THIS JUST IN: Pom Crew Cut @ Woofstock

What a suhweet summer cut. Apparently, this lil’ guy’s owner was all sporting a super tough-look too. Prolly had the Pom floof shaved to keep his dignity.


Those are some serious paws up, Alexia B.



  1. starling says:

    Awww. Floofeh and happy!


  2. I just got my Monday morning Cuteoverload fix of adorable steroids with this cute, cute, cute puppy o’ stuffins!

  3. OH MY! Just for a second I thought it wasn’t a real puppy! So cute!

  4. cheesybird says:

    OOOHHHHHHHHH!!! He looks soooooooooooo soft!

    *gets in line for snorglings*

  5. chanpon says:

    o_o Is this a Muppet(tm)?

  6. My friend went to Woofstock but left her dog home – she said it was WAY too hot to be out with animals for an extended persiod of time.
    Hope this little guy stayed in the shade!!

  7. Winni-Pig says:

    This looks like that character on either the Muppets or Sesame St. that wears the hat….what is its name??

    It really doesn’t look real!

  8. Fozzy?

    Teddy Ruxpin?

  9. noooo way man, THAT is a teddy!

  10. omg pom muppy!!

  11. hon glad says:

    I s dis for realz?

  12. *pokes belly*

    *looks for cassette tape deck*

    NOT Teddy Ruxpin? Sure fooled me!

  13. leah b. says:

    prosh paw actions there cool and happy now where is the beer?????

  14. Headline: “Actual puppeh born with teddy bear earz.”

    *beep* le nose.

  15. Oh. Hem. Gee. REDONK.

  16. Courtney says:

    That looks like the infamous Mr. Winkle!

  17. It’s Mr. Winkle’s cousin!

  18. He looks like a little lion cub! So dear!

  19. This guy is so cute. I want to cuddle him.

  20. OMG! We were at Woofstock and we met this guy and his super cute dog! You can’t see it, but the puppeh also has a major Buddha belly!

  21. I really thought this was a stuffed toy!

  22. Dude, who captured the Ewok?

  23. zach wilson says:

    what kind of dog is this

  24. scooterpants says:

    that is adorable.
    (i think i’ll get my pommmie cut like that when she goes for her bootie parlor appt today!)
    and i can only imagine the line of willing females just waitin to pet the baby.
    poor guy, he was proly mobbed with women. itz a shame.
    hmmpphh. 🙂

  25. Looks like the BEAR Automotive bear, smile and all.

  26. Katrina says:

    Maybe this is cooler for the little guy in the hot Summer, which would be good, but ya know, I’d stick with the floofy style- I like them all floofed out and looking twice as big as they really are.

    This is a Pomeranian dog. A relative of the Bull Mastiff and the Great Pyrenees…talk about dignity-theft sheesh..

  27. Anyone here watch Groomer Has It on Animal Planet?

  28. Adorable! Does anyone know what the breed is?

  29. I thought it WAS a teddy bear! I kept looking for the dog! Oh those ears are soooooo great!!

  30. temperance says:

    i agree- definitely a relative of mr. winkle- the cutest dog in the universe!

  31. OMG…. is it purebred?? The breeders… the breeders… (very cute teddy bear puppy)

  32. claudia says:

    Ahhhh! I love this happy looking pict… and 😉 he has really nice hands… LOL, don’t freak, I just like a mans hands…

  33. ThreeCatNight says:

    This cutiepie pom looks just like the “Snuggle” bear from the commercials.
    (Could they be related?)

  34. Oh man, those ears! Simply too moishe!

  35. Is it just me or does this look like a Grateful Dead bear?

  36. Dude, I think that is Mr. Winkle

  37. Can that possibly be a real dawrg?

  38. Carolina2 says:

    But, but, BUT, that contrapshun he’s wearing doesn’t look cool OR comfy!!

  39. wagthedogma says:

    HA! Take THAT, Japanese cuteologists!!! Who’s getting their asses handed to them NOW, huh? HUH??? 😀

  40. That is kooky.

  41. A teddy bear that says ‘woof’?

  42. at first i thought it was a fake, but then i saw the little yellow tooth and knew it was real..i wish my dogs groomer was that good!

  43. Peanutcat says:

    That’s not a puppeh, that’s a bear cub!!!!!

  44. oh gimme a break, that canNOT be real!!!



  45. Are you sure this isn’t a stuffed animal?

  46. Mr. Winkle?????

  47. Yeah, Mr. Winkle, of the Mr. Winkle calendars.

    You people call yourselves cuteologists and you haven’t heard of Mr. Winkle?? 🙂

    Actually I’m not sure that it is Mr. Winkle or just a similar looking dog.

  48. kyra, no that was the first thing i thought too! its adorable!

  49. starling says:

    “Maybe this is cooler for the little guy in the hot Summer”

    It’s not, actually. Long hair works like an air conditioning system (take note those who shave their long-haired cats!).

  50. …say whut, Starling?

  51. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Only one of you caught the “Jerry Bear” resemblance? ‘Cmon, peeps, even with the WOOFSTOCK reference!? Geeese-O-Pete!!

  52. Katrina says:

    Well then Starling, there is now excuse for this gravitas
    nullification. Poor little puppity pup.

  53. Monique says:

    That is super cute! But Starling, I don’t see how shorter hair would not be cooler, I mean I cut my own hair shorter for summer because it’s cooler. Less insulation. Anyway Poms have plenty of hair so I’m in favor or clipping them like Mr. Winkle for cuteness alone!

  54. Gee its funny how you never see “Mr Winkle” out in public….Hmmmmmmm

    ps. yes she is very real….

  55. Mr. Winkle upstaged Carrie in an episode of “Sex and the City” some years ago.

  56. Monique, starling, theo et al, – tis true. My best girlfriend is a dog groomer and it makes her crazy when she has to shave dogs. She concurs that their coats get to a certain length for a reason – it’s their own cooling/heating system. This is especially so for cats. In fact, she just straight up won’t shave cats anymore unless there are severe mats involved. And she’s explained this to her clients several times re dogs, and they still insist on the shaving. People really don’t get it.

  57. So did my cat when she walked in front of the tv…
    Mr Winkles look at his ears in a strong wind he would take off…..I think they made that movie Dumbo….

  58. No “bear” talk on this thread please! This is a family board.

    And take off that wristband hon, it’s too hot.

    [ZOMG BARE WRISTS!!!!tiddly-pum!! – Ed.]

  59. LadyDarya says:

    Okay, I’ve come back to this site all day to look at this “dog”. I know you say it’s a dog but really? I mean it’s tooooo perfect you know? And the smile? And the ears? Perfection you know what I mean? He’s like a cute poofball that my nephew would have on his bed for cuddling with at night… How can something that cute be real???

  60. Wow, that is ridiculously cute. And I don’t think it’s Mr. Winkle, although this:
    is the greatest thing ever. Very ET-esque

  61. InAwwwe says:

    It looks like a lil furry ball of sunshine :o)

  62. “What the Heck is that!”

    “Errmm, this, nothing really, just…just holding it for my girlfriend. She should be right back.”


    [“Dude, at least I *have* a girlfriend…” – Ed.]

  63. Winni-Pig says:

    Fozzy Bear! That’s it.

    I want to nom those big donut ears.


  64. There’s no way that thing’s real. It CAN’T be. Mr. Chomps could kick that guy’s a**.

  65. hrh.squeak says:


    That is all.

  66. Yes, kyra, you nailed it.

    Thus, the dog has one of three possible names:

    1. Captain Trips
    2. Cassidy
    3. Tennessee Jed

    Signed, someone who named his cats Rider and Bertha.

  67. If he’s not a bear, the guy holding him definitely is. ;D

    He’s beyond cute, though, ohmygoodness.

  68. AuntieMame says:

    Oh, come, peeps! The guy won this at the ring toss booth. There’s no way this fuzzball is real!

  69. His face is almost perfectly round! I too thought I was looking at a stuffed animal for a second. His body hair looks like wool. And those fuzzy ears are humongous.

  70. Pup was at Woofstock??? “Don’t eat the brown Baby Ruths!”

  71. Ha ha not sure whether its real or not but its very cute!

  72. binky-mama says:

    That man stole my Teddy!!!


  73. I saw her at Woofstock on Saturday and talked to her owner! She’s so cute!

  74. Raemie L. says:

    Said before in the above posts, but again… OMG the teddy bear ears! Squeee! Pommykins ees a dahling shaved pupsicle (pupsickie)?

  75. yay! he looks like mr winkle!!!!
    i need this dog!

  76. Pommeranians you just gotta love em shaved or with all that glorious fur.

  77. Rachel Sweeden says:

    Annie I agree with you 100%. You just gotta love Pomeranians shaved or with the glorious fur.

  78. MillionMice says:

    Is this for real? Looks like the cutest toy I’ve ever seen??? Can you really get that look by shaving a Pomeranian? – Amazing!!! – and way 2 cuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!

  79. Holy crap.. it’s like a living teddy bear!!

  80. I want to carry you with both hands too.

  81. WOW!!! If it wasn’t for that tongue, I would never believe that it was a real animal!!!

  82. Unreal! Are those the cleanest paws ever or what?!

  83. O__o

    O.M.G. I have never seen anything like this. BEYOND redonk!

    Ooooh, and I *tewtally* dig the black wristband and nice male hands.

  84. Beth E. says:

    Mr. Winkle is in semi-retirement, so this little girl should step in. They are having a look-alike contest on his website.

  85. All that is missing is a Honey Pot ….

  86. Thank you for the nice things you are saying about me on here xoxox

    (o) (o)


  87. this little cutie is the cutest, prettiest, softest, gentlest “niece” any “auntie” could wish for… Yep, she is for real, yep she is a pom and yep she is very special….thanks for seeing Robin as we do…

    Auntie G…..

  88. is this a dog because it looks like a cube mix with dog!Cute

  89. omg, i have this sudden urge to go and find this dog and bring it home! what breed is it?

  90. gravyboat says:

    I want a man-bear-puppy too!