I want to belieeeve

AP is reporting a "unicorn" was born in captivity in Italy (where all miracles come from)

OMG, I’m gonna barf a rainbow. Ralllgh!


How bummed is that deer, Tracy W., Cheri S., Torie R., Tania S., Robin V., Carly L., and Kimberly H. + another beellion Sender-Inners?



  1. binky-mama says:

    What the heck is everyone looking at?

  2. Oh it could team up with narwhals and rule the world with their horns!

  3. All miracles are from captivity? Wha?

  4. I saw this and I thought, but wait, aren’t unicorns supposed to be horses with wings?

    Also, the horn is phallic and makes me uncomfortable. How dare you show a symbol of male power.


  5. Heyyyy!

  6. Italy, I believe she meant

  7. Vicki Carpenter says:

    All pictures I have ever seen of a Unicorn has the horn in the middle of it’s forhead. I believe this one is just a freak of nature and that for some reason the second horn did not develope.

  8. Whoa! That’s interesting … I wonder how that happened.

    Isn’t the unicorn horn supposed to be a symbol of healing power? In that case this deer little guy (ha, I crack myself up) is fortituous indeed!

  9. This is what has me worried. If he escapes, how on earth will they ever catch him???

    Because as we ALL KNOW, only a pure young female virgin can catch a unicorn.

    Where, oh where, to find a virgin these days????

    They’re far rarer than unicorns lol!

  10. Jupiter Star, I was thinking the same thing… “Planet Unicorn, Heeeyyyy” 😀

  11. I sent this in too! Wheee 😀

    Also, Charlie the unicorn anyone? “Candy mountain, charlieeeeeeeeee…”

  12. starling says:

    It’s a genetic defect, apparently there will be others too.

    Fascinating facts ‘r’ us 😛

  13. Hila: Heyyy, you know what this guy could use? Some of that ambrosia salad!

  14. cheesybird says:

    According to the AP: “This undated photo provided by the Center of Natural Sciences in Prato, Italy, Wednesday, June 11, 2008, shows a deer with a single horn in the center of its head. The one-year-old Roe Deer – nicknamed ‘Unicorn” – was born in captivity in the research center’s park in the Tuscan town of Prato, near Florence, Gilberto Tozzi, director of the Center of Natural Sciences, said. He is believed to have been born with a genetic flaw; his twin has two horns”

    *puts on pedantic hat*

    Actually, neither this little cutie nor his twin has horns. Roe deer (like all deer) have antlers. Antlers are bony appendages that grown from pedicles on the skull, which are shed yearly. While bone has a bony core that is attatched to the skull, it is made up primarily of keratin, which is attached to the skin. Horns are not shed.

    *takes off pedantic hat*

    Awww… wook at sweet widdle unicorn!

  15. cheesybird says:

    Oops! That was meant to read “while *horn* has a bony core…” not “while bone has a bony core’. Duh… need more coffee….

  16. Berthaservant, it’s a Pegasus that has wings, unicorns don’t have wings, or shouldn’t! (who knows, maybe that’s the next mutation!)

  17. hon glad says:

    I beleive, grant my wish.

  18. Whoe, you’re Catholic?


    very neat; even if it’s technically an antler, not a horn. (The last deer my grandfather got was “fixed” buck, and that makes their antlers turn into dozens of spikes instead of the usual branches; it was still awesome)

  19. It’s not as rare as a crumple-horned snorkack.

  20. I worry for when rutting season comes along and he tries to spar with that thing.

  21. Well, hovertext, he’s a *little* horny.

    P.S. Damn you, Jupiter Star! 😡

  22. katiedid says:

    Yey for gentic mutations!!! lol

  23. katiedid says:

    *magical genetic mutations…. sorry

  24. Who cares about technicalities. In this day and age of troubles, it’s nice to see something resembling myths we all grew up with. Personally I sending showers of love and appreciation to the handsome little guy and his caretakers.

  25. ThreeCatNight says:

    I’ve always loved deer, horny or not.(interpret that as you may)

  26. Actually, there is a chinese unicorn called kirin or quillin (one spelling is japanese, i never remember which) and look more like a one horned antler than the european unicorn.
    Still, it’s strange to actually see a one horned creature, nature usually go by pair with mutation…

  27. momof2kitties says:

    Is he looking for the magical leoplurodon?

  28. bats :[ says:

    And this is all sorts of nice, because the heraldic unicorn wasn’t a “horse with a horn” (so you can imagine how agitated I get when Hollywood does that!), but a wonderful monster with a goat or deer’s slender body, a beard, cloven hooves and a lion’s tail, too. The animated movie “The Last Unicorn” pretty much got it right. I was stunned. There is hope.

  29. @Vicki: Where have you been seeing pictures of ‘corns? LOL

  30. zeldapie says:

    Well, anyone who knows me knows *I’ll* never be catching that lil unicorn. Oh to be innocent again!

  31. I knew that unicorns were deers, not horses. I KNEW it! <3

  32. To me it looks like this little guy is flipping us the bird…

  33. marie_n says:

    i saw this on msn picture stories i think. totally makes me want to watch legend. srsly.

  34. That fur is such a deep, rich color it looks like he was lacquered!!

  35. UGH! CuteOverload got scooped by Dlisted! This was on there, like, two days ago. I must repent for not sending this in as soon as I saw it!

  36. Are you sure, Seren? Because I’m pretty sure I saw some movie with a unicorn that could fly. And you know, that’s proof. ;-P

  37. starling says:

    In “The Last Unicorn”, the unicorn was a horse, Bat!

    I know, my son’s watched that movie over and over again …

  38. crystal says:

    Looks glued on. Could be a homemade candle for all we know…

  39. momof2kitties says:


    *dodges puddingks*

    (Just kidding, there didn’t seem to be enough commentroversy over here)

    *wanders off to look for leoplurodon*

  40. momof2kitties says:

    Hey Theo! Did you Ed. my comment??

    It’s ok if you did, I just need to make sure I am not losing my mind. What with these boobies I’m carrying around and all.

    [NOOO idea what you mean. None at all. – Ed.]

  41. So there are unicorns… 😮

    -yells- MOM! I told you I was right!

  42. momof2kitties says:

    Snork!!!! LOL @ Teho!!

  43. EJandCeo says:

    As much as I want it to be true too, its is actually very simple to ‘make’ a unicorn from two-horned ungdulet. The skull, which is made of two fused halves, will produce a single horn without any problem if the bony growth is transplanted to the fusing point before the skull is fully mature. This used to be done with cattle in pre-industrial Europe to mark the lead animal.

    A deer could not be unicorned by mutation, as it has a cloven hoof. This makes it physiologically impossible.

    Please hate me for being a kiljoy and still believe that there is a white mare out there that we just done have the purity of heart to see her shining horn.

  44. No momof2kitties, I edited your post. *shifty eyes*.

  45. A horse with wings is called a Pegasus alright!

  46. marie_n says:

    if you look at the picture enough times, you see the 2 lumps on the sides of the young roe’s forehead, that lead back into the one horn. it really was meant to have 2 but they just merged into a single. the horn sorta leans back and curves upwards. it’s quite awkward. the poor thing is going to get made fun of.

    and i can’t believe noone has responded to my mention of the movie legend. hmph.

    roe, a deer, a female deer
    say, this deer has but one horn!

  47. Furbabies says:

    Leilani: Be careful when handling that crumpled horned snorkstack, they explode! As for unicorns: I believe. Any world that can produce the platypus, giraffe and elephant amongst many other rare and beautiful creatures, can create a “unicorn” roe deer.

  48. starling: Google that shiat. Definitely not a horse. Also I have seen the movie a meeeeellion times. Bats is right.

    Also Pegasus is a mythical beast from Greek mythology. You can google that shiat as well. They do not have horns. Unicorns do not have wings. Maybe it was a My Little Ponies commercial you saw. 😀