Kitteh Dust Bunny

Um, please put me back under the bed where I belongk.

Plink! plink! [Dust bunny eye blink]

Roosevelt, originally uploaded by Sweet Pea Cattery.

Ah, Ah, Ah, CHOO!, Lori W.


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Kant!

While the common dog enthusiast may content himself to costume his cur in the guise of hackneyed pop-culture icons, retro-urban folk archetypes, or even perverse attempts at species confusion, the intellectual dog owner seeks to cloak Man’s Best Friend not in the artificiality of cloth, but in the transcendence of Truth.  It is for these enlightened few that The Cute Overload School of Philosophy Gift Shop is pleased to offer …

The Immanuel Kant Doggie Dress-Up Kit!

philosopher (L) pupster (R)

Each kit includes a deluxe leather-bound edition of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason translated into Dog, a set of Categories of the Understanding flash cards, and an easy-to-learn guide to teaching your dog pensive philosophical poses.

To order, contact Ian O.

Meanwhile, at the Zagnut Arms Trailer Park…

"Oh … mah … gawd!  She’s not actually wearing that in public, is she?"

"Ugh. They need to pass a law: After your second child, no more Spandex."

Did she mug a go-go dancer for those boots?

"And those zebra stripes are so not working with the feather boa and the alligator bag."

"She either raided Kelly Osborne’s closet … or the local zoo.  Hee, hee, hee!"

But the tiara is a nice touch, don't you think?

Meee-yow, Arlo R.  And nicely shot, Red~Star!

That’s what SHE said!


That is such a good one.


Excellent find, YankeeBird

Adding insult to injury

This just in, Maria Sharapova’s dog’s ball has been stolen.

Allegedly, cunning mini thief "Sniffles" (pictured below) is to blame. According to our sources, the trouble began when Alla Kudryavtseva shocked Wimbledon audiences by beating Sharapova. It was then that Sniffles blatantly stole (and ravenously chewed on) the winning tennis ball from the Sharapova/Kudryavtseva upset match.

Sharapova’s pup "Dolce" could not be reached for comment.


Double fault, Jennifer L.!

Cub benefits from Zoo director’s hospitality

According to BBC, Behbeh cubbersons "Zara" was born to a young and inexperienced Ma who wasn’t sure how to take care of her. At under three pounds, this cub woulda died if it weren’t a certain Linton Zoo Director. Eventually, this cub will be set loose in Uganda, but in the meantime, "Arnie" the cat is getting his snorgle on.


Mer…ALGH, Stephanie N.!


Who’s pretty!? Who? Who? WHO!?

You are! you are!!! Flap flap flap


Johanna S., YOU’RE the fairest of them all.


Oh no. No you don—


No—just—DO NOT


Hmmm, OK, that’s kinda nice.


Be careful Stevi E., Boba can look two directions at once, making escape IMPOSSIBUHLS!

My name is Betty and I…


My name is—well, I’m Betty.

and… I—I have a bit of a problem that landed me in the "time out" corner.

You see, I strongly believe that bed linen wrinkles are OUT TO GET US ALL and must be attacked. I didn’t MEAN to tear your duvet to shreds, but it’s for your own safety. [Closes eyes and sighs loudly]


Vicky, stay safe! [head tilt]

[Hanging 20 joke here]


Imperial Beach was once again home to the Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition, where pups surfed to wild applause… Some photos from the past couple of years competishe:



Ruff Riders, originally uploaded by Broompl (Pete).


Ruff Riders, originally uploaded by Broompl (Pete).


Tubular, Flavia…