THIS JUST IN: Tiny tailio Iglesias

Um, this bun has some serious amphibian-but-still-a-bun-so-i’ll-overlook-it ‘tocks.

They shall be furry one daaaaaaaay [sing in We Shall Overcome voice]


I just bit that teeny tailio off and didn’t save any for you, Mark M.!



  1. Baby bunny butt or baby birdy butt?

  2. Just a bitty butt.

  3. Well this is the be all and end all of bunny pictures!

  4. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Looks like the bunny butt from the cute little morsels from before! Am I right? I know my bunny butts!

  5. oh my goodness!!!! some seriously cute baby bunny buns!! 😀

  6. Bun buns!! I love it! And yes, those have GOT to be the ones from the little hors d’oeuvres (sp??) before it.

  7. nope not the same tocks as the previous post. the other one has anerable little spots!!

  8. chanpon says:

    Oh my! That tailio is practically naked! *blush*

  9. Tony James says:

    Are we sure that’s a bunny? The legs and tail are mole-ish…

  10. Christabel says:

    So tiny…so snackable…

  11. Catsquatch says:

    Was there a splosion?

    How many babeh bunneh tocks are coming out this spring?

    Will any of the babeh bunneh tocks survive the onslaught of muching and snacking at CO?

    Will any of the babeh bunnehs ever get fuzzeh?

    Tune in an hour from now to find out the answers to these burning questions!

    Brought to you by Bunneh Tocks Farm, where only the most delectabul bunnehs are borned!

    Bunnehs not shipped outside the lower 48, restrictions may apply.

  12. Bun bun tochlet (That’s like a tuchas only smaller)

  13. The smallest of tocks only deserve the tiniest of hairs!

  14. lunchtime nibblz nibblz nibblz he he he ty for adorable lunch!

  15. ThreeCatNight says:

    Tyger, LOL!

  16. Rosie A. says:

    CHOMP! GULP! Kyute lil nommable tailio all gones!

  17. Normally I’m not one to put animals in my mouth (though I’ve nommed on kitteh ears a few times) but I just want to plop this whole bun-bun in my mouth. Does anyone else think he looks gummy?

  18. oaklandcat says:

    Thx for the earworm, Meg!!

  19. To all the tails I’ve loved before…
    Who’ve scurried in and out my door…
    I’m glad they came along…
    I dedicate this song…
    To all the tails I’ve loved before…

  20. eikoleigh says:

    how funny!

  21. bleenann says:

    I don’t think I want to neeble him; I just have a very strong urge to nuzzle his leetle body.

  22. buckethead says:

    Hey, maybe someone can stick their camera in an expectant mama bunny next so we can see the tail while the bunny wunny is yet to be born?

  23. Catsquatch says:

    Your a guy arncha…..

  24. @Kris: LOL!!!

  25. i saw on a nature show that the average lifespan of a rabbit in the wild is 8 weeks.

    nature’s favorite snack. that’s why they make so many of them.

    hors d’oevres, indeed.

  26. Wow. Couple of weird comments here. But whatever.


    El Conejo!

  27. what IS that thing? (does not look bunnish)

  28. Totalee Puppy says:

    I think it’s a mole. He’s
    on the wrong page, too…
    He’s looking for “It’s Been Way Too Long Since We
    Posted a Hedge”…
    He’s supposed to be down by the river with Mrs. Picknick, Truffles the hedgehog and your faithful servant with our basket of lemonade and picnic treats.
    Poor mole is so blind, he lost his way…

  29. hon glad says:

    I am glad it’s a tailio and not a willio.

  30. snorglepup says:

    He’s not ripe enough to eat yet.
    Give him a few weeks to fuzzify.

  31. Katrina says:

    Joy-I’m sorry for your loss. snorgelpup- I was thinking the same thing, how do you know when he is ripe? Fuzzificity matters. Then he will be fuzzificious and wil have fuzzificasciousness. I believe in “Fuzz Therapy”-when my boys were small if one or both were sad or feeling pewey, “Fuzz Therapy” always came through for them. And for me, too. Everbody-share some “Fuzz Therapy” now! Fuzziliciousness can bring about World Peace.

  32. HonGlad, we must be in the same gutter, as I too wasn’t quite sure what I was seeing at first.

    If that really is a bun, I had no idea what their tails looked like under the fluff. Amazing.

  33. jeanmac says:

    Dem’s lil’ baby bunny butts!

  34. Totalee Puppy says:

    JEANMAC lol! Still think
    mole…Stupidly yours,
    Totalee Puppy
    So far, bunny is winning by
    a lot. mole 2.

  35. Totalee Puppy says:

    I dedicate this comment to KRIS…lol! A sweet song…
    but…y’know…what can I

  36. Daphne Moss says:

    Can’t … see… ears…