We KNOW cats like boxes, but this is ridiculous…

Boxes? Yes, most cats like boxes so much they have to go to Boxhab. But BoxING?

Cue "Eye of the Tiger"

Krista T., you are rumbling in the jungling.



  1. Cute, but I think is fake. Kitty is batting at something dangling above TV that we can’t see.

  2. I had a cat who loved watching car races on the TV. She always looked like she was trying to catch the cars coming out of the side of the TV.

  3. no no no
    i’m a believer

  4. That is the best thing I’ve seen today 😀

    (The boss is asking why I am laughing so hard)

  5. riolinda says:

    and in this corner … fuzzy marmalade cuteness!

  6. Sugar Ray Leopard?

  7. It’s hard for me to
    find the words
    that show the way
    I feel.

    And it’s hard to know
    if the vid is fake or if its real.

    But I still love
    kitteh batting paws above
    Yes I still love
    kitteh batting paws above
    the tv set!

    I’d like to make this
    solemn vow
    after all I’ve seen
    Kitteh looks like a pro
    boxing with the screen.

    And I still love
    kitteh batting paws above
    Yes I still love
    kitteh batting paws above
    the tv set!

    Love Love Love
    (with apologies to Book of Love)

  8. lymerae says:

    Oh, but it’s so much better if you suspend your disbelief.

    It’s like a children’s book! “The cat who wanted to box!”

    I used to dog-sit for a dog who would run out from under the couch and bark his head off when a dog came onto the TV screen. Weirdest thing–he had no problem with people or noises, but anything dog-like made him crazy. According to him, elephants, horses, and orcs all counted as dogs too.

  9. Just imagine if mixed martial arts came on the tube…

  10. Silent Meow says:

    I think this is real, because the kitteh is not looking up. The kitteh is looking straight ahead, in the direction of the TV set. If the kitteh were looking up, as in having its head at an angle above the TV set, I would be more inclined to question whether this vid is a fake.

  11. LOL meant to add at the end of my “song” that I don’t care if the vid is faked or real, iz adorabuhls.

  12. Hmmm, looks like some special effects are in place here 🙂

    On a different note, I have a cat who loves to sit in a child-sized rocking chair in front of the TV to watch any sort of show dog competition, like the Westminster Kennel Club ones.

    It’s so hilarious cuz she’s obvy evaluating the dogs.

  13. ThreeCatNight says:

    We need some serious “Rocky” music here, people. I love when one of my cats does this; usually when it’s a wildlife show, and he wants to get at the flying birds, or stampeding wildlife in the worst way! I just sit back and laugh.

  14. Sharon Wilson says:

    Oh, but of course that’s real! I’ve seen lots of kittehs sitting up in attack mode! My parents’ Siamese kitten used to rear up like a polar bear! What surprises me is that the kitteh is interested in a human fight.

  15. claudia says:

    I don’t give a you know what if it wasn’t actually “boxing” Makes no diff to me, Its CUTE! yay for cuteness!

  16. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Okay, THAT’S cute!

    “Give’em a left cwoss!! And a uppacut!! Then a nudda cwoss!! And a nudda!! Then a one-two!!!”

  17. Naw dude it could actually happen! My cat was SO obsessed with the Garfield movie he actually started pawing at the screen. Naturally, he’s a big fat orange kitty cat too. <3

  18. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    THIS is the reason that neither Lola the cat nor Kermit the eclectus are allowed to be in the room when I am playing World of Warcraft.

  19. Hahaha! Love it. I wasn’t sure if he’s really looking at the TV, but it’s still good!

  20. I’m a believer. Remember, one of my cats is a ballerina.

  21. rosamundi says:

    yay! Southpaw kitty!

  22. Barbara says:

    No. Frickin. Way.

    NO WAY!

    bwa hahahahahahahahaha

  23. I believe it. My cat is obsessed with Alton Brown. It’s not just Good Eats because she also watches Iron Chef America. No one else interests her. And I know the reason is that I work at the Food Network and she’s proud of me!

  24. I liked it too, but I’m just sayin.

  25. CoffeeCup says:

    faycat, your cat would love my house (though I’m sure she loves yours more!) since anything Alton Brown/Good Eats/Iron Chef America are always being recorded through the DVR.

  26. Skeptic me thinks cat paws a string. But cute, nevertheless.

  27. I bet this is a case of a kitty who bats at things moving in the screen, which looks like boxing, so the parents put boxing on the tube and filmed it… cuz it’s funny…

  28. He doesn’t keep his guard up very well . . .

  29. My Siamese, Marcie Cat, used to sit with me when I watched TV. Once she flipped over back wards when the Star Wars crawl ends and the Star War’s logo comes flying forward and the music crescendos.
    I laughed so hard that even now, 20 years later, I can still remember the embarrassed look on her face when she realized it wasn’t real and I was laughing at her.
    Thats a good memory, Marie and Star Wars, two of my favorite things ever.

  30. I had a cat named Alvin who loved to watch baseball. She (yes alvin was a she) would sit on the TV and hang over to watch.

    she always tried to grab the guy going to around second.

  31. I love how at the end the claws come out ju-u-u-u-st for a sec!

  32. Rachel Sweeden says:

    I agree with you Claudia yay for cuteness.

  33. lurkingsmirk says:


  34. Khadija says:

    hey kitteh’s got the new Nintendo Wii Boxing Game!!!

  35. Needs “So You Wanna Be a Boxer” as soundtrack.

  36. It’s funny how cats get interested in one thing on TV when they’ll ignore it the rest of the time. Our cat, Cipher, loves Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet.

  37. Theresa says:

    I believe it! My cats love baseball, basketball, and nature shows with lizards. 😉

  38. Float like a butterfly,
    Sting like a squeee!

    (P.S. Brandi — I am Cagey Joe.)

  39. DaytimeDeb says:

    Aww, this guy has a great left hook!

    My 19 year-old cat used to touch the screen whenever horses were on TV. I say ‘used to’ ’cause he is a bit hard-of-hearing these days, so no more paw prints on the tv 😦

    But I have a 4 year-old cat that is fascinated with the flat-screen. I gotta get a video camera…

  40. ross1219 says:

    This is hilarious – I love the left hook and head movement.

  41. ashagato says:

    yay for lefties!

  42. chanpon says:

    If he doesn’t kill you with his cuteness, he’ll knock you out with a series of left-right combinations.

  43. It’s shopped.

    You can tell by the pixels.

  44. Juniper Jupiter says:

    DaytimeDeb…you have a 19-year-old kitty? SQUEEEE!!!! >^.^<

    My Lucy passed on a couple years ago at that age…I’m not trying to skeer you, she was always kinda scrawny and lived thru tummy cancer and cobalt treatment for a hyper thyroid, but she had SUCH a personality aboot her! I’m just glad to hear there’s still one out there, who even if he is hard’o’hearing, he’s still around, LOL! So be sure to give your old boy tummy rub for me, k?

    Oh, and give one to the 4-year-old, too! KTHXBAI! 😀

  45. awesome catboxing. *grin*

    And favcat: you work at food network? Tell Alton I love him.

    I love him _lots_.

  46. eikoleigh says:

    that’s funny

  47. That is a meeeeeean left hook.

  48. Ok…so this just proves scientists’ theory that violence on television can lead to violence in the real world! This time it just happens to be affecting cats instead of children!

  49. hon glad says:

    I float like a butterfly sting like a bee.

  50. DaytimeDeb says:

    Juniper Jupiter: Yep, he is 19 as of May. I laugh at the tummy rub comment because he is not too old to rip me to shreds if I try that!

    Luckily I get my tummy fix from Hyde, the 4 year-old. He LOVES belly rubs — especially when he’s basking in the sun in the bay window, where the whole entire neighborhood can watch us. He has no shame, but I get a little embarassed.

  51. super cat says:

    famous?working his way up

  52. Linda Harner says:

    I believe.

  53. mr kitty goes for the KO
    and otakuden is down for the count, folks.

    too effing ky00t! ^^

  54. In the Who’s Who in Bad Cats page-a-day calendar, 04-16-08:
    (Photo of shweet big boy kitteh named George Foreman)
    Caption: “World heavyweight boxing champ. Beat two PETA members senseless when they tried to rescue him from a dumpster filled with fish.”

  55. wagthedogma says:

    LOL @ lurkingsmirk! “And in this corner, the interloper from the other side of the living room, Don Pianoooo!”

  56. Looks like kitty getting into it likes he’s laid down some serious money with the bookie. LOL

  57. Waahahahah! That cat rules! LOL

  58. KentuckyGurl25 says:

    That cat is famous now he was just Ellen today.

  59. My Samuda purrfurs car chases. But our beloved Tomo-Taisho was a sumo man.

  60. …and tew wagthedogma, wii sez “All teh livelong dayyy!”

  61. Paunchie says:




    omg. thanks for the belleh laugh.

  62. I just LOVE it anytime somebody makes the “Why I Eyes Ya” reference!!!!

    LOL’ing at all of your stories of kittehs watching TV!!!!

  63. BiscuitTin says:

    Back when Vanna White actually turned the letters on Wheel of Fortune, (instead of just gesturing to them as they light up), my friend Tammy had a cat that would pat the TV screen after almost every letter turn. I can believe kitty watches boxing.

  64. believer says:

    My kitty was once watching Olympic volleyball on TV and moving her had back and forth with the ball. When they did a close up of the guy about to serve she ran up to the TV and tried to bat it out of his hands- so I believe. I think the boxing looked like cat play fighting and got him excited 🙂

  65. This is hilarious. I love cats! They are so funny. My cat is into everything.