Please do not add the ‘You Are So Beautiful” song over this vid

People, you know that supercheese video that everyone and their brother has seen of the kitten who play-attacks the dog and it has ‘You Are so Beautiful’ running over it? Well THIS vid is along the SAME lines, minus the fromage.

Kill me now, Todd A.!



  1. Not That Mike the Other Mike says:

    How about “Yakkity Sax” instead?

  2. What is going on at 17sec?!?! I am totally freaking out.

  3. Not That Mike the Other Mike says:

    For those who haven’t heard “Yakkity Sax” …

  4. …Kung-Fu Fighting? (The cat *is* fast as lightning)

  5. In Mother Russia, cute puts you into ‘mouf.

    <3 Labs

  6. Claudia says:


  7. AuntieMame says:

    Haw! I guffawed at the ending. Kitteh’s is all “c’mon, play wif me!” and pup (sweet old thing!) is thinking “get away from me, you annoying little twerp!”

  8. I love at .18, when the kitty puts her paws over her eyes.

    Very patient and loving pup!

  9. compy-saur says:

    Kiddy-cat. Please. Leaf. Me. ALONE! 😀

  10. kittycatkeke says:

    The ending was best. Total karma.

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    Ok, my kitteh would give her right arm to have my dog play with her like that. Instead the dog just looks at her like “you want me to do what?”

  12. Kitteh: Am I bugging you? Am I bugging you? Does this bother you when I do this? What about this? This? Huh? C’mon. Am I bugging you?

    Doggeh: Don’t make me kronsche you.

  13. does that kitten have wings AND springs???

  14. What a patient puppy!

  15. JinxtheCat says:

    I don’t think anything could be any cuter than this… THUD!

  16. Is that an ocicat? 🙂

  17. hon glad says:

    That kitties a whirl wind.

  18. That dog is doing kitty pounce moves with it’s head!

  19. gravyboat says:

    I love it when they play so hard they go sailing off the bed.

  20. I’m glad I watched all the way to the end. Too funny!

  21. I agree with Cait about the 17 sec thing being freaky. It’s one of the rare times a kitty has been caught on camera using mind control techniques.

  22. Someone please put that kitten on Ridilin… Mike Meyers leashed to a jungle gym, anyone!?

    (And the cross-eyed kitty ad is staring at me…)

  23. Michelle says:

    hahaha too adorable

  24. Cait, I totally agree with you. The 17 second mark had me laughing out loud. And the sound effect at the end. 🙂

  25. That can only end in tears.

  26. ‘Look out! I’m going to bat at you!’

    ‘Hey, I just want to lie down on something comfortable. Back off.’


    Dey havin’ so much FUN! What nice good buddies!

    Loved the ending–the little sound effect they added made it even that much better, as did the look on the doggies face!!!!

    Ahhh, happiness. No more drowning kittens in earthquake ravaged China to upset my tummy first thing in the AM, EST!

  28. The two spots I love 1) early on when the kitteh is on his back and they both pause to look at the camera 2) at the end when the kitteh falls off

  29. Alice Shortcake says:

    That funny-yet-strangely-disturbing moment at 00.17 is an instant classic, but the cat’s completely gratuitous somersault at 00.22 isn’t far behind…

  30. BiscuitTin says:

    That makes me happy.

  31. Personally, I would use “Kung Fu Fighting”.

    And what about that moment when both puppeh and kitteh look at the camera all “What you lookin’ at?”

  32. What a great ending!!!! Puppy is ever-so-patient.

  33. Heh… how about using a lot more slo-mo and “Bodies” by Drowning Pool?


    Nothing wrong with me…

  34. That leeeeetle baybeee needs to be disciplined with 25 nommings to its earsies and much corporal cuddling!

  35. katiedid says:

    lol hell kitten… i like when they both suddenly stop and the kitty is like “I surrender!!”

  36. Sunflower says:

    Minus the fromage? Minus the fromage?!?
    Like the sound effect at the end isn’t total cheese? I mean, not that that’s a bad thing.

    I love how at the beginning the dog is all “no, dude, I am not going to play with you, we’re not doing this, I’m not playing” but by the end the dog is playing too.

  37. woofysma says:

    That kitty is turning the fastest somersaults I’ve ever seen – over precious doggy’s snout. It’s all fun to watch and love the ending. Doggy looks back like, “Where’d she go?” And, yes to Yakkety-Sax.

  38. That kitty is an absolute nutbar. What a handful for the dog to put up with… eh, she probably loves it.

  39. I’m thinking Guns N Roses “Patience” is more appropriate anyway.

  40. brinnann says:

    Theo, your coolness meter just went up several notches in my book. 😀

  41. Cutest kitten ever!!!

  42. Brinn — so if I shoehorn in a few sudden bars of “Blue Danube” while kitty’s doing that right-left sideways-shimmy thing, would that change your mind?


  43. Aw, but the doggy likes it. Just look at that thwappity tail and big ol’ doggy smile.

  44. My dog and cat used to play like that when I was a little kid.

    I thought 0:17 was cute, not creepy.

  45. I totally want to poke that kitten’s freckled belly, but I would probably lose a hand if I did that–or maybe even an entire arm!

  46. ThreeCatNight says:

    And now, Ocelotta Kitteh carries out her mode of attack:
    Bang! Zoom! Ommph! Pow!
    Kitteh: “Resistance is futile! You cannot escape me! Wait, move a little closer. Yeah, that’s it!
    I pounce now!”
    Pup: “Nice try. Keep it up.”
    Kitteh: “Okay, I will do it again, until I tire you out! Hai! Bonzai! And now, the supreme move!” (jumps and falls over the side of the bed)
    Pup: “Hey, you okay back there?”
    Kitteh: “Yeah, glad they’ve got carpeting! Whoa – THAT was a close one!”
    Pup: “You gave it your all. But in the end, I always win!”

    (Sort of reminded me of the old “Pink Panther” films, when Peter Sellers’ manservant always pulled surprise attacks on him)

  47. brinnann says:

    Nah, that’s just your witty sense of humor. You’re obviously well-rounded: I like that in a mod. 🙂

  48. The ending is definitely the best, and the sound effect makes it all the better. Very patient puppeh and super cute kitteh. Love them both!

  49. Theresa says:

    Yakkety Sax would be good,but it’s too firmly linked in my mind with bald midgets and busty nurses.

  50. How funny is that ending??? I absolutely LOVE it!! I love the way the pup is so gentle with its nips and nibbles but still gives the kitty a good workout.

    That kitty gets REALLY carried away with itself at the end, doesn’t it?

  51. This is sooo adorable! I love how puppy doesn’t mind kitty’s roughousing.

    When my bro and I were kids, we had a collie-German Shep mix named Leon and a short-hair named Sylvester; these guys made us smile because they acted like brothers-Sylvester would lay on top of Leon’s back, and Leon never minded!

    Why can’t man learn from animals? If hippos and tortoises, cats and dogs, and any other pairing we have seen have taught us anything, it is that harmony among us all can be possible.

  52. Call the Vatican NOW! We need to nominate that dog for sainthood immediately for it’s patience!

  53. My kitties and dogs play like that. I’ve always had both – and they’ve always gotten along great. One of my cats likes to crawl up on the dog’s backs and give them massages until he too falls asleep. It’s the cutest thing!

  54. Maybe I should get my dog a cat…oh wait, I’m allergic. Damn.

  55. Shannon says:

    I wish I had a little one to play with my old puppy. ‘Course he’d prolly be afraid of the small bouncy thing…..

  56. Patricia says:

    That is one amasingly tollerant puppy. The kitty is beautiful 🙂

  57. Rooanne says:

    Oh that was SO funny. I love the ending!

    I so wish I had a doggie or someone for my kitty to wrestle with besides my hands! But I love the way he flips over on his back, like this little one does. My boy is much bigger, but it’s been so long since I had a young cat, I don’t care if I get a little bloodied in battle!! 🙂

  58. Come on, that doggie is lovin’ it. Watch from the beginning. He’s just waiting to play!

  59. MORAL: Old age and treachery beat youth and innocence every time.

  60. Katrina says:

    NOT NOW KATO!!!!

  61. In the next scene, the dog says to the cat, “And now…warm up the Silver Hornet.”

  62. Tiffany says:

    That’s the first thing that’s made me laugh all day! I especially love how the dog occasionally looks at the camera, as if to say, “are you seeing all this?”. I also LOVE the bit at the end where he watches spazo kitty fly off the bed…too cute.

  63. So many somersaults.

  64. Am I the only one experiencing time delays every 4 seconds on all my YouTube videos? Started the other day, but exceptionally bad today.

  65. The throat lunge at :39 is pretty awesome too.

  66. Oh… Cute cat and sweet old doggie.

  67. debkakes says:

    I jus’ loooove how the doggie keeps looking at the camera/master as if saying “Look, see how good I am? See what I am putting up wif?”

  68. OKAY…I need an ANTIDOTE!

    STOP This lovealbe cuteness!

  69. LesbianNeoCon says:

    I love the pratfall with the little “ding” at the end!!

  70. I had to. I did a remix of the video, with an audio track of “Mortal Combat”.

  71. @3CatNight & Katrina: LMAO!!!

    I think the doggie was all like “Mom!!!!!!! She’s bugging me!!!! She won’t stay on her side of the bed!!!”

  72. chanpon says:

    *cue loopy sound effect and ding* Perfect ending! LOL!!

    I love the kitties flying ninja style attacks at the doggie. And what a sweet puppy to happily play along and not get too rough on the hyper-kitteh.

  73. That kitteh knows karate!!! I love the way it does those little somersaults… 😀

  74. starling says:

    It’s funny how the dog is all “RIGHT, I’m not having this” and pins the kitty down straightaway. Which doesn’t work at all. LOL!

  75. rubber duck says:

    If you look closely, the dog is WAGGING ITS TAIL…probably just trying to pretend he doesn’t want to play as well 🙂

  76. Kittens think of nothing but murder all day. see how this kitteh keeps looking for the weakest spot? and Dogg is all, yeah, my NOSE is bigger than you…

  77. Brianfowler713 says:

    Look at it this way, Theresa; at least Yakity Sax doesn’t remind you of balding nurses and busty midgets.

    [Half of one, six dozen the other… – Ed.]

  78. Catsquatch says:

    Ok, the Godzilla Sproing just kilt me…..

  79. update? i’m dying here.

    [Huh? Update on what? – Ed.]

  80. Kitteh: Come ooon! I want a piggy back!!