Only on a Caturday would this happen

Apparently, a 20-day-old behbeh Leopard kitten walked into a woman’s house in India. He was all: "Got Meelks?"

Jump over here to watch on BBC.


Thanks to the three billion people who sent this in today. I think Alan W. was first…



  1. Theresa says:

    NOTHING like that ever happens to me!!!

  2. Theresa says:

    PS DO go look at the BBC page– the SPOT-COVERED WIGGLINGKS are NOT to be BELIEVED!!!

  3. Daphne Moss says:

    I’m so sad. When orphan leopard babies look to people, it’s the end for them…
    Humans…why always want to enslave, kill, extinct all the other critters…?

  4. englishwoman says:

    Little love sounds like it needs oiling 🙂

  5. @Theresa: Me, either!!

    Sweet little bebeh!! I love his little “grumblings”!

  6. Gahhh! When he was all stretched out on the lap…DED! then the indignant mrowrs when he was being cleaned OMB!
    I can well imagine the scene, bebeh McSpotterson walking in and demanding love and attention as is his due. (heart melting)

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    The babeh is adorabuhls but did anybody LISTEN to the adorabuhl English announcer!! I want HIM to wander into my house! How come THAT never happens to me?

  8. o my goodness! The sweet little wild Bebeh! I’m in love with his eyes…

  9. chanpon says:

    Ooh, baby looks so chic in her leopard print. Looks like she could use some color on her nails.

  10. Where’s the BBC page? I WANT to see! WANT, WANT, WANT to see!

  11. Michelle says:

    ahaha so cute. That brrrrr-brrrRRrr noise he makes sounds more like a wind-up toy than an animal!

  12. Found the link. Video wouldn’t play from that page, but there’s also a short bit on You-tube

  13. Melissa H. says:

    When he was stretched out on the guy’s lap!! OMG teh kyoot! Spotty Belleh!! Was also amused that the volume on the Beeb’s video player goes up to 11.

  14. Linda SF says:

    YET ANOTHER feline abandoning it’s baby! Any day now some magnanimous dog is gonna adopt this little one.

    What is with the felines!?!?!
    The canines are kicking your butts! Geezz! Way to perpetuate stereotypes, kitties!

  15. Helpless paw wavingks! Helpless spotted jellybeantoe soft nawmnawmable baby kitty too-big-but-you’ll-grow-into-dem-somedais paw wavingks! Gah!!!

  16. The leopard looks so relaxed and contented in the video, it’s practically dead.

  17. Razor-sharp teeth, he says.
    Watch where you put your hand, he says.
    Some things are worth it, I says.

  18. DaytimeDeb says:

    Love the headline over on BBC: Leopard “spotted” in house…

    Those brits have a droll sense of humour. 🙂

  19. I didn’t know the behbehs had blue eyes! Wow!

  20. Razor-sharp teeth *and* nails, but the tummy! The wiggling!

    @Theresa & Gail: Me too neither, hmph.

  21. DO WANT

  22. AuntieMame says:

    Pfft. The only wildlife that wanders into my house is flies and spiders…

  23. Sharon Wilson says:

    How did a wild baby leopard figure out that people would take care of him? I once had a feral cat wander into my house, but he’d been fed by a neighbor and was pretty bold anyway.

  24. scooterpants says:

    okie dokie.
    gimme right now.
    (runs away quickly in zig zag pattern with babeh leo-pard) nohm nohm nohm slurp slurp…. and so on.
    checking back yard for same…. gahhh…

  25. scooterpants says:

    actually Mr Theo-
    the thing could chew off half of my body parts…
    and i’d still be in luff wiff it.
    just sayin.
    if it’d let me hole it for a lil while. 🙂

  26. Cynthia W says:

    Daphne Moss: whats up with SAD? Humans abandon their young everyday! Humans take care of them,too!! We also feel the same way about animals, we dont always eat them! This was a beginning, not the end, what are u thinkin? This baby will be spoiled like an only child.

  27. I just wanna love and care for this adorable baby, until right before he’s big enough to take me out with one paw swipe!

    My one concern is that sometimes mothers abandon their babies when they sense a health problem… but I hope that isn’t the case here. This precious little one deserves the best care and a happy life. It was quite smart of him to find a sympathetic human to help!

  28. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Susan, I thought the same thing – but don’t forget that humans have more resources than the momma leopard, and what may be a death sentence in the wild is something that can easily be managed in the right environment. And this handler looks to be the perfect person who will know just how to keep that baby well and thriving – look how confidently and competently he handles the kitteh. Even more telling, look how incredibly comfy bebbeh is, snoozing in his foster daddy’s lap after his baff. Too cute!

  29. Adorable, of course, but I have a question:

    How do they know it is “20 days old?” I mean, what if it was 22 days, or 19 days old. How would they know? If they are guessing why don’t they just say “about three weeks?”

    I’m sure there’s an answer, I’d just like to have it, that’s all.

    Love, Berthaservant.
    (38 1/2 as of 11 days ago).

  30. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I CALL BS!!! Indian Lady did the ol’ “But, but, honey! She FOLLOWED me home!! Yeah…that’s the ticket…kin I keep her?” trick, and Hubby was all, “Uh, yeah, NICE TRY!” Why do you think you only see HIM in the viddy and not HER? Cuz he GROUNDED her for tryin’ to FOOL HIM, that’s why!!

    Well, that’s what I would’ve tried to do, and MY Hubby would’ve grounded me, too, but probably keep bebeh kitling for mebbe a week longer, LOL!

  31. Side note: the volume on the player goes to….11!

  32. Pretty sure that’s the leopard’s handler at the zoo, and not the lady’s husband.

    Hmm .. I’m allergic to house cats, but the allergy test didn’t say anything about baby leopards .. *strokes chin*

  33. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Really, Lara? That’s the Zookeeper?….Oh.

    Can I still keep my theory? 😀

  34. That little bundle can walk into my house anytime, I think the dogs might take exception, but no one is asking them!

  35. I hope the little Puma cubs that they have at the nearby Rancho Texas theme park *escape* (along with all the other *imprisoned* wild animals there!) and walk into MY house!!!! 😀

    Well, I can dream. 😉

  36. Berthaservant: Maybe they cut part of its tail off and count the rings? 😉

  37. My 7 year old saw this and said… “can we get one?”

    Then he continued with..
    “and treat it nice”

    (Cause hes been in trouble for being rough with our pets before)

    And then he followed it up with…
    “Well, after it comes out of its egg of course.”


  38. AAIIIGH!!! Why couldn’t it have come into MY house?!


    LOL@ Stacy!

  39. Nice visit…. 😛

  40. Katrina says:

    How do they know she is 20 days old? They asked her. Silly peeps….

  41. “Are you my mum? No? Well, I shall just keeel you with my wiggling-ness then.”

  42. Katrina says:

    Stacy Braswell, may I please have a leopard egg, too?I’ll snuggle with it every day and keep it nice and warm.

  43. RuthElisa K says:

    That is the cutest little leopard ever! Its adorable!

  44. Hon Glad says:

    Milky coloured mewling heart breaker.

  45. The best part has to be the reporters awkward distrust of the baby tiger, listen for him awkwardly mentioning “Razor Sharp Teeth.”

  46. Stacy – must be a 7 year old thing with the mammals and the eggs and all.

    My 7 year old (also in trouble sometimes for being slightly rough with the aging cat) commented that his older brother had best check the yard before he mowed because he (the 7 year old) saw a momma bunny out there laying her eggs.


  47. Anasztaizia says:

    Haha, the noises s/he made kinda reminded me of a pig grunting…

  48. You will never hear me say that I WANT want the animals that CO posts, but TODAY, I make an exception!!! I WANT A BABY LEOPARD!!!!
    Of course, in real life, we all know these are NOT for hearth and home!
    Go to and read some of the stories of people who have put lions and tigers in their attics or basements when they get scared of them! EEEEDIOTS! Then they have to be rescued from their “pets”.
    Anyway, adorable, adorable, adorable kitty cat. I would gladly take care of it. I think I need to get a job at the zoo…

  49. !!!!!!!!!

    I’d risk the razor-sharp teeth and snorgle this bebeh till it gets a little bigger. Big pawz, squee!

    Also, geez. I’ve had feral stray cats wander into my house before, but LEOPARDS? The life of an Indian housewife is considerably wilder than mine here in the ‘burbs.

    I wanna see an interview with the lady who found it.

  50. scoobie says:

    Well a few Sundays ago I woke up to feel as if something else was in the room. Now I wear contact lenses, and I was half asleep but I was sure a big black cat looked at me from the base of my bed then scooted out of the room.
    Today, a few weeks on, I came downstairs, wandered into the lounge, did a few things, then out of the corner of my eye, the same cat- I think -unburied itself from underneath a pile of my clothes from where it had been sleeping. Then it scooted out.

  51. her knee is wearing that leopard as a hat.

  52. atomicpuffball says:

    (old joke about people on safari)
    British Man: “I’ve spotted a leopard!”
    British Woman: “Nonsense! They come that way.”

  53. Khadija says:

    THAT’S IT… I’m moving to India.

  54. Berthaservant, the leopard mommy left the birth certificate right on the doorstep along with the lil bundle of joy *obviously*

  55. BiscuitTin says:

    @ Martha In Washington – I totally agree about the announcer. I won’t bite his hand. Unless he asks me to. =)

  56. I thought it was just me, but it appears someone else has, er, noticed the reeking pun in the BBC headline. Those Brits! Hyuk! Hyuk! But they do know insane cuteness when they see it. The pre-roars. Too much!

  57. Raemie L. says:

    The vid’s too short, I roar for moar! By any chance, was a resident of the home in the middle of preparing a meal, using a can opener when the cub walked in? 😉

  58. momof2kitties says:

    He sounds, I think, like a teeny lawn mower. But I must get much, much closer to him to know for sure.

    *stuffs bebeh under shirt and sidles off nonchalantly, whistling casually*

  59. I love caturday!!! Although with my two siamese twirling around my legs every day is a caturday.

    Which reminds me: more siamese cats for caturday!!!

  60. Gossip Girl says:



  61. DaytimeDeb, that was my first thought too! BTW, are you a debutante or a deborah or a debra?

    When the Santa Barbara zoo got a pair of amur leopards some years back, they created a lush leafy habitat for them–so lush, in fact, that one could never actually see the cats. The ex-BF and I thought the zoo could raise money by selling shirts that said “I spotted the leopard at the SB Zoo” to anyone who actually caught a glimpse.

    And I mention the ex not because I’m still hung up on him, but because we hung out at zoo a lot. Zoos and movies. That was the relationship.

  62. EEEEE!!! I wish it stumbled into MY house!

  63. Totalee Puppy says:

    Luv the part about “Got meelks?” I may need rehab for dependence on captions…

  64. Khadija – You can stay at my place as long as you bring me a jar of Skippy’s Super Chunk™ peanut butter and a box of American-made (NOT subsidy-manufactured) Oreos™. 😛

  65. Daphne Moss says:

    I’m torn between explaining why it’s sad and resisting thewhole Debbie Downer thing…
    If you read up on plight of all large predator species, you know there’s a good chance nothing “cute” and big will be left outside zoos.
    That’s why sad. Sorry.

  66. Khadija says:

    Subhangi, I’m on my way..

  67. Are Oreos vegetarian-friendly, now? They didn’t use to be…

  68. Oreos aren’t vegetarian? OMG. I didn’t mean to eat you, little critters.

  69. Hmm, it looks like Oreos are not only vegetarian, but *vegan* as well (no animal-derived ingredients) nowadays…


  70. Katrina says:

    No only are Oreos vegen, but they are Kosher now, too.

  71. They got rid of the lard? YAY~!!!!!

  72. Not only are Oreos Kosher now, they are SENTIENT BEINGS OF PURE ENERGY.

  73. …but it’s still OK to eat them.
    Pretty sure.

  74. Theo eats his Oreos with a side of Popplers.

  75. Damn it, why does Matt Groening steal all my jokes??


  76. Katrina says:

    Yes, Metz, they got rid of the lard. Our Rabbi was handing them out to whomever wanted one. She had, I expect, only tasted then for the first time a few days or weeks before. I told her (with a guilty tone and look) that they taste exactly like the traif ones. She winked and whispered, “Thank You”…

  77. nice b-tard… thats is a good things for those who don’t know