I am BEYOND pleased with myself

Um, warm, cheesey feets. That’s all I’ve EVER asked for. That and a Quadruple-Quadruple Animal Style.


That’s what she said, Marlene W.!  And check out the whole photoset by William Hundley.



  1. I’m speechless, but maybe bleened

  2. Khadija says:

    i can has cheezburger

  3. The Doggie Lama, meditating upon all things cosmic and delicious in his transcendent 59¢ onion, lettuce, pickle on a whole wheat bun throne.

    Seriously this is on par with Pancake bunny.

  4. x2… speechless…

  5. ZOMG I needed this! I just finished rereading the entire Chronicles of Narnia (in the original order – 2456317) and have been bawling like a baby.

    Do veggie burgers come wif puppy topping, too, or is it just the cow ones?

  6. thats kinda cheesy… lol..

  7. hon glad says:

    No one shall eat these, but me!

  8. You must be at one with the cheezez burgiz. Now pray with me.

  9. TheBladeRoden says:

    Yo no quiero más Taco Bell.

  10. Michelle says:

    Most. Redonkulous. Photo EVAR!!!1

  11. yellowsneakers says:

    See, now I want In-N-Out, and now that I don’t LIVE near an INO, I am very upset by this.

    Doggie looks very pleased with himself. Enjoy your double-doubles, tiny.

  12. binky-mama says:

    What the….how….why….HUH????

    This is almost in the same league as the monkey-with-the-wallaby-on-the-carrot bench. Almost.

  13. I love it when little dogs look like William H. Macy.

  14. but daaaalink, dis iz de latest rage! Everyones will be wearing dem dis fall! They are both warm and styleesh!

  15. bitter8girl says:

    I needs the info!! Why was this picture taken? WHY, WHY, WHY?

  16. Wee_Squirrel says:

    Doggie thoughts: “Ohhhhhhh yeah. This is living. Mmmmm-hmmm!”


  17. starling says:

    Um … why?! Or should that be “per qué?”

  18. ¿Cómo?

  19. I DUZ has cheezburger.

  20. Theresa says:

    CO continues to bring you the latest in feets-warming technology:

  21. I’m another one wondering why this photo was taken. Definitely funny, nonetheless. He’s totally pleased with himself.

  22. katiedid says:

    If I stand on my cheeseburgers then I can make sure… one one else is standing on them!!!!! :-O

  23. cheesybird says:

    Dog on my food?

    Puppers has done the woman with the bread slippers one better!

  24. okay the redonkulousness of pups with biscuits on them was one thing, but this, I’m speechless.

  25. chanpon says:

    “I AM the burger king..” or “Yo soy el rey de la hamburguesa..”

  26. this takes “king of the mountain” to a whole ‘nother laffle.

  27. I’d like a double-double cheese-cheese burger-burger please!

    (potentially showing age)

  28. Papilio says:

    Can’t see the point ?
    Waste of food.

  29. I initially read that as “warm, cheesy farts” – which would be an entirely different story.

  30. Burger Boots®

  31. Who thinks of these things?

  32. ThreeCatNight says:

    Hola! I am El Gran Chihuahua, Keeper of the Gran-burgers. I love them especially con queso! Umm! Mas delicioso, and they are all mine!

  33. Katrina says:

    If that were my dog, I’d probably throw out the top buns and eat the burgers anyway…although, I doubt I’d have a Chi-wha-wha, it would become a snack for Killer Corgi over here. And I KNOW she would eat the cheeseburgers…but she would probably eat the cheeseburgers first…

  34. GreedySkunk says:

    Oh, why did you have to mention Animal Style? Now I want In ‘N Out, but I’m in Oregon and the closest one is in Redding!

  35. This photo reminds me of an old Garfield comic:

  36. is this suppose to be artsy or something?

    [This is one of those elusive philosophical questions that you can only truly answer for yourself… – Ed.]

  37. okaasan59 says:

    He can haz 4 cheezburgers!

    […times two – Ed.]

  38. The Other One Michelle says:

    Holy bananas Batman. Yes why would anyone waste 900 calorie, 75 fat gram fast food boogers for a funny picture? Why oh why?

    Ha! McLovin’ it!

  39. eikoleigh says:

    uh, excuse me, waiter? I think there’s puppy in my cheeseburger…?

  40. It’s the closed eyes that do it for me. And guess I’ll have to have In-n-Out for lunchies.

    Kudos to the photog for getting the puppeh to play along and not kronsche the footwear.

  41. Dogs and hamburgers. They must have been created for a reason. But ai doan know it.

  42. Button Bright says:

    Papilio, I think if you’re gonna waste any sort of food, a fast-food burger or eight isn’t much to cry over.

  43. Thanks Raymi — everyone check it out, it’s part of a whole SERIES called “with cheeseburgers.” (Mostly objects, but still very clever).

  44. If I were the artist for this, I’d name it “Warm Feet, and Cheeseburgers to Boot”.

  45. Pussytoes says:

    I’d lick his toes.

  46. claudia says:

    OMG I am laughing too hard here… this is hysterical!

  47. LOL at the commments as much as the pics!

  48. is the dog stuffed? (hee hee)how is he not scarfing down the burgers as fast as possible?

  49. ChitaDenita says:

    Yet again, Meg is outdoing herself with the captions! I’m rolling on the floor. Cheesey feets! hahahahahahahahaha!

  50. cutegirlie says:

    Im in Ur Cheezburgerz, warmin’ my feets!

  51. Why this is just small scale homage to the New Order video Blue Monday!

    [I didn’t notice your namelink right away, so it took me a while to figure out that there were two versions of the video. The ’88 designer-pop version, with the weimaraner, is the one you mean; not the original ’83 psycho-arcade version with all the false-color militaria… – Ed.]

  52. NutherDeb says:

    “Garcon, there is fur on my dinner!”

  53. azaleablue says:

    Oh hai. I’d like to SUPERSIZE my order please.

  54. azaleablue says:

    Make that PUPPERSIZE.

  55. stephyf82 says:

    Someone should add this to icanhascheezburger.com!

    [You know, this has been done to death. Maybe ICHC peeps should start scrubbing captions off cute photos and sending them to *us* instead, for a change. – Ed.]

  56. Totalee Puppy says:

    I hadda fight for these
    cheeseburgers…you should see the other guy!

  57. Totalee Puppy says:

    Favorite comments are by
    “The Mambo Kings” (for their fluent Spanish):
    THEBLADERODEN for “Taco Bell” and CHANPON for “Rey
    de la hamburguesa.”

  58. Whatta waste of food.

    Strange fetish there bud.

  59. Brak_Silverbone says:

    There’s something very Monty Pythonish about this…

  60. Not to ruin anyone’s fun, but the chihuahua in that picture is terrified. Trust me, I have three of them, and they only do that ears-back, closed-eye, tail-down thing when they’re really uncomfortable & can’t escape. So, regardless of the intention there’s really no “cute” in this photo for me.

  61. Sorry, no, I won’t be trusting you on this one.

    Now, if the pup’s paws were encased in blocks of concrete, rather than piles of burgers, maybe then I’d concede your point.

  62. brinnann says:

    I’d also like to point out that his tail isn’t between his legs. I don’t think he’s scared, either.

  63. Bigo's Owner's says:

    superBadGirl, he was just fine when taking those pix. In fact he started to eat to props!!! Cool to see Bill’s work of Bigos on here.