Dumpling on the tennis court

Dumpling, Honey, did you warm up for the game?

IMG_1793, originally uploaded by bm0226.

Yes, I mean, did you do your stretches?

IMG_1799, originally uploaded by bm0226.

OK, good. ‘Cause we’re playing the Underhills at the club today, and if we lose, we have to pay their club fees for a month, Darling! And you know Daddy wouldn’t like that.

IMG_1436, originally uploaded by bm0226.

It’s your serve, Lori W.!

// Sorry to be a ballhog, Lori, but I’ll take that serve… – Ed. //



  1. I think I’m in love….

  2. OMgoodness what a little fluff ball! Does anyone know what kinda pup?

  3. Sandwich says:

    Jmper – Maybe a Japanese spitz puppy or a pom.

  4. Is it really nice to play tennis using a tribble as a ball?

  5. SQUEEE! ::steals pup and tiny jacket::

    @Jmper-The flickr tags said Japanese spitz, so yes.

  6. nittanysam says:

    It’s an Eskie! (american eskimo dog) This is the same kind of doggie that was all spread out as a skorge rug months ago. I have one at home, and they only get more prosh as they bigger!

    They do look like poms when they are younger, though

  7. cheesybird says:

    Awwwwwwwww… this gives whole new meaning to 30 love. (Or should that be 30 wuv?)

  8. Yeah I saw the flicker tag after I posted (old computer shows me what it wants me to see…grr) I was thinking American Eskimo but Japanese Spitz works too.

  9. cheesybird says:

    AAaaiiieeeee!!! Did you see this fluffball’s tennis partner? 😀


  10. Outstanding Fletch reference, Meg.

  11. cheesybird, are you sure that isn’t a photoshopped tennis ball?


  12. Very cute-much cuter without the jacket.

  13. Jimbeaux says:

    Oooooh! So floofy!
    Normally not a tennis fan, but I’d certainly watch for this li’l player and cheer, so long as there was victory snorgling at the end!

  14. Rooanne says:

    LOL!! “be the ball”
    That is one floofy tennis ball.

  15. omg, this puppehs name is Dumpling? How qte is that??

  16. While I’m down here wonder if anyone would notice a quick nap? Snorgle to follow ! ! !

  17. Dumpling: I didn’t know you knew the Underhills.
    Fletch: Yeah, well, I saved his life during the war.
    Dumpling: You were in the war?
    Fletch: No, he was. I got him out.

  18. Sugarcloud!

  19. cheesybird says:

    LOL@ Paranoiagirl!

    Maybe the ball’s real, but someone ‘shopped a lab around it.

  20. What a gorgeous ball of floof! Is that Ruffael Nadal?

  21. Advantage, fluffball.

  22. Shannon says:

    I love the classic head tilt in the first pic. It seems to come installed on every breed….

  23. Shannon says:

    Man those flickr photos could be their own cute pup website. Danger Will Robinson!

  24. Good thing we’re not playing football… ’cause I’da pounced this little guy ages ago! <3

  25. ThreeCatNight says:

    Need a partner, Dumpling?
    I’m all yours!

  26. The Other One Michelle says:

    That is the cutest doggie hoodie I have ever, ever seen. Want to bury my face in puppy fur right now!

  27. So I’m *slightly* evil.

  28. EEEEEEEPPPPP!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE that second shot. Its so cute I could puke a rainbow 😀

  29. The Other One Michelle says:

    Teho, HA! Cruel! You are encouraging people to use their cute puppies as tennis balls. I insist you remove link immediately!

  30. The Other One Michelle says:

    Does anyone still have the link for the puking rainbows? I need it today. Thanks!

    [um… http://www.rainbowpuke.com/ – Ed.]
    [also http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm#Barfing%20Rainbows ]

  31. 260Oakley says:

    Theo, thank you for taking that serve. It’s been quite some time since I did a spit-take with my mouth full of Diet Coke… and my computer monitor did need a good wash.

  32. Theresa says:

    American Eskies have super-beepable noses, in addtion to all their bright-eyed, floofy virtues. 😉

  33. Other possible doggeh names:

    Squeenus Williams
    Andre Agasquee
    John McEnfro
    Roger Flufferrer
    Lleyton Cu-it
    Steffi Grrrrufff

  34. Sweet impersonashuns…puppeh doubles as a baby harp seal in the last photo!

  35. B-Serv: old skool!

    Mats Weimaranar
    Bjorn Dorg
    Boris Barker
    Basen Ji King (OK, it’s a stretch)
    Martina Newfietilover
    Jimmy “The Beagle” Connors (…couldn’t think of one. Sue me.)

  36. Eskies are so cute 🙂 that’s why I have one at home 🙂

  37. so if you turn the pup into the tennis ball does he also wear down peeps teeth to nubs if we nom the puppy?

  38. Dumpling has a cooler outfit for hitting the tennis courts than I do. *jealous*

    Does she remind anyone else of a Hostess Snoball (not the pink ones of course)? I’m sure she’s just as nommable.

  39. “Martina Newfietilover”


  40. Theo, I just saw that website contains the phrase “Fans of puking rainbows.”

    [headdesk again]

  41. Raemie L. says:

    I call fault! That serve comes with teh Qte pup-spin. Is that legal?!

  42. scooterpants says:

    i don’t need to see the puking rainbows (since i LIVE it very day, “hmmmppfff”- ..insert stars and flowers and _hit spinning around here..) but i DO need to know where that cutie light blue and grey lil warm up suit comes from since SB needs ones for her wardrobe. pleeze do tell.

  43. Definitely an Eskie! I have one at home too, and she looked just like that when she was a little puppy. Now my eskie is almost 5 months old, but still the cutest fluff ball ever. I just love her, and I think eskies are all so very cute, even when they are all grown up. They have such foxy face and plush fur.

  44. “Aw, are you SURE this is how Venus Williams got started??!!??”

  45. SQUEEEEEEEE!!! I love the last pic!!!

    And Dumpling – what a perfect name!

  46. Surely that last is a picture of an actual dumpling?

  47. Head. Splody.

    TMCTH (Too much cute to handle)

  48. hon glad says:

    Plenty of BEF.

  49. I read the title as “Dumping on the tennis court” so I was quite relieved, really.

  50. Alexis — I’m glad I’m not your court. ;P

  51. staticgirl says:


  52. January says:

    Did you say dumping on the tennis court!!!!

  53. nittanysam says:

    Truth, Penny. Our eskie, Jack-Jack, is almost 7 months now and is still the most adorable doggie evah! When we take him over to my parents house for a romp, he prances around the grass. It is, without a doubt, the cutest thing I have ever seen. Currently it is double-cute as he is wearing a fashionable cone (he was nibbling at his stitches).

  54. Oh Dumpling I love you you cute little pup because you look so much like a pomeranian. (My favorite dogs to look at ever)

  55. THEO!!!!

    I can’t believe we forgot the most obvious (particularly because she has a commercial running now where she takes pics of a cute dog!):


  56. Didn’t think it was fair to call her a dog.

  57. marisol28 says:

    Perfect preppy talk. OMG Muffy!

  58. greytgreys says:

    what a kah-YUTE little puppy!!!

  59. Sammy puppy, perrrrhaps? 😮
    So adorable! Looks like a hybrid of puppy and baby seal!

  60. I want a puppy!! I just LOVE puppy hoodies (: I don’t usually dress my dog up, but with a hoodie, I would!