OK, OK, Sheena B., you win. I’ll play!



  1. Think he can juggle those?

  2. What a stuffed mouf!

  3. Theresa says:

    Frat Boy Doggeh takes ill-advised bet.

  4. Theresa says:

    PS Lab Eyes!

  5. Capt' Tightpants says:

    He reminds me of the big guard dog in “Over the Hedge”…


  6. Hey, who’s hogging all the balls?

  7. Nice, nice and very nice!
    I love dogs.
    Happy weekend

  8. woofysma says:

    What a big sweetheart! Who can resist those puppy eyes: Pwease pway wif me.

  9. Welcome to my life. After this, it’s “Now throw it again. aaaand again. Again. Again. Again. [repeat until mommy’s arm falls off]”

    If anyone had found a way to harness the energy of a retriever’s infinite lust to play ball, we wouldn’t be in this mess with $150 a barrel of oil today. Talk about perpetual motion!

  10. What part of “let’s play” don’t you understand, you naked ape?

  11. LABBY LOVE!!!!!!!

  12. I think there is at least one more ball somewhere in his neck.

    Food. Play. Water. Play. Snoozes. Play. Belly rubs. Play. Life is good.

  13. Rooanne says:

    I had a dog (shepard/malamute mix) who was ball obsessed. He would attack basketballs and pop soccer balls. He could fit two tennis balls in his mouth and once fit THREE in!!

  14. Hon Glad says:

    I did have three balls but I swallowed one.

  15. Maybe it’s just because of the politics in the air, but doggeh reminds me of Al Gore.

    Completely unrelated, please note that I am not making a joke about two balls in the mouf.

    Bertha likes to play fetch with miniature foam soccer balls….in the middle of the night. I have to hide them or else get woken up.

    Happy Caturday, puppy!

  16. HEheh Just like a dog Play play play play play

    My favorite thing

  17. We had to buy extra large tennis balls for our two labs because the girl would keep both balls in her mouth and wouldn’t share!

    Now she can only fit one at a time, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t try for two!

  18. BeanSidhe says:

    This is when you call the guy who built the dog-loaded ball launcher for his Doxie.


    My stepdad wants one of these.

  19. 260Oakley says:

    Nothin’ says love like your best friend handing you a slimy tennis ball. Ones that have been dropped in the water bowl are a special bonus.

  20. sessile says:

    Reminds me of a pit that we see sometimes at the local dog parks – 2-3 tennis balls in the mouth, but being a pit he doesn’t *really* want to play fetch. We just see him running around trying to get more balls. Why is this?

    I *wish* our pit played ball. I can only play tug-o-war with a 60-lbs, 7-mo-old puppy for about 5 mins. Fetch looks *so* much easier.

  21. Adorable! Labs are great. I just lost my 14 year old Irish Wolfhound/Sheepdog mix, he was definitely a perpetual motion machine of play and love.

    As a side note, please don’t let your pups chew up tons and tons of tennis balls. The fuzzy layer is highly abrasive and made to withstand the stress of hitting the floor of the court. This means it’s very abrasive on the pup’s teeth. I have seen very hyperactive pups actually chew their balls until their teeth are worn to the pulp!

    Red rubber hockey balls are the way to go. Way better for teeth, and owners report they tend to withstand chewing better, and are less smelly, as the tennis fuzz holds in stinky breath. 🙂

    Many articles on it, for those interested, google “veterinary dentistry tennis ball teeth”.

  22. Oh, yes, the ball-obsessed dog. Our cockapoo, Chibi, is so crazy over fetch that we can’t even say the word “ball” any more. She goes nuts. We call it the spherical object or the globular missile. When we play the neighbor’s dog sometimes comes over and steals the balls, so we have to throw 3 at a time. Neighbor dog is fast but can’t get all 3 so Chibi can fetch at least 1.

  23. binky-mama says:

    He’s all “Don’t MAKE me add a third one.”

  24. if ONLY my late Cocoa had a big enough mouth to hold TWO tennis balls… she may have not been so indecisive which one to bring back to me!

  25. If I didnt know any better, I say this is my my Allie. I cracked up lauhing when I saw this picture. Looks SO much llke my ‘Allie”. She would do the same thing, trying to fit as many as she could. It’s hillarious to hear her bark with a ball in her mouth.

  26. partypooper says:

    sorry, but that is SO photoshopped.

  27. Sorry, but you are SO a troll. And an animal hater and a Whig and a used car salesman and you have a big butt and your name is Muddy McBigbuttski.

    I hate idiotic comments. If you think it’s ‘shopped, offer some proof. Zheesh.

  28. And yet another reason why I love berthaservant so much. I love it when someone gets as pissy as me about stupid people. 😉

  29. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Berthaservant, you rock!!

  30. Berthaservant- “used car salesman” made me laugh! You are wonderful! 🙂

  31. Rachel Sweeden says:

    I had a Chesapeake Bay Retrieve that was ball obsessive. And I don’t think the picture is photoshopped either way to go Berthaservant.

  32. Sharon Wilson says:

    Our local paper has a comic that shows a big dog that always has a small tennis ball in his mouth; it’s like it’s drawn there instead of the mouth. This reminds me a bit of that.

  33. binky-mama says:

    partypooper: looks like somebody needs a monkey cone.

  34. Redbone says:

    Ermine: “I have seen very hyperactive pups actually chew their balls until their teeth are worn to the pulp!”

    Okay, that’s officially the most disquieting sentence I’ve ever read on C.O.
    It made me shudder at the thought. Twice.

    (Seriously, though, you’re right – rubber balls are better for dogs.)

    And maaaan… that picture. I wish I had a dog…

  35. partypooper says:

    ok. geeez. you people need to come to this site more often and really get into the cuteness. You’re all meaner than the guys at d-listed.

    anyway, if you need “proof” an easy way to figure it out is to go to photoshop, or paint for that matter, and with the drawing tool draw a circle around the ball, youll see that the upper blue ball is like inside the pups nose. you can see the weird thing happening with the green ball also. it’s cute, adorable, but sorry, it’s Anatomically imposible.

    and btw. I SAID sorry before. you didn’t have to be so mean. and btw also i didn’t post my “proof” before because i just thought it was so obvouis and also because my first language isn’t english and this took me a while.

    have a nice day.

    and yes, I have a big butt and i LOVE it.

    [I, for one, don’t give a hoot about your butt. Nor do I care if English isn’t your first language; it’s no excuse for bad behavior. Calling “Photoshopped” is the same as saying “This photo sucks, your website sucks, and you are stupid” because we happen to take no small amount of pride in our content selection and presentation. So, you tiny irritating thing, Berthaservant has you dead to rights, and I’ll back him up personally should it come to that. – Ed.]

    [By the way, I’ll happily to tell you to piss off in any language you prefer. The internet truly is a wonder. Cheers! – Ed.]

  36. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Jenna Jameson is unimpressed.

  37. Totalee Puppy says:

    BINKY-MAMA–You are anerable and fun. You make
    this world a better place!
    Can haz monkey cone too?

  38. partypooper: your “proof” doesn’t take into account that dogs have very deep upper paletes (the roof of their mouth). A tennis ball could easily fit as it appears in the photo. Besides that, the shadows on the two balls are accurate, and the transition between balls and pup lips is realistic. Certainly it could be ‘shopped–anything can be–but if it is, it’s not “obvious” and your circle example is far from proof.

    Methinks you spend too much time trolling and not enough time hanging out with pups who can hold multiple tennis balls in their moufs. Because trust me, it can definitely be done, and many people on CO have seen it. Try getting out more, and don’t be such a turd, eh?

    And now to stuff that matters: Damn but this is a cute photo! I just wanna cover that pup with kisses.

  39. Teho

    Not to worry, we all know that you and Meg put alot of hard work into this site, and we can ignore the nuffers.
    That said, that was one of the best putting-someone-in-their-place that I have ever seen. Anywhere. Ever. Period.

  40. Zarrara says:

    Saying “photoshopped” is not the same as saying the site and pictures suck and that you’re stupid. That’s a reach, I think. o.o Photoshopped pictures can be really cute, too, not saying this one is or isn’t, but yeah, no need to get so upset. On the other hand, no need to point and yell “PHOTOSHOP!” either, but we can just politely say “hey, it doesn’t matter,” right?

  41. Cassie’s got it. Pups have big mouths. All I see is pup lip covering the ball. No ‘shoping to be found.

  42. Thanks for the defense Teho (guy fist bump). However, I do credit partypooper for bellying up and offering some attempt at proof. But someone suggesting I “spend more time” at this site is pretty hilarious! “She don’t know me very well, do she?”

    Also, partypooper, although I don’t know about the mechanics of photoshop, I do know a bit about the foreshortening effect (being that I am a guy, lol) — the camera angle and the tilt of the dog’s head (along with the size of the dog’s upper palate as Cassie noted) means that we’re not getting a “head on” view of the upper tennis ball.

    I probably shouldn’t have been so mean, you’re right. It was more trying to be funny (obvy), but as you can see from the props from my peeps (omg, did I just say that?), we’ve gotten kind of sick of people just posting negativity (even with a “sorry”).

    And you’re welcome to lurk here as much as you want; you might notice me a bit more, now, and soon you’ll be asking “Where the hell is berthaservant?” when I don’t post at least two comments on every entry. I’m hopeless. HOPELESS, I tellz ya.

    P.S. I love you guys too.

  43. I think you should have been meaner. 😮

  44. yankeebird says:

    Dexter Fishmore, I’m glad I’m not the only one whose thoughts were along those lines.

  45. And then I saw her face . . .
    Now I’m a retriever

  46. cheesybird says:

    Puppeh’s all ‘canwecanwecanwe? huhhuhhuh?’

    Berthaservant, best comeback EVAH to cries of shoppedness! Permission to borrow Muddy McBigbuttski? That may just become my playful insult of choice!

  47. It was not said by me, it was said through me.

    Permission always granted.

  48. I’m a professional photographer specializing in animals (wild and domestic), a photoshop instructor at a major art college for their graduate program, the owner of several ball-obsessed dogs, and a wild fan of CO.

    Partypooper has no idea what he/she is talking about.

  49. Michelle says:

    Amanda is spot on. I am also a professional animal artist, photographer, and photoshop expert/consultant with over 15 years of experience. Partypooper’s “proof” that this photo is chopped is simply hot air, blown out the backside.

  50. Michelle says:

    This one might be photoshopped though:


  51. Michele -lol
    uh, yes, yes, you’re right. The point is that it can be very, very difficult to “prove” photoshopped work from low resolution final images like what we see on most websites. It just cracks me up when people make comments on CO about something being ‘shopped. There are many, many images that you might think are ‘shopped, but really aren’t, and many that are, that not even an expert could tell without a look at the original file. Lighting and perspective are strange and wonderful things. As are dogs and tennis balls, pups on buns, and everything else we see here. My advice? Don’t question. JUST ENJOY!!

  52. Zarrara — yes and no. It doesn’t matter when it’s an obvious, intentional chop. Like when I stuck the spa-pup’s tongue on the smiley grape. And for crying out loud, if you haven’t yet checked out Michelle’s reworking, do it now. That link again: http://www.fly-by-night.net/chancethree.jpg

    Cassie, Ermine, Amanda, Michelle, etc. — yeah, I know how big a retriever’s mouf is, too.

    Foxy — 😉
    I’ve done better, though not anywhere on CO proper. All I’m sayin’.

    Dexter and Yankee — no comment. [ahem]

    Berthaservant — I still think your screen name needs work, but in all otherwises, you *rock*.

  53. …seriously, Michelle, how the &#@% did you DO that? Got a tutorial??

  54. Theresa says:

    All I have to say is “BWAAAHHH!”

  55. Theresa says:

    Sessile, BTW, some relatives of mine have a German shepherd lady who looks at you like you’re totally insane when you wave a ball at her. Chase that? I would want to do that why?

  56. bookmonstercats says:

    I’ve only just landed on this one – wow! I’m sure adorabuhl doggie just wishes he/she has powshes like a hammie to hold more balls – could clever Michelle ‘shop that one? I’d certainly LOL.

    So…. is the latest thing finding Bertha’s new screen name (and wot’s wrong with “Bertha”?)? I didn’t mind his previous one.

  57. LOL… well I think it is funny because sometimes when it really is shopped no one says word one but when it isn’t there is almost always some one yelling SHOPPED!
    Michelle as an artist I can see what is different to allow the third ball in there but Damn girl you are GOOD!
    Photo Shopping can be a wonderful way to enhance or correct a problem wth a photo. Photographers have been doing it forever only in the old days (not so long ago) you used filters, and mirrors to add light where it was too deep in shadow and other tricks like burning to remove unwanted items in photographs.

    Now then back to this adorable pup…. don’t you just want to grab the balls run outside and play fetch oh and scratch that puppy behind the ears!

  58. Truth be told, if I had my druthers, all things being equal, in retrospect, I probably would have selected a different name from the outset besides “berthaslave.” Then, I felt I had to change it, because I’m not a slave (and slavery is bad, mmmkay?). But I didn’t want to adopt a whole ‘nother identity, so it just became berthaservant. No, not the best name, but it’s what I have. But I can’t be “Bertha” because Bertha is Bertha. And at this point I’d probably suggest something naughty like “guy who really likes p**** (cats)” or “i will nom furry things” or something.

    However, being a man of the people (and a well-respected man about town to boot), if someone comes up with a better name, I’ll consider it.

    (P.S. I didn’t know Theo minded and honestly I’m kind of crushed. I’m going to go lurk at mlbtraderumors.com to get over it).

  59. cheesybird says:

    Hmm… personally I think berthaservant’s fine. (The name that is. Berthaservant the person is *more* than fine. :D) But now the wheels are turning…


    Berthabutler? Still bertha adjacent, but more alliterative.

    Hmmm… how about Nuffcracker?

    Or,… dear lord… am I really going to say this? (Sorry, but your naughty name suggestions pushed my brain in this direction…) Nuffdiver?

    Heh… I really did just say that. (Theo, I won’t be even remotely offended if you feel you have to edit that out!)

  60. Awwww! Labradors rock!

    Michelle – nicely done! 😀

  61. Why on earth would I want to edit that out, Cheesybird?

    B-Serv. Dude. I’m just messin’ wif ya.

  62. Theresa says:
  63. cheesybird says:

    Theo, it’s a pity we can’t do emoticons here, because this one comes to mind: http://l.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/65.gif

    Theresa, gotta love The Onion!

  64. Doot de diddly doo…

  65. mr.skeleton says:

    gee, why all the hate towards someone thinking it might’ve been ‘shopped? quite off-putting. whether teh cuteness correlates with teh legitimacy is beside the point– but couldn’t you just respond to pooper by saying, ‘no, i don’t think so’, or ‘it’s cute anyway’?

  66. LoverOfTehCute says:

    God I love dogs

  67. mberkie0 says:

    Qte is always Qte, even if ‘shopped. berthabutler? I dooo think soooo! and So pinky-lifted uppah-clahss. So worthy to provide service to our furry cohabitators!

  68. Theresa says:

    Cheesybird, I have a weakness for the sports stuff– “Nationals Book It After Foul Ball Accidentally Smashes Capitol Rotunda,” “Jose Canseco Composes Opera About Steroids,” etc.

  69. If we’re casting votes here, I like Berthabutler, too.

    Oh, oh, how about PWNdbyBertha, or some variation? After all, obviously the cats own us. Otherwise why would we put up with them?

  70. Cheesybird: ☺ and ♫♪♫♪♪

    ; )

  71. Chantal says:

    Hi everyone.

    My name is Chantal and I am the mother of the child that called herself partypooper. This is one of the few sites I let my kid hang around at. She has been a huge fan for the past year and everyday, first thing in the morning and last thing before bedtime she checks it out. Everytime she sends an email she attaches a pic of some cute bunny because that way the email will get there sooner (She has two, and a cat and three dogs) and just loves everything cuteoverload. She says she wants to be a vet when she grows up. She really loves animals more than anyone I have ever known.

    Yesterday, after lunch, she asked her dad and I if she could post something and we gave her permission. This is a safe site, kid friendly I thought. She is not allowed to post on websites and we keep a very close eye on everything after an incident with cyber bullying that happened at her school.

    Imagine my disappointment today when she bursted out crying after reading all the mean and slightly vicious comments some of you posted. My first reaction was to get on the first flight wherever the hell you are and tell YOU to PISS OFF, but then I counted to ten, and then I counted to ten again and then again. then I sat here and wrote this.

    Ed, whoever you are in this webpage, calling a picture “Photoshopped” is not the same as saying “This photo sucks, your website sucks, and you are stupid”. It means what it means. And is in no way BAD Behaviour. Bullying is, however, bad behaviour. I have no idea if she broke some kind of sacred internet blogger sacrament that gets you so jumpy, I’m not really into living my life through the computer so I wouldn’t know, but in case she did, and you take so much pride in your website, is this how you treat your guests? at CUTE frikken overload??

    If the photo is or not photoshopped, does not matter. It matters that it’s cute, right? She may or may not be correct. But she was not disrespectful or mean to anyone. Actually she showed a lot more maturity than you and some of the commenters. I mean really, telling someone they have a big butt because you disagree with them is not very cute, not even in a little kid.

    I have nothing more to say in this post but I will email you soon.

    And if you still feel the need to tell us to piss off like you previosly said you may do so in English, Italian, French or Spanish whatever you prefer. We speak them all, quite fluently. You have my email.

  72. Ummmm what happened to CATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Michelle says:

    mr skeleton, I doubt any of us actually have much “hate” towards pooper. However… and I speak for myself when I say this, there’s not much more off-putting than someone who makes unfounded claims in an attempt to kill teh cute, then proceeds to speak with authority on a subject they *clearly* know very little about.

    Claiming an image is photoshopped is a form of trolling in most forums, and it’s considered nuffing here, so if you’re one of those types who enjoys making those sorts of claims, you should probably be prepared for a bit of heat from the regulars.

  74. I guess we were told

  75. Michelle says:

    Chantal, I apologize if anything I said hurt your daughter’s feelings.

    However, I think if you’re going to allow her to post on public forums, you should also consider monitoring what she posts. Because let’s be honest, it makes no difference how many languages one speaks to realize that bad manners usually extracts insulting responses. Making claims that an image is photoshopped might not be as rude as say, pointing out plastic surgery on a woman’s face, but it is absolutely considered “bad behavior” on most forums. The razzing she got for her post was justified, and just that. Razzing.

    I hope partypooper comes back to enjoy CuteOverload, either way.

  76. starling says:

    I’m afraid your daughter broke “netiquette”, Chantal. Of course she didn’t know that, but maybe it’s an idea not to tell us to p*ss off but to explain to her nicely why people reacted this way? How the heck are people on here supposed to know she is a young girl?

    Just because she’s your daughter doesn’t mean she is infallible. Do you also yell at her teachers when they tell her off? When anyone yells at my 8-year old, I ask both him and them why. I don’t just have a go at them for the heck of it.

    I’d never let him on here, btw, it’s just not a site for kids.

  77. These balls have been independently lab tested and approved.

  78. AuntieMame says:

    Call me skeptical, but anyone who gives herself the nickname “partypooper” knows knows that what she’s saying is both impolite and likely to result in a certain amount of scorn.

    And her grammar is suspiciously mature for a “little kid” and for non-English-as-a-first-language, too.

  79. Theresa says:

    The internet is not a child-friendly place. Sorry, it just isn’t. Even the sweetest, friendliest, best-natured place– and I consider this one– is not really for kids. If you had thoroughly vetted this site, Chantal, you would have seen that even here in this sanctuary of cuteness, “commentroversies” break out, some rather vivid, non-child-friendly imagery and language is sometimes used, and the word “Photoshopped” in this context is asking for trouble. Your little girl– if she is indeed a little girl– also did not help her cause by choosing a screen name that proclaimed a rather trollish intention.

  80. first time commenter says:

    Hello, I’ve never posted a comment, so I hope I don’t get my a** chewed out for this… I just noticed a funny thing about the Chantal/Party Pooper thing.
    “Chantal” said her little daughter is on close watch as far as the sites she’s allowed to hang around at/post on. But in the little girl’s second post, she mentioned Dlisted.com!! I am familiar with that site and it is NOT a site for kids. If ‘Chantal’ is keeping such close watch over her young daughter, why is the kid familiar with such a site? I think Chantal and Party Pooper are the same person…

  81. Michelle says:

    She might be a kid, but she’s obviously a very bright kid. Certainly she’s bright enough to learn the differences between facts/claims and good/bad manners. I’m confident that despite all the intervention and drama, partypooper will see this as a learning experience.

  82. can’t we all just get along in peace? This site is supposed to be for all that is good and fluffy..not rotten and hateful D:

    ..this is a very cute photo by the way. I saved it for my animal references <3

  83. Chantal says:

    Thank you Michelle for your apologies but none are needed. I don’t think my daughter was hurt by anything you said,or by the comments made on the size of her butt and her being a used car salesman. that made her laugh. Actually the only thing that really upsetted her was the comment “Ed” made. I guess she understands the nature of the internet much better than I do. I am sorry if I did not stress this enough before, but the ones out there who are parents will probably empathize with me. Even though she is my child and my baby she is not a little child. She is a pre-teen who is quite aware of the world and is interested in many things, some I may like and some I may not. The fact that she knows that d-listed or perezhilton exists does not mean she gets to visit those sites. And Starling, when any of my children break “etiquette” i do not scream at them or would ever allow anyone to scream at them nor do I scream at anyone for that matter under those circumstances. I have not yelled at anyone here either and I hope my tone did not come across like that. I only used “piss off” because that is what this Ed character told my daughter to do. I usually do not use that kind of language, in any language. And i don’t think that was a razzing. I think it was a bit more than that, specially coming from the moderator of some sort.

    I did go through the site before allowing her to visit and I did not, unfortunately, come across anything that made me think it was unsafe. I guess it has been a learning expirience for both of us.

  84. SarahMoon says:

    God knows if Partypooper/Chantal aremother and daughter or one adult flailing for some moral high ground, but i do think she has a point about the photoshopping. ths dogs lip looks …wraowng.

  85. I have an honest question that I’m hoping someone can answer. I enjoy this site and the pics are entertaining/sweet; but I don’t understand why the commentary is typed with odd words, ie: “redonkulously”, instead of ridiculously; “kitteh” instead of “kitten”, etc. I don’t get the point of it and it actually takes away from my enjoyment of the site. So does anyone know why this is done?

  86. Chantal —

    Oof. OK, first of all, “Ed.” is a common way to shorten “Editor”, i.e. me, Theo, in this case. And yes, calling “Photoshopped” *IS* insulting. And it happens far too often.

    And yes, you’re allowed to tell me to piss off too. I’ll concede that I was going for harsh. Originally I was going to make a much shorter comment, along the lines of “LOL @ Berthaservant” like a few other folks, but then I saw that “Partypooper” had gone a step further & posted a long defensive follow-up… and, well, I’d had enough.

    I know I have your email, but I’m guessing you might appreciate it more if I did this publicly, so… I take back the verbal spanking I wrote earlier. I apologize; it was overdone. Instead, what I *will* say to this and any accusations of digital inauthenticity about this post’s photo is, “You’re just plain wrong, and I would appreciate it if you would stop insinuating that this is anything but genuine.”

    [ – Ed.]

  87. Re-posting … can anyone please answer? I have an honest question that I’m hoping someone can answer. I enjoy this site and the pics are entertaining/sweet; but I don’t understand why the commentary is typed with odd words, ie: “redonkulously”, instead of ridiculously; “kitteh” instead of “kitten”, etc. I don’t get the point of it and it actually takes away from my enjoyment of the site. So does anyone know why this is done?

  88. Sarah:
    Seeing CO spellings ‘takes away from your enjoyment’?!?
    It enhances most of ours, plus it’s like the secret code of graffiti, or a Masonic handshake: if someone sez ‘kitteh’, I know they know CO, and we smile conspiratorily and tilt our heads ‘Ahn’ as we relive today’s bun or ham pic offertory.
    And check the name of the site: Cute OVERLOAD. CUTE. OVER LOAD.

    The spellings and commentary are frequently as ‘entertaining/sweet’ as the pics, and sometimes surprisingly erudite, and I think complaining about it is redonk. Change the site language in Babelfish, so it’ll show up in Esperanto for you, and you can just lookit da pritty pikchers.
    And if CO-speak is annoying to you, check out LOL-speak on
    icanhascheezburger.comwhile I watch the movie ‘Scanners’.
    I’m popping the popcorn!

  89. Geez Dub, relax. I asked an honest question in a respectful manner and you bark at me and tell me I’m complaining. Although I thank you for your response, there was no need to get snarly. Enjoy your popcorn and try to relax and be patient with newcomers.

  90. Sarah — because it’s funny. It’s writing down the way we would sound if we were actually speaking, under the influence of all that is Cute. If you still don’t get it, try cuddling a pile of puppies while attempting to speak normally & see what happens. And if even that doesn’t work, well, at least the experiment should’ve been its own reward.

  91. Theo – thank you, understood. And I appreciate the fact that you answered this in a pleasant, respectful manner, unlike others who take a swing at a newcomer who asks an honest question.

  92. Oh, the irony.

    (…and, you’re welcome)

  93. Teho

    Something about this pup seems to be bringing out the snark in people.

    Shall we just give them a pa-sickie?

  94. 🙂

  95. binky-mama says:

    dub1: I agree with you about the LOLspeak on icanhascheezburger.com. I prided myself for being able to finally understand most of the captions then one day I clicked on the comments and promptly had a brain aneurysm trying to figure out what the heck they were saying to one another! I’m just too lazy to learn a different language. (or maybe too stoopid?)

  96. Jewelia says:

    Double trouble

  97. Lol, thanks, theo.

    and thanks, binky-mama, for the Scanners ref [gfb]

  98. Lord, what is wrong with people today? (Or all weekend, I suppose.)
    1. Cute-overload-speak is the local style, and it’s funny.
    2. Calling things photoshopped is rude.
    Do we need to clarify anything else? Oh yeah:
    3. Putting “Sorry” in front of your putdown doesn’t make the putdown ok.

  99. Okay now that everyone got that out of their system isn’t the puppy adorable .. Wanting to go play fetch!

  100. Are we sure this isn’t PC overload? I call for a round of chill pills. Poor Theo.

    I think ignorance only deserves kindness when it is presented kindly.

  101. I miss my puppeh. She loves tennis balls too, but rarely waits around for a picture to be taken.

    eek, commentroversy overload.

  102. The owners of this site clearly put a lot of hard work and love into cuteoverload.com. It is so disappointing that a few people think that because they are new or young that they can phrase comments anyway they like and expect a free pass. Sarah, it is disrespectful to question the way the wording on the site is written using the reasoning it ‘takes away from your enjoyment of the site’. This isn’t a newspaper or magazine. You don’t pay for it. If you wanted to know why it is written the way it is, then just ask. Yes, some of the responses were a bit OTT but a bit more thought on your part wouldn’t go astray either.

  103. freetomato says:

    This makes me smile so much 🙂 Can I share a haiku I wrote about my chocolab, Jody?

    Old dog creaky bones
    But young pup with tennis ball
    A yellow ball gives you youth

  104. Actually, Sarah phrased her question very respectfully. (I was just shocked by it.) Let me take another crack at explaining. You know how in some magazines, they put a comma before the “and” in a list with three or more things in it, and in some they don’t? And at the New York Times they put Mr. and Dr. in front of people’s names and at other newspapers they don’t? Well, some blogs spell it “kitten” and some blogs spell it “kitteh.” You just happen to have landed on a “kitteh” blog. If that takes away from your enjoyment of the site, well, either you can learn to enjoy it or…we’ll miss you!

  105. starling says:

    I doan c teh problum meself.


  106. i understand the need for parental controls and respect screening websites for your kids; your kids = your call, etc. but my question is, how would partypooper know how mean the people on dlisted are, if, as Chantal says, “The fact that she knows that d-listed or perezhilton exists does not mean she gets to visit those sites”?

    but puppy mcpuppersons here makes me miss my black lab for serious. although she was not nearly as into fetch as most labs seem to be.

  107. I sent this to my friends who have a black lab “puppy” (almost 2 by now!) who will fetch all day. His toy of the moment is a deflated volleyball, and he brings it to you to kick. You can kick this ball as hard as possible and he will CATCH it in his mouth. He also loves to chase it down the hill and into the pond. And he’ll bring that darn ball back to you a hundred times. He never stops.
    My two, on the other hand, DO NOT fetch. You throw the ball…you go get it.

  108. AuntieMame says:

    I’ve dogsat for a couple Golden “Retrievers.” One might chase a ball, if the spirit moved. Or she might not. The other would chase the ball, and occasionally would even bring it back. But there was no way in heck she was giving it up once she brought it.

  109. Michelle says:

    freetomato, I love your haiku!

    I also really like the fetch stories people are sharing. My blue dog was so insane I think she could catch anything thrown, but she’d knock over and crash through anything in her path because her focus was so intent on the ball or frisbee.

  110. Please, nobody teach my lab to carry two balls at once, he would bring even more manky, gross, slobbery balls home from the beach if he could do that.

    So cute, so hopeful!

  111. I can do that *snicker* with tennis balls..not really..the dogs cute!

  112. Suda Nim says:

    I liked the description in “Marley and Me” about how he played keep-away with balls.

    They called him a “Labrador Evader.”

  113. Suda Nim says:

    Also, I took an exercise ball to the dog park recently.

    One of the Great Danes thought it was the bestestest toy ever – you could almost see the joyful “Finally! One my size!” thoughts.

    It lasted oh, maybe……53 seconds. But even deflated, or more accurately, completely sliced open, it was great fun for him to drag around.

  114. Suda, my dog loves slightly deflated helium balloons. He doesn’t pop them, he jumps up and punts them around with his nose. You should see how happy it makes him.

  115. I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with dub1’s response to Sarah. Maybe we’re all saturated with cute fumes or something?

  116. partypooper, you TOTALLY ruined this cute pic. get your big butt outta here.

  117. partypooper is a little kid?!?!?!?!?
    “Imagine my disappointment today when she bursted out crying after reading all the mean and slightly vicious comments some of you posted.” ok. WHAT mean comments?!? she deserved it! so suck it up!!!!!! 😡

  118. Careful, Katybug. It’s different when you’re on the receiving end.

    I have no patience for trolls and griefers, but I’m not into bullying either.

  119. The Other One Michelle says:

    Can’t be shopped. My old lab, may dear TS Eliot rest in peace, could and did do this frequently. Then he plopped the slobbery old things in my lap. Right after I dressed for work. On purpose. Just so I wouldn’t take myself so theriously. I miss old Eliot.

  120. brinnann says:

    My parents’ lab is a power-fetcher as well as a power-chewer. Thus, the tennis balls – even the ones that are the size of softballs – don’t last long. We’ve tried some of the toys that say “virtually indestructable,” and the were “indestructed” in minutes. I’ve heard that ropes aren’t so great because pieces of string can get caught/knotted in their intestines. Does anyone have any natural remedies for a dog who can destroy anything, and often ingests it?

  121. brinnann says:

    Oh, and she prefers to hold them side-by-side in her mouth instead of stacked. 😛

  122. The Other One Michelle says:

    Brinnan, I give both my dogs Kongs with the stuff and treats inside. Kong makes a black Kong that is for heavy chewers, and so far my Nuttie, who has managed to chew a hole in my couch, two pairs of shoes, her dog bed, all of my DVD cases and every toy ever given to her has not destroyed it. Yet.

  123. brinnann says:

    I’ve looked at the Kongs, and they feel flimsier (is that a word?) than some of the others we’ve bought that she’s torn up. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t last. Maybe having treats inside it will keep her busy enough to not chew the toy itself to bits.

  124. The Other One Michelle says:

    Try a Kong. So far, neither dog has done anything other than suck all the treats out (which takes a bit of time) and then trot around with it in mouth like a trophy. Get the Kong that looks like a cone pile of poop in shape, tho.

  125. brinnann says:

    Do you use the pasty kind of treat to fill it, or do you put regular, bone-type treats in yours?

  126. darkshines says:

    All this talk of chewing balls, and balls in mouths has made me feel funny in my pants….

  127. brinnann says:

    Well that’s what happens when you keep your tennis balls in your pockets. You’re supposed to keep them in your gym bag.

  128. The Other One Michelle says:

    I do both the spray stuff (liver flavor, smells like poop) and then I stick the treat 3/4 of the way in. Definitely keeps the chewer busy. There is also this bone with meat in the middle that I got at Petco that is for heavy chewers. It’s kinda spendy but I only give it to the Nut when I’m gonna be gone more than an 6 hours. It literally lasts her all day.
    Holy cowpies, my whole post sounded like something from a porn!

  129. The Other One Michelle says:

    Not that I know what a porn is like *shifty eyes*. Look at that shiny thing in the corner! Look everybody, look!

  130. Poohbear says:

    Is it the stormy weather? The heat wave on the East Coast? Why is everybody so jumpy and touchy? Guess I still will be checking out the postingks (cannot just go cold turkey) but will stay away from the comments from now on, mostly. That outburst against Partypooper, whether she’s 13 or 66, was uncalled for and rather self-righteous, I find. Not going to stay around as people hurl abuse at others for saying “photoshopped”… I thought the Qte had taught us all something, but egos still run high. Though Theo, you’ve done a good job of toning it down. After all, you’ve got teenagers at home.

  131. brinnann says:

    I think I can see why people would think it was shopped. On bleen glance, it looks like the dog has a huge head. But when you look more closely for lab characteristics you can see that the bottom half of the “head” is really his neck. Because of his light fur, the difference between the neck and chin is almost indistinguishable if you don’t pay attention.

  132. brinnann says:

    TOOMichelle, have you ever used peanut butter?

    What? I meant for the Kong, guys! Sheesh, someone mentions pr0n and the rest is downhill. Ooh, look, a chicken!

  133. [silently watches Brinnann cluck off into the sunset]

    …um, did anybody understand any of that?

  134. AuntieMame says:

    Brinnan, use big dog cookies to put in the kong–the kind that are too big just to fall out. That way the dog spends a lot of time licking it to bits to get it out. I also like to fill the holes with peanut butter after I’ve put the cookie in. Peanut butter on the roof of the mouth keeps ’em busy for a while, too!

  135. yankeebird says:

    A determined Lab will get through a Kong. I’ve seen it happen in a matter of minutes.

  136. freetomato says:

    Petrified thigh bone thingies – those and those alone got my 2 labs past that horrible chewing stage. Expensive at Petsmart, but worth the intial investment. They worry those – then they are the….best….dogs…in…world. Both my labs are now (many years) past the chewing stage (sadly cuz they are getting old and it breaks my heart)> I tell all potential Lab families….the chewing on everything stage is temporary….live thru it and they are THE BESTEST, BESTEST dogs in the world. Smart, fun, gentle, intuitive, your friend. But! Tough when need be! I had a scary stranger come to my door, and my docile sweetheart bowed up at him….she KNEW. He backed right off.

    To this day, my 12 yr old girl, show her a tennis ball and she’ll play all day and wear you out. And…she’d defend me, if need be.

    The best dogs in the world.

    This pic killed me! The Di Eyes – check! She may be limping and old and tired, but she lives to fetch! She is tireless at ball-time.

    Such is a lab…and God, thank you for labs 🙂