Pup fosters buns

Jezebel has cherry-picked this interspecies snorgling morsel from National Geographic’s "Dogs with Jobs" show. Apparently, this pup is overseeing some baby buns… It’s great footage (and tailage) <–brilliant

Check it out over at Jezebel

Once again, the fabulous Raymi, Ladies and Gentlemen [Loud clapping sounds]



  1. Summer R says:

    Eeee! Bunnays!

  2. Summer R says:

    Eeee! Bunnays!

  3. Summer R says:

    Eeee! Bunnays!

  4. Summer R says:

    …*shifty eyes* *shameface* That… was not supposed to happen.

  5. Capt' Tightpants says:

    OMG, my head just exploded from the Bleen.

    Or it could be the fact that I’m on day 14 of my two-week Ph.D. exam assignment, and the head was predisposed to asplodify.


  6. Your excitement is palpable, Summer R–and understandable. That story was fabulous! Those buns looked so cute huddled under Ellie.

  7. ThreeCatNight says:

    “They look just like their father – whoever he is!”

  8. Spaniels are brilliant. The best behaved dogs ever. My in-laws have two who are retired hunting dogs…they don’t bark, they never complain, they just want a long walk twice a day and the odd biccy. When I go to visit, and step outside for any reason, they get all happy and wiggly, thinking ‘Ooh! Something fun’s going to happen!’

  9. overly adorable puppins + wee bits of bunneh actioms = crapping rainbows. way too cute to handle!

  10. When I click on Start or the pic, it won’t maximize. 😦

  11. OMG – such a great, cute story! and cuteness overload! Yayyy!! Fox and The Hound anyone?

  12. StormCat says:

    Puppeh, with Princess Di eyes, is saying “They followed me home, can I keep ’em?”

  13. I’m having the same problem M.V. I can’t make the windows that comes up with the video any bigger.

  14. Catsquatch says:

    Well of course she takes care of da bunnehs, look at her sweet little face!

  15. warrior rabbit says:

    @M.V. and Catsquatch, I had the same problem. Click on the “Check it out over at Jezebel” link and it will take you to the page where the video functions correctly and at the right size.

  16. Katrina says:

    You have to click on the blue and underlined Jezebel on the top or it doesn’t work.
    “Ya gotta wait ’til they stop spaaahkling”(Star Trek Ref.) Lovely little doglet fantastic bunyabunses.

  17. riolinda says:

    cutest thing evah! the best part is the bunneh being feed with a syringe of some sort. x)

  18. hai faive!

  19. I wonder if the bunbuns ever ask themselves why “Mom” doesn’t hop around like they do? Just a random thought.

    They’re all so adorable!!

  20. I clicked on the blue and underlined “Jezebel” and I’m finally getting the full window, but I can’t find the video anywhere, just the short little story. If I click on the picture that has the play button that says “video”, I just get sent to the story, no video. 😦 Does the site not like Firefox?

    [What, you mean Cute Overload? No, we like Firefox just fine, and Safari, and Opera, and… um… what’s that Microsoft one… – Ed.]

  21. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Heh…I was expecting a weiner! 😀 Get it? Dog and buns? As in hot dog? Oh never mind!

    But that is a sweet pic. THERIOUTHLY!

  22. [What, you mean Cute Overload? No, we like Firefox just fine, and Safari, and Opera, and… um… what’s that Microsoft one… – Ed.]

    Should’ve been more specific, I meant the Jezebel site. I still can’t see video. 😦

    Firefox here at work and at home LOVES CO. 🙂

  23. chanpon says:

    Holy friggin’ crap! I thought I was going to die from the cuteness of the minibuns crawling all over mom.

  24. pistache268 says:


    Also, Firefox does indeed heart C.O.

  25. Clearly, Firefox is a Qte Fox of Discernment. (Q.F.D.)

  26. Apparently the Jezebel site requires a plugin to be installed on my Firefox here at work, which of course I can’t install since I don’t have Admin creds. 😦

    But I finally got to watch the video by switching to IE. Spaniel!!! BUNNIES!!! 🙂 It must be BUNNIES!!!! 🙂 {Goes off humming BtVS: The Musical}

  27. Annie J says:

    Sooo sooo cute! I love the screen-shot too – the eyes on that spaniel melt my heart!

    I had to use the IE add-on in Firefox to be able to see the video…

  28. I watched it after click/scrolling until the video was in the right place lol.
    Very cute. Sad that the buns mother died for whatever reason though, but at least they’re getting taken care of now 🙂

  29. Yaaay! And more humans helping animals help animals!!!

    Although I have to be honest…I first read the headline as “Phil Foster’s Buns.” Which is NOT cute. (All due respect…Phil played Laverne’s dad on Laverne and Shirley).


  30. katiedid says:

    LOL bunny mofia..

  31. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

    I soooo needed this huge dose of adorableness.
    Sometimes work can be so exhausting. Thanks for the cute Meg!

  32. hon glad says:

    Great pictures, shame about the gahstly music and voice over, :{

  33. Kristin says:


    *dies happily*

  34. Kari: I am sure they think, ” I can’t wait til I learn to ‘walk’ like mommy does!”

  35. I think the Spaniel might be cuter than the bunnies! (ducks for cover…)

  36. medicalvampire says:

    I’d throw things at you, Kris, as an unforgiving bun-lover, but I’m too busy squeeing over both the Spaniel and the buns. 😉

    I now have my warm fuzzies for the rest of the day.

  37. Linda SF says:

    Yet again, a dog comes to the rescue and is mom to another species! Bunnies, tigers, pumas — there’s no stopping these dogs!

    Canines — The Child Protective Services agency of the animal kingdom!

  38. Raemie L. says:

    Ahh, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and bebeh bunnehs is a squee-worthy combo! (Esp. the bunneh looking like he’s using the carrot stump as a stool when drinking formula from the dropper!)