Survival of the Cutest

CNN cuteporter Hugh Rimington reports on a tiny kitten (seen here swimming with tailio out of the water!) having survived Chinese earthquake peril!

Now that’s what I call great television, Kasia K.!



  1. Alessia says:

    OMG! So cute, but so sad.

  2. Bravo for people who rescue kitties (and people, of course). Poor little thing.

  3. That kitten is awesome!!! What a little trouper. I loved the attitude, he was all meowing pissed off like “hey, you forgot me, come, get me, feed me NOW.” So glad he was safe.

  4. Blueberry says:

    Oh the poor little baby!! I just want to scoop him up and kiss his sweet little head…And dry him off…And feed him lots of kitten food…And have a little velvet cushion for his little self…And hug and kiss him everyday… And call him Little Mr. Duckling…

  5. Hope the little guy helped to lift the spirits of the quake victims and aid workers. One small cat in the middle of a huge earthquake is trivial, but mascots can be morale boosters.

  6. chanpon says:

    I was hoping not to think of the poor pets in the earthquake, but at least that video offered a glimmer of good news. Poor little baby, with the sweet little mews. I hope he’s ok. 😦

  7. Totalee Puppy says:

    This is so heartwarming. Glad this little kitten made it…Sometimes I just need laughs, and sometimes I need something like this.

  8. Had I been the reporter I would have tackled the doctor and said: “Gimme back my kitteh!” (Say in Mel Gibson Ransom voice.)

  9. Sad to say, but I don’t think the little guy is going to get the care he needs.

  10. Why would you say that, Ashley? Why bum everyone else out? Zheesh.

    [I guess some folks just can’t help it. I pity them more than the wet cat. – Ed.]

    Go China Cat!

  11. beccity98 says:

    is it just me, or did his “mew”‘s sound asian?

  12. Hooray for buoyant kittehs and anonymous cat-loving doctors! (And news crews, too.)

  13. I believe Ashley is referring to the fact that China had called out an execution on all cats in preparation of the Olympics. I don’t believe she was being a nuffer.


  14. Id say there was more water than kitten there…

    (And in further news, Youtube has been just maddenly slow this past month *shakes fist)

  15. The best we can hope for is that the poor thing was given a quick death. I feel so sad, it looked like a beautiful animal.

  16. Ebby, WTF? Why are we so down on this kitteh’s prospects? Geez.

  17. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Hugh should’ve smuggled the wee thing away!

    I’m deadly serious. If I saw a kitten in peril like that, where people had been in peril, everybody else would be more worried about the humans, not the kittens. Or even puppies.

    It’s just me.

  18. Juniper Jupiter says:

    ^^WHOA…forgot to finish my thought…If I saw the kitty in peril where other people are in peril, like a tornado, I would get the kitties and puppies out. Everybody else can get themselves out.

    Okay, I’ll help the wheelchair bound, too. My mom did have to use one from time to time.

    But I draw the line with spiders. Gross.

    I’m sorry, but when that guy snatched the kitty away from Hugh, I felt sad. 😦

  19. mikemil828 says:

    //Ebby, WTF? Why are we so down on this kitteh’s prospects? Geez.//

    Given the scare campaign the Chinese government has made against cats a couple months ago as being carriers of disease and the fact that the kitten probably was a carrier of disease after being in a quake disaster area for 2 weeks doesn’t bode well for the kitten’s future prospects. Maybe it was well treated after the cameras stopped filming, but chances are it probably wasn’t.

  20. Shannon says:

    He was SO mad!!!!!

  21. hon glad says:

    Methinks kitty survived.

  22. I am now in tears because of that article sas… oh my god…i haven’t cried like this in a while.

  23. Ohhh this is tragic. Stupid CNN guys couldn’t hold on to a kitty? If a kitty found its way to me like that I wouldn’t let it out of my sight. Sadly, with the complete devastation in Sichuan (or neighboring provinces), taking care of strays isn’t on anyone’s list. They should have asked for the kitten back! This is cute and upsetting.

  24. Awww.. I really hope they didn’t put the cat to sleep. That would be aweful. Makes me think that they might’ve since the guy scooped the cat up so quickly without saying anything and not exactly handling it with too much care.

  25. Poor kitty had such a will to live 😦 😦
    And he had survived 2 weeks on his own, and he was so tiny… I sure hope something good had happened to it but I tend to agree to the previous commenter 😦 😦

  26. Patricia says:

    That article makes me ill. I think the people who started that legislation and all the scare tactics should have the same thing done to them.

  27. Michelle says:

    Europeans slaughtered a third of the cat population in the 14th century because they believed they were the devil’s minions. We know what happened shortly after that. China needs to let go of their tendencies toward drastic measures such as this. There are always unanticipated negative results from such narrow-minded objectives.

  28. Hmmm… 60 thousand ppl died (and counting) and all ppl can focus on is a little kitten? How about do some good and donate money to red cross? I understand CO only posts cute animals, but this is the single most post that disappointed (and vexed) me. and Michelle pray do tell me what are these China’s “tendencies toward drastic measures” that you are talking about?

  29. Jessie – My take in general, is that people can more or less look after themselves. Little baby kittens can’t. yes, its a tragedy that so many have lost their lives and are now homeless due to the quake (and let’s not forget Myanmar) but as I’ve often said, I have a much softer spot for animals than I have for humans.

  30. i think people are focusing on the kitten because that’s the topic of discussion- it doesn’t mean they don’t care about the people who died, or that they haven’t donated any money.

    [Yeah, for real, peeps! Geeshe… – Ed.]

  31. Desert, I have to agree with you.

    The struggle of the kitten to make it out of the water is not so much different than the struggle the populace will have to recover from the tragic events. With determination and a little help from observers, they will make it. 🙂

    and gosh darn it, that little kitten is adorable.

  32. Cara N. says:

    That kitteh is my hero. I couldn’t stop thinking, “Go, little guy, go!”

  33. I’m sorry, but I don’t find that cute at all. So much suffering in China, I also doubt they’re in a position to give much to a poor stray little kitty who tried so hard to live.

    I didn’t get much of a “warm fuzzy feeling” from the way the kitten was carried off either.

    Not cute.

    Makes me want to cry.

  34. Michelle says:

    Jessie, well let’s see… human rights, One Child, Tibet, to name a few. Shall I go on?

  35. starling says:

    Argh, stoppit, you’re making me cry and I’m at work!

    *happy fluffy thoughts happy fluffy thoughts*

  36. linders says:

    In the light of all the suffering that is there, just seeing the kitten gives a glimmer of hope that even the weakest can survive….

  37. katiedid says:

    Definatly qualifies for cute but sad.. im sure they didnt kill the kitten.. it was a surviver just like them.. there has to be a deeper connection in a situation like this.. plus they will need all the cats they can get to take care of the HUGE rodent problem they will face in the next few months..

  38. Was it just me or did the kitten seem less like a domestic cat and more like a wild cat of some kind. Just seemed like it had a really big head and the voice seemed more like a lion or tiger cub than a domestic kitten meow.

  39. Londoner says:

    Yeah me too. I’m all teary. Poor little scraplet, he fought so hard. I wish I could fly out to China and bring him home – I couldn’t give a home to an orphaned child, but I could to this kitten that they don’t want. Stupid people. Don’t they realise they need cats to keep down the real disease-spreaders i.e. rats? Like Michelle mentioned above, you start decimating the cat population and look what you get…Black Death, anyone?

  40. Catherine says:

    You can donate to help the animal victims of the earthquake at the Animal Rescue site:
    Scroll down on the right side of the screen.
    This reminds me of after Katrina, when the animals needed help as well as the people.

  41. OK, as a medieval historian, I have to speak up in defense of the Black Death. Whoops, that didn’t come out so well. Yes, medieval people killed cats after the Plague swept through Europe. But I can PROMISE you that no one kept statistics. We have no way of quantifying how many PEOPLE died, let alone how many cats. Any time someone cites a number like 1/3, I want to see sources.

    Now that I’ve put my soapbox away, I will agree with Michelle and Londoner that cats were necessary rodent- and disease-control mechanisms.

  42. Didn’t they kill cats BEFORE the plague swept through Europe and that’s what exacerbated it? Fewer cats as a result of people believing them to be related to witches, which led to an increasing rodent problem… Rodents that were carriers of fleas that were carriers of the plague?

    At least that’s what we learned in school. =P

  43. Ok, I feel I really need to follow this up.

    1. Hugh’s package was NOT about the kitten alone, ie. CNN does not focus on the fate of one kitten when tens of thousands of people have died. This was one (small) part of a much longer package – and inserted as a glimmer of hope even amid such desperate conditions.

    2. I emailed Hugh and asked if he knew about the fate of the kitten. He said he spoke to the doctor before and when he took him he didn’t doubt he’d be good to him. Also: “He was gone by the time we got to the top of the hill again – which might have been a good sign.” And bear in mind this is in China, but a Hong Kong doctor took the kitteh – and they’re MAD about their animals in HK.

    3. Finally, Hugh said he will actually make inquiries into this – there weren’t so many HK doctors in the area so he may be able to track him down. And if he does, and there’s a happy well-fed kitten at the other end, he will file a follow-up report.

    Meanwhile, CNN continues to focus on the humans in the disaster zone – don’t you worry. Like I said, these are just 39 seconds of what’s very extensive coverage on China and the people who survived the earthquake.

    Believe in the kitteh!


  44. need to know what happened to kitty. need. to. know. dumb reporter.

  45. Juniper Jupiter says:

    YAY, Kasia! Let’s hope Hugh (and Hong Kong Doctor Man for that matter) follows through…

    Obviously there have been human tragedies, people. That’s ALL we hear on tv any more…what killed me ded(in a good way) was after ALL those frikkin’ tornadoes the last few days(thankfully with only a few deaths, I believe) somebody on ABC, for a split second, while mentioning aboot a devastated town in Iowa, where people were (sooc)”searching for ANYTHING that’s salvageable, a wedding ring, a photo album, and ***MEW*** a lost pet…”and as that was mentioned, a tiny, dirty little dilute calico kitling appeared, alive and for the most part, okay…my head asploded! I burst into tears when I saw that, because people are taught that pets are replaceable like items, not live beings like children. I don’t have kids, I’m a cat person, I connect better with animals, except spiders (again, gross), and yes I believe in animal control population (I also believe in teenager control population, lol), but when it comes to helpless kittens (and puppies) I melt in a puddle of helplessness myself.

    It was a cute clip.

    Again, thanx, Kasia!

  46. ThreeCatNight says:

    I cried with joy to see this, and only hope that the kitty will end up well-loved and sheltered. That being said, I’m so damn tired of the nuffers who say “Well, what about the people? Who cares about a cat?” or “You care more about animals than people!” Don’t speak for me, and others like me, okay? Do you know of the charities I contribute to that benefit both animals and humans, that you’re qualified to make blanket statements like that? Don’t paint people into a corner, please. I had the same visceral reaction about the animals and people that were affected by Hurricane Katrina. The real exception being, of course, that the animals have no voice in terms of their welfare. We are their stewards. We’re all inextricably linked on this earth; it’s a symbiotic relationship. If the most helpless can survive with help of others more articulate and resourceful, then I’m all for it. And yes, Juniper, I’d have to agree with you on certain aspects; I have three animals at home, not kids. And frankly, living in a city like New York, the more I deal with people, the more I can appreciate sweet, innocent animals.

  47. I think most animals bailed out of town about a week before the earthquake struck.

  48. Fat Tabby says:

    Well said Three Kittehs!

  49. Pussytoes says:

    I guess I’m the only one here afraid kitty was going to be lunch for that dude.

  50. I have a feeling that kitten may have turned into an afternoon snack for his snatcher.

  51. Awww, poor kitty. So glad he was rescued!

    Why are there so many negative people who feel the need to spread their evil and bad attitudes? You people suck. Go take a long walk off a short pier.

  52. GT, I am with you. I wouldn’t have even set the bebeh down….in my pocket he goes…all the way to my home for happily ever after snuggles.

  53. Jupiter: I agree.

    Oh God, a horrible thought just crossed my mind. The (people) victims don’t have much food. Don’t they eat cats in China? Please someone tell me I am wrong! I choose to believe he is playing with toy mice…I choose to believe…

  54. meowandwoof says:


    Hi Berthaservant! Do you agree?

  55. tracyFlick says:

    That’s a ballsy kitty. I like its attitude and spunk.

  56. i hope everything goes well for the littel guy or gal! nowthat’s a cat that should be called “Lucky”.

  57. oh gawd, that just breaks my heart. those mews, oh those mews.

  58. Desert: humans can take care of themselves? You mean the thousands of people who are seriously injured or still trapped under rubble? Or the newly made orphans? So we should shrug our shoulders at the near 100,000 people who have died in the earthquake to squirt ourselves over this cute kitten? I don’t understand you.

    Michelle: Every country (including the US) has taken drastic measures over something. It is no excuse to squash a terrible tragedy and the suffering of regular people into the crimes of their government.

    I love kittens and this was very cute. It gave me a little hope in the sad situation. The posts here, though, left such a bad taste in my mouth. The life of an animal is not greater or more precious than that of a person. If you honestly believe this, something is wrong with you. And please lets hold off on blanket stereotyped condemnations of “the chinese” or jokes about eating animals.

  59. Just to clarify…When I said:
    “The life of an animal is not greater or more precious than that of a person,” I meant to say that both animals and people are precious. I really don’t like the hypocrisy of some animal activists that elevate animals over humans.

    And, PLEASE!!! STOP SUGGESTING CHINESE PEOPLE EAT CATS. That is such an ugly stereotype and such a sad idea after we saw how the kitten survived!

  60. Just to clarify…When I said:
    “The life of an animal is not greater or more precious than that of a person,” I meant to say that both animals and people are precious. I really don’t like the hypocrisy of some animal activists that elevate animals over humans.

    And, PLEASE!!! STOP SUGGESTING CHINESE PEOPLE EAT CATS. That is such an ugly stereotype and such a sad idea after we saw how the kitten survived!

  61. um… i think thats a mountain cat….

  62. MJ, believe it or not, sometimes history classes spread MISINFORMATION. Sorry to derail the conversation. Skip if you’re not concerned about plague and cats.

    Europeans didn’t really worry about witches in the Middle Ages; that popped up after the Reformation. It’s the only factual error in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. They would have been burning heretics, not witches.

    Also, nobody thought the earth was flat. Washington Irving made up that story about COlumbus because he thought Americans needed some heroes. One of my professors from grad school wrote a very cool book about it, called Inventing the Flat Earth.

  63. Uilleand says:

    “And, PLEASE!!! STOP SUGGESTING CHINESE PEOPLE EAT CATS. That is such an ugly stereotype”

    Thank you J Echo. I wanted to say something like that myself, but was afraid of contributing to the comment-overcy.
    That said, I will continue to hope that the less-than-snorgly handling of our cute survivor is due to the fact that the water is was swimming through was most likely quite toxic/contaminated. Even dear Hugh was cautions with his touchy-feely…
    And thank you, thank you Kasia for following up with the concerns here!

  64. Pussytoes says:

    It’s not an ugly stereotype. It happens.

  65. Actually debg there were many factual errors in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
    -Cars didn’t exist then.
    -People probably didn’t use coconut shells to pretend they were riding a horse.
    -They didn’t have grenades. They had petards.
    Etc etc…


  66. starling says:

    “It’s not an ugly stereotype. It happens.”

    Just like we Westerners eat cute little bunnyrabbits, and calves, and bebeh lambs …

    Sorry for the morbid post, but a bit of perspective, please!

  67. Hi meowandwoof — and yes, I agree.

    Stepping back to the “meta” for a moment — this video (and indeed every post) is just as much a way for all of us to project our own hopes and fears. It represents a kind of trauma — being caught in a disaster and helpless — that stirs up very deep, primal feelings. In a way, it’s a glass half-empty or half-full question. When you look at the video, do you see a glimmer of hope and survival and choose to believe that this animal, who struggled so hard to live through two weeks of what must have seemed like hell, has been rewarded for his/her pluck and is now being cared for by a fellow human survivor? Or do you see the destructive forces of nature and humans, deciding that in a harsh and cruel world facing terrible disaster, this cat is very unlikely to find a happy ending?

    The way you answer that question (at least impulsively before doing any follow-up research, as Kasia has done — NICE JOB, Kasia!), says something about the way you view the world in general and has very little to do with the actual story of the kitten. And the whole thing ends up running VERY deep because it’s about life and death. It’s not enough for the positive people to say “Wow, what a lucky cat and a great story,” they (we) have to imagine that the person who took the cat was so overwhelmed with love and compassion that they gave the cat a perfect home and a good life. The negative people just can’t say “It’s a miracle he survived, though the odds of him surviving much longer aren’t good,” they have to make jokes about the cat being lunch or bring up disagreements with Chinese political policy or the history of the black plague. All of these approaches/reactions are understandable (with varying degrees of relevance), but it’s kind of bizarre to have a discussion/fight about it. It’s like fighting about God (or some higher power), sometimes those beliefs are so rooted in who we are that we just can’t see someone arguing from the other side.

    As a believer (in the goodness of people and kitties and higher powers), I am choosing to believe, perhaps in the face of cold “logic,” that the cat was well-taken care of. If you don’t believe, or believe differently, then I’m not here to change your mind. But I can respectfully ask that you present your contrarian views in a less combative manner. Yes, the kittie may not have met a kind end (either at human hands or because it got sick). But in the absence of not knowing, I don’t think it’s necessary to challenge other people’s faith. Believe me, if we met in person, I could probably say some pretty terrible things about whatever it is that YOU believe or have faith in (I’m quite good at making people’s head spin).

    So, that’s why I think we have such powerful gut reactions. Love to everyone.

  68. mikemil828 says:


    That information made me a bit more optimistic about the kitten’s fate

    As for all the cat eating stuff, I doubt the kitten would be on anyone’s menu anytime soon, mostly because it’s been in a fetid quake disaster area for a couple weeks and thus would be rather unsafe for consumption, even if the survivors were lacking food they are unlikely to eat something that would make them sick.

  69. I don’t know. I think Chinese people do eat cats. At least my relatives did (that’s what they said anyway). It’s only a big deal because we’re talking about it here in America, where people can afford to love animals more than other people. It’s perspective, IMO. There are Hindus out there that are probably appalled that we eat hamburger and steak. But we do it.

  70. Granny, you’re right about everything except the coconuts! :}

  71. Pussytoes says:


  72. Joelle Taschereau says:

    Pauvre minuscule bébé!!!!!

  73. Did anyone else hear, “while my back was turned a dolphin plucks up the little fellow and gives him the care he deserves?” >_>

  74. meowandwoof says:

    Berthaservant, you have my undying devotion once again.

  75. Noelegy says:

    Caring about the fate of the kitten doesn’t mean that one iota of concern is subtracted from the human victims of the earthquake.

  76. I am not a necessarily negative person by nature, but I do know what us humans do to animals on a daily basis, even under the best of circumstances. You can watch it all on TV on any given day of the week.

    That being said, I sure hope this kitty has a happy live after living through so much.

    But I still find it way more sad–because of the horror of the situation of there–than cute.

  77. starling says:

    I want to know how debg knows about the coconuts.

  78. Kasia, thank you for emailing the reporter and finding out what you could. That video was haunting me. I feel a little more optimistic about that kitten’s chances.

  79. …sure are a lot of poor excuses for humanity on here.

    No one posting knows what happened, so why be such pissy-asses?

  80. …and Jmuhj drops the LOLspeak!

    Righteous. Lemme just make one small edit, though:
    “…sure are a lot of poor excuses for humanity” [full stop]

    Yeah, I’m a cynic and a misanthrope. Why do you think I hang out *here* ?

  81. Ahem, yes, some Chinese people do eat cats. People of Canton region (include Hong Kong) are known for eating “everything with two wings except the airplane, and everything with four legs except tables and chairs”. Growing up I heard there’s a famous Cantonese dish called dragon and tiger (snake and cat). For these reasons, great Chinese writer/humorist Lin Yutang admits “no wonder people from other regions regard us as snake-eating aborigines”. However, in my lifetime I have never read or heard of anyone in China eating cats.

    In fact, until about 10 years ago, the official government policy regarding pets in urban areas is that you are only allowed to have cats, but not dogs.

    China was a agrarian culture, so cats were very important and much loved. Dogs, however, have a bad reputation. For one thing, like the previous post demonstrates, they eat poop. They also carry disease. In China’s long feudal history, only rich land owners can afford to have dogs. And dogs, being unquestioningly loyal to its owner, are often set on the poor peasants by the exploitive land owners. So in Chinese, the popular word for evil henchmen is “dog legs”, or “running dog” – a term made popular during Vietnam War. Americans, I discovered, are very amused and fond of the term “Capitalist Running Dogs”. And they are invariably disappointed when I explained the running dog refers not to them, but the South Vietnamese government of the time.

  82. I was touched by this story of survival too! And the tiny kitten’s grumpy mews when he reached the shore — reminds me of my grumpy cat who will live until he’s 100 (cat years) simply because of he’s a curmugeon.

    But one quick thing — how come this heavy conversation about inhumane animal treatment in China isn’t being censored by Theo, but all the posts about the baby white coat were immediately deleted? Am I missing something…

    [I *really* don’t think you want me to go there, but I will say that judgment calls are constantly being made. Realistically, though, how would you know exactly which comments have been unpublished? – Ed.]

    [Also, I think “but we Americans eat bunnies and lambies and calfies” is actually a fair point… – Ed.]

    In any case — I likes it.

  83. lurkingsmirk says:

    I hope people aren’t suggesting that China is uniquely cold towards kittens and other fluffy friends…let’s not forget how many cats and dogs are being abandoned in America in foreclosed homes. Sympathy for the kitten is starting to take on an ugly cultural tone. And honestly, if they wanted the kitten destroyed they wouldn’t have taken it away–a baby kitten on its own wouldn’t have survived anyways.

  84. I hope somebody will look after that wee little kitty la.

    Kisses to the wee kitty la……it will be alright….don’t worry. XXX


    Oh Wow. I hope they don’t eat the wee one.

  86. LesbianNeoCon says:

    I’m not exactly sure he should’ve let that person take the kitty away. I have a bad feeling about that. 😦

  87. blueberries4me says:

    Kasia, I’m anxiously awaiting your update. I hope we have some small good news out of all this tragedy.

  88. awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
    hopefully the lil kitten gets a good, safe, loving home ^^

  89. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh, ya know…I don’t think anybody’s mentioned this, where everybody keeps going ON and ON and ON about whether or not the Chinese folx eat kitties or not…you know what? ALL of us (myself included) are guilty of wanting to pop this kitling IN OUR MOUFS RIGHT NOW IT’S SO KYOOT!…well, after a bath, I mean, that water WAS a little dirty and had debris and whatnot.


    NOW…Kasia, our favorite SANE angel…any word?
    Thank you!

    I’m sorry…had to wag my finger at you guilty parties (and you know who you are)…but I’m getting SICK of the racist comments!
    Again, I’m sowwy… 🙂

  90. katiedid says:

    to j echo: It isnt a stereo type in Indonesia… when I lived there they would sell dogs and cats in little cages for food.. we managed to save one little guy and named him scruffy.. he was the ugliest dog you have ever seen but they dont breed them for their looks.. not all asian people eat dogs or cats.. but im just saying.. it does happen… especially in times of need when food is short…

  91. Margaret says:

    That kitten is so hardcore. He’s like WHAT THE HELL?! This was not in the brochure!

  92. Yes, some Chinese people have been known to consume cats because there is not much else to eat (my own father included when he was a boy and very poor). Nonetheless, that does not mean all Chinese people choose to eat cats with regularity. I am quite sure my father never got the urge to cook up one of his pet cats during my parents’ 30+ years of cat ownership here in the US.
    Also, China is experiencing incomparable economic growth right now, which means some Chinese people are starting to become middle class or quite wealthy. With this newfound wealth, they are embracing the concept of pet ownership with the same enthusiasm and passion as Americans. I saw it myself last fall when I was there. Many people keep pets and love them deeply. There’s no reason to believe a well-educated and likely wealthy doctor will do any harm to that kitten.

  93. Sorry folks… no updates as yet. I’ll of course make sure to let you know if I hear anything. But to be honest, I don’t expect a follow up in the very near future… seeing that Hugh has other reporting committments to attend to.

    But I too choose to believe that the kitteh was taken care of, or in Hugh’s words, we’re hoping for a “well-fed healthy kitten in plush doctor’s apartment surrounded by loving children.”


  94. Margaret – thank you for the only Laugh out loud comment on this thread! Struck MY funny bone, for sure!!
    I’m here for the cute, not the politics…

  95. Patricia says:

    I suspect it will get deleted but the reason people were so upset at the begining of this thread was this article that some one posted about the Chinese government trying to kill off cats in Beijing…

  96. Snowpea says:

    Ummm, I don’t like the way this vid ends. The way that guy is carrying the cat does not bode well. I feel sick.

  97. kestrien says:

    Here’s an article that the nuffers should read:

    After Earthquake, Animal Lovers to the Rescue:

  98. Snowpea, I agree. I got the chills, and I am an optimistic cute-lover!

  99. juniper juniper I love you! Great post, I agree.

  100. temperance says:

    i just heard an NPR story talking about the animal rights folks in China trying to save as many critters as they can after the quake- they, too, are concerned about their government’s methods of dealing with animals.

    there are plenty of caring Chinese animal lovers- but we need to acknowledge they are fighting an uphill battle- animal rights is just not something their government is really all that concerned about. it’s not racist to say that, it’s a fact. and the people over there who are trying to make a difference and change people’s opinions on animals need our help in whatever way we can give it to them.

    every nation has it’s strenghts and weaknesses. China is way ahead of us in alternative forms of health care- our doctors are just now starting to take seriously methods that the Chinese have been using for centuries.

    the reason i like cute overload is because it lets me forget all the yucky stuff in the world and take a moment to appreciate it’s small moments of beauty. please, let’s send all those peeps in China tryin’ their hardest to make a difference all the good, good thought we can…

    oh, yeah- as for people eating cats- i agree with some of the above peeps: for me, it’s no different than eating lamb or chicken- it’s all meat and it’s all a matter of perspective.

  101. This is heartbreaking. I hope the kitty was fed and sheltered and given a loving home. 😦

  102. that kitten does look like a mountain cat as someone suggested earlier…

  103. i just wanna say that there is no difference between eating cat & eating chicken, cow & pig, just because an animal looks much cuter doesn’t mean that life is much precious than others who look ugly. when u judge someone who eats cats & dogs next time, think about all the meat u had before. that’s from the animal slaughtered by us simply because they weren’t born pretty enough to survive.

  104. I love caelus also. And temperance. Thank you for voicing what I think also! And of course, I also love the kitteh in this vid.

  105. awhh 🙂 such a sweet little baby <3 i wonder how it even got in that river? o.O