Firefox logo/Cats ‘n’ Racks

This is pretty darn racky, People. It might be difficult to get any rackier, frankly.

Nuevo logo de Firefox, originally uploaded by ♫ Nico ♫.

Go Paly Vikings, Arlo R.! (and thanks to SushiRob for rediscovering the lost photo)



  1. read_one says:


  2. Kitten Pasty!

  3. Pastie?

  4. holy jesus, my eyes!! its hideous!!

  5. Excuse me, ma’am? You’ve got something on your… there… nevermind.

  6. Ummm….

    Meg. Hi. You probably haven’t noticed, because you have better things to do than read all of my silly comments, but I’ve been resisting getting a marmie kitteh for a few weeks now. I almost got one on Monday except the shelters are closed on Monday. Then since Tuesday Bertha’s been acting weird, and I’ve been thinking, you know, I don’t really want a marmie, it’s just all those marmies on C.O. look so cute. But that’s just a coincidence, C.O. is not really sending me messages day after day telling me to get a marmie.

    Then you do this.

    A lonely man can only take so much, Meg.

    Tomorrow or the next day I expect to see a marmie sleeping on a pile of thousand dollar bills. After that, marmie with strawberry cheesecake from the Carnegie Deli. Then, marmie with plasma screen tv. Then, marmie having dinner with Barack Obama and Stephen Colbert. And this will continue until I have a marmie.

    Then you’ll prolly start putting up pictures of Russian Blues….

  7. binky-mama says:

    @ berthaservant, I have three words for you:



  8. OMGah! Awwwww…. I want a soft warm kitten purring on my rack! Ahn…

  9. Um, hasn’t this been posted already?


    [Well, this photo has never been on Cute Overload before, but it’s older than Firefox 2.0 and they’re almost ready to release v3.0… – Ed.]

  10. MrTruck says:

    It’s all fun and games until the claws come out…

  11. hon glad says:

    Hey Marmie can I swap places with you?

  12. Bessymouse says:

    I agree with you sd.
    I don’t have anything against boobs (after all I have a pair of my own)
    But I come to cute overload to see cute, fuzzly, floofies. Not falling out of shirt boobies.

    This belongs in the “Gee-ross!” section.

  13. That’s fascinating, in so many ways…

  14. um. this is kind of tacky.

  15. Wow, I didn’t know they sold kitteh pasties now!

  16. joliesmom says:

    I think it’s super cute how the kittersons is tucked in there so perfectly. I bet that level of warmth and her heartbeat makes for one comfy nap!

    I truly understand since I can fall asleep on my hubby’s chest any time of the day!

  17. Bessymouse: Obviously, you do have something against them. It is the very core of what you just said. You can’t think something is gross and not have something against it.

    It is a breast. You have them, I have them. Marmies climb them. It is as God intended.

    Seriously though, relax, it’s not like you can seen any nip. People are too sensitive.


  18. It’s wonderful how orange colour really brings out one’s tan, doesn’t it? Let it be a marmie or piece of clothing. The fashion tips of CO, keep ’em coming!

  19. cheesybird says:

    Looks like she stuffs her bra…

    I like the marmie kitteh, orange top, tanned skin color coordination. Would this count as matchingks?

    LOL@Berthaservant. You do know that the accessories are sold separately, right? But as for getting a marmie, I agree with Binky-mama! In the words of the inimitable Maury Finkle (Founder of Finkle Fixtures) “Do it. Do it.”

  20. I’ll all for Cats ‘n’ Racks but this is getting ridiculous. I’m here for the cute, not for the ginormous racks – I see that everywhere else.. stick to the cute and tasteful, not the over-the-edge tacky please.

  21. Bessymouse says:

    Ermine, I admit it. Unfortunately I HAVE become overly sensitive and have issues in areas which I never had before.
    It’s not so much the boobs themselves, it’s more society’s obsession with sex that gets to me.
    (I am aware of the irony here)

    Sorry if I annoyed you or anyone else.
    After reading my previous post, I find it more annoying that I’ve become so sensitive, than at the annoyingness of whatever offended me.

    It actually is quite a cute picture.

  22. nom nom nom

  23. gravyboat says:

    There needs to be another kitteh on the other side. That would be the most comfortable bikini top EVER!!!

  24. GROSS!!!!!!!!

  25. AWWWW! Kitty doesn’t care if it’s boobs, s/he is obviously cosy.

  26. Just let there be no claws, kthx!

  27. Kitty looks a little smooshed.

  28. I view this through a special lens, one where Cats ‘n’ Racks™ is an unexpected giant spoon thats used to tease the co-llective Jello. *wiggle wiggle

    Theriously though, a more wonderfully perfect curve in nature? I think not.

  29. IU! What’s wrong with she!?

  30. girlnextdoortn says:

    Meg or Teho must be bored and looking for a shnitstorm to entertain them.

  31. cheesybird says:

    Or they just think this is cute/funny.

    And speaking of matchingks, I’ve got this page open on firefox and it pretty much *is* their logo (but backwards).

  32. man, nobody even got an “in before the wank” comment in before the wank started. 😦

  33. I’ll never look at another padded bra the same again.

  34. What’s tacky about a beautiful rack with a snuggly kitty?
    I think it’s lovely.
    Best cats n’ racks ever!

  35. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Wow! Verrry nice!! And the cat too!! Lucky cat!! Now that woman’s got two pus..s..

    Nawww, not gonna say eeet!

  36. taste has its limits

  37. catablob says:

    My goodness!
    The whole thing looks like
    an outfit from star trek.
    Like, cleavage and tribbles.
    Where oh where is William Shatner?

  38. Ah, both my cats and my rack once looked like that.

    Mammaries, light the corners of my mind…

  39. martha in mobile says:

    As we say on the Gulf Coast: “Looks like somebody needs to make a boat payment!” (as in, commentroversy = increased ad revenue).

    But really, I think this is the promo for the padding in the new Victoria’s Secret “Purrfect Fit” bras.

  40. That’s it! New cat-egory: Marmies & Mammaries!


  41. The cheapness of this all overrides the cute. Sorry, but I think this “cats’n’racks” this is getting old and – as others have said – incredibly tacky.

  42. Ungh, typo.

    this “cats’n’racks” thing*

  43. Just like a cat to want to snuggle up when it’s a million degrees outside. My marmie did his best to sleep on my head. : P

    Also, if you don’t like the pics, why not start your OWN cute site? You can put whatever you want on it!

  44. gooeyctr says:

    Looks like Paly has a new mascot … Go Katzenracks!

  45. snorglepup says:

    Lighten up, peeps.
    They’re both purrrty.

  46. Berthaservant

    Really you should just get a marmie. Rack or no rack. You’ll feel so much better.

    And to everyone else, cleavage is one of the best sights in the world. And I say this from a purely aesthetic point of view.

    I, personally, have very little, so I might have cleavage envy.

  47. Trabb's Boy says:

    All my cats over the years have hated bare skin. I always thought they found it kind of creepy that we didn’t have fur. Maybe I just didn’t carry them around right as kittens.

  48. Trabb's Boy says:

    All my cats over the years have hated bare skin. I always thought they found it kind of creepy that we didn’t have fur. Maybe I just didn’t carry them around right as kittens.

  49. Trabb's Boy says:

    All my cats over the years have hated bare skin. I always thought they found it kind of creepy that we didn’t have fur. Maybe I just didn’t carry them around right as kittens.

  50. Trabb's Boy says:

    All my cats over the years have hated bare skin. I always thought they found it kind of creepy that we didn’t have fur. Maybe I just didn’t carry them around right as kittens.

  51. Trabb's Boy says:

    All my cats over the years have hated bare skin. I always thought they found it kind of creepy that we didn’t have fur. Maybe I just didn’t carry them around right as kittens.

  52. Trabb's Boy says:

    All my cats over the years have hated bare skin. I always thought they found it kind of creepy that we didn’t have fur. Maybe I just didn’t carry them around right as kittens.

  53. The picture just makes me giggle…come on, everybody, let’s get a good giggle on…
    snorgelpup, I’m with you!

  54. Kitteh, behold the only thing oranger than yourself.

  55. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

  56. this makes me feel……funny

  57. canadian says:

    question … if they’re fake can you feel the fur

    please this racky is more tacky than anything else

    I want “cute” not “cleavage”

  58. Londoner says:

    This just makes me want a teeny kitty to put in my own cleavage – furry bra warmer! Yay! You want to show a kitty perched on some cute guy’s naked buns, I’m not going to object, either… 😉 Kittens are gorgeous, so is the human body. Let’s enjoy both.

  59. ashagato says:

    i’m with you, londoner. can’t see how the rack interferes with the cute. it’s all lovely and natural, people…
    look how the sleepy baby’s hugging the boob! sooo frakkin’ sweet!

  60. I want a purrfect padded bra too! only problem i would be petting them the whole time, and that would look kinda…weird. oh well. who cares what other people would think

  61. I love the Cat’n’racks. Why?

    Because they take something that we often see in only a sexual and remind you that it also has innocent connotations.

    Boobs are awesome. They might be used to attract men, but that is only one of their many purposes. Boobs are also there for an infant to nurse on, or a child to rest his head on.

    You see the rack, and you immediately think “sexual” but then you see the soft kitten who only sees something soft and warm to snuggle with. You laugh at the fact that two seemingly different things are not so different after all. That boobs have many purposes and some are sweet and mothering.

    That is, if you are sane.

    If you have serious problems with sexuality you get so offended by the boobs that you don’t stop to consider that they–like the woman who they are part of–are complex and not limited to one part of their personality.

    Frankly, I find the whole attitude demeaning to women.

  62. That kittie is enjoying it WAY too much. It’s all like, “Ah…snugglies. Honk-shuuuu” When I was caring for a rescute kitty, he found few things more comfy than to be held on my bare tummy inside my dress. Probably would have enjoyed the rack if I had one comparable to the pic, so, you know. Same principle. It’s warm, soft, and smells natural: kitty loves it.

  63. chanpon says:

    A..little….tight…in…here. Urk!

  64. Katrina says:

    Diane- so beautifully said. The human body can offer solace to humans and to kitties, or babies of all kinds. Yes, it is funny to see such different ‘things’ together, I giggled and still do, because my giggle is for the pure joy of what that kitten has been afforded. It is a small kitten, and it is sleeping peacefully. No violence, no sexuality implied, maybe a little sensuality, and that is just fine with me. Pretty is pretty, and two pretty things are double pretty. Babies like warm, cuddly mommies, and this kitten is being ‘fostered’ into a loving and sweetly intimate family. No problem here!

  65. browngrl says:

    Hi Berthaservant – if you live in Toronto come down to the humane society RIGHT NOW. I feed kitten there and they are crawling with marmies. Big marmies, little marmies, fierce marmies, cuddly marmies – you name it. You’ll get you marmie fix ASAP I promise.

  66. [putting a ‘rescued animal’ spin on this]

    Maybe this kitten was abandoned and didn’t have a mama and the lady rescued him and decided to breast feed him back to health, and then that’s how this photo came about.

    **It could happen!!!**

  67. 3 things –

    1) I’m with Diane, ashagato, londoner, and the hundreds of others that always wind up feeling a need to defend Meg against the cacophonoy of complaints after one of her CnR posts (which come like maybe twice a month…hardly an obsessive amount of posts to this CATegory imho). Regardless, it’s been said before and will be said again: It is Meg’s blog to do with as she pleases, and she pleases to post an occasional CnR. Thank you Meg (obvy not just for CnR but for CO and just being awesome.

    2)Anyone can use a firefox plugin to change their logo! It is called CCK Wizard and can be found here:

    3)Umm, hey Meg the firefox logo is a FOX cuddling a globe not a kittie… c’mon CO denizens this is the internet there must be a cute fox n rack picture out there somewhere.

  68. What a hussy. Put the cans away, dollface.

  69. I agree with diane as well

    To all the people that find this tacky and offensive, get over it. Sounds like you have a much larger problem with your body and sexuality if all you can see about this is OMG THATS SEXIST/TACKY/PERVERTED!! O_O

    How can you totally miss the motherly loving aspect, obvy that marmie is TEWTALLY comfey, and HAPPEH!!

    Sounds like its you guys that are making everything sexual….

  70. I’m speechless. Seriously, I typed out three different responses, and all that comes to mind is “ew, that’s kinda gross.” Maybe it was cute in person, but the resulting photo is kind of… exhibitionist. :p Definitely not work safe either! ACK!

  71. temperance says:

    i love this photo- kitty looks sooooo contented and fits quite perfectly next to boobie- even the tail is curving just right.

    and what about the absolute color co-ordination of kitteh, shirt, and skin?! truly fabulous.

    personally, i think breasts are beautiful and some people just need ta get their minds out of the gutter…..well, except for you berthaservant.

  72. Mmmm Marmies, I luff em. Really I do, I have 6 of them. Berthaslave get a marmie or two… and ignore that the orange ones are poison! Marmies are quite affectionate and 3 of my marmies are female 🙂

  73. Are those real?
    *rolling my eyes*

  74. Martha in Washington says:

    Martha in Mobile-I had the exact same thought “A new Victoria’s Secret Bra!” Great minds (with the same name) think alike!
    I never bought anything at VS before but now…

  75. PS – Damn you Berthslave, I want a huge sammich from Carnegie now =\

  76. This is brilliant! The next stage in Wonderbra technology! Talk about lift and smoosh and snorgle–your rack will never look better than with new Marmiebra!

  77. Oh and PS: just think about how insanely soft this little kitteh would feel against yer boob.

    [You *do* know what cats do with their paws when they’re all cuddly and lovey, yes? Somewhere deep down, Flanny and Sippy are still cats, yes? – Ed.]

    [PS — I’m not using euphemisms, peeps. I’m talking about these two: – Ed.]

  78. Adorable, happy kitty! Berthaservant, GET A MARMIE! Or two. Or six. You won’t regret it. As I often say to my BFOC (that’s Big Fat Orange Cat): “Every home should have an orange cat. And every orange cat should have a home.” DO IT!

    And to those offended by the sight of body parts: You have issues. Get therapy.

  79. Is this really the discussion where we want to use the word “wank?”

  80. wagthedogma says:

    And to think I used to use rolled-up GYM SOCKS to achieve that “uplifting” effect when I could’ve been using a sweet, snuggly little marmie. Had I but known, my adolescence could’ve been a lot less angsty.

    As for the kitteh’s resting place, I say, rock that rack, girl! I only wish mine were half as splendid. 🙂

  81. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Geez people, get over it. It’s always shocked me how prudish some people can be. Makes me wanna go live in Europe…
    oh, and Cutest Marmie EVA!

  82. as a person with a rack almost as nice and perky as this one, (but not nearly as tan), I must protest!!

    not ever have I had a cute and fuzzy marmie cuddle up in my rack, and as a completely entitled person, I think I am entitled to have one!

    I demand my rack marmie RIGHT NOW!

  83. Since my rack is in no way comparable, my first thought was that this was a picture of somebody’s buttocks. No kidding. Yep, it’s early and the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet.

    Maybe those who are offended should imagine this as a tuckus. Maybe a cats’n’moons section is needed?

  84. LadyDarya says:

    I have a rack and cats…. My cats like my rack (even though their all 10 and over) but they are to big to sleep like this (thank you God cause claws hurt – I always acuse my babies of trying to deflate my rack…). Anyway breasts are a part of life and I agree with Diane… you can’t escape the fact that they are out there…..

  85. cheesybird says:

    Some more than others… oh the ravages of gravity.

  86. Crankypiglet says:

    How awesomely progressive, that anyone who is anything less than delighted with the Cats’n’Racks feature is dismissed as some kind of self-hating Puritan with body image issues. One need only read some of the approving comments on this picture to realize that the impression of this picture (and the others like it) as something sexual is not merely in the minds of the “prudes” who’ve posted objections. Seriously… “Nom nom nom”?

    Are we going to start seeing pictures of cats peeking out of men’s trousers next? “Cats’n’Flies” maybe? Oh, I know, how about a “Cats’n’Cracks” feature, full of pics of plumbers’ butt topped by a kitten?

    Either way, it’d be just as tacky as this. Ugh.

  87. Aww yeah: my favorite cats ‘n’ racks evar! (Although as usual I find myself confused by the commentroversy — since when are boobs “gross”?)

  88. best CnR evar!

    anyone else notice how the kitteh looks sort of flattened, like she’s got a tromp l’oeil marmie tattoo?

    Subhangi – LOL!

    Trabb’s Boy – i’m with your kittehs. personally, i’m a little skeeved by our lack of fur, too. why i prefer aminals to babies.

  89. Show of hands for all the “cranky” people to go be cranky somewhere else?

    We’re trying to see some cute here!

  90. It’s all in the presentation. Cats’n’racks – and even just racks – can indeed be cute and tasteful. But the composition of this particular shot does make the model look a bit tacky.

    Not that I have any objection to its presence on the front page – I’ll take my redcat pictures however I can get them.

  91. Rosalynde says:

    the kitteh bra to go with the puppeh pants . . . what’s next, hammie earrings????

  92. Seriously… “Nom nom nom”?

    Yes, Crankypiglet. Because breasts produce milk. Y’know, what babies drink, with a notable lack of sexual connotations.

    I’m seriously sick of the notion that merely having some breast visible makes a woman tacky or trashy. When was the last time a guy with his shirt off got called tacky? It’s just anatomy, y’all.

    And this is one damn cute, cuddly kitten. If it weren’t so hot here, I’d want one of my own to snuggle in my shirt.

  93. anyone who needs to be reminded of the wonder and magic of racks should check out the lion cub cam right about now!

  94. now I want a bra with inbuilt kitty

  95. Oooh ooh, how about a cats and tattooed men category? I would like that.

    I think this would be a perfect example:

  96. Dawwww… That looks like the softest wonderbra evah! Even with the teeny little claws. The little paw wrapped around and the ear flattened to the side are too much! Take away the shirt and you have a design for half a bikini top cat ladies everywhere would love.

  97. For some people, this is probably NSFW, and the responsible folks here at C.O. ought to mark it as such and make a link.

    I think my husband would enjoy this picture (what red-blooded man wouldn’t?), but he is at work, and so I’m not gonna send it to him. Just sayin’.

  98. hon glad says:

    I vote for catsn’cracks and bats on backs and pigs in sacks.

  99. Tabbage says:

    I’ve noticed that the outrage over the racks tends to be proportional to the size of the rack. Fewer people seem to complain about tiny, pale bosoms with cute kitties, but a plump, nicely-tanned pair seems to draw more criticism.

    I can’t imagine many things more innocent than a precious kitten snoozing on a warm rack.

    Some of the reactions here remind me of the book “Carrie”, where the nutso mom called breasts “dirty pillows.”

  100. Too much rack, not enough cat.

    I’m no prude, but c’mon Meg and Theo, Cute Overload is better than this.

  101. Meg and Teho hardly need *me* to jump on the bandwagon, but damn.

    a) That chick has really nice boobs. I wish mine were as shapely.

    b) She’s wearing a v-neck shirt, not a tassled pasty. Trashy? C’mon now. Srsly.

    c) If you think that’s the least bit trashy, how could you not be a prude? I see SO MUCH worse than that on the train going home from work (and be honest, so do you). And these are people who are supposedly dressed FOR WORK. Forget about the swimsuit models, the stupid celebutards, the idiot newscasters, the game show hostesses…

    d) IT’S A KITTY. Curled up all cute like, and sleeping and stuff.

    Believe me, I can relate to the “holy crap what were you thinking?” school of thought. There’s way too much sex in the media. But a v-neck shirt with a kitty is not sex.

  102. DE, I DEFINITELY think we need a category for hot men (tattooed or not) with cats. “Pets ‘n’ pecs” maybe? 🙂

  103. Cute Kitte Strategically placed to appease tv sensors.

  104. chet's momma says:

    crikey, even the lion mama is showing her rack on webcam! so what? it’s all cute and cuddly!

  105. chet's momma says:

    crikey, even the lion mama is showing her rack on webcam! so what? it’s all cute and cuddly!

  106. chet's momma says:

    crikey, even the lion mama is showing her rack on webcam! so what? it’s all cute and cuddly!

  107. chet's momma says:

    crikey, even the lion mama is showing her rack on webcam! so what? it’s all cute and cuddly!

  108. chet's momma says:

    crikey, even the lion mama is showing her rack on webcam! so what? it’s all cute and cuddly!

  109. chet's momma says:

    crikey, even the lion mama is showing her rack on webcam! so what? it’s all cute and cuddly!

  110. Wow everyone’s sure been busy posting. Personaly, I agree completely with Diane. If you want to take something sexually, you will. And no one else can help that. However, when I look at this picture, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Cats and kittens are the best. They’re completely innocent. What is disgusting about that?
    Also, Laura and DE, that is a great idea. GO KITTEHS!

  111. marsheeeee says:

    I was out-of-town visiting some friends when the call came in that my Dad had died. The first thing I remember after hanging up the phone is being hugged against my friend’s chest (rather ample, as she was breastfeeding her daughter at the time). I’m a straight female, but all I can remember is the sheer and utter comfort I got from being mothered at that awful time – nothing even remotely sexual about it. This is a sweet picture of a baby kitten being cuddled by her human mom. Please, people. It’s ok.

  112. kits-n-cracks and kits-n-crotch would make me giggle. wonder if i can smuggle one of my marmie babies in my bf pants and have his head poke out through an open fly?

  113. ohdearGOD, Rissu.

  114. ps. the marmie’s head, not that other head — sheesh people outta the gutter

  115. Starstorm says:

    Ugh disgusting! This is nasty. I come here to see cute animals, not some idiot’s full exposed chest. I see it constantly everywhere else, I guess NO site is safe from this garbage.

    If you MUST put this up, put it behind a link with a not safe for work tag, little kids come here ALL THE TIME.

  116. Starstorm says:

    Ok great, fine. Other people can post comments about how much they love the rack, but I CAN’T post my complaint. This spam filter is full of FAIL.

    I officially do NOT like this site anymore.

    [Sucks to be you, then… – Ed.]

  117. Starstorm says:


  118. Yitzysmommie says:

    What a beautiful pic!!! says this confirmed staright wife, mom & grandma. I’m outta here for a job interview, but I checked CO just to give me strengthks for the interview and lo and behold a gorgemous Cat ‘n’ Rack!
    Teho…excuse me, Ed., I hope the nuffs don’t keep you too busy today.
    Wish me luck in my interview everybody!!!!

  119. The automatic spam filter is doing its job, Starstorm. You tried to post, what, how many obscenities and duplicates were there? …before these three, which I’ve picked out by hand from Spam Hell?

    I’d say “epic fail” is exactly right.

  120. Yitzysmommie says:

    oooops, that should be STRAIGHT as opposed to not straight, as of the gay persuasion, not that there’s anything wrong with that…OK. I’ll shut up now.
    Leetle nairvoos, can ya tell?

  121. OH MY GOD! A little kid might see a breast! The little rugrat will be SCARRED FOR LIFE!

    Please, spare me. I agree with the plethora of sane people who have commented that breasts are normal, natural, and not tacky/gross/nasty/garbage. Seriously, people, get over yourselves and realize it ain’t all about you and your bizzarro body hang ups.

    This is one of my favorite posts evah, racks or no!

  122. igotsracks says:


    Little kids come here all the time, eh?

    Were you aware that little kids were recently SUCKING ON BREASTS FOR THEIR DAILY SUSTENANCE?

    Just curious.

  123. IGots — well I never did. I was a bottle baby. Pleh.

  124. Yay Yitzysmommie.
    Good luck on your interview… keeps fingers and toes crossed!!!

  125. THESE are fully exposed breasts? Seriously? Because, I dunno, maybe there’s something wrong with mine, but in my experience there’s usually sides and a bottom to boobs, not to mention nipples…

    I guess I’ve been misinformed my whole life! People can see the tops of my boobs when I wear certain shirts, oh noes! I’m fully exposing them for the world to see! OBSCENE!

    (This shocked tongue-in-cheek moment brought to you by comparing this photo to the random girls in string bikinis sunning themselves outside my window)

  126. I think it’s kind of funny how after one person used the word “tacky,” all the other nuffers clung to it and started screaming it like a mantra.
    “Tacky? Hey, that’s a good one! Now we don’t have to come up with our own words to describe our displeasure.”

  127. I’m here for purple monkey dishwasher, not red licorice eggbeater! Please me now!!! Um… (whenever you see “um,” you know there’ll be a big revelation coming)…


    [I have *no* idea what you just said, but I feel like I like it anyway… this is very confusing… – Ed.]

  128. First, good luck Yitzysmommie!

    Second, racks are warm and comfy and aesthetically pretty, not just sexual! Every body part on a woman does not exist solely and primarily to turn straight men on, and it’s really freaking unfeminist when both men and women have that knee-jerk reaction. /soapbox

  129. And on a less academic note, omglookathecutelilmarmie!

  130. elliottsmommy says:

    Yitzysmommie, best of luck in your interview! i must say i am tewtally envious of this chiquita’s very full and nicely-shaped breastices. and if i had them i would wear ONLY marmie kittehs and no shirt. and i think we should include a new category of mean wearing pets as their “fig leaves,” and we can go call it pets ‘n poles. and have a lovely day. that is all.

  131. As someone who’s pretty “racky” (my new favorite word!) herself–and naturually so–it pisses me off that people equate big boobs with being “tacky” or “Not Work Safe.” Seriously, I take my size 42H “sweater kittens” to work with me every day (in a library! the horror!) and no one seems to have a problem with it. Get over it already. Every human being on this planet has had a breast in his/her mouth at some point. And I think this pic is awesome. Wish I had gorgeous skin like that!

  132. what I find gross/tacky/offensive is the level of hate for and judgment of the female body on display here.

  133. AuntieMame says:

    Nowadays, when I see a cats-n-racks picture, my first reaction is to snigger and brace myself for the commentroversy.

    I don’t see anything particularly objectionable about this photo, apart from hoping she doesn’t startle the kitteh awake. That could hurt.

    Breasts are not “gross” or “ewww, that’s disgusting!” Frankly, that’s an unnatural and bizarre attitude. However, I do believe in modesty. (Guys, I don’t wanna see *your* bits, either.)

    Regarding commentroversies in general, there is room for both sides to say their piece. Just do it politely, huh? It’s when you get pushy and demanding (this goes for the nuffs AND the defenders), you start putting everyone’s back up.

  134. Hey, De–you can see Cats and Tats on any Winston video!

  135. I have it! The ultimate Cats’n’Racks litmus test! If the parakeets cannot stand to look at it, then it is Not Fit To Be Posted!

    …and three of my parakeets and currently bopping the screen, trying to join the kitty. Well, that answers that! ^_^.

  136. Second rate implants. Not cute. I hope they’re saline… We need more hot guys on this site. Where are the kitties on bare chested men? Or even nekked men?

  137. So BooBoo can tell from one photo of a woman wearing a shirt and a sleeping kitten that her breasts have been surgically enhanced, and not well done?

    Wish I had that eye.

    Or not.

  138. “I see SO MUCH worse than that on the train going home from work (and be honest, so do you). And these are people who are supposedly dressed FOR WORK. Forget about the swimsuit models, the stupid celebutards, the idiot newscasters, the game show hostesses…”

    Just beacuse Person B looke trashier than Person A doesn’t mean it’s impossible for Person A to look trashy in her own right! 😉

  139. I think this woman may have some depressed liver function- she is as orange as the kitty!

    My friends Chihuahua always attempts to nest in her bosoms as well. I guess everyone loves BOOBIES!

  140. Preach it, Crankypiglet!

    Seriously, the “nom, nom, nom” and “the lady rescued him and decided to breast feed him back to health” posts are disturbing. And yes, I realize that breasts CAN be used to nurse…HUMANS.

    And to all those who are shouting things like “prude” and “body image issues”…please, how predictable.

  141. Jupiter Star — video, please?

  142. Pepper.

    Ever hear of “cracking jokes?”

    Ever hear of “Funny Ha ha”?

    Ever hear of “Sense of Humour”?

    Apparently not.

  143. distasteful, imo.

  144. *Reaches to turn on the webcam*

    *Birds scartter*

    Okay then! We’ll try this again… *Sighs and goes to stop the birdies from flying into the window again*

  145. Furbabies says:

    As an ‘murrican, I can say that I am embarrassed by my fellow countrypeeps prudish behavior. Sex. If there was no sex, you wouldn’t be here. Sex, it’s a fact of life. Breasts are revered as a life giving force in many cultures and not looked on with distaste. This is an innocent pic of a unbearably cute kitten nested in with a safe and secure boob. Period. Nothing sexual, just cute. You know, they say if you can see something “dirty” in a photo, that means that you have obscene thoughts. Think about that.

  146. Actually, I don’t think the people freaking out are prudes.

    I tend to think the reaction of “ZOMGBOOB” is more childish than prudish.

  147. Nah. They lack that gravity-defying upward bulge at the top that you get with implants. (And come on, they’re certainly not out of the range of “normal”!)

    And let’s remember what’s important here: an adorable little orange kitty is being made very happy.

    Everything else is mere trivia.

  148. cheesybird says:

    hibousoir: “Sweater kittens”? That’s fabu!

  149. Ouch…

  150. Teho, video of the parakeets or the girls in string bikinis? Just curious….

  151. ThreeCatNight says:

    Did marmie decide to nurse a Hooters waitress?

  152. Tasteless? I’ll say. Redheads look TERRIBLE in orange!!! Please put the marmie down a green shirt next time.

    Stacy and Clinton are barfing in their mouths right now.

  153. Cheesy-b: You’ve never heard that term before? LOL, I wish I could say that I made it up, but it’s quite an old phrase. I’ve also heard “sweater puppies.” It’s a term from the ’50s, when girls wore soft sweater sets and lots of foundation garments, ha ha!

  154. I am reminded of the late, delightful comedian Terry Thomas in one of his brief scenes in the film “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” (I might be missing a “Mad” but you know what I’m talking about) when he speculates that most of America’s problems have to do with our obsession with “bosoms.” Seriously, in England, some of the daily papers (not the really good ones, but ones available on every street corner) have topless women posing in them, and British television has been putting boobs on the air since at least “Monty Python.”

    This is certainly the “rackiest” CnR ever, and I think that everyone has their own line of acceptableness, but I have to tell you folks, I teach at UCSB, and I would say at least 50% of my female students at any given time are wearing clothing more revealing than this (not that I am looking, because that would be improper).

    That doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you if you find this offensive, just that there’s a lot of wiggle room here in what people consider acceptable public rackage.

    Also: I will eventually get a marmie, folks. I do not live in Toronto, but down here in SoCal there is bound to be a marmie (a boy) born after April 13 to adopt soon. (That’s the day someone close to me died, so I’m hoping to find a new creature that has a little piece of his departed soul brought back for us to love).

    P.S. It’s weird to read a discussion about racks in a mostly female forum. Have ANY of the guy regulars ’nuffed this photo yet? (We can’t, we’re too busy giggling like Beavis and Butt-head).

  155. cheesybird says:

    It’s a new one to me, Hibousoir. I’ve always just called ’em “the girls” (aka “Thelma and Louise”). But I’d say “sweater kittens” and “sweater puppies” are both terms worth reviving!

  156. Holy crap, that looks precarious… you know how kittens knead on things with their razor claws while they sleep, right? What a sweet little guy, though. Ssssiiiiigggghhhh…

  157. I would also like to ask for less cats-n-racks. I do not find boobs gross or disgusting, nor am I prude or childish, but I come to CO to see adorable aminals(yes, aminals), not human mammary glands. Idea: post cats-n-racks on their own page only so that I don’t have to fear the extreme boob close-up. Then the boob-lovers can view at their own leisure.

  158. I totally agree, Cheesy–which is why I say it, even though I’m a ’70s baby, LOL! Add it to your lexicon and we’ll soon have everyone saying it!

  159. The Other One Michelle says:

    I’ve got an awesome rack! I wish I could put my beagle and mutt in there. Holy rotten cherries, can you imagine if I showed up at work with a 30 pound beagle and a 35 pound mutt down my shirt?! Bwwwaaaaahhhhh hahhhhhhahhhhhh!

  160. LOL@PatitoGigante.

    “We’re going to enhance your bustline with this marmie kitteh, drawing attention to your upper body…” I have no idea 😀

  161. This is inappropriate….and definitely not cute.

  162. Cats’n’Cracks? Oh no no no! You give way on that, and soon people will be demanding Hedgies’n’Wedgies, Hammies’n’Mammies, Pugs’n’Jugs…where could it possibly end?!

  163. claudia says:

    Hey! Quit picking on her! Maybe she has no arms to hold and snuggle kitten with.

    *eep! Did I just type that? Yup. runs away*

  164. Juno, that is the perfect phrase! Cat N’ Tats sounds great! However, though I have a tat, I do not have a cat, so I won’t be able to contribute pictures until I rectify the cat issue. I do have a mean set of “sweater kittens” though…

  165. PASICKIE!

  166. Again I say “ohdearGOD, Rissu”.
    That is NOT where you want to put anything frozen.

  167. Bugmom — parakeets in string bikinis! *Parakinis*!!

  168. Dexter Fishmore says:

    More racks = more better.

  169. STephanie S. says:

    I’m confused! where’s the other boob? Oh, and that is TOTALLY the firefox logo! love it.

  170. I was having commentroversy flashbacks here, sorry and also violently giggling in my office =x

    sadly i will not be posing for any cat’n’racks, as i fear the sweater-pea comments.

  171. paranoiagirl, wait ’til you see it in the 360-degree mirror.

  172. I am not offended or anything, and I think certain cats and racks posts are cute, BUT this is a LOT of boob. And sometimes I have to wonder if these people aren’t just sending in for the chance of displaying their goods on the interweb 😛

  173. I wish I had a rack that tan for my new rescue marmie to cuddle on… We lost all 7 of her bebeh kitties to infectious peritonitis last week. @BerthaS- otherwise, I would have driven to SoCal and brought you as many darling marmie-boys as you could want! (well, up to 4) I love seeing so many marms on CO, but it’s making me so tearful… they never got to snuggle a rack =(

  174. browngrl says:

    Chill all you folks who are offended/disgusted/generally out of sorts. If the most offensive thing you see today is a pair of breasts covered in marmie, you have an awesome life. If you have to be all offended go be mad at war, famine , pesilence,hate etc. Oh and by the way – pasickie!

  175. browngrl says:

    Oh for goodness sakes, chill all you people who are offended. If the most offensive thing you see today is a pair of breasts spread with marmie – you have an awesome life. If you must be all offended and out of sorts go be mad at war, famine, pestilence, hate etc. I have just one word for all the offended folks: PASICKIE!

  176. What I’ve never understood are the people who complain about too much boob in these pictures, as if whoever wanted to take the picture can just go let the air out a little and then come back.

    Then again, my Jasper weighs about 20 pounds, so picturing him in a Cats ‘n’ Racks is like trying to look at your own forehead, or imagine infinity.

  177. I think, ultimately, what most of us “objectors” are objecting to is not so much the photo itself, but the junior-high caliber comments it will incite from those who automatically transform into slavering canines at the sight of the female form.

    After all, this is a site that’s supposed to focus on cute animals, not a place where you go to find your daily wank material.

  178. Ooo, do they actually sell those? Because if not, they totally should. I vote we start a campaign for parakinis for all!

  179. Dexter Fishmore says:

    @Pepper: Can’t this site be both? It would really save me some time.

  180. Oh, and Marmie-kinis, too, of course ^_^.

  181. What disturbs me is that someone actually takes funny ha ha jokes seriously instead of the, you know, funny ha ha they are. Actually thinking that some or all of the jokes being cracked are proof of the person making said joke being a slavering canine looking for daily wank material.

    That disturbs me. And makes me angry. And green isn’t my colour. And I’m wearing clothes that kinda cost a pretty penny and I’d hate for them to be ripped and torn.

  182. Caitlin says:

    n’awwwww!!! awwwwwwalskdalksjsdfs.

    So cute! Kitten sleeping in a perfect kitten-size sling. Looks so cozy.

    …also, that’s a hell of a push-up bra. I want one. 😉

    …as an aside to Meg & Theo, I do think that having a NSFW tag/filter in place would be courteous, especially for people that view the site from work or a public computer. I feel like this is becoming a more expected feature of netiquette, just like spoiler warnings, etc. It would help people navigate the site according to their own needs. Am I off base here?

  183. starling says:

    It’s a bit too much boobabe for my liking, but that marmie does look ex-tu-reem-ly comftubuls.

  184. I have to jump in on this crazy controversy!!! I myself have a largish rack and I’m sick and tired of feeling like it’s something to be ashamed of. It’s not like I can really help it, and I don’t really want to spend my whole life wearing turtleneck sweaters to keep the boobie-haters happy.

    To those of you who are offended by boobs- do you tell your co-workers and freinds how “disgusting” you find their cleavage? Or do you just spew your distaste in annonymous forums like this?

    I say, long live Cats ‘n Racks, and I also support the Cats ‘n Tats- sounds good to me!

  185. Um, EW! WTF.

  186. This picture and resulting commentroversy is the perfect encapsulation of everything the internet stands for: bewbs, cute kitties, and silly flamewars. I love it.

    Please to be featuring Cats’n’Cracks post-haste. Can’t wait.

  187. i love the cute pictures but all this baby talk is ridiculous

  188. Furbabies says:

    To those folks who come here to only see cute animals: Don’t look at the boobs, just focus on the cute kitty. There, don’t you feel better now? Make my puddin’ tapioca with whipped cream and a cherry on top, K?

  189. You know i have seen that look on my baby kitteh’s face (ok, so he’s 4 years old) and it was….yes, when he was sleeping on my dog’s back in front of a mini heater. Yes, and i have a picture. Pure heaven, is what it looks like. ZOMG I JUST LOVE KITTEHS! SO MUCH CUTE!

  190. what bothers me is that the commentroversy seems to be about the size of the rack. why does a large set of boobs automatically equal tacky?

    it seems that the nuffs have some sort of body image issue. the “junior high caliber comments” seem to be from the complainers. the impression i get is that of a catty (no pun intended) clique critiquing the more developed girls.

    it’s not automatically tacky to wear something comfortable if you have a large set of sweater kittens.

  191. catablob says:

    I spose it is tacky.
    Is that bad?

    Oh dear…

  192. Furbabies says:

    Meg, remember that you can only please some of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time. Or something like that. There are always people who feel that they need to choose what is acceptable and what isn’t (like we are idiots and can’t make that decision for ourselves).

  193. Oh for chrissakes. Stop being so prudish. You seem more boobies than this walking down a busy city street on a summer day.

    I love both the kitteh and the boobies!

  194. I just came.

  195. phoenix says:

    She stuffs her bra!!!

  196. here’s a thought for all the “too much boob” people. copy the picture. crop everything except the cat. resubmit the picture.

  197. Ai laik teh waii yu thimk, whiskers.

    Hoap that top is muy stretchy so kittun iz cumfurtibuhl. An then let kittun out of it. Az far az teh rest goaz, ai’m a gurrul sew ai hav no reakshun.

  198. When berthaservant gets his new marmie, I suggest/ask that he pose with it down the front of HIS shirt! Send in his own male version of catsn’racks!

    Or Theo could, or if you want a really scary rack – I COULD. roflmao

    It’s a wide expanse of tan flesh, with a bar minimum of cleavage showing – if it were a straight out boob hanging there that’d be a bit different.

    I’ll take the sugar free butterscotch please, when the throwing begins.

  199. Jen in MN says:

    Cats”n”Cracks!!! I love it! Now every time I see a plumer’s crack I will imagine a sweet little kitty poking her face out crying a teeny “hewp, HEWP ME” I’m giggleing so much my coworkers are starting to wonder…Oh, by the way, PASICKIE!!!

  200. scooterpants says:

    those look real.
    kitteh looks real too.

  201. You know what always makes me laugh about these cats n’ racks shots? How so many posters then feel compelled to compare their own racks to the one in the picture. “Well, I’m *just* as big as *her*…”

  202. Pepper said: “I’m no prude, but c’mon Meg and Theo, Cute Overload is better than this.”

    Um, no, it really isn’t. Cute Overload is exactly as “good” as Meg and Theo say it is. And since there’s a whole category called “Cats ‘n’ Racks”, that pretty much says it all right there – a decent chance of a post featuring boobage (and, of course, cats).

    And for the record, I am neither slavering (at this moment – all bets are off when Meg posts a Cats ‘n’ Karl Urban pic) nor canine. My feline overlords wouldn’t stand for it.

  203. Pussytoes says:

    Hammer! Too funny!

  204. Ava Burkheart says:

    I smell haters..

    Cute kitty.. hot boobies. Period.

  205. Crankypiglet says:

    Okay, let’s try throwing out the strawmen some of you have decided to attack. I never said I thought breasts were disgusting. What I said is that this is tacky. It has nothing to do with the size of the person’s breasts — mine are much larger, and no, I don’t wear turtlenecks all the time (granted, I also don’t stuff kittens into my bra, because it looks uncomfortable for the cat, and I know it would be uncomfortable for me… my cat has claws!). I don’t think cleavage is “gross.” So no, this is not about any kind of issues about the human body.

    What *is* gross about this feature is exactly what Pepper pointed out — the incredibly tacky, juvenile comments about BEWBIES. All the lame, drooling, gaga type of remarks (and yes, the “nom nom nom” thing was clearly one of those, not a remark about the wonders of human breastfeeding…). There are enough websites full of that kind of thing, and this site is typically a nice, sweet haven from the daily internet wankfest. If I wanted to see a bunch of lame remarks about boobs, I’d go to Kotaku and read up on the latest Soul Calibur game…

    No matter how many other excuses are trotted out about the utilitarian function of breasts, that’s not really why these pictures are posted here. There’s no political statement being made or feminist stand being taken. This is just pandering. And you know every time you post one of these, there is a stream of lascivious comments posted.

  206. LadyDarya says:

    Amen to Posey!! As someone with an overabundance of “girls” – I know I saw someone using that phrase earlier – cleavage is just something that happens – just a tiny bit for some and then there are those of us that have it when we really don’t need all of it… I agree with Posey 100% Long live the girls!! – oh and believed me if I had a kitty it would be…… okay, going now, just read what I was writing and talk about going someplace that well… bye…. **splat** too much thinking…

  207. I wonder how many other folks noticed the nifty little musical-note quotes that ♫ Nico ♫ used in her Flickr screen name.

    What? Can’t a heterosexual man be OBSERVANT, too? Eesh.

  208. Then don’t read the comments. That would be called asking for it, since you KNOW.

  209. And the cat isn’t uncomfortable. That there is a happy face.

  210. I am with Babs here — Please Meg & Theo – Cats’n’Karl Urbans please?!!!!

  211. Yeah, that is a lot of boob showing for those of us reading at work – and it’s not because the boob is big, it’s because a large percentage of the boob is uncovered. A close up of the kitty above the fold and the whole pic below the fold would really help a lot of stay SFW.

  212. Karl Urban doesn’t really do anything for me; how about Boas-N-Bowie?

    Kidding. KIDDING. Really, I’m just observant.

  213. Not SupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(GotANewJob) says:

    Ha! “Thelma” and “Louise”! I’m totally calling the girls that from now on. P.S. my pseudo-husband does refer to them as “sweater kittens”, it’s not an entirely unknown phrase. Of course, he also calls them “funbags”, which.. ew. I have taken to smacking him in the back of the head every time he does.

    Also, parakinis! ha!

    Also, cute squished kitteh!

  214. ANd there’s a stream of complaining and whining and nuffing.

    What’s your point?

  215. prinbsn says:

    OK, here’s my take on this:

    1) It is cute not only for the adorable contented kitteh but for the play on the Firefox logo – and if you didn’t display enough boobie for it to look round, it wouldn’t look so much like Firefox

    2) This is, again, Meg & Teho’s site, and they can put up whatever they deem sufficiently cuteworthy.

    3) Yes, it’s a boob (this IS a C&R entry, as has been pointed out) and hence means many things to many people. To some, it’s obviously “IU” (and I quote) – I don’t get that, but WHATEVER. To some, it’s an object of artistic appeal/envy (perhaps slight autobiographical tangent here). To some, yes – it is ATTRACTIVE. To pretend otherwise would be like ♫ la la la ♫ I live in a world where sexuality doesn’t exist, and none of the men I know like to look at attractive cleavage, so don’t intrude your reality into my world. IMO, the responses to this from the guys on this site have been pretty restrained, mostly humorous (and not the adolescent sort of humor you might anticipate). If guys had been posting lusting lascivious comments, I could see objecting to that, but as far as I can tell “nom nom nom” has been the only thing approaching that, and for gosh sakes, we see that on this site all the time; look at it as a sort of pun, applying the word to a different use (I might do the same were it CatsNJohnnyDepp category).

    PA-SICKIE, peeps!

  216. I know this ain’t a democracy, but if I could, I’d vote for Cats ‘n Cracks because of Jen in MN’s description. Oh, and pasickie.

  217. Prin — really it’s Meg’s site. I just work here.

  218. Jen in MN says:

    OOOh!!OOOh!!How about Pups’n’Pitt?

  219. Jen, we’ve already done that one.

    He’s there. Keep looking.

  220. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    Whoa! NSFW, dudes! I normally think the Cats-n-Racks pictures are adorable, but this is taking things a little too far. This particular picture should be categorized under a new heading: Cats-n-Porn.

    Oh, and for cryin’ out loud, this lady isn’t putting her goods on display to celebrate the natural beauty of the human body; I guarantee you she is using her treasure chest to garner male attention, and that attention is going to be sexually oriented. If breasts weren’t a sexual organ, there wouldn’t be so many of them in pr0n. She wants her boobies to be sexually objectified, and if you look at many of the comments in this thread, she has duly succeeded. Sometimes women get a bit fed up with the over-the-top sexual objectification of the female body in our society, and they have every right to that outrage. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to feel discouraged when a favorite site panders to the frat boy mentality, and especially when it’s exclusively the female body that’s turned into entertainment fodder. If there were more semi-naked men and kitties or puppies, the parity factor would help mellow people out a bit. It’s the unfair focus on women’s body parts that really gets the noses out of joint, methinks.

  221. prinbsn says:

    Sorry, Theo.

    Nice work if you can get it, tho.

  222. Funny. I looked at that picture and thought, Aw, what a cute, sleepy kitty.

    Sexual objectification is in the eye of the viewer. You see what you want to see.

    I see a kitty.

  223. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    Ha! No offense, but I have to laugh every time someone intimates that sexual connotations are in the eye of the beholder. Women wear low-cut tops for one reason and one reason only. Men enjoy looking at women in low-cut tops for one reason and one reason only.

    Nice try, though 😉

  224. Yeah, sometimes there are kitties in there.

  225. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    Cute factor + Drool factor = Double the pleasure for the menz, no doubt about it!

  226. Jen in MN says:

    Thanks, Theo! Everyday should be Pups’nPitt day, YEAAA

  227. weensicka says:


    By that logic then do men wear wife-beaters for one reason and one reason only?

    Cuz, I am not barking, dog.

  228. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    *sigh* Why, oh, why must people hurl emotionally loaded epithets, i.e., “prude”, at those who have the gall to disagree with them? It’s just sad. Very sad.

    You leches 😛 ;-D Or maybe “sleazebags”? “Skanks”? “Trashmongers”??

  229. MissCleo says:

    “Women wear low-cut tops for one reason and one reason only. “

    Um, that is a fallacious argument if I ever heard one. As a woman, my wearing a low-cut shirt should have as little to do with what my reasoning is as it would be if a guy wore a tank top, or no shirt at all.

    Does this mean you also subscribe to the “blame the victim” school of thought and “she was asking for it”?

  230. My boobs are fake-but my dog is real =/

  231. pinkfuzzyslippers says:


    Our society does not consider any part of the male chest to be sexual in nature. Hence, the reason men can go topless and women can’t. And to circumvent a debate on the innate sexuality of female breasts vs. societally-imposed meaning, there is plenty of scientific research on this subject. The breasts as sexually appealing organs is hard-wired into male physiology (unless they’re playing for the other team, of course).

  232. blah blah blah-its a cute cat and a hot pair of T*ts-get over yourself people-if you dont want to look it-dont come on the friggen site

  233. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    MissCleo, a woman should be able to walk down the street buck-naked without fear of being attacked. Violence, in any form, is never acceptable. Cleavage gets the testosterone flowing, women know this, women use it to their advantage. That doesn’t mean it’s an invitation to physically violate a woman. We aren’t animals, for cryin’ out loud, we can control our impulses. Those who can’t should be locked up. Simple.

  234. Jen in MN says:

    Wow, some of these people have some nasty issues! let’s not be mean, just think of the sweet kitties and relax! Prrrrr

  235. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Now, THAT should be C.O. Calendar-worthy!!

  236. I showed my boobs to my dog last night-actually I insisted he look-and he was all like “hey thats nice”

  237. My dog is supercute =D I have a female also,who is his lover haha

  238. yeaaaaaah

  239. Furbabies says:

    STOP! Pinkfussyslippers: ENOUGH. There has to be a website (somewhere other than here) that needs your brilliant musings. Indeed, this is a violent, sexist and dangerous world that we live in. As long as there are boobies, we will have no peace. Boobies and kittens, that is. We are doomed as a society. Damn.

  240. First of all, I am already committed to getting a photo of me in a kilt with a kitteh. So, no promises after that. And the likelihood of me posting a picture of myself sans clothing here is unlikely (though if you see me in certain theatrical settings, I have no shame about my body).

    Second, as a guy who has studied and written about issues of desire and the female form, I have to laugh a little bit because most men would not consider this either erotic or NSFW. It’s simply NOT that much exposed flesh compared to what any man can look for on COMPLETELY SFW websites (celebrity fashion, runway shows, sportsweart/bikini websites). This image to me seems to be safely in at least what I see as the mainstream of American culture. That culture may be too sexualized for some, but that’s not necessarily a gender-based thing. I, for one, am heartened that as many “pro-boob” comments have come from women here as from men.

    However, as a man, I cannot speak to the various issues of body image that many women face, and I can certainly understand how a post like this might instantly trigger a negative reaction in someone, just as it may trigger a positive reaction from others.

    Both the positive and negative impulses towards the image (and what the image represents) are complex and varied; there’s logic on both sides, as well as passion that can sometimes seem illogical to those who don’t share it. In a forum where we often tease each other for our differences without intending any harm, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that we can respect a wide variety of perspectives without passing judgment and getting snippy. (Though certainly I am guilty of that).

    Why do you people let me in here to rant like this?

  241. Jen in MN says:

    berthas- finally a rant that makes sense!

  242. catablob says:

    Sorry pinkfuzz but I have to take exception to the “hard-wired” comment.
    Not for any political reason.
    When you say ‘hard wired’ that makes it sound like an unchangable property of male physiology. There may indeed be some underlying genetic influence, but classical conditioning is probably responsible for a large portion of the neurological underpinning of why men find breasts sexually arousing.
    The brain is pretty plastic and definitely responds to and changes in response to environmental stimuli (e.g. photographs, experiences). Men could be (and have been) conditioned to find some other aspects of human anatomy equally drool inducing.
    Not saying there is NO genetic component, just that its probably more malleable than you might think. Few things in the brain are fixed in stone.

  243. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    Furbabies, doesn’t it just go to show how very *brainwashed* we are that a website like C.O. can pull such sexist stunts to cheers and applause from the majority of posters? Like I said, if there were half-naked men showing off bums and naked chests, at least we’d have some parity. That the focus is on objectification of female body parts is not only unjust, it’s downright hostile towards women. How sad that most people here don’t get that.

    Go on, roast me, people! I am here to entertain you. *takes a bow*

  244. Anasztaizia says:

    Holy Crap! I didn’t bother to read 99.9% of the comments being as there were so many when I got here! Fairly certain I know the path they took, though 😉

    On to the important stuff: Cute kitteh! Great boobs! I find myself a bit envious (of both, really) ;P

  245. =( I give up

  246. Okay, one last point and I’m done.

    What if someone here were to say “If you like this picture, that must mean you’re a SLUT.”

    That would be wrong, correct?

    So, how is that any different than saying someone is a “prude” for not liking it?

  247. Zoe Doom says:

    What about someone who really could just take or leave this picture? I’m not offended by boobs, and in general I like the Cats ‘N’ Racks category. This just isn’t one of my faves. But that kitty is cute and does look comfy. The boobs look less comfy.

  248. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    “I, for one, am heartened that as many “pro-boob” comments have come from women here as from men.”

    That’s because little girls are indoctrinated into a culture that heavily sexualizes the female body. It’s called conditioning. We’re taught from an early age that women are SUPPOSED to be sex objects. Like, duh. And if you don’t go along with the status quo, you’re verbally abused, called a “prude”, you’re “uncool”. Your peers tell you to “lighten up”. Of course this type of social conditioning generates the sort of responses you see here.

    Catablob, sure, there are multiple factors involved. Breasts are far too sexualized in our culture for any hope of overriding that instinct, however.

  249. Last time I wore a low cut top (Sunday to be exact), it was because it was 98 degrees out, hot, sticky and humid.

    What I wear and when I wear it is up to me and no one else. I wear what I want to allow MYSELF to feel comfortable. I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks.

    Sorry that I don’t go drawing the line straight to ZOMGSEXIST!!!!! when I see a picture of a woman with a kitten curled up in her shirt like that.

    Bottom line is that some people seem to be freaking out over what amounts to nothing. When I see sexism and sexual objectification, I sure as hell speak up. But sorry, this isn’t it.




  251. AuntieMame says:

    *…it’s sometimes difficult to remember that we can respect a wide variety of perspectives without passing judgment and getting snippy.*

    Amen, hallelujah, brother berthaservant!

    What this thread needs is a picture of some boobies at the top, à la Fark, to show it’s NSFW.


  252. Ummmm…I like boobs because I have a pair and they’re very nice and serve many functions. Not because some man told me that I was a sex object. Because I was never taught that they were purely sexual and I was never taught to feel shame for my body and it’s functions.

    Yes, I’m that woman who doesn’t hide the fact that she’s buying tampons.

    Why don’t you try giving the women here a little of the old benefit of the doubt and recognize that the majority of us are intelligent, educated, well read women and not little programmed idiots? THAT is far more offensive than a picture of a woman with a kitten down her shirt.

  253. tanneken says:

    ITA with pinkfuzzyslippers. Also, this is a NSFW picture, I’d get all kinds of grief for pulling up CO, expecting baby pandas, only to see a rack post at the top of the page. I come here for the cute, not the objectification of women. Again. Women are whole human beings, not parts.

  254. I know I’m a whole human being. I was taught that from birth.

    I just don’t see a picture of a woman with a kitten snoozing down her top as objectification. And I just don’t see where those who do are coming from with that connection.

  255. Am I horrible for really liking that picture then? :/

  256. Mardybum says:

    Oh, my goodness. Everyone being upset about the boobs – you are the ones sexualizing a picture who is actually not sexual at all. Women should be able to choose when to be sexual – you are taking the choice away. Amateur feminists are the worst. The kitteh has chosen the softest place evah. Nice.

  257. Hmmm….Teho. Flanny and Sippy are sorta cats, when they’re not busy being evil aliens. Also, this kitteh is slepping, so he would still be soft against my boobs I suspect.


    Speaking for myself, if photographed a certain way, I do appear to be made up of parts, including boobs.

  258. hisousour and cheesyb–My personal favorite is “blouse bunnies.”

  259. Hey, if *my* rack looked like hers, I’d have all the foster babies pose for portraits!!

    Can’t believe no one’s made the Young Frankenstein reference yet….”What knockers!”

  260. Maybe it’s because I’m European..

  261. P.S. @ Yitzysmommy: Hope your interview went GREAT! Let us know!

  262. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    Are you a guy, Mattias? Tell us, why do you like this picture? Be as explicit as possible.

  263. Zoe Doom says:

    Pinkfuzzyslippers, I hardly think that the women in on this site are acting out as sex objects! I’m a feminist and I am easy to anger over issues like objectification, but I just don’t see it here. I’m always first to get called a prude, but frankly all I see is a woman nurturing her kitty. I have a kitty and two rats. They all love my boobs. I haven’t submitted a picture, but I think it’s just sweet. Boobs are warm and the animal likes to cuddle and the cuddling animal is cute. If she were trying to look sexy I’d agree with you, but I just don’t think that shoving a live animal down your shirt is sexy to many people. Yes, I understand that boobs are over-sexualized, you’re right, there, but are you suggesting that they be hidden? Men just don’t have a comparable squishy part on their bodies! That’s why we don’t have Cats and Pecs or Cats and…you know.

  264. oh pinkfuzzy, just let it go. we got your point — boobies are for sexual things only … sigh

  265. This, NSFW? How, by any definition possible, could that be? There are no nipples or genitals, so even by the standards of the conservative (and somewhat fascistoid) american FCC could you consider this vulgar in any way. I often see more skin than this opening a newspaper.

    Seriously, I understand wher some of you are coming from, but is it really necessary to raise holy hell over something as irrelevant as this? Is it really healthy to promote shame over finding the physical aspects of women attractive? Does that necessarily mean you look at all women as sex dolls? Hardly. It’s not only the fault our ever-so-evil patriarchial culture that physical attraction to various body parts exist, you know. It’s hardwired into our brains to find the opposite (and sometimes (and in my case) the same sex) attractive. It kind of eases the toils of procreation along, you know? So don’t be too eager to participate in the conservative shamemongering concerning sex and sexuality. Especially not under the guise of feminism, which is fighting to remove the negative taboos of female sexuality.

  266. Well said Nina!

  267. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    Zoe, do you see guys with kitties on their naked buttocks here? Or with their pants hanging low on their hips, shirtless, with a puppy draped over them? There are ways of objectifying the male body and I don’t see a single one of them depicted here.

    Any woman who goes out in public showing this much breast is going to elicit a reaction, and we all know what that reaction will be. It’s absurd and insulting to make any assertions to the contrary. Did you miss all the “kitty pasty” comments? The woman is being associated with *strippers*, the ultimate sex objects. That wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t some top-notch objectification going on here. *rolls eyes*

  268. That banging sound you hear is me slamming my head on the computer desk.

  269. Yes, I am a guy. I realize that immediately puts me in a disadvantage according to you, but..

    I come here for the cuteness, but I happen to enjoy beauty too. The combination is awesome to me! I get happy from top to toe and I can walk on in life with a smile on my face. A reminder just how wonderful our world is 🙂

  270. LOL @ Gail
    Let’s all sing a round of “sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found you…”

  271. But… but I wanna sing the BOOBS song!

  272. Now I feel like I should hide my ginormous girls in a turtleneck. 😦 They don’t want to go under there!!

    What was more important to say was: Theo and berthaservent, I love you guys. 😀

  273. YA know, methinks some commenters here really need to set up a blog decrying all the sexism, obvious or not, in the world and let the rest of us enjoy a cute kitten snoozing in mommy’s shirt.

  274. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    You gals really have no idea what feminism is about if you think flaunting yourself as a sex object is empowering. Go visit Or *Then* you’ll learn a thing or two about what it means to strive for equality.

  275. So Much Rethoric. so many differing oppinions.

    all for a picture of a kitten in some ones shirt comfortably snoozing.

    Yes the Shirt is low cut yes there are breasts in there well duh it is a woman with a kitten …
    I ask you how many of you pick up kittens and don’t hold them to your breast area.(Men or Women) IT is a very natural way to hold babies of any ilk. My husband did it when he picked up his first baby our daughter.

    And the fact that every cat and racks post gets so much response is a testament to how conflicted people are about breasts and our human bodies.

  276. Oh dear, I’m so sorry I’m not up to your snuff. I guess I’ll just call up Ms and cancel my subscription and tear up my membership with NOW.

    Oh, and destroy all evidence of my women’s studies courses.

    Sorry. I am apparently not a feminist because I don’t see the ZOMGSOOBVIOUS sexism in a picture of a kitten sleeping in mommy’s shirt.

  277. Furbabies says:

    How old are you PFS? I was around when we burned our bras in the streets. You sound like you are about 15 or 16. Full of piss and vinegar about the injustices of the world. I take offense at the term “gal”. I am not a gal, I am a woman. An adult woman. And if I say that this is not sexist, then it’s not. It’s a kitten taking a nap in a comfy place. The top was pulled down to show the sleepy cat and that’s all. Period. Go do your homework.

  278. Pinkfuzzy,
    You seem to think that the world would be equal if CO also posted pictures of a guy semi-naked with a bunny or something covering his junk. I’m guessing you weren’t breastfed or something because it seems that nearly everyone here understands that breasts can be nurturing and warm for kitties (and not invariably sexual). The others here who are saying that it’s tacky are making a different point from yours, which seems to be that breasts are always sexual and any display of them is exploitive of women. Dare I say: sometimes breasts are cute.

  279. What’s a little bit ironic is that I am from Sweden, one of the most gender equal countries in the world, and I see cleavages deeper than that every day here 😀

    We love our women, we want every human being to have the same human rights.. but that doesn’t include trying to tell people what to like and what not to like.

    Maybe a beautiful cleavage is a big thing in the US, but in Sweden it’s appreciated and nothing more.

  280. Damn, I didn’t want to post on this again, but Furbabies, that’s a good question. PFS sounds like me 15 years ago in my early twenties when I didn’t know nearly as much as I thought I did. Thankfully, self righteousness CAN be outgrown.

  281. Zoe Doom says:

    Um, like I said, men don’t have a comparable soft cushy part for a kitten or puppy to nuzzle into. That’s why we don’t have Cats ‘N’ Testicles, because what cat would want to nestle into testicles or a guy’s buttocks? That’s just stupid.

    And I think I’m pretty well-versed on feminist theory, thankyouverymuch. I’ve been to,I’m a member of NOW, I’ve read all the classic feminist literature, I just don’t think that boobs need to be covered up at all times. Pardon me, I have to go read some Germaine Greer or something.

  282. Zoe Doom says:

    Yeah, actually, Katfighter, Furbabies, PFS sounds like me when I was 16-19.

  283. Out with it, PFS!

    How old are you?

  284. 1. i never said i was a feminist
    2. i never said i flaunt myself

    i am just not ashamed of my body, nor do i think body parts (male and female) are naughty, etc.; nor do i think this picture is risque in any manner. you are the one assuming this girl is flaunting her assets and looking for attention — maybe she is, maybe she isn’t — we don’t know her.

    also, if you do a search for cats and boobs via google — this image has been circling around for a quite a bit now and the person who submitted it here is not the person in the picture.

    it’s amazing how one picture can be so controversial…

  285. AuntieMame says:

    Of course, it wouldn’t be a controversy at all, except that everyone gets all hot under the collar and feels the need to shout down everyone with whom they disagree.

    This is why political and religious discussions turn so ugly. Not because we disagree, but because we shout.

  286. Hmmm….Perhaps PFS needs to read about the Sufferage movement of the 19th and early 20th centuries? THAT was a struggle for equality and if they didn’t do what they did, we women wouldn’t have all that we do have now.

    Perhaps you should chat with all the woman in the 70’s who fought tooth and nail so that we would be perceived as more than the receptionist in a working environment, so that we would not be discriminated against for our genders in the hiring process, so that we could have the choice of children/no children, working mom/stay at home mom, so that we could be guarenteed our jobs after giving birth, so that we would be paid a better wage.

    How about the women who fought tooth and nail to remove the stigma from rape victims? The women who fought tooth and nail so that we could be doctors, lawyers, politicians? The woman who fought tooth and nail to bring recognition to domestic abuse and resolution for those victims?

    And you’re sitting there freaking out because of a picture of a kitten sleeping in a woman’s shirt.


  287. That’s so cute! I like the smile on the kitten’s face.

  288. Furbabies says:

    Amen, Katfighter, Vampy, Zoe Doom. That was me in the trenches in the 70s. I am Woman, hear me roar. Think we all frightened the puppy off? You know what they say, if you can’t run with the big dogs, then stay on the porch. Hmmm…porch puppies, sweater puppies, sweater kitties.

  289. Furbabies. THANK YOU!!!!!

    🙂 If women like you and my mother and my aunts didn’t do what they did, I don’t want to think about what limited choices I’d have. And women like my grandmothers and great-grandmothers too.

  290. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    My, you all are so very perceptive! Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m in my late 30’s. Gosh, I hope when I grow up I’ll be as blinded by patriarchal convention as the majority here. I can’t wait to be a compliant little sexbot.

    “What’s a little bit ironic is that I am from Sweden, one of the most gender equal countries in the world, and I see cleavages deeper than that every day here 😀

    We love our women, we want every human being to have the same human rights..”

    Thank you for proving my point. You “love women” so much you want to encourage them to dress sexy for your admiration and appreciation. That’s objectification, hon.

  291. I’m only a compliant little sexbot when my husband and I are roleplaying future sex robots from the planet sexonia.

    Other than that I think you missed every single freaking point we’ve put up.

  292. Also, people don’t always wear scanty clothing for attention–it’s pushing 100 degrees where I live and if it wouldn’t get me harassed, I’d be topless day in and day out. Also, a lot of fashionable and interesting clothing happens to be low-cut if that’s what’s in fashion, so if someone doesn’t specifically go out of their way to avoid cleavage-baring shirts, that’s no reason to judge them. (Sorry for the double post!)

  293. And where exactly did Matthias say that he encouraged women to dress sexy for his admiration and appriciation?

    He didn’t.

    Perhaps you don’t grasp a woman dressing in a manner that SHE sees fit? And can you explain why it’s Hitleresque evil for a heterosexual man to appricate a woman’s beauty?

  294. slow-loris says:

    Also – just a question – where *do* some of you people work? I’m just trying to imagine a W for which this would be NS. Maybe a mouse sanctuary?

    I want to work in a mouse sanctuary. That would be awesome.

  295. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    Dana, a lot of fashionable clothing is low-cut because women are sex objects. Women are the “sex class”, they are supposed to wear tight, revealing clothing so men can admire their bodies. Men are supposed to keep things covered up, their clothing is more comfortable and less restrictive, because they’re not sex objects. Its really very simple. We perpetuate the inequality with our blase, flippant attitudes. Well, some of us, anyway.

  296. I work in an office, my cubicale is set up so that the only way someone can see my computer screen is if they enter my space and stand behind me.

  297. Ok, you know what? I give up PFS.

    You’re rather insane about all this and slightly out of touch with reality if you ask me. You are also avoiding every single decent logical point made by several posters. That’s kinda sketchy if you ask me. It says you can’t answer those points, you can’t refute them, you can’t shoot them down.

    You want to be the extremist, be my guest. But remember who else falls under that umbrella.

  298. i work at a multimedia company. i have my own office, so no one sees my screen and even if they did, i doubt they would be put off by this picture. i wore a v-neck t-shirt today but i doubt anyone would call that being sexy or calling attention to myself — it’s almost 100 degrees here and the humidity is higher. i dress for comfort.

  299. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    “Insane”, “out of touch”, “extremist”, these are relative terms, don’t you think? I could just as easily say that the rest of you are “out of touch”. In fact, I think I will. You all are seriously out-of-touch with the reality of sexism in modern culture.

    I’m sorry if I’ve missed a pertinent argument. What would you like me to respond to?

  300. Try reading again and you’ll find them.

  301. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Any of the women here feel like objectifying me? Seriously, I wouldn’t mind. I’m happy to have my body exploited for the basest motives.

    Anyone? Come on, ladies… I’m single! Objectify away!

    /doesn’t get out much

  302. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    How many men do you see wearing low-cut tops “because it’s hot outside”? Why aren’t the men exposing the same amount of skin in order to keep themselves cool? Why are no women here asking themselves these questions?

  303. And I’m not the one screaming sexism at every corner. Because there isn’t the need you seem to think there is.


  304. Furbabies says:

    You are welcome, Vampy. It was my pleasure to be of service. I had lots of fun. PFS, you win. Your whining must be put to an end, therefore, if you don’t feed the trolls they will go away. HINT: go away.

  305. Men take their tops off. Incidenetly, where I live, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, women have the equal right under the law to remove their tops on hot days. We fought for it. Google Top-Free.

    And I have done it.

    And I will continue to wear a low cut top if it’s hot out if I bloody well want to. No man is making me. And I will not allow YOU to tell me why I’m wearing anything.

  306. Dexter Fishmore says:

    @Vampy: You have just persuaded me to move to Toronto.

  307. Furbabies, I’ve heard stories about those days and those battles! I’d have loved to have been there, but I was only a small child.

  308. OMZG!!! BOOB1ES!!!

  309. They don’t exactly make “low cut” tops for men and on most men v-neck t-shirts look like undershirts. Unless the male is fairly hairless on their chests, I would rather not see hair curling out of their low cut tops. Though if it would make ya feel better, I will take a picture of my boyfriend in a bra or jutting out of his jeans with one of my baby marmies here and post it for ya — so we can objectify him — plus it would show off his tattoos nicely.

  310. Furbabies says:

    rissu: Wow, now that would be nice to see. I sincerely hope that your marmie has been taught not to scratch that “jut”. Ohhhh baby.

  311. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    See that, Vampy? You’ve got the menz lining up to come drool over your boobies. Congratulations on giving the objectifiers *exactly* what they want. They want to admire your body, you serve it up on a silver platter for them. That’s called being a “tool”. You’ve been had.

    Breasts are sexual objects, it’s a reality, get over it.

    Incidentally, I couldn’t find a single argument that warranted a response. You talk about “perspective”, oh, I’ve got it. There’s a long, *long* way left to go. This entire thread stands as exhibit A. (Or “B” for boobs.)

  312. Dexter Fishmore says:

    @pinkfuzzyslippers: Hee hee… you said “boobies.”

  313. PFS, you are truely are piece of work.

  314. Furbabies says:

    Vampy, it was scary at times. Men just couldn’t get their heads around the idea that women were equal in all ways, superior in some. If you were attractive and intelligent- double threat. Not just empty headed bimbos.

  315. the marmie baby boys are 4 months old right now — so they are at their “terrible twos” stage, but usually only show their claws when attacking toes under blankets in the morning demanding their vittles. now to find a camera 😉

  316. tracyFlick says:

    Wow even my butt isn’t that big


    According to PFS, not a one of us has had anything worthwhile to say here in this entire thread. Not one single thing. Apparently we are all stupid and blind.

  318. Furbabies says:

    Ok, I know every one is thinking this, and damn me for saying it: PFS are you not pleased with your appearance? You sound so uncomfortable in your own skin.

  319. Furbabies. I can imagine it was scary at times. Like your forebears in the 19th century, you were threatening the old guard and society as they knew it. Never mind that all of them knew full well that women ran pretty much everything through two world wars and were more than capable.

    Now we have men walking beside us and supporting us (no matter what the obvious manhater floating around might think)

  320. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    Furbabies, as long as women are treated like sex objects while men are not, women are still second class citizens.

  321. Dexter Fishmore says:

    @pinkfuzzyslippers: Hee hee… you said “boobies.”


  323. Furbabies says:

    Vampy, you said it. Side by side, equal. I stare at men’s bottoms, he stares at BOOBIES.

  324. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    Yeah, Vampy, they’re walking close beside you to get a better view down your shirt 😉

    Furbabies, at least those men aren’t being encouraged by society to wear low-cut pants that partially expose their buttocks for your viewing pleasure. Now *that* would be equality 😉

  325. Furbabies: yup!

    Well, actually I stare at their biceps, but that’s just me.

  326. Ms. Slippers:

    I appreciate the power of “conditioning,” but the principles of operant conditioning to which you refer are based on scientific experiments and theories that treat human beings as animals that can be programmed and their behavior fully determined. I hesitate to say that such social and psychological conditioning has been revealed to be at the very least based on a patriarchal/heteronormative worldview in which certain living beings are seen as being able to control/determine other living beings. In other words, you’re talking like the men you are fighting.

    While I certainly respect your feminist approach, it is a narrow one, one that is (at least in contemporary discourse) mitigated by newer approaches to feminism that are more inclusive of difference (racial, sexual, national, economic, etc.) and which give ALL sentient beings the possibility of overcoming certain principles of operant/behavior conditioning and determining their self-worth based on a shifting continuum of factors. In other words, I might find the above picture upsetting because I decry the objectification of women’s bodies, but I also might find it troubling because it is a caucasian, tanned (indicating leisure class), young body.

    But I also might enjoy it because I have come to believe that consciousness and awareness is inherantly liberating. I suggest you read the writings of people like Carole S. Vance or Anne McClintock, great thinkers who speculate that gender-based discussions which insist that all women are potential objects and all men potential voyeurs (or worse) are equally destructive as the patriarchal norms they seek to undermine.

    If I may quote Vance: “[Women are] socialized by mothers to keep their dresses down, their pants up, and their bodies away from strangers. Sexual abandon and impulsiveness acquire a high price, since women must think not only about the consequences of the sexual actions for themselves, but also about the consequences for men, whose sexual ‘natures’ are supposedly lustful, aggressive, and unpredictable. Hiding pleasure and its sources in feminist discussion does not make the world safe for women. When pleasure occupies a smaller and smaller public space and a more guilty private space, individuals do not become empowered; they are merely cut off from the source of their own strength and energy.”

    For the record I disagree with those who say you are a prude or should not express your opinion: I think this is an important discussion.

    But please consider this: I am a man who loves women and sees them as equals, even though there are differences (between every woman as well as between men and women in general). I am attracted to different things (i.e., parts of women’s bodies), and I know that advertisers, artists, and women themselves use that attraction to manipulate me or at least get my attention. But my interest in seeing pictures of women does not diminish my respect for them as people. The women in my life are the strongest, smartest, savviest people I know, and that’s the best I can do. I’m not going to castrate myself or pretend that certain kinds of body parts aren’t arousing, and I’m not going to feel guilty for having a biological impulse, and I’m not going to be ashamed to express it in a public forum if I so choose.

    I am a man and I am not your enemy. I hope that men and women can build a better and more equal world together, despite our conditioning or our own personal likes and dislikes.

  327. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    Not to mention how much cooler they would be on hot days!

  328. PFS, well aren’t you the little ray of optimism and sunshine.

    Frankly, I know for a personal FACT that things are no where near what you are attempting to tell us.

    FAce it, you are an extremist, plain and simple. And you REFUSE to listen to any other person who does not agree with you 110%, man or woman. You yourself said that the rest of us here have said nothing worth anything, and that’s pretty damn insulting.

    Furbabies has done more for woman’s rights and equality than you ever will. My mother has done more. My aunts. My grandmothers.


  329. P.S. When Meg posts photos of cute guys there is invariably discussion of how “yummy” or desirable the guy is. As an overweight, not conventionally attractive man, that doesn’t make me feel all that great, but I consider that my own issue, not something I blame society for.

    And anyone who thinks that men’s bodies aren’t fetishized apparently have never been in a gun store, auto dealership, or skyscraper; anyone who thinks men are not treated as sex objects may have missed the last few years when billions have been spent on selling men “enhancement” pills and formulas so that they may become more virile and desirable. Is that ” equal” to what women go through? Hardly. But if anyone thinks guys don’t have “issues” about their body and the way it is represented or “supposed” to look is living in a fool’s world.

  330. And now if you’ll all excuse me, I’m off to YouTube to watch last night’s episode of MonsterQuest.

  331. PPS: Meg and Teho, I’m sorry if this excessive commentary is inappropriate. Feel free to delete or ask me to shut up if I get too gabby.

  332. Janice the says:

    Squeeeee! Wunnferful pic, qte kitteh!

    Ok, regained my ability to talk. 🙂 I’ll admit as an owner of a plus-size pair of sweater kittens I was cringing a little at the thought of those baby claws when naptime’s over, but it’s a risk I’d be prepared to take. 😀

  333. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Anyone who thinks men are not treated as sex objects hasn’t visited my apartment on a Friday night.



    //showing myself out

  334. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    “I’m not going to castrate myself or pretend that certain kinds of body parts aren’t arousing, and I’m not going to feel guilty for having a biological impulse, and I’m not going to be ashamed to express it in a public forum if I so choose.”

    Go on with your bad self, Berth. Society is structured in a way that promotes women as the sex class, and men as the class to be taken seriously, so you don’t have to worry about running out of myriad ways to objectify the female body. They will be continually provided on a daily basis, I guarantee it.

  335. Zoe Doom says:

    I can’t believe I came back here. *sigh*

    One last thing (I hope): I am of the mind that the more breasts are seen without being exploited for their sexuality (meaning, in a way that isn’t pornographic i.e. designed to arouse sexually) and just seen as a regular body part, the LESS women will ultimately be objectified. By calling attention to the breasts and wanting to cover and hide them, you’re adding to the mystique and naughty sexiness of them.

  336. Furbabies says:

    Wow, Berthaservant. You most certainly have a way with words. I am in awe. Very nice, bravo.

  337. (too bad PFS dismissed pretty much everything he said)

  338. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    “And anyone who thinks that men’s bodies aren’t fetishized apparently have never been in a gun store, auto dealership, or skyscraper”

    Holy cow. That’s entirely laughable, you do know that, don’t you, Berth? And flowers are the objectification of the female form! *rolls eyes* In order to “sexually objectify” the human body, you need to actually use the human body, Berth.

    And “male enhancement pills” have nothing to do with objectification. They’re targeted to a strictly MALE audience, playing on self-perception of virility.

    No, you cannot have the faintest clue of what it is to be viewed first and foremost not as a human being, but as a potential outlet for reproductive urges. And we, silly, stupid women that we are, can’t seem to make the association between inequality in class status and objectification.

  339. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    I didn’t ignore him, Vampy. Most of his post was an exercise in long-winded pomposity. He said a whole lot without actually saying a thing.

  340. Kinda like you PFS

  341. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    Zoe, *first* we need to stop sexualizing them. As long as they are sexualized, they will continue to be sexualized, even in the most innocuous setting. So good luck on effecting a major overhaul of the porn industry.

  342. momof2kitties says:

    …and…and…and…I’m in love with Berthaservant!

    (His brain, you pervs, gitcher minds outta the gutter. I loves me an articulate man!!)

  343. CreepyGroovy says:

    Sooooo, I got here a bit late. Did I miss anything?

    And by the way, if I had a rack like that, I’d wrap two marmies around me.

    Keep ’em coming, Meg and Teho. This is the best cats’n’racks yet!

  344. Jeez, I leave the computer for an hour…

    Bertha, I am in awe of you. Also, many of us hot chicks tend to dig not-conventionally attractive guys. The nerdier, the better!

    Now I must ask: Am I the only one who is a wee bit suspicious that PFS is over-the-top on purpose? Sardonic maybe?

    I dunno, just seems a little too wacko militant to me. Or maybe I’m just hoping that’s the case, because it’s hard to imagine someone being so self-important and pompous.

  345. Also, PFS, have you seen the hoopla over George Clooney? Brad Pitt? Don’t tell me men are not seen as sex objects.

  346. Furbabies says:

    CreepyGroovy, no, you didn’t miss much. Just what you’d expect with such a salacious photo.

  347. Katfighter….you mean troll-like? Yeah, I’ve been getting that impression.

    If she’s the real deal, she’s singlehandedly blackened the entire feminist movement.

    (You also forgot Johnny Depp)

  348. Zero's Momma says:

    Soooooo… my computer is shitting a brick and would not for the life of it load this picture for like 20 minutes, which I used reading the comments. So here I am, thinking that this is gonna be a picture of a stripper with a kitten head photoshopped in top of her nipple at ZOMGPRON! level. Then finally it loaded an my first thought was that it was the cutest little snorgle ever. Then wishing I had a kitten that small to shove in my shirt. Calm down a little.

  349. Zero's Momma says:

    Soooooo… my computer is shitting a brick and would not for the life of it load this picture for like 20 minutes, which I used reading the comments. So here I am, thinking that this is gonna be a picture of a stripper with a kitten head photoshopped in top of her nipple at ZOMGPRON! level. Then finally it loaded an my first thought was that it was the cutest little snorgle ever. Then wishing I had a kitten that small to shove in my shirt. Calm down a little.

  350. Zero's Momma says:

    Soooooo… my computer is shitting a brick and would not for the life of it load this picture for like 20 minutes, which I used reading the comments. So here I am, thinking that this is gonna be a picture of a stripper with a kitten head photoshopped in top of her nipple at ZOMGPRON! level. Then finally it loaded an my first thought was that it was the cutest little snorgle ever. Then wishing I had a kitten that small to shove in my shirt. Calm down a little.

  351. Zero's Momma says:

    Soooooo… my computer is shitting a brick and would not for the life of it load this picture for like 20 minutes, which I used reading the comments. So here I am, thinking that this is gonna be a picture of a stripper with a kitten head photoshopped in top of her nipple at ZOMGPRON! level. Then finally it loaded an my first thought was that it was the cutest little snorgle ever. Then wishing I had a kitten that small to shove in my shirt. Calm down a little.

  352. Zero's Momma says:

    Soooooo… my computer is shitting a brick and would not for the life of it load this picture for like 20 minutes, which I used reading the comments. So here I am, thinking that this is gonna be a picture of a stripper with a kitten head photoshopped in top of her nipple at ZOMGPRON! level. Then finally it loaded an my first thought was that it was the cutest little snorgle ever. Then wishing I had a kitten that small to shove in my shirt. Calm down a little.

  353. Zero's Momma says:

    Soooooo… my computer is shitting a brick and would not for the life of it load this picture for like 20 minutes, which I used reading the comments. So here I am, thinking that this is gonna be a picture of a stripper with a kitten head photoshopped in top of her nipple at ZOMGPRON! level. Then finally it loaded an my first thought was that it was the cutest little snorgle ever. Then wishing I had a kitten that small to shove in my shirt. Calm down a little.

  354. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    I love Berthaservant, too! You’ve got to admire a man who can make an impressive-sounding argument for the perpetuation of sexism. *chuckles* Is it empowering to treat yourself like a sex object when that’s exactly what our society has been grooming you, from birth, to be? Oh please. There’s no power in turning yourself into a sexually alluring ornament. We were supposed to shake off that desire to be ornaments and play things with the women’s movement, and somehow that idealism got lost in the reassertion of woman/sex object, man/power figure roles.

  355. No. We are supposed to take back our own sexuality and our own pleasure from that sexuality, not remove our sexuality altogether and become asexual emotionless robots.

    Gods, but you’ve skipped over a lot of stuff.

  356. cdelphine says:

    gotta love a commentroversy…

    my first thought was the kitty’s claws, that would hurt!

  357. Furbabies says:

    Katfighter: You could be right. It seems the level of wackiness is not proportionate to the level of common sense shown. She could be a master baiter trying to reel an unsuspecting blogger. Trolling for commentroversy.

  358. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    So why is it that whenever Brad or George show up at an awards show, they’re fully dressed from neck to toe, but Angelina and whatever the flavor of the month is are always baring plenty of skin. Hmmm, I wonder why that is.

  359. Or just a simple idiot that doesn’t grasp the full meaning of feminism and the women’s movement.

  360. They do it to annoy the hell out of you and set you off on yet another insane rant.

  361. momof2kitties says:

    Personally, I love my sexuality and sex in general. There’s a certain power in that, too. I am not a victim lying on a fainting couch, waiting to be ravished. Unless that’s what I feel like, of course…

  362. Furbabies says:

    Zing Vampy!

  363. 😀

  364. I think it’s cute.. I just think most people are prude >.>

  365. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    It’s apparent that what I’ve said has made a lot of people uncomfortable. Maybe you all should undertake a critical self-evaluation, attempt to determine if your lifestyle is truly aligned with your so-called feminist values.

  366. Mine is. How about yours?

  367. Furbabies says:

    I have enjoyed this blog, but now I am off to see the lion in Norway. Ta and have a great evening all.

  368. Enjoy Furbabies! I’m off too, let PFS yammer on to herself until her fingers seize up.

  369. Furbabies says:

    Oh, and I am quite satisfied with my values. No problemo here. You should be so lucky.

  370. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    No, Vampy, you are merely a decorative tool masquerading as a feminist.

    ‘Night ‘night!

  371. Okay, so PFS has taught me a lot today. Clearly I misunderstood every women’s studies class I ever took. I have now learned:

    -If a woman wanders around topless because it’s hot outside, men will ogle them
    -If a woman wears a lot cut shirt for any reason, men with ogle them
    -If a woman wears something that could be seen as sexy, men will ogle them
    -Therefore, to avoid being made into sex objects, since men clearly cannot help themselves, women need to more or less act like they are ashamed of their bodies and never, ever, ever wears or reveal any bit of skin that could possibly tempt me. That is the only solution.

    Yep. That’s TOTALLY what feminism is about. And that’s why feminists never did anything like wearing pants which revealed the shape of their legs or burning bras which then left men to ogle their nipples through their shirts when it got cold out.

    I’ve learned so much tonight.

  372. @ Igotsracks: HAHAHA sooo funny!!!!!!!!!! we must put a stop to this indecent mammary-child exposure immediately! ^_^

  373. I hope the kitty doesn’t use his claws, he may puncture the implant!!! Yowch!

  374. *sarcasm* How well you know me! Have you been peaking in my window or something? I admit it, I spend my days wandering the city in a string bikini, looking for validation from men, no matter the weather.

    I wish I was big and smart and special like you. My life, she is so empty!*sarcasm*

    Be sure to read the sarcasm in that above statement. I’m afraid if it isn’t pointed out to you directly, it will fly over your head.

    Seriously. Whatever. I know exactly what I am and it’s nothing even close to what you are telling me I am.

  375. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    So…men wear more clothing than women, generally, because they’re ashamed of their bodies? That explains so much! The suits, the tuxedos, the less constricting and more modest fashions for men…they’re just ashamed of their bodies!

  376. EEEEEEEEEEEE! I wasn’t planning on coming back to this, but I’ve never seen the Firefox logo before (I know, I fail) and I finally looked it up and this picture totally IS it! I can now go to rehearsal happy again.

  377. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    By the way, Jupiter, the burning bras thing is urban legend.

  378. ROFTLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  379. Huh…I guess those photos of my mother and her friends doing just that were photoshopped, then. They had photoshop back then, right?

    And thank you for another lesson, PFS. I clearly need my eyesight checked as well! I could have sworn that I’ve not seen a single men this summer wearing anything more covering than shorts and a wife beater, speedoes, unbuttoned shirts with nothing beneath them, or even shirtless! I’ll go make that doctor’s appointment right now.

    (And since I don’t feel the need to restate myself over and over again because of little niggling doubts in the back of my head that I can only ignore by shouting at the top of my lungs on the internet, I shall now cease arguing with the brick wall and go off to sing at last. In pants. Without a bra. Tempting men everywhere because mine broke)

  380. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    You’ve seen these pictures? I have it on good authority that bra burning is a wild rumor with far tamer origins.

    And you know as well as I do that if you hit any beach this summer, you’re going to see far more acres of female skin exposed than male flesh. The equivalent of a bikini is a speedo, and I can’t think of any guys who are anxious to leave so little to the imagination. Women, on the other hand, eat this stuff up. We leave little to nothing to the imagination because we know our place in society: we are sex objects.

    There is a tremendous disparity there that you can laugh about if you like, but I say you’re laughing out of discomfort because you know I have a valid point.

  381. I’m thinking PFS wants to be a “decorative tool” really bad but I’m guessing there’s not much chance of that…

    “Envy is a littleness of soul, which cannot see beyond a certain point, and if it does not occupy the whole space feels itself excluded.” ~William Hazlitt

  382. p.s. love the kitty and the boobie both!!!

  383. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    It’s intriguing, the way people have to try to bring me down a few notches with personal attacks because they don’t like what I have to say. Lisa, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. I get ogled and harassed all the darn time and you know what? I’ve had it. I’m tired of not being viewed first and foremost as a human being. I’m also tired of patriarchal tools who claim to be feminists perpetuating anti-feminist ideology.

  384. For real? says:

    Pot? Kettle’s on the other line for you.

  385. Are you sure it’s not your charm and personality (so obviously displayed in these comments), PFS, that gets you “ogled and harassed”?

  386. I’m tired of being told by you that I’m “a patriarchal tool” simply because I disagree with your extremist stance.

    I’m tired of you deciding that no one but you is saying anything of substance.

    I’m tired of your holier than thou attitude.

    You are the one who has been continually insulting to every one of us here, male and female, because we do not share your extremist viewpoint. We just gave up trying to reason with you and share our own life experience and understanding and points of view.

    Like earns like.

    Not that anything anyone has said to you has sunk in. You just skim past it and dismiss it all as bunk. That’s no way to hold a discussion. That’s no way to treat human beings.

    Give and ye shall receive. You treat me like a stupid person and I’ll treat you like one.

  387. oh, and just because the bra burning thing that the media went on about was a case of journalists running with what started out as a humour piece because said journalists back in the day did not take the feminist movement seriously DOES NOT mean that individual groups of women didn’t go right ahead and burn their bras after the fact.

    But since you are so wise and know absolutely everything that ever went on in history, and can clearly read minds and memories across time and space….

    yeah. Treat me like a mental midget I’ll throw it right back at you. Try discussing things like the grown up you claim to be rather than dismissing everyone and belittling us and insulting us. Because that’s all you’ve been doing.

    You may have valid points, but they are lost under your unnecessary venom.

  388. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    Gee, Vampy, and has anything *I’ve* said sunk in? You’ve been equally as dismissive of my arguments, equally as derisive. I only gave as good as I got.

    I thought you were calling it a night, Sexpot Barbie?

  389. Gee, aren’t you a sweetheart? You know nothing at all about me, and yet you sit there on your high horse and make such assumptions about me. What’s it like being the superior being in a world full of ignorant “tools”?

    You know what? I’m glad I don’t know you in real life, I suspect you are a deeply unpleasant person to be around.

    And I dove right in like that in reaction to your treatment of others. Because I knew right off that I’d get the same treatment you gave them. Hell, you gave it to someone who posted a very educated, well thought out series of points. You dismissed them right out of hand and insulted them when they did not insult you in any way, shape or form.

  390. (for the record, only your venom sunk in. Your ‘points’ have been long clouded by it. Might want to rethink your general approach, because no one wants to be spoken to the way you’ve spoken to EVERYONE here.)

  391. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    “What’s it like being the superior being in a world full of ignorant “tools”?”


    Okay, give me just one “well thought out point” I didn’t respond to that you’d like a response to. I wasn’t about to address every single thing that was said because there were too many people clamoring to shoot down my arguments.

  392. “The equivalent of a bikini is a speedo, and I can’t think of any guys who are anxious to leave so little to the imagination. Women, on the other hand, eat this stuff up. We leave little to nothing to the imagination because we know our place in society: we are sex objects.”

    I guess you have never been to the New Jersey shore? Speedos reign supreme there.

    Sheesh, I know my place? WTF-ever, you don’t me, so how dare you think for me.

  393. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    For the record, before I even got here people were slinging insults and ganging up on those posters who had the audacity to say anything negative about the picture.

  394. Michelle says:

    Let’s see. What kind of nuff shall I be today?

    1. The kind that’s horrified at my own pleasant reaction to a photo of a kitten woman’s cleavage? (dirtydirtydirty I’m straight, oh dear lo’ I SWEAR I’m straight)

    2. The kind that believes children don’t know what breasts are and will be psychologically damaged when they see a hint of a breast.

    3. The kind that’s jealous of other women with beautiful bodies (how DARE she look hotter than me and get attention for it! Slut.)

    4. The kind that for whatever bizzare reason think male packages somehow equate to female breasts and start howling about what we’ll be seeing next on CO: “Huge #@$^!es popping out of a man’s fly?!”

    I can’t decide. So I guess I’ll just say I luff everything about Cats’n’Racks. 😀

  395. Ms. Slippers:

    I addressed your concerns on their merits, with respect. I also made a point of saying that I agreed that you have the right to articulate your position. I was merely asking you to, as you put it….
    “undertake a critical self-evaluation, attempt to determine if your lifestyle is truly aligned with your so-called feminist values.”

    I was asking you to consider the words of feminist scholars who VEHEMENTLY disagree with your position. I happen to agree with much of what they say, but, being a man, I thought I would cite a higher authority to support my position.

    YOU chose to denigrate and make fun of my position because I am a man. You belittled and misrepresented my examples and ignored what I consider the more salient point of my argument: that demonizing sexuality and insisting on seeing representations of the body as fully determined by masculinist power relations does a disservice to both men and women. I’m sorry if you find that long-winded or empty of thought, but I have a record of scholarship in this area, so the experts, including one of my mentors (a nationally known feminist film scholar) who calls my work “important” and “groundbreaking” are all apparently mistaken.

    I also acknowledge my public identity by including a hyperlink to my blog, where you can find a link to my myspace page, so everyone can know who I am.

    Just the other day, my mother was telling me about her recollection of bra-burnings on her college campus. She is not the sort to make that kind of thing up. I think it is a mistake to reduce the women’s movement to what was likely a handful of activists in limited circumstances, but to deny that bra-burnings happened seems a bit silly.

    It is my own personal experience that the position and tone you adopt here is not productive in finding solutions to the problems of power and representation you are so rightly concerned about. It is also my belief that the feminist movement is much, much more diverse than you are allowing, and that respect of diversity of opinion is in fact the principal tenet of the feminist movement. I hope that in the future, when you fight sexism, you consider the possibility that more men and women might be sympathetic to your argument if you didn’t demonize their positions and accuse them of betraying their own principles.

    It is very hard to earn respect for your position when you unconditionally reject the position of others.

    To everyone else, I’m sorry this has taken away from the Qte. But when I reach out to someone with respect and try to express a differing viewpoint, it is very upsetting to be dismissed with what sounds like hatred and derision, and I think it’s important for me to defend myself. But if you all want this to be a girls club and want me to leave, then I’ll leave. Maybe then Ms. Slippers will be happy because there won’t be some evil person with testicles “making excuses for sexism.” That single phrase attributed to me is so hurtful and wrong, but of course that’s impossible for me to defend here. There is nothing in this world that makes me more angry than the way women are treated and talked about, but if my chromosomes and genitalia mean that I’m always gonna be on the s–t list, then I’m just gonna go play with my cat and hope my nieces see me as a decent person whose ideas are worthy of respect.

  396. Why bother? Why bother wasting any further energy on you? When you stated quite clearly that no one has given any well thought out points or said anything of substance, when several people have (and you dismissed them out of hand).

    Frankly, I’m right sketchy about giving you anything, you’ve displayed venom and vitrol to those who have, so why should I set myself up for that from a woman who has called me a patriarchal tool, sexpot Barbie, a decorative tool masquerading as a feminist?

    Why should I? You’ve been nothing but insulting and dismissive. Besides, it’s all already up there from others (yes, you’ve already dismissed it all, so again, why should I or anyone else ****ing bother anymore with you?)

  397. “For the record, before I even got here people were slinging insults and ganging up on those posters who had the audacity to say anything negative about the picture.


    Thanks for the reminder PFS – it is hard to remember what we were all doing before you got here -oh yes – CATSANDRACKS YAY!

  398. berthaservant….you totally rock! Don’t leave, the rest of us (men and women) lurve you!

    As for PFS, my response to you kept getting caught up in the spam filters, so all I’ll say is why should I bother, after all the things you have called me? After your dismissal of everyone else’s points and positions?

    Why should I bother?

  399. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    Interesting. If I open an issue of Playboy, I’ll see plenty of naked breasts. I wonder why anyone would find such innocent body parts titillating? (Pun intended.) Surely it couldn’t be because, *gasp*, breasts are in any way sexual?!

    If I open an issue of Playgirl, I’ll see lots of naked penises. I wonder why anyone would find such an innocent body part titillating? After all, we project our dirty thoughts onto penises. There’s nothing inherently “dirty” about a penis.

    It is time to demand equal rights for men…if women can bare their breasts, men can go bottomless.

  400. There’s a difference. Penises are genitalia, just like vulvas. Breasts are not.

  401. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Get a room, you two!

    /Seriously, that would be hot.

  402. Thank you BerthaServant. As always, “well played”…


    (and there’s also a ferret in a box and a dog with another dog on it’s head and the mommy and her lion babies sleeping and…)

  403. Lisa, I got my entire office hooked on the lion momma and her babies. 🙂 No one got any work done yesterday, not even the prez.


  404. Dexter, unfortunantly I’m a heterosexual woman and don’t find other women sexually attractive (although I do find other women to be beautiful, there’s a difference)

  405. PFS: In calling Vampy “Sexpot Barbie,” you are appropriating the sexist language used by men to disempower strong women and demonize human sexuality. You are using language that is designed to provoke and intimidate as a weapon.

    Although I am tempted, I will not use such a word here to describe the kind of person that uses such tactics, particularly in an argument about fighting sexism. Your attempt at an insult reveals the true weakness of your character.

    Also, I would be interested in your response to the quote from Carole Vance, above: I can send you the reference to the entire article if you want to have the full context of her argument. But, since you didn’t bother to address that, I’m just going to assume you are a sad, angry person who can’t be bothered with logic and is more interested in using extreme emotionalism and paranoia than reading something that might bend your brain a little bit. That kind of narrow-minded irrationality is EXACTLY the kind of feminist model that I’m sure you want to promote: I hope you tell your daughters and other young women you know it is more important to fly off the handle and call other people names than to engage in civil discourse.

  406. Winni-Pig says:

    “Um, like I said, men don’t have a comparable soft cushy part for a kitten or puppy to nuzzle into. That’s why we don’t have Cats ‘N’ Testicles, because what cat would want to nestle into testicles or a guy’s buttocks?”

    This quote is a bit far back, as I stopped reading, but really, I must respond.

    When we’re all in bed (him, me and the cat) for cuddle time just before the lights go out, our Prairie Lion sure knows where the warmest place on the bed is – and it has nothing to do with the lady of the house (me)!!

    Methinks there is a photo op there!

  407. I think that was happening all over the place yesterday Vampy!

  408. *gives berthaservant a standing ovation*

  409. PFS: We agree! More penises! I don’t care!

    I’ve been naked on stage in a play before (and believe me, it was not something an audience would clamor for).

    But something tells you that wouldn’t make you happy and it probably wouldn’t end sexism.

    P.S. Playgirl’s circulation is at least 80% gay men.

  410. Lisa…lol…I even went to the suite down the hall and spread the infection.


  411. Okay, sorry, BerthaServant’s “more penises” comment and his reveal about being naked in a stage play distracted me…

    ahem…baby sloths and the pug peeing up a tree and early on we had the pig in boots and the triple shot of ferrets and Vampy and I still recommend the mommy lion and babies…

  412. But Lisa, the BOOBS are in THIS post!

  413. No, the wee snoozing marmie kitten is in this post…..


  414. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    “I addressed your concerns on their merits, with respect.”

    No, you insult me by writing a dissertation as opposed to making a concise and logical argument. You want to sound impressive. Period.

    “I was asking you to consider the words of feminist scholars who VEHEMENTLY disagree with your position.”

    “Feminist” is a subjective term. Maybe I don’t perceive your sources as feminist. Anyone can self-identify, very few adhere to ideals that will elevate women to something more significant than the “sex class”.

    “YOU chose to denigrate and make fun of my position because I am a man.”

    No, I chose to denigrate and make fun of you because you’re full of hot air.

    “You belittled and misrepresented my examples and ignored what I consider the more salient point of my argument: that demonizing sexuality and insisting on seeing representations of the body as fully determined by masculinist power relations does a disservice to both men and women.”

    And who is defining “sexuality” here? Women are currently abiding by the same patriarchal standards that predate the women’s rights movement. Nothing changed on that front, buddy.

    Who gets to say what’s “masculine” and what’s “feminine”, anyway? They’re little more than patriarchal stereotypes.

    “I’m sorry if you find that long-winded or empty of thought, but I have a record of scholarship in this area”

    Says you. It’s the internet, anyone can be any darn thing they say they are.

    “I also acknowledge my public identity by including a hyperlink to my blog, where you can find a link to my myspace page, so everyone can know who I am.”

    I checked your blog and didn’t find any references to these alleged scholarly credentials.

    “There is nothing in this world that makes me more angry than the way women are treated and talked about, but if my chromosomes and genitalia mean that I’m always gonna be on the s–t list, then I’m just gonna go play with my cat and hope my nieces see me as a decent person whose ideas are worthy of respect.”

    Oh, cry me a river. I have a tremendous amount of respect for a great many men, but they are the ones who truly “get it”. They are the ones who understand the arbitrary and limiting nature of terms like “feminine” and “masculine” when applied to abstract qualities. They are the ones who wouldn’t hesitate to cry “sexist” upon viewing a picture like the above. Yeah, those are the guys I respect, and I am proud to know them.

  415. See, you keep trying to suck me back in BerthaServant, but I really don’t want to have to deal with PFS…is she (he???) gone? If so, then

  416. Crankypiglet,

    I just read all the comments, I just don’t see the “Ha, ha bewbie” statements you are hatin’. Can you illuminate me with am example?

  417. heylola says:

    Berthaservant – I for one think you are amazing and always enjoy reading your comments, and these ones have been particularly impressive. I wish my damn boyfriend was even a quarter in tune with *real* feminism as you are. Please don’t think that everyone wants you to leave.

    (NOT to be weird/creepy because I’ve never posted here before, I just love me some CNR commentroversy but this is making me sad)

  418. Crap, (he??) is not gone, BerthaServant!!

    ahem…Dumplin’ on the tennis court and the puppy with the bad hair day and the tickly kittie…

  419. pinkfuzzyslippers says:

    “P.S. Playgirl’s circulation is at least 80% gay men.”

    Oh, show me where you got that statistic from. Yeah, and 80% of all statistics quoted on the internet are pure BS. *rolls eyes*

  420. PFS: That’s exactly what I’m talking about right there.

    You are simply a deeply unpleasant person. You refuse to engage an intellgent, thought out, well articulated discussion. You instead choose to insult and automatically assume that berthaservant is insulting you by being intelligent and trying to engage you in an intelligent and mature discussion.

    Again. You are a deeply unpleasant person. Seriously.

  421. berthaservant, I admire your posts in subjects such as this, and respect what you have to say and how you say it.

    Don’t let a nasty little individual like PFS drive you off.

  422. Vampy, again, I don’t care what you think of me. I am not trying to win a popularity contest. If I really wanted to win over *this* crowd, I’d just flash my tits 😛 Instant feminist empowerment! Woo hoo!

  423. PFS, go away. We’re all sick and tired of your venom, your negative attitude and your extremist point of view.

  424. No, you aren’t in to win over a crowd, you’re in to preach and badger and bully until everyone agrees with you 110% and nothing less.

    Biblethumpers and other fundamentalists use the same tactics.

  425. Fake tan much? Cute overload my a@@.

  426. i really wouldnt be interested in seeing your tits PFS… if a person is ugly on the inside it shines through to the outside…

  427. Okay – I give in…

    PFS is a troll – plain and simple – no more no less despite how he or she tries to present him or herself as some sort of epitome of feminism. Trolls are bitter, sad, lonely people who have nothing better to do than to try to bring everyone down to their level. I just hope he or she finds another blog to bother – although I feel sorry for them. We know who you are PFS, and are not impressed.

  428. No, I’m here because one of my favorite sites posted highly offensive material and because those who were likewise offended were shot down as “prudes” and verbally barbecued for going against the status quo.

    I thought you were calling it a night, Vampy, love? I have to assume at this point that you may be harboring a little infatuation. After all, you just can’t seem to stay away from me. *blows kisses*

  429. Actually, I’m just fascinated at how much venom one individual can spew in a night.

  430. Here’s hoping Theo shuts down the comments thread, as it’s the only way we’ll be able to get rid of the single most unpleasant excuse of a human being I’ve encountered at CO.

    I don’t care if you claim to not care about what I think of you, I’ll say it again and again and again.

    You are a nasty person. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

  431. Yes. Yes, you are. As are several of your compatriots. You keep poking with sharp sticks, I keep spewing venom…we’re just entertaining one another at this point, aren’t we?

  432. “I thought you were calling it a night, Vampy, love? I have to assume at this point that you may be harboring a little infatuation. After all, you just can’t seem to stay away from me. *blows kisses*”

    okay – I just threw up in my mouth a little…

  433. Talk dirty to me, baby! You know how I like it 😉

  434. *blows kisses to Lisa*

  435. Are PFS and pinkfuzzyslippers the same person? Why the post name change?

    I am going to watch the lion mommy and babies – I hope pinkfuzzyslippers didn’t put her to sleep again…

  436. It’s got cute all over it, but can we please not post photos that are older than my actual cat? (2 years)

  437. I’ve not found you particularly entertaining. If I want entertainment with venom, I’ll lower myself and persue a gossip blog.

    Other than that, well, you’ve clearly demonstrated that you are a very unlikeable person and I feel pity for your friends and family.

  438. The answer is “yes”, Lisa. Everyone was calling me “PFS”, I figured, hey, why not streamline?

  439. And with that I say with real finality, good night. Since I’m going to have to get up at 6 am.

    I’ll just let PFS run amok and act like a…….

    You fill in the blank now.

  440. Very sweet! That is one happy kitten!

  441. Real feminist?


    ‘Night ‘night, dearest! I’ll convey your pity to my unfortunate friends and family. It was so kind of you to express sympathy for the poor souls. You are truly the personification of compassion!

  442. gosh it seems like pinkfuzzyslippers took half a semester of Intro to Women’s studies, read Camille Paglia and Andrea Dworkin then dropped out.

    PFS, your feminism is out of date and elitist. It reeks of Paternalism, making you, not society, the objectifier. Read some Susie Bright then get back to us.

    In the mean time, that is a f***ing hot bewbie, and one sweet pussy!

  443. CanadianChick says:

    always amazes me how much venom Cats N Racks brings up – I usually avoid the comments, but I’m bored.

    I’m a woman. I’m happy to be one. I’ve never been ashamed of my ample body or my large breasts. I don’t think it’s any more abhorrent for me to wear a lower cut blouse than for my male friends to show off their “ass”ets in tight jeans.

    I wear lower cut blouses frequently – being a big girl, it balances me out to show a bit more flesh than to wear something closer to my neck. And if a few people enjoy looking at my chest, well, more power to ’em. Looking at me straight on, you’re not gonna see a lot of boobage. Looking down my neck at an angle like this picture, you might…but who the hell does that? I like looking at men’s bodies too, and if they’ve got a particularly nice butt or abs, then go ahead and show them off!

    Don’t presume to tell me that I’m the victim of some patriarchal sexualization conspiracy. My breasts ARE sexual. They’re not JUST sexual (well, for me they are as I have no children), but I do get sexual pleasure from them. And men get sexual pleasure from their own too.

    What’s wrong about acknowledging that we are sexual creatures? It’s not like you can’t be sexual AND equal.

    At least *I’VE* never had a problem that way.

  444. “…that is a f***ing hot bewbie, and one sweet pussy!”

    Were you being ironic, or did you just unwittingly sexually objectify an allegedly non-sexual body part?

    *chuckles* All the lascivious comments in this thread and people continue to be willfully and obstinately oblivious to it all. Amazing. This place reeks of hypocrisy.

  445. I am so f-ing angry right now I can’t think straight.

    You, Slipper, are what John McCain called his wife after he called her a trollop. Look it up.

    If you want to read my c.v. I’ll send it to you. I never claimed my blog reflected my credentials, only that it indicated I was a real person and not some coward hiding behind feminist rhetoric that has been discredited by REAL feminists for the last twenty f-ing years.

    Linda Williams. Constance Penley. Anne McClintock. Carole S. Vance. Judith Butler. Diana Taylor. Laura Kipnis. Christina Hoff Sommers. Inga Musico. These women, much smarter than I, have influenced me through the power of their writing and critical skills. I don’t agree with everything they say and they don’t always agree with each other.

    But they all disagree with you and your 1983 version of “feminism.” It’s a joke that you talk about the arbitrariness of labels when you insist that there is only one interpretation of this picture (sexist) and one interpretation of the word feminism and one right way of thinking.

    So since you’ve been mean to me, I’m being mean to you. You are a discredit to your gender and you are the reason that most men find feminist thought unreasonable and offensive. You are the stereotype that men created to demonize your thoughts. The male friends you cite (anonymously) who would call this picture “sexist” are just trying to get into your pants because that’s all you’re worth to them, because according to you that’s how all men think. In sum, you are no better than your body parts, the dysfunctional brain, the covered-up skin, and the cold, cold heart that I for one will take no more time in attempting to warm. Oh, look, you made a man shut up. You win. Congratulations. Now I’m gonna go pay money for porn, just for you.

  446. Winni-Pig says:

    Well, no takers on the “Tabs and Abs” photo in this house, so someone else will have to volunteer!

    Any willing gentlemen ready to step up to the plate?

  447. CreepyGroovy says:

    ‘Sup, bitches? (h/t Meg)

    The PFS, she is bitter. And a little lonely, too, which make me sad. Who else could take something so qte and fun and turn it into a prudish rant against operationalizling the objectification and co-optification of the hegemonic paternalism of the flibbity-flub, blah blah blah blah blah?

    Booooring, PFS. BORING. BORING!

    In the meantime, boobies! And kitties! And boobies! Yay! I love kitties! And boobies!

  448. “…you are the reason that most men find feminist thought unreasonable and offensive.”

    No, honey bun, most men find feminist thought unreasonable and offensive because it gives their guilty consciences a great big kick in the arse. The anger is a defensive reaction to the subconscious realization of their chauvinist piggy ways. You can run from the truth, but you can’t hide. For long.

  449. Little kitten
    Inch by inch
    Climb Mount Fuji

  450. *sigh* Again with the “p” word. People always have to hurl epithets when they are fresh out of logic. So tiringly predictable.

  451. CreepyGroovy says:

    Aw, PFS. You’re so precious when you’re indignant!

  452. Zoe Doom says:

    I also have large breasts and wear low-cut shirts, but not to show them off. CanadianChick, you said something I was thinking but couldn’t articulate earlier…it balances me out more than if I wear something close to the neck. If I wear a turtleneck, my boobs look cartoonishly huge. I’ll stick with my V-necks, thanks.

  453. Now *that’s* funny. I don’t wear turtlenecks, either, I have large breasts, but I somehow manage to keep the cleavage under wraps. Hey, if you want to pretend that you aren’t showing off your girls, at the very least construct a plausible argument.

  454. I adore this site- and I enjoy showing your beautiful pics to my kids. Until this post. This is not appropriate for them and I was surprised to see it here. Cats in Racks is not exactly cute in the first place (the first three were amusing- but not really cute) and this entry bums me out. Sex is shoved in our faces E V E R Y W H E R E and I’m bummed that it’s on this fantastic site.

  455. Furbabies says:

    Just popped in to see the direction the thread was taking and it didn’t take long to see which way it way going. People, don’t bother to feed the troll. Somewhere a village is looking for it’s idiot and we have it. Remember: You can’t fight a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Stop feeding the troll and hopefully it will go back to it’s cave.

  456. Fed trolls because professional trolls. Which I think is supposed to be a bad thing, but luckily Yahtzee put that awesome image into my head of a squat little hairy monster hiding underneath a bridge handing out business cards…

  457. Folks saying this is NSFW may well be right; some workplaces are a little ridiculous about their standards, so yeah, behind-a-link would be wise.

    Some people may also not like seeing TEH BOOBIES!!11; fine. I hated that pa-sickie baby post, and don’t Winston and other smushface cats that cute either. That that doesn’t mean people can’t disagree and find those posts cute. It’s a blog of what MEG thinks is cute.

    What’s cute about this is 1) resemblance to firefox logo, and 2) awwww sleepy snuggly kitty. It would be no less cute if the kitty were curled around a round pillow, but it happens to be a breast.

    Yes, we also ought to have pics of cats on half-naked men. If only to shut up the “OMG catering to MEN” folks. Seriously, a WOMAN picks what gets posted, folks. (Ok, yes, I would also like to see those pics for prurient reasons. But I honestly don’t find most of the CNR pics particularly sexy; I find whole people sexy, not body parts.)

    Not all women wear low-cut tops just to get men to look at them. I get ogled far more for having a big-for-a-white-chick butt in my ordinary not-skin-tight jeans than I do for my boobs when I wear a low tank-top. And I wear low tank-tops a lot, because the bra-built-in kind is more comfortable to me than t-shirt+bra, especially in 100 degree weather, and I think tank tops show off my shoulders, and most of them are indeed rather low (especially because I bought them when I was a size smaller).

    It’s ridiculous to say that I should have to wear a mumu to keep men from ogling me. That’s not feminism, PFS; it’s precisely the argument given by the extremists who require burkas for women. “Men can’t control themselves so women must cover themselves or they are the ones at fault if they get ogled/harassed/raped.” NO. A woman shouldn’t have to hide her body for fear of men looking at her. What’s more, a woman is capable of wanting to look good/sexy to HERSELF. Or to other women! (I’m bi; boobs are my favorite thing about sleeping with girls, because, as this kitty has discovered, they are wonderfully soft and warm.) This does not mean she is buying into the “masculine gaze” or some such crap.

    It is equally wrong to say there is no such thing as tacky displays of flesh and women never participate in objectifing themselves. Just walk down the street here in Philly and you’ll see plenty. Or look at Paris Hilton. It’s a matter of taste and appropriateness for the context, not just pure acreage of skin (appropriate for the nightclub is not appropriate for your receptionist job). I am FAR more sexually/feministly offended by a full-coverage t-shirt with a slogan about sleeping with other women’s boyfriends for their money than I am by a semi-topless woman, as any true feminist should be.

    Moderation, for heaven’s sake. And I don’t mean the deletion-by-Theo kind.
    And more fuzzy sleepy kittehs! Because those are cute no matter WHERE they are.

  458. Cats sleep anywhere, any table, any chair.
    Top of piano, window-ledge, in the middle, on the edge.
    Open draw, empty shoe, anybody’s lap will do.
    Fitted in a cardboard box, in the cupboard with your frocks.
    Anywhere! They don’t care! Cats sleep anywhere.

    Eleanor Farjeon (1881 – 1965)

  459. I’m sorry, I was distracted by PFS’ huge breasts. Why don’t you show those things off a little, toots? Take a fella’s eyes off that scowl on yer face. And get me another drink, wont’cha, I wanna be nice an’ plastered before the next dancer takes the stage. Say, when are you goin’ up there, sweetheart, I’ll save a coupla my singles for ya? And there’s a lot more where that came from, if you know what I mean.

  460. Furbabies says:

    Jupiter Star: You might not be too far off in your image.

  461. CreepyGroovy says:

    Bella, if the image of an orange kitten curled around a beautiful clothed breast screams “sex” to you, and if your kids can’t look at it and giggle innocently without thinking “sex,” then this probably isn’t the site for you. Try

  462. There is nothing wrong with breasts/boobs/mams/chest chub/ta tas. But do we need grill people for their request of modesty? Not everyone who wants CO “clean” is a prude- they just come here for some “clean cute” and even I was a bit shocked to see this pic. Most folks come to CO to see something sweet and fun- not gigantor boobs with a kitten. How about a puppy snuggling a guy’s nutsack? Send those future Cat Rack pics to ebaumsworld where all the 13 year old boys will enjoy them. BRING ON THE CUTE- CAN THE CANS.

  463. Wow. Thanks for being so kind and thoughtful of my kids- I’m sure your Mom wishes she had done a better job covering your eyes.

  464. I am at once source
    and sink of heat: giver
    and taker. I am a vast
    soft mountain of slow breathing.
    The smells I exude soothe them:
    the lingering odor of sex,
    of soap, even of perfume,
    its afteraroma sunk into skin
    mingling with sweat and the traces
    of food and drink.

    They are curled into flowers
    of fur, they are coiled
    hot seashells of flesh
    in my armpit, around my head

    a dark sighing halo.
    They are plastered to my side,
    a poultice fixing sore muscles
    better than a heating pad.
    They snuggle up to my sex
    purring. They embrace my feet.

    Some cats I place like a pillow.
    In the morning they rest where
    I arranged them, still sleeping.
    Some cats start at my head
    and end between my legs
    like a textbook lover. Some
    slip out to prowl the living room
    patrolling, restive, then
    leap back to fight about
    hegemony over my knees.

    Every one of them cares
    passionately where they sleep
    and with whom.

    Sleeping together is a euphemism
    for people but tantamount
    to marriage for cats.
    Mammals together we snuggle
    and snore through the cold nights
    while the stars swing round
    the pole and the great horned
    owl hunts for flesh like ours.

    (Marge Piercy)

    P.S. I’m taking this off-line to my blog. Sorry for taking up space with my pathetic, incompetent, destructive maleness.

  465. Scholar Chang Tuan was fond of cats,
    And had seven of them,
    Wonderful beasts with wonderful names.

    They were:

    Guardian of the East
    White Phoenix
    Purple Blossom
    Brocade Sash
    Cloud Pattern
    Ten Thousand strings of Cash

    Each was worth several pieces of gold
    And nothing could persuade Chang
    To part with them.

    After Wang Chih, c. 1100 C.E.

  466. Heee…okay, amusing story given the context of this thread. I told a bunch of the guys in the show with me tonight to check this image out when they got home, just to see how they reacted. All three of them emailed me within the last few minutes (we’re all compulsive emailers), and all of them could not get over how perfectly curled the kitteh’s tail was. One of them even wrote, “Squee!” in the email. I have never seen that happen before ^_^. KITTEH LOVE! And BerfSerf, it appears your horribly misogynistic self is in good company with other man-pigs who saw this picture and went, “Awww, cute kitty” instead of, “Oooo, hot titty.” You chauvinistic pigs you.

  467. Furbabies says:

    Berthaservant: Please don’t let one nutter ruin your day/night. That is exactly the response that she was going for. Probably an experiment for a college course or something like that. Perhaps a sadist getting jollies. Or an unhappy, unattractive hairy woman bitter about her life. We will never know for sure. I totally respect your view points and look forward to reading your posts. Don’t stop.

  468. CreepyGroovy says:

    Well, Bella, I’m not quite sure what you think my mom and her blindfolding proclivities have to do with a sleepy kitten wrapped around a boobie, but what do I know?

    By the way, have you checked out Or try

  469. Winni-Pig says:

    “If only to shut up the “OMG catering to MEN” folks.”

    I am not sure if I have your entire quote here, ornith, but I don’t think that is the correct reason to include a section of pictures with men.

    I think the CNR pictures are appealing because there is a vulnerability about them (NOT in a victimy sort of way). I think that similar pictures of men would be appealing for the same reason. Men’s bodies, including the bits typically covered by clothing, are also beautiful and should be celebrated.

    When I first saw this photo I looked at it a bit askance, but after all the vitriol expressed against it, my attitude toward it has completely changed. I wonder how much of the discomfort in viewing is related to wondering how soft kitten fur would really feel against this most sensitive part of the body.

    Well, hmmm, I think I have probably said enough.

  470. Yes, Berth, please don’t stop. Never let the music die, man, never let it die.

  471. You know this commentroversy is actually kind of fun. FUN!
    But you all KNEW that.
    But seriously, I just rescued a stray baby kitty the other night and had to jump a fence after luring him with my best momma cat meow. As i was trying to jump back over the fence where, praytell, do you think littlest kitty went? Hmmmm? Right in the rack!
    Why you ask? Because it’s NATURAL! He was safe and cozy and I had two hands to climb the fence. I use to feel like you do pinkslipperwhatever. When I was young. Now I am so relieved that i don’t have all of these crappy thoughts and judgements going on in my head all the time. Being 40 is ahhhhsome. Loving all boobs all the time and the brainy women they are attached to. sexy! Oh, and one more thing, guys just do not have the same appeal to both sexes as women do. Am I alone here? Everyone has nuzzled and suckled a breast at some time and KNOWS the innate awesomeness. And if you haven’t make it a priority why dontcha! And this obsession with equality! Like somehow a kitten on a boy bum with sort it all out. Guys, in my humble opinion, look kinda light in the loafers when pictured this way. i just think women animals are prettier and that’s all she wrote.

  472. …I just realized something.

    A grave injustice has been done.


    The end of times, people…the end of times…

  473. Furbabies says:

    Again, I bid you all goodnight (this time I won’t be peeking back). I leave with one final thought: PFS – you are an ass. You have taken an innocent photo and turned it into a personal crusade. You are an insufferable bitch and I hope that people treat you better than you treat them. Knock that chip off your shoulder, the burden of life will be much lighter.

  474. I come here to see the cute, and this is not cute. This is a skanky woman using her kitten to make her breasts famous. She’s probably some kind of exhibitionist. Who sends this kind of image to a site devoted to cute animal pictures?

  475. Furbabies says:

    Not true Jupiter Star. I requested tapioca with whipped cream and a cherry on top about 200 postings ago.

  476. Hmmm…that must have been while I was at rehearsal. Well, good then. All is right with the world!

    (I have no tapioca but I do have rice pudding with dried cranberries…want some to warm you up before bed?)

  477. Furbabies says:

    Yes, please. Sounds yummy and just what I need. Many thanks.

  478. Oh, Furbabies, you would never have devoted so much emotional energy to hating on me tonight if you weren’t getting some kind of pay-off out of it. Whatever that pay-off is, I don’t want to know.

  479. bella, why wouldn’t this be appropriate for your kids? do you have pets? don’t they snuggle up to you, your kids, and each other any way that’s comfortable, regardless of what body parts they might be touching? what’s the big deal? kitty looks sweet, warm, sleepy, and most importantly, cute!

  480. Furbabies says:

    PFS-the only emotion I feel is pity. It must suck to be you.

  481. “Oh, and one more thing, guys just do not have the same appeal to both sexes as women do”

    This is only true in specific patriarchal nations where people, men *and* women, have been conditioned to view women’s bodies as sexy and men’s bodies as utilitarian. There are countries where the beauty of the male body is celebrated just as frequently as that of the female body. You can thank your patriarchal conditioning for your present attitude. Women are the “sex class”, women are the sex objects…everyone in our society absorbs that lesson from the time they’re born.

  482. And I pity you right back, Furbabies.

  483. *Blinks* Wow…some people have been in one this commentroversy without leaving for eight hours! Wow. The handful of you who have been, I’m impressed. That takes staying power. Or atrophied legs. But I’m going with patience and staying power.

    [What it takes is a complete lack of anything better to do. – Ed.]

  484. Pink Fuzzy Slippers,

    Can I have your number? I’d love to have coffee with you sometime.


    [Oh, as IF. But, just in case it needs to be said again, let’s everyone keep their personally identifying info private, please. This is still the Weird Wild Web. – Ed.]

  485. CreepyGroovy says:

    PFS, bless your heart, you are simply adorable! You told us you have large breasts, so if you’d wrap a tiny marmie around each one and then smother yourself in pudding with a cherry on top, you’d show the whole world that you are indeed the smartest, most beautifullest, most charmingest, least prudish gal in all of Cute Overload! You’d finally get the validation you’ve been trying so hard for tonight. Good luck, I’m pulling for you!

  486. CreepyGroovy, you just gave me really weird mental images of “marmalade pudding” now… *Stares at her rice pudding nervously in case it meows at her*

  487. This may have already been discussed but uh,

    where’s the other one? Is the tail hiding the other shadow?

    And BTW, no bra? Not only is this woman apparently fearless against involuntary lumpectomies, she’s also reckless in regard to gravity.

  488. I guess I have been the recipient of someone’s validation tonight: my own. If only you could see me nodding my head along to the tiring predictability of deeply entrenched sexism. It only confirms the depressing truth I’d already come to acknowledge.

    [“Tiring”? How much do you appreciate irony in your day-to-day life? – Ed.]

  489. I like to show the students I teach this website, CnR make it akward. It would be great if CnR post just went straight there instead of the front page.

    I agree breasts have different purposes for different times but as a gr.7 teacher, my students are not at the point where they can see more than one use for breasts. Hormones are little focussed and crazy at that time.

    Again, it is Meg’s blog and it is wonderful. I just really like to show my students cuteness and foster that sense of aaww. It makes a nice tiny break and calms them. I guess it is laziness but the CnR means I need to pre-screen before I show and talk to parents before I give out the website address.

  490. Katie, you actually show your students this website? Man, where were you when I was still in school? The only websites we got to see were AltaVista and Encarta Online!

    CuteOverload: Great teaching tool, or the GREATEST teaching tool? (I…may have overdone the caffeine during rehearsal tonight. Should probably get offline soon before these start making any less sense)

  491. Aw, keedy!

    Dudes, chillax.

  492. CreepyGroovy says:

    PFS, I am happy you have finally found a place to validate your own self-worth – on a website devoted to kitties! Yay, you won, you won! Take that, you kitten loving morons! PFS has pwned you!

    PS: “It only confirms the depressing truth I’d already come to acknowledge?” Overwrought, my dear, overwrought! You write a like a Victorian romanticist…try to tone it down a notch. You don’t want to come of sounding silly, do you?

  493. Good for you, Katie, for refusing to be a part of the problem. They’ll learn soon enough to treat women like sex objects first, human beings second. I can virtually guarantee that at least 1/3 of those same boys will have sexually harassed their female classmates before they reach legal adulthood. I applaud any person who refuses to contribute to this problem.

  494. PFS:

    “The smallest glimmer of truth is conditioned by politics.”

    — Michel Foucault (that’s right, a MAN, baby, and not just a man, a GAY man who DIDN’T FALL UNDER THE SPELL OF WOMEN)

    [Well I’d do him. I’d do him with David Bowie’s bleen. – Ed.]

  495. One question: Is it better to be the kitty or the booby?

    If I put a kitty in my rack (old enough to be your grandmother)my lap would get warm. LOL

  496. Theo: Can we watch? *Smiles innocently*

  497. Katie, I’d take it a step further. Do that pre-screening thing with ALL your kids’ use of the internet, and not just Cute Overload. Also, um, camera phones. Those too.

  498. Jupiter — this being the internet, as noted above, I’m sure three spankin’ new Bowie/Foucault slashfic theme blogs were created, independently and simultaneously, all within seconds of my edit appearing. You have but to Google, and be careful what you wish for.

    (please note that “slashfic” != “slasher novel”)

  499. CreepyGroovy says:

    Katie, that’s sound policy. I pre-screen EVERYTHING I direct my *university* students to, and if there’s anything objectionable, I extract the pertinent part and exclude the rest.

  500. Just to clarify one point I was challenged on:

    In the early 1990s, I worked in film publicity, and one of my tasks was sending screening invitations to magazine critics. The company I worked for often represented “gay”-themed independent films. One of our most reliable critics favorable to writing positive reviews of these films was the (female) film critic from Playgirl. I once asked her assistant why they always covered gay-themed films, and was told that (at the time) about 80% of Playgirl’s subscription base came from self-identified men. Maybe they weren’t gay men and were just buying this for their wives. Maybe that number has changed. But that is my source.

  501. I pre-screen anything I show my students that is not from a website I know well and trust. I am vigilant. But I’m also always happy to have a discussion in my class. I like my students to think.

    It is just in regards to this website that I would just like it to be a little break. Teachable moments are what life is about but sometimes uncomplicated is lovely too.

    Does this make sense? I’m tired.

    Oh, and cell phones are not on in my school. I see/hear = I get. It is quite funny when students realize I can text and am familiar with what they are doing. It is a lesson they learn very quickly!

  502. I want some kind of warning on CO that tells me if PMS…er…PFS is posting comments so that I can avoid them and the aggravation. Remember folks, you can’t fix stupid.

  503. The sad thing is, that is very likely to happen *sigh*

    Nah, the slasher novels stem from the visible wimminflesh. They explain all about it in “How to Survive a Horror Movie.” And that’s why girly bits need to be hidden…because they set spells on people if they are at all visible and then EVERYONE DIES!(tm)

  504. iluvpopsicls says:

    Kitties <3 boobies - it's just a fact. My kitty likes to climb up on me and make cookies on my rack. It's just how he rolls.

  505. Wow, Teho, you’re even cooler than I thought.

    Foucault and Bowie are probably the only two men I could see myself getting intimate with (I mean, in their prime). (Yes, I’m a straight guy and I admitted that there’s a teeny bit of gay in me! And look! I’m still straight! I still like breasts!).

    And yes, Katie, you should monitor this site as people have said. It does not pretend to be kid-friendly (certainly isn’t in the comments). Good teacher! (I, however, as a university teacher, would encourage most of my students to read this unexpurgated so we could discuss the various issues raised herein).

  506. Berth, you’re going to have to provide more substantial evidence than hearsay. Even if you’re telling the unembellished truth, I have a logical, scientifically-backed explanation, however, I’m finished doing my computer thang for the night.


  507. Please try not to miss me too much. I know it hurts, but remember that I will be with you in spirit. BIG LUFF to all the poor deluded patriarchy victims.

  508. …and almost 350 comments and 9 hours later, PFS leaves. Clearly, a crusader to be admired.

  509. CreepyGroovy says:

    Oh PFS, you’re so droll! Good night, sweetie. I’ll be pulling for you during your struggles with the Patriarchy tomorrow!

  510. CreepyGroovy says:

    And Big Bertha, let us know what you end up naming your new marmie. Perhaps “Foucault” in honor of the lovely evening we’ve all spent together!

  511. “1/3 of boys will have sexually harassed their female classmates before they reach legal adulthood” because our culture freaks out so badly about the merest hint of sex or nudity. If we didn’t treat it like it was an Insanely Big Deal, neither would they. It’s just (the upper curve of a) breast, for crying out loud.

    When you treat sexuality or the human body like a big dirty secret, it BECOMES a big dirty secret. Teenage boys act out sexually 1) because they have raging hormones, but no one has actually TALKED to them about sexuality and what is and is not appropriate; and 2) because sex IS taboo in our culture. And when I say “talked to them about what is appropriate”, I don’t mean “told them how they are all the evil patriarchy OMG”; that will only make things worse – as in many other parts of life, people who are told how much they suck will live down to their reputation (examples: inner city students, people whose partners constantly accuss them of cheating).

    I understand the need not to show this in class or look at it at work because of the chance of being fired/sued, and therefore think it should be behind a link – but those external pressures are the problem. NOT the inherent content of the image.

  512. Michelle says:

    I, for one, am learning a lot from PFS’ diatribes. Next time I see a man, any man, I might just knee him in the groin and spit in his eye. How dare he exist? Where are my steel-toed boots?

  513. Now, now, Michelle, he clearly can’t help it. Men are just nothing more than slathering, slobering sex fiends. If we really want to be empowered, we need to wear snowsuits and then just wipe them all off the face of the planet!

    (…ooo, I think there’s a cheesy B-grade horror film in there somewhere!)

  514. Oh, and Winni-pig – you’re right, that’s far from the only reason to put men-and-cats pics on here. Cats on men are cute, that’s reason #1 to put anything on the site! And men being cute with their pets does show us a good side of them – they are allowed by the prevailing culture to be nurturing with kitties and puppies, instead of being supposed to be macho all the time. I’d just like to see less silly accusations of sexism, while we’re at it, especially since the person choosing what to post is female!

  515. Well, gosh, you’re right. I’ve offered evidence, my identity, legitimate academic/scholarly support, compassion, understanding, sympathy, and logic. That obviously pales in comparison to your unsupported, anonymous claims and your refusal to address the critical literature of great feminists that completely contradicts what you claim the movement represents. I guess that’s just the male way — use logic and intelligence to win an argument. Clearly, the “feminist” way of calling people names, saying anyone who disagrees is unworthy of respect, and essentializing gender according to primitive binaristic definitions of male/female good/bad, is the superior position.

    And Tori Amos sucks!

  516. Well, gosh, you’re right. I’ve offered evidence, my identity, legitimate academic/scholarly support, compassion, understanding, sympathy, and logic. That obviously pales in comparison to your unsupported, anonymous claims and your refusal to address the critical literature of great feminists that completely contradicts what you claim the movement represents. I guess that’s just the male way — use logic and intelligence to win an argument. Clearly, the “feminist” way of calling people names, saying anyone who disagrees is unworthy of respect, and essentializing gender according to primitive binaristic definitions of male/female good/bad, is the superior position.

    And Tori Amos sucks!

  517. Well, gosh, you’re right. I’ve offered evidence, my identity, legitimate academic/scholarly support, compassion, understanding, sympathy, and logic. That obviously pales in comparison to your unsupported, anonymous claims and your refusal to address the critical literature of great feminists that completely contradicts what you claim the movement represents. I guess that’s just the male way — use logic and intelligence to win an argument. Clearly, the “feminist” way of calling people names, saying anyone who disagrees is unworthy of respect, and essentializing gender according to primitive binaristic definitions of male/female good/bad, is the superior position.

    And Tori Amos sucks!

  518. Well, gosh, you’re right. I’ve offered evidence, my identity, legitimate academic/scholarly support, compassion, understanding, sympathy, and logic. That obviously pales in comparison to your unsupported, anonymous claims and your refusal to address the critical literature of great feminists that completely contradicts what you claim the movement represents. I guess that’s just the male way — use logic and intelligence to win an argument. Clearly, the “feminist” way of calling people names, saying anyone who disagrees is unworthy of respect, and essentializing gender according to primitive binaristic definitions of male/female good/bad, is the superior position.

    And Tori Amos sucks!

  519. Well, gosh, you’re right. I’ve offered evidence, my identity, legitimate academic/scholarly support, compassion, understanding, sympathy, and logic. That obviously pales in comparison to your unsupported, anonymous claims and your refusal to address the critical literature of great feminists that completely contradicts what you claim the movement represents. I guess that’s just the male way — use logic and intelligence to win an argument. Clearly, the “feminist” way of calling people names, saying anyone who disagrees is unworthy of respect, and essentializing gender according to primitive binaristic definitions of male/female good/bad, is the superior position.

    And Tori Amos sucks!

  520. Well, gosh, you’re right. I’ve offered evidence, my identity, legitimate academic/scholarly support, compassion, understanding, sympathy, and logic. That obviously pales in comparison to your unsupported, anonymous claims and your refusal to address the critical literature of great feminists that completely contradicts what you claim the movement represents. I guess that’s just the male way — use logic and intelligence to win an argument. Clearly, the “feminist” way of calling people names, saying anyone who disagrees is unworthy of respect, and essentializing gender according to primitive binaristic definitions of male/female good/bad, is the superior position.

    And Tori Amos sucks!

  521. I think too many people are dismissing PFS’s arguments simply because they challenge a lot of traditional beliefs. While I may not agree with every single thing posited, there were many good points made.

    I do agree that far too many women allow themselves to be objectified to an pathetic degree. Men are wrong for supporting it. Hiding from them is not the answer.

    “Breasts are sexual objects. Get over it.”

    At one time, it was inappropriate for women to show their ankles. Society did not get over that (well… some places :|) by covering them up all the time.

    You tell people to challenge beliefs, but you cannot challenge your belief that breasts MUST be sexual? In doing so, I think you are objectifying them yourself. I do not think the disgusting tendencies of perverts justifies a double standard, especially when it has to do with LEGALLY FORCING people to wear more clothing because of their gender.

    I’m sure when women first started wearing things shorter than their ankles men oogled. And then it wasn’t a big deal anymore, and people moved on. There are many societies, especially around the tropics, where it is perfectly acceptable for women to bear their breasts at all times. Women, in any sane country anyway, are allow to bear their breasts when feeding their children. Do you not see the hypocrisy here?

    It is only ‘slutty’ for a woman to bear her breasts BECAUSE society supports the objectification of women. We should not give in to that.

  522. *sigh* Ok, so I am pulling a Vampy. Omith, our society is *hypersexualized*, there are pictures of half-naked women in come hither poses on billboards, there is sexual content or frequent sexual references in movies, TV shows, music videos, pornography is widely available and easily accessible. We are hardly a culture ashamed of talking or thinking about sex. Don’t give me that OMG WE’RE SO REPRESSED garbage.

    The sleaziest, most misogynistic men I have known were porn addicts who couldn’t get enough of TEH BOOBIEZ! The most respectful, egalitarian men I have known are, frankly, appalled by the saturation of female objectification in our society.

    And porn is getting more aggressive, more violent. That would not be the case if we weren’t losing our grasp on what it means to treat each other like human beings *first*.

  523. I also teach my students family life in which human sexuality is a large part, but only a part. Respect is the key component.

    There is a lot of dicussion. We speak about the idea of “sexual” parts of the body and we talk about why they, the students, normally react the way they do (giggles usually). I emphasize that it is just another part of our body, and that in our culture it is usually one that is kept private. We do talk about breastfeeding, other cultures “sexual” parts (ex. foot).

    My focus with them is to teach them information and make them truly think so they can make informed, caring, respectful, and well thought out decisions in all aspects of life. (idealistic I know but very important)

    I’m starting to ramble. Good night.

  524. Berthaservant, you have GOT to stop with these well-reasoned, intellectual posts. Otherwise some of us might have to further validate PFS by proving women can only portray themselves as sex objects and throw ourselves at your feet in admiration and intellectual lust.

  525. *GASP* Ooooo, we’re actually at 9 hours of PFS posting now! Seriously, I’m actually a bit impressed here. I can admire dedication even if I disagree with it, and that’s dedication.

  526. CreepyGroovy says:

    PFS, you were supposed to go to bed! You’re getting tired, I can tell. You’ve become a bit kinder and gentler, what with you rallying about how we should “treat each other like human beings *first*.” Oh, touche, my dear, touche!

    Now go to sleep and rest your weary head. You’ve won your battle today, but you’ve got a big day ahead of you tomorrow! After all, the evil Patriarchy never sleeps, and you must remain vigilant. Fight! Fight! Fight! Good luck, and as always, I’m pulling for you.

  527. Berth, geez, man, if you want me to respond to something, I’ve told you that you have to construct a more concise argument. I am not going to wade through your 1,000,000,000 word essays.

  528. Quick, guys, exploit the newly revealed weakness! Just write replies longer than 50 words and act like you want a response and you won’t get a reply!

  529. Translation:

    My female brain can’t handle the big paragraphs! Don’t try to intimidate me with words, you MAN!

    How about this?

    You. Uninformed idiot. Rude. Return to kitchen. Cook meat. Nurse babies. Me man. Me think for you.

  530. CreepyGroovy says:

    Jupiter, silly girl, PFS has no weakness. She’s like the Borg to our Enterprise, the Death Star to our Endor, the Cylon to our Galactica!

    Speaking of Galactica, what do you get when you cross BSG with lolcats? This:

  531. Jennie Mello says:

    My 2 cents:
    I love it all, and think it is fine for my 2 kids, ages 3 and 9. I use it as an opening to talk about breasts and life and love.
    If you act all uptight, they will think it’s naughty, then you have problems with them later.
    It’s just a sweet kitten keeping warm in a soft place.
    I would put mine there if she didn’t weigh 13 lbs and squirm.

  532. Hey, don’t insult the Borg! They’re too cool to be lowered to her level >P

  533. Word count for posts on this thread (not counting words that are quotes from others or this post):

    PFS: 3140
    Berthaservant: 3061.

    Note: 768 of berthaservant’s words came before I addressed Ms. Slippers in a post at 5:20 PM (PDT).

    Counting this post and these words: 3108.

  534. No, Berth, I can’t handle your pretentious grandstanding. And, by the way, the material you quoted earlier was referring to sexual repression. There’s a HUGE world of difference between embracing one’s sexuality and presenting one’s self publicly as a sexual ornament for men’s viewing pleasure.

    Quick: Woman A is wearing a tight spandex dress that is cut to her navel and short enough for a drive-through gynecological exam. Woman B is wearing a pants suit and crisp blouse with loafers. Which woman is most likely to be perceived as an equal and which woman will be perceived by most people as an empty-headed bimbo? There have been studies performed on this subject. The woman whose outfit most closely resembles “men’s wear” gets taken seriously, and you know why that is? Because men don’t wear clingy, revealing clothing. It makes women easier to relate to as human beings when they aren’t trying to individuate themselves as sex objects. Put your sexuality on display and you’re asking to be treated like a sex object. That’s just the way it is.

  535. You are worthy of no more words. For every additional word you post, I am going to donate $1 to the Max Hardcore Legal Defense Fund. (See if I’m not serious, I will send you the receipt).

  536. Ten hours! That’s ten hours, folks!

  537. And when I say a woman is asking to be treated like a sex object, that is not the same thing as inviting physical molestation. It *is* inviting non-physical sexual attention, which complicates and destabilizes the whole egalitarianism business that was only ever achieved on a token level in the first place. Women are still, on average, paid less for performing the same work as their male colleagues. THAT could not happen in a society where men and women are truly equals.

  538. I had no clue what you were referring to, Berth, so I googled it. Ha! I knew you were a closet misogynist. You’d have to be to even know that such a site exists.

  539. …AHA! There’s the difference! I’ve been honestly trying to figure out what the huge discrepancy was between the various feminist groups arguing on this and now I get it. PFS subscribes to the school of thought that women need to be treated as equals but because of society today they cannot do that unless they base their actions or at least their appearances on what is thought of as more male (and therefore more “comfortable”) standards, whereas a lot of the people disagreeing believe that equality needs to be achieved in a manner where women can behave in a feminine fashion as well without being looked down upon and would rather not try and deal with what they see as false equality based on masculine standards and women being men (in a matter of speaking) in order to be equal to men.

    No, this isn’t a criticism of either viewpoint. This is just me kind of oversimplifying things a bit, but I never claimed to be a die-hard feminist and I’m excited that I think I figured out where the discrepancy came from.

  540. That’s your retort, PFS? I really hope that wasn’t directed at me, because I don’t understand how you can’t see that saying “That’s just how it is” is ultimately harming the very root of your philosophy.

  541. *sigh* The problem is, “feminine” and “masculine” in our society are arbitrary labels imposed on us from birth, formed on the basis that what is “feminine” is weak, emotional, inept, sexual, sympathetic, passive, submissive, and what is “masculine” is tough, assertive, intellectual, domineering, logical, etc.

    Women as sex objects is a patriarchal construct, and the beauty and fashion industries are centered around maintaining this ideal. If it shows off the body, if it highlights the body’s contours, it is sexually stimulating, ergo, it is “feminine”. If it is practical and comfortable, it is utilitarian, ergo, it is “masculine”. We can never truly be equal until we conquer our need to hang onto what is “feminine” and what is “masculine”. Women aren’t dressing like women when they flaunt their sexuality because it was MEN who decided that a woman’s body should be treated like an ornament, it is a philosophical carry-over from the days when women were little more than chattel in society, it is reminiscent of treating women like “property”, only today they are visual property. And it is MEN who want to keep women relegated to the status of “sex object” because it makes us just a little less powerful, a little less similar to them. It makes us inferior.

    And, let’s face it, our bodies are programmed to respond to sexual stimuli and a half-naked body is enticing! Do you really want to advertise your sexual worth? Why aren’t the men advertising theirs? Is your worth as a sexual being greater than his worth as a sexual being? I would hope that in this day and age women want MUCH more than that. And yet we pander to the basest of human instincts by putting our sexuality on display. Wouldn’t we be better served by putting our MINDS and our TALENTS on display? Guess what, ladies. The boobies are distracting. Men are biologically programmed to slaver over them. They get in the way, in so many ways.

  542. CreepyGroovy says:

    PFS, you are a sly one. At first I thought you were just a pretentious Wellesley student, but now I realize it’s just a cover! You’re sending out coded messages.

    I’m gonna work out the first part of your code. I’m excited now! I bet it has to do with kittens and their overthrow of the Evil Patriarchy!

    Using numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 24, 38, and 39 in a simple cross-out cypher in the first part of your communiqué reveals this:

    “No, Berth, I can’t handle your pretentious grandstanding. And, by the way, the material you quoted earlier was referring to sexual repression. There’s a HUGE world of difference between embracing one’s sexuality and presenting one’s self publicly as a sexual ornament for men’s viewing pleasure.”

    Transforms to this:

    “Blah Berth, I can’t handle your blah blah. Blah, blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah, blah blah. Blah blah HUGE blah blah, blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah sexual ornament blah blah, blah blah.”

    And once we extrude and isolate the remaining words, we have:

    “Berth, I can’t handle your HUGE sexual ornament.”

    Heyyy. Wait a minute. This has nothing to do with kittens. Color me disappointed.

  543. PFS, that still doesn’t address my original arguments. ;_; And I’m way cooler than the nay-sayers. But perhaps it is that I am not instilling rage.

  544. No, Ermine, I was responding to Berthaservant.

  545. Once again, Creepy resorts to juvenile mockery because he/she/it can’t form his/her/its own semi-intelligent argument.


  546. CreepyGroovy says:

    Hee hee hee, PFS made a funny!
    You’re so cute in your righteous indignation. Simply adorable!

  547. I’m more amused at the fact that PFS has been at this without stopping for eleven hours now.

  548. Also, it seems that after eleven hours, a sense of irony is completely and utterly lost, even if it was there originally.

  549. hon glad says:

    How about Bunnies and Burkhas.

    [You’re weird, sir… – Ed.]

  550. PFS, face it, you failed. You did indeed totally f****** ignore the intelligent and reasonable points made by berthaservant.

    You are [unnecessary personal attack… -Ed.] who totally misreperesents feminisim as a whole and therefore are unworthy of rational discussion from anyone. You have done NOTHING but prove that over and over and over and over, plain and simple.

    Like I said last night, you just want to badger and bully until everyone agrees with your narrow minded point of view and tells you that you are the only one offering truth.

    Extremist. Idiot.

    Bad combination.

  551. Oh wow, I go to sleep and when I wake up there are 300 more posts in this poor thread! :/

    Anyhow: Pinkfuzzyslippers wrote (in response to me):
    “Thank you for proving my point. You “love women” so much you want to encourage them to dress sexy for your admiration and appreciation. That’s objectification, hon.”

    I don’t know where you got that from (I don’t think I encouraged anyone to do anything, honestly). What I was TRYING to say is that I encourage everyone to do as they please. Being a feminist isn’t about what kind of clothes you’re wearing, it’s about being ABLE to wear whatever clothes you want. I encourage the freedom that every human being has the right to! Being a feminist is about making sure both genders are treated equally by the society. It isn’t a dress-code.

    And it’s pretty silly and narrow-minded to try to claim it’s objectification of women whenever someone appreciates a harmless picture (because, in reality, that’s what this is). Yes, there are instances where women are objectified. This isn’t one of them. Pick your battles more carefully, hon.

  552. Ok, I read some more of the PFS comments and now I regret even commenting back at her. :/

    Why do you have to be so rude and demeaning to everyone? Do you think hating men is part of being a feminist? You really need to lighten up and not be so bitter.

  553. …and now that I’ve read more of PFS’s posts, I regret responding to her. Talk about pointless.

    I don’t understand why you need to be so rude and demeaning to everyone here. Or why you immediately assume everyone here are morons that need to be taught your view of the world.

    You claim to be in your thirties.. Doesn’t it scare you, how bitter you’ve become at such a young age? Nevermind answering that, you’ll just tell me I’m a “tool” and that I don’t understand anything. I’ll save you the trouble.

  554. Argh, sorry for my weird double (triple?) post. My browser screwed up and there’s no delete-button :/

  555. Okay. Now it’s time to jump in with a real story of my own. I felt the need to speak up because as a curvy, well-endowed woman, every day is a battle for me to hold on to my dignity and shake off the shackles that are thrust on me by the insecure, bigoted society I live in. I’m not going to take sides – I’m just laying bare some facts, and you (i.e. the general public) can make what you like out of them.

    Incident #1:
    The previous weekend, I had gone to buy a train ticket. I was dressed VERY modestly – loose blue jeans and long black full-sleeved shirt, with only the collar button left open. No cleavage was even remotely visible, no hint of my midriff, nothing. I’m sweating like a pig and my hair is limp and greasy.

    Since I’m fully covered, and looking a bit scruffy, I’m less likely to be hit on than if I were wearing a low-cut dress, right?


    The guy in front of me, turns around and STARES ME UP AND DOWN. He can’t see a sliver of my skin, but I could feel his gaze even without looking directly at him and it made my skin crawl. He was trying his level best to make me feel ashamed of myself and my feminity and to drill it into my head that I was not a person, just a sex object that had to be ogled. It made me sick to my stomach, and you have no idea how much willpower it took me NOT to walk off so I can avoid his roving eyes. He seemed to mutter something, and I heard him say “mumble sexy mumble mumble.” I was there for
    nearly two hours, and throughout he was lasciviously staring at me – in front of DOZENS of other people.

    My point? Even when I was completely dressed from top to toe, he objectified me, and he had no qualms about doing that in front of everyone. It was like he was telling the world, “Hey, she’s a woman, what else am I supposed to do? I don’t care if she’s modestly dressed and minding her own business, I will mentally rape her because I am a man and that’s what I do.”

    And what about the man, you ask? No he wasn’t some bum or tramp who probably drunk himself senseless everynight and beat his wife. He was an ARMY soldier in civilian attire, and like all soldiers, was meticulously dressed and with hair neatly cut. Yet none of that outer sophistication could mask who he really was – a bigoted, misogynistic excuse for a human being, on whom the teaching of the army values of chivalry, discipline and courage were utterly wasted.

    Incident #2:
    I’m in my college, which is a liberal place. I’m wearing a slightly see-through shirt and jeans on a sweltering hot summer’s day, and minding my own business. While wearing it that morning, I was a little hesitant, wondering if it might be too revealing, so just to be safe, I carried a shawl. I wasn’t worried about the folks in my college, I was a little worried about the people whom I would encounter on my way to the college (I live a little away from campus.)
    I needen’t have worried. That day, NOBODY even stole a glance at me. I went about my own work and everyone else went about theirs. Even the vendors on the street – rural farmers who come to sell their produce, and whose lifestyle is very patriarchal and not particularly woman-friendly – did not even look up as I walked by.

    Conclusions: 1. Wearing modest clothes does not ensure prevention of objectification. ALL the other times I’ve been harassed by men, I have been fully covered (I generally dress that way anyway, because I’m a bit shy.) Also, wearing revealing clothes for the sake of comfort does not automatically make me, or anyone else, a slut.
    2. Sophisticated-looking “gentlemen” can be complete cads, and allegedly “backward” rural men can actually mind their own business and NOT be discomfited by educated, urban women wearing “revealing” clothes.

    So who came up trumps in these incidents?

    In Incident #1, I did. Instead of caving into the conditioning I’ve grown up with, that as a woman I must lower my eyes and keep out of sight, I stood
    my ground and finally bought my ticket. Eventually, the bastard, realising that I was not going to buckle under, stopped bothering me.
    The loser was HE, because even his outwardly respectability could not erase his conditioning that women exist solely for men’s pleasure. He relegated himself to the primitive, backward mindset that he should have tried to break away from. He utterly failed himself, and his uniform.

    In Incident #2, the winners were those simple farmers, for whom a woman is someone who keeps the home, cooks and looks after the children. Yet,
    they were there to merely market their produce, and they did so with quiet dignity and without stooping to levels that even urban men stoop to – that of feeling threatened by an educated, attractively-dressed woman and doing everything they can to remind her of her place as a mere sex object. I have had urbane city slickers mentally undress me as I walk by, yet these men did not even steal a glance.
    The loser was me. I caved in to social pressure and took along a shawl to “protect” my modesty, even though I was not wearing or behaving or doing anything that would make me appear to be asking for sexual attention (it later turned out that my “see-through” shirt didn’t reveal anything, except for the outline of my bra. Oh, the shame!) In taking that shawl, I had already conceded defeat to stupid social norms that dictate that I’m a woman and therefore my body is so vile and disgusting that it should be completely hidden at all costs.

    The woman in this picture maybe clamouring for attention to her breasts – but so what? Really, SO WHAT? She has every right to objectify herself if she wants to. The mistake is in assuming that an invitation to ogle automatically translates as a license to do so. Some of the people here may be really leching when they comment at her breasts, but just because these people are conditioned to see breasts as sexual doesn’t make HER a sex object. After all, because there are other people, including some men, who see it as something ALSO synonymous with nutrition, nurturing and fertility. The media sexualises breasts because the media is a bunch of patriarchal maggots. It feeds on blind faith, so it has capitalised on the latent fear of female sexuality that is present across cultures. Because breasts are generally the most visible organs on a woman’s body, the media has made them THE representative of a woman’s sexual identity (hence the reason why smaller breasts aren’t as reviled.) They’re now seen as something that can only be sexual or perverted, though they are much, much more than that – but sadly, like most of their owners, they’re not allowed to have more than one dimension.

    I do not objectify men, not because I cannot do so – if I want to make a sex object out of a man, I can think of a million ways to go about it. But in doing so, I will simply join the lowly ranks of those who see women as sex objects, and I do not wish to belitte my own worth and that of the man I am admiring. If we find someone attractive, there are ways to go about it obtrusively, politely and respectfully, without looking like pea-brained, salivating hounds.

    Why do ancient sculptures/ paintings of women have them with prominent breasts and hips? Hips + breasts –> easy childbirth and nourishment for the child –> therefore, sexually attractive –> sex –> future generation –> survival. That’s all there is to it. In this day and age, where our burgeoning population has no fear of extinction, the media has cleverly played on this still-existing survival instinct and reversed the equation in such a way that “future generation” and “survival” has been removed. It has exaggerated the breasts to such an extent, than all breasts, especially large ones, connotate nothing more than sexual perversion.

    The fault lies with those who choose to conveniently see something as harmless as a breast as something sexually potent, because they do not have the courage to question the diktats that tell them to see breasts that way. That’s their problem. I don’t feel threatened by breasts – on the contrary,
    they were the first source of food for me and billions of other people, and I possess them myself. And as someone in the artistic field, I cannot deny their merits in that department either. Do you realise that the appearance of a breast itself, even the male breast, imitates that of the most basic life form – the living cell? Think about it – the whole breast is the cell body/cytoplasm, the aureole is a nucleus, and the nipple is the nucleolus which contains the chromosomes. Mother Nature excels in fractals, and the breast is one too.

    In conclusion, if you want to remain entombed inside the cave that your power-hungry society has thrown you into, do so by all means. You can sit and enjoy the stench of your own feces caused by your media-induced poisoning. But don’t you DARE try and stop the rest of us who are tunnelling our way out of it.

  556. Come on! Enough with the boobs! Give us cats & schlongs already! Yer already there with this pic! Give us some lovely guy packages already!

    [Too lazy to go searching for yourself, eh? Typical. – Ed.]

  557. Happiest. Cat. Ever.

  558. I don’t know what to schnorgle first…

  559. Subhangi, your own situation/location casts this whole unmanageable thread mess into a very different light. All the stuff PFS has been saying sounds a *lot* less valid, relevant or helpful in the context of, say, southern California, or the upper midwest of the USA.

  560. Subhangi — wow. “well said” doesn’t seem adequate. you bring tears to my eyes. thank you. thank you. than you.

  561. momof2kitties says:

    Well, fellow CO’ers. I just asked my 13 y.o. daughter if she saw anything offensive in this photo. Her response? “Ummm, no. Why? It looks like a good place to keep a kitten.”

    Out of the mouths of babes. Although I am sure that PFS will tell me that my daughter is already psychically damaged by the system and destined for a life of male-dominated servitude. As if.

  562. Lady Di says:

    PFS is clearly the Rev. Jeremiah Wright of feminism. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  563. Woot! Go commentrovery go!!

  564. Er.. commentroversy… dernit!

  565. LadyChroe says:


  566. Winni-Pig says:

    @ ornith: “1/3 of boys will have sexually harassed their female classmates before they reach legal adulthood” because our culture freaks out so badly about the merest hint of sex or nudity.”

    You have that right. Fifteen years ago, My *6* y.o. son was suspended from grade 1 for 2 days because he kissed a little girl on the cheek on the schoolyard. The neighbourhood I live in was at the time very hardcore feministy, but I have read of this sort of reaction occurring more recently in other places, too.

    Some 40 years ago, a boy that I played with gave me flowers when we moved – we were both 5. No one seemed to freak out about it.

    What happened?

    And before anyone has a chance to comment on my use of the term “feministy”, I was walking the marches and sending letters to newspapers and politicians probably before you were born, so don’t bother lecturing me.

  567. hon glad — LOL! i was just thinking about burkhas, actually. the idea that women need to cover themselves because men can’t be expected to have any self-control, and the idea that “women wear low-cut tops for one reason and one reason only” is EXACTLY the reasoning behind wearing a burkha. all of these societal constructs that PFS mentions surely do exist, but if we insist on bowing to them, we are on a slow train to burkha-town.

    Subhangi — you have so eloquently put into words many of the thoughts i’ve had over the years but have had trouble expressing. thank you again.

    unlike you, i don’t tend towards wearing modest clothing, but for me it’s not about looking “sexy”, it’s about looking aesthetically pleasing to MYSELF. however, over the years, i have tempered my own taste and instincts (like you carrying along a shawl) because of what someone might say to me or think about me on the street: the rape mentality of men who ogle or harass me because i’m “asking for it” or women like PFS who might judge me because i’m “asking for it.” sometimes i wear a short skirt because i think the proportion is right with the rest of my outfit. also, i have pretty legs. pretty. aesthetically pleasing. period. but somehow wearing a short skirt is, to many other people, all about the image of spreading ones legs. this makes my sad and sick. however, as you have demonstrated, many disgusting men will be disgusting just because you are a woman, regardless of your attire. no wait, maybe you weren’t covered ENOUGH…maybe it was still somehow YOUR FAULT…maybe if you’d worn a burkha…because countries where they do that have perfect gender equality, right? wrong. covering ourselves is not any kind of solution.

    a while ago, some people here objected to my saying that Bratz dolls’ clothing was “cute” or something to that effect. around that time i saw a “news” report on about how “fishnets and feather boas” and other suggestive clothing worn by celebs “hurt” little girls. ok, once again, i totally understand the societal constructs that make this, in a superficial way, true. but teaching little girls women shouldn’t wear those things, that showing your belly button is “slutty”, that fishnets are a symbol of prostitution, is not only the old band-aid-on-a-gaping-wound solution, but is harmful as well, as it contains the implicit lesson that women’s bodies are shameful.

    of course, it’s every person’s prerogative to dress within certain guidelines of social constructs. many of us do it, to varying degrees (Subhangi by bringing along a shawl, for example, or me by wearing a skirt that’s a couple inches longer than I’d like), without even thinking about it. but attacking and making assumptions about others based on their choice of attire is invasive, futile, and counterproductive.

    i’d like to try and be more like the kitten: oblivious to social constructs and just looking to enjoy life.

  568. Aheeheeheeheehee! This commentroversy is comedy GOLD! So many people arguing with a sock. A sock who is not a feminist as claimed but rather a man-hater. Me, I’m a man-lover and I want to marry each and every man in this thread! I’ll even move to Texas to do it. DEXTER FISHMORE, I lof you. BERTHAMINION, you know I lof you, even if you don’t look like Karl Urban. (Really, who does, besides Karl Urban?) MATTIAS, I lof you. Did I miss anyone? Any other guys? Ummmm…

    Oh Theo, you know I’m joshing. I think I lof you most of all.

  569. cant talk
    lion cubs

  570. My thought was always that feminism was doing what I felt like doing without worrying WHAT men or other women were thinking about it. I don’t hate men unless they’ve demonstrated that they deserve it. I don’t hate women unless they do something to deserve it, either. If you use feminism as an excuse to hate men, that edges dangerously close to a kind of bigotry that makes me very uncomfortable, no matter how you rationalize your hatred.

  571. CaliforniaDreaming says:

    Cute kitty… saggy boobs though. A bra is needed here!

  572. i am curious… if you found out this was a gentlemen who was transgendered, would the reaction be the same?

  573. Quote from

    “In the most basic sense, feminism is exactly what the dictionary says it is: the movement for social, political, and economic equality of men and women. Public opinion polls confirm that when people are given this definition, 67 percent say they agree with feminism. We prefer to add to that seemingly uncontroversial statement the following: feminism means that women have the right to enough information to make informed choices about their lives. And because “women” is an all encompassing term that includes middle-class white women, rich black lesbians, and working-class straight Asian women, an organic intertwining with movements for racial and economic equality, as well as gay rights, is inherent to the feminist mandate. Some sort of allegiance between women and men is also an important component of equality. After all, equality is a balance between the male and female with the intention of liberating the individual.

    Breaking down that one very basic definition, feminism has three components. It is a movement, meaning a group working to accomplish specific goals. Those goals are social and political change -implying that one must be engaged with the government and law, as well as social practices and beliefs. And implicit to these goals is access to sufficient information to enable women to make responsible choices.

    Of course the goals of feminism are carried out by every day women themselves. Maybe you aren’t sure you need feminism, or you’re not sure it needs you. You’re sexy, a wallflower, you shop at Calvin Klein, you are a stay-at-home mom, a big Hollywood producer, a beautiful bride all in white, an ex-wife raising three kids, or you shave, pluck, and wax. In reality, feminism wants you to be whoever you are-but with a political consciousness. And, vice versa: You want to be a feminist because you want to be exactly who you are. That may be a person patriarchal society doesn’t value or allow-from a female cadet at the Citadel to a lesbian mother. Maybe you feel aligned with the self-determination and human rights implicit in feminism, but you also organize your life around race, religion, or class, rather than solely around gender. For instance, in the Reader’s Companion to U.S. Women’s History, the editors list 17 prominent kinds of feminism based on identity, including American Indian, Arab American, Asian American, Jewish, Latina, Lesbian, Marxist, Puerto Rican, and Working Class. There are also womanists, which, as coined and defined by novelist and poet Alice Walker, designates a black feminist (womanists are rarely men) without having to “add a color to become visible.” Womanism, distinct from feminism’s often white-centered history, is an alternative casting of the same basic beliefs about equality and freedom, and few womanists would deny the link to feminism. While each of these groups is magnetized by political equality, some additional aspect of their personhood needs to be emphasized because it affects their struggle for equality.”

    *snip – although the entire article is found at the website for anyone to read, “What is Feminism?”

    “Feminism’s philosophy certainly isn’t narrow-minded enough to be solely about our sexuality or our pay-checks, and certainly not about man-hating or chivalry. (In our opinion, whoever gets to the door first should be responsible for opening it). Still, some people choose to stay away from feminism because they don’t want to be associated with spooky stereotypes about feminists and their freaky excesses. You know this rap: some feminists think all sex is rape, all men are evil, that you have to be a lesbian to be a feminist, you can’t wear Girlie clothes or makeup, or that married women are lame. This conversation is usually baiting and can ride the force of homophobia or internalized Phallofilia (socialized glorification of the male principle and men). Women who love lipstick and also standing up for themselves, but are not politicized, are especially vulnerable to being conned into distancing themselves from the movement, while fully hoping for and expecting to be treated equally. “

  574. Of course not.


    …maybe if the kitten was transgendered though. Y’know – to each their own.


  575. catablob says:

    I’ve been reading all the posts.
    I’m sorry if what I have to add makes me sound like a complete a**wipe, I was going to not say anything, but, as mehitabal the cat would say: wothehell wothehell.

    I actually think its really interesting and cool that people have so many strong feelings and ideas about the issues being raised here, and that they feel impassioned about expressing their views.
    So much for the idea that apathy rules!
    These topics really are important to our every day lives (at least that’s what i think), and seeing peoples energy to discuss it is actually really inspiring to me in an age when it often seems like people don’t care. But also there has been a lot of personal negativity, which I think just happens in part because its hard to have a discussion like this online.
    I will not make everyone barf by saying ‘can’t we all just get along.’
    What I hope is that as people making these arguments go back to their non-internet lives, they will keep thinking about these things, forget about the vitriol, and keep an open mind to other ideas and viewpoints.
    And I’m not saying this because I feel ‘above’ the opinions. In reading I certainly had a lot of personal reactions and feelings of agreeing and disagreeing, muttering snotty rebuttals to myself, etc.
    But as I kept reading I also felt like it was really illuminating to read so many different ideas about these issues, and just really cool to see how much people were thinking about it all.
    So there. Wothehell.

  576. legalmom says:

    I thought *snicker* silicone was poisonous to kitties??

  577. Winni-Pig says:

    Hi Meg:

    I’m kinda wondering why the photo you linked to above was under the “ge-ross” category?!

    Here is one of the more memorable comments from that confersation….

    “D2D – He is kinda purty ain’t he. I lurve me some beefy fire-fight’n men…with kittens.”

    Bootiful. Not ge-ross!


  578. Winn-Pig says:

    Sorry, missed an edit – the comment was by Mel and credit should have followed the quotes.

    The “bootiful, not ge-ross” is mine.

  579. “Although I am sure that PFS will tell me that my daughter is already psychically damaged by the system and destined for a life of male-dominated servitude. As if.”

    You make an excellent point. Because YOUR daughter is OK based on one comment and a narrow view of the argument, clearly there are no issues. There are no young girls with low self-esteem or eating disorders from being constantly bombarded by the media with images of girls who are bone-thin, and flawlessly pretty. Nope. Never heard of those problems everywhere.

  580. Or perhaps it’s entirely possible that the mother in question in the quote you are responding to has done an excellent job of providing her daughter with the tools for a healthy self esteem and body image?

    no one is denying that issues surrounding low self esteem and body image and eating disorders exist. I just happen to feel that you make an assumption surrounding one individual you’ve actually not even met, and furthermore, pulled the quote out of it’s full context (anyone can scroll up and find the original in full) and presented an opinion that is removed from that original context.

  581. Winni-Pig — the “gee-ross” tag is on the upside-down pug post, not this one.

  582. ATTENTIOIN BERTHASLAVE: You MUST check out today’s!!!

    (Oh, yes, it’s a conspiracy. A wonderful, adorable conspiracy. DO IT!)

  583. After so long without the racks stuff, I thought it was gone for good. Seriously. It is so tacky.
    I know a lot of women who have felt alienated by this site when it was posting stuff like this all time.
    This site would be pretty much perfect without this tacky crap.

  584. Winni-Pig says:

    Hey Theo:

    The image I was referring to came from a response to something way back in this probably record-setting
    chain of posts –

    In the tags it is “ge-ross” and “kittens”, for someone searching. Not “intriguing to consider”!

  585. momof2kitties says:

    Ermine: As you are well aware, I am a survivor of teenage bulimia. And therefore, ultra-sensitive to issues regarding body image, health and the like, especially as I raise a daughter in this society. But of course you already know that about me.

    Oh, wait. You’ve never met me. Or my daughter. But thanks for not judging me.

  586. Ooh, I had to go back and look again myself. I’m telling you, it’s a Big Fat Orange Conspiracy!

  587. Winni — oh THAT… that was my doing.

    And no, this thread doesn’t touch the local commentroversy record, but I knew somebody would ask. Heh. At least *this* time there’s been some attempt to address a real-world issue.

  588. momof2kitties says:

    Oh, I forgot. Thanks, Vampy, for backing me up. Appreciate it.

    *fist bump*

  589. Winni-Pig says:


    But really, you can’t leave this relatively newcomer CO’er in the dark! What was the record?

    This reminds me of something we had up here a few months ago, when a single mom of 4 was fired from her min. wage job for giving away a donut hole (.16 cent value). Almost 900 comments on the website of the most influential daily in the country. And weren’t the people who started trashing the woman for milking the system with all her bas***d children embarassed when it was revealed that she was a 27 y.o. new widow. People will say anything when they don’t have to face others in person.

  590. page Hayes says:

    next it will be “kits n’ nips!”
    or maybe not.

  591. momof2kitties says:

    Teho! Are you trying to keel me?

    I live not too far from Spring Lake. Not when marmies are involved anyway. I could easily run over and get one to send to Berthashouseboy.

    Road Trip!!

  592. Cheryl-Lee says:

    I think its cute :o) I like kittens n I have boobs! lmao

  593. That’d be one hell of a road trip, and with cats in the car…

  594. MY GOD, people! You all have entirely too much time on your hands to be arguing over this crap. Cute lions!!

  595. momof2kitties says:

    Not a problem at all. I have three cat carriers and 3 patient, cat-loving children as helpers. Our kitties regularly make the four hour drive Up North to the “vacation house” with nary a hiss. Just the occasional urp from George.

  596. Oh, good lo’– last time I checked, we were up to only 350 on the commentroversy tally. Now it’s over 580?


    (Is this a record, Teho?)

  597. momof2kitties says:

    Not even close, J. Bo.

    Hey, T!! What is the record anyway?

  598. CoffeeCup says:

    I’m so late in the game! But I was at work, and seriously, does CO with a CnR entry impact my work filters? Cause if it does, please please please please please do it as a link or something? I’d really like to NOT get a visit from my boss on my internet activities. “Kittens, puppies, bunnies. Not THOSE kinds of bunnies. Just floppy earred ones. Yes, sir.”

    Also, my first response to that photo was “MY EYES!” Not so much that they were big boobs, or that there was a cat smushed in there somewhere, but that they were so tanned it couldn’t have possibly been natural/healthy. And also, that orange shirt made my eyes seizure a little, but that’s because I have black hair and wearing orange makes people think of Halloween.

    Coming off of reading Diablo Cody’s “Candy Girl” I can’t say that I’m more uncomfortable with the sexualization of body parts by the media and certain members of society who think with the “blame the victim” mentality. I mean, I’m not a low-cut top high-cut skirt type of girl, but to some people, a sundress does it. If we had to ignore what everyone we encounter might think of our bodies or what we wore, we’d have to wear nothing and something at the same time, and that’s just impossible.

    I wasn’t a big fan of wearing tank tops until pretty recently…the idea being that I lost about 10 pounds, am not so self-conscious about my arms and my stomach and I’m wearing tank tops. Whether they’re v-neck or not, am I drawing attention to my figure by NOT wearing a gigantic sweatshirt?

    People make of things what they will. I know people who would shun me for wearing pants…if they think women should only wear dresses or skirts, I can’t do anything to change their minds. If they think that close-fitting clothing (i.e. clothes that fit you, not clothes that threaten to break ribs) are a way of obviously drawing a man’s eye to your body…that’s their reasoning. I don’t dress “trashy” but I can’t help it if that’s the way some people go when women wear perfectly reasonable outfits. It is ludicrous to feel that we have to tailor ourselves so that no one else is tempted to think bad thoughts.

  599. CreepyGroovy said: “…At first I thought you were just a pretentious Wellesley student…”

    Ouch! We’re not all pretentious! Or perhaps I was way back when I was at Wellesley…golly, I hope I didn’t sound like PFS.

  600. You da man, Teho! It didn’t even *occur* to me to attempt a link.

  601. J.Bo, I can’t find them now (my browser is sloooow, maybe Teho can help with this) but I know there are at least two threads that got even longer and more crazy than this one. Though this may take the cake for longest sustained nuffing by a single commenter without break!

    Incidentally, I keep having to scroll up to re-look at this pic again. THE KITTY JUST LOOKS SO HAPPY I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT!

  602. cheesybird says:

    Darnit! There are no lions in frame! I guess that gives me time to say a thing or two over here. (Ha! I told myself I wouldn’t get sucked into the commentroversy. Fool that I was.)

    Subhangi, thank you so much for your excellent, eloquent, thought provoking post!

    Vampy, thank you so much for quoting that wonderful definition from After some of the hateful rhetoric that was spewed here in the last 24 hours, it was so nice to see acknowledgment that at its heart, feminism is meant to be *inclusive*!

    I am not a fan of raunch culture. I agree with PFS that it does nothing to empower women, and it promotes an unrealistic caricature of women’s sexuality. Having said that, I’m a big fan of allowing women to embrace their own *true* sexuality in what ever form that takes, even if that matches “the ideals of the patriarchy”. And what seems to have been forgotten by PFS is that women are also sexual beings! Yes, we need to be taken seriously in business and politics, but why can’t we be sexual beings AND be taken seriously in business and politics?

    I can’t find it in my scrollings (500+ posts… forgive me) but I believe it was PFS who earlier commented that a woman wearing revealing clothing is going to be assumed to be a bimbo while a woman wearing a suit will be taken more seriously in business. Well, yes, but a man who shows up for a job interview in bermuda shorts and flip flops will not be taken seriously either. But I get your point. Women ARE sexualized more than men in this culture, and people will make assumptions about you based on how you’re dressed. The trick however, is to challenge those assumptions. I’m a (euphemism) full-figured woman myself who does not believe I need to hide my figure to be taken seriously. I believe that I can allow myself to be a sexual being AND also a strong, intelligent woman. I have been known to show some cleavage, but it has never held me back professionally. I have two degrees and am about to get my third, and am taken seriously in my field. If people make assumptions about me based on the way I dress, that’s their problem. Once I open my mouth, they’ll know that I’m more than my sexuality, and if they don’t figure that out, they’re not welcome in my life. That’s feminism in my book.

    I left the US more than a decade ago. I now live in a country where breasts are out there in the open, gracing billboards and TV ads for deodorant. Sexualized? Probably. Degrading? I don’t think so. At the same time, however, day care is subsidized, birth control is available on a nationalized health plan, and reproductive rights are not threatened. I doubt I’ll be returning to the US until the same thing can be said there. If you want to fight inequality in the workforce, pay inequities, and the patriarchy, you’re better off starting with those issues than worrying about someone who took a picture of a cat curled around her breast.

    So much for not getting sucked into the commentroversy. Ooh! The cubs are back in frame! I’m off!

  603. pinkfuzzyslippers said
    “Thank you for proving my point. You “love women” so much you want to encourage them to dress sexy for your admiration and appreciation. That’s objectification, hon.”

    I can’t believe you called another woman “hon”. THAT is the most sexist thing I’ve ever heard. and you call yourself a feminist. If you want to know what feminism is all abut then go or or and learn something!

  604. Actually branan, she said that to a man. She reserved terms like sexpot barbie, patriarchal tool, and dollface for the women.

  605. Furbabies says:

    Good Day! I see that PFS has left this thread all knotted up. I still can’t get over how a seemingly innocent snap of a kitty snoozing in a comfy spot is sexist. The focus of the whole thing is the cat not the female’s chest. Are we as a society so wrapped up in shame that we fail to see the beauty in nature? So sad.

  606. Thanks to all of you (Bertha, Vampy, etal) who have stood up to defend our right to dress to please ourselves, no one else.

    Off to watch the lions now!!

  607. Trash, plain and simple. Way to be classless.

  608. …says “Trash”. LOL.

  609. Furbabies says:

    Theo – you are in fine form today. You are Ed. aren’t you? Very amusing comments, and right on the money.

    [Thanks, yes I am, and I get a lot of practice here… – Ed.]

  610. CreepyGroovy says:

    Sorry, MegusMaximus, no resemblance intended. You sound like you can handle a sweet kitten nestling on a pretty breast. The only Wellesley grad I met sounded like PFS, so it was a handy way to stereotype her.

    I actually don’t think the vitriol and puffery she lobbed last night was real. I have some suspicions about her (his?) underlying intentions.

    After all, no one who advocates a positive modern feminist view can think ham-fisted diatribes help promote anything other than condescension and loathing for feminist theory. With friends like PFS on our side, who needs enemies, right?

  611. CreepyGroovy — unfortunately, i have known real-life women who think like PFS. in a couple of cases, they were women who i didn’t know very well but actually sort of liked because they were smart or funny, until i found out from other people that they did not like me because they considered me slutty or unempowered for very superficial reasons. it was very disappointing, and i was kind of like, “hmm, yeah i guess she doesn’t wear makeup or skirts much…just thought it was a matter of preference” whereas she was actually dressing to send particular signals and assuming i was doing the same. very frustrating.

  612. Boobies! OMG boobies!!!!oneone!!eleventyone!!!

  613. WHERE!!?????!minegoestoeleven!?

  614. Boobies? Seriously? 🙂

    Wow, I just got pissy and left last evening to go to sewing class (omg, a traditionally feminine activity, PFS is gonna call me a bad feminist ;))and missed all the fun.

    First of all, I’m currently objectifying the hell outta Berthacabanaboy and Subhangi’s brains.

    Second, PFS was a nasty PITA, but I couldn’t help but notice that she said that she has been severely verbally harrassed in the past. So to her I say: it’s not your fault. Their behavior was unacceptable, not your body. You did nothing wrong, and no woman who is harrassed or objectified or treated badly did anything wrong. No one deserves that, no matter how they look. Stop making excuses for the ones who are guilty, and stop using feminism to justify it.

  615. I actually had nightmares about this. Do you know how hard it is to have a nightmare about boobs?

    Subhangi, your post was awesome, thank you for taking the time.

    PFS: I am concerned about issues of free speech and that’s why I know about the Max Hardcore case. You wouldn’t catch me near that stuff personally. And how could I be a “closet” misogynist when you have been calling me one in the open in so many posts? I LOATHE Max Hardcore and think he should rot in hell, but that’s how wrong I think you are and how angry you make me. I’d rather contribute to his legal right to express himself artistically just to spite you. Or at least to get you to THINK about how idiotic you are being.

    I think my one incredulity is that you actually said that the feminist scholars I was referring to might not meet YOUR definition of feminism. There IS NO SINGLE DEFINITION of feminism, certainly not one determined by an individual. Linda Williams not a feminist? Laura Kipnis? Of course, you’ve never read or heard of these women, so you wouldn’t know. But that’s like saying “Well, Willie Mays was an athlete, but he doesn’t fit my definition of a baseball player.”

    Why am I even talking to you? I want to talk to everyone else!

    Hi everyone else! Aren’t marmie cats awesome? Isn’t it cool when women can express themeselves? Isn’t it neat that someone had a camera around when the kitty fell asleep? Isn’t it neat how men and women can get along and treat each other well and with mutual respect? That was a lot harder to do a few generations ago — thank you, women’s movement and civil rights movement and progressive political action! Yay for recent history!

    Yay for Meg and Theo!

  616. Llamas == GREAT point. And true, I think. It is my experience that narrow-minded feminists like PFS are often covering up a world of pain and shame that would be difficult for anyone to bear. I wish she had chosen a more productive way to channel her anxiety and damage.

    Meanwhile, objectify away. That’s what the imagination is for (among other things).

  617. Furbabies says:

    Point: All men “harass” women. It’s called the mating game. Men posture to women, but the woman chooses the man. Survival of the tittest. That is how humankind survived and grew. Did you ever notice that the woman that fusses the most, is the woman most likely NOT to be harassed? They misconstrue any attention given to them as an obscene gesture.

    [*SNICKER* – Ed.]
    […OK, I stuck a fake typo in there. IT WAS MEEEE! AHAHAHAHAAA! – Ed.]

  618. B-Serv — re: “Do you know how hard it is to have a nightmare about boobs?”

    Remember those old TV commercials with the scrubbing bubbles?…

  619. Oh, and the Daily Kitten post was pretty awesome.

    Probably next week on the marmie. Probably.

  620. Like I said a few times, PFS only wants the world to agree with her own definition of feminism (which is an extremist one) and will badger, bully and worse in order to achieve that end.

    THAT is why I call her extremist.

    My definition of feminism tends to be far more fluid and can and is influenced by mature, intelligent, accepting discussion, mature, well thought out, well researched books, dissertations and articles, and by examples set by strong, intelligent, reasonable, mature, accepting men and women who live what they say under the umbrella without calling another woman they disagree with a “sexpot Barbie”

  621. Chicklet says:

    I have my “kittens” out at my desk right now – I’m wearing 2 tops and a sports bra, and they’re STILL making their presence known. For those people who are screaming “fake” and “tacky” – frankly you’re just jealous. Those bewbs are awesome, and juxtaposed with the sweetness of the kitten reminds us that our body are NOT merely objects, but, as someone mentioned, a source of joy and comfort.
    I say this as I adjust my shallow V neck for the third time – at the office, where I have a real, actual job. Doesn’t mean I’m a slut or even wearing something low-cut. I’m always covered and “double- bagged” but some things just refuse to be ignored.
    As Jessica Rabbit said “I’m just drawn this way”.
    Just focus on the cute little Marmie and how soft it must feel! RELAX!!

  622. That *might* be TMI, Chicklet.

  623. Chicklet says:

    And as someone who has both had her intelligence and virtue maligned BECAUSE of aforementioned rack – I’m thrilled to see someone who can enjoy their own body regardless.
    Hatred of the female form (which is what some of you are expressing – make NO mistake about that)is NOT feminist.
    It’s sad.

  624. Furbabies says:

    The “tittest”? Theo, that was brilliant. Just wished I had thought of it. *pout*

  625. Practice, Furbabies! 😉

  626. Chicklet says:

    Hi Theo, it might be TMI – but some of these posts really struck a nerve – I saw the picture and giggled a little, then made the mistake of reading some (okay a lot) of these posts – and all the sneering, leering HATEFUL looks I’ve had from WOMEN over the years came flooding back.
    The judgments some of these people are leveling at this pic come from a very angry place, and I pictured that woman in the picture reading them.

  627. Furbabies says:

    Practice I will indeed, Master Theo.

  628. You know what’s nice?

    That the discussion is now far more reasonable and dare I say it, shows slices of humour, that could not occur last night.

  629. Chicklet — here you go!

    (I’m not helping, am I.)

  630. Chicklet says:

    LOL!! That’s practically what I’m wearing now! Just with a little flower in the middle – to make it you know… pretty.
    Sorry to appear humourless, but some of the posts were just — like WOW!!
    Oh well. I thought the kitten was adorable.

  631. Vampy — i agree. i’m really impressed with the level of this discussion when compared to other commentroverseys. intelligent, nuanced, and respectful (for the most part!).

  632. lol @ the outraged NSFW contingent. You know what else isn’t safe for work? Surfing the web when you should be – you know…working.

    Just sayin’!

  633. wagthedogma says:

    Amen, Vampy. And thank you for posting that information awhile back from Even though feminism has evolved over the last 30 or so years (and yes, I was there), it became painfully obvious here last night that, sadly, some feminists have not.

    And BerthaServant? If loving you is wrong, I don’t *wanna* be right! 😀

  634. Wagthedogma, you may have my favorite commenter name ever now ^_^.

  635. Katrina says:

    The palaver seems to have subsided, and thank you to all of you who used the word ‘breast’. It was refreshing.

    Long ago, Theo explained to me in a single sentence that I wandered into (and made worse), a commentroversy in which I really didn’t want to participate. So, I stopped writing. But not reading.

    Now it is a new day, many of us have read the entire saga, some are exhausted from the whole thing.

    Regroup, you are among friends, peeps, even, and we are each other’s sounding boards. For better or worse, we are all on a big sounding board.

    Theo- you have done a yeoman’s service to us all, thank you.

    Now I’ll go back to writing our 24 Certificates of Merit and Special Citations to 24 of the best youth musicians on the planet- not best because of their prowess or
    strength, but instead, of their 24 sensitivities and 24 willingnesses to become an ensemble. Like the usual CO peeps. Good show everyone, that’s a wrap! Get some rest, it is a big world of uncute out there and the world needs us.

  636. wagthedogma says:

    Thanks, Jupiter Star! I wag it whenever I can! 😀

  637. Thanks, Katrina. Truth be told, though, I’m still most proud of the BOOBS song, as far as my work here in *this* thread.

    [humming a jaunty march]

  638. […along with Cinders, the pig in wellies]

  639. Very interesting discussion here. You wouldn’t think that a pair of boobies could cause this much agitation. It reminds me of the Super Bowl and Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction. I couldn’t believe that people were offended because “I had to explain it to my child(ren).” Oh, God forbid that someone has to explain a breast to their own child! I haven’t heard anyone complain about the approximately 17,000 ads for erectile dysfunction that were aired during the same game. (The complainers were not all women either, there was a good number of men in there too.) My point? I guess that some people have a very strange idea of what is offensive. For the record, I didn’t find JJ offensive, just funny, and the barrage of ED ads, well, enough margaritas and you don’t even notice them. Is the young woman in this picture showing off her assets? Probably. I mean, let’s be honest. The chances that she’s just being maternal is about as good as the chance that Hooter’s is popular because they serve great wings. But so what? Assuming that she is 18 or over and did it willingly, who really cares? There are far greater atrocities towards women (and men) than having fun looking at a pair of cute boobies and a kitty. So if you are offended by the picture, move on to another one or another site. There are plenty of cute animal sites out there. But please, pick your battles because people in places like Darfur, Iran and Uganda have it much, much worse.

    FYI, I’m a 54 year old woman who remembers being asked (legally) questions such as: are you married? do you plan to get pregnant soon? will your husband let (!!!) you work overtime? during my first job interviews after college. Can you imagine how infuriating that was? Needless to say, I answered by saying “This interview is over” and walking out.

  640. wagthedogma says:

    I had the same experience in a job interview right after I was married, runr…and I reacted as you did. Oh yeah, the good old days, when sexual harassment was just another day at the office. Guess we really had to learn to take care of ourselves back then, eh?

  641. Good discussion, everyone! It’s highly encouraging to see so many intelligent, articulate ideas about gender bias and feminism being posted here. I feel like we all need to get together and have a kaffeklatch or something! LOL!

  642. I continue to be stunned at the volume of posts on this commentroversy!

    I read CO comments all the time but rarely post. After this whole discussion I feel obliged to say how TEWTELLY intelligent, cool and funny so many of you are! Not only that, you all love to look at teh cute. How much better can a community be?

    (I hate ending my sentences with a preposition. But my mind is officially too tired to care.)

  643. I’ve also been inspired to change my MySpace mood. One small step for woman-kind! (ha.)

  644. BeanSidhe says:

    Wow. Between Berthalackey’s theses (publish, dude, publish!) and PFS’s cranky fit, Hilly almost blew up from wordage.
    I find the whole “pseudo-feminism” ranting extremely frightening AND scary. I was born on Women’s Equality Day (August 26) and seeing posts like PFS’s really make me wonder what that day actually means to the angry feminist. And I am proud that my rack was a safe place for the little farm kitty I rescued two years ago to rest and heal, and is still her favorite nappingks spot. And I wear my birthday proudly, too, for it is a reminder of my strength and the strength of the generations of women who fought the system so we have the right today to wear LOW CUT TOPS and hey, how about that voting thing? That kinda kicks ass, too.
    That said, KITTEH!!

  645. linders says:

    628. love it.

    So lets talk about the economy or something else that should make people put 628 comments.

  646. Furbabies says:

    Yes, this has been a fun and enlightening commentroversy. I do enjoy teh cute and teh peeps here!

  647. Don’t worry, Katfighter; “be” is a verb, not a preposition, so you’re safe from the grammar police… THIS TIME.

  648. Tim Russert died today 😦


    there’s a new discussion for you.

  649. Of course, I would NEVER say that correlation implies causality, but the tone/discourse has significantly improved since PFS left the discussion.

    Very well put, Katrina and Vampy. Personally, I think it’s important to discuss dissenting opinions — provided that those dissenting can discuss rationally and without rancor. There ARE potential “problems” with this picture, what it represents, and the way we talk about it. Simply demonizing someone who has a completely different opinion does damage to both sides.

    Curiously, I’m most proud of the post I made at 9:19 pm (Pacific time).

    I haven’t even looked at the lions in a day.

  650. BeanSidhe says:

    Heard about it on Sean Hannity, of all places. He was absolutely stunned, apparently he and Russert got on very well. As are we all stunned…
    so let’s enjoy the Cute.

  651. Oh, phew, J. Bo! I actually realized that after I posted, but I told you my brain is out of commission…yay for the weekend! w00t!

  652. Furbabies says:

    BS – yes that comment was rather snide, wasn’t it? Love it.

  653. PEOPLE, do you see what happens? My beloved Hillary drops out of the race and suddenly the feminists go to war with each other. O, Hillary, come save us with your mighty bosoms of power!!! (Don’t worry, I love me some Obama too…Actually, hold on one sec, I’m going to go watch the Yes We Can video and get all inspired.)

    Ah, that’s better.

    Now, on a slightly tangential note: I love all of you academics. And HOORAY for the Wellesley peeps sticking up for your leedle school! I went to Pomona and I’m constantly having to remind people that we are so much MORE than that crazy liberal arts college that has gender-neutral bathrooms to avoid offending people like PFS who don’t like to be labeled by their sex.

  654. Berthas, is that the “me think for you” comment? That shish was effin’ HILARIOUS. I love a good, biting zinger!

  655. Actually, Hib, it was the “Toots” comment, said in a Sinatra voice.

    I don’t think anything’s wrong with Wellesley. Or Hillary Clinton, she rocks, and if you agree and you want to vote for McCain, you’re an ijjit!

    I should have gone to Wellesley. Or Vassar or one of those other mostly girl colleges. Of course, with my luck, I’ll get a job teaching there. Wouldn’t PFS love that? Misogynist sexist me around all of those intellectually curious co-eds? “Sure, sure I’m a feminist…but have you read what Laura Kipnis has written about pleasure and the lower body? Let’s talk about it at office hours…”

  656. zerosmom says:

    WOW is this like the longest commentroversy evar?? Humankind is MEANT to reproduce and the form of the opposite sex is meant to be attractive… WOW what a concept!

  657. Furbabies says:

    I got it, I got it….Ala Mel Gibson- SUGAR TITS!

  658. Furbabies says:

    I can’t believe no one else said this!

  659. But wouldn’t sugar tits apply if it was a sugar glider snoozing away in there?

  660. Or, you know, a couple of those little English songbirds?

  661. On a tree by a river a little tom-tit
    Sang “Willow, titwillow, titwillow”
    And I said to him, “Marmy-cat, why do you sit
    Singing ‘Willow, titwillow, titwillow'”
    “Is it weakness of intellect, kitteh?” I cried
    “Or a do you prefer to bra-snorgle inside?”
    With a honk-shu from his poor little head, he replied
    “Oh, willow, titwillow, titwillow!”

  662. Gilbertha and Servillan!

  663. Woohoo! Come on people, let’s get to 700!


    Tiny kitteh? Or big boobie?

  664. Furbabies says:

    Pussycats of Titzance! The model of a modern Major Mammary.

  665. Janeyferr says:


    is this supposed to be a lot of breast being shown? cus i have more available for viewing when i got visit my gran.. :S

  666. Okay…my eyes are tired. I don’t think I’ve ever waded through an entire commentroversy before, but I found myself getting sucked into this one.

    And you know what? I don’t really think PFS believes half of what she posted. She was merely egging people on. I am impressed, however, by the intelligent responses of others. But seriously, if she really believed everything she said, why would she ridicule those few who actually agreed with some of her points, thereby turning them completely against her, as well? If she was trying to persuade people to agree with her, she was doing a very bad job of it. That someone so well spoken could turn so many against her while trying to make a point leads me to believe she was not trying to persuade at all, but to provoke and annoy. She did a good job of it. A troll extraordinaire!

  667. I still say this picture is just screaming for a campaign for mass-produced marmie-kinis. Offend PFS’s of all kinds!

  668. Shaz, I guess we need to get her some business cards for her to hand out whenever she pops up from under her bridge again! ^_^.

  669. I love kittens. They are cute. I love boobies. They can be a great fashion accessory and constant reminder of how pretty I am. I am a straight woman. I love CNR.

  670. I think Berthaminion’s song would more likely be from ‘The Me-cat-do’

    Just sayin’

  671. Oh, and can I just say…

    I am so impressed with how well people (read Berthalackey et al) can vocalize while being frustrated with a troll. I kept trying to write something pithy and witty and devastating but the growling was interfering.

    I’ve grown up a ‘feminist’ with a ‘feminist’ mom and step-mom (did my dad know how to pick em, or what?) and the only thing I know for certain is that feminism appears everywhere and in all forms, but tolerance is the one thing that was preached in my homes. Most people here have shown great patience and tried to explain and educate without putting anybody down, and I appreciate it.

    That is all

  672. Katherine says:

    Can I just say… I LOVE commentroversies!!! Keep ’em coming Meg!

    PS: If you call yourself a feminist, it should be about embracing your sexuality not hiding it. The end.

    But really… the commentroversies… I LOOOOOOOOOOVE them!!!

  673. I <3 people like BerthaS, Vampy, Furbabies, Theo and the rest who are well informed, educated individuals who don't belittle others just for spite. On the other hand, people like PFS befuddle me. How can you be filled with so much hate? Oh, and I have a right to feel sexy if I want to and your wanting women to "cover up" just to "blend in" is more "Patriarchal" than Feminist... You seem to be filled with so much bitterness that you lose sight of what we're here for which is the cute kitty... and your remarks are highly offensive... not the cute animal pictures.
    So, that aside… Much <3 to all my fellow CO'ers. Keep the cute pics coming! :)

  674. Just cuz I loffs you (in a totally unobjectified way), Berthaservant….Foster Marmie pics!

    Hope the darn link works!!

  675. My thought was “christ, nice soft porn on CO.” Yes, CNR can be cute, but let’s call a spade a spade. This isn’t a “cute thing” – this is a pic of purchased boobies sent in by an exhibitionist. So don’t say it’s not sexual – she seems to be sending in a boob pic with a cat as an afterthought. And it looks like kitty is going ot need CPR – can he breathe???

  676. Thanks Gail!

    And Snappy: About 540 comments ago, someone claimed the rack was “fake” but offered no proof. I’m no expert but it looks real to me. What makes you call this rack “purchased?”

    And — how can tucking a cat that far into your rack and allowing it to fall asleep for a picture be an “afterthought” for a boob pic? First of all, the boob-owner in question did not send this photo in. Second, if you want to send in a photo of yourself in various states of undress there are numerous websites that will allow you to do this without the difficulty of having to arrange a cute animal with claws in close proximity to these sensitive areas.

    It’s okay if you don’t like the pic, I just don’t get your logic.

    Why am I still here?

  677. margaritacomment says:

    i was reading this thread earlier today and was kinda shocked at how many people have been actively participating in this “conversation” for almost 3 days. just got home from having a few drinks and this was still up…. refreshed the page and DANG. You people are still talking about this s**t??!?!?!? i know i’m tipsy and things seem a lot more severe when you’re in this statebutseriously?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Yyou are nerds. berthawhosywhatsit…come on, dude. who cares? yeah the boobxs look real…. yeah the cat looks comfy. WHATEVES. academia and the interwebs are making you a crazy person. go outside for a minute.. everybody… get some fresh air…. yeah i’m drunkityglurpitydrunk but i think i have a point:GETOVERITANDGETOFFTHECOMPUTER.

  678. Friends don’t let friends drink and type

  679. legalmom~a future lawyer says:

    Pursonally: id luv it if Berthaslave has a brother (40ish) just with the same attitude and appittude as he.
    Its refreshing to find/hear from a feminist man. not the typical ‘mucho-macho’ cave crap..*save me please*!
    BTW- is there some sort of Spousal Trade in program for us fed up sufferaget’s out there?? I need a change.
    I was hand fed all the Gloria Steinham/hippy(burn yer bra) crap from my mom. i REALLY need a purge.
    Keep going Berthaslave! You have my Ta-Ta’s voting for you :^)

  680. momof2kitties: Uh. Exactly… in what way did I judge you? I assumed nothing about you. My comment was entirely based on what you posted here. Your post said basically this: “My daughter doesn’t think this post is obscene, therefore there is no problem in society.” I responded to that by pointing out that just because your daughter is fine, doesn’t mean anything about the rest of society. That is all. I don’t see how I judged you in any way, shape or form. If that wasn’t what you meant, well, that is what you posted.

    If you are extremely aware of body image issues, then you must see how the media perpetuates this, which really was the entire point of what I was saying. But you skipped over that and headed straight for the unjustified righteous indignation. Next time, if you could include the indignation AND a counterpoint, that would be swell. Then we’d actually be having a discussion. Wouldn’t that be neat?

  681. Dogbreath says:

    I didn’t know what the Firefox logo looked like, so I Googled it. The logo came up, along with this photo! Pretty funny!

  682. libelula says:


  683. I wasn’t going to post. But then I saw there was 666 posts and decided to save someone from sleepless night (surely the beast’s number has to freak people out, if a sight of some healthy flesh without nipples do)…
    I’ve said this before: People, make sure your daughters don’t grow up being ashamed of their (or other womens’) naked bodies. Girls growing up need to be around real-life examples of how we women change from puberty through pregnancy and unfortunately also sickness into old age. If girls know what is the difference with natural body and magazine pictures, they accept their own bodies better. They are not brainwashed either by porno industry or overly conservative people, nor do they get horrified at a sight of a helthy set of breasts.
    We can maybe (just maybe!)argue if this picture is tasteful. But there is something terribly wrong with a person who gets actually upset about it…

  684. this is just not very tasteful as i know that kids check this site daily for cute pictures and they do NOT need to be seeing this. i personally find it disgusting but not necessarily offensive, however it is def not appropriate for children and the people posting these pictures need to remember their audience.

  685. …and everything I tried to say was said better by berthaservant earlier, so people should just look that up…

  686. bats :[ says:

    I’m a straight woman, and I have a rack, and I would KILL to have mine look as good as this one.
    Oh, and I’ll take the fuzzy accessory, too.

  687. Furbabies says:

    Oh dear, here we go again. Mera, did you breastfeed? Have you ever worn a bathing suit? Tank top? What is shown here is nothing more than what you would see at the beach or the pool. In fact, you would see far more there, you are forgetting thong bottoms! I am pretty sure that the woman in this photo merely pulled down her top a bit to show off her kitty. It was intended to be a cute kitty photo, not a masterpiece for masturbating. Oops, is that a no-no too?

  688. Mera….really? Kids don’t need to see the upper portion of a breast?


    What was that others were saying about healthy body issues? I believe Janni made an EXCELLENT point, right above Mera’s.

    You don’t have to be madly in love with a freaking picture, but try a little reality check before you either start blindfolding children when they leave the house or start trying to enforce burkas for all women.

  689. Candice says:

    Any girl that is willing to take a picture with their cat in their shirt – and then post the picture on the internet like that is…

    A WHORE!!!!!!

    Where the heck is the self-respect in this world?

  690. Ya know, I’m never, ever, EVER going to understand why people freak out at the sight of cleavage. And to call it disgusting is just, to me, odd and indicative of the need for a bit of therapy to deal with personal issues surrounding sex and the human body.

  691. Candice,

    That word is disgusting, every bit as wrong as any word slurring someone’s racial background.

  692. Laureth says:

    Funny…*every* single preemie kitten, sick kitten, and taken away from their mommies too soon, kitten we ever had ended up in my shirt (yes, oh the horror, with my *rack*). Why? Kept them warm and next to a heartbeat all the time so they could grow and feel secure. So my first reaction was “kewl looks like the baby is going to make it”. Perspective is a funny thing.

    And feminism has *always* been divided into the more radical and the less. As a child I was told that equality was the freedom to have equal opportunity to be who we were naturally, without censure. Equal doesn’t really mean *exactly* the same. Otherwise, you’re just trading one form of domination and control for another. Think about it.

  693. Wow, Candice. I’m not a huge fan of the picture, either, but you’ve kind of wandered into crazytown.

  694. Furbabies says:

    With PFS as Mayor!!!! (Sorry, I just had to.)

  695. momof2kitties says:

    @ Ermine: I agree, my response was snarky and indignant.

    But I was responding to the use of “YOUR daughter” which feels like a personal attack. She is fine and has a healthy self-image. She bases her value on things like her grades in school and her athletic prowess on the playing field. I couldn’t be more proud of her or more in awe of how well put together she is for 13. I was nowhere near her maturity level at that age. I am well aware that she is in the minority in that regard. I made no mention of society in the larger view, only my daughter’s reaction to the photo, as another viewpoint to add to the discussion. As most of the commenters on CO are adults I thought it would be interesting to see how another generation sees it. That’s all I meant.

    As a result of my twisted teenaged years, I am hyper aware of body issues in the media, etc. etc. and am beginning to see that at least so far, I have done a good job with the one daughter I have. She sees most of the popular media and celebutants as not worth the paper they’re printed on. For this I will be forever grateful.

  696. Candice

    I quite obviously bow to your superior experience of whores.

    And capital letters.

  697. Candice says:

    Eh, I was just trying to lighten things up. Let’s face it, “whore” isn’t THE worst word we’ve seen here so far, and it’s not the most “disgusting,” either. People choose to be whores, they aren’t born that way. So do I think it’s as bad as a racial comment? Not really..

    People are going to post their opinions and responses as a way of justifying their own beliefs and, in a way, trying to prove that they are “right.” There’s no reason to slam someone just because they think differently. As much as I feel there are many valid points in this thread, it’s just gotten out of hand.

    But, in the end, I won’t say the pair of breast – oh, I mean – woman, in the picture has NO self-respect. She just surely isn’t showing any.

  698. Old picture is old.

  699. Catsquatch says:

    Wow, over 600 posts on a pic that had no blood or gore or exposed sexual organs or nuthin….

    Im with the natural folks here, there is nothing wrong with this pic.

    CNR pics arent my personal favorite, mostly cause Ima girl, but I can see how others can enjoy them better than I do, and I can see how some could be offended by them.

    Generally I just skip things that I find offensive though, I rarely feel the need to post my disdain, I find it much more pleasant to read the happy and funny things posted by the people who do enjoy the pics, even in a CNR thread.

    Personally I think Meg does a bang up job of posting something for everyone, from the CNR droolers to the flying penguin lovers, and I applaud her for that, and hope to god she doesnt take any of the nastiness to heart.

    The world just needs to relax man.

  700. momof2kitties: I see. ‘YOUR daughter’ was emphasizing that I did not understand that point of your post. It seemed to be arguing against the things PFS was saying, which was not that everyone is screwed up, it was that the things society ‘tells’ us are screwed up. On that point at least, we all agree. I read your post as “If PFS is right, my daughter should be screwed up, she is not, therefore PFS is wrong”. The added sarcastic ‘As If’ is what started my snarkytrain in motion. This thread has everybody all riled up I think! Anyway, cheers, for having a daughter uncorrupted by these evils. You must be doing good things for that to be the case.

  701. CreepyGroovy says:

    Goody Candice,

    Calm down, sweetie. I agree – valid points be damned! Lock your chastity belt a little tighter after you’re done churning the butter and darning your husbands’ stockings…you need to go to bed early tonight! Why?

    Because your fondest wish is coming true! That breast-baring whore and her tiny kitten familiar will be burned at the town pyre tomorrow morning (early!), and you no doubt want to get a front row seat! Your seething hatred for hussies who dare to show the top fifth of their chests is absolutely palpable, and for a small tithe, we’ll let you strike the first match!

    Cotton Mather would no doubt be so proud of you. Hugs and kisses!

  702. Catsquatch says:



    Very well put!

  703. Actually Candice, it is a word right up there with racial slurs. It is used against women to ‘put them in their place’. any woman who does not fall neatly into the expectations of her society. It has been used against women who have never, ever even thought about selling their bodies on streetcorners or in brothels.

    It’s a gender based slur. And it is a disgusting word, no matter how you chose to rationalize or justify your use of it. Perhaps you should take the time to scroll through the comments and pause on some of the more intelligent and thoughtful ones.

  704. Cat and Racks is uncalled for.

    The only idiots who seek this nonsense are either lesbian or boys.

    IDIOTS. I repeat…..IDIOTS.

    [All boys and lesbians are idiots? This is something I did not know. Wow. – Ed.]

  705. 688 posts? LOL! Cats ‘n Racks MUST be the number 1 commentroversy starter! Teho?

    [Hmm, you mean as a category? Highest average degree of controversy per post, something like that? Could be… – Ed.]

  706. A. Thanks for your kind opinion which falls into the sterotype trap. I am neither a lesbian nor a boy, but then, sex isn’t the first thing that falls into my mind when seeing the image of a kitten snoozing in it’s human mommy’s top either.

  707. Furbabies says:

    Vampy, you know that you’re beating your head against a wall don’t you? People are just not meant to agree, it’s human nature. You know like boobs and kitties.

  708. CreepyGroovy says:

    Oh ho ho, “A”! Youre so smart – you really got us good, by golly!

    What are you, like eleven years old? Does your mommy know you’re on her computer surfing interspecies lesbian boy sites?

    Now go back to your Hannah Montana sticker collection and your Bratz dolls and leave the comments to others. Good try, though. “A” for effort.

  709. forget the kitty…..


    nice titties 😀

  710. these are the kinda comments we want by posting revealing pictures of breasts where the nipple is barely covered by a kitten, right?

  711. In your universe I suppose J.

    Furbabies, I know, I know. But I keep trying, in the vain hopes of spreading logic and common sense. I mean, disagreement is one thing, but some of the knee jerk comments out there are so lacking in basic common sense and logic it’s frightening. Makes me wonder at the direction humanity is going.


    now show me your kitty

  713. momof2kitties says:

    @ Ermine: ‘k. All’s well, then.

    Here. Have a pa-sickie. It’s chocolate.

  714. Okay, lots of discussion around this pic, but at the end of the day, it’s soft porn. Given that this site is intended to be “cute”, it’s unfortunate to see this kind of pic. What’s next … the kitten will be in a naked woman’s crotch with the caption, “pussy on pussy”. No matter which way you slice it, this pic is classless, offensive and should not be on a site that is meant to be for cute pics.

  715. totally agree with Sarah. This is disgusting and the whole cats & racks section needs to be removed.

    [Hmm, OK, I see your point. Deleting now. – Ed]

    […wait, actually, no. – Ed.]

    [By the way, pretending to be three different people by changing screen names is known as “astroturfing”. You totally fail at internets. – Ed.]

  716. i saw this pic a while ago with the lolcaption “i are squish . . . but is ok.” and i agree. kitteh looks pretty happy to be squish. is ok.

    haters: please go hate somewhere else; this site is for cute! who wants a hug?

  717. CreepyGroovy says:

    Sarah and Lisa, although it’s cute how imperious you both sound, the fact of the matter is that this is Meg Frost’s personal website, not yours.

    Meg created this site, she runs it, she pays the bills, she spends hours posting images, and she chooses what pictures to post. She always has, and with her trusty Man Friday Theo, she does a kick-ass job entertaining the Qte Troops.

    You don’t like something? Fine. But it’s the height of arrogance to tell the Webmaster what she can and can’t post on HER OWN website.

    Why don’t you go visit something more in line with your level of prurience like

    Or better yet, create YOUR OWN website with pictures of precociously adorable babies, or hearts with precious sayings on them, or images of women wearing burkhas? That might be more in line with your tastes, it appears.

  718. CreepyGroovy says:

    Sheesh. I can’t get over it. What’s with all the hatred and female-bashing these days? Bizarre.

    Anyway – Adam, I’ll take that hug! Right back at you, too.

  719. someone doesn’t actually know exactly what soft porn really is.

    This pic isn’t it. This pic is a cute picture of a marmie kitten happily snoozing in a warm, soft safe spot.

  720. Aww shucks…I wanted to be #700.

    Oh well…till next commentroversy!

  721. Peepers says:

    BOOB with kitten barely breathing. Cute? Nope. Tacky? Yep.

    Want to see more of the ridiculous

    What’s really amusing is how offended people get that people are offended.

  722. CREEPY/VAMPY: given your screen name, not surprising that you’d like this trashy pic. As for Meg & Theo, not once did I slam them or their hard work. What I slammed was the picture and the fact that I found it offensive. Of course this is a public website and she’s free to post whatever she likes, but with that right comes the flipside as well … my right to respond. If Meg doesn’t want open feedback or comments, then she’s more than welcome to shut down the comments section of her site. As for you and your bashing of anyone who doesn’t 100% share your views, try counselling or doubling up on your valium intake.

  723. peeweemittens says:

    LOLOLOL!! Good one sarah … you summarized this perfectly and put creepy n’ vampy in their place. Let’s hope this is the end of this never-ending discussion, and let’s hope that Meg reads this and decides to stop printing such controversial pics that are offensive to half of her audience. I’m sure that offending people was not what she set out to do.

    […except that you ARE “Sarah”, PeeWee. You’re also sometimes “Lisa” too, as it happens. This is patently bad behavior in the context of internet forums. While you’re at it, why don’t you go ahead and add “Banned for Life” to your list of aliases? – Ed.]

  724. Hmmmm….the screenname Vampy automatically makes me, a person you’ve never met, never seen, don’t actually know, someone who would like a picture that’s trashy in YOUR estimation?

    Oh, never mind that the screenname that I have chosen here (and use variations of throughout the internet) reflects my personal like of the vampire in literature, folklore and mythology.

    What I am objecting to is not your dislike per say but rather the casting of judgement on an indidvidual you again, do not know, something you seem quite disposed to do in your comments here.

    And you know what else? *I* have the same ‘right’ as you to express what’s going through my head in this and any other discussion out there, so deal with it.

    Oh, and peeweemittens? No one has put me in my place. And if you bothered to take a look back through the entire site, you’ll see pdq that Meg actually hasn’t stopped posting anything that is offenisve to what you think is half her audience. In fact, I’d like to know exactly how you came to that ‘statistic’. Have you spoken to each and every individual who has ever clicked on CuteOverload and asked their opinion, and recorded it?

    The bottom line is that it is nothing more than a picture of a kitten taking a nap in a warm, soft, comfy place. If the sight of a pair of women’s breasts offends you so much, it’s not me that requires counselling or doubling up on a non-existant valium intake.

  725. CreepyGroovy says:

    Tee hee hee, this is the most fun I’ve ever had on a website!

    And you’re right, Sarah…you see into my soul. I’ve chosen the screen name “Creepy” because it has to do with my love of soft porn. How did you know? Clever girl! How can I win against your superior four-year-old intellect? Obviously I can’t.

    What an inspiration you are to the millions of young girls out there who are already ashamed of their bodies, and soon will come to despise not only the female form but their own selves? Touche, my dear, well done! Game set and match! I concede!

    Sarah, Lisa, Candice, Peepers, etc. – YOU ALL WIN! I suspect that some of you are actually PFS. It’s not often we get to be so amused by women-hating trolls! Until the next Cats’n’Racks posting, then?

  726. CreepyGroovy says:

    Little Peewee,

    Of course Meg set out to offend you! She knew putting a sliver of breast-flesh on your plate would freak you out!

    So watch out – there may be more breast-flesh on this site in the future. Maybe you better have your mommy screen the site first before you look at it? You never know when that mean old Meg is going to post “offending” images again!

    In my place,
    Porn-loving-kitten-adoring-breast-not-minding Creepy

  727. bcteagirl says:

    Sarah: Actually it has been stated before by that the comments are for celebrating the cute not ‘rating’ (since it is so subjective) and not a place for raging against pics you don’t like. This could be why, for example they don’t have stars (or other forms) for ease of rating the pictures like other sites do. The fact that you took it upon yourself to rate the picture does not mean that is what the comments were intended for. I would suggest you look up what softporn actually is, but I don’t want to pay for your psychiatry bill after you see it lol.

  728. zerosmom says:

    I can’t believe people are still over here giving a darn (although I admit to being a bit of a commentroversy voyeur… oooohh Fruedian slip! Look out!)

  729. Man, I was really hoping to be the last post, but that was about 100 posts ago, so obvy I won’t be.

    I just wanted to add to prior post both CreepyGroovy and Vampy, because they are amusing me with the last few things they have written. Not to say their prior posts weren’t amusing, but I read up to #650-ish in one go. (I was bored!)

  730. Okay – I am the original Lisa from the night this all began – the one who agreed with Vampy, BerthaServant, et al…please do not confuse me with “lisa” who totally agreed with Sarah above.

    [The fake Lisa *is* Sarah. Just FYI. – Ed.]

    Still love kitty and booby!!

    Either PFS has lots of aliases or even more people remind us that you can’t fix stupid!

    [PinkFuzzySlippers/PFS apparenly only slipped up once, out of however many comments total, and posted a comment as “Sal”. This is not nearly as abusive as Fake Lisa… – Ed.]

  731. although I did laugh really loud when I read “pussy on pussy” – thanks, Sarah!

  732. I can’t get through all the comments, but here is mine.

    I wish I had done that with my kitten before she got hit by a car and died. I think it is the same instinct that made me hold my infant son and rock him for an extra hour after he had fallen asleep while nursing in the middle of the night. You are nurturing a baby. I miss those precious moments with my infant son, who is now a man.

    When I get my next kitten, s/he will be found inside my blouse on occasion, too.

    I think the picture is artistic.

    The woman is lovely and the kitten is adorable.

    Thank you for posting it, even if it is not unique to this site. I never saw it before.

  733. oh hay guys wat’s goin on in this thread

  734. Really? This one is still going on? Sweet.

    Some drunk was in earlier saying that I never get out or that academia and the internet were ruining me or something. I just wanna say for the record that I have a pretty solid social life that includes quite a bit of human interaction. And (ahem) I can do it WITHOUT drinking and making an ass of meself, thank you very much.

    I just happen to hang out here a little bit too, so sue me.

    I’m also starting to think Vampy is pretty cool for hanging in through all of this, though I’m not really into vampires. I’m more of a werewolf type.

  735. more tits plz. lets see some nipple too.

  736. Werewolves are good too berthaservant. Actually, lately I’ve been right into the Beast of Bray Road, it’s a fascinating little mystery.

    I just love it though, when someone tries to silence others by claiming they themselves have a right to speak, as if they were the only ones who did or as if no one had the right to vocalize (or type out) their own disagreement with them.


    Intentionally trying to appear as if you are multiple people, by repeatedly swapping between identities which provide artificial grass-roots support to each other, is cleverly known as “Astroturfing”. And posting your own comments while using SOMEBODY ELSE’S screen name is called “identity theft”.

    This is bad behavior and it won’t be tolerated. You want to speak for yourself, and own your words? Go right ahead. You want to be an @$$hole and mess with my peeps? Sorry, no can do.

  738. Rosie A. says:

    Wow. Wow. I can’t believe I read the WHOOOLE thing.

    Eyes hurt.

    I agree with Bertha, Vampy, Creepy, and the countless other poignant people in this thread. Everything’s been said, so I wont rehash.

    That is all. <3

  739. Bravo Theo, Berthaservant, Vampy, etc.!

    And I think it is just plain sad someone has to resort to multiple screen names so they can pretend someone else agrees with them. That is LAME. Stealing someone else’s screen name is EXTRA LAME!
    […and will get you kicked out, too – Ed.]

    I would love to see what would happen to this person if they couldn’t hide behind anonymity. I think it would be HI-larious!

  740. Kaitou Juliet says:

    Haven’t read the other comments, as I gather from the number that there’s a commentroversy. Normally I just sort of roll my eyes and say “Whatever” at Cats ‘n’ Racks, but I just wanted to say that the “Firefox Browser” aspect of this one cracked me up!

  741. Thanks Theo. I don’t post much, so I don’t want to be confused with those who have nuffed way enuff here.

  742. STILL??? People are still posting on this????? You should all join us in watching the Cub Cam. Waaaaay more fun – and relaxing too. 😀
    Of course, there are 4 very prominent nipples, so if you can’t handle it, don’t tell me. 😉

  743. More than four, Kris.

  744. Yeah, but usually that’s all you can see… unless something has gone very wrong with my eyes…which is quite likely at this point, since I have been staring at this since, what Wednesday? Thursday?

  745. So now if you’re seeing double… that means…
    [counting on fingers]
    [mental math]

  746. Oh, m’gaw, I don’t know HOW I got through work before this commentroversy! I usually just lurk, but wow, I would like to reiterate mad respect for Berthaslave/Vampy/Real Lisa/et al. And the drunk post? Hilarious! I’m not necessarily okay with ripping into Bertha for that, but he can handle it, I’m sure.

    I sorta wish Sarah and her alter-egos weren’t banned so I could watch her try to defend herself. I mean, yeesh. Talk about awkward. What do you say to something like that?

    Anyhoo. Sorry for another pointless post. I just feel sketchy reading without saying anything.

  747. Ya know, it never occured to me that several of the posts were actually from one individual.

    Either that person is a troll that’ll move on to greener pastures till they get banned there or they really have those issues surrounding the human….specifically the female human body.

    Either is sad really. My anger and annoyance is gone, replaced by pity.

  748. Also, ladies, please be careful when snuggling kittens: .

  749. Dogbreath says:

    Thanks for that reminder, Adam. I think somebody put it in the last C’n’R commentrovery, but safety reminiders cannot be reiterated too often. Caution, ladies all, caution!

  750. Really, no need to put almost porn on a cute website.

  751. As if anyone with half a brain will take ‘advice’ from someone using the screen name “Tards”

    Go look up “porn” and get back to us with a logical opinion based in common sense.

  752. meerkat says:

    It’s a great picture, very funny, don’t look at it if you don’t like it!

  753. I sometimes wish there were a large “THIS SITE IS PG-13” header to dissuade the, “think of the CHILDREN!” posts. But that seems like it would be slightly counterproductive.

    [That might still happen… haven’t yet figured out how to slap that decal onto the whole internet, though… – Ed.]

    Can I be the last poster? Much better to be last than…that word we don’t say.

  754. Lilly…

    ANTIBLEEN!! (that means “last”)

  755. mrgoldenbrown says:

    one more vote here in support of giggling at a funny picture, or even shrugging in indifference and moving on instead of spreading negativity.

  756. There’s really no need to argue about the showing of cleavage and the moral implications or whatever, to me it just comes down to this: I come to this web site to see cute animals, not boobies. Isn’t the internet filled with enough breast pictures everywhere else?

    I personally think that cats > racks anyway.

  757. Silver Tortoise says:

    This is the best picture I have ever seen in my life. Easily.