Smiling bumblebee with a yellow fro

This guy is looking good. The smile, the fro, the one shoulder up.

He needs to make little tiny "guns" with his "hands" like "Heeeeeey Ladieeeez, who wants a honey cocktail? It’s on me"


Hot off the News press. Photo by Chris Cox. Sender-Inner: Cristina R.



  1. tarzankun says:

    he looks like the Moth Man!

  2. brinnann says:

    “Hey, baby. Your stamen or mine?” *winkwink*

  3. Jupiter Star says:

    ACK! Death Bee!!! *Hides from the oh-so-eeeeevil smilinks*

  4. i dunno, i think he looks kinda angry and yelly.
    do luv the yellow fro, howe’er.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Y’all know bees are females, right?

  6. Smiling? He looks like he’s frowning and about to wreck havoc.

  7. brinnann says:

    I thought the queen was the only reproducing female, and most of the pollen-gathering ones were males.

  8. Katrina says:

    We all need to bee nice to bees. They are having a very bad time right now with Hive Collapse, and we should encourage them in our gardens, and patches/containers. I’m planting a bee and butterfly garden at a friend’s home today.

    I wanted to keep bees, but I was told that my neighbors would be annoyed (no pun there, too serious). Y
    BEES get a big YaY from me! YaY bees! Bzzzz-don’t swat them,appreciate them, please!

  9. Heather says:

    Save the bees!

  10. I love bees! And although I know it’s a she, it totally reminds me of a guy. Maybe from ‘Night at the Roxbury’ – he’s wearing shades indoors, and has that big smile, and floofy hair. Meg’s caption was spot-on.

  11. Fo shizzzzzzzzle, my nizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzle.

  12. manynote says:

    No, worker bees are female. The males are drones, whose only purpose is to mate with the queen, then die.

  13. hipcheck says:

    Okay, you are officially criz-azy, Megs.

  14. GOB: “BEEEES!”
    Lindsay: “No, BEADS!”

  15. abigail says:

    Nah, the males are lazy drones who don’t do any work (until there’s a queen around to impregnate).

    The workers are sterile females who support the queen in order to get more sister workers.

    The queen is the only fertile female.

    The genetics behind this are pretty neat (see:, but I’m more amused by the fact that when food supplied are low, some species of hymenoptera engage in a practice called ‘male stuffing’, wherein they shove the lazy males head first into empty cells to make sure that the baby worker bee young get fed before the guys do.

  16. JediPirate says:

    lol… wow. This is ironic as heck. I was looking at the list of categories yesterday and thought to myself, “Well, they have birds on here. I wonder if they’ll ever have bees. …Nah. Not likely.” =Þ You have officially proven me wrong.

  17. An Arrested Development fan! YAY!!!!!

  18. brinnann says:

    It seems that it depends on what species of bee it is, whether the females or the males are the pollen-gatherers:

    “Cleptoparasitic bees, commonly called “cuckoo bees” because their behavior is similar to cuckoo birds, occur in several bee families, though the name is technically best applied to the apid subfamily Nomadinae. Females of these bees lack pollen collecting structures (the scopa) and do not construct their own nests.” They steal other bees’ nests, referred to as the “host bee.”

  19. Wait a minute, there’s a species where the only purpose of one gender is to sexually service the other for the purposes of procreation?
    [“Species” isn’t the right word here, since they’re all the same species, but yes… – Ed.]

    P.S. Bees might be special but they can be annoying, and while I admire their fuzzy colorfulness, they’re hard to snorgle with.

  20. brinnann, but the males in that species (if I know my haplodiploidy) are still only around for mating purposes. That description, if I’m reading it right, says that *nobody* goes around collecting pollen. The females get their protein by thievery.

    Yep, that’s how the ants and bees work: males pretty much mate and die.

  21. Kiragirl says:


  22. chanpon says:

    Before people wish for the “short but sweet” life of a drone, I believe (if I remember high school bio correctly) the drones are dragged out of the hive and left to die after doing their business with the queen. Nice.

    This bee looks a bit psycho.

  23. Do bee do bee doooooo…
    [in my best Sinatra voice]

  24. Desdemona says:

    OK, now, I have to weigh in on the bee education conversaiton — *adjusts professorial glasses on nose* — everything people have written about drones, queens, and worker bees, is absolutely correct — for HONEY bees. The bee in this picture is, however, a bumblebee, which usually runs around living a solitary life (I think). Back in my back-to-the-land days, I raised honey bees. But not bumblebees. We should check up about bumblebees before making pronouncements about their domestic lives. I would not be surprised, though, to learn that, as with most insects, the males do not fare well for long.

  25. brinnann says:

    CO peeps are so smart. 🙂 There’s always at least one person who has special knowledge of what we’re talking about. We’re a really diverse group, aren’t we? You guys are great!

  26. This bee kinda has the look of the Village Idiot about him/her. Or, I guess, Hive Idiot.

  27. My father was a beekeeper before me, his father was a beekeeper before him; I wanna walk in their footsteps … and their footsteps were like this: “Aaargh! I’m covered in bees! Aah! Covered in bees!”

  28. When I look at that bee, all I can see is Dennis Rodman.

  29. Lily, I roared at your invocation of Eddie Izzard, especially since I get to see him perform TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!

    Also, for those of you who are into insects and other critters that are normally considered less cute than kittens and puppies: check out Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno shorts. She’s got one on bees, though I can’t remember if they’re bumble or honey.

  30. Wombats says:

    So cute and so smilinks, but way to hard to snorgle!!

  31. Rosie A. says:

    Not nuffing, I swear and promise, but I suffer from severe apiphobia, and my heart palpitated and I broke out in a cold sweat when I saw this picture… Not cute to me at all. 😦 But hey, if it’s cute to you, more power to you! 🙂

  32. BeanSidhe says:

    “I like my coffee like I like my women. Covered in BEEEEEEEES!!”

    *jealous grumbles*

  33. Oh I really loooove this.

    Fuzzy bees are awesome and so precious. Hope he lives a long, happy life.

  34. Bumble bees, like honey bees, live in hives. A bumble bee hive is started in the spring by a queen, who lays eggs and raises female workers. Male eggs are laid later in the season; males are for mating and don’t collect pollen. In other, solitary bee species (carpenter bees, for example; things that don’t live in hives and so don’t have worker bees) both females and males are out and about collecting pollen to support themselves. So this bee, being a bumble bee (or if you want to use the awesome genus name, Bombus) and a pollen collector, is female.

  35. wagthedogma says:

    If I ever form a band, its name is going to be The Cleptoparasitic Bees.

  36. Cute bee!! Yes, I support the poor bees, too. Thanks to all the bee-folks who are helping them!!!

    (Just long as they stay away from me—beeg chicken when it comes to bees!!!)

  37. ashagato says:

    love meg (she’s sooo funneh!) and love bees (even though i’m allergic).

    bee lovers should pick up The Secret Life of Bees – great story packed with interesting bee facts…

  38. (few care but needed to say->) yay for the people that know not all bees are honeybees. there are many different genera, never mind species. in my yard i see everything from solitary bees to hive bees and tiny bees to huge carpenter bees. i have bees that live in the ground, live in stems, and tunnel into wood. things are different with non-honey bees. for example, the male carpenter bee defends his turf and acts fairly pugnacious but is harmless. and i imagine nonsocial bee males prolly visit flowers for nectar, tho they prolly don’t gather honey.

  39. akkkkk *nuffs herself* collect POLLEN to MAKE honey

  40. Theresa says:

    Anyone noticed that nobody has mentioned wanting to eat the bee? 😉

  41. Totalee Puppy says:

    KRIS–double lol!! WAGTHEDOGMA–looking forward to your band.
    DESDEMONA AND BLUE–one reason I like CO so much is
    smart peeps like you (I get an image of a carton of
    yellow marshmallow chicks wearing professor glasses…)

  42. ashagato says:

    theresa, reminds me of a song from my youth:

    “i’m smushin’ up my baby bumblebee, won’t my mommy be so proud of me…”

    😉 anyone?

    [Ohh, she wasn’t proud of me… – Ed.]

  43. That picture has me laughing over and over. Good lord.

  44. look how tubby he is! i want to give him the tiniest of hugs!

  45. I love bees since they’re so fuzzy!!, but since I don’t want them to sting me, I prefer to “live and let live” kind of attitude. (My husband’s terribly scared!!) But I love you all who bring love to the bees! (And Secret Life of Bees is Excellent!!)

  46. Suzanne says:


  47. It’s kinda cute, actually. In a dumb grin sort of way.

  48. Katrina says:

    Meg, has anybody sent you any good pictures of Leafy Sea Dragons? Those are metaphorically fluffy. It could work! Thank you.

  49. Aha No One said it yet so I will…
    This picture is THE BEES KNEES

  50. Looks like Buzzbob Bumblepants is wearing a pair of aviator goggles, doesn’t it?

  51. ThreeCatNight says:

    If he starts speaking like Antonio Banderas, then I’m in serious trouble!

  52. B. Modern says:

    Hey all you bee-peeps in Northern California, I recently visited a wonderful shop in Sebastepol called BeeKind, (of course), that features everything bees… jewelry to honey jars to candy to candles to everything you need for setting up your own hives. They have a cool website, too:
    i got a bumper sticker there that says “Give bees a chance”. Being a “B.”, myself, I am a huge bee-fan!
    Check it out!

  53. Katrina says:

    Rosie A. and Suzanne- this is a bee story- don’t read it if it will make you uneasy-

    Another installation of “Norwegian Father”-I witnessed as a child, the ‘bee whisperer’ held his sizable hand very still and a bumblebee landed on it. He took his sizable finger,from his other sizable hand and actually stroked the bumbles’ back, for about 20 seconds, the bee flew off and I tried to scoop up my jaw.
    My grandmother is said to have had the most beautiful gardens in their little section of Norway, because the bees liked them so much.
    OKAY IT IS SAFE TO COME OUT NOW. I’d really freak out with some animal pictures,(no, I won’t give anyone ammo) so I understand, I really do.

  54. binky-mama says:

    I’m scared!

    *runs off to mommy*

  55. I think there is somethink funee about that pollen, oooh look at the pretty colors…….where’s that buzzing coming from………….hmmm, I love these great big flowers…..i feel munchies coming on…..dude….are the walls melting?

  56. Marionetteprincess says:

    Um… he kind of has a ronald mcdonald look to him… has anyone else noticed thees?

  57. Mardybum says:

    I got stung by this fellas brother/sister the other day. My arm selled up like a balloon and I even had to see a doctor. It was tewtally my fault though, and after seeing this closeup, I’m glad he/she got away unsquashed.

  58. I’m pretty sure this little guy was in Stephen King’s movie The Mist.

  59. Hon Glad says:

    Bee my bee my baybee
    my one and only baybee

  60. B. Modern says:

    Katrina, I want to do that! (…and not get stung , of course!)
    I think it also qualifies as Interspecies Snorgling. You dad sounds like a very enlightened bee-ing.