Pass the bong

Oh, a bonche of typical McGrapersons—nothing new here, right? Wait—one of the McGrapersons is LOOKING BACK AT ME, OMG



p.s. Remember this; "A McGrapersons, I MUST HAVE EET!" ?



  1. What a weird bleen to get…I haven’t been on all day, and I’m all, “I don’t get it, where’s the animal?” Then I saw it.

    Interesting choice, Meg. But I like. 🙂

  2. And it’s kinda sayin’ “O hai” and looks like an emoticon. 😉

  3. lurkingsmirk says:

    It might be the virgin mary emoticon–maybe it’s worth money!

  4. When I bleened, the headline on this was not “Pass the Bong.” I would remember something like that.

  5. I changed it! I changed it! I changed it! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. Ok, my kitties that I submitted months ago are WAY cuter than this crap.

    [You’re trying to set up a “sour grapes” gag, aren’t you? – Ed.]

  7. Jupiter Star says:

    Heee…Grapey is waving hi with that little stem arm!

  8. Annie J says:

    Jupiter Star – Lol! I saw the waving too!

  9. I never saw grapes as individuals before. Before, they were just for eating. Now I am in love. I love you grape.

  10. Actually, Ashley, I checked, and they aren’t.

  11. This is giving me grape flashbacks to this moment I had on my honeymoon:

  12. Planet Grape welcomes you. Im Ambassador McGrape. We’re a mellow, close knit society, mostly green.

  13. that smiley little grape is making me happy.

  14. ooooh touche Meg touche.
    *respectful applause*

  15. cheesybird says:

    Ok, this little McGraperson just made my morning*. Is it wrong that I want to eat him?

    *(…with Meg’s comeback as the icing on the cake…)

  16. Wow, Meg is throwin’ down!!!!

  17. I think Mr. McGraperson is smiling because there are no super-sized muzzle-powched hammies in the vacinity!

  18. cheesybird says:

    berthaservant: “Wow, Meg is throwin’ down!!!!”

    And I’m loving it!!!

    I have to admit, of all the flavours of nuffs out there, the ones that are most like nails on a chalkboard to me are the “cuter-than-thou” types. Dissin’ the QTE just because Meg didn’t post *your* submission sounds suspiciously like… (dear lord, am I really going to say it?)… sour grapes to me.

  19. Haha! It took me a moment to see it!

  20. Khadija says:

    still don’t get it (duh)

  21. I must look more closely at my grapes!!! It’ll become like searching for a 4-leaf clover, spending hours at the grocery store, looking for a smiley grape!

    Grapes are happy things.

  22. Oh fer Pete’s sake *groan* LOL!

  23. Michelle says:

    cheesybird, please be careful. You don’t want to be raisin a ruckus in here.

  24. bong! what about the children who come to this site!!!!! and that isn’t a cute animal! next thing peeps will be telling me this is Meg’s site and she can do what she likes!

    *starts with a simple vanilla pudding from a mix*
    *buys some extra milk and eggs in case I havta make some tapioca*

  25. Khadija, don’t be a winer.

    (oog… sorry, that’s the best I can do until I actually wake up)

  26. cheesybird says:

    Michelle, bwahahahaha!!!

    Theo, could I get some cheese to go with that w(h)ine?

    [Well, obviously… – Ed.]

  27. Lol… this took me a bit to realize what I was supposed to be looking at.
    I kept examining the pic wondering “Is there a snail in there somewhere I’m not seeing? Frog? Bug? SOMETHING?” then the face finally popped out at me lol.

  28. Oh and it’s like the grap is planning on doing some michief. Something sly and sneaky heh…

  29. Anybody else see a teeny tiny little moose head in the grape below the smile??

  30. Aaaaaaaaaand now the grapes are sentient. This does not bode well.

  31. I like how the grape seems to think he’s all suave with his little grape head all cocked to the side; I can almost here him saying “How YOU doin’?” wink, wink.

  32. gooeyctr says:

    i’ll have you know i was eating from a lovely bunch of organic grapes when i scrolled down to this photo … but for the past 10 minutes i have been carefully checking my bunch for little emoticons beering out at me!

  33. gooeyctr says:

    i meant “peer,” not “beer,” she w(h)ined…

  34. A wal-mart reject, kindly passed to us by the co staff. Happy grapes make the best wine.

  35. chanpon says:

    Smiley grape, get in mah belleh!

  36. the grape isn’t just looking at you, it’s “winking” at you!!! LOL!!!

  37. lurkingsmirk says:

    Oh ho you should always look at your grapes in case they are getting moldy.

  38. Theresa says:

    When you look into the grapes, the grapes look into you. (cue organ music)

  39. reading the title of this post made me turn to a life of CRIIIIIIIIIME……..

  40. Kris, I see the moose! Ah have seen the moo-oose!

  41. Thanks Katharine.

    I am not alone…
    you are here with me… ;o)

  42. Khadija says:

    haha. oh I get it!!

    (continuing to look for mini snail or else..)

  43. this grapes me out

  44. AuntieMame says:

    When you’ve been slapped down by the site owner, you *stay* slapped down. Ha! Good one, Meg.

    I still don’t see the moose, but does anyone else see that the smiling grape is also waving? And his other hand is on his hip. If grapes had hips…

  45. I’ve waited and waited, and yet no one has sed, “there’s one in every bunch.”
    Ok now that I have that off of my chest, I must note that this mr McGraperson is lookin kinda sly…I think he’s plotting something perhaps even in league with teh otterz and sqwerlz. Little does he know they’re planning a double cross and are gonna eat him for brekfast!

  46. Good submish for the Faces in Places blog:

  47. ButtaRumCake says:


    *giggles uncontrollably* @AuntieMame’s post. Grapes & hips *kee hee hee hee hee hee hee*

    P.S. Good one, Meg!

  48. Theresa says:

    A grape walks into a bar and says “Got any ducks?”

    [*facepaw* – Ed.]

  49. ThreeCatNight says:

    You’re being watched by the bunch. (Heard it through the grapevine…)

  50. These are definitely NOT the Grapes of Wrath…


  52. Jupiter Star says:

    AuntieMame…yep, I noticed the waving! I even commented it about it waaaay up at the start of the thread! ^_^.

  53. Theresa says:


    Oh thank you all, people, more than enough has been done to silly up this Monday!!!

  54. Institute of Cute Fruit? That’d be a hoot, but continuing like that would probably earn me a boot.

    “Grapes of Mirth” sounds like a band that’d play at local bars, actually.

  55. …now opening for “Savaged by Swans”

  56. they should call this place FRUIT overload ahahahaha! but seriously, “McGrapersons” is the cutest thing ever.

  57. Now see, those band names are way better than the ones my friends and I came up with back in the day. We were gonna be “Caustic Agents” and all our album names were gonna be things like Bleach and Turpentine and Permanent Solutions and lamo stuff like that.
    *wanders off searching for lost youth*

  58. Justine says:


    Sorry, but tres lame.

  59. Is this the start of LolGrapes?

    LolFruit revolution!

  60. Wow, I’ve just laughed a whole bunch. Thanks gang.

    (and edit: I just saw my own unintentional pun)

  61. metsakins says:

    but does anyone know what to do if you are being attacked by someone with a bunch of grapes?

  62. Stomp and w(h)ine?

  63. Obviously, you pull the lever over here, which releases the crate full of hyperactive Pomeranian puppies, and the attacker with the bunch of grapes is mercilessly chomped, snorgled, and baroo-ed. That’s just how we roll here, eh?

    (“Savaged by Swans” sounds almost like it could be a metal band….)

  64. metsakins says:

    Thank you, danceswithcrows, I didn’t think you’d use the 16 ton weight in this case.

  65. Don’t forget the kitten snipers. They’ll be scrambling up the attacker’s legs all the way up to their back in seconds. Once the attacker is forced to a stooping position to acommodate the kittehs, they’ll proceed to prance around causing those little pinpricks of pleasure/pain until they’re all comfy and sleepy. Then the attacker must stand perfectly still until the nap is over. thus giving you, the attackee, time to safely disarm them.

  66. What, no “pasickie” nuffs??

  67. “Unusual ANIMALS”? Um…

  68. LOL, Deckard! I hadn’t seen that!

    Well, it’s not Product Cuteness…

  69. waitaminnut! I thot i recognized that face! this is one of those “when they were young” pics from People magazine rite? This is one of the California Raisins’ High School yearbook club photo.

  70. Theresa says:

    What about a pointed stick?

  71. metsakins says:

    thank goodness for CO. Having lost touch with my college engineering buddies, who would I do MP routines with now if it was for CO?

  72. metsakins says:

    if it wasn’t for CO.

  73. Never eat anything with a face.

  74. ashagato says:

    omg meg i died laughing!

    from now on when someone nuffs, all we have to say is:

    “actually, ashley…”

    that’s it. that’s all we need to say, ever. 😉

  75. Too Late says:

    Hmmm… do happy grapes come from California???

  76. Lerrinus says:

    I thinks you nailed it Metz!

    *falls off chair laughing*