Tiny Caturday yawn

A little side-eared-stage kitten is caught yawning in a story about the latest Humane society Kitten Boom. Has anyone out thar adopted a kitteh recently?


Chak O., it’s all about that yawn, I agree.



  1. Pebbles says:

    Pounce, and nighty-night

    [This is a “Daily Kitten” reference, isn’t it? – Ed.]

  2. Nothing better than curling up with your fellow furballs. That kitty gave me her contagious yawn!

  3. aww lookit at her tonguee!

  4. Is there something wrong with me because I want to poke my finger into its mouth?

  5. aahhh cute baby yawn

  6. hon glad says:

    All ginger kittehs, doesn’t look like Mommas been as promiscuous as usuall.

  7. Ruby Tuesday says:

    OMG! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanna just rub my face in all that lovely ginger fur!!!!

  8. Shannon L. says:

    We did! We did! 😀

    Just a couple weeks ago, stopped by and picked ourselfs up a new kitteh. <3

  9. Kimberly says:

    I volunteer at a shelter in PA and we are now slam-full of kittens! We have one litter that’s like nothing I’ve ever seen – four kittens, all vivid red tabby tuxedos, and two of ’em girls! Two of them have identical stripey patterns and two have identical swirley patterns, and there’s a boy and a girl of each. Quite a genetic jackpot!

  10. AWWWWW!!! Wookit the widle mouf and tiny tung!


  11. I wanna new baby kitteh, but my two would probably murderize me in my sleep. 😦 and then there’s the ol’ ‘how many cats does it take to become a cat lady’ quotient you have to be mindful of.

  12. yellowsneakers says:

    I adopted mine almost a year ago (rather, took him from an allergic friend whose co-worker found a litter in a box outside her building) and we’re finally learning to co-exist peacefully!

  13. Michelle says:

    I’ve never wanted to be a kitten before now.

  14. I would love another kitten.
    My brother’s cat just had kittens a month ago and they’re adorable!
    2 of them are orange tabby. 1 is a very pretty light grey, and 2 are calico.
    1 of the calico has an awesome color pattern on her face too. It’s perfectly split right down the middle of it’s face. 1 half is white, and the other half is black. I’m gonna have to get some pics of it.
    I want one of the kittens so bad but fiance says no….. hmph *pouts*

  15. Theresa says:

    Oh my gawd. Teeny-tiny-toony!

  16. cheesybird says:

    Little tiny kitteh morsels! I could pop a whole one in my mouf (although I don’t think mommy kitteh would look kindly on that)!


    This picture kinda breaks my heart. I would so love to adopt a kitteh from a shelter, (espesh an adult – the wee ones are easier to place) but I’m allergic. 😦

    Has anyone here had experience with getting allergy shots? I’d really like to have cats in my life one day. (And puppers when my lifestyle allows. Luckily I’m not allergic to the pooches!)

  17. StormCat says:

    I would love to adopt another, but sheesh I have 4 already!! And my oldest Kitteh just couldn’t handle it… She’s 18 and has CRF… I might get another one when she passes on…

    I’d love to have one of these little dahlin’s though!!!!

  18. lucy's mommeh says:

    I have done the following…
    Lucy was snagged out of the side yard-she was maybe 6 weeks old. She knew what to do with cat food. Good enough. 3 years later, she’s the love of my life.
    Tabitha was trapped in the back yard of our previous house in a humane trap. She was about 6 months old, and it took a while to gain her trust. She’s still not 100% sure about my hubby, but is my lovey-dovey pain in the butt.
    Molly was adopted from a local vet, where she, as an older cat, sat & waited for someone to take her home for over a year. She’s had some health problems, but she & Lucy are buds. Molly has also decided my hubby is HER person.
    So. I think I’ve done my fair share in helping giving kitties good forever homes.

  19. beaufolo says:

    I love the kitteny-kittehs but when I went to the Humane Society last month, I adopted the biggest cat there. People were scared at the prospect of adopting a small lion. After hearing so many people say “Oh, he’s too big!” I decided that he needed to come home with me more than any other kitty there.
    I am now the proud owner of 2 year old Max, a long haired ginger tabby who weighs in at a slender 16 pounds (no pudge on him! I swear!). He’s happy to have a forever home and I am proud to have the biggest and best kitty on the block. My dear departed Beau would like this cat 🙂

  20. Theresa says:

    Beaufolio, there are many paths to catvana, and one of them, undoubtedly, is through a big ol’ sweet orange behemoth. 😉

  21. I recently adopted a kitteh from Faithful Friends shelter in Delaware. Wallace is a delight!

  22. Where is Berthaservant?

    I feel like he might be unable to post from the sheer Marmie-ness of this pic. This might have put him over the edge (no matter what Bertha has to say about it)

  23. Berf Serf isn’t *specifically* about the marmies, Foxy. He just likes kitties. The marmalade guy is *me*, which could explain why my brains are leaking out my ears at the moment. Feels seriously weird.

    I think I’m going to keep making up new Berthaslave screen name alternatives, btw. It’s kinda fun.

  24. Just adopted a kitten a month ago. My 4th. Her name is Nyssa, because I’m a Doctor Who nerd. 🙂 Most precious little girl.

  25. katiedid says:

    aww they all match.. thats so freakin cute!!!!!!

  26. rescue kittehs are the best. My boy was out on his own for a long while, and now he’s a perfectly content (*coughspoiledcough*) housecat.

    And jkpolk: Now you just need a Tegan and an Adric to keep Nyssa company. 😉

  27. DustPuppyOI says:
  28. I dunno, Teho

    He is a self-admitted new Marmie addict. Check out his comments from the marmie kitten on the motorcycle.

    And Berf Serf is good, but what about Berthalackey? Berthaflunkey? Or maybe Berthaminion?

    I could keep going forever. Can you tell I have a thing for synonyms? 😉

  29. I did! I did! He’s not a kitten, acshully, he’s a bit ol’ Maine Coon, but he’s a shelter kitteh all the same. I wub heem.

  30. I am adopting two kittens from my local shelter this week!

  31. Theresa says:

    Berthalackey berthalackey berthalackey berthalackey, ooh, somebody stop me!

  32. chanpon says:

    This is so matchingks! They’re all blending into one creamy-marmie kitty puddle.

  33. Ohh, I haven’t posted before despite lurking here EVERY DAY for months but… I volunteer at our Humane Society and fostered a marmie mom and her 7 newborns starting a week ago. On Saturday two died and the emergency vet diagnosed them with FIP and they all had to be put down. Now it’s just me and Mama-cat consoling each other. It’s so nice to be able to come to this site and get my spirits back up. Thanks CO, you’re all wonderful!!

  34. Oh so cute! I adopted two little kittens a little over a week ago. I had intended to adopt from the shelter but my vet had these at his office – one of the assistants found a litter on the side of the road and brought them in. The entire vet’s office worked with them until they were old enough to be put up for adoption. I lost my dear cat Thompson in April. I don’t think he’d approve of these manic fuzzballs but they make me happy.

  35. Theresa says:

    Darn, I said it more than three times, and he didn’t appear!

  36. Piper, Paige and Tucker's mom says:

    After losing my cat Pepsi to cancer, I adopted two sisters, Piper and Paige, from the Fredericton SPCA (New Brunswick, Canada). Then I fell in love with Tucker who I adopted from a local vets office. With Pepsi having been my first and only cat to date, I was a little nervous as to how the introductions would go. Happily, all went well and I have a lively household once again.

  37. leah b. says:

    I z tie-tie comfurtables and full of milks cannot be any happier……

  38. I just adopted a ginger colored tabby kitty from my shelter in Oct. She is properly named Ginger-Snap. She is the second love of my life. I also have Miss Ivy-Belle who I adopted back in 95, she weights 25 pounds. My little ginger just hit the scales last week at 11.1 I WANT this kitten too!

  39. catablob says:

    holy mccrappulence batman!
    That is one cute pile o kittens.

  40. cheesybird – I get allergy shots (which reminds me I have to go in today)

    Honestly, I don’t know if they do much. After 4 years, the allergy shows up considerably weaker on allergy tests, but I can still get an asthma attack if my furbaby decides to sleep wrapped around my head. Or get sneezy/itchy if he manages to lick my face (or my hands if I don’t instantly wash them)

    I knew I was allergic when I adopted him and taking allergy/asthma meds was just worth it.

  41. Cheesybird, my brother takes allergy shots and they work very well. He has two cats, and other than keeping them out of the bedroom (which any allergist would probably recommend) he has no problem whatsoever having cats in the house. But the funny thing is that only one of the doctors in a practice of five allergists was willing to give my brother the injections. That was because he’s allergic to cats himself…and he has five of them.

  42. Desdemona says:

    To all those interested in adopting kittens — remember the black ones, please! I keep reading that the black kittens are left behind, either because people are superstitious, or they like the brighter colored white or marmies or calicoes or . . . you get the picture. But they are lovely little snuggle-bunnies — just give them a chance!

  43. My mother and brother took monthly shots for years because of our Siamese. Their allergies doctor was an old stodgy, crusty doc but he knew when he was licked. So to speak. Hence the shots. My mother’s bed was all cat access but my brother insisted that she stay off his pillow. Which of course made it a cat magnet.

    Now there are those hairless breeds but I don’t think that there’s that many in shelters, they tend to be expensive.

  44. Orange kittens are the bestest. They’re like little clementines, or dollops of marmalade.

  45. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Yes, Sarah, there IS something wrong with you…because I wanted to put my finger in the kitling’s mouf, too, but YOUR damn finger’s in the way! 😀

  46. LOL well we are currently at four again counting our newest Family member, Bongo, A Tuxie that seems to have wandered into our lives to take the place of our recently fallen Darin also a stray who adopted us.
    Here is all about Bongo.


    And Shelter Kitties and strays, for the win.
    All of ours are or were strays or shelter kitties.

  47. Such a sleeeeeepy kitty and I really hope that people go to the humane society and adopts some of those little darlings 😦

  48. WendyZski says:

    If you’re allergic to kitties…have you considered a bunny?

  49. This TEWTALLY needs a Cute Overload Extreme Close Up!!!

  50. *siiigh* a handful of orange fluffiness <3

  51. Also consider adopting an adult cat; you won’t regret it! So many of them have left loving homes because of a deceased owner or some other unavoidable circumstance, and they just want to be out of their cage and around people again. But many adopters won’t even look at a full-grown cat.
    [Agreed 100% – Ed.]

    I’m happy to say that, last summer, my husband and I adopted an 8-year-old kitty from a friend of a friend of a friend who’d developed severe cat allergies. She was frantic, because her mother-in-law, who’d been taking care of Zoey (now “Petra”), was about to send her to a shelter. Thank goodness we were able to keep that from happening, and we now have the most wonderful companion in the world, with whom we look forward to many happy years ahead.

  52. cheesybird says:

    Thanks for sharing your (or your family’s) allergy shot experience, S, Rory and Kar! It’s nice to know it’s a realistic option! I’ll have to look into it further.

    WendyZski, I haven’t considered a bunny because I think it would be hard to bunny proof my flat, and I don’t have access to a yard for the fluffer to run around in. I have considered rats, hamsters, or maybe mice, all of which I’ve seen on shelter websites around here, but have been waiting to take the plunge until I can do a bit more research on their care. Hoorah for shelter animuls!

  53. cheesybird says:

    Totally agree with Anner and Theo about adopting adult cats. The one cat I owned (or rather that owned me) before I developed allergies was a 5 y.o. marmie who was close to his “sell by” date at the shelter. He was fat, and bald (from flea allergies) and beat up from fights out on the street, and pretty much inert (due to depression according to the folk at the shelter), but when I picked him up, and he started to rub my chin, I knew he had to come home with me. It was true love!

    As anerable as the baby pups and kittehs are, I know that when I’m ready for a new furpal, it’ll be an adult I adopt. I’ve had to stop myself on more than one occasion from running to the shelter to rescue old dogs whose elderly owners have died and that are featured on shelter websites, because I know that with my current lifestyle, it wouldn’t be fair to take a dog. But someday…

    “Someday, my pup will come…”

  54. I fink BerfSerf may be in a marmie coma, hence his lack of commentage.

  55. jewella says:

    I JUST adopted a lil’ 9 week old kitteh from the Humane Society last week! She’s a grey/blue cutie with one heck of an upper resperatory infection. She’s taking her medicine faithfully, but is still a sneezy, mouth-breathing ball of fur at the moment. We’ve named her Margot and we adore her!

  56. Maybe, just maybe, UCSBertha has something to do other than post comments on Teh Qte™.

    (I *know*! Don’t look at me, I’m as shocked as you are!)

  57. kestrien says:

    I adopted two kitties in the last month! I fell in love with Butters at the SPCA and had to go back for Murphy, his roomie.

  58. anncetera says:

    Regarding allergies, there are 4 different proteins found in cat saliva, so far, that have been identified as potential allergens. One might be allergic to one or more of them; this is sometimes why people are allergic to one cat, but not to another.

    In addition to allergy shots, I’d recommend one additional step on the part of an owner who really wants to minimize shedding / dander / allergy problems. And y’all are going to think I’m nuts.

    Bathe the cat, once every 1-2 weeks. No shampoo is required; just very thorough rinsing of the cat or kitten.

    (This bath washes away excess dried cat saliva from the fur.)

    You may think I’m crazy, but a lovely woman just adopted 3 kittens from me, and they all get a bath every week. They are beginning to enjoy the one-on-one snuggling they get afterwards, as she very gently wraps them and dries them with a towel.

  59. anncetera says:

    Woman with 3 kittens is allergic and asthmatic. Absolutely no problems, so far.

  60. Yay for all the adopted kitties, cats and dogs… Now everyone go adopt more!!!

    Also regarding the cat allergies we have now had two cats in our life that were not irritating to people with cat allergies.

    One was a long haired tortishell tabby and our current calico dilute torby who is a medium lenght thick furred cat who sheds only a little in the spring.

  61. Ohhh Jinxs sort of Anncetera.

  62. Better to do??????

    You must be kitting! (get it? kitting?)

    Now I’ve opened the door to punnage and I need to go to my day job (which is at night today). I’m going to miss the fun 😦

  63. Had cat allergies until I got a Maine Coon and bathed him until he stopped smelling like the rest of the litter peed on him – never an allergy problem since. Hasn’t had a bath in years either, he doesn’t need it.

  64. I agree. Marmies are the best. As the “frakking cute” marmie kitten demonstrated last week, you don’t have to be some super exotic munchkin Scottish Fold to be the cutest. You just have to a normal cat.

    By the way, I’m moving to a new apartment in July and thinking of adopting two kittens.

    1) Where is the best place to look for them – Human Society, Pet Finder.. (I live in New York)?

    2) Is it safe to leave them by themselves the whole day while I’m working?


  65. LOL! That’d be a Humane Society, David… the silent “e” is important.


  66. Oh, and as for question #2 — we have three cats at home, of mixed ages, and they’re no problem all day while we’re at work. (They mostly just sleep.) One’s even a fine, friendly marmalade boy.

  67. I just adopted a tiny two-month old kitten from my local animal shelter,along with a large two-year old adult cat. We named the big one Heffalump and the little one Woozles!

  68. i foster, i have a litter of kittens right now.

    they have a webpage with photos from when they were 2 weeks old till now!


    our shelter has over 75 kittens right now. there are kittens everywhere!!!

  69. Sarah F. says:

    You said it, Desdemona, black kitties are spectacular! My husband and I adopted one last summer to be a friend to our guy, Siegfried. She’s all black with a little white spot on her neck. Her name is Zoe. She is so full of personality and she’s so funny and so prosh. And only good things have happened since we got her!

  70. Adopting a shelter animal is the way to go, but we can only make a small dent in the problem! 3 to 4 MILLION unwanted dogs and cats are euthanized each year. 😦


    Neuter, neuter, neuter!
    Spay, spay, spay!

  71. Yes, please adopt a shelter cat. Today is my day at the local SPCA kitten nursery. I wish you could see them all. Tipping the scales at a whopping 11 ounces (on average) and totally helpless. The first litters to come in are just coming available for adoption and I can’t wait for them to all find loving homes.

  72. JinxtheCat says:

    I agree about adopting adult cats. They just languish in shelters because everyone wants kittens. I adopted my 2 adult boys last year (Rudy is about 7 and The Bumpster is about 3). They make my life so much better regardless of the cat hair, cleaning the litter box, etc. I never realized how lonely I was without them!

  73. Argentee says:

    I’ve been adopted by a black kittygirl whom we’ve named Grizabella (Bella for everyday purposes). Vet says she’s about 6-7 years old, a battle-scarred stray who has turned into a total snugglebug now that she’s an indoor kitty.

    Once we get the last of her health problems under control, my hubby promises we’ll get another kittygirl to keep her company… I want a 2-3 year old cat, I’m just not up to kitten energy and hijinx!

  74. AuntieMame says:

    Whoa! I was so entranced by the tiny marmie kitteh yawn that I *just* noticed the other two kittehs in the picture.

  75. My boyfriend has a lovely big grey cat named Ashe. When he lived with his parents Ashe played with his parents’ two cats Pookie and Bella. Now that my boyfriend just bought a house Ashe is lonely, and Matt is going to adopt a little grey and white kitten.
    Her name was Misty but for fear that people would think we were Pokemon fans 🙂 we’ve renamed her Uisce (‘ISH-ka’), Irish for ‘water’. She and her brother Henry are almost weaned and we’re looking forward to welcoming Uisce into his home. Henry and Momma need a home still but my boyfriend’s house is just too small for four cats. We hope they’ll find a home or homes soon.

  76. :: reviving from marmie coma ::

    Actually, I had to take someone to the airport this morning and then had some work to do, so this is the first chance I’ve had to post. How nice to be discussed (and thanks for the name suggestions….berthalackey has a nice rhythm to it, but I LOVE the word “minion,” so I’m still torn).

    And yes, Teho, I have recently become obsessed with marmies (CO certainly isn’t helping). I may break down this week and do it. I know how much work kitties are (especially integrating them into a house w/ three mature female cats already), but the moment might be right.
    [LOLz! PWND!! kekekeke – Ed.]

    For the record, Bertha is a rescue cat, born to a stray, and black as the night. Our Theo was found abandoned at about two weeks old and is now a muscular hell-raiser tux cat; and Coco, a grey shorthair, was adopted by us when she was about 8 from a person who had to get rid of her. So we’ve run the gamut but have never actually “adopted” a pet in the traditional humane society/rescue center fashion.

    We should be thankful for every adoption, but also mindful that pets aren’t accessories; I think we all know how much work they can be, so please, folks, adopt if you can, but if you can’t for whatever reason and still want to help, you can donate to your local animal shelter or other rescue pet organizations. 🙂

  77. Oh, I’m speechless. Marmalade mommies are few are far between since most orange cats are male.

    I have two…one is all orange and one is orange and white. One was rescued from my neighbor’s yard and another from my aunt’s garage with raccoons. Two rescues are enough for me.

    [MOMMALADE! – Ed.]

  78. HulaHula says:

    Not recently, but we adopted 2 brothers last September. They’re most adorable creatures.

  79. leeleemarie says:

    oooo me no want to wakes up!! Too earlie mom! Me so sweepies!

  80. mewfymewf says:

    I adopted/took in 8 mewfs over the last 5 years, but only one of ’em was a kitten. Someone else got their kittenhood and then gave them up.

    People have to stop doing that!!!!

    It figures that my one kitten is the most costly of the bunch with $3000 in vet bills SO FAR. He has a reoccuring UTI problem.

  81. Awww, this is the sweetest thing I have seen in a long, long time. I think I’m a diabetic now.

  82. Kittehs! My first two (Squeak and James) came from the shelter as slightly older kittens, the third (Pinky) I scooped up from a barn as a wee hairball whose life was in question, and the fourth (Spike) was found wandering down the street as a teenage-kit last year by my coworker. She couldn’t keep him, so I took him to foster, and he stayed! Pure trouble, all of them. 🙂
    Incidentally, both boys, James and Spike, are black, and both girls are dilute calico.

  83. brinnann says:

    Sister, who’s body is solid chalk-white with a black cap and black tail (and mixed black & pink jellybean toes!!!), was a stray who wandered up to my grandmother’s house. Sheba, a grey tabby who loves to talk and give nose-kisses, was adopted from the Humane Society. By the vet’s estimation, they’re both 2+ years.

    Sadly, I can adopt no more until my house is built – which looks like it may be almost a year. 😦

  84. I should have mentioned this in my other post…We adopted Ajax, a grey tabby with white socks 4 years ago as a kitten from PAWS and last year we took in Fiona, a calico kitten who was born on the farm of some friends of friends.

  85. brinnann says:

    I can’t believe I forgot! My very first kitty, Menew (because that’s the sound he made!) was an all-white little boy that I made my Dad bring home from the feed store. He was full-grown when we got him. My second, Willie (who turned out to be a girl), was a calico brought home from a family friend’s barn. I think she was a few months old when we got her.

  86. I gots no more room for adopted kittehs. I have 5 now. I have an old (18 yrs) gray female who hates all other cats.
    2 furry black ones, who came with a poor cold black kitty who was lookin’ in my front window meowing (turns out she was pregnant with 5 little black kittens, my daughters adopted the other 3). She moved on soon after they were weaned.
    The other 2 were my mom’s, who made me promise that I would not let them be seperated after she died (she had lung cancer). No one wanted both of them together that would keep them in the house (another promise I made), so I kept them.

  87. Marianne says:

    All of mine are rescues/Humane Soc adoptions: old man(at least 15 yrs) black Slinky (since that’s what he did for first yr of living with me), Isabelle (gorgeous elegant long tall cool drink of water, and boss-cat), Abigail (sweet, playful little gray fuzzy whose bulbs are dim), and Liese (very smart, fat, tan & cream tabby who thinks she would be a much better boss-cat).
    BTW, at what number does one officially become “crazy cat Lady?”

  88. Oh, I forgot to say the other 2 are grey tabby kitties.

  89. Theresa says:

    A hen was asleep one day when an orange rolled into the nest. The baby chickies woke up and exclaimed “LOOK AT THE ORANGE MARMALADE!!”

    I actually have one about molasses, too, that I like better. 😛

  90. Cheesybird, I have allergies and have 3 cats! You’ll never breathe completely normal, but I get pretty darn close with Zyrtec D twice a day. I was raised with cats and didn’t find out I was allergic until I was 41!!! But I just can’t live without them.

  91. brinnann says:

    Marianne, I think the limit’s 30 cats. What do you think? Does that sound like a good limit?

  92. Anne Boleyn says:

    Not only do I adore this batch of marmielove, I love the folks hoping to hear from Berthaminion/etc. This is one of those places where we look out for each other. We WILL ooze out into the mean part of the world yet!
    P.S. 4 critters already have me so only yearning is allowed on my part.

  93. I think this my favourite post ever – what an adorable photo. I started out with a female tabby wee kitteh (Sashi) rescued from a wild litter along with her bro (Smokey) who is my sister’s cat. Quickly followed by (from a pet shop tho’, hey they all need homes) a little totally black fluffball female (Nelson, long story ’bout the name), they quickly became great buds. 9 months later Sashi bought home a B&W tuxedo male stray (DJ, short for DinnerJacket), he was about 9 mths old too. He was starving, thin, completely terrified of people (esp. men) & of coming in side the house, but 2 years of feeding, letting him come & go as he wanted, kindness & he was finally won over – we heard him purr for the first time! Sashi was killed by a dog, aged 3 years, broke my heart like nothing I have ever experienced & I still miss her constantly after nearly 10 years. Then got another tabby kitteh Muffin from the SPCA, a real little honey, but she was killed on the road. More heartbreak. Then got 2 tabby female kitteh sisters (Mocha & Nutmeg), from a pet shop again, but for a good reason – they were about 10 weeks old, huddled in the back of the cage absolutely terrified -I just knew it would take someone with a lot of love & patience to win them over cos’ they weren’t doing the cute, playful kitteh stuff to entice anyone. 7 years later, DJ & Nelson are now 12, Mocha & Nutmeg are now 7, & I have 4 very spoilt, loving, happy furbabies who I love more than anything. They are my babies too because I can’t have human babies. I had cat allergies too, but I didn’t care, got them anyway & seem to have developed a natural immunity as a result.

  94. Its a swirl of orange fluff! This gives me a sudden craving for a creamsicle D:

    I work at the humane society in Binghamton, new york and we are absolutely full to the brim with kitties, and pretty full in the dog department as well. We have.. 23 kittens? (i think that was the count as of yesterday) and I’m not sure how many cats, I only work with the kittens, moms to be and all the dogs. We also have 10 lab/pit/boxer puppies that are 11 weeks old. Please PLEASE adopt people, and if you’re in the Binghamton area please come to the humane society! we have lovely, lovely animals that need homes… and someone has been screwing with me this week, we got in 3 beagles and a coon hound mix, all within 3 days.. and I’m an avid beagle addict D:

    The coolest kitty at the shelter right now is pure white with one green and one blue eye.

  95. Suda Nim says:

    I’ll also put in a good word for adopting adult/senior animals:

    I adopted a 10-year-old Scottish Fold from a shelter. He lived another 6 years, and was the Very Best Cat in the World ™.

    Wouldn’t have traded my all-too-short time with him for anything.

  96. Marianne says:

    Oh, good, Brinnann, if 30 is the limit, then I’m not there yet! And, I think I probably have to live in a house first, before I can ease my way to official “craziness.”
    Such fun to read about everyone else’s furbabies. All are so different, and, thank goodness, all obviously so well-loved.

  97. Raemie L. says:

    That yawn… so teeny yet so powerful…


  98. Theresa says:

    Tehanks, Teho!

  99. Daphne Moss says:

    Hail to you,beaufolo, for adopting a big beeutul cat…although I love and coo over mamma-and-kitteh pics more than anything, they also make me sad…wondering whether mamma will end up on street, no kittehs and just a brief memory of a time when she was loved…
    Happy note: I paid $85 to fly a huge orange tabby Maine Coon to my mom, who loves him move than air.

  100. Theresa says:

    Before I forget, let me just say that all my cats have been shelter cats== except for my beloved Stinky boy, who is still with me 17 years after
    I took him off the subway tracks.

  101. I did! Pick me! I adopted a Humane Society kitten just a couple of weeks ago. And me 2 year old kingofthehouse kitty was all like “whu… you got me a kitten? Why dinna you consult me fuust?”

    But they’re friends now. 🙂 I caught him leeeeecking the heck out of her just last night.

  102. I have returned from work and am somewhat saddened to see my punniness didn’t catch on 😦

    However, I am glad to see that Berthaservant is still with us. And I love ‘minion’ which is why I threw it out there. A few too many historical romances when I was growing up, methinks.

  103. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

    Oh… oh…

    And they all MATCH!

  104. brinnann says:

    Re: Pet shop animals

    Our local PetCo’s don’t keep any dogs or cats in the store, only the smaller pets that live in cages. They do, however, bring in animals from the local shelter to help find homes for them. It’s soooo hard to not stop to pet the kitties. 😦 If I pet, I may want to keep, and I have no more room at the moment.

  105. darkshines says:

    My boyfriend’s cousins two cats both just had kittens, and each one is a different colour. There’s ginger, tuxedo, black, tortoiseshell, lol. If anyone is in the Oxford area of the UK and wants a kitty, email me. tear_jerker at hotmail dot com

  106. mberkie0 says:

    Wouldn’t I love to adopt another furperson!
    A “friend” of mine dropped my kittyboy off, quite literally, as she was moving out-of-state, saying, “oh, I just knew you’d take him!” This was 15 years ago. Now my Mr. Picky is 17, and has been an only cat for all that time. I don’t want to stress him by introducing another furpersonality into our little household because he is getting on and he is currently in good shape and I so want to keep him that way!
    I would always, always want to adopt an older kitty – they have so much love to give and they know it when you do, too.

  107. jewella, I hear you on that respiratory infection. My kitten started sneezing almost as soon as she got home and went into lethargic sick-as-death kitten mode almost immediately. I spent the next week nursing her back to health with the aid of antibiotics and advice from my wonderful vet. Hang in there! A lot of shelter kitties get it, but they bounce back fast.

    Word of caution to those bringing home shelter cats to cats at home: You might want to quarantine the newbie for a little while. I spent the following week nursing my other cat when he caught the cold (and chlamydia) from the new kitten. It’s pretty contagious, and having a new cat around is traumatic enough without having to compound it with a nasty infection.

  108. OMG!!! If that is not the cutest baby in the world!! I wanna drown it in kisses!!! Marmies are the BEST!!!!!!!

  109. BeanSidhe says:

    Me: Look at this picture and then tell me we can’t get another kitten.

    Fiance (as of Caturday night): We can’t get another kitten.

    Me: But it’s so cute!


  110. DixiesMom says:

    I wanna adopt another kitteh, but the Humane Society won’t let me… the keep checking my apartment’s pet policy and saying ‘nyeh’… I’m going to have to hit the paper. I know they do it so the bebbehs dont get dumped, but my Dixie has been with me 17 years. She’s not going anywhere, and neither would her new sibling!

  111. My husband and I adopted three! A mom and two of her kittens, soooooooo cute! 😀