Don’t mind if I do

Oh yeah, happy wedding wishes and all that—CHIZZZZOMP!


That little dude and OPEN WIDE, Jacqueline M. and Scott P.!



  1. Ermine_Violin says:

    Holy Cow! Holy Squirrel!!!

  2. brinnann says:

    I think it’d be great to have a little squirrelio pop in as an unexpected wedding guest! C’mon, all you’ve got to do is cut around that little corner of the cake! He’s not hurtin’ nobunny!

  3. brinnann says:

    And I seem to have over-used the exclamation point in that last comment!!1!1!1!!

  4. leeleemarie says:

    OOHHH Cake, ALL for me! yumms! Ohh one wee lil bite no one will notices. Icing so sweet, hurts my teeffers!

  5. And he knows that he’s getting near the best part – the icing-flower…a squirrel after my own heart…just a few more huge squirrely bites, dude!

  6. metsakins says:

    that picture is quite adorabuhls but I feel the evil eminating from within.

  7. tracyFlick says:

    What a greedy squarrel.

  8. lol…
    bless the hearts of those peeps who didn’t freak out and shoo him away first, but had the presence of mind and calmness to snap a pic first!

  9. 260Oakley says:

    I love it! He’s probably leaving teeny tiny squirrely hand prints in the frosting. Go, Squirrel Dude!

  10. wagthedogma says:

    Hilarious, yes, but does he know what all that frosting will do to his squirrelish figure?

  11. nom nom nom Ker-thud !!!!

  12. hon glad says:

    Watch the blue roses they’re poisonous!

    [but I thought the orange ones…? oh never mind – Ed.]

  13. Furbabies says:

    Uh, honey did you invite Secret Squirrel to the wedding? I don’t remember seeing his name on the guest list. That must explain the pile of acorns on the gift table.

  14. Cake is bad for humans anyway, let the little dude have his bite.

    It’s probably bad for squirrels too, but you can’t talk reason with a squirrel. Snickers, M&Ms, they want what they want!

  15. Valhalla says:

    This is the best kind of wedding crasher. Except I wonder what happens after he eats all that sugar?

  16. So cute but so wrong!

  17. Valhalla, did you see the movie “Hoodwinked”? Remember Twitchy??? THAT’S what happens after all that sugar!!

    If I were the squirrel, I’d just go straight for the roses — forget the plain white stuff!

  18. How cute is that?!!!

  19. rosieLB says:

    Oh NO he Di’nt!

  20. “By the power vested in me, I now pronounce this wedding cake nomable. You may nomnomnom the cake.”

  21. “I just KNEW your Uncle Skwerlio would ruin our wedding!”

  22. cheesybird says:

    “Now where’s the waiter with those shrimp puffs?”

  23. fried squirrel is a great appetizer!!

  24. babspmalone says:

    Those California activist judges…

  25. Mmm, cake! hahahaha

  26. eikoleigh says:

    omg, I haven’t laughed this hard in so long. I hope the bride and groom had a sense of humor too! That’s so funny!

  27. darn, rosieLB totally stole my words!

  28. this is one of those instances that warrants a big ol’ “OMFG!!!”

  29. chanpon says:

    *Eye-ing nommed cake* Umm…I don’t want that slice.

  30. That squirrel feels the same way I do about wedding cake… YUM!

    This little cutie must think he just found a frosted piece of heaven… heh…

  31. claudia says:

    WATCH OUT PEOPLES… a squirrel hopped up on pure sugar is dangerous!
    Damn he’s got a good wide mouth eh?

  32. G H Waite says:

    Well, first its Sugar Bush Squirrel and now its Sugar Rush Squirrel.

    [LOL! Nice… – Ed.]

  33. Courtney says:

    This is why I’m having an indoor wedding!

    (This is also how I intend to eat my wedding cake!)

  34. Years ago at Christmas, my aunt had made a Jello dessert (of course, because what’s Christmas without Jello) and, as the fridge was too full, set it out on the patio on the picnic table. It was cold, so everyone thought the dessert would stay fresh. Well, my aunt went out to get the dessert and a little grey squirred had decided that it was HIS Christmas dessert, had lifted the plastic wrap and had eaten much of the Jello. He was still eating when auntie saw him, his little paws covered in Cool Whip and his little mouth ringed with bright pink. We all wished that we had taken a picture.

  35. VolGrrl says:

    I’d love to see a close up of the chompage… I have a feeling it would show that his eyeballs are about to pop out of socket!

  36. caitlin says:

    Roflcopter! I want one o’ these at my wedding this summer!! 😀

  37. Theresa says:


    BTW, look at the li’l wedding couple on the top of the cake. Not that little wedding cake brides-n-grooms are models of accurate anatomy– but dayam! What big heads they have!!

  38. Space Cowgirl says:


    Such are the perils of having your wedding in their habitat, eh?

  39. Can we say, “Photoshop?”

    [Absolutely! And after that, we’ll practice saying “I fail at internets!” – Ed.]

  40. AuntieMame says:

    This is a lot more hilarious than the jerk I heard about a few days ago who booby-trapped someone’s wedding cake with a water cannon. I hope they charged him with vandalism and made him reimburse them the price of the cake.

    This squirrel, however, I hope got his own plate with some nuts and those little leaf-shaped mints. And a teeny cup of punch.

    I can say disestablishmentarianism, too, Jennifer. So what?

  41. Para-dimethyl-amino-benzaldehyde,

  42. Lady Ann says:

    I somebody implying that the wedding guests are squirrely?

  43. …um, actually, that would make one NASTY wedding cake. Retracted.

  44. I got married outdoors last summer and a raccoon showed up underneath the cake and some of the guests fed him. I guess he was a regular at the place, and he always knows when the cake shows up!! I thought he was awesome!

  45. Ed Sizemore says:

    That squirrel rocks! I love his unabashed avarice. That’s some serious carpe diem going on.

  46. I got married in March and an armadillo showed up at the wedding! Of course, I got married at the Zoo and she was invited. She was also a hit! At first everybody was all “Why would you invite an armadillo to your reception?” and then they were all “Aww, who knew that armadillos were fuzzy on the underside?” Charmed ’em all.

  47. hrh.squeak says:

    That chizzomp is Beggin’ for a COCXU!! Is possible? Pleeze?

    [I thought about that too, but it looks like this is as big as it’s gonna get… – Ed.]

  48. I love this photographer! The photo is more important than the cake!

  49. youguysrsilly says:

    “MY cousin…I thought he was YOUR cousin???”

    (p.s. hi Auntie Tree Sweater lady!)

  50. Theresa says:

    I want to see the skwerl when the band cranks up the Electric Slide. 😉

  51. R. Moore says:

    I want a picture of the tiny paw print left by the little crasher.

  52. we need a coxcu with that!

  53. Alviiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!

  54. I cannot believe that no-one else is thinking what I am thinking……what an ugly wedding cake! And who left it precariously near an open window…just hoping it would be nibbled by a creature. Me thinks this photo is faked. The squirrel is of course most cute and will no doubt go boucing about for days on all that sugar. Could it be the same squirrel that likes to dress up as oriental royalty?

    [The cake is outdoors, Janice. Also, you’re rude. – Ed.]

  55. Yes, but can he dance to Hava Negila or do the bunny hop?

  56. To those who think this is photoshopped-I am the photographer who snapped this shot. It is very real. Check out the other one I took from farther away. (click on my name)

  57. warrior rabbit says:

    @PJ: LOL! Although Alvin’s a chipmunk, and this is a skwerl. Er, I think. LOL anyhow.

  58. lucy's mommeh says:

    Rebecca, it’s hysterical..only wish there were more pics. How long did the little stinker stay?

  59. Lerrinus says:

    *Noms on squirrel ears and runs off with a yummy piece of cake*

  60. Raemie L. says:

    *gasp* The squirrel is leaving minimal evidence of his pawprints by placing his paw right over the topmost “shell” in the cake’s “shell border” design. His leetle claws fit right in the shell’s crevices.

    Sneaky squeerl!

  61. I hope that happens at my wedding.

  62. The cake is charming, the Rodent Guest is charming, and I think it is wonderful that during the hysteria of a wedding, the photographer still had the presence of mind to grab that snapshot so everyone could enjoy 🙂

    The cake only lasted a few hours, and no one will remember what it tasted like anyway (squill spit?) But the photo – now that is a family heirloom!

  63. Kickstart says:

    Todd is so horrible; he is ruining Molly and Beef’s cake. (Any other Achewood fans?)

  64. ashagato says:

    where’s sugarbush’s tux?

  65. ashagato says:

    btw, i think the wedding cake is cute!
    (you said it, teho.)

  66. I now pronounce you husband and w-WTF?!!

  67. Wombats says:

    **imagines heem with blue icing all over muzzlepowshe!**

    I geeve “my” skwerl dried corn cobs in the winter!

  68. “By the power vested in me, I pronomnomnomnomnom.”

    [*gigglefit* – Ed.]

  69. redambition says:

    squeeee! I have now asked my fiance if we can a have a wedding-cake nomming squirrelson at our wedding. it’s just that cute.

  70. bookmonstercats says:

    I am SOOOOO jealous of all those interesting wedding guests all da peeps had at their weddings…. I only had ordinary ones …. perhaps it’s time to restate the vows???

  71. Winni-Pig says:

    I just keep imagining what the cake would look like with the squirrel *on top* instead of the little plastic figurines!

    This could be an entire new industry – caketop squirrels!

    Want one, now!

  72. Ask and ye shall receive:
    Custom cake toppers:
    They’re in alphabetical order so you have to scroll down to ‘S’…and I totally LOVE the Giraffe ones!!!!
    These people (scroll to the bottom) made their own Squirrel toppers:

  73. Katrina says:

    Are we sure he wasn’t *asked* to cut the first piece? He would have a terrible time with a big cake knife, afterall…it looks pretty and tasty. I love wedding cakes!
    Crafty little squirrelly.

  74. Rebecca, I like your zoo photostream. Nice shots of the animules. You should warn peeps about those cheesecake shots tho! 😉

  75. brinnann says:

    Have you guys ever seen Ace of Cakes on the FOod Network? Charm City Cakes in Baltimore (I think) makes these amazing cakes in any shape and design you can think of. It’d be awesome to have them do a wedding cake replica of this one – complete with nomming squirrel!

  76. You’re so meta, Brinn.

  77. brinnann says:

    *insert embarrassed smiley* What does that mean, Theo?

  78. (how to explain meta?) … kinda when the jokes get self-referential, and there are memes upon memes. The additional layers, the jokes ABOUT the jokes, are metajokes. Hence, the shortened version “meta”.

  79. brinnann says:

    Thanks for teh ‘splanation. So it’s kinda like your anti-bleen shirts!

    [A bit, yes, I gues–NO! NOTHING LIKE THAT! NOT AT ALL!!! GAHHH! – Ed.]


  80. ROFLMAO! Good one Brinn! 😀

  81. brinnann says:

    I ♥ U, T[Ed.]!

  82. Hehehehehehe Way to go Brinn. HEheheh.

  83. SHAZAM!!!

  84. I wish this had happened at my wedding – my mother and MIL running around, screaming bloody murder would have been the highlight of my life. Then they could trip, and we could have gotten photos of old ladies’ bloomers with the squirrel in the background, and my life would really have been set.

    Weddings are such embarassments, the best way to tolerate them is to skewer the idiocy as often as possible.

    Rock on vandal animals!

  85. I… I…

    I just can’t.

    No one ever learns, despite my repeated warnings (sigh).

  86. FRANK FLASH says:

    That little squirrel will eat that whole cake and then the little people on top!!! What a little guy!!!

  87. brinnann says:

    Frank, once he finishes that cake I bet he won’t be so little!

  88. I thought this was photoshopped but since it isn’t…what a great shot! Wow! Dat skwirl haz one gret beeg mouf!!! Nomnomnom.

  89. brinnann says:

    Okay peeps, this is what “shopped” really looks like (lol) :

  90. Neko konekonekonekoneko…

  91. brinnann says:

    Dammit, Teho, half your comments have been going over my head lately.

  92. Well, that one’s more obscure. “Neko” is “cat” in Japanese. “Koneko” is basically “kitten”. I was playing off the sound of the words, you know, cat and co-cat and co-co-cat and you know it’s not funny if I hafta ‘splain it…

  93. brinnann says:

    Akshully, you thinking that haffin to ‘splain is not funny makes the haffin to ‘splain part funny cuz you were frustrated with haffin to ‘splain. Well, it made me giggle, anyway.

  94. Sing Theo’s phrase to the tune of “Dominique”.

  95. Another Angela says:

    Nice Douglas’ squirrel and super cute photo!

  96. ashagato says:

    brinnann stop flirting with teho! 😉

  97. *headdesk*

  98. Yitzysmommie says:

    Hee hee hee! On June 20 we are having an evening backyard BBQ reception for my son & his sweetie who are tying the knot that morning. It would be tewtally HEElarious (and very possible) to have a skwrl nom their wedding cake. We are all the laughing kind, so I’ll make sure there are plenty ‘o cameras around.

  99. Winni-Pig says:

    Kris, thanks for the caketop links. Too bad about the cake that the second set of squirrels are on…it looks very chocolatey but not very exciting!

    However, I am making a list of other things to celebrate with cute kitty caketop when wedding not imminent:

    – addition of new kitty to household (may require many kitty couple sets for some, and possibly may require extra kitties for balance…!)

    – celebrate day cute kitty picture ends up on CO!

    – other suggestions?????

  100. The paw prints will make a nice design on the cake.

  101. brinnann says:

    Ashagato, Theo knows I’m just teasin’, and we all know he has a wonderful Schmoop. 🙂

    Theo, how’s your head? Feeling okay there? Need some ice? Maybe a pa-sickie?