This spa wraps everything *but* the tongue

I’m sorry, but tongues aren’t covered in this spa package. Yeah, that tongue needs extra special treatment. We have special spa packages for toothless Papillons that you should look into. [Hands you a brochure]


Christina V., did you pay extra for the eye gloss?



  1. bleen?

  2. Ok, no laughing at me, but it is my [bungee snorgle] EV’AR! YEAH!!!

    Now, for the puppeh…look at his soft white little muzzle! Kisses!!!!

    [Who, me? Laugh?? – Ed.]

  3. cats 'r us says:

    That made Monday morning slightly more bearable…except that I snorted and kinda choked on my coffee from all the redonk!

  4. You can almost feel the cuddli-ness of the towel wrapped round him….oh to squeeeze and squish him!

  5. OK, this was a real-life laugh-out-loud on a Monday morning. Awesome.

  6. LOL!! That’s hilariously cute.

  7. Is this the same Papillon as a few months ago? Jack or something? Who was in the pile of leaves with his tongue out? He is SO unbelievably cute!! =D

  8. Awsum photo. Dees mus go in de calendère!

  9. He reminds me of an Eskimo! Love the tongue!

  10. dharlan1too says:

    That’s pretty much my Monday morning look, but I don’t pull it off so cutely.

  11. anothergirl says:

    So cute! He/she looks like a baby Sloth!

  12. It’s a new species — the terry cloth sloth!

  13. gooeyctr says:

    Help! I’ve been blinded by the Qte!

  14. Ok, that tongue is REDONK. And the schnozz and shiny eyes are adorable.

  15. sloth schmoth

    everyone wants to be a loris

  16. hon glad says:

    Thuffering soccatash.

  17. Ed, your replaced “my first post” with “bungee snorgle”! You’re losing it my friend! hahahahahaha

  18. Look at those eyes buggin’ out– I thinks they wrapped him up too tight! 😀

  19. “Losing” you say. Heh.

  20. Annie J says:

    Haha, is this the cutie that has a knack for leaving that tongue out? Soooooo cute!

  21. MandaBain says:

    Awwww…this reminds me of how much my ol’ dog Floozy used to love the towel at the end of the hated bath. You’d hold it up like a matador and she’d dive into it in a fit of grunt’n growly, towel-wallowing bliss 🙂 She didn’t do the tongue hanging out thing tho…

  22. ThreeCatNight says:

    What a face! That’s a good way to start my week.

  23. Rooanne says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
    I thought it was a baby seal at first!

  24. very cute.
    the towel-wrapping is my dogs’ fav part about bath time 🙂

  25. Tewtelly thought it was a loris at first. Rooanne, can we have a flame war about this?

  26. [stands behind PG, clutching Puddin Extinguisher]

  27. Katrina says:

    Theo- Patito Gigante and Rooanne want a flame war, I wouldn’t get in the middle of it, it could turn into something even pudding can’t extinguish. Maybe they’ll just use their better judgment and throw hot charcoal briquets at each other like civilized people do.

  28. You HAVE to be kidding me, right? That someone actually had a camera handy when this doggeh decided to let it all hang out? I love animals and people and the world right now (and technology).

  29. brinnann says:

    *gigglesnort* Berthaservant said……nvmd.

  30. Did not.

  31. brinnann says:

    Did so!

  32. RevWaldo says:



    His picture in a pile of leaves a few months back is my screen saver and desktop background.

    Is there ANY more information about him? When I am sad, I look at him and smile again.. ;o)

  34. Uh, the spice must flow?

  35. Rebecca says:

    This could be the most intelligent dog in the world and you’d still be wondering if he’s all there.

    He could do your taxes, but you’d still think he was a little, dim?

    Goddammit he’s cute.

  36. scoobie says:

    Me the only one who thinks this looks like ET?

  37. Hello all and thanks for all the cute comments on my little toothless papillon. His name is Jay, I found him left for dead on the side of the road last fall one wet and cold morning, and after lots of TLC, surgeries and meds at my vet clinic (I’m an LVT), he’s the sweetest little toothless dog around! For those who asked, he is the same dog who was on this site a few months ago, with his bathtub and fall leaves pic. If you’d like to see more of his pics (he is a total ham when it comes to the camera) check out my page and he has his own photo album under ‘pics’. He is by far the greatest little rescue dog I’ve ever had the pleasure to own, he has some physical issues…his front legs are deformed from previous trauma/malnutrition and has old broken ribs that stick out under his hair….and when he gets too excited he spins into walls….and things tend to stick to his tongue on our walks….but he is ALWAYS thrilled about life and makes friends everywhere he goes. He’s on the verge of getting his own fan club and I’m looking into getting him involved in therapy dog work. He makes me smile and I’m glad he can make other people’s day too!!

  38. make tongues sticking out a rule of cuteness. do it. preeez


  39. PS thanks for saving jay:]

  40. ashagato says:

    what a doll jay is, christina!
    you’re wonderful to care for him so well…

  41. okay so Jay’s other entry on this website is from Feb 16th 2008, with the title “How a lack of teefs can boost cuteness factor”….just look it up under the ‘pups’ archive if you haven’t already seen the previous redonk tongue pics!

    and Jay says “thanx for all teh luv” :p

  42. fssst
    fssssst sf
    sssf ftt

    That’s the sound of tears of joy extinguishing the hot coals I was about to chuck. Because Jay’s story is so sweet it makes me want to “get along” with people. Dang.

  43. Katrina says:

    “Be the person your dog thinks you are”. Your website Christina is going to be quoted to 26 Youth Orchestra members and their families this week in our Weekly Newsletter, Christina V. thank you. What do you feed Jay? He has such a loving look on his face, he does indeed love you very much.
    Floppy tongues- a new category, mayhaps…

  44. Hi Christina – I grew up in Olympia, WA (went to Thurston) and your pics remind me both of my youth and the great love dogs have! What a great find 🙂
    Wish I had known you back then 🙂

  45. Katrina- Yeah I love that quote, glad you do too! My dogs are my family and my goal is to make them as happy as they make me! I also have a lot of my other favorite quotes listed under one of my earlier blogs….if you’re interested…I love cool quotes!

    Jay eats Science Diet Naturals lamb and brown rice dry food (I know, with only 5 teeth, he actually prefers the dry food over the wet!!). He loves it, and is finally at a good weight (he was pretty skinny when I found him).

    He’s on a Synovicre glucosamine supplement for his deformed legs, and even though he doesn’t have any arthritis (I’ve xrayed him from tongue to tail!) I have no idea how old he is, and I don’t want any more issues then he already has to develop later on.

    He’s also on Wellactin canine, an omega-3 fatty acid supplement, to help his coat fill in a little….when I found him he was so muddy and matted and covered in fleas and sores…that he had to be shaved down to the skin. But routine grooming on my part and proper nutrition has really helped.

    He also is on incontinence drugs (proin) due to his urinary issues probably from previously untreated chronic UTI’s. But he hasn’t had an accident since I started him on the Proin and cleared up his infections! I’m so proud of him.

    He also (I know…he’s a lot of work, but he means the world to me) gets his remaining 5 teeth brushed at least 3 times a week with a special CET doggie toothpaste.

    Jay is a lot of ‘upkeep’, but he’s so sweet about everything and is a wonderful patient.

    After some investigating shortly after I found him…. I had discovered someone else had “found” Jay and decided he was too much work and was going to have him euthanized at the shelter later that week….”if the coyotes don’t eat him first” was her exact quote…she had been leaving him out in the cold rain hoping he’d just wander off and be hit by a car and “put out of his misery”…..which is what made me want to stand up for the little guy after I almost ran him over that morning and keep him…now he just LOVES life and is spoiled to no end….just the way it should be!!

    Everyone says he couldn’t have picked a better car to run out in front of…and that I saved him…but honestly, this little dog has done SO much for me, and for that I’m so grateful I found him!

  46. Totalee Puppy says:

    Christina V.–Thanks for sharing so much about this adorable dog. So glad you and Jay found each other.

  47. Monique says:

    Papillons are the cutest breed of dog in the universe! This picture supports that claim, which I have been making since I got mine 12 years ago! (And everyone still asks if he’s a puppy!) It’s a little tragic that we can’t see the fabulous ears in this photo, but I just know they are there! Give him a few extra kisses from me because I know exactly how soft the top of his little domey head must be!

  48. Thanks Christina V for rescuing Jay! I am almost crying.. I have a disability that makes walking difficult, and those sad days when I looked at his picture maybe Jay was telling me to hang in there..

    Do consider therapy dog work, I think he has the personality for it! And he looks so happy to be alive that he can inspire the same feeling in others..

    About the chronic UTI’s: I also have that problem, so why dont you try D-mannose if he gets them again? It works for me.