Well that sucks

_44731713_trappedkitten_226deadlineAlert Cuteologists over at BBC news are reporting that a newly born kitten was saved from being trapped down a drain. Apparently, this cat Mother-of-the-Year decided to have her litter behind the sink. Firefighters saved the little bro with a sock over the end of a vacuum. Anh. The End.

Thanks, Luke F.



  1. I shall name the little kitteh “Hoover”.


  2. Yay for the firefighters!

    What a cute, if dozy, mother cat.

  3. Hmm, the wee kittayn doesn’t look too pleased to be rescute.

  4. Man, that sucks!

  5. hon glad says:

    The one time that nature doesn’t abhor a vacuum.

  6. Electrolux sounds like a good name. 😀
    What lovely accents they have!!!

  7. starling says:

    Miele is a good name for a cat.

  8. ThreeCatNight says:

    Maybe “Dirt Devil” would suffice? Awfully cute, tho. Good luck, little one.

  9. vax

  10. Maybe his name should be Drain-o?

  11. I love how at the end of the broadcast the reporter warns the kitteh he/she only has 8 lives left. Heh

  12. vax

  13. RevWaldo says:

    I bet one of the kittehs already called dibs on “Dyson”.

  14. aiee!

    sorry for the double-post; it told me it was unpostable for being too short the first time but posted it anyway, so i padded it and it took it without whining the second time. but the first time is clearly a bug of some sort. that is all. please return to your regularly scheduled morning bleen.

    (sticks vaccuum back to face)

  15. Ingenious!!!

    Ahn is RIGHT!!!

  16. starling says:

    Miele is a good name for a cat.

  17. Poohbear says:

    “Has this technique ever been used before?” Deadpan answer from dour (but hot!) Scottish fireman with twinkle in eye “Not that I know”, all in a lovely, musical Scottish brogue… Just what I needed to brighten what’s been so far a hard day, involving my own aged Mother-of-the-Century(at least)… (have also been recently involved in fostering a Mother-of-the-Year kitteh who persisted in hiding her brood in impossible places…)

  18. We rescued 4 hamsterlings from behind our AGA exactly like this – the oven is WAY too heavy to move and they refused to be caught any other way. After a day and a half of delicious freedom we managed to coax them close enough to the hoover with some cheese…

  19. EUREKA!

  20. LOL, Katerz.

  21. I love how the reporter’s voice sounds just the same as if he were reporting on a riot in Kenya!

    Poor kitten–first he gets pushed out of a dark place, then he gets SUCKED out of another dark place. That cat’s gonna need therapy, LOL.

  22. Good grief! Silly kitteh mom!

  23. Apparently the little kitteh “DOES NOT WANT!” LOL

  24. meacu1pa says:

    Scottish accents.
    Newborn kitties.
    Happy endings.
    A list of adorable names:
    Dirt Devil
    Miele (melee?)

    My response?

  25. LOL RevWaldo! You stole my suggestion. I was gonna say they should call him Dyson! That sounds a lot better than Oreck!

  26. scooterpants says:

    pleeze give the kitteh back to its mama.
    extreme unhappiness and disapproval on that face, i can only imagine the look on mama’s face.
    how was it rescued without suckin its eyes out of its head? dont get it. pleeze to splain.

    [It was the sock, Scooter. It moderated the suction. – Ed.]

  27. HonGlad: Awesome.

  28. yolanda says:

    I’d say the kitten’s been born twice, once from Mom’s pipe, then the drain pipe. So wouldn’t that give him 18 lives?

  29. Poor thing.

    I love firefighters–they are the smartest and bravest folks on the planet!

    Who would have ever thought of a sock over a vacuum hose?

  30. Katrina says:

    Not only did the sock moderate the suction, it caught the kitteh with a soft surface onto which to be sucked. So, the kitteh was pulled in, but the sock made his trip shorter and softer.

    HOORAY and YaY! for the clever people in this story! Let’s all have some Yay!
    [OK! http://www.squidgrid.com/images/misc/yay_pic.jpg – Ed.]

    It is 100 freaking degrees in Connecticut-third day in a row-we are closing schools! Why, in my day, we sweated in our seats and were grateful to have seats and sweat glands! These puffy-bottomed lads and lassies have it too soft- just cause it could kill them, my stars and garters what will we have next- air conditioning in the schools? (I have advocated for that for past three new elementary school projects- and did anyone listen?) Noooo, of course not! “It never gets that hot” they said…..back to the pudddy-tat, sorry, the heat is getting to me.

  31. Yolanda, I like it. Fuzzy math!

  32. The Other One Michelle says:

    Holy mouldy bananas, that lady looks just like my BFFN Angie. And she has gorgeous eyes. Kitty is cute. SOOOO wittle.

  33. Whhhirrrrrrrrrrr


  34. “Not as far as I’m aware of” great accent!

  35. BenPanced says:

    Kitteh looks all “HI, MOM!”

  36. I wonder what it says in the fireman’s job description? “…rescuing puupehs and kittehs from darins, kittehs from trees and power poles…”

    Thanks too all firmen/seach and rescue guys! We wuvs you!

  37. I love how they reenacted the firemen arriving on the scene!

  38. Lurker HEhehehehe It is funny isn’t it, and reniacted stuffing vaccum down the drain hole.

  39. AuntieMame says:

    I think we need a new category: Hunky Firefighters Rescuing Cute Helpless Animals

  40. I would have to say CO is polluting my mind. I was sitting here at work (slow day today, no calls yet) and got to thinkin…I wonder what else they sucked up with the kitteh? I can imagine being that firefighter. “Hmmm…lint, string, extra sock….Eureka (sorry couldnt help it) An almost floofy kitteh. Score!”

  41. “‘ello? Is this the local fire constabulatory? It is? Splendid. Well, you see, I’ve just moved into a flat off of the Nottingham Mews, and apparently, in addition to central air and heat, I also have hot and cold running kittens. I say, kittens. Yes, that’s right. Kitten mum seems to have birthed her offspring in my sink. So I was wondering, if t’wouldn’t be much of a bother, if you could send round a few chaps with a Hoover and a sock to unclog the sinkums and retrieve the drenched pussy in question? You can? Splendid! Shall we say, ten minutes? I’ll have a spot of tea and a few scones for the men. Cheerio.”

  42. Omi-san says:

    The owner of the cats is obviously a pretty woman. How could they pick such an unflattering photo for the article?

  43. That is sooo something Kim and Aggie would do.

  44. LOL at Berthaminion (told you!)

    I was reading along enjoying your post until I got to the ‘drenched pussy’ line at which point I snorted so loud I woke up my Loki-cat.

  45. The local constabulary once rescued a kitten from under my porch. There was a hole in the floor right over a hollow column, and the little guy had fallen in and was screaming bloody murder. Since I’m askeered of dark places (as well as grass), I called the police. They laughed at me but came right over. Then I got my landlord to fix the hole so nobody else would suffer the same fate.

  46. Is it just me, or is a “vibrascope camera” something you shouldn’t admit to in public? Another British newspaper just ran a story on the history of vibrators, so maybe my mind is in the gutter again.

  47. Just so thankful and relieved little kitten got rescued. Happy loving, forever home, little angel!

  48. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I remember when one time somebody was showing how they sucked gophers up out of holes with a high powered shopvac, and then had a nightcam in the tub of the shopvac, so everytime the sucked a critter up, you’d see the surprised look on their faces, LOL!! (don’t worry, folx, it never hurted them, as soon as they saw a critter, they shut the vac off right away, so the critter could breathe!)

    KYOOT KITLING!! But where’s its bruddas and sistas?

  49. Why do I have a terrible vision of everyone putting socks over vacuums and wanting to try this at home now??

  50. scooterpants says:

    thanks ED-
    (rated ‘G’ for all audiences-)
    “i understand if ya dont put a sock over it, your kittie will get a hickie.”
    (laughing hysterically at funny self- milk flies out nose)

    i had to.

  51. Londoner says:

    OK running home to hoover my entire flat. I might get lucky, right? Schloop – old fluff – schloop – stray earring – schloop – ooh, kitteh!

  52. She should have just called Wallace and Gromit with their BunVac 6000.

  53. Camel Toes '87 says:

    Okay, so when will we be seeing the new “Cats-n-vacs” category?

  54. Taekwondodo says:

    Just couple of doors up from where i live! was woken up and saw engine!

  55. marie_n says:

    we had a bit of an issue with my sister’s hamster getting down the central air vent when we were younger. somehow that little thing got through the vent or lifted it up and got down there, and we heard him scritching and scratching, and had to find a way to get him out. since the ducts twist and turn, we finally just tied a grape to a string and hung it down there until we knew he’d latched on. it was like hamster fishing! we got that fuzzy little sucker right out of there, then made sure that he had no way of escaping. his enclosure was more escape proof than alcatraz after that. such a daring little beady eyed ball of fur.