Stubbular, and part owl

Exotic and American Shorthair SPECIALISTS "Purfurvid" have the most prosh lil’ progeny this side of Japan’s East coast. They have awesome lil’ pics, including this mini Winston-like kitteh, who is available.  Meanwhile, check out Red, here;


Reanne P. sent me some other great suggestions from this site… There are simply too many wondeful kittehs to show. Check it out!



  1. oh god, oh god, oh god….

    that’s one huuuge head!

  2. He sort of looks like his head is on upside down, especially in the side view. In a totally adorable way, of course! I love kittens no matter which way they put their heads on.

  3. He cannot HANDLE that pink crushed velvet backdrop.
    Poor little dude, it looks like someone poked his nose in and his eyes bulged out in response.

  4. binky-mama says:

    LOL @ Sarah! I was thinking the same thing! Such a lovely shade of Pepto Bismol. As for the kitteh; the stubbular tailio is KILLING me.

  5. hon glad says:

    What’s the poor bebeh so worried about?

  6. Nawwh.. looks so sad!

  7. joliesmom says:

    OMG in that second picture (profile) he looks like a Furby. I’m almost worried that his eyes look too far out. 😦

    Keep your safety goggles on kitteh!

  8. pugsy's mama says:

    Don’t worry, he’ll grow into his eyes. I’ve been around plenty of persian babehs and they always look like they’re one bad stumble away from losing an eyeball.

  9. omg he totally looks like garfield :X

  10. Shannon L. says:

    Oh my…

    Normally I would be all over the cute, or at least laughing at his silly face…but I have a tiny kitten of my own now. Seeing this guy, compared to how a kitten “should” look, my stomach sort of did a sickening flop. :O

    It’s just me though, so don’t mind me much. I just had a strange bad reaction to these pics. >.<

  11. Cerberus says:

    Poor thing,
    people should stop breeding such kittens. They can’t breathe properly and they always have worries with their eyes. That’s not cute, that’s cruel!

  12. LOL @ Sarah – I completely agree. The second pic totally illustrates your theory. It’s like someone did a “beep!” on the nose and the eyes went “boink!”

    Poor kitteh. Can we have Cute or Sad, Meg?

  13. BTW – MiniWinston there looks mighty annoyed.

    I’m still LOLing at the second pic too. SO wrong, I know.

  14. Jeanette says:

    So on one post, you tell people they should adopt kittens from a shelter, and then in the next, give free advertising to someone selling deformed, freakish looking (some may see cute, I see tortured genetics) kittens. Seems wrong in so many ways.

  15. bunnyfluffs says:

    I’m so not a fan of the smashy-faced/droopy eyeball/malformed noggin thing. I love me some kitties and bunnies and puppies and whatnot, but like a previous poster said.. I see tortured genetics, not happy cute kitten.

  16. Definitely “Cute or Sad?”. Or maybe “Cute or Cruel?”

  17. Did anyone read that article on pet ‘underpopulation’ on that purfurvid site? Absolutely disgusting.

  18. Meh… I’m not really a big fan of the droopy eyed, smooshed face kitties.

    It’s cute though in a very weird way, but I dunno, something about them just always seems to wrong. When they get older it’s not so bad though.

    Anywho.. poor kitty looks like it’s worried about something. Don’t worry kitty someone will be by shortly to snorgle you!

  19. Frinkle Part Deux

  20. lucy's mommeh says:

    joe, I agree 100%…

  21. Ich. Not a fan of the squashed-face cats. Not cute, and they have breathing problems. Why do we have to breed gross mutations into animals and warp their features? I’m with Jeanette and Bunnyfluffs on this one. This isn’t a practice we should applaud or be promoting.

  22. Winni-Pig says:


    I wonder how often this cat is going to hear “Aren’t you the ugly little thing” as s/he grows up.

    It’s cute the way all baby things have to be perceived as cute regardless of what genetics did to them, but I agree that malformations should not be encouraged.

    It actually looks to me as if it is struggling.

  23. chanpon says:

    Watch it kitty – stubby pointy little tail can put someone’s eye out!

  24. m in athens says:

    Those little shelter babies in the earlier post are way, way cuter. Sorry, but I don’t think the “I’m so overbred there’s no room for my face” look is cute.

  25. catablob says:

    Aw, I think he is cute!
    Tewtally stubbular.
    his legs and tail are very stripey!

  26. Ugh.

  27. LadyChroe says:

    “So on one post, you tell people they should adopt kittens from a shelter, and then in the next, give free advertising to someone selling deformed, freakish looking (some may see cute, I see tortured genetics) kittens. Seems wrong in so many ways.”

    Amen, Jeanette. This makes me sick to my stomach. 50% of cats in shelters are put down every year, and CO is plugging kitten mills?

    [Anybody else want to take this one? Or shall I? – Ed.]

  28. That kitten is hideously deformed and probably has breathing problems and eye problems.

    It’s just sickening that people keep breeding animals this way because “it looks so cute!” no matter how unhealthy they are.

    I think that cuteoverload, being a mostly-animal-site, should play a bit more of an ethical role in this.

    I love this site, but I see way too many dressed-up animal posts and deformed inbred animal posts. And that’s not cute, that’s just sad and it encourages people to do the same.

    Cuteoverload doesn’t need to become a second PETA-site, but it could be a bit more ethical than this.
    I see a lot of people here agree on this, maybe we should ask the owner of the site?

  29. I’m way with you on the flat face look.

  30. Katrina says:

    He’s gots no nose to speak of. ,I hope he finds a loving person companion to sneeze on…

  31. i realized that CO is a equal opportunity cute-porter but it would seem to me that taking a stance as positive as pro-adoption/anti-breeder(mills) is obvious. i am pretty disappointed. blah.

  32. So, ehm, I see there’s no official CO forum to start a discussion, so should we e-mail Meg or something?

    One e-mail probably wouldn’t change her mind on this, but I see a lot of people agree on this here.
    (‘This’ being not promoting unhealthy or deformed animal breeds on the site)

    Or would it be impossible for CO to exist without pay from catteries and such?

  33. 1) Responsible breeders are not the same thing as puppy or kitten mills.

    2) Yes, it is great to adopt from shelters. But that is not for everyone, and not everyone has a shelter near them (I, for example, do not).

    3) The fact that you do not find an animal cute does not mean it is deformed or hideous.

    4) No, Cute Overload does not need to be a second PETA site. Especially as many of PETA’s practices aren’t all that animal friendly anyway.

    5) Meg has a right to post whatever she pleases, which apparently cannot be said often enough.

    In conclusion, kitties, like people, are different. They come from different places, and they have different faces. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who don’t think you are all that cute, but I doubt they are suggesting that it is cruel to let you live just because you have a turned up nose, or your eyes are maybe too close together or have a monobrow. I am not a fan of Persians in general, but I think this little fella is pretty cute. Leaping to the conclusion that he is sick and miserable and his life is awful simply because he is a purebred is ridiculous as is the assumption that there are no responsible breeders in the world. Please think before you post. No doubt the people who run the site Meg linked to will probably come here and read the comments. How would you like to be told that apparently you are a monster for breeding animals you love?

  34. Khadija says:

    Jeanette, Nynke I’m with you.

  35. “Hideously deformed”… “tortured genetics”… “kitten mills”… “sickening”…

    Seriously, some of you — do you even hear yourselves thinking? This isn’t concern, ethics, or anything else besides making a point of being the asshole at the party.

    You don’t like flat-faced cats? Whoop de freakin doo. Neither do I, truth be told. Know what I do about it? I don’t buy flat-faced cats. In my infinite arrogance, I have the gall to believe that making this choice is more useful and productive than to spit venom at folks who like to look at *pictures* of them.

    If, at the time we were looking to adopt a cat from the local shelter, the kitty who had bonded with us most had happened to be a cast-off Persian, then very likely that’s the cat who would be sitting on our footstool right now.

    Get off your high damn horses. You can’t play nice with my peeps, you can go scream and bitch with a hundred other vapid wackos on some celebrity gossip site. Come back when you learn some civility.

    (btw, I’ve actually found at least one PETA forum to be remarkably civil.)

  36. With your kind permission, Theo the editor, I will take this one.

    WILL YOU ALL PLEASE HOLD ON TO YOUR BOOTS?? Thank you. Now, nowhere in this posted picture does CO say “buy from kitty mills” nor do they say “deformities in cats are healthy and to be bred for”. What the post actually says is, “see these cute kittens? We have put them here for you to look at. And if you don’t like looking at these kittens on this blog put here for your amusement, then don’t look, cause we don’t need you anyway”.

    BTW, if you want to see those people who pay for CO to exist, look on the sides of the page, AT THE ADVERTISEMENTS. Not at the links. If you look at the links, everyone who links to their flickr stream, their myspace page, or other blog would also be paying for CO. And we’re not, so CHILL OUT OKAY?? Sheesh…

  37. *blushes* whoops, sry theo, you got there before me…

  38. Oh man, Whiskers, you’re opening a door there that I’ve tried really hard to shut… but yeah, agreed.

  39. Heh. Comment lag.

  40. Katrina says:

    Can we have a ‘sheesh’ category, maybe?

  41. @Gryph:

    What I said is not about the cat being ugly, because, and you are correct with that, that’s a matter of taste.

    What I do object to is the fact that some of these animal breeds have breed-associated ‘weaknesses’. That practically means that a lot of unhealthy, handicapped animals are bred because of their appearance.
    For persians and exotics one of those breed-related problems is breathing difficulties. Certain dog breeds have fragile hips, or eyes that could spontaneously pop out of their sockets.
    Now does that sound like a healthy pet to you?

    And of coarse I’m not saying they should kill these animals, I’m just saying they shouldn’t breed with them, because taht would mean knowingly creating ill animals.
    That’s what I was trying to say, a health issue, not an issue of beauty.

  42. ACK! For-profit breeders are NOT CUTE! If you love cats then adopt — and spay/neuter!

  43. *whispering* um…what door? if you don’t mind me asking. if you don’t want to say and draw more attention to it, that’s okay too…

  44. You’re pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down.

  45. …now, if folks were to object to the utter bastardization of life that is an owl-kitty crossbreed, THEN I’d say we had a very real and serious issue to discuss. Namely, the deep disconnect we have with reality.

  46. @Theo and Whiskers:

    Woa, I didn’t mean to cause a shake-up, but I’ll try to put it more gently. I really did not mean to insult you, Meg, or anyone else.

    But I think that showing cute pictures of animals will cause more people to buy such a pet. Just like the movie “101 Dalmatians” causes a big increase in people getting dalmatians.

    “OMG that’s so cute”–>”I want one”

  47. I think it’s ridiculous to lump all breeders in together. Yes. There are puppy mills. Yes. There are kitten mills. Some breeders may breed without regard to the health or quality of life of their animals. But to get up in arms when Meg posts a kitten with a link to one particular breeder without the knowledge of what manner of breeder they are is ridiculous. I don’t see a lot of people posting on the pics of pure bred Retrievers “THIS IS SO CRUEL. THEY SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO BREED.” Could that be because they are considered more universally cute in the traditional way than Persians? I don’t think people’s objects have anything to do with breeders. I think it’s just a way for them to justify the fact that they don’t find Persians cute.

  48. Winni-Pig says:

    It isn’t only “kittymills” that contribute to issues. “Legitimate breeders” can also get involved. .

    This particular kitten may be perfectly normal for a persian. However, the side photo does make its nose look very much as if it would have difficulty in breathing.

  49. claudia says:

    Well, that didn’t take long.

    Agree to disagree and yes, by all means, Get off your high horses.

    I for one, find him adorable.

  50. I see it is gonna be one of those days on CO….
    And not all breeders are puppy mills… Visit the home where you are getting your pet from if you really want to know who the breeder is and what their standards and practices are.
    My grandfather was a dog breeder and he did it as a suppliment to his retirement income. The dogs were in clean warm kennels. they were carefully breed to proper mates and not breed each cycle. Puppies were given all their shots. Any one purchasing one of his dogs was encouraged to come out to his farm to see how they were cared for and encouraged to come and pick their puppy out.
    Dog runs were cleaned daily and exercise runs out in the yard also occurred daily as well as grooming sessions. and each dog got individual attention.
    Just because there are bad breeding situations does not mean all breeding situations are bad.
    Just becasue some one is a breeder does not mean they are a puppy mill!

    [especially if they’re breeding *cats* – Ed.]

  51. Nynke — re: popular art leading to increase in demand, a la 101 Dalmatians —

    This sounds pretty anecdotal to me; I’d be curious to see if anyone’s ever done actual measured studies on this kind of thing. I’ve also repeatedly heard, for example, that the demand for pet rabbits goes way up every Easter, so pet stores “stock up” ahead of time. Afterwards… overstock.

    Simple solution: again, go ADOPT from a shelter, rather than buy from a pet store. And do your homework, too — sticking with the same example, rabbits aren’t actually the easiest pets to care for properly.

    This is me getting even further off-topic, though.

  52. @Gryph:

    Actually, I’m equally sceptical about pure bred retrievers, I just generally think people shouldn’t breed with animals that have severe genetic deficiencies.

    I think there should be more focus on the animal’s wellbeing and less on the aesthetics and profitability.

  53. Carolina2 says:

    @Gryph: You said everything I wanted to say, and probably better than I could have done. You are so right. I happen to think that kitteh is very cute. I don’t think he’s suffering, either. I had a Persian for nearly 16 years, and she never had any problems at all. I now have a long-haired Siamese mix who is 14, and she has to have some Persian in there somewhere. She too is totally healthy. There IS a huge difference between a ‘pet mill’ and an ethical breeder. I hope we continue to see all the varieties and breeds of animals out there on this site. There’s something for everybody. Thanks, Meg. I love ALL your bebes.

  54. I feel justified in commenting on this due to the fact that I have not one but two smashy cats: One an exotic, one a persian. It IS true that irresponsible breeding creates cats with breed specific problems – my persian, for instance, will always have problems breathing. However, I got her from a breed rescue – NOT a breeder – so I don’t know her origins – all I know is she deserves the love and care any cat that is alive does. My exotic, on the other hand, I got from a RESPONSIBLE breeder (YES, they DO exist) and even though he is a flat faced little guy – he does NOT have breathing problems or any other health issues. That is because the breeder I got him from is meticulous about which cats are allowed to breed AND requiring every cat she sells (and believe me, there is NO profit for responsible breeders) as a pet to be spayed/neutered – in order to discourage irresponsible breeding. If you want to stop kitten and puppy mills DO NOT BUY FROM PETSTORES and DO RESEARCH ON THE BREED AND THE BREEDER before acquiring any pet. Also, check animal shelters and breed rescues! There are so so many abandoned pets from irresponsible breeders that do need good homes.
    It sounds as if most of you would come over to my house and throw up if you saw my cats – but I don’t care if they make you feel sick or if you think they’re ugly. [Not “most” of us, Diana – Ed.] I will NOT encourage irresponsible breeding but I will definitely adopt more homeless persians as I get more room in the future – and I might even BUY another exotic from the woman who bred my exotic. Long story short – not every breeder is evil – and not every flat face cat has breathing problems.

  55. Carolina2 says:

    @Winni-Pig; I went to the site you suggested, where much to my horror I found that my other cat, a Rag Doll, was considered a ‘freak’. PLEASE!! She is THE sweetest cat I have EVER owned, and very smart. She is NOT ‘freakish’, nor does she fit the following description: “which is so flaccid and passive as a sofa cushion that it cannot protect itself” She can hold her own with my other cats, believe that!! She is ALSO drop-dead beautiful. Everyone who sees her wants to keep her. There is not even one feature about her which could be described as ‘freakish’. I’m only glad she doesn’t know how to read. She was sitting in my lap when I went to that site. Yes, some cats (and dogs, and bunnys) DO look ‘freakish’, for instance those bald, wrinkly ones, but where do you draw the line? I wish I could post pictures of my girls here, you would drool over them. I might send a ‘group shot’ in and see if Meg will post it.
    Grr!! Even my 14-year old plays like a kitten. They are so healthy and gorgeous both.

  56. I am dissapointed that you are advertising breeders on this site. Animal overpopulation is not cute.

  57. Teho Hmmm cats=catmill not dogmill obviously I have not had my first cup of coffee today o-O

  58. Then gitcher ass to teh beanery STAT, girl!

  59. (Sorry Ed., I was feeling a little defensive, on behalf of my beloved kittehs. You are right!)

  60. @Gryph:

    Your logic is incredibly flawed and simplistic. So just bc you don’t have a shelter near you, there are no strays to adopt? Wow, I want to live where you live bc your area seems to have a lock on the unwanted kitteh situation. There are a million other places where you can go to rehome an animal; try looking in your local Pennysaver or going to a farm (as a former farmgirl, I can attest to people dumping animals at farms). Saying that kittehmills are bad does not = PETA (duh). We can all take animal rights stances w.o being lumped in w. PETA.

  61. Poor little deformed kitty. It’s a cute fuzzy thing, but I do object to breeding animals with health problems.

    You can’t honestly tell me that this is or will be a healthy animal:

    People put so much emphasis on cute features (short nose, wrinkles) that an animals feature gets all the more extreme. And we end up with poor kitties like these.

  62. The problem with breeders is NOT (necessarily) that they breed unhealthy animals. The problem is that they’re introducing more animals into a world where thousands already die waiting for homes. I think it’s great that they have passion for preserving breeds that would otherwise have died out; my kitty’s mother was a Russian Blue who was absolutely gorgeous. No one is saying that pure breed cats should die. We’re just saying, is it really practical — and more importantly, is it really a good thing for the pet world — for people to adopt kittens at $800 a cat, when thousands of cats at free or low-cost shelters are being put to death? The argument that shelter pets “aren’t for everyone” is absurd; if a person “needs” to have a perfect pet in order to love it, then they shouldn’t get a pet to begin with. Animals love us unconditionally; it’s only fair to pay them the same courtesy.

  63. catablob says:

    Meg can post what she wants.

    People who think breeder animals are gross and shouldn’t exist can make their own blog with photographs of shelter-only animals.

  64. It is interesting to read that cat people are just as involved in ethical breeding practices and rescue as dog people are. (Or so it would appear from this “discussion”)
    I do dog rescue – breed specific dog rescue – but I also support ethical breeding. NEVER EVER EVER EVER (and I could add like 600 more EVERs) buy from a petstore. No matter what anyone tells you, petstores do not buy from ethical breeders because ethical breeders would NEVER EVER (insert EVERs ad infinitum) let a store sell their pups!!!
    I will just echo what people above have said, Do your research and amke smart decisions about the animals you are bringing into your family.

    Theo – unfortunately, breed rescues see surges in specific breeds when they are in movies. Sad, but true. Impulse buying fuels our country – and when you’re done with it, just throw it out. (We’ve had people “threaten” to just leave a dog somewhere if we don’t come pick up. I mean, COME ON people.)

    Anyway… not a fan of the flat faced kitty, but that only means that I won’t be getting one (or any kitty for that matter!).

  65. I wonder if the people here who are saying they have healthy persians/exotics have them as extreme as the cats on these pictures.

    Of coarse there are healthy persians! Otherwise nobody would have them, I think.
    But the healthy persians, do they look as extreme as the kitten posted here, or as the kitten just linked by Lynn?
    (this one

    I’m not 100% against persians, or siamese, or whichever breed. I just agree with Lynn that these features shouldn’t be made more and more extreme.

    I think a nice, healthy persian looks very pretty! I just don’t think the cats on this breeders website look healthy!
    Especially that grey kitten with the upside-down-inside-out face Lynn just linked to. Sure, there are healthy persians, but I just don’t think that kitten can breathe normally.

  66. correction:

    that one (link didn’t work because of the “)” at the end)

  67. ChitaDenita says:

    This leetle kitteh proves the theory that cats are indeed from outerspace…. It’s cute/creepy!

  68. I talked briefly with the owner of this site ages ago when I was looking to buy an exotic shorthair cat (after my other exotic died from kidney disease). She was a very kind breeder who cared deeply about her animals. She is not some kind of cruel “kitten mill” breeder who is only out to make money. Some of you have an obvious prejudice against people who prefer purebred animals and make it sound like they’re some kind of monsters. I juat don’t get it; people buy purebred dogs all the time and don’t get the same kind of flack others get for buying purebred cats.

    And to those that say they look unhealthy….they’re perfectly normal for exotic kittens. That’s how they all look. They’ll grow into their features as they get older and look much more normal in a year or so.


  69. I don’t think my argument was particularly simplistic so much as it was straightforward. Shelter cats are not for everyone. Farm cats are not for everyone. Not everyone has those options. And frankly, even if they did, people should still have a choice as to whether they get their kitten from a shelter or a breeder. Persians from breeders deserve good homes every bit as much as kittens from the shelter. The plight of animals that have no homes is so very sad. I myself do not have the ability to have a pet right now, much as I would like to be able to welcome a puppy or a kitten to my life. If I had the chance, I would probably choose an animal from a shelter. My life, however has been full of animals that came from breeders and from shelters and I have loved them all. The idea that anyone could believe that their lives were worth less – and YES that IS what you are saying – offends me to my core. Every time you post and say “no one should breed these cats (or dogs) because there are so many in shelters” you are basically saying “that dog should not exist because other dogs exist that are not as privileged. Kittens and Puppies are not responsible for the circumstances of their lives. Why then, fill a post with vitriol towards an innocent animal? If you do not approve of breeders, then do not purchase an animal from one. Support your local animal shelters, and help them make a difference in your community. Attacking other people’s pets on the internet does nothing for your cause other than make YOU look like elitists who think themselves superior for loving strays instead of purebreds.

  70. Laura: Why did you want an exotic?

  71. @Laura:

    “they’re perfectly normal for exotic kittens”

    Yes, they may look normal for this breed, but that doesn’t really answer the question if it is healthy or not for them to look like that.
    A lot of the more ‘extreme’ looking flat-faced cats have been known to have breathing problems.

    And a breeder can be very nice and caring about the animals, but still breed unhealthy cats by making them as flat-faced as possible. (I wasn’t the one talking about cat-mills etc.)

  72. Stephanie S. says:

    oh man, that little kitty’s profile is hilarious!!

  73. Kitteh is skeered ‘cuz he saw hisself in teh mirror. After calming down, he asks,”I can haz face-fix?”

  74. I’m not going to jump into the whole “this cat is better than that cat” issue. What I came to say was will this kitty share some of his pepto bismol with me? I dont feel so good and it looks like he has plenty to share.

  75. Ih, now that’s NOT cute! Cruel overload.

  76. catablob says:

    Oh god, i’ve been sitting here trying to figure out who this kitten reminds me of.

    He reminds me of that actor David Morse, who used to be on st. elsewhere, and was on House last year as a detective who was trying to get House on drug charges.

  77. @catablob: OH MY GOD you’re totally right. That’s just weird.

  78. Absotivlii pawsolutlii floord. *heddesk*

    Ai nevur thot sew much Qteness cud eggsist in wun smal packuj.

  79. “the goggles, they do nothing!”

  80. The cat is adorable.

    That shade of pink, however, needs to be outlawed. Ohhh, my aching eyes!

  81. Yikes, look at those comments! No wonder the poor thing looks petrified!

  82. Oh noes, commentoversy!

    Funny, I don’t recall the seeing ZOMG!Deformity!Breeder=Mill crowd commenting in the pug posts.

    FYI: Exotic shorthairs and persians from responsible breeders like Purfurvid *do* grow up to be healthy individuals.

  83. Try switching “the” and “seeing” in my post above…


    /snorgles Red McGooglesons

  84. That cat is grotesque.

  85. “Laura: Why did you want an exotic?”

    Because I like them. I’ve had lots of different cats over the years, some strays and some not. I have two exotics now and had one in the past. They’re the best cats I’ve ever had, the friendliest and the most loving. They have wonderful personalities and temperaments….it doesn’t hurt that they’re adorable too. Mine are healthy and they don’t have breathing problems. One of them has an extreme face, like the kittens here, because he was a show cat before I got him. Now he’s spoiled rotten and gets everything he wants(and more). It’s not a bad life for a cat, if I do say so myself. Both of my cats are happy and don’t appear to be suffering in anyway. If they were, I would do anything I could to help them.

    I don’t even have to wash out my cat’s eyes, though I do know of some people who do that on a regular basis. It is one of the requirements of owning this breed of cat.

    Obviously, they aren’t for everyone because they’re not meant to be thrown outside and ignored. They require more maintenance than a normal cat. Since I’m someone who spoils my animals, I don’t mind doing it.

    I try not to get involved in these kind of debates but it irritates me when people lecture everyone about how they just *have* to get a cat from a shelter or they’re a horrible person.


  86. Laura: Thank you for answering my question. 🙂 Now go love up your cats! I think everybody should go love up their cats right now, whether they are purebred or from a shelter/the street/under a cabin in the Appalachians (my cat).

  87. “Funny, I don’t recall the seeing ZOMG!Deformity!Breeder=Mill crowd commenting in the pug posts.”

    No kidding. The dog in the post above this one is clearly a purebred and that post is filled with “OMG!Teddy bear!Love!” It’s weird how there’s always a double standard for cats. I think it’s because people who are not cat people think they’re all the same, so it doesn’t matter what kind of cat you get. In contrast, it’s perfectly okay (and even common) for dog people to prefer a certain breed over another.


  88. @Laura:

    I actually did say I feel the same way about dog breeds that have a lot of health problems, but maybe I was the only one, I don’t know.

    But, since you’re bringing it up, I found this:

    “Luxating patellas (knees that slip out of place) are the most common problem in the Pomeranian breed. The knees are graded according to the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). Normal knees are, of course the most desirable, but Grades One and Two are more common and not unusual in toy breeds. Grades Three and Four may require surgery, sometimes early on in the dog’s life. Be sure to check the knees of any prospective puppy. One with higher grades at a young age will probably be a candidate for surgery.”


    And yes, I think that’s equally bad, and I still think that they shouldn’t breed with animals that have genetical deficiencies, or are very likely to have offspring that has them.

  89. Winni-Pig says:

    Meow: good suggestion!

    Time to sneak up on my unsuspecting Prairie Lion!


  90. LOL – as soon as I saw this cute lil smushed in face, followed by “89 comments”, I knew it was gonna be one of those nuff-tastic threads!

  91. Nynke: I appreciate your thoughtful research and it’s good to know you feel that way about dogs too, not just cats.

    Yes, I understand that there are potential health problems that can occur in any unusual breed of animal; however, if the animals are properly cared for (as all animals should be) then many of these health problems can be prevented from occuring.

    I’m not very informative about dogs, honestly, because I’m more of a cat person. So I can only comment on cats…I know that most health problems exotic shorthairs/persians are prone to can be prevented with proper maintenance.

    These are very expensive cats. It’s hard to find one under $500 and they can go up to $3000. I would assume (and hope?) that anyone willing to spend that much on a cat would also be willing to properly care for it.


  92. Now I’m a bit offended by you people. I own two beautiful himilayan cats, one seal and one torti point. Yes, they have flat faces. No, they do not have breating problems. And no, they are not hideous, or ugly, or anything else. They are amazing cats. My torti point Sasha is 14 and has never had a single sinus problem. My boy Topaz is 6 and the same goes for him. Please, everyone has their opinions, but do not speak ill of a breed you know nothing about. Do not genaralize a whole breed on the few cases you may have seen. I love my little ones to death, abd before you bash me, I did adopt them both from rescue, but I know before they came into rescue, they were from breeders. So what? Some people have a genuine love of a specific breed, and are willing to go to a breeder to get it, since it is hard to find certain breeds in shelters. Just my opinion

  93. I meant to give an example before posting the previous comment, sorry!

    Cats with these types of faces are prone to nasal colds, eye infections, and fungus in the folds around the nose. These things occur when there’s a lot of mucus around the eyes and the owner is not properly caring for the cat’s face. However, not all exotic cats have this excessive mucus problem.

    All three of these illnesses can be easily prevented by wiping the animal’s eyes out with a moist cotton ball on a daily basis. It’s very simple and only takes a moment.

    As far as the cat having breathing problems….clearly, he’s able to breathe or he wouldn’t be living. He doesn’t appear to be gasping for breath in any of the pictures.


  94. First of all, David Morse is one of the finest, most underrated actors of his generation. His work on St. Elsewhere is profound.

    I’m not gonna weigh in here because I’m THIS CLOSE to getting a new cat from somewhere (a shelter or a rescue organization). But if I lived somewhere else and wasn’t as well-read I might go to a pet store and get a cat there, and I would love that cat and not care at all where s/he came from. Also, my first job as a teenager was working for a woman who bred and showed Himalayans. She had a special guest house in her back yard where she kept about eight females, outdoor cages/runs for three males, and three additional house cats. There were a couple of cats who had breeding anomalies — too small, smushy face, etc. — that she kept and spayed and tried to find homes for, knowing that it would be irresponsible to breed them further. She treated her cats well and made a nice little living, and felt good showing and winning prizes for her cats. I can’t imagine being part of that world now, but a lot of people are and I don’t feel any need to demonize them. As many have pointed out, we don’t seem to have the same cultural bias towards well-bred dogs, so I suspect there’s something going on here besides simple “animal rights.”

    I don’t disagree that people who know their business should be able to post concerns they have about overbreeding, inbreeding, potential health effects, etc. However, I do personally have a problem with the labeling of these traits as “deformities” or comments about their “ugliness.” This is not the “classic” cat profile, but it is a face with a lot of character. Yes, the cat may eventually suffer from health problems, but we don’t know that for sure — and either way, the cat is clearly going to be loved and adored, at least as long as it is living with the person who took such care with these pictures. “Should” the cat exist? I don’t know, but it does, and that means a helluva lot to someone.

    I’m not as familiar with the critical and historical literature as I should be, but in the early part of the 20th century there were a lot of very well-educated, socially liberal people who were discussing human birth defects as “deformities,” and discussing ways of “controlling” these “inferior” populations through sterilization of the lower classes or the infirm (it’s called eugenics). I hope that in our concern for educating people about the nasty “business” of pet breeding/buying, we aren’t adopting a language that attempts to assess the aesthetic or spiritual worth (or lack of worth) of any living thing.

    If this kitty were in front of me right now I would hold it and love it just as much as I would the yawning kitty in the previous post. If it’s going to be sick, then I can give him a loving existence for a while. If not, then I’ve got a new best friend for a long, long time, and he’s got kind of a funny, sad face.

  95. temperance says:

    OMG! obviously this poor kitty has had a door closed on his little bitty cutie pie face one-too-many-times!

    people- please, please be more careful when going from room to room- think of the kittens.

    now he’ll never know the magical joy of someone playing ‘got yer nose’ with him. sigh.

  96. Winni-Pig says:

    Carolina2: I sure didn’t mean to imply anything about your kitty-kids.

    It’s like any research – it has to be triangulated with other sources.

    But I have to go, the Prairie Lion is getting restless….

  97. eh-I want a hedgehog

  98. JUST STOP PEOPLE!!! I come to CO to relax, look at the qte, and smile at the innocent animals. If I want to go to a nagging, pc blog I’m sure I can find one. Leave Meg, Theo, etc alone, enjoy the qte or go to another site and let me smile….

    [Actually, things are (were?) calming down in here… – Ed.]

  99. Not all pet stores get their puppies from a puppymill. My ex MIL (much as I don’t like her) bred her own puppies. She was a responsible breeder who owned a pet store. Her puppies were well taken care of, as were her breeder doggies (treated them better than she treated her own kids). There are exceptions to every rule, I guess. Our local Petco offers pets for adoption, and will suggest one of their orphans before selling a pet.

  100. Aw, BerfSerf, you made me sniffle. Dat were sweet.

  101. ugh. Troubling.

  102. PandaDiana says:

    “But if I lived somewhere else and wasn’t as well-read I might go to a pet store and get a cat there, and I would love that cat and not care at all where s/he came from.”

    But in buying it, you would be supporting kitten mills.

  103. catablob says:

    i am also a big fan of david morse.
    Even if he does kind of look like a worried kitten sometimes.

  104. Ermine_Violin says:

    I really like grapes

  105. TurboFloof says:

    LOL! Diana, did you call your cats “smashy cats”?! That’s hilarious! Just the funniest thing ever!

    I think they’re all pretty cyooute – all those littie kittehs. The “smashy cats,” the “Barbara Strisand before the nose job” cats and all of them in between.

    I just have a coupla average-nosed cats, and they’re pretty cute too!

  106. he is totally adorable!

  107. Don’t all kittens have smaller muzzles and relatively bigger eyes than they’ll have when they’re grown? That’s why they’re so ridiculously cute. Surely this guy will grow into his features a bit.

  108. I don’t know about it looking like David Morse, but if I got that kitten I would totally name it Jean-Paul Sartre.

  109. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    For once, I agree with Theo (actually, I pretty much always agree with Theo). It’s obvious that anyone calling this a “kitty mill” and the like has not taken even one minute to visit their site. Whatever I may think of the “desirability” of purebreds, this place raises show cats and is exceptionally discriminating in its breeding program. I am quite sure that their cats are fussed over 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, and more attention is given to their health and condition than some humans get.

    For the record, my cat babies are two semi-ferals who have made themselves at home in my backyard. Besides food and shelter, I have had them spayed/neutered, treated for fleas (ick) and lice (triple ick), and given them antibiotics when necessary. They’re still pretty dismal specimens, one is missing an eye and the other is healing from sores she got from the lice infestation. But I think they’re beautiful (I guess I must really be their mom :), and I’ll take them over a purebred smooshy-faced Persian any day of the week.

    I’m happy to get my cats out of alleys and from behind supermarkets, but I can manage to muster enough respect to live and let live. To universally condemn anyone who breeds or keeps show-quality cats is ridiculous, ignorant rabble-rousing.

  110. That’s pretty scary.

  111. RevWaldo says:

    – My cat has no nose.
    – Really? How does he smell?
    – Terrible!

  112. …y’know, I enjoy writing and reading about really unmentionably morbid bloody stuff. Does that mean I support serial killers and all that good stuff? Duh, no.

    Posting a photo of an odd looking cat, same diff.

    That said, OH MY GOD squee. I think the perfect emote for this kitten is 8C.

  113. binky-mama says:

    Mrs. Catlabash- Good to hear from a fellow feral-momma! Our feral is loved as much as our indoor furkids. And by the way I just love the term “rabble-rousing”. Especially when you roll the r’s.

  114. i think he’s part goldfish….

  115. I could tell as soon as I saw this kitty people would stir up controversy – but this is my view – personally, I would always adopt a homeless kitty and wouldn’t want to go to a breeder, and yes, some breeders are bad news, although some aren’t. Either way, I would rather adopt.

    I’ve never personally had a desire for purebreds and my heart goes out to ones that face health problems because of their breeds.

    But all of this does not really matter in the context of this site – the kitty is uber cute, it’s not his fault he is purebred, comes from a breeder, not rescued, etc! This kitty was born just as he is, he shouldn’t be held responsible for other people’s actions, so if you disagree, please don’t hold the kitty (or the site that just points out his cuteness) responsible!

  116. The Other One Michelle says:

    People who make the comments about how we should all adopt animals that are homeless blah, blah, blah versus buying an animal blah, blah, blah, make me sick with your oh-so-holier-than-thou crap. If someone wants to buy an animal, it doesn’t mean they are kitty/puppy mill lovers. No one is obligated to adopt an animal or child. Hell, there are children all over the world that need homes–let’s all stop breeding and adopt, shall we? I will repeat what I’ve said before…if a post doesn’t float your boat, shut up about it. And yes, usually I’m nicer about it but you holier than thou types drive me nuts. PS: I have a beagle I *Horror* got from a breeder, and I just adopted a mutt from Homeward Bound. But I was by no means obligated to adopt my Nuttie. Get it? So preach elsewhere. Find another place to spew. And I laugh at you if you think a group email to Meg will get her to stop posting cuties that don’t fit your “model” of the appropriate animal.


    Theo–I love you.

    I’m going back to bed now.

  117. I have three rescue regular cats and three rescue persian cats – everyone deserves a loving home no matter how funny looking they are! (BTW those alien-looking exotic kittens more often than not grow up into beautiful and handsome adults!)

  118. Im only going to say this to everyone who thinks this kitteh is ugly….You were not that good lookin when you were born either and look atcha now.

  119. Furbabies says:

    Dang it! Stop! Enough! It just a frakking picture. Don’t get one, do get one,it’s up to you. Just look at the photo or pass by. Go spout off about something you CAN change at another site. Do something positive with your time instead of bitching about what a cat looks like and whether or not it’s miserable (I can assure you he’s not). I usually enjoy a good commentroversy, but today you folks are just too much. Come down off your soapboxes, no one wants to hear your preaching.


  121. To the people saying that it is a mutant and ugly and whatever, seriously, shut up. I have 2 of these cats, a mother and daughter, and they are the most sweet natured, affectionate and loving animals. I dont actually like cats, but like these cats because they dont act like regular viscious ones, and dont have ugly pointy faces like them either. The exotic shorthair comes from Persian cats which are one of the oldest breed of cat, so calling them mutants is just ignorant. I would not be suprised if the people making comments about how the cats make them feel ill are racist, such is you extreme reaction to anything that doesnt look normal. Shock horror, you can actually get pedigree cats from rescue centres. When people come round and see them for the first time they fuss over them and cuddle them, they are so friendly and look like ewoks that everyone loves them. you dont like them, fine, no need to get nasty about it.

  122. starling says:

    I agree with Laura, but I cannot agree with Tara. “Ugly pointy faces?!” My goodness, cats aren’t fashion accessories.

    And character-wise, all cats are different. I’ve had a British Blue (a rescue cat) who would let kids crawl over him, and I’ve had a gorgeous bog-standard tabby moggie who would do the same. It’s got nothing to do with the breed.

    Yes, cats are cruel sometimes, but that’s part of what they are. Breeding their nature out of them just isn’t right. If you don’t like it, get a hampster.

    As for dog breeds, the teddy bear above is obviously a healthy shape. Can’t stand pugs, breeding that kind of dog is asking for health problems.

  123. Reblinky says:

    I Don’t really understand why everyone is taking the arguments here so personally like this is the U.N. deciding the fate of the planet or something. The people who feel that breeding animals in a country that puts down millions of perfectly good pets per year (whose points I wholeheartedly agree with) should be able to make that point – – and people who feel that responsible breeders are not hitlers should be able to make their point… without everyone getting their bunny ears tied up in knots. Just because someone says they are against breeding in a world with so many homeless animals does NOT mean they are personally insulting YOUR pets that you got from a breeder. Geesuz. We all know that animals have been and continually are bred by some nutty people to be cuter, bigger eyes, stubbier legs (i.e.exaggerating the already natural hallmarks of “cute”) … and I think we all can somewhat agree that that is not really in the best interests of the animal kingdom or fair to the animals that do develop health problems – it is good for us to educate ourselves on these issues. If you love animals you would respect people posting their concerns about this and not flip out. Meanwhile, if you are not near a shelter, try going online or looking at an adoption board at a pet supply store. I have not been to a town in the U.S. that does not have a homeless domesticated animal population in it somewhere, and good samaritans trying to deal with the “cute (homeless) overload.”

  124. Reblinky: I did not think anyone was personally insulting my pets. I was merely giving an example of how they can be perfectly healthy and wonderful animals. I consider myself to be pretty knowledgable about exotics so I was only hoping to share that information.

    However, I did see people personally insulting a breeder I’ve spoken to on more than one occasion and who I know to be a kind person. That’s ridiculous on a website that’s purpose is to cheer people up with pics of cute animals.

    It’s ironic to read all the posts about the importance of spaying/neutering and pet overpopulation because purebred cats are some of the least overpopulated animals you can find. All of the breeders I’ve ever spoken to required the new owner to get the cats fixed (and show proof of it) before they would release their papers. I know they do it because they don’t want the new owner to make money off the cat’s potential kittens, but in reality, it does promote spaying and neutering.


  125. I think this little guy is adorable. In fact I think they’re tinkering with the fabric of the universe breeding something this cute.

  126. FUGLY.

    Keep that little crushed-in face away from me. Gives me the heebie-jeebies.