrress us as “Yourrrrr majesties, mmmmkay?”
    Siamese cat(think Jethro Bodine):”Me, a queen? I thought I wuz a boy kitty! Juss really fluffy!”
    Eartha: “Quiet yoo!”
    Deerling: “WTF???”

    Pic 3: As Chimilliondeer: Dey see me strollin’ and playin’ in my red collah all wide ‘n’ flirty!

    Pic 4: Hey look at me! Quick! Get that Eartha Cat and paint a white stripe on her!!!

    Pic 5: HEY SCOOBY!!! I’M HUNGREEEEEE!!!! WHERE’S YOUR NEEEEEPLE? I’ll give you a Scooby Snack if you break out the tap!!

    Pic 6: Hey look at me!! I’m like those silly pups on Cute Overload with the tongue!
    Scooby: Hey!!! That was my carrot slice tongue!

    …this is what happens when you let your husband cook…which was good by the way!

  39. Paula57 says:

    If you go to the original website, it turns out that the very accomodating Great Dane is a MALE!

  40. oh. my. fracking. god.

    whoooose leeettle?!?!?

    thought i was dead from the qte, but after going to the website, this time… seriously…

    :: ded ::

  41. I keep laughing at the cats being bigger than the babeh deersie. Then I look at the knobular kneesies and I wants to hug the babeh deersie and snorgle it.


  42. Too bad that little dewd is gonna kill George Chakiris in the first act.

  43. Yitzysmommie says:

    hee hee hee – I lurves me some giant kittehs looking at the fawn & thinking WTF?

  44. Third Shift says:

    I suddenly have flashback/foreshadow of Jet upsetting the milk, knocking over the fence and ruining the crops, and Mama is going to have to get the shotgun, and Jody has to clean up the botched job …

  45. The little red collar! Zoh!

  46. tuckeverlasting says:

    omg, i think i’m gonna cry, first because jet’s mother died, and second because rescue stories like these are just so touching!!& jet’s absolutely adorable!

  47. LOL Patito!!! Someone Richard Beymer is rofl.

  48. What an adorable baby. And what kind people these are for caring for him. But I wonder what they’re going to do when he grows up? You can’t really domesticate a deer, can you?

  49. Oh I’m so glad that someone so loving and caring found the baby before the elements/predators did.
    It’s so sad that the momma died though 😦

    But at least he’s being taken care of very well. Everyone must visit the website. Reading about him and the way the great dane is so gentle w/ him is just awesome and so touching.

  50. cheesybird says:

    What a bee-you-tee-ful bebbeh! So sad that he was orphaned, but how wonderful how these people are for caring for him!

    The cats have “WTF?” written all over their fuzzy faces!

  51. Oh…my.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Truly wonderful the family (and their pets) stepped in to care for the poor orphan fawn.

    Best wishes to them all.


  52. In teh picture with the Great Dane lil Jet is all like “Are you my Mommeh? Well, are you?”

    Oh, and thanks for the earworm. Now I’ll be hearing Aerosmith and Run DMC all night long.

  53. OOOOOOOOh, that’s so cute.

    Killer Corgi here loves carrots, and frozen green beans. Carrots are sweet and dogs can taste sweet. My vet is thrilled-carrots also clean KC’s teeethees. Go figure, huh?

  54. Oh, good gravy……those characters are cute. What a loving family. Thank you rescuers!

  55. Patito! A deer like that who keel your braaather!

  56. IMHO the “WALK THIS WAY!” capsh should really go on the “SPLAT!” pic.

  57. Victoria says:

    As precious, adorable and cute as the fawn is, it’s a wild animal and needs to treated and respected as such. It needs to be in the hands of a licensed wildlilfe rehabilitator who has expertise in raising fawns and will return it to the wild when it’s old enough. Raising a fawn as a pet is illegal in many states and the purpose of wildlife is to be wild. Lets consider the needs of the fawn and not the whims of the people who have it.

  58. Hon Glad says:

    Bambi lives again.

  59. Desdemona says:

    The lil deer is so prosh, and the people are wonderful (I’ve sent the link to their story to all my animal-lover friends — btw Dana has a great suggestion — buy their beads!) But the Great Dane with the gentle soul and heart of gold?! To me, he’s the big hero of the piece.

  60. tootsie says:

    Nothing cuter than a baby deer, but please people, do NOT do this! Plus it is also illegal. Call a wildlife rehab center. You are not doing a fawn any favours bringing it into your home and letting it play with your pets. They can never be in the wild where they should be. Where I volunteer we only interact with the fawns when we feed them (which is super hard!!) and they are successfully released into the wild at the end of the summer.

  61. Sooo tiny and adorable!! I can’t believe how teensy! And adorable!!!!

  62. Theresa says:

    Certainly, another teeny-tiny-toony.

  63. Patricia says:

    Adorable fawn! But yeh, if you raise it around other pets especially pets like cats and dogs(predator species), it won’t know to run away from predators in the wild.

  64. Awww, sweet spotty baby!

    And the cats are BIGGER than it? OMG!!!

    Yay for kind humans!

  65. Yeah, that’s a “whim.” “Oh, look honey, a baby deer. What say we take the time to do a bunch of research, bottle feed the behbeh, and add another creature to our menagerie? Or should we just buy a new coffee grinder?”

    These people RESCUED a helpless animal and nursed it to health. I’m SURE if they did their research they are not just going to send it back off into the wild. Either they’ve got a pet for life or perhaps they have arranged for a permanent home with a zoo or other place where the deer can be monitored and taken care of.

    I repeat, I have no problem with people posting “warnings” that unusual situations (no matter how cute) are not necessarily to be attempted at home; but PLEASE do not assume that the people who rescued this deer are incompetent boobs who are evil for RESCUING A BABY DEER FROM THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. Even if the deer only survives for a little while for whatever reason, it survived with LOVE and care and a chance to make it to another day!!!!

    [Can I get an “AMEN” in here! – Ed.]

  66. Something similar to this situation happened here in Caanda a few days ago- a gentleman was going to check on his bees at his bee farm (love this story already!) when he saw a deer on the side of the road. On his way back, a few hours later, he saw that the deer was still there. So pulled over to check it out and the deer was pretty babdly injured so he decided to ‘end its suffering”. After this sad decision, he remembered that it’s deer birthing season so he did a C-section on the deer and found two little fawns inside,miraculously still alive! So he broght them to his farm, stopped off at a deer shelter for some deer feeding formula, and is nursing them until they get well enough to go to a governement rehabiliation center. They think they’ll be ok to be returned to the wild-in the meantime, they are apparently having a blast chasing around the two resident cats!

  67. Kimberly says:

    See, we really CAN get along.

    Thanks again to the animals who have reminded us humans. We sometimes overlook that the world is a wonderful, inspiring place full of possibilities.

    Sometimes we even forget that we are mammalian animals.

  68. Amen, berthaservant and nads!

  69. Love the fawn akimbo shot. Hee!

  70. Pademelon says:

    AMEN to berthaservant! The fawn was laying on the side of the road with his dead mother STILL COVERED IN UTERINE FLUIDS! They did the right thing by saving him and doing the research. It’s mentioned on the FawnFolio site that they have a huge fenced in yard area. While in general adopting wild animals is bad, I think these people should be praised for the love given to a new member of their already considerable menagerie. I don’t think it’s at all reasonable to assume that after the care/love they’ve provided and the research they’ve done their plan is to raise him while it’s fun and then ditch him. I mean, they’ve named him, he lives in the house and he wears a collar! I think the “wild” in wildlife goes out the window when the animal in question wears a collar! You tag wildlife, you don’t put cute snazzy red collars on them.

    Sorry for the rant, I’m a wildlife carer in Australia. It drives me nuts when people assume and judge others abilities to care for animals that way. I prefer native wildlife education to native wildlife regulation.

    On a second note, Drake (great name for a dane btw) allowing Jet to nurse and being nice and gentle with him doesn’t surprise me at all. Danes are called gentle giants for a reason. Mine’s still a pup (at a little over 100lbs) and he freaks everyone out because he’s so big. He’s just a big teddy bear though, content to snuggle. The Pomeranians at our local dog park own him. They bark and he rolls over with paws in air, totally submissive to a dog that could constitute a snack!

  71. Pandamelon, I do wildife rescue too in Ontario. Surely you have seen what happens when well meaning people try to take care of wildlife.

    I don’t know what the laws are in the state where these people are, but in Ontario imprinted wildlife (which this deer most certainly is) by law have to be put down. Not only has this fawn been robbed of its chance of a life in the wild it could potentially be robbed of its entire life. It was great of these people to rescue it from the side of the road, and do their research on how to take care of it, but I guess they ignored all the websites that say “take the fawn to a licensed wildlife rescue clinic”.

    Sorry to sound preachy, but so many animals come through our clinic that were likely abducted and not rescued, or are on death’s door because some kindhearted people tried to care for it themselves.

  72. Ilena Ayala says:

    Cute pics! Ad after about 2 seconds I went “wait…Iron Mountain Jewelry? I own one of their pretty focal beads!”

    I’m actually glad there’s been discussion on the problems with handraising deer and other wildlife here. While it sounds like these folks did their homework, (and hopefully do or will have a plan in place for it’s permanent placement as an adult), many well meaning people do more harm then good with fawns that were left temporarily by a mother, or by trying to care for orphaned animals without the right information or equipment/setup. So hopefully a lot of the readers here will not just be entertained from the photos, but educated as well.

  73. Victoria says:

    How is that you just censor whatever whatever you wish? I put on good information about the fawn and how it should be treated becasue Im a wildlife rehabilitator and you didn’t post it. Bad choice!! People need to know that wild animals aren’t to be used as pets.

    [Before you start bleating about “censorship”, maybe you could double-check and make sure we’ve actually “censored” something. Try scrolling up. – Ed.]

  74. So, tootsie, you would prefer this fawn were put down rather than kept as a pet? Okay, maybe the rescuers should have taken it directly to a rescue clinic. But they didn’t and what’s done is done. If they were in Ontario, you would demand they follow the law and kill the fawn? That’s just kooky.

  75. This post is so cute. I posted about it in my blog, but your trackback thing seems broken.
    [To this day, I still don’t know how to use “TrackBacks” myself, or even what they really are. Just use the direct URL links, aka “Permalinks”, instead… and, upon checking just now, it appears that you have. Thanks! – Ed.]

    I love little Jet!

  76. Thanks Ed, I used the permalinks as you said.

  77. No problem. BTW, “Ed.” (short for “editor”) is me.

  78. Furbabies says:

    I know, without a doubt, that if I came across an abandoned baby animal on the side of the road, neither hell or high water (you poor folks in Iowa/Indiana/Illinois) could stop me from doing something for it.

  79. Was readn the blog…
    “Week 4: Once in awhile we have to holler ‘Drake, spit the deer out…'”

  80. The “people in question” are my sister and brother in law, peeps. The first thing they did was to contact wildlife rescue — who are overrun with animals. There was no room in the inn. Keeping Jet at home was a poor second to letting him be raised by trained wildlife rescue folks, but it was a million times better than allowing him to die. They stay in constant contact with their local rescue agent as well as supplementing what she says with their own research.

    They live on four acres in a protected area where there are already wild deer roaming around. They have a friend with a much larger spread that is fenced–deer fenced–and attended, in case Jet does not make it to the wild but cannot stay with my sister and BIL. The owner has already given enthusiastic approval for Jet to stay there through his normal life span, if necessary.

    It is not and never will be as good for Jet as a life in the wild. But they did not do this lightly. Jet has got a fighting chance, and as he may never be able to return to the wild, as firm a guarantee as any thing in the world *can* be that, once having learned not to fear humans, that he will be safe.

    And yes, he was smaller than the cats when the first pictures were taken!

  81. I should add that I completely agree with what the wildlife experts are posting; by defending my sis and BIL’s actions I’m not trying to negate their positions, which are good ones.

    A lot of folks DO fall out over baby animals, and don’t think about what the animal’s real needs are (or what will happen when it is 100 pounds and in mating season!). If the rescue center option had been there, that’s what they would have done.

    As it is, my sister and BIL *have* considered long-term solutions for an animal that has been given life but most likely robbed of its wild experience. Those solutions are not, as Tootsie pointed out, ideal, but I would argue that they are better than nothing.

  82. Poor fawn... says:

    While I commend anyone for stepping up to save orphaned or injured wildlife, I wish that they would do so properly. Sure, you can research how to feed a deer on-line but a better course of action would have been to turn the fawn over to a wildlife rehabilitation facility or rehabber. They are not impossible or even difficult to find.

    Sadly, this deer is now imprinted on humans and domestic animals and likely cannot return to life in the wild. I hope that it is turned over to a sanctuary where it can live with members of its own species and have some semblence of a normal life.

    I don’t think that the folks at Iron Mountain Jewelry are malicious folks; they simply got caught in the moment. I just hope that others can learn from their misguided kindness.

  83. Well, as I said, they *tried*, and the nearby rescue agencies were full up. So in desperation she began looking online. She’s in contact with the wildlife experts and is taking their advice, has the counsel of a vet, and is in a safe place with wild deer that meander through the property.

  84. Thanks for the info, Andrea. Sounds like your sister and BIL are doing their best, and that’s all anyone can ask. That’s so funny Jet was smaller than the cats!

  85. That should definitely be a new category on CO: “Rescute” !

  86. Saint Savin says:

    I’m really very tired of people going on about how it’s “bad” to rescue animals. You’re well and truly heartless if you believe that a person should put aside their human desire to help the weak and helpless and KILL innocent animals. It’s a barbaric point of view and you should be ashamed.

    If every so often ONE family happens to take in a wee beastie or two, that’s not the end of the world or the forest. And don’t give me that slippery slope business. Most people do not want infant deer or wolf pups or baby birds running around in their houses.

    Thank you everyone at Iron Mountain Jewelry. Thank you Jet’s human family- dogs and aunts and uncles and cousins all. You did a beautiful, selfless thing. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It brought a happy tear to my eye.

  87. You might want to check out You can turn your favorite pet photo into a night light.

  88. Pademelon says:

    Tootsie, I totally understand, as an animal rehabilitater, that well-meaning people often have a hard time getting over the cute to consider what happens in the animals entire lifetime. BUT, there was a lot of information about Jet that hadn’t been expressed (most of which has been cleared up by Andrea). I agree that baby animals should be handed over to wildlife carers BUT, as a carer yourself, did it not occur to you that almost all wildlife care groups are under-funded and over-run? What bothers me is that people ASSUME that people like this have no idea what they’re doing and ASSUME they haven’t got in contact with a wildlife group. The blog they put up doesn’t mean they owe anyone any info. It bothers me that people figure other people put every single detail in a blog, so if something isn’t there, you must be right that it was never considered. If you were so concerned about Jet’s welfare, did you email his owners asking questions (or making wild accusations)? Or was bad-mouthing in a forum there is no evidence the owners read enough? My issue is that wildlife carers become bitter which is bad for people and animals.

    BTW, thank you Andrea for giving us more info! I’m very glad to hear that not only is Jet loved and well cared for but that there is also a plan in place there ensure that he continues to be safe.