This is nuts

People, get ready for one of the best pages on the Internets; Sugar Bush Squirrel.

It’s the most chock-full, animated GIF, current-event-driven, no-topic-too-political-or-religious, squirrel pun-licious page you will ever see.


Sugar Bush was found and rescued as a baby by Ms. Kelly Foxton, only to be raised as an International supermodel. Here’s Sugar Bush’s photo shoot on a new heir to the throne in Japan:


No topic is too touchy for Sugar Bush! Here is Reverend Nut, giving powerful, paw-banging sermons…


Inspiring the troops;


Pushing back  on Kim Jong Il;


The page literally goes on and on and on! Right Keely S.?



  1. Theriuothly. Thith ith crazy. I wonder how she keeps him still for long enough to capture the pose? And they are all so PERFECTLY posed!

  2. meowandwoof says:

    OMG – Just what I need – another addiction.

  3. Courtney says:


    I love the one of him in the kimono. Very cute!

  4. That’s lovely! My baby Smoothie love to have his picture taken. If he sees a camera he’ll run up to it and strike a pose!

    Unfortunately camera’s and flashes scar my oldest, Sandy. But we still managed to get a few decent family photos!

  5. There is NO WAY!! I HAVE a pet squirrel that I raised from a bottle as well (whose photo has NOT yet made it to ranks of CO) – and there is no possible way he would be caught dead dressed up or water skiing. He just won’t have it! How DO you do it?

  6. zeldapie says:

    I thought I loved squirrels before, but now, I am INSANE over them. At least, over SUGAR BUSH! LURVE HIM!

  7. Im mad the squirrel has a larger wardrobe than me. thats…….NUts!! sorry had to

  8. Marianne says:

    lol. wth?

  9. michellemybelle says:

    My mind is blown. I thought it was goofy enough when Bob Ross had a squirrel in his pocket while he painted Happy Little Trees, but this just wreaks havoc with my head. It’s too cute, but wow…

  10. the strangest thing aboot this, is that the little guy seems to be enjoying himself.

  11. No~! Taxidermy isn’t cute~!

  12. lurkingsmirk says:

    My goodness, where do the clothes come from and how do you dress a squirrel? *envisions the process* it must really like its clothes!

  13. ‘Shopped!

  14. Jen in MN says:

    This isn’t taxidermy is it????? Please say it isn’t so!!!!

  15. chanpon says:

    What the…?? The clothes, the posing. I am ded from confusion and cuteness.

    @Kris – is it ’cause of the pixels?

  16. Valhalla says:

    It isn’t so Jen. This is a quote from the link Meg provided under the photo’s title “Sugar Bush Squirrel is a real, live Eastern Gray Squirrel who is owned and photographed by Ms. Kelly Foxton. Rescued, as a baby in her nest, from a tree which was being cut down, she is now living the ‘good life’ with Kelly in Boca Raton, Florida.”

  17. ButtaRumCake says:

    OMG…I’m the first:

    LURVE the FURdora!!!

    *falls on floor*

  18. Melissa says:

    Reminds me of the Victorian fascination with taxidermy animals set up like people- frogs playing in bands, flirting squirrels and mice in little parlors…

  19. Chanpon, definitely the pixels. Definitely.

  20. I dont think people need to be doing this with their pets. Wether the squirl likes it or not, it is not cute…

  21. Cute. But far too right wing.

  22. eikoleigh says:

    He is SO cute! Love those beady little eyes. I can’t imagine how he will stand still long enough to be photographed – that’s amazing!

  23. That site is a guilty pleasure. So cute, but I can’t help feeling like the poor thing is being exploited. I mean 20 photos would be one thing, but 2000? Also, the rara military aspect creeps me out no end. Maybe Sugarbush is a pacifist?

  24. claudia says:

    that IS nuts.


  25. Taxidermy isn’t cute, CO 😦

    [Neither is ignorance, Lucy. – Ed.]

  26. I laughed so loud my co-workers had to come and see my screen only to join in to laugh-a-ton!!!!

  27. It’s not taxidermy!

    Scroll down to the middle of this page, and Sugar Bush will go all kung-fu on your naysaying ‘tocks:

  28. Pussytoes says:

    I like Sugar Bush dressed as the Pontiff myself.

  29. Jupiter Star says:

    This is made infinitely better by the fact that THERE ARE PLUSH SUGAR BUSH SQUIRRELS!!! *Wants to buy them ALL*

  30. Quick question — does “Patito Gigante” mean Enormous Duckling?

  31. ew. I wish this had been a chipmunk. They’re cute. Squirrels aren’t. Sorry.

  32. I’m a big baby duck, baby. My cousin Gansito Enorme is muy mas grande, though.

  33. Here’s my mugshot from ’79, when I was hauled in for “obstructing a public waterway”:

    [That. Is. Awesome. ’79 was quite a year, too: “We don’t need no, south migration… We don’t need no, duck control” – Ed.]

  34. Ermine_Violin says:

    I don’t think this is a stuffed squirrel – I think it is an adorable squirrelly guy!

    I love it!

  35. I agree with Jamie that the Sugar Bush Squirrel website is a too right wing for my taste (“Put Prayer Back in School” . . . yikes). I do like the squirrel dressed as the Pontiff and Anutkin Skywalker tho 🙂

  36. dress_up_animals_is_cruel says:

    If that is not faked it is definitely cruelty to animals. I can not imagine that a squirrel wants to abused to dress up like a clown for the amusement of some dumbasses.
    I’m really surprised something like that is shown on this website.

    [By posting this comment, you’ve enlisted yourself into the ranks of us “dumbasses”, you know. Welcome to the Dunderdrome! – Ed.]

  37. We’ve seen Sugar Bush before:

    I agree with Jamie – too right wing for me. Incredible attention to detail though – I can’t imagine how much time goes into these outfits and poses. Very impressive.

  38. Tasty Sandwich says:

    It’s too bad the woman who runs the site is absolutely crazy. Cute squirrel though!

  39. Wow, I have to really get on my Bertha stories. An impressive site (though a tad hawkish).

    Curiously, I saw a family of wild squirrels today — literally dozens — near a filling station. They were much cuter in the wild, but that’s just my opinion.

  40. Squirrel lover says:

    Not to add into the commentroversy… but “too right wing”???

    So, no one can have an opinion or outlook that may be different from yours?

    And people wonder why I don’t respect so-called “liberals”

  41. Jupiter Star says:

    I don’t think they’re saying that because the woman who runs the site is clearly a conservative…I think it’s more in response to the sheer militanism of it all. There have been plenty of people complaining about posts done by people who were “too liberal,” too, after all.

    Relax. Have some tapioca. It’s fresh with apricots!

  42. Squirrel lover says:

    Yeah, I know… I guess it just ticks me off how much people complain when other people are different. Especially when there’s a SUPER-CUTE SQUIRREL involved!!!

    Thanks for the perspective and the tapioca, Jupiter Star. Hmm, squirrels and tapioca….

  43. Jupiter Star says:

    Now THAT’S the next Sugar Bush masterpiece photo if I ever heard it!

  44. Squirrel Lover — you’re doing exactly what you say you hate.

  45. (er, heh, sorry, Jupiter Star. Somehow I’m not feeling conciliatory.)

  46. “Relax. Have some tapioca.”

    Or, if tapioca isn’t your “thang,” how ’bout some PUDU PUDDINGS!

    (I really can’t believe nobody let fly with a pudu/pudding pun before now… where the hell is Aubrey when we need her?)

  47. What a site! Here’s a link where you can make print and cut out your own Sugar Bush paper doll. He needs a Paws Up! shirt. 🙂

  48. J. Bo — probably working, the silly thing

  49. Teho– lamest excuse EVAR, sez I (the totally broke, depressed, currently unemployed job-hunter)…

  50. Jupiter Star says:

    It’s okay, Theo, I am! *Offers up more of the yummy homemade pudding things to the masses* Go on, take it, I’ve got plenty more squirreled away…

  51. The first picture is definitely my fave. Squirrels are so cute!

  52. Wait.. Teho, did C.O. seriously overlook the giant rubber duckie? Serious? For reals? Here’s some more amazing photos:

    And, hehe, staying right on topic…
    I don’t like the wars and stuff, but it warms my li’l heart that Sugar Bush is bringing some cheer to th’ troops.

    “Squirrel, you know it’s true.. oh, oh, oh mah lu-urrve”

  53. Amazing dedication to detail.

    And my husband thinks I’m nuts for wanting a birthday party for the cats. I was only going to make them little hats…

  54. Theresa says:

    Anyone here into rice puddingks? You should know about this place:

    Sign of the apocalypse or sinfully delicious sign of the apocalypse? You decide. 😛

  55. Theresa says:

    (To tune of “Una Paloma blanca”)” “Uno Patito gigante—ayyyyyyyyy!”

    Aquí está uno patito gigante:

  56. Loretta says:

    Honestly, at first it’s cute, but after a while I got seriously creeped out. A hat or something, I understand it. A whole outfit… 2,000 outfits?!?! Why not spend money on hungry animals who don’t have homes?!

  57. Chelsea says:

    Sugar bush Squirrel is now my new favorite animal, it was my cat but he’s lazy and won’t let me dress him up.

  58. What the…? What…? Wha?

    Um really? It’s cute but she’s a tad creepy. Um. You seem to have some extra time on your hands. I have some laundry she could fold or yard work to get done. Maybe Sugar Bush could put on some gardening gloves and get to work after his photo shoot!

  59. Martha in Washington says:

    SIR! I love the little Marine squirrel SIR!

    My son is graduating from Marine bootcamp (technically “Recruit Training”) in San Diego on Friday. I’m just killing time right now till we have to leave for the airport to go see him. I hope my son will be as cute in his uniform as this lil guy.

  60. Martha in Washington says:

    Also, I think if the little squirrel didn’t want to be dressed up he wouldn’t sit still long enough to get dressed up. Just my humble opinion.

  61. “I wish this had been a chipmunk. They’re cute. Squirrels aren’t. Sorry.” – M.V.

    The “sorry” in comments like this always make me giggle. Like the rest of us will be broken-hearted that the one random commenter can’t see the Qte. It’s everyone else who should pity *them* for having such a narrow definition of cuteness! Because this – though it may be crazy – is cute!

  62. Michelle says:

    OMG – go to the site and read the “Kelly’s Page” links about the squirrel’s “Mom”. The pictures of this woman are even more awesome than the squirrel pictures.

  63. For those who think the little guy was forced into this…think. Squirrels have the most razor sharp teeth you can imagine. The ones near me can slice open wild hickory nuts in seconds, whereas it takes me half an hour with a hammer. She’d be dead from blood loss if she was hurting him.

    OTOH…man, that’s one funky hobby. But he’s cute.

  64. Most def KNOT into military or right wing anything but

    would love some tapioca.

  65. Melissa H. says:

    Oh. My. God. That website. Just…wow.

  66. The Other One Michelle says:

    OFGS. Did someone really suggest this woman spend her money on homeless animals instead of making Squirrley McSquirrelson’s clothing, a hobby she so clearly enjoys?

    I like to drink. It’s a far more destructive hobby than crazy squirrel lady’s. Should I stop doing something that gives me pleasure because I could be donating funds to homeless animals?

    Sheesh. Maybe it’s the hangover talking, but SHEESH.

  67. Martha in Washington- please thank your son from this Cuteologist for his service to his country. (You don’t need to tell him if you think he doesn’t look as cute as Sugar Bush in the marine uniform!)

  68. The Other One Michelle – Yes, none of us are allowed to have hobbies or interests or things we do for fun– every cent that doesn’t go towards feeding and sheltering ourselves must go towards charity! I’m off to sell my videogame and book collection so I can donate the money to charity and spend my nights staring that the walls.

  69. falloch says:

    No! This is not the way to treat squillies, no matter how cute. One pose, yes, two poses, mebbe, but 2000! This is not the life for a squillie, no matter how compliant, good-natured, etc. Would people tolerate 2000 dressed-up poses of pandas? No! So not squillies either!!

  70. DejaMew says:

    What’s with the complaining about the SugarBush Squirrel site being too right wing? Silly peeps, don’t you know squirrels don’t even HAVE wings? 😉

    I luv the Semper Fur pic. OOOO-RAH!!!!

  71. Squillies.
    They hate you.

  72. Michelle,

    I agree- The photos of Sugar Bush’s mom are HILARIOUS!!!

    This is one of the weirdest websites I have ever seen. I think the most disturbing one is where Sugar Bush is standing beneath the gallows announcing the death of Saddam Hussein. But honestly, I’d rather this crazy woman spend all her time dressing up her innocent (and politically unaware) squirrel than out campaigning for any of her causes. If she put as much energy into politics as she clearly does into dressing and photographing Sugar Bush, the right-wingers would rule the world!

  73. Is it wrong that when my kids are driving me totally insane, we come here and get a soothing dose of cute overload?

    Just askin’ is all…

  74. Yep, that is wrong. So very, very wrong.

    Just lyin’ is all…

  75. OMG, this is among the most *bizarre* sites I have EVER seen, and that is really saying something.

    Thanks so much, C.O., for edifying me once again!

  76. AAAAHAHAHAHHA i’m seriously crying i’m laughing so hard. this is the most amazing thing i think i have ever seen in my entire life.

  77. Michelle says:

    Yikes, there’s one of the squirrel as Jon-Benet Ramsey. Inappropriate much?

    But I do like the pope picture :0)

  78. Jupiter Star says:

    Pope Squirellio Iglesias I!

  79. Juniper Jupiter says:

    What…no mention of SECRET SQUIRREL??

    Or Morocco Mole?

    You guys are SLACKIN’!

  80. But Sugar Bush’s mom worked with the late Boxcar Willie, a great country singer who was cute in his own way (he had costumes, too).

    Kelly Foxton is my hero.

  81. AuntieMame says:

    There was a certain amount of “lighten up-ing” when people objected to the anti-religious slant of the floating lambie website, so it’s just tit-for-tat, people. There is room in the world for all kinds of beliefs.

    That being said, I want to know where she gets all the squirrel-sized furniture and props. And where is Sugar Bush’s reporter’s notebook and pen, and little “Press” tag stuck in his hatband in the first photo? Or is he supposed to be carrying a machine gun in a violin case?

  82. “Between Iraq and a hard place”… “You go, squirrel!”


    Sugar Bush is sure a tolerant little girl.

  83. I was kind of shocked to see the pics “inspired” by the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. That, along with the website’s political slant makes me wonder if maybe CO should add a new category: Cute or/but disturbing?

  84. scooterpants says:

    how odd. i’m thinkin.
    i dont even dress up my pommie like that.
    strange in a strange way.

  85. @Martha: Your son’s out of Basic already??? It seems like such a short time since we were all wishing him (and you, the Mama) well!!!

    Wow, I haven’t even LOOKED at the website….but while I don’t agree with the lady’s views, she does have an amazing aptitude for this art….

  86. JinxtheCat says:

    Chill out all of you. Sheesh. The squirrel looks like he’s having a good time and so does his Mom.
    Take a break!!!!!

  87. Shannon says:

    As a past squirrel rehabber I have no idea how this person pulled off this pics with a concious (sp?) squirrel!! (Course I was raising mine to be wild, lol!)

  88. Rachel Sweeden says:

    I love theone of the squirrel dressed as a Marine.

  89. Dear Squirrel Lover,
    Yes, people can have opinions or outlooks that are different than mine. So, too, can I have an opinion that this squirrel is too right wing. Get it? The right to an opinion goes both ways. Besides, didn’t you hear? 90 percent of squirrels believe in socialized health care, environmentalism and diplomacy over bombs.
    Peace and Love,
    This “so-called liberal”

  90. Michelle says:

    This woman is crazy.

  91. Gillian says:

    Wow. The Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal means that little squirrel exhibited unusual heroism not involving actual contact with the enemy. It’s usually given when someone saves someone else’s life at great risk to their own life.

    Well done Sugar Bush Squirrel. Well done.

  92. These photos are a hoot! Such humor and attention to detail. I do tabletop photography, and it’s tricky enough to get it right… even with a subject that can’t zip around the room at 80 mph!

    I rescued and successfully raised two orphaned baby squirrels. I had a very nice rapport with them, but still I’m stunned that Sugar Bush is so obviously calm and cooperative to take these photos. My squirrels hardly ever stayed still very long. Sugar Bush must really enjoy these photo sessions and the attention from his human mom. They’re both spreading a lot of joy!

    I’ve been around animals all my life, and I’ve observed that many of them actually love attention from humans and being taught to do interesting things. If we really want to give credit to animals that they feel, think and have individual personalities, then it’s totally possible that some animals may prefer the kind of life they can have with people.

    Life in the wild isn’t the idyllic dream of freedom we may think it is. Many animals may prefer a life where they know they’ll have enough food, love, and care if they get hurt or sick. If they are with people who genuinely love them and make life interesting, that’s a very good life!

    I still interact with squirrels just about every day in my yard, and I have a pretty good sense of their personalities and emotions. IMHO Sugar Bush looks like a happy squirrel… and yes, he is VERY CUTE!!!

  93. I can’t decide if this is cute or creepy.

  94. “Sugar Bush has even attracted the attention of the enemy. ‘I get e-mails from Arabs — I even sent one of them to the CIA,’ Foxton says. ‘I think for a while they’ve been intercepting my e-mails anyway.’ According to Foxton, this particular correspondent claimed to know the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden, but the CIA wasn’t interested in following up the tip.

    “‘They should check every lead — don’t fluff us off,’ Foxton says. ‘This guy has information about Osama, and he’s willing to tell Sugar Bush.’

    I’m pretty much speechless. Sugar Bush is adorable, though. 🙂

  95. I can’t decide if this is cute or creepy.

  96. serorobele says:

    I don’t get why squirrels don’t mind the clothes. In the markets in Thailand they sell squirrels as pets and they’re constantly dressed up in Santa hats and sunglasses… it’s just, strange.

    And, let me tell you, way more cute on a website when you have warning than when you come face to face with a squirrel in a Santa hat around a dark corner in some random Thai market…

  97. kristyna says:

    I can die now.

  98. OMG – so much detail! This is an adorable squirrel, and it is obvious that a lot of talent and pains have gone into the making of those tiny costumes and props.

    That being said, to the so-called “liberal” folks haranguing over the owner’s political leanings and/or calling her “crazy”: CAN WE PLEASE KEEP THE POLITICS OUT OF CUTE OVERLOAD?!! The squirrel is the focus of attention here, not her owner’s political affiliations. There is plenty of non-political cute stuff on that site too. Besides, the pics that have been selected by Meg don’t lean either way politically, so just remove the blinkers already. You can’t have yin without yang.

  99. Hon Glad says:

    Hah! You fools, you’ve all been sucked in. This is just part of the squirrel’s plan for world DOMINATION.

  100. Catsquatch says:

    And I thought I had too much time on my hands….
    How long does it take to sew clothing for a squirrel? Especially outstanding costumes like those, and you can bet they are hand made, the craftsmanship is superb.
    Then ya hafta ask, how long does it take to tame a squirrel so well that it will allow you to dress it up and pose it without removing your skin?
    Unless of course its a STUFFED SQUIRREL!
    JK of course ;D

  101. bluekat says:

    The Kim Jong photo with the squirrel artwork in the background! I can barely draw a stick cow people. This little guy is cute as two buttons – it’s the beady eyes.

  102. Carolina says:

    Not cute and not fun.
    These pictures creep me out.
    Having rescued 2 Squirrel babies
    I learned they should be turned in
    to a wildlife rehab center asap where they will be released into the wild when grown. This exploitation is creepy and deplorable.

  103. You just go right on and deplore, there, Carolina. Just don’t be hating those who choose to adore.

    I’m not saying I agree with taking backyard squirrels in as pets (and kudos for taking yours to the wildlife rehab center). But Sugar Bush already *is* a pet, so why not enjoy the domesticated life?

    No comment on the subject-matter choices.

  104. the thing about the politics is…
    really, what political message is sent by dressing up your squirrel in military garb?

    It borders on the parodic, or the surreal.
    Too aesthetically bizarre to be deemed mere partisanship–regardless of the conscious intentions of the artist.

    It’s a rodent-folk-art version of Cindy Sherman!

  105. kathryn says:

    I agree with you, fifi!

  106. I rescued 2 baby squirrels, raised them until healthy young adulthood, then released them in the same area in which they were born. I saw my job as being the mom they lost, and giving them the life they would have had if she had not been killed by a car. One of the brothers still comes to my window now and then, and I happily give him walnuts as a treat. He is a very healthy, handsome, and well adjusted squirrel.

    So yes, I believe that normally it’s best for squirrels to have their natural life. But knowing how independent they are, and basically do what they they want to do, it’s fairly obvious he does enjoy his unique photo sessions… otherwise, we’d only see photos of a chewed up costume, props knocked down and bits strewn all over! There are animals which are normally wild, who have the personality that they really enjoy interacting with humans, and doing interesting things they’d otherwise never get the opprotunity to do.

    Just like show biz isn’t for everyone, for some people it is and they love it! Sugar Bush and his human mom look like a very special match, and these photos are a delight!

  107. ThreeCatNight says:

    Sugar Bush has a rather illustrious family tree, from Bugsy Squirrel, to Jo-Jo-San Squirrel to Nutsy Marine, and Vicar MacSquirrelson, and even to Korea! Wow! He’s even more well-travelled than the Travelocity gnome (and a great deal cuter)!

  108. Furbabies says:

    Sugar Bush for President! A nut in every pot. (Better than nuts commenting on cute things.)Vote Sugar Bush!

  109. Furbabies says:

    Sorry about that! I meant the “nuts” that have only nuffer things to say.

  110. Emmerly says:

    I desperately want to see a video showing RidiculousCountryStarHairMommy dressing and posing Sugar Bush, because…as has been said…HOW?!?! Jaw-dropping. And occasionally head-tilting (a Benazir Bhutto squirrel? REALLY?). But above all, of course, aDORable.

    Was anybody else briefly reminded of “Time Cube” due to the sheer length and variety of colors in the page? Just me? Allrighty then.

  111. The Brokenut Mountain Cowboy outfit *totally* makes the site
    Almost halfway down

  112. This lady sells her squirrel outfits too!

  113. To those who are complaining about the “so-called libs”, we are merely commenting about the right-wing slant of the site. This doesn’t mean that we didn’t enjoy looking at the other non-politically charged pictures. I certainly admired the attention to detail that this lady puts into all of her photos.

  114. G H Waite says:

    Its a bit eccentric, but the squirrel does not seem to be suffering. You can train anything to sit still long enough for a treat. We all gotta have our hobbies.

  115. Brak_Silverbone says:

    RE: the Kim Jong Il picture: I sure hope I never see a *wild* squirrel carrying a machine gun (or whatever kind of gun that is).

  116. how the hell did they squueze a squirell into that??!!!


    im not even sure if i like it.


  117. turkey bear says:

    not cute. not worthy of cute overload. sorry, it’s offensive, and creepy.

  118. Gosh, I’m sorry, I thought it was ok to express opinions politely. I didn’t think it would be considered haranguing to say the site doesn’t appeal to me because of the way I perceive its politics. Many apologies to those I offended, I hope we all are respectful of each other’s opnions.

  119. Furbabies says:

    Sugar Bush Squirrel is a very patriotic squirrel and proud to be an American Eastern Grey Squirrel. I am proud to be an American, aren’t you?

  120. This thread just gets weirder and weirder.

  121. turkey bear says:

    This is re. the squirrel at the pulpit. I’m not Catholic, but I do respect it as I do all other major world religions. my gut reaction was just that I felt like this was very disrespectful.

  122. I agree Theo and I guess this will learn me to keep quiet. I’m not sure how to express opinions in print in a way that won’t get someone riled up. I honestly didn’t mean to offend anyone, it was just my two cents.

    [Don’t worry *too* much about offending people on the internet. It’s freakin’ huge; there’s no way you’d ever get to say *anything* – Ed.]

  123. Kiragirl says:

    that’s just nuts!

  124. Furbabies says:

    Thanks, Theo!

  125. Well, I guess I overreacted, so I apologise too. And I do appreciate that some folks expessed their opinions politely, but it’s just that the topic is so off-putting anyway. Political discussion of any sorts has always belonged to Ugly Overload – I’ve been around long enough to know that comments like this can spin out of control quickly and will just end up ruining the fun for everyone (including our moderator, Theo.)

  126. And because I feel obliged to banish the negative vibes –


    (I love fedoras, btw. Awesome.)

  127. Sedating an animal constantly to dress it up and take pictures of it is not cute. It probably would slice her hand open with its teeth if not drugged up.

    [Oh do shut up. Are you her anaesthetist? Seriously. – Ed.]

  128. Carolina #2 says:

    Just had to enter a new user-name. I don’t want to be mistaken for the ‘other’ Carolina. BTW, this is the first time I ever SAW this other Carolina on this site. I’m just sayin’.

  129. Carolina #2 says:

    And, then I forgot to leave my REAL comment…I think this squirrel’s adorable. I looked at the whole site, and found an article in a Florida paper about Kelly, and the reporter said that the squirrel seemed very happy. The link to that article is here:

  130. LisaHoneychan says:

    WOW…Just wow. My head is reeling from this squirrel! This set of pics is really cute, but the actualy WEBSITE?? Whhoooboy, talk about top-notch -weird-.

    That’s great the squirrel’s mom is such a true-blue suporter of our troops, everywhere. That’s really admirable, that she wants them to all know us back home haven’t forgotten about them.

    The squirrel pics, tho…It’s cute for the first 10 pics or so, then does get creepy. JonBenet Squirrel? Pope Squirrel? The lady is the one who’s NUTS (yes, pun intended) but the squirrel is freakisly happy in most of the pics! What gives? She have some squirrel-downers she feeds it? Oddly enough, I bookmarked her page, and plan on sending it along to a few friends. Some will love the military support theme, some the cure critter. All of them will get a kick out of crazy-old-pinup-country-singer lady-who-dresses-her-squirrel-in-clothes. WHEW.

  131. Winni-Pig says:

    Doing the math: a squirrel under the best conditions probably has the lifespan of a rabbit.

    That is about 10 years, or 3,650 days.

    If there are two thousand pictures on this site, then that squirrel has been photographed in a new costume at least every other day of its life!

    That’s a lot of photo sessions! I don’t think most human models do that much in that time.

    I wonder where the woman doing this gets all the props and shoes!

    A few would be very cute, a hundred interesting, but this many is a little uncomfortable to contemplate.

  132. Thanks, Subhangi, and I’ll leave politics out of my comments from now on. You’re right about that. And you’re also right, Sugar Bush is one cute squirrel!!! I love the little nose…

  133. This is almost as creepy/ridiculous as the cat wigs.