Softball Interview

Question: Hey Guys, what’s going on

Answer: We are but HELPLESS KITTEHS! We couldn’t POSSIBLY do more than lie here with our pathetic paws up and whine! No more questions! Our eyeballs can’t even focus yet—wait who is conducting this interview!? Do you have any meelks?


Mark B., Huckleberry and Junebug are super prosh and stubbular



  1. brinnann says:

    Must. Bury. Head. In. Pile. Of. Kittehs. Aahhhnn…

  2. That image will be with me forevaaa.
    Seriously, someone give these kittehs a good nuzzlin’!

  3. Bleenann, snorgle them for me too. Kitty pictures make me sad for being allergic.

  4. cheesybird says:

    Allergies be damned! I’m going in, peeple!

  5. sunnymum says:

    Snorgle the proshness! And the pinkness! Their hair looks sooooooooooooo soft. They are basically, perfect kittens. 🙂

  6. Huckleberry and Junebug? Could they GET any cuter???

  7. paw curl, pink nose and lips, blinky eyes……….

    weapons of mass destruction.

  8. ThreeCatNight says:

    Please, kittehs, come to my house! I will snorgle you, and kiss those leetle pinky noses and earses, and bellehs. Those faces are just too much for me; I’m having Cat Overload!

  9. chanpon says:

    I actually want to lean in and smell his little kitty bref. What the hell is wrong with me?

  10. momof2kitties says:

    Absolutely nothing, chanpon. I sometimes do a little corporal cuddling on George to make him meow just enough to smell his kitteh bref. Nothing wrong with that at all, I say.

    Oh, and…carrot tailios!!!!1!!1!!!

  11. brinnann says:

    Kris, I have 2 at home who will get an extra snorgle tonight just for you.

    U can haz Allegra or Zyrtec?

  12. Pretty pink noses and eentsy bitsy tiny paws. must nuzzle that softness beneath the chin . . . Overload on cuteness KER-THUDDDDDDD

  13. zeldapie says:

    Ehn!Ehn! Must…focus…eyes!!

  14. Our neighbor has SEVEN gorgeous little kittens who are just about ready to leave Mama Cat — I’m gonna go snuggle ALL SEVEN of ’em tonight, as a proxy for Huckleberry and Junebug! Oh yeah — I’m also trying to figure out how to sneak one into the house without Hubby figuring it out until it’s too late!

  15. Thank you Bleenann! Top kitty is more my type than b&w kitty, but don’t tell him I said so. ;o)
    I can haz Claritin-D every durn day of my life. Kitty allergies make the chest & throat close, like asthma. Not pretty. I don’t recommend it.

  16. c’mon. How is a girl supposed to work around here huh? Now I have to go find some kittenz to snorgle or I’m gonna splode.

  17. brinnann says:

    Kris, that would be Sheba. She was a rescue from the SETX Humane Society last May. She’s my talker. 🙂 The B&W (really her whole body is white with just her head & tailio black) is Sister, who was found wandering around my grandmother’s house about a year and a half ago. She’s my purrer. 🙂

  18. Theresa says:

    Leetle cheesy cat grins!!!

  19. Catherine says:

    My brother and sister-in-law have a cat named Huckleberry!! Hilarious!

  20. AuntieMame says:

    Huckleberry and Junebug! What awesome kitty names! I wanna know what the rest of ’em are called.

  21. I just want to stick my face into that pile of fluff.

  22. i love the little cone tails and ears sticking into the pic form other kittys.

  23. DejaMew says:

    I gave them pettins with my cursor. 🙂

  24. Ooh, I love when the kitteh ears are starting to gey pointy, but they’re still rounded at the tip. Nom nom nom.

  25. meacu1pa says:

    JUNEBUG! The name itself gives me shivers of deelishusness…

    But look at those pink lips- they look as if they are trying to pucker up to blow you a kittehkisseh.

    want. want nuvins. now.

  26. Excellent kitty names indeed. SOMEBODY (hint hint, Theo) needs to start a list of Most Popular (or Cutest) Kitteh Names, like they do for hoomin babes. C’mon, it’ll be fun. I’ll get you started:
    1. Huckleberry
    2. Junebug
    3. Noodle (friend’s cat)

    [Pfft, whatd’ya need *me* for? Looks like you’ve got it under control – Ed.]

  27. Desdemona says:

    Jools — Don’t forget Winston!

  28. happypiano says:

    hehe… the caption makes this picture so much cuter! ^___^

  29. marsheeeee says:

    About great cat names – there was a series of pictures of a kitten on a few years ago. The kitten was a little round fluff-ball and his name was Earnest T, which I thought was a great name for a cat.

  30. EEEEEEEEEE, eye capsule touch plzzzzzz? no? how’but licking??? I shall lick you, fluff balls!

    My adopted sister cat is named flipper, which me think pretty cool. But I call her PayPay… Which, pretty much makes no sense at all.

  31. sunnymum says:

    I have to chime in on cat names. My furbaby came from the local humane society and I named her Sunshine ’cause I knew we would bring so much sunshine in to each other’s lives. And she goes by Sunny. And she gets corporal cuddling and is none too happy about the post that inspired said corporal cuddling. But after eight years she seems to understand that once a week or so she’s going to have to endure being held for 2-3 min. (heaven forbid!).

  32. Daphne Moss says:

    Loved DejaMews comment: Gave them all pettings with my cursor…Mes too!! ;-D
    These are indeed little tiny bits of perfection…but please, if you are going to take home little kittens…please let them stay longer with mommy and sibs than these tiny ones. You and they will both be much, much happier…

  33. junebug! i had a mama cat bring her kittens to my back doorstep a few years ago. she was so cranky and funny looking i gave her the name junebug in hopes someone would swoon over it’s utter cuteness and *have* to have her…

    her kittens were biki(‘beautiful maiden’ in japanese), baby, cicada (her favorite ‘toy’), and wolfgang- aka wolfie.

    i miss havin’ those porch kitties- it was cuteoverload 24/7.

  34. i



  35. Raemie L. says:

    Eee! Must snorgle the melodramatic fluffballs!

  36. NutherDeb says:

    Too cute!! Normally cute pictures don’t get me weepy, but I just found out that my 16 year old kitty (the last of 3 siblings), who’s been with me through thick and thin, is terminally ill. I have only a day or 2 left with her… 😦
    These guys are so new and alive and adorable!!

  37. BeanSidhe says:

    @NutherDeb… I hope she finds her way Home safely and with all the love you can give to her. **sends a kitty-mum hug**
    These behbees look like my Pearl when she was just a wee kitteh.

  38. I have a black furry kitty named Swiffer. He used to climb up on the really high shelf and come down with dust stuck to his fur.

  39. ashagato says:

    RE: names
    went to a friend’s BBQ last weekend, her cats’ names are Mick and Keith! How effing cool is that?

    “swiffer” lol!

    i’m so sorry NutherDeb. give your sweetie a hug for me and keep comin’ back to CO! it’s good for the soul…

  40. NutherDeb, my sympathies! My oldest kitteh is 15 and a half and I don’t know what I will do when that dreaded day comes! 😦


  41. NutherDeb says:

    Thanks, guys. This is the really difficult part of having pets!! I can get over the hairballs on the rug next to my slippers in the morning etc, but it’s a lot harder to get over this…

  42. AuntieMame says:

    So sorry to hear of your impending loss, NutherDeb. It’s never easy, is it?

  43. Rachel Sweeden says:

    Huckleberry and Junebug remind me so much of my kitten Patches. They are about the same size and color. They also look to be about 8-10 weeks old the same age as Patches.

  44. GAHHHHH!!!

    [dives into kitteh floof]

    And such adorable names – Huckleberry and Junebug. Angghhh.

    And hugs to NutherDeb. Hope your kitty has a painless journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

  45. hon glad says:

    Oh no, being cute isn’t easy, we have to work at it.

  46. Love to NutherDeb!!!! It’s hard to say goodbye! 😦

  47. Alright, forget the interview. We’re doing a photo shoot — 10 pages, full color, center spread of Huck and June.

  48. Londoner says:

    Netherdeb, I’m so sorry. The last cat I lost was nearly 20 when she had to be put down (after getting into it with a fox – this with arthritis and one tooth left – she was a fierce old bat and I loved her to bits). Your baby will have lots of love to carry her onwards. Hugs.

  49. Netherdeb, so sorry to hear that. I went through the same 3 years ago with my 20-year-old tabby, Sophie. It is so hard. My thoughts are with you.

  50. It’s “Nutherdeb”, people… and, my sympathies as well.

  51. tracyFlick says:

    Meeelks. That’s all they want. 🙂

  52. “We won’t grow up to bite you when you stop playing with us 3 minutes before we feel like we’re ready to stop…We Pwomise.”


  53. @nutherdeb: Sending you {{{HUGS}}} and snorgles from all of us (home kittehs and foster babies here in Philly)…

    @sunnymum: I have a Sunshine, too! She started as Sunny and I quickly migrated to “Sunny Bunny” or just “Bunny”. She and her sister (Daisy) are great for standing up on their hind legs, just like bunnehs!!

  54. P.S. When I cuddle with the foster babehs, I ALWAYS think of it as “corporal cuddling”!!! Has that guy made any new YouTube videos???

  55. NutherDeb says:

    Thanks for all the caring comments everyone. My 8 year old daughter and I just got done burying our much loved kitty, Doc. She died 5 years to the day after her brother Bashful. We’re in for a rough ride here 😦

  56. Felixia says:


    This was the name of one of my precious childhood cats. I can’t believe that there’s another one. And a nomular mini-felix-adorabilis, no less.

    Here’s to Huckle kitties!

  57. Yitzysmommie says:

    Aww, NutherDeb, I am SO sorry for your and your daughter’s loss of your beloved Doc.
    Do you know the Rainbow Bridge story? You might tell you daughter if you think it’s appropriate.
    I send cyber hugs and my Yitzy sends purrs for comfort.
    And these kittlings? SQEEEEE!

  58. Katrina says:

    NutherDeb, I hope you and your daughter can find something fun to do today, just get through these first couple of days, it will get better for you. Try to do something fun to distract yourself, even if you don’t feel like it- maybe even a walk,get those endorphins going…I’ll be thinking of you…