Plain or sugar cone?

I’ll take one scoop/dip of Macaque Attack, please.


Way to gerhe, Linda M.!!!



  1. homer mariner says:

    Does that come in extra fuzzy? Bleen!

  2. homer mariner says:

    Oh… and no chunky monkey for me.. thanks…

  3. Oooo, oooo! Make mine a double, please!

  4. binky-mama says:

    Waffle cone with rainbow sprinkles please!

  5. Oh! It’s already Friday here; I thought it was Theo’s handiwork! 😛

    I’ll take the sugar cone.

  6. hon glad says:

    The fluth thicks thoo the thoungue.

  7. Haha. That is awesome. I’ll have two scoops of monkeh please…:D

  8. Superb….do I see a “31 Flavors of Qte” series in the works???

  9. This totally deserves a “nomable” tag.

  10. May I have mine dipped in chocolate, please?

    I’ll take two! 🙂

  11. Rogh-sensei says:

    I’ll take a cup, with some Rhesus pieces.

    [*facepaw* – Ed.]

  12. Katrina says:

    Wow, I didn’t even see that one coming–niiice, really niiice…

  13. Next step: Sugar Glider Cones!

  14. Whoa, Rogh-sensei, stellar work. *golf clap*

  15. BeanSidhe says:

    I wanna try Nuffing!

    *clears throat*
    That’s totally photoslopped!

    Wait, I got it wrong. Can I try again? Or do you only get one go at a Nuff? Maybe that’s a solution, only one Nuff per week per person.

    My diet is ruined now. *takes ice-cream Macqone and goes to snorgle the slup belleh*
    (slug+pup from previous post)

  16. Thanks but I prefer Cappuchino or chocolate chimp flavour.

  17. Please don’t chimp on the chocolate jimmies – I like lots!

  18. No Macaque for me, I’d rather have Gelada…

  19. Holy early weekend! My work here HAS BEEN DONE BY SOMEBODY ELSE OMG!!


    Since I’m not needed, I guess I’ll (banana) split.

  20. Um, shouldn’t that be “macaquadamia nuts”? (Who thinks up this stuff, anyway?)

    [Well, *you*, for one, as it would appear… – Ed.]

  21. I’ll take a double in a waffle cone, but hold the jimmy’s thanks.

  22. ThreeCatNight says:

    And might we also suggest:
    “Chimps n’ Chips”?
    “Gorillas n’ Granola”? (extra, extra large cone)
    “Capuchins n’Crunch”?
    We offer a wonderful selection of toppings, but don’t be surprised if they’re gone by the time you get your order!

  23. bats :[ says:

    Hey, dat’s me! (no, not in the cones…Linda M.) I am so excited and flattered to have a contribution up on the CO board, kinda like having stuff taped up to the fridge by Mom. I just couldn’t come up with a really clever name for the Flavor of the Day (dang, where was “Cappuchino” when I needed it?!), but it seems like there are enough possibilities to open a simian BR (Bonobo-Rhesus) franchise here.
    Thanks, Meg! Enjoy, All!

  24. bats :[ says:

    Oh, yeah, and I’m a lot better at PhotoShop than posting comments, too! 😀

  25. Bats — normally, redundant/duplicate comment(s) simply disappear here.
    It’s like magic.

  26. Kaitou Juliet says:

    Reality-casual Friday strikes again. O_O

  27. Yeah no kidding, and I didn’t even *DO* anything this time!


  28. a cake cone, always.

  29. Theresa says:

    Are those soft-serve monkehs?

  30. Caitlin says:

    Granny, do you mean capuchin-o flavor? 😀

    [Exactly. I was assuming it was one of those hokey marketing-dept. versions of spelling, though… – Ed.]

  31. Rodrigo says:

    Tasty, tasty Herpes B.
    Natural in macaques.
    Deadly in humans.
    But go ahead, have two scoops.
    Death is cute.

  32. Get help, Rodrigo.