This woman is sitting outside on the dirt with 17 puppies on her lap

At FIRST, you think this woman is sitting outside wearing stuffed animal pants. But then…


Puppy pile, originally uploaded by Metropolis Music.




  1. To me… thats pretty sad.

  2. Stuffed animal pants?

    Oh, Meg. If you weren’t taken…

  3. No, it’s not sad! It’s prosh. Allow me to channel my inner Sherlock Holmes to explain.

    Her clothes are clean and new, and the runners are expensive and barely worn. She is also wearing what looks like a sizable wedding ring/ engagement ring combo. So it’s not sad at all! She’s sitting out in the dirt, ON PURPOSE, wearing puppeh pants. I would deduce that they are trying to find homes for these puppehs and this is the photo they’re sending to friends and family.

    Elementary, my dear Watson.

    Now I just need to deduce where she’s sitting, and go steal a handful of puppehs!!

  4. binky-mama says:

    Oh look at that the one on the end fell off. Guess I’ll just hafta take care of that….

    *scoops up puppeh and scampers away*

  5. i only counted twelve.

  6. cheesybird says:

    If I could sit outside in the dirt all day with a pile of puppies on my lap, I’d never do anything else.

  7. hon glad says:

    Are they corgis?

  8. Michelle says:

    You want me to sit in the dirt in white pants? Oh, hell no! I am not about to do… what’s that you say? You have a wheelbarrow full of sleepy puppies? Is here okay? *plop*

  9. oh my freaking goodness! that looks like my idea of heaven 🙂

  10. auberginepanda says:

    Basenji puppies!

  11. Hon Glad – That’s what I was wondering too. I think they are.

  12. Michelle says:

    I think they may be basenji puppies. One looks like he has a bob tail, but I think it’s actually tucked under him. The legs look too long to be corgi legs. Not to mention the crazy crinkles on the foreheads!

  13. OK, I take it back. They’re not corgis. They are really cute tho, and you should check out the other pics on Flickr.
    The one titled ‘Looking Worried’ is great. Should be a baroo moment, but no head tilt.

  14. I imagine there’s a fair amount of squirming and wiggling going on in that scene…

  15. That dirt is dry… Even if it wasn’t, I’d sit on it if someone handed me those puppies. Heck, I’d even roll in it.

  16. Ahhh, finally stuffed animal pants are back in style!

    You know everything comes full circle 🙂

    Because of you, somewhere in the world at least 5 people must be completely miserable!

    This great injustice can only be solved by:
    1. distributing puppies to the poor unhappy puppyless people

    😀 😀 😀

    Also, is “puppy pants” now a word?

  18. I would sit in the mud with my favorite white pants if those puppies climb on me !!

  19. [Announcement]

    Guys, “puppy pants” is now officially a word!

    The new “puppy pants” definition on Urban Dictionary was sent to the publishers to review, and will be look-uppable soon!

  20. Anyone with that many puppies in their yard couldn’t possibly have any grass!

  21. Is there where I can legimately say ‘look at the puppies on her?’ and get away with it?

    [Most of us Murricans wouldn’t get the double entendre, but, follow your bliss! – Ed.]

  22. Check out the worried forehead on pup no. 1, while everyone else is crashed out!

  23. the puppeh looking down wants to be in the middle of the pile not the top

  24. Elisha B. says:

    Look at the babies!!!

    I wonder if the pups were already sleepy before being placed on the lap/legs or did this young lady have the priledge of having the babies squirm and wiggle and whine their way into sleepy land?

    Oh the joy and smell of puppy bellies!!:)

  25. Neologisms aside,double entendres aside, laundry worries aside,I think those 48 leggies are too long for Corgala puppies, too. *sigh* but aren’t they just sooooo cute???

    ‘Lookable-uppable’ has been a word in our house forever, and I celebrate the idea that we can coin new and better descriptions of Qte.
    Puppypants- Eddie McBlorgelsons, etc., all the best ways to help the cute-deprived and cute-insensitive understand the gifts that Qte bring. Can we find a shot of a dozen Corgala puppies somewhere? Or twelve giraffelets somewhere? I’ll keep looking too. They have to be somewhere! Have a great day, peeps!

  26. If you look here:
    they definitely look like Basenji pups – wrinkled foreheads and all.
    (Not promoting the site, just showing the picture…and look, they said BAROOOOOOO!)

    What a pile of pups! I wonder if one momma had all dem bebehs!?!?

  27. Mebbe Trisha is just sad that *she* is not the woman with tie-tie puppy pants.

  28. dharlan1too says:

    AND Line: Those puppies are quite prosh all well fed and brushed. She obvly lurvs her stuffed animal pants. She is very selfish though hogging all dem.

  29. dharlan1too says:

    The above is to LIME, not Line. Oops

  30. k. o'dee says:

    Oh Em Gee. I have never seen that many basenjis in one place at one time. Basenji babies, even! Want!

  31. ThreeCatNight says:

    I’d need longer legs for all those pups. They look like corgis to me, but I could be wrong. What a marvelous way to keep warm in cooler weather!
    I can see it now, “Pup-sickies”!

  32. Um, where can I buy me some stuffed animal pants? I NEED SOME!

  33. I also think they are Basenji pups. Why can’t that be me?! I love how puppies are magnets towards other puppies. The MUST sleep in a pile, and they’ll go over all sorts of hurdles to do so!

  34. Someone should tell her she dropped her ipod from 2004 in the dirt behind her…

    Srsly, what *is* that chunky white boxy thing?

  35. I was half wondering that too, Tank, but it’s hard to see anything beyond teh OMG PUPPY PAAAAAAANTS!!!!

  36. If you go to the Flickr page, it confirms they are basenji’s.

    I have a basenji and trust me, this is the last time they’re cute. Their personality quickly outweighs their cuteness. We’ve decided “basenji” is means “dog that can’t bark, but still finds ways to be annoying” in whatever language “basenji” comes from….okay, I guess mine is still cute, occasionally 😉

  37. StormCat says:

    Ok, who stole some puppeh’s? I only count 10 of them!!!!

  38. My new goal in life is to one day be covered in a pile of puppies.


    Puppehpile pants?

    Either ways, I want them.

  40. Lunacy, if you read some of that site I linked to, they definitely mention that you have to WANT a BASENJI not just any dog… ha!

    StormCat, I only counted 10 too – thought I was missing something!!!

  41. BustaMove says:

    No one mentioned the original wearer of stuffed animal pants?!? – Flea!

  42. Um, yeah, I guess if LA funk/punk bands are your thing, Flea *could* be considered cute… not that there’s anything *wrong* with that…

  43. catablob says:

    Why can’t I be that person?
    Or the people who get to bottle feed the baby pandas?
    Why? It doesn’t seem fair.

  44. You just have to want it bad enough, Catablob.

  45. (uhmmm, let’s not take that out of context, please)

  46. chanpon says:

    What is this phenomena of furpiles coming from? First kittehs, now puppehs..what’s next??

    Women looks like she pupped her pants. *runs away*

  47. claudia says:

    *wiping tears from eyes* lol chanpon, thats twice you’ve tossed out zingers that cracked me up!

  48. laroo212 says:

    Ooops! I pupped my pants!

    (I love that she’s wearing the same colors as the pups. It’s like Puppy Camoflage)

  49. *GROAN* @ Chanpon & Laroo

  50. catablob says:

    You know, after chanpon and laroo, maybe I just don’t want it that bad anymore…

    [Ohh yes you do. Everybody does. – Ed.]

  51. MaggieBee says:

    Did anyone else notice the POINTY EAR SHADOWS?? Hehehehe… XD

    I’m also wondering about the strange white box…maybe it’s a timer? :/

  52. Katrina says:

    Are Basenjis deep thinkers or chronic worriers? It has to be one or the other those are some deeeep forehead wrinkles.

  53. Katrina, lemme help you with that either/or: They’re *dogs*.
    Nuf sed?

  54. she must be the happiest girl in the world!

    definitely not corgis. even adult corgis don’t have legs that long! i’m with the basenji people.

  55. Metropolis Music says:

    Heh hi all – just found out that my pic got posted on this site. They are indeed Basenji puppies from 3 different litters. We were visiting the breeder we use in 2006 and there were I think 13 6-week old puppies there. My wife sat down in the dirt with one of them and all the rest wandered over and fell asleep in her lap. Thanks for looking! Basenjis are great dogs, but they’re not for beginners!
    (btw – the white thing is a thermometer so they can be sure the ground isn’t too hot/cold for them when they’re outside)

    Mark. o/

  56. thank you mark!

  57. OMG i just noticed all teh cute puppehs!

  58. AuntieMame says:

    *My wife sat down in the dirt with one of them and all the rest wandered over and fell asleep in her lap.*

    No wonder the first one is looking a little cheesed. “Doodz, this is MY lap. Back off!”

  59. I was sad, cause she was sitting in the dirt with many pups… no puppy mommy.

  60. Dewd, did she soak those pants in meat or something?

    BTW, weren’t those stuff-animal pants originally from Parliament Funkadelic? I seem to remember a sax player in those dancing with George Clinton. Makes sense since RHCP took a lot from, er, were “influenced” by him.

  61. I wonder if Cruella DeVille is lurking on the other side of that fence?

  62. Boo Lurker!! Don’t say that!!!!!

    Mark, thanks for the note about the dogs and the thermometer! I was thinking, maybe it’s a garage door opener or a fan remote…but why would those have a display? Now I can just focus on the cute puppies!!
    Now, tell the truth, she laundered her pants in Au Jus, didn’t she??? ;o)

  63. catablob says:

    Oh [Ed.] you are of course right, as usual.
    I do want them.

  64. SillyGirl says:

    I call often call puppies “poopies”….ergo, her pants are poopy pants!

  65. browngrl says:

    This picture gave me a great idea. I am baby sitting my neighbours puppies this afternoon and as soon as I saw this picture I immediately sat down in my front yard and allowed the puppies to crawl all over me. Then my cats joined in. Good times people. Good times.

  66. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Those are some Squirmy McSquirmersons pants!

    Wait, what…?

  67. Anasztaizia says:

    I will trade places with her any day. Any. Day.

  68. Basenji britches! Basenjis are unique dogs, to be sure. They don’t bark, but they yodel and make all kinds of other noises. We had a couple of them when I was growing up, including a female tricolor who was *insanely* attached to my dad and completely jealous.

    There’s nothing quite so “Barooo?” as a Basenji pup’s wrinklepuss.

  69. Damnit, BustaMove beat me to it with the Flea link.

    I wish I could get away with stuffed animal pants, but I think they’d make me look a bit hippy. 😛

  70. Furbabies says:

    Yodel-le-he yodel-le-he-who! Basenjis yodel instead of bark. They also cry like a baby. How cool is that? Gorgeous pups.

  71. Oh, the pup-manity!

  72. …caninity 😉

  73. Yitzysmommie says:

    I’m getting some great job ideas here peeps (recently lost my job). Something involving piles of puppies or kittens OR puppies AND kittens would be just about right.

  74. scooterpants says:

    i sat in my driveway , in the dirt for an hour this morning, and still no puppies.

    what’s her secret?

  75. Oh help says:

    I love her facial expression…a total “I think I’m trapped now”.

  76. Katrina says:

    OK, Theo, my fellow peep, and everyone else too of course, I just read the 31-page Basenji book by Donna Falk, and have come to the conclusion that the deeeep forehead wrinkles come from plotting. Basenjis plot. That could certainly account for it. I’m not too sure what your message meant Theo, but now that I have successfully identified the verb, I feel better. They are very intelligent, and, as aforementioned, plot.

  77. LOL. OK, if Karl Rove had been a Basenji, I’d’ve liked him better. It’s true.

  78. Channahs says:

    OMG! Nuuuuu Basenji puppehs! /me makes sign of the cross

    Yes, they do appear cute but whatever you do, don’t get a Basenji! They’re cat/dogs and will destroy your house and your heart! Mine ate my window sills from the inside.

  79. marie_n says:

    omg bunches of squirming soon to be yodeling their little wrinkly faces off basenji pupples. i’d quit my job right now if i could be so lucky to have that sort of lifestyle. i sent those pictures to my boyfriend and asked if we could have puppies like that (not myself having the puppies, holy creepies) and he replied “that’d be a huge pet fee for the apartment.” i know deep down inside he’d love to have that many, although the fee is $200 a head for animals. my solution is just getting a farm for puppies to roam and romp on. oh the glee! i’d never leave my puppy farm.

  80. Katrina says:

    Thanks, Theo. marie_n, I’m with you. 50 acres, many dogs, cat-a-plenty, a llama, vicuna or aplaca, and of course, my giraffe.

    Now, my son the biologist tells me that giraffes are mean sons of guns. Maybe they are just misunderstood, “Katrina’s Home for Misunderstood Giraffes” sounds about right. marie_n, come visit anytime, Theo, you have your perfect office, I have my “Home for Misunderstood Giraffes”, to each his or her own. You can come visit too, there will be a guest house, way up in a tree so you can talk with the giraffe.

  81. P.S. “scooterpants”? That’s goin’ right into the screen-name pantheon…