Wedding trend: Paw Bouquet

All June brides should carry paw bouquets.

White bouquets are especially beautiful, with pink toe pads. Attaching a tail to your dress is still not a good idea, however.


Sarah, put them in super clean water so they last, mmmk?



  1. But be careful not to munch on your paw bouquet during the ceremony.

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Also, be careful when catching this bouquet. The “thorns” can be deadly!

  3. snorgler says:

    I call them “paw posies.” Love ’em!

  4. Works best with one of those spiffy “loop” velcro tuxes.

  5. Zo zoft zzzzzzzz…

    I must, however, spank whoever wrote the hovertext. Boutonniere, dear, boutonniere.

  6. Aww, why can’t I wear a tail ?

  7. hon glad says:

    Floofy bouquets, with the claw supprise element.

  8. OK, Babs, I fixed the hovertext.



    It NEEDS to be offishe.

  10. Just waiting for the bridezilla hissy fit: “But I specifically ordered Marmie! Now I won’t coordinate with the bridesmaids!”

  11. emudoug says:

    I agree with Addis, tails are an essential part of wedding garb!

  12. Juniper Jupiter says:

    OOOooo…Carolyn…you mentioned Bridezilla!!! It’s on, Girlfriend! CATFIGHT!!! RAWR HISS SCRATCH!!FFFTTT FFFTTT!!!

    (Okay, sorry couldn’t resist! :D)

    Now! Aboot the pic! All those poaws need to go IN MY MOUF!! OM NOM NOM NOM!!!

  13. After the ceremony, you can root them, to be planted later in garden. For reals.

  14. chanpon says:

    What lovely elegant gloved pawsies! I had much toe-bloomage at my apt this weekend, with the crazy hot humid weather.

  15. Oh Teho. More spankins for you.

  16. michellemybelle says:

    I do!

    You may now officially nom the toes.

    [Not one in-law’s eyebrow remains unraised… – Ed.]

  17. homer mariner says:

    Snorgling someone’s boutonniere could appear strange to an audience… and, question, where is the rest of the kitteh during this process? Taped to the shoulder of the dress?

  18. Katrina says:

    Now, what kind of tail to wear to a wedding? Does one go for long and elegant or soft and sleek or flatout floofy? Giant Anteater still wins the day for me! It was my 22nd anniversary yesterday-I gave my husband a youth orchestra concert-and I STILL don’t have a tail to show for it! I’ll just keep waiting. The horns came in a long time ago, but the tailio? I’ll hope that it comes in floofy and silver-fox colored. Very cool.

  19. cheesybird says:

    Homer mariner: “where is the rest of the kitteh during this process? Taped to the shoulder of the dress?”

    Cats-n-racks comes to mind.

  20. Is that a bouquet or are they choosing up sides for baseball?

  21. Caitlin says:

    Sharon, there’s actually a plant called pussytoes (I pet it whenever I find it :D)

    and Meg, my wedding’s in a month, so thank you for the fashion tip! My florist is a local farmer, maybe I’ll see if she can add some to my bouquet 😉

  22. now, if we can just add a few sprigs of kitten’s breath…

  23. Michelle says:


    *buries nose into the bouquet, breathing in the delicate frito’s aroma*


  24. zeldapie says:


    I wonder if I should try growing these in my garden?

  25. Do you, Pwincess Buttehcup, take this dewicious kitteh to be your nommable etewnal wuv?

  26. Felicidades says:

    I keep trying to get all the brides I know to carry a kitten bouquet, all mew-lly and wriggly. Maybe this is the next best thing.

  27. AuntieMame says:

    Hmph. No point in getting married if you can’t wear a tail in your wedding…

    Maybe a border of kittehs around the edge of the train would be an acceptable alternative?

  28. @Carolyn G: One of my marmie foster bebehs has lovely white socks (and the requisite PEENK toebeans….I think it would make a lovely contrast!

  29. You know, my cat lets me play with his feet and I love it. He’ll curl up next to me and I’ll squersh his little toe beans and he just lays there and purrrrrrrs

  30. binky-mama says:

    I wanna see if all four will fit in my mouf….

  31. Raemie L. says:

    😀 The hovertext makes me imagine putting kitteh in a breastpocket of a jacket, one paw on the lapel, the other batting the hoomin’s ear. Puss-in-boot-in-ear?

  32. I have a.. friend.. who would like to know if white paws are appropriate for a bride who has (how shall I put this delicately?) been around the block a few times.

  33. Patito Gigante:


  34. NutherDeb says:

    Haahhhaa BerthaServant, I love that movie!! “Mawwiage…”
    This makes me miss my kitty’s little white feet!!

  35. Raemie L. excellent

    Patito Gigante White paws are always appropriate no matter how many blocks the bride has been around. ; )

  36. Berthaminion (I’m calling you that from now on, I don’t care) – I think the paws give a good example of wuv, twew wuv.

    I mean, really, evewyone. You have to weally, weally in wuv with someone to want to continue on with the ceremony and not just snorgle the living daylights out of the cat attached to those paws. (Yes I gave up on the ‘r into w’ situation)

    Oh, and my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

  37. And I just re-read that and it makes no sense. I’m blaming the heat;)

  38. binky-mama says:

    LOL @ foxy! Made perfect sense to me. (Good thing this kitteh isn’t six-fingered)

  39. leah b. says:

    Ok but who wants to put nail covers on those nails
    maybe we can get Teho to do it for us ?!?!?! They must be pink in color to match the beans of course.

  40. Thank you Binky-mama

    And now that you’ve mentioned six-fingered, can you imagine how great this bouquet would be with extra toes??????????

    And with that, i’m off to bed. Night all

  41. LMAOing @ BerthaS and Patito Gigante.

    My wedding dress will most probably be red, so maybe I shall make do with a red panda on my shoulder instead…

  42. I am guessing that all four paws belong to the same flexible, blindingly white-pawed kitty.

  43. Well, Patito, I’d say if it’s the sl- I mean, bride’s first wedding, she can use the white. If it’s not, marmie paws are recommended.

  44. Katrina says:

    Caitlin- Pussy Willows are fun to put into a bouquet! Plant a pussy Willow bush-you’ll be glad you did, they give wonderful full catkins every year! There are silver-grey ones and pink ones! Best wishes on your marriage!

  45. Raemie L. says:

    🙂 @ Annie

  46. Katrina says:

    AuntieMame- just imagine entire dress-worth of tiny kittehs following the long, flowing hem of the dress down the aisle, swatting at it, trying to catch it and then playing around and in and out of it during the ceremony. Then letting them out on the reception dance floor in a pile. Ah, now that’s a wedding!

  47. Caitlin says:

    Katrina, are you suggesting a… a… a KiITTEN TRAIN??!


  48. Katrina says:

    Yes, Caitlan, yes, I am.

    I sewed my wedding dress, and as it was 22 years ago, we didn’t have the technology, but now, the sky is the limit to how many kitties one can have on a single dress.

  49. SarahTee says:

    Ahh, a fresh foot salad