Fast forward to 6:58!

Prance prance prance

XOXOXO to the one and only Sparky, my very own Cute Overload





  3. tee-hee! so good i said it twice!

  4. Awww!!!

  5. ohhh i want to cry.

  6. kittykatgurl says:

    1. small ear to head ratio on the dog
    2. interspecies snorgleing
    3. tilting the head to the side to win over the dog
    4. furrowed brows,
    5. paw flexes
    I could go on and on. The whole thing was cute. Made me remember how much I love Warner bros. older cartoons

  7. This is one of my favorite cartoons EVER. The kitty’s name is Pussyfoot. I have a TON of shirts with her on them.



    Love tiny animated kitty paws and happy puppies.

  8. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Whadda ya mean, “Fast forward to 6:58!”? THE WHOLE CARTOON IS GREAT AND KYOOT!!!

    Of course, AT 6:58, that IS the best part, LOL! 😀

    My favorite cartoons are “Duck Amuck”, “Magical Minstrel”(even though it has a miniscule blackface scene, but they do cut that out on Boomerang, at least they used to, and I hope they still do), and “Robin Hood Daffy”!

  9. Chuck Jones, FTW!!!!

    The most heartbreaking part for me was Marc Anthony putting the cat cookie on his back. Barooo!

    (Can you imagine the WB animation guys sitting around riffing on what the dog’s name should be? “Gotta be something tough…Buster, Muscles, Bruto, maybe….” “Yeah, but it’s also gotta be smart, ’cause he’s got a heart, see, something noble and classical, like a Roman Warrior….” “Yeah, Tiberius, or Ceasar, something like that….” “Fellas, fellas…I got it….Marc Anthony.” “Brilliant.” “The eggheads will love it.” “Run it by Chuck, see what he says.”)

  10. I second that emotion, Ann! *snuggles up in Pussyfoot jamjams*

    BEST CARTOON EVARRR! (Although Simon Tofield’s ‘Cat Man Do’ runs a close second!)

  11. misscrisp says:

    Oh I lof the merrie melodies soooo moshe. And that’s a textbook honk-shu there peeps!

  12. Shannon says:

    DO NOT FF!!!! Watch the whole thing! And make sure you make your kids watch it too cuz they sure don’t show it TV anymore. I love Pussyfoot and Marc Antony. I used to have a ball cap with them on it and hardly anybody knew who they were!

  13. binky-mama says:

    *SIGH* They just don’t make ’em like this anymore.

  14. Shannon says:

    My word. Check out those heels. For cooking cookies????

    He KILLS me at about 5:22. I want to cuddle HIM!

    And, please, edit them??? I’d rather they not show them at all than edit them. Which seems to be what they are doing. You don’t edit classics.

  15. this cartoon always makes me cry, and then giggle

  16. looneygirl says:

    ….is it bad that i immediately knew which cartoon it was when the entire cute overload page loaded? what about picturing the prancing before watching it as well?

    i luff looney tunes! (not that you could guess or anything)

  17. Daphne Moss says:

    Chuck Jones is a genius, and the Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot cartoons were all just magic! I join the chorus saying this is the best EVER and urging all the peeps too young to have seen them on TV to get them on DVD. They are sooo worth it!
    (My favorite part is where Marc Anthony winces and sweats when Pussyfoot kneads his back…but does nothing to stop it)

  18. Now there’s a prototypical honk shoo right at the end of that clip!

  19. anomalous4 says:

    ittehbittehkitteh honk-shu’s! and gynormous PRRRRRRRRRRZ! =hed ASPLODES x 2=

  20. Daphne Moss says:

    Chuck Jones is a genius, and the Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot cartoons were all just magic! I join the chorus saying this is the best EVER and urging all the peeps too young to have seen them on TV to get them on DVD. They are sooo worth it!
    (My favorite part is where Marc Anthony winces and sweats when Pussyfoot kneads his back…but does nothing to stop it)

  21. Gotta love that pup – “Mom, PLEEEEEEEZE can I keep her? She followed me home!” Reminds me of me… y’know, if I was a boydog…

  22. Daphne Moss says:

    *sowwy…did not mean to double post* *twisting fingertips and thumbs together*

  23. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    One of my favs! “Feed the Kitty” was voted among the top 50 cartoons of all time a few years ago.

  24. My favorite part is where Marc Anthony is presented the cookie kitteh, is puddling up with tears and puts the cookie on his back. So sweeeet!

    BTW, I understand that back in the 50’s my aunt would go to cub scout meetings in a mink stole. So I can see where vacuuming and making cookies in heels can happen!

  25. bubbyscranky says:

    So agrees with all who luvs this. This was always my very favorite cartoon. Marc Anthony are a good kitteh care giver!

  26. DivineMsK says:

    Cutest. Cartoon. Evar.

    Did anyone else note the similarity, though, between this and the scene in Monsters Inc. where Sully thinks Boo has been compacted into a garbage cube? Right down to the three fainting spells and the sad, sorry tears where he’s sure it’s the end?

    Surely it’s an homage of some kind! 🙂

  27. Claudia says:

    Yep…. Right up there with Peppy. Great toons!

  28. yankeebird says:

    One of my cats does that same crawling-over-the-shoulder thing, but thankfully I don’t have the back hair to wrap over her when she wants to nap there. I will walk around the house hunched over like Quasimodo, though. Just for her.

  29. Chuck Jones…. Suuuper Genius.

  30. My favorite cartoon in the whole wide world – thank you CO!!!!

    I sure wish they’d show these on TV again, like others have said here already, they dont make ’em like this anymore.

  31. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This cartoon is in my personal favorite top 3 of all time! It’s the only WB cartoon that makes me tear up NOT from laughter–the part where Marc Anthony puts the kitty cookie on his back gets me every time…

  32. speaking as a former perfesshunul latch-key kid couch-potato who’s seen that cartoon about eleventy billion times:

    wow did that wake up some ancient synapses

    i feel like going to the fridge and standing there with the door open for 20 or 40 minutes, looking for inspiration

  33. gravyboat says:

    Ha! I totally remember this cartoon!

  34. Jupiter Star says:

    *Sniffle* No matter how many times I see this, even with knowing how it ends, I ALWAYS end up sobbing like a baby during the cookie scenes. ALWAYS.

    Now I need my own Pussyfoot to cheer me up and dry my tears…except that I’m thinking my five parakeets wouldn’t appreciate that very much…

  35. ashagato says:

    yankeebird, my squirmy baby does the climb-over-the-shoulder thing too! and i totally walk around all bent over for as long as he wants 🙂

    btw, loooove the cartoon. i’ve never seen it!

  36. Oh man… watching that brought back alot of memories! Kids today just don’t know what they missed out on.

  37. His face outside the window when she´s making the cookies….. so funny. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  38. Awww! The bedtime kiss-kiss right at the start is JUST like my kitty.

    Although my favoritest cartoon ever is “What’s Opera Doc?”.

  39. I *loooove* this cartoon, and I believe “Marc Anthony” is the best name evar for a dog. 🙂 Also a big fan of the finger-wagging to discourage kittehs.

  40. stephanie says:

    *phew* i’m so glad i’m not the only one who always cries for this one.

    it’s like AA. “hi, i’m stephanie. when marc anthony thinks his kitten is being mixed, rolled, cut, and baked into cookies, i weep for him.”

    i love CO! we all know why we’re here. there are no shameful secrets. we all have the same addiction to ‘teh cute’.

    {{{group hug!!!}}}

  41. honk shu!

  42. PUSSYFOOT! My bf and I love these two… I am over the moon for Pussyfoot, she looks like my little Tux did when she was a kitten. *heart* LOVE 🙂

  43. BTW they remove these easily, so this clip may not be there for long.

  44. Oh yes, and you can find it on YouTube, the Mosters Inc. was a direct homage.

  45. Last comment, I swear. Sign me up for Sapaholics anonymous. I try to laugh when Marc Antony cries, but I have to look away or do something else… gets me too!! Even though I too know how it ends.

  46. Ahhhhh this one was always my favourite. Love the kitty batting at the waggly finger.

  47. pearly93 says:

    This is my all time fave Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies toon! I jump up and swoon the rare times it’s shown/I catch it on tv. Love love love it!

  48. I think my fave part is where he wags his finger at him, “no no no” and the kitteh just melts his sterness away with a simple battink of teh paws. I loved this one so much as a kid, thanks for the great refresher! 🙂

  49. Theresa says:

    One of the all-time greats, the one, the only, the original Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot!!!! Have loved this since I was a kid, and that is a longer time ago than most of you whippersnappers. 😉

  50. This is my all time favorite cartoon — it always makes me cry!

  51. Sooooo, taking a wild stab, based on last statement of post: Happy Anniversary, Meg and Sparky?

  52. ThreeCatNight says:

    Embodies all the reasons why I’ve always loved the old Warner Brothers cartoons, directed by the immortal Chuck Jones. What could be a better way to start a Friday? And Pussyfoot is too much!

  53. Theresa says:

    PS, FULL of great details, of course– like setting the kitty’s appearances to the tune “Ain’t She Sweet”– and all the others you all mentioned. I particularly like the mouse’s cheesy grin. 😉

  54. oh this is my favorite cartoon of all time. i remember it when i was a kid and they’d just play old cartoons on saturday mornings… i nearly makes me teat up i love it so much!

  55. one of the best looney tunes ever. i loved this one as a kid, and i cry and laugh at it as an adult.

  56. Bluemenro says:

    OMG OMG OMG I’ve been looking for this clip FOREVER! I LOVE THIS! THANK YOU!!!

  57. A little cheesecake around 1:40 !

    Hee hee

  58. Hey, I post the link to this video the other day on the husky and kitten post. I wasn’t sure I can formally submit it because it is copywrited material.

    But that’s not important. This is one of the only two times I got choked up watching an animated feature (the other time being Ratatouille, when the gray, cynical food critic was instantly transported back to the warmth of his mother’s kitchen of his childhood). Here the expression on the dog’s reaction when the lady of the house handed him the cookie is just so heartbreaking.

  59. RevWaldo says:

    Chuck Jones a “genius” eh?

    I see your Chuck Jones and raise you…

    Bob Clampett!

    Qtness n redonkulousness in the same toon. Goes to show that some kittehs need protecting, whiles others have got game!

  60. fast forward to 6.58? what-EV! the whole cartoon was brutal in the cuteness!

  61. There’s another version of this cartoon (older, perhaps?) that I also love. Check it out:

    Ah, Looney Tunes. They bring back memories of me saying “Bugs Bunny in…” and my dad reading the episode’s title out loud for me (before I could read well).

  62. chanpon says:

    This was always one of my favorites! Love the kitty cookie and simpering doggie scene.

  63. chanpon says:

    And to jump into the cartoonist tussle, “genius” = Tex Avery. Nuff said.

  64. Oh, that’s just charming – I just sat and watched the whole cartoon at work. 🙂 Good thing my boss doesn’t drop by very often.

    And thanks for the person who pointed out the similarity to the Monsters Inc scene! (Or, I should say, the other way around.) I knew that looked familiar…makes me heart Pixar even more.

  65. weensicka says:

    Bestest cartoon ever…but that’s been said. I love the fact that we watched this in my 18th c. lit class in grad school (yes, graduate school!!) as prep for our discussion on sentiment and sentimentality in period literature.

    Also, the prof has two English bulldogs, one of which is named Mark Antony. 🙂

  66. Shannon says:

    Oh thank heavens. I thought (yet again) I was the only person in the world to well up during the whole cookie fiasco.

    Also love the mouse’s expression riding Marc Anthony’s back. He’s all “what the……”

  67. goodlookingelf says:

    Chuck Jones is sorely missed. I have a signed watercolor of Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot, I will never sell it, there is no money that is worth the extreme cuteness and history of it!

  68. Shannon says:

    AHHH, I’m so happy that this was posted! This was my favorite cartoon as a kid, but I could never find it online because I forgot the names of Marc Anthony and the kitty (Pussyfoot).

    On a side note, I have pink pj pants with Pussyfoot and cupcakes on them- cuteoverload attire, if you will.

  69. divinemsk, i thought of sully when i saw that part, too! i even mentioned it to my 7-year-old as we watched it together, and she agreed. surely somebody at pixar loved this cartoon as a kid!

  70. I always cry when he thinks the kitty went into the mixer!!!! that’s the first thing I thought when i saw the picture in the post

  71. Yep, good catch! That whole trash compactor scene in Monsters, Inc. was a direct homage to “Feed the Kitty.”

    So is Gizmo driving the car in “Gremlins.”

    It’s actually a lot of people’s favorite Looney Tunes cartoon (mine included), and it gets referenced a lot by other films! (Try googling it; it’s fun.)

  72. Awww! This is one of my favorite WB cartoons! The kitteh just takes over! Love it, love it!

  73. Ed Sizemore says:

    This is my favorite Chuck Jones cartoon. Everytime I see it I laugh so hard tears roll down my face. When Marc Anthony reaches up for the kitty cookie with a shaking paw I lose all control.

  74. Oh, Bob Clampett was awesome! There was a surreality to his style that I loved even as a kid! His cartoons were so weird!

  75. This has always been my very, very favorite cartoon of all time, I’m so thrilled to see it again!!!

  76. I like this one, but my very very VERY favorite Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodie is “Bully for Bugs”. The expression on the bull’s face when he realizes he has more firepower than Bugs (this is temporary) is priceless.

    YAY CHUCK!!!

  77. Kiragirl says:

    love this one too, and (because of being at work), it’s still great with no sound!!
    and, love the housewife’s stockings WITH SEAMS.


  78. JinxtheCat says:

    Absolutely brilliant! Love Chuck and Looney Tunes!

  79. My fav Looney Tune! Marc Anthony is the sweetest dog. When he crys and places the cookie on his back I just about die every time…OMG.

  80. This has another vote from me as best toon ever!

    This photo actually reminded me of “Feed the Kitty” a few weeks ago:

  81. riolinda says:

    I LOVE this one too!! 🙂

  82. Way to bust out the Klassic Kute!!

    The tiny honk shu’s at the end just about keeled me…thank god it was over then!

  83. I thought I was the only one who cried at this. It’s just so precious how much he loves that kitty, and it breaks my heart when he’s worrying about not being able to keep her.

    The best part is when he wags his finger at her and she melts him with her little batting paws. So cute.

  84. Beth E. says:

    This was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid! I even cried when he put the cookie on his back. I loved seeing it again. Thanks!!!

  85. good find/post:)

  86. Hi.. My name is Amy and I’m a toon junkie… And this is in my top three. Love this toon! Then again the hubby and I just drove thru Ireland going “moo moo baa baa” from the Tex Avery Droopy toons… Jeez I need a life…

  87. warrior rabbit says:

    I loved Looney Toons. My dad probably loved them more than we did. We’d watch every Saturday morning. I think it’s a shame they aren’t on any more…Kids today are missing out.

    I always liked the one with Claude the cat and the barking puppy. 🙂 And of course Sylvester, his son (“Oh, Father”) and the giant mouse. Or Sam and Ralph, the dog and wolf on shifts. Or…Well, you get the idea. Looney Toons rocks!

  88. Furebabies says:

    Bring back Saturday morning cartoons! And while you are at it bring back childhood innocence, bare feet in the the summer, playing in mud, dressing the dog/cat, picking strawberries and each them right off the vine (instead of putting them in the pints). I could go on and on. Love them Looney Tunes!

  89. Katrina says:

    FogHorn LegHorn for my fave-
    “Ah, Say, Ah Say, boay” and “He’s a nice boay but doesn’t listen to a woord ja say….”

    And as we are giving props= a big prop to Carl Stalling, the inventor of the system by which the voices and music synch with the pictures- Thank you, Mr. Stalling. A musical and technical genius who did the scores by hand for each cartoon. Pure and hands down a genius that I miss terribly. Today’s cartoons just don’t come close to the original Looney Tunes. I do love “Angry Beavers”, though, it has that well- crafted quality. I also love Samurai Jack,”Jump Good”, but that is about it- I haven’t seen anything good lately, sorry to say. This is one of the best of the best and will remain a classic forever.

  90. Raemie L. says:

    (Yay, fellow Classic Loony Tunes fans in da house!)
    Gah, this is teh classic episode for C.O., all right.

  91. Such a classic! I was lucky enough to work with the WB library for a couple of years… so great. When Marc Antony puts the cookie on his back! Sob!

    And for you Mid Century fans out there, this one could have the alternate title “How to decorate your home totally awesomely.”

  92. madametreetrunk says:

    Holy 1:41! I suppose that’s one way to saucy up a nonviolent cartoon. Va va va voom!

  93. Pussyfoot sounds like an STD.