They tried to make me go to boxhab…

Usually, it’s kittehs who need boxhab. They simply cannot resist an open, cat-sized box.

This roving Kneesock-with-Eyes found a box too. He’s looking a little TOO comfortabuhls. Time for boxhab.


I recommend Promises Boxhab in Malibu.



  1. Must beep little pink nose.

  2. I usually get my carpet sharks sent FedEx.

    I love the pose, too…total “oh hai!”

  3. If gas prices keep going up, I’ll be this furry knee sock’s roomate! At least my neck will be warm!

  4. Accckkkk plop!

  5. Dexter Fishmore says:

    This post needs more boobies.

  6. Indeed, why use two kittens when one ferret will do the job! Tube top (now thats tacky)!
    Ceiling ferret finds new digs unsatisfying.

  7. belphebe says:

    chanpon, I beeped the pink nose too!

    Only a few more minutes and I can go home and play with my [mis-matched] furry kneesocks-with-eyes. (One sable, one silver-mitt)

  8. Oh dear. Ferrets are my Achilles’ heel of cute. Please keep ’em coming, I can take it.

    No, wait. I can’t take it.

    Especially when I think about their floppy happy dances, with the mouth open in a big triangle, looking for all the world like chibi manga characters. Like they’re so happy to see you they might actually explode.

    Suddenly I’m not thinking about lions any more..

  9. harutake says:

    So why is there no ferret category on CU yet? Surely there’s enough ferret pics by now to warrant a category of their own, n’est pas?

  10. Yep, he’s a boxaholic.

  11. “Usually, it’s kittehs who need boxhab. They simply cannot resist an open, cat-sized box.”


    Studies have proved that there is no such object as a box that is not cat-sized. In this context, the work of Prof. Dr. Heinz Kittykattykus, of the University of Heidelberg, in the mid-19th century is widely-regarded as the last word on the subject. By extrapolating and building upon the research by Isaac Newtown, who proved that gas will expand to fill the space available, Kittykattykus proved that all boxes are essentially cat-sized. No matter what the perceived size of the cat, and that of the box, any cat will be able to fit inside any box.

    Nay-sayers will try to disprove this. They frequently cite the infamous Boite d’Alumettes experiments conducted in Paris in 1923-4 at the Sorbonne by Prof. Jacques Flooferé. Flooferé’s team used a number of exceptionally substantial cats and an equal number of increasingly small boxes, hoping to prove that an 18lb ginger tom could not fit inside a standard matchbox measuring 1.5″ long, 1″ wide, and .5″ deep.
    However, all they were able to observe was that it *appeared* that the cat did not fit inside the box, and were unable to offer any conclusive proof that the cat/box dynamic was incompatible.

    It is to be lamented that Kittykattykus’ work has been largely ignored by modern scientists, many of whom regard him as “some lunatic kraut with a cat fixation” (Stephen Hawking). However, it is comforting to note that cat ownees all over the world are able to observe the physical proof of Kittykattykus’ theory any time there is a box in their home.

    Ms. Frost – while I appreciate that the finer points of mid-19th century European scientific research may lie outside your bailiwick, suggesting as you do that there are boxes that are *not* cat-sized may leave you open to accusations of being a devotee of Flooferé’s work – a flooferist, if you will. I am confident that someone of your stature and reputation would abhor such an accusation, thus I should counsel that such remarks be best confined to non-public utterances.

    Thank you for you attention in this matter.

    Kind Regards

    Dr. Thelonius James
    The Kittykattykus Collection
    University of Heidelberg

  12. mejezabel says:

    OMG – the hover-text!!!

  13. *Ponders* I believe I like the ferret’s eye makeup more than the singer’s. I approve. *Gold clap*

  14. Theresa says:

    Tony James FTW!!!!!!!

  15. I agree with the addition of a ferret category!

    What an awesomely cute little kneesock! Mine needs boxhab too, it seems… she is currently digging for China in a small FedEx package (yes, she can easily get out – it’s on its side).

  16. :: bowing to Tony James ::

    As always, sir, you raise the bar.

  17. Tony James, you, sir, are the bee’s pajamas and the cat’s kneesocks. With garters.

  18. Theresa says:

    Dr. James is too modest to note his own extensive, ground-breaking work in the field of feline spatial relations. He is scheduled as the keynote speaker at the annual conference of the American Association of Feline Receptacle Occupation, and will moderate a panel discussion on Box Hegemony: Calicos or Marmies?

  19. Furbabies says:

    This adorable little ferret reminds me of my beloved Chia Pet. One of the best pets I ever had. She would do the dance of joy when I let her out after I came home from work. Such a happy sweet girl. I would recommend a ferret to anyone with the time to dedicate yourself to it. They are very attached to their humans. Snuggle Bunnies and so playful.

  20. Theresa says:

    Dr. James is too modest to note his own extensive, ground-breaking work in the field of feline spatial relations. He is scheduled as the keynote speaker at the annual conference of the American Association of Feline Receptacle Occupation, and will moderate a panel discussion on Box Hegemony: Calicos or Marmies?

  21. Of course, Promises’ Malibu location would be unable to accommodate Mr. Kneesock, as California’s legislature is saving the People’s Republic from in-person cute overloads (just like they’re saving us from unknowingly being around chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer).

    Not that people are bitter about this or anything.

  22. I will beep your little pink nose, and you will like it!!

  23. Chelonianmobile says:


    Apart from the box fixation, my ferret Murphy apparently likes lavender. I’ve been using a lavender-scented heat pad to soothe my ear infection and aching jaw, and he went nuts and started licking all over the parts of my face where I’d been holding it.

  24. hon glad says:

    Beautiful silky fur.

  25. ::SMOOCH on ferret hayd::

    And this thread also reminds me why I come to CO – some of the most charming and witty men come here. 😉

    (Tony James PWNS!)

  26. cheesybird says:

    Ha! My first thought when I saw this was exactly what’s in the hovertext!

    Dr. James… you have opened my eyes to my own flooferist ways!

  27. As a ferret owner I can tell you that cats are not the only known box abusers.

  28. Flooferé had allegies and died a lonely man wishing with all his heart that he had a giraffe and more tissues. Ou sont les accents pour ecrit Flooferé, si vous plait – (maitenant je besoin un(e)circumflex, mais c’est le problem, n’est pa?) Great now I need a whatever that accent mark it too. OOHHHHH, flern. Let’s hear it for Quantum Mechanics, metaphysics and the peeps who use them to such an elegant degree! Yay Yay! I for one would like to hear more about this ground-breaking newly-discovered information. Youth wants to know, Professor Dr. James!

  29. Fourth line down please read ‘is’ instead of ‘it’. Thank you. runs off to take a nap…

  30. I can haz little nommable earz??

    I love the velvety paw just sort of hanging out there, waiting to be tickled!

  31. Tony James, will you marry me?

  32. Very helpful information, Dr. James!

    I played a bunch of different instruments in school, and every time I brought a new case home the cat had to immediately stuff herself into it as soon as the instrument was out. She could expand or contract from guitar to piccolo size.

  33. Ahhh, ferret in a box! Too cute!

  34. i love the head laying against the side of the box!
    I sooo tired…I rest here….need fading…..

  35. I third the ferret category!

  36. Katrina says:

    Now, Babs, dear, I’m sure that Dr. James has many offers of marriage, perhaps if you highlighted some of your more than persuasive reasons to marry you as opposed to, say, Eva Longoria? Oh, yes, quite the academic cat-lore affcienada there…

  37. Katrina says:

    no, I never did get that nap ‘afficienda’- geesh.

  38. Eva Longoria is about TV dramedy and basketball. B-Serv likes the STAGE chicks.

  39. Eva Longoria is about TV dramedy and basketball. B-Serv likes the STAGE chicks.

  40. OMG even I’m not immune to the doublepost… aaaaargh

  41. Offers of marriage are entertained (although an ability to spin cogent bullsh*t is hardly the basis of a longterm relationship). Emails may be delivered by the linky to the blog (although after reading it you may decide that you don’t want to marry me after all).

    I am not familar with Ms. Longoria – can she fit inside any box?

  42. [pats Teh-0 on the head]
    Nebber min’, Tee-Tee – we lofs yoo anywayz. 🙂

  43. TEEJAY! [shocked face]
    The ability to spin cogent bull$#!% is ABSOLUTELY the basis for a lasting, meaningful relationship!

    Also, I totally fail at matching names to crushes. A thousand apologies. Berthaservant *does* like stage chicks, though. Like Ms. Chenoweth here.

  44. [drinks coffee faster]

  45. Ah, Teh-0 – you have it half-right: the ability to spin cogent bull$hit is the basis for a lasting, meaningful relationship *so long as* you bring a MR. Bounce and a tail-pouncing Bounce-bouncing Rikki to the party as well. It’s all about balance and universal harmony. As I can only bring a malevolent old furball whose reading habits include Sun Tzu and who brings Wimbledon into the house in the form of Rodent Tennis, I fear that bull$hit alone will not be able to sustain the relationship past the first attempt at redecorating an excessively bachelor apartment.

  46. Well, it doesn’t sound boring. That’s something.

  47. AuntieMame says:

    I can’t remember. Is Eva Longoria the one they snark at because she’s too skinny or because she’s too fat? (Knowing the mentality of the snarkers, it’s probably both…)

  48. GreedySkunk says:

    I fourth the ferret category.

    And Dr. James, perhaps your malevolent furball would like to play Rodent Tennis with my willfully stubborn fluffybutts and fuzzies. We can expound upon the differences in feline and mustelid behavioral tendencies in cardboard receptacle habitation.

  49. Rooanne says:

    “kneesock with eyes” ???? ha ha ha ha ha
    Never heard of that species

  50. :: hic ::

  51. GreedySkunk – my concern would be that Mac Y’Avelli would play Rodent Tennis *with* your ferrets. After the unqualified success of such games as Squish and Pomeranian Volleyball, Mac considers himself an expert on the development of unorthodox games where the primary goal is to put the fear of Ceiling Cat into other animals. Headless Ferret Curling is not a game that I believe any of us wish to see included in the next Olympiad.

  52. Katrina says:

    Mr. James, I just ventured out into the open waters of the pelagic Internet and sought the elusive Species Longoria, and found the Eva variety. Nowhere in her impressive academic Curriculum Vitae does she allude to or mention her passion for all things Flooferé, but as anecdotal evidence, may suggest just about anything she wears at any given moment defies the laws of spatial relations and that she herself is experimenting with her own brand of Flooferé’s work, the art of fitting into apparel that is clearly meant to be risque doll clothing.

    I suspect that she has an entire wardrobe of undersized clothing. I further believe that I will be persuade you on the merits that she is indeed a closet Flooferér. Can boxes be far behind for her?

    [Yeah, it was a long way to go for the punch line, but I was on a roll…]

  53. ankuhlnippurz’ Paradice. Wii haz it.

  54. @Dr. T. James: “Some lunatic kraut with a cat fixation (Stephen Hawking)”……..ROFL!!!!

  55. BeanSidhe says:

    I was wondering what happened to the ferret who played Pan in “The Golden Compass”… it’s always sad when celebrities fall so far…

  56. starling says:

    *wibbles quietly in corner*

  57. marie_n says:

    i must admit that this did spark my cutemeter a tad, despite the fact that i had a bad experience with one of these guys a while back. actually, 2 bad experiences with the same one. i won’t speak of one of the experiences because it was tragic, but one that will always stick with me was when the little guy bit my lip and made me gush blood. still have a scar. forever scared of the little “marmots” (as the dude would say.)

  58. Laureth says:

    I was also afraid of the weaselly furbabies until I learned the magic scruff trick. Now, I have 2 of my own, including one evil pink eyed albino named Lucifer, lol.

  59. erm, my eyeballs just melted from the cuterays this emitted in my direction.

  60. “I’m in a box.”
    “A cardboard box? Why are you…”
    “I dunno, I was just looking at it, and suddenly I felt this irresistible urge to get inside. Not just an urge…more than that. It was my DESTINY to be here, in the box!”

  61. wildweasel, do continue….