What am I your PLAYTHING?

Do you think you can TICKLE ME any time you WANT!?

OK OK, you can. I got nuthin.

Stubbular submishe, Sender-Inner Sehar S.!



  1. Tickle Puss

  2. Tiny purrs! and such an offended looking little face. 😀

  3. And completely roly poly pudding pie puddy tatt

  4. Alright, first I just gotta say there’s nuthin’ cuter than a kitten on it’s back waving his paws around. That being said, my pleasure is always dimmed by someone’s sausage fingers waggling around. Why can’t they just dangle a string or a feather for kitty to frolick w/? Ahhhh…to live in a perfect world…..

  5. Marilou says:

    I’ve never watch à entire star wars but my brothers did and i’ve always found the ewok really cute… This kitty looks like one.

  6. i just made the stupidest sounding “aw kitty kat geh geh geh” noise out loud at work.

    My coworkers are used to it, but still.

    what a little sweety pie this baby is.

  7. Andréa says:

    Aw, it does look like a little ewok! ADORABLE!

  8. Baby Winston??

    WANT!! with a white-hot passion.

    here kitty kitty… I have salmon treats!

  9. Even for a smooshed-face cat, he’s very cute.

  10. My friend has 5 persians, 2 of which are baby kittens, and when I first saw this video, i swear i though she posted a pic of graycen, [the little boy kitteh] online. slight differences, but not much. I am totally going to steal her kittens though, but if i do, she’ll know where to find em…

  11. AAIIEEE! Have at you, foul giant hand demon! Ehn!

  12. Can’t quite tell who’s drunk here: the kitten or the photographer.

  13. Lioness says:

    OMG!!! he looks like an Ewok! I want one!!

  14. Space Cowgirl says:

    *stuffs behbeh toasted marshmallow kitteh in mouf*


  15. OMG I want a baby kitty that matches my carpet!
    (looks around at carpet)
    er.. maybe not quite matching this carpet…

  16. Courtney says:

    What a sweet little kitty blobule!

  17. meowandwoof says:


  18. OMG that is TOO cute!

  19. Noelegy says:

    Awww, what a little foofty poo!

  20. Theresa says:

    Aaaa, the waving pawlets!

  21. Kittens at the age they start trying to bat at things? They own me.

  22. I like it even when adult cats take this pose. It’s like “here is my belleh, please skritch and snorgle you oversized bag of organs.” And then they try to walk away and you’re all “nyerhe, my friend, I have not had my fill” and they’re all “oh, all right.”

  23. ThreeCatNight says:

    Looks like your fingers would just sink into that soft floof, and never let go.
    Kitteh looks like he’s saying: “I’m a ba-aaad pussycat!”

  24. So. Much. Floof!

  25. chanpon says:

    OMG! He’s matchingks with the carpet so he blends right in with the background half the time. His roly-poly-ness is killing me.


  27. Looks at kitty Runs to coffee shop. Quick I need a 20 oz Mocha with whip. Stat.
    takes sip goes back to watching coffee colored kitten roly poly on the carpet.

  28. I shall call you, Winnie Me. 😀

  29. Kallisto says:

    Okay, first of all, I thought Ewok right away as well, like the above posters.
    But, srsly, those paws? Those dark paws with the dark paw-pads and the white legs? Are you trying to kill me??? This is just… Ahn!

  30. mokusai says:

    That creature is not of this planet.

  31. catablob says:

    Oh god make it stop!

  32. This is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen 😀

  33. Catsquatch says:

    Cool! Someone who knows that getting a cat which matches your carpet keeps you from having to vaccuum every 10 minutes!

  34. “I shall fight you with my awesome pudgalisciousness! Ehn! Ehn! No one can resist a rolling kitteh! Ehn!”

  35. JNO~It took me a second to figure out what you meant, but when I did I laughed so hard my boss asked if I needed a break.

    Very Qte Kitteh, want. one. now!

  36. Silent Meow says:

    I just now aced my final exam in college differential calculus, and found out that my grade in that class is an A!

    And, to top it all off, now I come home to this!

    Ah, what utter bliss!

    I am euphoric!

    Can a day really get much better than this?

    Thanks, CO! 🙂

  37. (grr old computer)

    It was supposed to finish with

    ::goes off to find station kitteh to snorgle until my shift is over tomorrow::

  38. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Apparently, this what happens when you cross a dust bunneh wiff a pandeh barrrrr(gotta say it like a pirate, people) A fluffeh Ewok(thanx, Marilou, Andrea, Lioness, and Kallisto…I noticed that first thingks) that’s fresh from the clothes dryer that coos like CHEWBACCA!!!

    THERIOUTHLY, FOLX!!! Turn up the noise if you don’t believe me!!!

  39. Matchingks! Yes, my kitteh matches my carpet and my couches! It works beautifully. Not only is it good for not seeing the cat hair, Maximo is also ‘decoration’.

  40. TOTALLY looks like an Ewok.

    ugh. i love them.

  41. This kitten apparently has siblings:

    So cute it burns. Beware!

  42. Stephanie says:

    I was watching this thinking that he looks like a little ewok, and it looks like everyone else does too. I want one!! I loooove ewoks and especially ewok kitties!!!!

  43. Diss iz wut day miin wehn day say “wepunz uv mass destrukshun”.


  44. Heather says:

    Stephanie – I was thinking baby ewok too! I had an ewok doll that looks just like him when I was little!

    Painfully cute kitteh!

  45. catablob says:

    Everyone talks about how the kitteh matches the carpet.

    What I want is catfood that matches my carpet. I think catfood companies should market cat food in different colors, not wierd colors like blue and purple, but colors close to what your carpet might be, that are similar to the quasi-neutral shades of catfood. Like, our catfood is yellow. Or at least it comes out of the cat that way. But our carpet isn’t.
    We manage to keep it clean (the carpet, I mean), but I always think how much easier it would be if the catfood came out of our cat beige, like our carpet.

  46. LOL Catablob.. or if you get the kind of cat food with out added food colores
    in it. it doesn’t stain the rug.

  47. Oh, man, what catablob said. That would be divine. We’re considering puke-colored flooring.

  48. AHHH

    Do want pudgy rolypoly kitten

  49. WOAH WOAH WOAH- This kitty has a smushed face and is therefore a terrible victim of genetic torture – AND CO IS ENDORSING IT AS CUTE!!

    Its obviously a single breed too, which means it obviously came from a evil breeder who causes genetic torture to this kitten just so the owner can have a kitty that matches their carpet! AND CO IS ENDORSING IT!

    And dont get me started on how uncomfortable and unhappy that kitten looks. Animal abuse comes in many packages, people. STOP ENDORSING IT!

    Shame, shame, shame, shame, terrible SHAME on all of you.


  50. binky-mama says:

    U cannot resist my floofy stubbular-ness.

  51. catablob says:

    Ah ha! Annie, that is probably why ours doesn’t stain the rug, since its a presciption food for our diabetic cat (who isn’t the one who barfs it up. The other one barfs it up when she wants attention or FRESH food–mind you, there IS food in the bowl, its just not FRESH the way she likes it, so she eats a tad and then ralphs it up and stares at us demandingly).

    But still, if it was the color of our carpet, it might be easier to clean up.

    Sigh. Prolly not. Prolly just as disgusting.

  52. sez kitteh, “Fingers? Nom nom nom!”

  53. So THIS is what a baby Ewok looks like!

  54. Martha in Washington says:

    I’m worried she will step on babeh kitteh because of not seeing her on the matchingks carpet!!

    Yeah, we have black dog and black cat and beige carpet-lots o’ vacuuming.
    I love the idea of carpet-colored pet foods too.

  55. How cute was the zombie walk toward the camera at the end? Oh man. I’ll take a handful of those kittehs!

  56. OH MY!

    I must have that cute little fuzzball of a kitten for my very own. Loves me those Himalayans!

    I’d never be able to keep my hands, or my mouf, or my nose, off that little bitty fluff ball.

    I’d probably snorgle that little bitty kitty TO DEATH!!!!!

  57. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Love the nom-nom-on-fingers action that happens about 21 seconds in!

  58. Carolina2 says:

    @Lu-lu: I couldn’t have said it better myself. The secret is this kitteh was moving, so the anerbility shows much more than in a still picture. Yes, this kitteh could have come from that same ‘evil’ breeder.

  59. It’s obviously Meg is trying to KILL ME!

    Dat’s okayz tho, cute-uerism is a great way to go.

  60. LeeshaJoy says:

    That is not a cat. That is DRYER LINT WITH LEGS. 😀

  61. Raemie L. says:

    Gah, Himalayan kittehs… they get 4 paws up approval from me.

  62. AuntieMame says:

    People complain about seeing human fingers in kitteh videos, but I think it’s much more natural to see the videographer playing with the kitteh than NOT playing with the kitteh. If you get my drift. I defy the rest of you to keep your hands off an adorable wad of lint like this one.

  63. Jeebus, CaroL, are you telling moi YOU could resist to be pettingk all the fluffy fluff?

    THAT being said, I always lurve it when there are people-hands in the frame, because it gives me some scale so I know JUST HOW TINEH THE McKITTERSONS IS OMG.

  64. My first thought was baby Winston too! But this kitty didn’t nom on the finger that was tickling him, thus rendering relation to Winston less likely.

    Ahhhhh, the cuteness!

  65. DixiesMom says:

    This is juuust what my Itty Bitty looked like when he was a bebeh. He STILL played like that when he was 18!!! I miss him! 😦

  66. DixiesMom says:

    OMG, just read the ‘dryer-lint’ comment. Soo true!!

  67. hon glad says:

    Himalayan Kitteh reaches new heights of cute.

  68. binky-mama says:

    The dryer lint comments are killing me guys! Reminds me of a time at work (I work at a veterinary hospital) where we shaved a huge mat off a dog in a single piece. It was the size of a puppy so we tricked a swing shift nurse into thinking it was real! We set it up in a cage with a bed, IV fluids, the works. It looked so real she didn’t catch on ’till she opened the cage door…her reaction was priceless.

    That being said, my dryer lint is nowhere near this cute.

  69. mandykw says:

    That kitten is so damn cute I can’t stand it! My heart is a puddle of goo.

  70. I seriously thought I was going to be the first to send this link in. Man was I wrong. I’ve underestimated the power of CO lovers.

  71. head to body ratio!!! i jus luvs fluff and look at me pawz



    LOL @ Binky-Mama – great story!

  73. TW, that’s so funny because when I went to look for new carpeting recently, I told my husband that even though I know that most people go to a carpet store with paint chips and fabric swatches…we should probably take a sample of cat vomit.

  74. wow. Some of you must have some really cute dryer lint!

  75. I thought baby Winston too. 😀 Ahhhhn. And he does so nom the owner’s fingers. Off to watch the siblings video…

  76. Katrina says:

    Could this be the “Anti-Winston”? to balance out the Universe? The cooperative and thoughtful of others Winston?

    And, I have said for years that car manufacturers should give us the option of having snack-food-colored car upholstery- my kids’ choice would be Nacho Doritos, and just be done with it. At least for the minivans.

  77. Katrina says:

    “Samples of Cat vomit”–toooo funny. Waaay past giggles here!

  78. Nope nope nope – there is indeed some Winston-esque finger nomming around 19-20.

    Def mini Winnie.


  79. Kristin says:

    A kitteh with wool for fluff?!?!

    Oh my.

  80. Kathleen says:

    What a fluff ball!

  81. Amazing. The first thing I thought when I saw him was “HEY! He looks like a tiny Ewok!” The second thing I thought was, “I’ll bet a bunch of posters pointed that out already.” Looks like I’m batting 2 for 2 this morning.

  82. Rooanne says:

    If it weren’t for the white stomach, my kitty’s color perfectly matches the tile in my dining room. Still if I’m not looking closely, or don’t have my glasses on, sometimes I don’t see him lying on the floor.

    But this baby would almost match my carpet, and I think my boy needs a little bitty companion…

  83. Shannon says:

    It does make sense to get pets that match your surroundings. Sure, it makes them harder to find, but you also dont notice the shedding as much!

  84. Shannon, you are obviously a veteran of the Pet Wars.

    I sometimes wish we had navy blue cats, because then our bedspread wouldn’t look… well, like No-Human’s-Land.

  85. Desiree says:

    This little ball of fluff bears a striking resemblance to an Ewok. Adorables!

  86. mini ewok…… (why do they grow up to look so…sad? overly breeded cats always make me feel sad for them ;__; but I hope it has a nice life
    it’s too adorable, which shouldn’t be allowed (so paradoxic)

  87. Okay, the lady is as cute as the cat. “Oopsie!”

  88. Stephikitty says:

    Personally, I thought he looked more like a really cute version of a Wampa Ice Creature instead of an Ewok, but sooo anerable as to not be scary.

  89. Well – the fur matches the carpet…

  90. Chelonianmobile says:

    This doesn’t look like a real kitten. It looks like a tribble. D’awwww.

  91. Garrett says:

    Cute. But if anyone ever played Dot Hack, I was so thinking a Grunty.

  92. Dear God, his paws moved like a hand puppet. You know, where they just have “out” and “in”- it was like that.

    It’s almost impossible to take.