Well exscuuuuuuuuuse me, Princess!

As happy as a pig in s@#$!!?

According to the Mail Online, this lil’ piglet was very fearful of mud and refused to step in it with her brothers and sisters. Quick-thinking farmers supplied mini rain boots and boom, she jumped in! Klop klop klop


Thanks to all alert cuteologists who sent this one in, ‘specially NTMTOM. Oh, and exscuuuuuse me, Princess! Thanks, Bobbeh.



  1. binky-mama says:


  2. Animal Lover says:

    Is it really worth making animals uncomfortable for this?

    [You fail at reading, princess… – Ed.]

  3. AuntieMame says:

    Piggie wellies!

  4. binky-mama says:

    Animal Lover- According to the story the boots were supplied to make her more comfortable.

  5. Hello Kitty says:

    This is beyond redonk…but I oh so luv eet! At 1st I thought it was photoshop, but am so happy to know the pig now gets to play with se mud and se bebeh piglins 🙂

  6. I love the size of the boots!

    And she looks very pleased with herself. I wonder if any of her sisters are kicking themselves now, because they too could have had wellies.

  7. GET OUT!!! They are pen and pencil holders!
    God love those people!

  8. binky-mama says:

    Come to think of it my horse is fearful of mud too. Do they make pony-wellies? In pink?

  9. brinnann says:

    “As happy as a pig in s@#$!!?”

    Most pigs would actually prefer clean, cool water, but they substitute the mud when necessary. I suppose pigs sloshing around in a pool of water would create a ton of mud, though.

  10. brinnann says:

    I just finished the article, and instead of Cinderella it’s Cinderwellies!

  11. an ony mous says:

    I just have to squeaaallllll with delight. 😀 Hurray for the farmers who helped the little piglet venture forth with her brothers and sisters. Yay! (and for those who mistake this as unkind – they do make boots for dogs and horses – these really aren’t very different – the provide a service to an animal who has difficulty with their feet due to surfaces or injury – no biggy – piggies are so smart I’m sure they’d work out a way to remove them if they were uncomfy!) Yay!!! again

  12. Courtney says:

    This is totally redonk. I love it!

    I wonder why she was so afraid of the mud?

  13. Natalie says:

    I thought it must be photoshopped too but I guess not. I think she’s terribly cute and ridiculous! And I’m glad she’s just a pet.

  14. Theresa says:

    Little kissable snout!

  15. Even piggie remembers to wear her rubbers!


  16. zeldapie says:

    HAHA! I was a sender-inner of this one, too. Tee hee!!
    Isn’t she anerable!?

  17. LOL @ berthaservant

    This is too cute! Totally redonk.

  18. Courtney, aren’t we all afraid of the mud?

    I can’t walk barefoot on grass–it tickles too much. My dad laughs at me, because this started when I was a little tiny kid and I’m now 42.

  19. binky-mama says:

    *clutches pearls at berthaservant*

  20. Way too adorable. I think the farmers are wonderful for doing this for her. I think the little boots are wonderful !!!

  21. I always try to read the title beforeI see the pic. That was priceless. Meg & Theo..you’re killing me. 🙂

  22. claudia says:

    Oh my kid is gonna pass out when she see’s this one LOL!

  23. so is this, like, a pig with OCD?

  24. Birdcage says:

    This wittle piggie’s going to market!!! And her boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do … one of these days her boots are gonna walk all over you.

  25. brinnann says:

    Anne, the article says it may be mysophobia – a fear of dirt.

    Can anyone tell me how to send the article page as an email? From that site, I can only send a link. I want the entire story to show up. Is it good old cut & paste, or is there another way?

  26. michellemybelle says:

    I’ve sent this out to a few people because this little piggy is the cutest thing I’ve seen today – yay for Cinders and her peeps!

  27. Michelle says:

    How many times have I come to CuteOverload and said “Now I’ve seen everything”?

    Apparently, every time I say this I’m wrong. Crazy redonk.

  28. Anasztaizia says:


    That is BEYOND adorable – not to mention the humor in a piggy afraid of the mud!

    Love how the boots give her walk a jaunty little look!

  29. Stephanie says:

    So cute!

    And Link reference for the win!

  30. Anasztaizia says:

    Oh oh! I’ve got it!

    Reminds me of the elephants in “The Jungle Book.”

    Hup – Two – Three – Four!

  31. Omg omg. I think I just died from this cute picture (love pigs!!) and hilarious reminder of Link’s line. You guys rock.

    I still miss Legend of Zelda Fridays. Do the Mario!

  32. Xtineebee says:

    Ha ha! I *just* finished making an icon out of this from the Mail article – and here she is again!

    I seriously want to grab a leash & go puddle jumping with this wee piggie.

  33. “Now she runs over to Mr Keeble so he can put them on for her in the morning.”

    a pig wearing tiny rainboots, AND a farmer named Keeble. LOL

  34. Hey, I thought the story was puss in boots. Who has not been paying attention at story time?

  35. squee! how i love pigs *snuggles them and glares at bacon eaters* these is redonkulously adorable. I love it!

  36. Animal lovers are the most ingenious people, lemme tell you. ;D

    Work those wellies, piggy!

  37. Janeyferr says:

    are yu saying that your american pigs wear no shoes?


  38. Oh Gosh. I want piggy Wellies! What a darling. And I never use that word.
    Also, much love for the gratuitous Legend of Zelda reference.

  39. Raemie L. says:

    So prosh! Bwahahaha, animals wearing Hunters–er, wait a minute.
    (Maybe that comment was a bit too much.)

    And the Link vid is perfectly annoying, hehe. XD

  40. scooterpants says:

    holy pig-boots batman!
    where’d you get them booties!
    we be needin some for our pommie-poo.!
    give it up! ( :)pleeze?)

  41. Ha, cute.

    Also: Attention, readers who believe the associated story! Please contact me for details about an incredibly good deal on the sale of a top-quality bridge.

  42. Oh. My Ah-god.

  43. When I was a kid, we bought boots for my dog (Rusty, a Brittany Spaniel). Her walking in them was the funniest GD thing EVAR!!! (Okay, so maybe we were being a little insensitive!)

  44. You know, i thought this was a case of photo’shoppin…but that was before i clicked on the Daily Mail link! There’s an even better photo of Miss Pigginsteins and her new booties than the one posted here. This one is an action shot and kind of blurry.

  45. LOL! We call those “gumboots”. Piggy looks happy indeed!

    Wonder why she’s afraid of the mud, though.

  46. OMG that’s the cutest thing EVER!!

    I wonder what happens when she is romping happily in the mud one of her boots gets stuck and comes off. Does she stand there with one foot raised daintily until the farmer comes and puts it back on? 😛

  47. hon glad says:


  48. Michelle says:

    haha I love the stories about sensory aversions. I have a really hard time touching oilcloth (real oil-soaked duck, not the plastic stuff). Imagine owning and working with livestock and getting the “jeebies” about touching tarps! I’m also an artist and it took me years to get past not being able to draw with charcoal on newsprint. To this day it makes me cringe. >< Maybe I should get me ten little finger wellies!

  49. bookmonstercats says:

    A former next door neighbour of mine was from Sweden. Their dogs wear boots when they go walkies there in winter ‘cos otherwise the frost splits their paw pads open. I also had a chow who wouldn’t get her feets wet in puddles. She didn’t get wellies, though.

  50. varenoea says:

    Oh my God. The idea is cool, but… SOMEONE learn to use photoshop. It’s so obviously fake.

  51. Varenoea

    Sir/madam. Concerning topics on the internet this is a prime example of the need for further investigation namely the originating link. Please click said link at your leisure. Where possible please use the excellent tools, provided in abundance, before reciting fantastically ancient rote.

  52. LMAO @ Breigh!

  53. [bows to Lone]

  54. Arise Theo, Sir Loin of Beef, Arise Earl of Cloves, Arise Duke of Britingham, Arise Baron of Münchhausen, Arise Essence of Muir, Milk of Magnesia, Quarter of Ten.


  55. Aww, great news or she’d be stymied otherwise and left to wallow in misery.
    Finally she can put aside her truffles and not let the world rind her down.
    All she needs now is a Sow wester and she’d be the pork of the town!

  56. Silent Meow says:

    This is the first time I have ever heard of a pig who is afraid of dirt.

    I always thought pigs *loved* dirt!

    So cute in those little wellies!

  57. Katrina says:

    I know a German Shepherd with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- why not a piggy? Perhaps the feeling of slipping bothers her? I’m so impressed that the people companions are so practical for her! Bravo! Hooray!

  58. staticgirl says:

    According to the bbc, the farmers are going to let her live a natural life because they’ve fallen in love with her.

  59. squeeeeeeee

  60. Thanks for the BBC update, StaticGirl!

  61. This is adorable!
    And, I too, see the Elephants marching from The Jungle Book!!!

    Yay for a happy peeeg!

    Granny, you are too much!

  62. cheesybird says:

    LOL @ Lone! And thanks for the video trip down memory lane!


  64. It’s a piglet in tapir’s clothing!

  65. Oh my goodness! Tooo moishe! Piggies are just cute by nature, too.

  66. revolution724 says:

    This is a children’s book waiting to happen if I’ve ever seen one.

  67. That is so funny but adorable at the same time.

  68. January says:

    We all have issues….

  69. Excuuuuse me, Princess. This piggeh and I are so hungry, we could eat an octorok!

  70. bookmonstercats says:

    Varenoea, the Japanese undoubtedly hand us our a**es on a plate for teh qte, but I’m afraid we Brits hand the world its collective a** for downright eccentricity towards our wildlife(please, no nuffs, it’s a cheerful comment)

  71. OMG! Had to de-lurk to say that I’m listening to “Russian Radio”, and on the 2200 news, THEY MENTIONED THE PIGGIE WITH WELLIES!!!! OMG!!! Even the uber serious newscaster giggled a little!

  72. Janeyferr says:

    😀 they were just talking about this piggy on bbc 1

  73. Winni-Pig says:

    I love the way the little feet are suspended in the air – it reminds me of a little Christopher Robin!

  74. bookmonstercats, I personally wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d live over there if I could.

  75. What a prosh piggy! I bet once she’s got her boots on, she stomps in every puddle she comes across. Puddles are irresistible when you have rainboots on.

  76. So am I the only one desperately wanting to add a little raincoat and hat?

    Maybe in pink, with flowers on…?

  77. ‘According to the bbc, the farmers are going to let her live a natural life because they’ve fallen in love with her.’

    Angh. It’s sweet when love moves somebody to make such a generous gesture as this — instead of painfully killing her and all her family and friends for a little profit, they will only painfully kill all her family and friends for a little profit. But she’ll get to stay on, hang around and advertise for them.

    Wake up piggy lovers! Farmers are not the pigs’ friends! And this pig is only an advertisement — the linked story quotes them saying that their region is particularly known for wellingtons, and their ads feature images of pigs wearing wellingtons. The story is fake, this is a (so far extremely successful) ad campaign, and that farm’s business is to confine, cut, brand, and kill little piggies like the darling in the photo!

  78. AuntieMame says:

    Have I mentioned recently that I love bacon? (Nottmi, lighten up.)

  79. Very adorable, but can anyone say PHOTOSHOP? 😉

  80. gravyboat says:

    There’s only one adjective for that piggy, and that word is “JAUNTY”!!!

  81. Katrina says:

    Yes, Christopher Robin, marching. I think Ernest Shepard actually did an illustration of that, I seem to remember. Perfect. Oh, now I’ll think of Christopher Robin for a while–wanders off to the Hundred Acre Wood…

  82. There’s video of the little porker at

    It’s in norwegian. I happened on it while watching the lion cubs.

    I think the norwegians are trying to take over the world whith the cute.

  83. I wonder if she’s already outgrown her booties in the back?

    I think it’s cool that she’s ok with getting her back feet dirty now.

  84. i hope she works her way into my dreams tonight.

  85. Katrina says:

    lori dear, Norwegians are cute! I’ve been carrying this burden for years now.

    The Norwegians are constantly battling with the Japanese for fishing rights, etc., whaling rights(sorry but true) and now it has spread to the cute. We can just sit and watch them battle it out or get in there and protect our own sovereign cute! Meg, Theo, are either of your Norwegian by any chance? Hmm? Jeg elsker day, Meg, jeg elsker deg Theo. Say, Peeps, say “jeg elsker deg” to someone you love today!