I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry

Check out this Washington State Lottery commercial that everyone’s going apecrap over.

I watched it, and I’m all—um… do you think penguins sit around and wonder why they can’t fly? In fact, I bet that chicken is all WTF? That is if a chicken brain could muster up a ‘WTF’ (some of my best friends are chickens so I can say that).

What do YOU think?

Thanks to all Sender-Inner Peeps. All y’all!



  1. I’m confused

  2. marisol28 says:

    Where’s the turkey?

  3. Sorry, that was me.

    Trying to get a b*#@n.

    I’m still in shock over the sheer number of comments from the CNR post (and the fact that I read them ALL)

  4. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Where’s the kiwi, mate?

  5. I loved it!

  6. awww.. that totally made me cry! poor little flightless birdies get a chance to fly.. YAY!

  7. momof2kitties says:

    Great. Now I gotta go change my unders and dry off my monitor.


  8. Try explaining to anyone how you got penguin poop on the windshield of your car.

    I think they are all screaming inside, Nooooooooo. Then, “way cool dude”.

  9. That was quite possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Especially the little penguin with his arms spread out as they’re flying.

  10. Courtney says:

    I like when the penguin lifts out his wings. 🙂 I’m pretty sure penguins don’t miss flying since they do such a stellar job at swimming.

  11. I don’t get its popularity, esp. with animal lovers. Flightless birds don’t know to want to fly and forcing them to do so borders on animal abuse. I just hope the comment over at YouTube saying this was all done with camera work is true.

  12. yeah that TOTALLY made me cry.

    but i’m 36 weeks pregnant, so i don’t know if i count.

  13. Congratulations L, you’re the final straw who will keep me from ever clicking on Cute Overload comments again.

    I knew it was going to happen one day, and that day has come.

  14. i think the only one that truly enjoyed it was the penguin.


  15. *whispers* I think that was a puffin with the spread wings

  16. *IF* it wasn’t done with camera work, then I think those animals were completely terrified.

  17. “I’m pretty sure penguins don’t miss flying since they do such a stellar job at swimming.”
    Uh, yeah. Especially since they’ve, you know, NEVER FLOWN. Awfully hard to miss something they’ve never experienced.

  18. That was the best video ever. The penguin waddling! So cute!!

  19. Twig-Perhaps you’d have preferred this:

    OMG BUUUUURDZ! Soooooooo kewt! :p

  20. Alexandra says:

    That was so adorable! And funny. I was laughing pretty hard seeing those birds sail through the air attached to a person. Especially when he got out the Emu hahaha.

  21. lucy's mommeh says:

    Aw, twig, just ignore the people with their panties in a bunch.
    I thought the penguin or whatever flightless birdie it was was simply adorable….it looked like it was having fun flapping in da bweeze.

  22. I was waiting to see a pig, but it was just flightless birdies. I liked it nonetheless.

  23. Hello everyone! I work in the commercial production industry and I can assure you the commercial was done with green (or blue) screen and camera work. The American Humane Society polices our industry very closely and would NEVER have allowed the real flying of these birds. Now back to the cute. OMG the Penguin was sooo assume, I wish I could hug a penguin.

  24. I don’t think the animals were terrified. The chicken didn’t even move, other than to blink it’s eyes a little. This tells me that either they weren’t scared of flying, or they weren’t really flying.

  25. temperance says:

    in my opinion- those birds TOTALLY LOVED IT! but i’m just goin’ by the looks on their faces, not by the ‘logic’ that flightless birds must hate flying just because they can’t do it naturally.

    i wasn’t born to fly either but i think hang-gliding would be AWESOME, so why wouldn’t they?

    please- downer people, stop bringin’ me down.

    (p.s. i’m kinda drunk right now. it’s been a long and trying day- trust me, i deserve it.)

  26. Wow…I just bawled like a baby.

  27. BoidsGottaFly says:

    Well, if this video is special fx, it’s a darn good job… and cool to watch.

    If it’s real, then who knows? Even flightless birds at one time had flying ancestors. Perhaps as they soar, a little spark deep in their brains says, “Hey, this seems familiar somehow… “

    The birds didn’t look distressed. They looked quite calm and were looking down at all the sights with curiosity. An upset bird would have been struggling and squawking the whole time.

  28. Christine says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the commercial was of hawks who had lost their ability to fly? All those poor hawks and eagles in captivity getting a chance to fly again? That’s what I want to see.

    But the message is not what you could DO if you won the lottery, but who you could be – a flying chicken. Sigh.

  29. Honestly dunno if that was bluescreen or real, but the concept definitely qualifies as cute… tho I strongly doubt that an emu would hold still for that unless it was a very socialized pet. Have had dealings with emus, involving scarred fingers. However the chicken I could believe. I once had a pet hen who would happily go anywhere with me… she used to sit in my lap in the car and sing. Never knew before that chickens could sing, maybe it was more like humming. But she liked new things.

  30. Foxy, that’s def. a penguin (a Magellanic I think?) Puffins have big orange beaks. I guess they left out the puffin and kiwi gliders? Or maybe they’re in the plane, helping to film?
    I’m all about animals rights, and I agree w/Temp & Boids… these guys don’t look at all stressed. Gosh, the advertisers want us to buy lottery tickets… I’d rather buy a penguin-parasailing ticket.

  31. Better commercial: Your odds of winning the lottery are about equal to this penguin flying a hang glider by itself.

  32. That penguin’s little flippers were flapping like mad! Definitely the best part! <3

  33. I’m going to take this allegory one step further. Instead of complaining and critizing, why don’t you take the time to lift someone up and give them wings…

  34. Suda Nim says:

    “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly….”

  35. Hey Jenn, u got it. This may be a commercial for a lottery but people like it because it suggests much more… like giving both animals and people a chance for widened horizons. I’m with that… it’s why I volunteer for and contribute to an animal rescue group. And Big Brothers/Big Sisters is a good choice, too.

  36. Umm . . . chickens DO fly. Just not very far. But they can certainly flap themselves up into a tree, or over the fence into a neighbor’s yard. Still cute. (And Ann M., I have had pleasant emu encounters. No scars, just giant birds batting their eyelashes and begging for head scritches.)

  37. AuntieMame says:

    Cute video…but what the heck does it have to do with the lottery?

  38. Caity, guess I just met the wrong emus. It’s like that with men sometimes…

  39. Anonymous Coward says:


    Whilst the penguin seemed to have loved it (methinks it was all “I’m flying! I’m flying!”, the chicken was definitively (sp? can’t spell tonight, t’was one of those weeks) “WTF?”…

    …and then there’s the emu. I cannot fathom this being real. Did they *really* take an emu up there? I just can’t believe it’s real.

    If it is, I would have liked to see its reaction.

    Is there a way to verify if this is real or all special effects?

    And for those who think I’m a… er… how do you blokes say it, a “party pooper”?, anyway, I loved the penguin’s reaction. It made me smile.


  40. Penguins *do* fly…they just fly in the water. If you’ve ever seen film of penguins underwater, you’d agree…that’s flying.

  41. Even if it was just a greenscreen illusion, I loved the little penguin. He looked so happy! 🙂

  42. Aww. That was really nice, with their little harnesses and all. The penguin with its wings out really capped it for me.

    So sweet that yes, it made my eyes water a bit.

  43. Suda Nim: WKRP reference is ALWAYS a win!!!

  44. I don’t really understand why people are screaming animal abuse or being rude, it was a motto that screamed, help someone. Take your head out of the dirt and fly!

    *looks at emu*

  45. Daphne Moss says:

    Whether the penguin and chicken and emu really flew was not the most important thing about the commercial…the fact that it showed humans who wanted to help little flightless animals to enjoy a soaring sensation was what I loved…and the little penguin flapping.
    It’s awesome, and you won’t find anyone who loves animals more than I do.

  46. I loved it, and I totally got it. Some people need surgery to get the sticks out of their butts.

    Oh, and the penguin flapping his little wings?? My favorite part!

  47. I think it’s wonderful. Hooray flightless birds getting a chance! Love the music.

  48. AuntieMame, it’s all about the good you could do for others if you win the lottery.
    I loved it!

  49. BoidsGottaFly says:

    It’s a lovely commercial, and not just because it is such kick to watch. The message is about winning the lottery, and then doing something to change the world for *someone else*.

    By using such a wonderful symbol of people making it possible for flightless birds to soar, it opens the door for people to interpret their own way of how they would rock the world for someone else.

    A much more uplifting and spiritual message than a commercial about using lottery winnings to buy bling for yourself…

  50. That was no puffin, it was a penguin. It would be kind of pointless to bring a puffin up there because they fly just fine already.

  51. Anne Boleyn says:

    Damn! I’m thinking some people have missed a lot by not dreaming dreams or loving fairy tales. I worry that imagination is going to somehow become like a bad thing. Sheesh. Hug a friend, smile at a stranger, get a life.
    I’ve had some time when I felt like a flightless bird who really wished she knew what it was like. I love the film.

  52. I too love the film and the feeling it gave me. You have to dare to dream big and then go for it. Besides chickens and turkeys can fly for very short distances. So maybe they do dream of flying higher and longer. Who are we to judge.

  53. Furbabies says:

    Wow, that little penguin really enjoyed himself, didn’t he? And the chicky too. I really like commercials that are original and yet funny. Animals are always a plus. Anyone seen the ad for Bridgestone tires? With the screaming skwerl?

  54. Funny, especially when they bring out the big bird.

    Now you wanna cry, watch this animated short film about a kiwi who wants to fly:

  55. Ahahahaha, EMU!!!

  56. I appreciate the concect of using your newfound fortune to change someone’s world and the birdies are cute and all, but I seriously doubt flying means all that much to ’em. They don’t fly, so why would they miss being able to do it? Well, until now, I mean. Now that the guy’s shown them how cool flying is (and they still can’t do), NOW they’ll miss being able to do it!

  57. Elizabeth says:

    ok for everyone freaking out, that was total green/blue screen. They taped real people hang gliding, and then taped people in harnesses with the birds in a room and just lifted them enough off the floor so you didnt see them standing on anything. And then mixed the two tapes together. I use to do this kind of stuff in my radio/tv class. We had our own green room and mixed videos and did our own news cast for the school. So noone was hurt. hehe besids who would be carzy enough to try and get an emu in a harness, it would be to heavy to get off the ground. Its just a cute comercial thats all. hehe i <3 the penguin waddle tho =D

  58. fish eye no miko says:

    Christine said: “But the message is not what you could DO if you won the lottery”

    Yes, it is. Listen to the end of the ad. “Whose world could you change?” You’re not the birds, you’re the people helping the birds.

  59. fish eye no miko says:

    Furbabies said: “Anyone seen the ad for Bridgestone tires? With the screaming skwerl?”

    I love that ad!

  60. I luv how the leetle pengy was all spreadin his “wings” and flappin like “Woooo” while the silly chicken was sitting there like “yeah? what of it?”
    😀 hehehe

  61. Victoria says:

    Teh flapping…

    I’m all teary eyed now.

  62. csi-in-training says:

    Maybe,it’s a metaphor that means anyone can fly after they win the lotto..I’ve seen this commercial so many times,I love the penguin.

  63. People sure can be ridiculously wonderful sometimes. 😀

  64. but wouldn’t it be nicer if you knew that the ‘someone else’ actually wanted his or her world changed in this way? all i see is men with too much money forcing their will on critters who aren’t in a position to say ‘fly? um, no thank you.’ how ’bout throw all the money involved to a local shelter or refuge? green/blue screen or not, that dangling emu image is simply not okay in my opinion.

  65. Michelle says:

    *laughing at all the nuffs, gruffs, and people who just plain don’t “get” this commercial*

    And *hugs* to the rest of you! 🙂

  66. Reminds me of the giftmas special “Opus and Bill: A Wish for Wings that Work”.

  67. I loved it, even if it is all made up.

  68. I thought it was beautiful. How strange that some people seem to be taking it so literally; I found it to be totally allegorical.

  69. mom2twinzz says:

    Furbabies – I have that one on the DVR. The show it was on during couldn’t care less about, but the screaming skwerl Priceless!

    Although I like the one with the skwerl playing chicken.

    Sadly I know someone who was afraid of skwerls had this happen to him. And he lost.

  70. katiebug says:

    i’ve always wondered what it would be like to go through life seeing the negative in EVERYTHING. whenever i see something on CO and wonder, ‘how could anyone be offended by THAT?’ i simply have to click on the comments, and there it is… it’s an idea, it’s a metaphor, and it’s cute. just go with it, people! and smile! sheesh…

  71. Furebabies says:

    I love that commercial! Oh, how about the one with the farting chipmunk?



  72. Furbabies says:

    Sorry about the name on the last post. The e just jumped in there, I saw it!

  73. what is the big deal with penguins? not cute. and this commercial sucked. “pasickie” was cuter.

    the sad thing is i know so many effing idiots who would love this, and that makes me feel slightly nauseas.

  74. nauseated, sorry.

  75. Furbabies says:

    Sorry about that link. Try this one:

  76. Ditto on the confusion about why anyone would want to take a perfectly wonderful commerical and read all kinds of negativity into it? Not to mention the amount of overthinking on what the commercial was about. Geez. Even though I was pretty sure it was camera work, I still love it and pretend that they really took them all flying. I love me some dangly emu legs.

    And Don-you totally beat me to the Wish For Wings That Work reference! That’s what I thought about too.

  77. Okay, now that cracked me up. The last bird to fly, the emu or whatever it was, well, good grief! Can you imagine the logistics that had to be done to get that commercial made? Oh, that emu dangling in the air, oh that was too freaking funny.

  78. If I won the lottery, I would learn how to hang glide, then create an school for children who can’t read good and want to learn how to do other stuff.

  79. Felicityanne says:

    If you REALLY want to cry, watch ‘KIWI!’ (the original version) on YouTube. It’s the most amazing, moving little animation EVER…

  80. cheesybird says:

    Holy Jebus, that Firestone ad is hilarious!

    For all of those who are freaking out about the welfare of the animals, reread what Des wrote upthread. Besides, I’m sure it would cost a sh!tload more to actually film them flying than doing their bluescreen magic, so even if you don’t trust the good judgment of the ad-makers, at least trust their financial sense.

    There’d be no need to include puffins, because as Nad said, they fly already (and quite well), but they really are adorable. Wouldn’t it be cute if they had a puffin flying next to the penguin and waving?

    Or maybe I need more coffee this morning…

  81. Okay, that totally made me bawl even if it was all green screen.

  82. meiastar says:

    Hmm, i’ve never had a wish that flightless birds could fly, so I’m finding this commercial more frivolous than moving. If you won the lottery, wouldn’t it be better to feed the starving people in Africa? XD I’m sorry, but those birds just aren’t appreciating it as much as the humans are! LOL Although that penguin is mighty adorable holding his wings out there like he’s doing something. XD *giggles*

  83. You spelled “y’all” wrong. You wrote, “ya’ll.” Remember: apostrophes take the place of letters that have been omitted. In this case, O and U have been omitted from “you all,” thereby creating the contraction “y’all.” I’m from the South, so I can be a stickler about this stuff.

  84. Martha in Washington says:

    So does anyone else remember from YEARS ago a Bloom County Christmas special called “A Wish for Wings That Work”? One of the best Christmas specials ever!! Anyway this commercial reminds me of Opus wishing for wings that worked. He saves Santa in the end and all the ducks who kept laughing at Opus take him up for a flight.

    BTW we LOVE this commercial at my house. When one of us sees it on we call the rest to come watch it!

  85. Wow, that was such a cute commercial. I actually teared up.
    I just loved the penguins little flapping wings hehe
    It looked like it was having the time of its life.

  86. A big phphphphphphp to the party poopers here!

    I adored this commercial – it gives a good message as well as being teh cute!

    Juniper Jupiter – you’re right! Where was the Kiwi??

    Loved the penguin – the litte winglets open and gliding away. And when they brought the Emu out, I just awwwwwwwed.

    Love the effects, and love the message about using your good fotune to so something nice for somebody (somebird) else.

    All the Scrooges – just say “Bah Humbug” and get over it.

  87. Michelle says:

    katiebug, don’t you know those people actually thrive on negative energy? It’s their sustenance. If they can’t find it, they make it. They enjoy wallowing in bottomless pits of despair, hopelessness, resentment, and anger. They fool themselves into thinking they’re the only beings with compassionate souls, but the truth is, their souls are not capable of feeling anything but dark thoughts because they don’t want to see the good in things. Only the dark and tragic, even if it’s not there.

  88. Gillian says:

    OMG! I kind of want to laugh and cry too!


  89. mandykw says:

    I loooooved it. The penguin really seemed to be enjoying it, with his little arms spread out.

  90. This is a classic example of how humans anthromorphize animals, projecting our own consciousness onto them(i.e. “Of course penguins wish they could fly!”).

    I agree that the message is cute, but I tend to find the “animals wish they could do x human thing” mentality a bit annoying.

  91. Katiebug and Michelle, has it occured to you that people who post negative comments here might simply be animal lovers with a great concern for animal welfare? Who have maybe seen a lot of bad things happen to animals in their lives, and thus be deeply invested in their well-being?

    It worries me that it seems that anyone who expresses dissent here is painted as some dark, evil troll trying to ruin everyone’s day. We’re ALL animal lovers here, so let’s respect each other’s views.

  92. Michelle, I think that’s a very good encapsulation of the phenomenon. Kudos to you.

    Fun commercial. If you were to do this for real, I wonder if the birds would have some primal instinctive response to flying again. Humans have never had the power of flight, and yet many of us long for it… and it often features in our dreams.

  93. “I agree that the message is cute, but I tend to find the “animals wish they could do x human thing” mentality a bit annoying.”

    That’s funny. I find your over-analysis of a lovely warm message to do nice things for others annoying.

  94. “I agree that the message is cute, but I tend to find the “animals wish they could do x human thing” mentality a bit annoying.”

    That’s funny. I find your over-analysis of a lovely warm message to do nice things for others annoying.

  95. Meriweather says:

    ‘Katiebug and Michelle, has it occured to you that people who post negative comments here might simply be animal lovers with a great concern for animal welfare?’

    They might be taken more seriously if they were functionally literate. Because they continue to wail and bemoan points that have already been taken off the table.

  96. What would you do if you won $1 million dollars after taxes? Imagination and enthusiasm are the first step toward creating a better world. A better world is one in which people think of others and share their talents. What is so wrong with that? Creativity, a proclivity toward kindness and generosity, what is wrong with those? No one was hurt or psychologically bruised during the filming of this commercial. Let your imagination soar. Go ahead, give it a try. A giraffe, a giant anteater’s tail, a Music school for young people-a Big Brother and Sister program; it all comes from our best thoughts. Give them some room to grow. Watch what happens.

  97. Hon Glad says:

    Somewhere in their ancient memmory, they remember their ancestors could fly.

  98. That penguin was having so much fun.

    Why nuff and hem and haw over the warm and fuzzy commercial? Sheesh Tim Russert died. Can’t we just enjoy this lovely commercial?

  99. starling says:

    Like Caity said, chickens are NOT flightless. Our chickens could all fly. It was a nuisance, the rooster would sit on top of the chimney and crow at 5am!

  100. martha in mobile says:

    peeps, this ad is not about being your best self, letting your imagination soar, or helping others. it’s about getting people to part with their hard-earned money in difficult economic times by making them feel like philanthropists for buying a lottery ticket.

    but it’s very, very cute!

  101. Megan, you write:
    “We’re ALL animal lovers here, so let’s respect each other’s views.”

    I think the reason that the ones we call “nuffers” get such a reaction here is that they come in with a fundamental lack of respect for *our* love of the animals. They come in with a presumption that we don’t, can’t possibly, really love the animals if we look at, and/or enjoy these pictures that they don’t approve of in some way.

  102. i dare em to strap a raging kitty in that harness and see what happens 😛

  103. Umm, yeah…ok. Thinks..*Only in America*
    Love Lou (sane person from England)

  104. Michelle says:

    Actually, Megan… yes it has occurred to me that the negative posters are animal lovers with great concern for animal welfare. But let’s be clear on something. Choosing to parade that oh-so-heavy burden in front of others for attention like some old worried aunt who uselessly twists at her handkerchief does not mean they care *more* than the rest of us.

    Give the hankie-twisting a rest, already. If you really want to do something for animal welfare, there’s a million ways to be more constructive and positive than pissing in the punch.

  105. “Somewhere in their ancient memmory, they remember their ancestors could fly.”

    Funny, I spent all morning search my ancient memory trying to remember what it was my Australopithecus africanus ancestors liked to do, and I couldn’t come up with anything.

  106. Drink beer and play video games?

  107. Michelle says:

    Alex, methinks you’re not trying hard enough. Maybe you need to watch some commercials about lottery winners sending us to the subcontinent to forage for grubs in pricklebushes.

  108. Be one with the dance?

  109. The penguin was like “I always knew it would be so wonderful *sob*!”

    But the chicken was all, “No, seriously thank you but we knew what we signed up for when we chose the no-fly package m’kay?”

  110. Anne Boleyn says:

    And I think I have a crush on Berthaservant.

  111. Hmmm, no I don’t think penguins or chickens ever wonder why they can’t fly–they just accept themselves as they are and don’t wish they were other things. That’s the beauty of animals, that they are always just themselves and don’t try to fool anyone.

    It’s only a human who would ever think that a chicken or a penguin or any other type of animal would want to be anyone other than who they were.

    Cute animals, shallow commercial.

    (But then again, it’s a commercial for the lottery so this is probably the best they could do. At least they found a way to make it kinda cute.)

  112. snorglepup says:

    It is with constant amazement I observe that almost anything can be viewed as negative and offensive to so many.
    If I had wings that work I’d fly off to my happy place where everyone had perfect cleavage, (whatever that may be in ones own mind), their fuzzy animal of choice to display therein, kitties who always have reason to purr, pups that never have to wait for treats, bunnies that approve, mismatched kneesocks laughing and playing in the flowers.
    Lalalala Life is good.
    Oh, and pasickies for all. Any flavor you want!!!111!!

  113. My guess is the birds would like to stay put. They might like to put their money to helping actual needs of actual animals/people. Twits.

  114. No way that’s real; animal treatment during filming is pretty closely regulated these days and that would definitely qualify as abuse if it was real.
    And I’m with Gianna — too bad all the people/corporations that use animals in their advertising couldn’t be forced to donate even a small portion of their earnings to help other animals or the environment.
    Still, cute vid.

  115. Theresa says:

    Addendum about the nuffers– after seeing that last crop since I posted last. They also come on with that insufferable G**D*** superiority. “I have thought of this, and you obviously did not. I have morals that you do not. I see the truth and you do not.”

    It was Judas who told Jesus that the perfume the harlot gave him should have been sold, and the money given to the poor. There is more to a real love of the world and humanity, and animal kind than checking up and keeping score.

  116. To anyone who thinks that penguins don’t want to fly because they never flew, why did humans want to fly when we never flew? It’s just a innate desire to try something new and explore the world around you.

  117. AuntieMame says:

    Wow, I’m not going to go back and read the whole thread to count, but it seems to me that the “shut up, you effing nuffers” posts outnumber the “negative” posts by at least 4 to 1. I think you’ve made your point. Let it go already.

    Anyway, some of us weren’t huffing about the cruel treatment of animals. We were just wondering what flying has to do with buying a 1,000,000:1 odds-against lottery ticket. Or what caveman angst at a nightclub has to do with insurance.

  118. Abigail says:

    People, don’t you see the real danger here?

    By encouraging the flightless birds to dig back into their history, to a time when they could fly, we might end up pushing them back even farther than that, and end up *bringing back the dinosaurs*.

    Great idea! Get them to remember their ancestry. Like when they ruled the planet and ate our shrew-like ancestors for snacks.

    Next thing you know, it’s Jurassic Park all over the place.

    Don’t play the lottery, people. It just leads to your kids being eaten.

  119. stupidest discussion ever? says:

    Yes, that’s right. The first thing I do when I win the lottery is taking a damn penguin hang-gliding.

    And children – it’s green screen. Penguins don’t care if they can fly or not but it’s a metaphor for the power you can have with loads of cash to give flightless birds flight. And there probably isn’t a kiwi since they didn’t have access to one – I imagine the only ones in the US are protected in zoos.

    Now, please return to turning off your brains and cooing at kittens.

  120. claudia says:

    lol: ugh apologizes for a spelling error.


    NOW back to the commercial, Washington Lottery isn’t some circus, there is no way in hell they would actually strap animals in and send em sailing, but DAMN was that ever cute!

    Two flippers, uh, THUMBS up, WAY UP!

  121. Joelle Taschereau says:

    On dirait que le pingouin enjoy plus sa ride que le poulet! Et on dirait que l’émeu sourit!

  122. claudia says:

    wow and reading further along…

    IT IS ALLEGORY people!!!!! Lets get creative with the brains and see that… oh what the hell, here is the definition from Dictionary dot com:

    1. a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms; figurative treatment of one subject under the guise of another.

    So. Do you REALLY thing the lotto dudes are trying to hint that if you win the loot, you can do stuff like bring birds hang gliding?

    *slaps forehead with palm*

  123. Ahh, Advertising. The point is not necessarily about the product (in this case, the lottery) or what you can do with it (in this case, dreaming big). The point is to make a memorable ad that people will have a strong reaction (good OR bad) to. To get people talking.

    Judging by the comments, I’d say the Washington State lottery made a great commercial.

    And cute!

  124. angelcatbeds says:

    I am an avidly into animal rights, am a vegan and work feral cats and do rescue work. With that in mind I won’t to say that I LOVE this!!! I don’t care how it was made (assume it’s not real though) but the message is so incredible… if our advertising world can interject even a little bit of hope and good will and mircaculousness in our lives, well I’m just touched!

  125. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    @rudi: “… all i see is men with too much money forcing their will on critters who aren’t in a position to say ‘fly? um, no thank you.’ ….”

    Me too. I think the commercial is adorable but the premise leaves me cold as far as the message. Sure, it would be grand to have enough money to make my loved ones’ dreams come true, but the main thing should that it would be what they dream of for themselves, not what I dream of for them.

    The guys come off as benevolent and genial, but also thoughtless and inconsiderate. They bent nature to their will based on how they themselves would have felt if they had wings but could not fly. They didn’t stop to consider that the birds might feel differently, i.e., that they don’t experience regret or longing as humans do.

  126. BoidsGottaFly says:

    For someone who took the time to go back and count all the posts for nuffing, you seemed to have not read the posts from folks who “got” that the commercial is a metaphor.

    The commercial is not *literally* about taking flightless birds for soar.

    It’s about using lottery winnings to change someone else’s world. They kept the message fanciful rather than specific so people could use their own imaginations.

    Imagination. Yep, the thing that some people seem to lack.

    The metaphor can applied to changing someone else’s world by starting a school for kids who never had access to education, rescuing lost animals and giving them a home, creating a park for city kids who have no place to play, feeding people who are starving, setting up your own micro loans to help individuals start their own businesses, preserving a historical landmark… whatever!

    Even if one doesn’t every buy a lottery ticket, the message is wonderful. It’s about not being selfish. It’s about being uplifted and making a difference in the lives of others.

  127. linda_marie says:

    Oh! This is too much!! :)))

  128. but, I’ve seen chickens …… fly.

  129. Theresa says:

    Abigail: XO

  130. Lillith says:

    Anyone else have a Barenaked Ladies flashback with the emu? Just me? OK.

    And the Kiwi! clip on YouTube totally made me cry it was so moving.

  131. Tewtelly agree with Boids here; unfortunately people have become used to electronics being their imagination for them, so their very own lil’ imaginations in their heads have become atrophied. Taking this ad literally is jus’ plain silleh!

    And Lillith, nope. You’re not the only one 😉 B-N-L!

  132. Hee hee–sometimes the anti-nuffs sound just as crazy as the nuffs. 🙂

  133. Picklesmom says:

    Here’s how I interpreted it: Win the lottery and help someone else achieve the impossible.
    Love, love, love, love the penguin!

  134. Awww what a fun clip.
    I have chickens and they are amazing birds not really stupid (I am not saying they are rocketscientist either)and full of personality And that was a rooster flying and they actually can fly for short distances.
    Did you know they have their own warning sounds for preditors.

  135. “Don’t play the lottery, people. It just leads to your kids being eaten.”

    hahahaha thats hilarious.

    and Katrina’s post was fantastic. Thank you

    I loved this video. Even if its all blue screen work, it made me happy. 🙂

  136. Silent Meow says:

    Silent Meow wants to go hangliding with the hangliding birdies, and become a flying cat.

    A cat that can fly. Now THAT is somethin’ to talk about!

  137. to solve the concern about the birds once and for all, i found a q&a with the director:


    it’s worth a read as he talks about the birds’ performance.

    loved the commercial. had to send it onto other people (and i don’t usually do that)!

  138. marie_n says:

    people that are so passionate about animal rights and find the harm in every little thing should probably have something better to do than post on a blog. i know that’s probably going to create alot of commentroversy, but it’s quite true. volunteerism does alot for the world. if animal rights is your true passion, then get out there and start working on making some animals lives better and make cute overload a little less controversial. some people are all bark with no bite, though. i’d have to say that 9 out of 10 people that view this site enjoy animals greatly, i’m one of them, and a small percentage of them just have to make a big production out of every little thing that could possibly be viewed as “cruel” when it’s really far from it. those are the people that claim to be activists and should spend their time volunteering to help animals and donating to good causes, not raining on our merry parades of viewing and talking about cute and lovely pictures. my boy and i love animals and are semi-active in conservation efforts. we donate to a couple of associations that will go unnamed and do things locally to better the community. some people should thing of doing those type of things before posting sassy comments 🙂

    (and the only reason i took time out of my day to respond to the uproar was because i’m at work and bored to bits, and it irritates me to see people contradicting themselves. /end rant)

  139. temperance says:

    sober today- and still finding the negative peeps super annoying.

    i used to be one of you. i’ve worked long and hard to become the optimist i am today. no matter the circumstance, i really do try to see how i can make that cup half full. it doesn’t always work, but at least now i make the effort.

    give it a try. please. you’d be surprised at how much more enjoyable life becomes- for you and for the people around you.

  140. Hon Glad says:

    We seem to have opened a snarky rent in the fabric of the universe.

  141. Thanks Washington Lottery, for giving certain flightless birds some ideas.

    I heart the penguin, all: “heyyy, this is kinda cool.”

    yeah, I teared up.

  142. katerpie says:


    i thought this was adorable. and yes, i’m an animal-loving vegan too.

    maybe y’all need a few mimosas, too. *passes bottle*

  143. neptune says:

    Someone up there said something about us “projecting” human ideas onto animals…? Well, yeah, since this is a commercial intended to elicit a response from humans. I don’t think most of us are dumb enough to think that penguins and chickens actually wish they could fly, or to wonder if this was a real event, haha. Unless we’re, you know, 5.

    I’m a human and I think it’s one of the best, cuteset commercials I’ve ever seen! 😀

  144. “… all i see is men with too much money forcing their will on critters who aren’t in a position to say ‘fly? um, no thank you.’ ….”

    “The guys come off as benevolent and genial, but also thoughtless and inconsiderate. They bent nature to their will based on how they themselves would have felt if they had wings but could not fly.”

    *hands Rudi and Mrs. Catlabash a nice, steaming mug of Lighten-the-heck-up.*

  145. Mmm, Pam, my favorite drink – do you put rum in it?

  146. Juliene says:

    “…I am an avidly into animal rights, am a vegan and work feral cats and do rescue work…”
    With tongue firmly in cheek, I say to you: what kind of work do you make those feral cats do?? hahaha!
    I live in Washington and when I saw this commercial the first time, I was so tickled, I called a couple of people to ask whether they’d seen it. That ad agency deserves a creativity award! PS – it did NOT make me go out and buy lottery tickets, though.

  147. Thought I’d check the comments to see if anyone added some cool links to similar ads: check!

    Trolls projecting offensisensitivity* to a new level from an ad promoting benevolence and charity: check!

    Cooler heads prevailing: check!

    Mentioning Berke Breathed’s ‘Wish for Wings that Work’ that makes me cwy evewy Cwismas: CHECKITY CHECK! [poor kiwi: ALBATROSS!!]

    My work here has been done for me [dusts hands]

    *more Berke Breathed: I heart him!
    OFFENSISENSITIVITY: willingness, eagerness, nay, need, to find a new concept to be offended by and complain about and feel superior for.

    [try reverse anthropomorphising (whew!) and imagine if the hang-gliders were taking paraplegic teens: feel more bettery?]

  148. Theresa says:

    Offensisensitivity– good one.

  149. when i’m on my bicycle it’s like i can fly

    i know what the penguin feels

  150. i think my heart is broken!

  151. miltoncat says:

    The penguin’s all, “wheee!”

  152. Okay, I’m someone who hates it — HATES it — when I see one of those commercials where a baby talks with an adult voice. It’s creepy and wrong because babies don’t talk in adult voices and it’s freaking creepy (and not at all cute) to have a baby try to sell me an e-trade account or whatever.

    And yet, I don’t mind it when I see animals “behaving” like humans, or talking with human voices, or flying or driving cars, or whatever.

    Others have said it, but what is strange about the ’nuffs here — aside from the concern that if this were a “real” commercial (i.e., they actually made the flightless waterfowl hangglide) — is that they seem to be rejecting the idea of imagination and creativity. (Another reasonable nuff, though probably misplaced here: commercials promising riches to a populace that is much more likely to get poorer by participating in the lottery than richer).

    We anthropomorphize animals as a way of projecting our own desires and dreams and fears — certainly, that might make us self-centered as a species, but who is that harming, really?

    Think about it. Meg Frost — you may have heard of her, she’s a goddess that created the world that we all share here — puts words into the mouths of animals ALL THE TIME. Most of us here do it all the time! The little kitties are not really saying “Kthxbai” or “O hai!” The prairie dogs are not dancing!!! The little doggeh peeing on his front legs is not bragging about his “skillz.”!!!

    Were there nuffers when Aesop told the story about the fox and the grapes? Was someone in the crowd saying, “Actually, foxes don’t eat grapes, it might give them gas, or if they ate bad grapes they might get alcohol poisoning.”

    Do you see how annoying that is? To be THAT person, who looks at an act of IMAGINATION — not a piece of documentary — and says “Oh, that’s not real, and it’s actually wrong to suggest that it could be real.”?

    Is Kermit the Frog “wrong” because he dances and sings? Is Miss Piggy wrong for loving a frog? Is Opus wrong to run for Vice-President with Bill the Cat? (See I gave you more BC, all you Opus fans).

    Let your imaginations SOAR, friends. If a lottery commercial inspires you to think of good things you might do (frivolously good or symbolically good as they may be), then yay. If that leads you to buy a lottery ticket, then good on ya for supporting the schools (or wherever the Warshington lottery money goes) and good luck. Maybe you’ll win $20 and by two or three gallons of gas to drive to your local zoo, where you can pretend those two monkeys picking nits off of each other are married and the one throwing pooh is their not-too-bright son who wants to be quarterback of the monkey football team. See how much fun that is?

  153. And, of course, I forgot to include this song:

    I saw a peanut stand, heard a rubber band,
    I saw a needle that winked its eye.
    But I think I will have seen everything
    When I see an elephant fly.

    I saw a front porch swing, heard a diamond ring,
    I saw a polka-dot railroad tie.
    But I think I will have seen everything
    when I see an elephant fly.

    I seen a clothes horse, he r’ar up and buck
    And they tell me that a man made a vegetable truck
    I didn’t see that, I only heard
    But just to be sociable I’ll take your word

    I heard a fireside chat, I saw a baseball bat
    And I just laughed till I thought I’d die
    But I’d be done see’n about everything
    when I see an elephant fly.

  154. Awwwww!!! I don’t buy lottery tickets because, yeah, starving college music student=any spare funds going to private lessons so that when I graduate in December I will have the skills to keep from living in a box, but this commercial just made me so HAPPY! I just kept thinking, “Hey, if they can imagine a way to make penguins fly, think of all the other awesome ‘impossible’ things people could accomplish!”

  155. temperance says:

    whoa! this commercical really worked! i was at the grocery store and decided to buy a lottery ticket. huh.

    well, i do buy one every once in a blue moon. as berthaservant reminds us- i’m supportin’ the schools! plus, i used to spend A LOT more than that on cigarettes- at least this way, instead of supporting cancer, i can dream for a few hours about what it would be like to fly with penguins…

    wish me luck!

  156. temperance says:

    oops! maybe if i win i could use the $$$ on spelling lessons.

  157. Berthaservant, well said. [golf clap]

  158. Anne Boleyn says:

    Now I KNOW I have a crush on Berthaservant.
    Hugs, honey!

  159. Furbabies says:

    BerthaS: Dumbo is one of my fav movies. It never fails though, I cry like a baby when they take his mama away and chain her in the boxcar. OMG, the tears! You are an unusual male, and that is a good thing.

  160. “You WILL believe a penguin can fly…”

    (Anyone else old enough to remember the tag line for the first “Superman” movie? Anyone? Just me? Sigh…)

  161. Well, unusual in the sense that my dad worked for Disney in the 1970s (waaaay before it was cool) and I saw all of those films repeatedly, had records, etc. I can sing every song from “Pete’s Dragon” if you want. And you want terrifying? “Pinocchio” has to be one of the most traumatizing children’s films ever (and don’t get me started on “Bambi”). Dark stuff, Maynard.

    The good news is, I’m a lot more than just a repository of trivia and sensitivity. The bad news is, I’m a lot more than just a repository of trivia and sensitivity. But you guys are all pretty awesome yourselves, even the nuffs, because, hey, there’s a little nuff in all of us. (It’s not cute, but it’s little).

  162. momof2kitties says:

    @ Anne Boleyn:

    Welcome, welcome to the Berthascabanaboy Fan Club. As a long-time member in good standing, I welcome you with open arms.

    It’s a great place to be!!!!

  163. Furbabies says:

    BerthaS: My youngest daughter would watch Pete’s Dragon and Mary Poppins over and over and over again; it drove me nuts. Even still, I would have loved to been able to work for Disney. Imagination and creativity every where you look. Amazing. What a wonderful background you have, and you have built upon that. Brains are sexy!

  164. Stupid. It’s just marketing and he birds are probably terrified. They have no choice; I think it’s cruel. It’s a LOTTO commercial for heavens sake!

  165. Laura32 says:

    It looked like the penguin was having a good time. Not sure about the chicken….

    i was rooting for a kiwi, but the emu was nice too (even though it was prolly an animation)

  166. Chicken O'Feathers says:

    Look, we chickens DO know how to fly, thank you very much. Just because we only fly to the top of the roof and are not MIGRATORY doesn’t mean we can’t fly. HMMMMPH.

  167. seriously jodi, you should try reenacting the commercial…without a glider or parachute. enough already.

  168. >>Stupid. It’s just marketing and he birds are probably terrified.< <

    What about “she” birds? ‘Spose they’re terrified, too?

  169. ok that was a little harsh, and who knows, some of the nuffs could be 10 year olds whose mothers let them on the internet, but seriously. lay off already. it seems like nothing can be posted on this site anymore without people turning into melodramatic teenagers.

  170. (I reserve the right to make fun of entertaining typos, my own AND others’.)

  171. i hate that i’m back to add another comment but here i am. more than one person commented on me and anyone who didn’t LOVE this commercial as being negative and uptight. hmmm, blog smackdowns are pretty negative if you ask me. and easy to boot. the opinions of all CO fans were asked for and we gave ours. but because we didn’t gush, we’re negative party poopers and, as was insinuated several times, none too bright. and that we should be out doing something about the plight of animals rather than posting on blogs. what? can’t we do both?

    these are just opinions about a freakin’ commercial and hardly worth the anger and judgement that has come screaming out.


  172. pinkimartini says:

    I think it’s fantastic…it certainly made my afternoon…

  173. For those who are saying that people who post anything negative here don’t volunteer their time to actually help animals–how the heck would you know that?

    I’ve certainly posted “I disagree with this” comments here, and I volunteer at a cat shelter. I do back up my words with my actions.

    I find it puzzling that anyone would just assume that someone does or does not help animals in real life.

    And the whole “instead of commenting, go volunteer!” thing is ridiculous. Um, YOU just commented when YOU could have been volunteering. We can’t volunteer all the time…we have to, like, y’know, pee and eat and live our lives and stuff.

  174. Okay, I’m pretty sure I’m in love with Berthaservant and his (right? his?) long-but-intelligent commentary, both here and in the CNR commentroversy.

  175. Several previous comments = tl;dr

    and the penguin looked like he enjoyed it but the chicken looked a little uncomfortable. haha

  176. Catsquatch says:

    I just LOVE this video!

    The little penguin is all “YEEEEEHAAAAW!!!! SO THATS WHAT MY ARMS ARE FOR!!!!!”

    The chicken is like “Wow man, check out all the people down there, they look like ANTS!”

    I could see the face if the ostrich flying though, but Ill bet he was thinkin “Dude, you promised me a bucket of sand for this trip man, you better land me safely, or Ill kick you in the head with the leg thats not broken.”

  177. Katrina says:

    Well, its just my ‘magination,
    runnin’ away with me,
    it is just my ‘magination,
    runnin’ away………

    It is all about levels of thought. It is difficult for some to have fights of fancy, some people have been trained to think very literally, and not to use their imaginations. Some people have a sense of humor for instance, and some just can’t see a joke when it goes ‘sploit’ in his or her face. It is all in how one has been trained to think.
    If one wants to have an imagination, and if someone wants to think on more than one level, I’ll offer this totally unsolicited advice.
    – anything, a knitting pattern, the newspaper- and then close you eyes and about what you just read. You are imagining. Now, give those thoughts permission to carry over to what you would like. Now you are hoping. And with imagination and hope we can do everything.

  178. “That’s the beauty of animals, that they are always just themselves and don’t try to fool anyone.”

    Ever heard of chameleons?

    I don’t subscribe to the school of thought that animals are nobler and better than humans are. We’re all just animals — with all the bad and good that entails.

  179. Katrina says:

    That will make much more sense when one inserts the the words ‘read’ before the word ‘anything’ and ‘think’ before the word ‘about’ Sorry. Sheesh.

  180. Katrina says:

    Mithsther Teho-can you fix my comment and insert the correct words? It was such a nice comment before I went and wrecked it. Thanks.

  181. Loved this video when I first saw it on tv. so cute.

    Penguins “fly” underwater

  182. “Do flightless birds dream of flying” is kind of like asking “Does my laptop dream of electric sheep?”– no one knows for sure.
    But what a GREAT commercial!!
    And really- anyone with an ounce of humor and brains could tell from the camera angle and lack of wind that those shots were totally faked. Even if the lil’ penguin totally looked like he was digging it. 🙂
    Relaaaaax people– it’s just a funny commercial!
    (And do you KNOW how strict the laws are protecting animals in film and television??? REALLY really strict.)

  183. Wouldn’t it be funny after all this time if I WEREN’T a guy?

    Probably not.

    But I am.

    (A guy).

  184. EVERYONE!!!!


    To raise money for animals in Iowa and other natural disasters!

    Better than the lottery!

  185. Catsquatch says:

    Just read the rest of the commentroversy and I must recomment. Roverse.

    “Hai, Im Catsquatch, and Ima semi nuffer somatha time.”

    Yes, that is a penguin, not a puffin, and yes, I did anthropomorphise the little bugger, mostly because he looked so dam happy.

    I cant fly because I was not designed to fly, therefore I do not MISS flying, and neither does the penguin.

    Occasionally I think about how cool it would be to be able to fly, but in order for me to think about the concept, I must first be able to conceptualize, which the penguin cant do, therefore this was probably not something he would have attempted on his own.

    However this does not stop me from being happy for him as he just looked so dam happy.

    I was concerned for the emu (which I originally mistook for an ostrich)because I am still having a hard time seeing how they could get him down safely, but if this is indeed green screen then the issue is moot, however upon reviewing the video, it sure doesnt look like a green screen to me.

    All in all, even though I question the sanity of the idea, it does display ingenuity, and the penguin still looks just too dam HAPPY.

    So even though I was concerned for the safety of the emu, the video made me feel good, because the penguin looked so DAM HAPPY!

    Catsquatch – Happy for the dam happy penguin ;D

  186. berthaservant, you are a rare and marvelous human being! Thank you, and all the others who have championed suspension of disbelief and allowing ourselves flights of fancy. Imagination is a wonderful thing!

    Oh, and for those who are curious, the main ingredient in the mugs of Lighten-the-heck-up is a couple of hefty shots of tequila. Patron or Herradura, or better!

  187. AuntieMame says:

    Berthaservant said: “Okay, I’m someone who hates it — HATES it — when I see one of those commercials where a baby talks with an adult voice. It’s creepy and wrong because babies don’t talk in adult voices and it’s freaking creepy (and not at all cute) to have a baby try to sell me an e-trade account or whatever.

    “And yet, I don’t mind it when I see animals “behaving” like humans, or talking with human voices, or flying or driving cars, or whatever.”

    I’m the same, except that what bugs me is when they animate their faces. I loved the movie Baby Talk when the baby had Bruce Willis’ voice, and I think movies, such Homeward Bound or Milo and Otis, where the animals talk are hilarious.

    But when they take a real baby or a real animal and give it a fake animated face, it irritates me. I don’t know why. I have no problem with entirely animated movies. I don’t know what the difference is.

  188. here a nuff, there a nuff, everywhere a nuff, nuff…

    i found the commercial cute and the pengy so squee-worthy. real or fake, i thought the message was wonderful and if i ever played and won the lottery, i would definitely be donating a huge chunk of it to all the animal rescue places around here 🙂 i luff my kitties

  189. BoidsGottaFly says:

    Well the question has been answered for certain that the birds were in the harnesses, but not actually hang gliding. All the rest was good camera work and special fx.

    I was ready to consider that hang gliding with the birds was real (except for the Emu!) because I did see a show on Animal Planet about someone who takes his dog along when he hang glides! It’s a regular excursion for them, and the dog genuinely loves it. When they’re getting the glider ready and gearing up, the dog is wagging his tail and happy as can be. The footage of them gliding shows the dog very calm and enjoying the ride in his harness.

    So there’s proof that a dog, who *definitely* is even further structurally (or genetic memory) removed from flying than a penguin, gets a thrill from soaring with his human. I can totally accept that other animals might also.

    So often it seems that when people become activists or soldiers in their chosen cause, they loose their sense of humor and willingness to be light, and experience joy.

  190. Man! That penguin was having a BALL!

    I’m jealous, I never flew like that!

  191. Stephanie says:

    I’m glad that someone else thought of the Opus “I Wish For Wings that Work” Christmas special like I did. ^_^

    Too cute!

  192. Okay, I get the metaphor but I can’t believe that these birds really understood what was happening AND to assume that they would WANT to fly or had a desire is nothing but anthropomorphising these birds. I do not mean to be a killjoy but the feelings we get from this spot have more to do with our own want for freedom, realizing reams, and cheering on the underdog than what these birds are feeling. Just my 2 cents.

  193. cheesybird says:

    I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry… that there’s so much commentroversy over this posting.

    Keith, everything you wrote after the “but” completely negated everything you wrote before it.

  194. cheesybird says:

    Oh, sorry… I see there are two “but”s in your commentary. I meant the first one.

    Although now that I look at it… yep… it applies to the second one too.

  195. Michelle says:

    Since there’s no way for you to actually know what a bird is capable of feeling or understanding, it doesn’t make sense to state one way or another. It’s easier to dismiss anthropomorphism as a silly eccentricity of human nature than to recognize it for what it really is: a purely clinical absence of connecting with creatures that aren’t human. I’ve seen professors of biology make preposterous claims such as “dogs can’t watch television”, “fish don’t feel pain” and “animals don’t experience love” while cramming the whole “mustn’t anthropomorphize” tripe down your throat. While in some cases, it can be dangerous to attribute human characteristics to other animals with the *expectation* that their experience will be similar to our own, it’s not much different than projecting our own feelings and expectations onto other humans that may not share our experience. Human beings are not the only animals capable of joy, deception, innovation, dreaming, humor, and even abstract thought. To believe otherwise is arrogant.

  196. cheesybird says:

    Whether or not this is anthropomorphism is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter one whit whether flightless birds really want to fly! It’s about giving someone the ability to do something they’ve never been able to do. The birds are (all together now) a *metaphor* for making dreams come true! Of course it’s anthropomorphism. Of course it has “more to do with our own want for freedom, realizing reams, and cheering on the underdog than what these birds are feeling”. That’s the whole point! Why does that have to be a negative thing?

    Now if someone were really to win the lottery and decided to really strap these birds to a hang-glider, then I could see you getting up in arms. But these are symbolic birds (ok they’re real birds, but they’re symbolic to the meaning of the ad) in a symbolic scenario.

    It was a fun way to get the message of the ad-makers across, not a suggestion that anyone should really take flightless birds flying. (Dear lord, I can’t believe anyone has to spell this out.)

    Criminy, I’m cranky before my coffee. Off to crawl back under my goatless covers.

  197. BoidsGottaFly says:

    Not sure if this will add more fun to the comments, or give the nuffers more ammo… but I found a YouTube video of the Aussie who loves to hang glide with his dog!

    The dog seems to be cool with the whole thing, and is happy in the way that going for a ride in the car makes a dog happy too. Animals are pretty good about letting us know when they don’t want to do something, and this dog seemed just fine all through it. (Tail wagging is a good sign!)

    The video is a lot of fun… that is if you’re not looking at it through ’nuff colored glasses’… Enjoy!

  198. Hotpants says:

    Of course this is all fake, but if I had won the lottery, I’d free all the owls and birds crammed in tight cages and depressed because they can’t fly. Penguins and chickens probably don’t need the experience as much as these poor captive birds of prey Maybe I’d free all captive animals, not just birds.

  199. Hon Glad says:

    I fly sometimes, it feels so reel. in my dreams. Not in a Superman fashion but standing upright a few feet off the ground

  200. Hon Glad says:

    Hey the computer posted that before I had corrected it.I fly sometimes in my dreams. Not in a Superman fashion but standing upright a few feet off the ground’ it feels so real.

  201. After reading the first few comments I just had to roll my eyes. Do CO readers believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy too? Who believes that the WSL would take a penguin paragliding?

    I loved the commercial, I thought it was wonderful, and touching, and it made me cry. Did I ever, for one moment believe it actually happened? NO.

  202. Michelle says:

    Julie, I’m with you on that, except I think they’re they might actually be the types that not only *don’t* believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, but go so far as to explain to small children that Santa and the Tooth Fairy are nothing but lies, created and perpetuated by idiotic adults. It never ceases to amaze me how many people must take everything literally, and crush the imagination and delight of others with their brutal honesty. It’s very mean-spirited. In my work as an illustrator, sometimes I create fantasy art and I occasionally hear criticism about how the subjects in my work are “unrealistic”. How on earth does one respond to people with absolutely no imagination? All I can come up with is the blank, blinking stare.

  203. GHWaite says:

    Cute! The emu was definitely blue screened in and once I saw that, I thought, “Ah, OK.” Still the concept is very cute and that penguin was adorable. They’re such bright and engaging birds.

  204. temperance says:

    okay. yeah. all you grouchy people have established for us feeble-minded folk that it is fakity-fake-fake. thanks for that.

    now will you just go back to your proper, practical lives and let the rest of us pretend it’s real?

  205. temperance says:

    i mean- except for the ’nuffers. they’re not allowed to pretend it’s real because they totally suck the joy out of it with their utter literal-ness.

    dang, now i sound like a fantasy fascist. sorry!

  206. Anonymously addicted to cute says:

    I just love, LOVE the penguin flapping its tiny wings.

  207. I used to work at the world’s largest hang gliding school. We had this guy who used to fly with his miniature poodle. It loved it. The silly little dog even chased after him from the ground while he landed sometimes. He had a little harness just like the penguin. Real or not it is totally possible even if this video is fake.

  208. OK, first – They weren’t really flying. It was a green screen special effect. Also, ET didn’t really fly and Harrison Ford is not actually an archeologist.

    Next – It’s a metaphor. The add is not suggesting that you, upon wininng the lottery, go out and strap flightless birds into a hangglider. It’s about helping people once you get the opportunity.

    Finally – Metaphor or not, no one, NO one, no ONE is going to go out and hangglide with an emu. Not even if it’s on the TEE-vee.

    Sweet Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  209. Well, *I* might hang-glide with an emu.

  210. Slightly OT, but does anyone else remember a spot on one of those “human interest” shows where a guy ACTUALLY DID THIS with his pet bird? Can’t remember if it was a duck, goose or some sort of falcon.

    I seem to remember that the wing had been damaged so the little guy could flap it around but couldn’t get up on his own anymore. The owner did it because he thought his pal missed the sensation of being in the air and they did seem to enjoy it.

    When I saw this I thought of that clip and wondered if that was the inspiration.

    And I’d rather glide with an emu than an ostrich. That would take at least three gliders.

  211. There’s a Berthaservant fanclub? That worries me.

    Not because we all don’t love him and Theo but that’s about two steps from RP fanfic slash.

    [This was caught in our spam filter, Kar, and I’m supposed to manually publish it?? – Ed.]

  212. Hey, I could’ve included examples.

  213. mberkie0 says:

    @kar: snrk, snrk [laugh & snort combined]. Berthascabanaboy? I thought it was Berthasbutler, with pinky finger extended! I just thought the commercial was Qte.

  214. Mary (the first) says:

    WOW all these comments! I live in Wa. state and have not seen this. I love it. It’s only about IMAGINE WHAT YOU COULD DO for some one not abusing birds, for cryin out loud.

  215. Allie Catt says:

    i’m glad to see that i’m not the only one who wondered where the Kiwi was!

    Such a cute commericial!