This kitteh is frakking cute

People, we get a LOT of kitteh submissions, but not many that make us want to gouge our own eyes out like this one. Take a look, it may just be the last thing you ever see.

RuthElisa K., I know the Japanese are behind this.



  1. Olivier says:

    These fingers are tasty!

  2. sunnymum says:

    Cutest. Kitty. EVAH!
    Huff a marmie!

  3. He only tasted 3 out of 4 paws!!!! Who’s going to volunteer to try out the 4th one??????

  4. i’m slipping into a diabetic coma as we speak, brought on by the sugary, syrupy sweetness overload. gah!!! gimmie insulin over heah!!

    didja see him squishing his own face? his own face, people!!! aaaaa!!!!!

  5. My eyes! My eyes! Can’t see the keyboard anymore….must stop jkjsnnnkaei….

  6. CoffeeCup says:

    Battlestar kitteh sez ‘I can has ur sole?”

  7. everything has a flavor omg

  8. Gompers says:

    I am SO curled up in the fetal position now.

  9. Privacy tails are always cute.

  10. 260Oakley says:

    It has taken this kitty a only a few weeks to master a skill it has taken me years of yoga classes to perfect: gnawing on my own toes. It is also considerably less heart-stoppingly adorable when I do it.

  11. brinnann says:

    The tiny tongue! The tiny toes! The face rubbingks! The foot nahmingks! TOO MUCH TOO MUCH!!!! CAN NOT COMPUTE!!!

  12. That kitteh follows many rules of cuteness all at once. He soon be ready to leave temple.

  13. Ok I was priding myself on being strong enjoying but resisting the cuteness, but then OMB! The paw stretching and grabbink! O M (KATHUD)

  14. Ok, that is -deadly- cute. As in, so verreh moishe cute that I am dead from eet.

  15. truly so cute that it is grotesque

  16. KerrrrrrrrrrrTHUD

  17. so say we all

  18. The toes! The licking! The toe-licking!

    I thought he was a little marmie and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere: SPLOTCH. She’s a li’l calico!

  19. BeadGirl says:

    Well, now you’ve done it, Cute Overlords. My letter opener and my desk are now dripping with vitreous humor. Just how am I going to explain this to anyone who walks in here??

    This kitten is so cute, he tried to gnaw his own foot off… what can we mere mortals do!?

  20. Rosie A. says:

    This little vid is so cute I honestly feel like violently ramming my fist into my monitor to counterbalance the enormity of teh kyute. I *almost* screamed right here at my desk…

  21. Shannon says:

    losing will to live….cuteness sucking out my essence….tailio….paw nail munchersons….too adorable…can’t make it…

  22. sweetpea says:

    My stomach has contracted into a spasm of cute.

    Overload indeed.

  23. **splode**

  24. Seriously, y’all. I think maybe we’re getting too much cute. Beyond overload. Beyond cute. Beyond our comprehension as humans. Soon we will all be squeeing in a tone that only animals will be able to hear.

    [Well, *some*body’s been reading the Glossary. – Ed.]

  25. Natalie says:

    WOW! he’s like a human newborn… the round head… the belly… the inability to roll over…
    But seriously, did anyone else see the ROCK on her finger??

  26. Yes, I liked her heart shaped diamond. Kept looking at it the whole time…it was almost *gasp* distracting me from the cute!

  27. OMG I need a kitten. Like, RIGHT NOW.

  28. Erebella says:

    Yeah, that wasn’t a cute overload. That was a cute flood, a cute tidal wave, a cute avalanche! A CUTE FREAKING SUPERNOVA! omg, I don’t know if I will ever recover from this. *grabs phone book and turns to therapists*

  29. spykes_mom says:

    Frakkin’ cute. You’re not kidding.


  30. OMG! I can’t take anymore! That was the cutest thing i’ve seen…like darn near ever? I want to kiss the black splotch on the head. Eat the toes. Bury my nose in the belly.

    Hello…my name is Holly and I’m a addict…

  31. Heather says:

    Tiny ballerina leg!!!

    I am ded.

  32. ….uh..speechless!(rigor mortis!(Dead) from too much cute! You know I’ll have to sue you for this!

  33. rorschach says:

    It almost seems as if it’s pausing to ponder it’s own insane cuteness in between licks.

  34. Kzootie says:

    I couldn’t take my eyes off that heart shaped diamond. Both ring and kitty are great!

  35. willow'smumma says:

    That would’ve been WAY cuter without the sausage fingers intruding! What’s with everyone putting their hands in the frame, esp. when said hands are SO not ready for their close-up?

  36. Deirdre says:

    Ahhh! So many cute kittehs today, its like Caturday came early!

  37. Nicolletta says:

    Feetz…he haz them. ;P

  38. Was that really neccessary, willow’smumma?

  39. Furbabies says:

    Cream-sickle kitteh! My favorite flavor. Can I have seconds, please? (By the way, who is the last human/cylon? Any thoughts?)

  40. Joan Carlson says:

    Good Lord. I didn’t even have time to gouge my eyes out, they exploded from the inside out just like an Indiana Jones special effect. Well, if it was to be the last thing I ever saw, it was worth it.

  41. chanpon says:

    Wow, that kitty was practically boneless the way he was contorting and nomming at the same time. Please, please, please sweetie save some pink jelly beans for me!!

  42. katiedid says:

    I shall NOM you!!!!

  43. paw-sickle!!!! such a tasty morsel!

  44. Ok, I have never commented before, but this was far too cute no too! Beans!!!! Want to eat the beans!! She seems to find them quite tasty. My favorite has to be the face smushing. Can’t stop watching this – was having horrible day, and this helped sooo much!

  45. Ermine_Violin says:


    Frak – now I have to clean the living room again…. ponders showing husband video – if spluttage really lasts forever!

  46. RuthElisa K says:

    That kitteh is sooo cute!

    A tabby maybe? Is it a boy kitteh? Too cute!

  47. i’m hyperventilating– that was so ridiculously cute i have to call my roommate now and tell her to suck it cuz i’m getting a kitten.

  48. The kitteh was cute and all, but was anyone else distracted by the ICEBERG on that woman’s finger?!

  49. You kids are crazy. Who looks at a diamond when there’s KITTENZ.

    OH god. Finger/paw nomnomnoming. I need to lie down now.

  50. BeanSidhe says:

    That’s not real. There is no way anything that precious and widdle and cuddly-wuddly and OMG the TOES!!


  51. momof2kitties says:

    I haz a flavr…marmie-lade!

  52. my head ‘sploded…

  53. I forgot my own name for a while there. My phone rang and I answered and said, “This is, uh, I, little kitten licking its own toes. Hello?”

  54. Don’t let the Pussyfoot-style back leg noming action fool you, she’s obviously Cylon No. 12, the final, ultimate weapon designed to end the human race by melting all our brains with her cuteness!

  55. Snowpea says:

    Urrrrrrrrrrrgnnnnnnnnnnn…. no more words. Head asploded from diabetic overload.

  56. … and I for one welcome our new cute overlords.

  57. I’m am signing all my worldly possessions over to this kittumz that I may be able to snorf that belleh fuzz!

    “Whose back feets is dis? Om nom nom!” …and I’m DEAD.

  58. OMG I love you kitteh. WAY WAY too cute. OK, it’s time to take you home.

  59. You said frak, that’s awesome hahah

  60. I surrender to the cute ginge! Lethally cute!

  61. must nom ginger and vanilla kitten… nom nom nom <3

  62. paulajeanne says:

    The world can now come to an end. I have seen it all. And it is good.

  63. Khadija says:

    oh that kitteh knows fool well it’s the cutest evar – it even wants to eat itself up

  64. Melinda says:

    My eye is twitching. I think this is a sign of my pending demise from the cute.

  65. I’m in a corner rocking and humming to myself. The cuteness has destroyed me.

    How can something so small contain so much cuteness without sploding!

    It’s obviously some sort of diabolical space alien weapon.

  66. The last thing I ever see? It can’t be that cute right, I mean I visit this site every day.

    *video starts*


  67. [whispering, so not to be heard by my own cats. I fear their retribution] That is the cutest kitteh ever. Everrrrrrr!

  68. browngrl says:

    I always wondered what would win out: my love of cute or my love of jewelery. Now I know, cute all the way!! I did not even see the ring.

  69. This kittie is totally boneless! I was overwhelmed at the ease of kitten playing with it’s feet – just too cute!

  70. I want. No, I NEED that kitty!!

  71. I’m typing this blindly b/c the cuteness has melted my eyeballs!!

  72. Flibble says:

    Haha, it just licks whatever body part happens to be in front of its face at the time. I’m sure that, one day, kitty learn to keep track of this cleaning malarkey :3

  73. frackin’ cute? so say we all!

  74. turbofloof says:

    I agree that Kitteh is REVELING in his own cuteness! ‘REVELING,’ I say!

    How DO orange paw-sickies taste, Mista Kitteh?

  75. crazyweinerdoglady says:


  76. zer05um says:

    I’m a 1.85m male, massing over 120kg.

    This made me squee.

    There is no hope against this kind of thing.

  77. riolinda says:

    OMG .. I have died from the cutest kitty evah!

  78. This IS the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve really thought about it and I think it’s true.

    Y’know what would make this vid complete? “You are so beautiful” playing softly in the…just kidding.

  79. Little pink paw padses and schmoochie face! AIIiiieeee squeeeeeeeeeee *splode!*

  80. I watched the whole thing – and will watch again and again. Tiny lil tongue, pinky paw pads, fluffee belleh, big huge hand getting nomed – Squeee!

  81. So THIS is the fifth cylon!

  82. o

  83. Daphne Moss says:

    I thought nothing could equal the mamma otter showing off behbe otter…But dis…Make room in the calendar!
    As for comment about sausage fingers…what is the matter with you???
    This nice woman (whose husband clearly digs her),
    is tenderly loving her new little pal. I say good on her!

    *And I say it to distract her while I snatch up tiny Queen Kitteh to rule my world*

  84. Oh, for the love of… *thud*

  85. Bobble head! Big eyes! Leeking! Nomming! Toe pads! Tummy! Ahh! *splode*

  86. BeanSidhe says:

    Never show a precious bebeh kitteh video to your mom when she’s working with a glue gun.
    I have a burn on my hand and have gone temporarily deaf from the squee-ing.

  87. wagthedogma says:

    Just when you think this li’l sweetie-pie has done something as cute as felinely possible, it DOES SOMETHING EVEN CUTER!!! May God have mercy on our souls… *sploot*

  88. Yep, awl teh aiss an bling inna wurruld wuddunt kompair to just WUN kitteh. ENNII kitteh. This wun, fur instanz.

  89. This is like an olympic performance of cute! My household gave all 10s across the board.

  90. Rachel Sweeden says:

    I agree with you 100 percent Joy.

  91. I’m frakin’ ded.

  92. AuntieMame says:

    The only thing that would make this video cuter is if it didn’t take five &^%$#@ minutes to download. What the heck is wrong with &*(^%$ YouTube??!?

  93. moggyfan says:

    I had a root canal today.

    But now that I’ve seen this, I don’t even care. If only my dentist could find a way to loop this so I could watch as she drills and scrapes and drills and roots around with those awful screw-things…
    …well, never mind.

  94. Lauren T says:

    What type of cat is that? My cats when they were kittens were like anorexic.

  95. Today at the pharmacy my insurance refused to cover my birth control and I had to wait an hour for service to pay for it by credit card instead, all the while the pharmacist was ignoring me and/or talking to me as if I was stupid.

    Thanks to this video, I totally don’t even care anymore.

    Also–there was a ring? What ring?

  96. Dogbreath says:

    Kitteh says “halp, halp! my paws are stuck behind my cheeks!”

    Kitteh has not yet got the hang of this face-washing thing.

  97. Theresa says:

    The cutest thing on earth. That’s it. We’ve found it. “Dr. TinyCat I presume?”

  98. Entirely unrelated:

    Dear Whoever’s Hand Is In This Video,
    I think you are supposed to wear your wedding band under your engagement ring, not the other way around. (The wedding band is supposed to be closer to your heart.) Just saying.

  99. @moggyfan

    Tell me about it. I wish I could’ve watched this while I was having my wisdom teeth extracted.

  100. Am I seriously the only woman left on earth who doesn’t really give darn about diamonds?

    It was the CUTEST KITTEN ON THE FACT OF THE PLANET…. and you’re looking at the DIAMOND?

  101. Cute lil’ Toe Licker

  102. paulajeanne says:

    This is at least the 47th freaking time I’ve had to see this video. The compulsion….

  103. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I SOOOOO want KITLING!!!!


    So soff and kronscheee!!!

  104. Nerikull says:


    Too much cute!

  105. Totalee Puppy says:

    I’ve had a discouraging day, but thanks to totawee
    wunnerfuls anerable kitten it’s like everything is SO
    MUCH BETTER! T-Puppy’s pweshis babeh–Wike
    catnip mousie? Wike meelks
    in bowl wid MUTTS cartoons?Wike blankee?

  106. p's mom says:

    Chipmunk cheeks plus tiny jellybean toes plus marmycat noms?

    Sadly, I am not woman enough to resist.

  107. crinklefish says:

    Sometimes, you say “This is totally cute, and you will melt!” And sometimes (just sometimes, mind you) I am like, meh….cute, but not the exceptional cuteness promised to my eyes. I never ’nuff (cause I value my free time)….

    but today, I bow down to your supremacy in all matters of import.

    all hail CO.

    /bows down


  109. Denise Conner says:

    Do we have a Rule of Cuteness for toe-gnoshing? Because if we don’t we totally need one.
    That was the part where I really lost it.

  110. Ummm …

    We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

  111. Brak_Silverbone says:

    **waves white flag** I give up already! I surrender! I can’t take it any mooooore!!

  112. LOL Isla.

    “That’s too big to be a space station.”

    This just might be the most universally loved post. I dare say it is the epitome of C.O. I’m glad you’re all here to share this with me.

  113. anyone else notice that his head is just a tad too big for his wee widdle body?

    So cute, so cute, so cute….

  114. ohmygaaaaaaaaad ….

    this is way too cute O__O
    seriously makes me want to SQUISH that kitty<3

    i need a kitty. right now!
    *goes on a rampage*

  115. This comes dangerously close to kitty porn, at least in its “I can’t take my eyes off the screen, they’re glazing over, please help me” effect.

    And yes, this little one looks a bit like a human newborn, not sure exactly why.

    Perhaps this vid could be used to help moms in labor to have pain-free natural childbirth!

  116. Sunshine0460 says:

    That was the sweetest, cutest, most wonderful…..


  117. Lickaty licky tonguy!
    Cute! 🙂

    And look at these mini-pigs:

  118. DannieW says:

    They must each have a different flavor…We must test this theory! Love the tiny foot floppage going on.

    Oh and Bertha, your comment made me think: “That’s no moon!”

  119. Kimbunny says:

    WORLD PEACE, people. World peace.

  120. I just ordered a coffin. So ded now and gone to kitty heaven, me! 😀

  121. They block access to YouTube at my work…this is why; too much of a strain on the local EMS. When you pass out at home, you’re on your own!

  122. Why did it ever have to stop?! I’m going to play that video in my mind every night before I go to sleep so that I will have dreams about little marmie kittehs.

  123. kitty kinda reminds me of a golden hamster 🙂

  124. I IS EYELESS!
    yup. definately japanese.

    i wants a kitteh! dad is allergic! STUPID ALLERGIES!

  125. my sister's cat is a blob says:

    Wow! That kitteh is so cute I can almost hear it whispering, “pa-sickie!”.

  126. OHMIGAWD!!!
    *Falls off hill: “cuuuuuuuuteeee!!!!!” (PUFF)*
    the hand is wearing a ring? are you CEREAL?? i didn’t even notice. I was all like “Get your hand out of the shot, Meany Hand!!” I NEED THE KITTEH!!!!! Teh Fluff! Teh Wodaful FLUFF!!!!!

  127. kittymom says:

    Can’t stop watching marmie kitty ~ can’t stop watching marmie kitty ~ can’t stop watching marmie kitty ~ THUD!! COD (cause of death) = CuteOverload

  128. *watches video*
    *goes into sugar shock*

    A++++, will watch again and again.

  129. … and now my life is complete!

  130. Cara N. says:

    Ooo, feets! *Nom nom nom*

  131. Aelfwyn says:


  132. angrycupcake says:

    Thanks, super cute kitteh. You’ve crushed my will to live with your cute.

  133. It was pure torture to watch this little Kittayn to nom his own pawsies! “Look, they are soooo delicious, too bad you can’t nibble them but I’m gonna”.
    I have to admire the mental soundness of that lady in the video. I would have made noises that always make my husband a little ashamed of me.

  134. I wish that was my hand tickling and petting the little kitteh. The kitteh is scrumptious.

  135. OK, that is some weapons-grade cuteness. Have we even considered the strategic potential of Teh Qte? Amy enemy would be powerless against this. Forget bombs, we need to be dropping video iPods.

  136. ButtaRumCake says:

    Meg…Teho…you WILL be hearing from my lawyer on this issue. CuteOverload indeed *snork*

    *replays vid*


    [Funny, that’s what your lawyer said, too… – Ed.]

  137. it’s cute how bebehs will grab their feets.

    the squishing of the cheeks together was adorable.

  138. The best part by FAR is the face-squishingks around 1:15-1:25.

    [This is followed closely by the both-hands-on-head maneuver at 0:25.]

  139. Bramble says:

    OMG, this is a total sqirmathon! “I weel gum you! No, I weel gum me! I weel gum my toooooes!!!!”
    Toooo cute!

  140. Ew…definitely NOT Japanese because they generally don’t have sausage fingers. It would be much cuter without the disgusting fat fingers constantly poking at the poor kitty.

  141. Frakking cute? Are you a Battlestar Galactica Fan? Nifty.

  142. That face! To die for!

  143. Frakking? Please tell me you are a Battlestar fan, please.

  144. Emmerly says:

    Pile me on with those SQUEEING over not only the BATTLESTAR REFERENCE but also the TOESIES and WRIGGLIES!

  145. I think he WANTED to make biscuits on mommas belleh, but the only thing he could find was his own muzzle.

    And does anyone else think his face looks a little like the child of Puss-In-Boots from Shrek movies????
    Those melty eyes!!!!!

  146. I LOVE the modest tail placement! This kitteh was born to preen!

  147. Kate — it’s the sort of thing I wanted to like, and probably would have, but their constant use of “seizure cam” completely ruined it for me.

  148. The feets-chewins! The finger-nibblins! Oh, the felinity!!!

  149. This is seriously the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen.

  150. Sharon Wilson says:

    BTW, that black patch on the head is called van coloration. Our white kitten had it right between her ears, but it disappeared as she got bigger. 😦

  151. I demand this video be removed at once! It is far too cute to be seen by human eyes….I am sure my head will explode at any second now.

  152. scooterpants says:

    “what you have there mamm, is a cali-marmi- wiff the white booties (thigh high of course) specifffically a female of the species (no other option)
    seems very luv-able. we feel that you are not worthy, since you already have that HUGE ICE on your hand. so, please pass her over in a calm and gentle way. dont give us any grief now…
    hands on top of the car, no sudden movements please.
    do you have any sharp objects on your person?

  153. I can’t stop coming back to this video. I love what the kitty does at 1:15…that face smushing.

  154. Cynthia W says:

    I want this Kettah at my house its sooooo cute!!

  155. If this kitteh were the 5th cylon, I would totally convert to whatever their religion is.

  156. ZOMG! -ish squirming on ground from cuteness- I lurk your site everyday, and this is my hands-down all time favorite video EVER! Thank you for making my day, and I totally agree with the people who were talking about wanting this movie while getting dental work, cause im going into surgery this morning, and this is all i wanna see!

  157. Katrina says:

    Villi-I couldn’t give a hoot about diamonds, either.

    Snorgles are Forever.

  158. Katrina says:

    Sammeh, God Speed and best of everything for your surgery to go well and that you heal completely. Prolly from all of us, I just sent it in. Tell us how you are today.

  159. Hon Glad says:

    I think I have met my nemesis.

  160. Marisol28 says:

    In little kitty voice.
    “I am the alpha and the omega”

  161. I–

    This one LITERALLY made my mouth DROP OPEN… and made me squeal, “Oh my gosh OH MY GOSH” over and over again.

    This is… Words just… fail me…

  162. Raemie L. says:

    Aaand, another one NOMS the dust. O.O *hits the floor*

  163. an ony mous says:

    Ooooo … I hope there are millions more of this cute wittle pumkin and that they take over the world with their kitteh kindness and cuteness. Long rule the kitteh!

  164. o.o
    Must… chew… on… little… fuzzy… pawsies…

  165. not to be dramatic – but this kitty saved my hiney at work the other day. i was having one of those silent meltdowns that got worse the more i sat and thought – it was more personal than office-related, but at any rate, i was close to tears in my cube. not an awesome thing.

    so i called in all my favorite ‘happy mood’ reinforcements (i.e. co), and low-and-behold, the meowing wonder eased my anxiety, and by the end of the clip, i was back to normal. just wanted to share and say thanks – cuteness kicked sadness’s sorry ass!!

  166. AGRAH! That was the cutest video in existence – I die from cuteness poisoning!

  167. Totalee Puppy says:

    Kitten-Rush!! Lasts for hours…

  168. cheesybird says:

    My brain is oozing out of my ears! Does Meg have government clearance to handle cute this deadly?

    Ring? What ring? Add me to the list of women along with Villi and Katrina who couldn’t give a carp about diamonds. Kittens over Karats ANY DAY!!!

  169. Londoner says:

    David – Tee hee – perfect Simpsons quote. And kitty -no need to nom those paws. I will happily nom them for you. Allow me to be your personal paw-nommer. Nom nom nom…

  170. embertine says:

    That is the first time I have actually got a genuine headache from sheer cuteness. This kitteh’s power, eet ees DEADLEAH!!!!

  171. LadyDarya says:

    I’m going to get fired… this is like my ummm someodd hundred view of this video… good thing my mommy girl cat at home can’t see this, she would steal baby in a minute and luv it and wash it and luv it and wash it and……..

  172. OMG…Too much cuteness in one place. I want to make it stop yet look at it over and over again. Perhaps this ketteh holds the key to world peace….

  173. Londoner, thank you. When they finally take over the world, the new overlords will need many loyal servants. As someone fairly new to the cause, I am ineligible for the all-important task of food tasting, so I was going to volunteer for the paw-noming duty, but you beat me to it.

  174. Tina Rhea says:

    Stick a fork in me, I’m done. And Colonel Tigh thinks that SIX is a seductive Cylon…. He should see this one!

    As for playing this video to help women through natural childbirth– well, maybe it’s just me, but if I watched this kitten over and over, and then someone presented me with a human baby… I’d trade it in on the kitten, no question.

  175. Katrina says:

    Oh, Tina Rhea, yes, you may be tempted, but these don’t say *Pasickie* in a couple of years, right? And wait, it even gets better than that, with the skin babies!

  176. Ms. Valit says:

    aw! he almost looks like a cross between a kitten and a hamster!

  177. Tina Rhea says:

    Katrina: nope, sorry, if they don’t have fur, I pass.

  178. The Japanese can’t take credit for this; it’s Dutch!

    The original video is at

    If you go there, you can see the other videos of the cute marmie kitten with black hair. And

    has a whole pile of sleepy kittens.

  179. omg i am in love.