Poopers Anonymous

Dewds, this is like the Post Secret of poop-eating pups.

Poor "Taffy" (ew! the visuals!!!) the poop-eater. May she (gack) triumph over her addiction (more gaaaacking)


Robyn K. P.A. has meetings in every major town across the country. Worked for moi.



  1. Way cute doggie. Excuse me, I must go wash out my brain now. The visuals are making me zarf.

  2. Coprophagics of the world UNITE!!!!

  3. AHHHGGG look at that face!!

  4. eikoleigh says:


  5. oh jeez. She must be a puppy. It happens. Or should I say sh** happens? I don’t know what’s worse…puppy eating owns or puppy digging in cat box. ick.

  6. Hopefully this public shaming will encourage poor Taffy to reconsider her vices.

  7. Are the meetings limited to dogs’ addiction to their own poop? I know of a dog with an acquired taste for poop of the feline variety.

  8. jellia jamb says:

    she looks so sweet and gentle, i refuse to believe it! (puts on rose-tinted glasses)

  9. Ewww. Taffy doesn’t get to kiss my face.

  10. Nikita Tinypaws says:

    This totally cracks me up.
    By the way, watched one of those bbc dog shows where the lady comes in and reforms bad dogs – she fed the dog pinneapple to stop the dog from eating his poop. Must taste bad on the other end.

  11. Aw, poor puppy. Don’t worry! This is easily fixed. Just ask Mommy/Daddy to add a few tablespoons of canned pumpkin to your food, which will make the poo taste bad. Also, more walkies please.

  12. My doggie used to do this until I started sprinkling cayenne pepper on his poo. He didn’t like the spice!

  13. lol, she is adorable!
    I want to beep her nose!

  14. Lauren T says:

    oh jeez. She must be a puppy. It happens. Or should I say sh** happens? I don’t know what’s worse…puppy eating owns or puppy digging in cat box. ick.
    My dog eats my bunny, ferret and cat poo. And my friends dogs eat their own poop too.

  15. Ermine_Violin says:

    if you take this sweet doggie to the vet they’ll give you something to sprinkle on the food to stop this – don’t do that.

    Meat tenderizer is the exact same stuff as the vet stuff and works just as well.

    What a sweet pretty puppy – I HATE that it’s being humiliated here. 😦 😦 😦

  16. katiedid says:

    lol oh my god why did i have to read that right as soon as the phone rang at work.. do you have any idea how hard it is to force back a laugh like that!!! I still cant stop laughing.. the look on that puppy’s face.. killer…

  17. OMG!!! I totally LOL at this! And my dogs don’t eat their own, but rather fancy what we call kitty tootsie rolls (the visual: how you are eating a tootsie roll – chewy, right?… now how a dog looks eating cat poo)

  18. katiedid says:

    OH and ermine_violin… how can a dog be “humiliated” if it cant even READ!!!!!

  19. AuntieMame says:

    This picture is hilarious! And it’s not like the dog can read, so she has no idea she’s being “humiliated.” She thinks she’s a star!

  20. scooterpants says:

    you go Katiedid, zackly what i was thinkin.
    although… that is quite the hoo-miliated look on her face.
    or is that just guilt cuz she ate it OFF THE FLOOR INSIDE THE HOUSE!.

  21. katerpie says:

    A dog would require shame to be humiliated (see exhibit a: eating own poop).

    Tee hee, poopy puppy!! XD

  22. That’s pretty hilarious. I KNEW I was right not to let dogs lick my face.

  23. Seven Paws says:

    “Ewwwww… blechhhh… dog lips, I’ve been kissed by dog lips! Quick, boil some water!”


  25. We should give her credit for confessing! What a pretty face! I operate a rehab house for poop-eating puppays. Drop by aneetime, puppay! You can undo it, we can halp!

  26. Catsquatch says:

    TMI man, TMI…..

  27. Khadija says:

    a pup THAT cute probably poops daisies

  28. Confessions of a puppeh

  29. OK, funny as H3LL!
    Made my afternoon! Love the public “humiliation”! If only it could really work, it won’t and that’s why it’s funny!

  30. Khadija says:

    awww poor pup’s gotta check into puppoop rehab

  31. that’s alright, mate, better your own than someone else’s

  32. Uh… I’m voting for non-cuteness on this one.

  33. *raises hand* Yes, well, my dog Nicky also enjoys a piquant tidbit from the litter box.

    Probably thinks he’s “helpingsk”!!

  34. that pup looks very sorry… don’t punish by making a sign. Poor puppy.

  35. My Mugsy eats his own too. No amount of shaming will get him to stop- we’ve tried. I think I’m going to try the pineapple, though- thanks for the suggestions, all.

    Oh, and that’s exactly the look he gets when you tell him how bad he is for doing that. “I know, don’t you think I know? I just can’t help myself!” he seems to say.

  36. The WORST is when my dog eats his poo when he’s crated, and then barfs it back up, usually after I get home. Barf and poo together, worse than either one separate. Ick.

  37. chanpon says:

    No thanks on the visuals – I will take your word for it. But this is one of the reason why, as much as I squee at adorable doggies, I own and choose to share my living space with kitties.

  38. It’s even worse when the doggie eats the kitty crunchers from the litter box and then wants to lick the people faces.

  39. It’s even worse when the doggie eats the kitty crunchers from the litter box and then wants to lick the people faces.

  40. kitty crunchers..hehe

  41. Rachel Sweeden says:

    I agree with you100% Mandi.

  42. binky-mama says:

    Awwwwww jeez guys….I JUST popped a tootsie roll in my mouf as I saw this. At least the puppeh is adorable as heck.

  43. dharlan1too says:

    I am printing this off, in color, and taping it to my office door and closing myself in. I want to see how long I can be left alone. If it works, I’ll let ya know.

  44. Leilani says:

    And this is exactly why one shouldn’t kiss a dog on the lips (or any other portion of its anatomy). Blech!

  45. Grain of salt, please says:

    I am a novice animal empath (why yes, in California, how did you know?) and I am the first to admit how ridiculous that sounds. But here is my take: that sweet dog is scared that those poops will get her into trouble. She is very submissive, yes? Somewhere she got it into her head that she’ll be punished for them. I suggest many daily leash walks (you’ll figure out her poo schedule pretty fast), and when she does her business, praise her calmly, and praise her doubly as you pull her away from her leavings. If you don’t live in the country and have to pick up after her, make sure to behave quite unemotionally about it. If she happens upon her own or another dog’s droppings in your walks, allow an investigative sniff, but pull her away early and praise her for leaving that sh*t alone.

    And the photo is hilarious, btw.

  46. SixFootJen says:

    Should also be in “Cute or Sad” category. 😦 Awwwwwww, sad face!

  47. Theresa says:

    It’s called coprophagia. And Grain of Salt had an excellent suggestion. If you don’t give them time to eat it, they can’t eat it. Walk her so she doesn’t poo unsupervised, and pick it up promptly.

  48. Theresa says:

    PS That little face is darn-near irresistible– and well, it would have to be, wouldn’t it? :Þ

  49. She looks pitiful…breaks my heart. 😦

  50. “Hi, my name is Growlypants, I too am a poopaholic.”

    “Hi, Growlypants.”

    (look how penitent he is)

    It’s weird. His littermate brother Tank eats dirt, but not poop.

  51. kinda like when you tell your kid that you intend to pass around a plate at the restaurant to see if anyone will contribute some boogers since that’s her favorite meal!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. sorry, NOT CUTE


    poor dog

  53. that is MEAN MEAN MEAN

    not cute.

  54. I must say that it stopped the booger eating.

  55. Taffy is soooo cute. AND my own pup used to eat the poop, but she outgrew the habit.

  56. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Now now people! Poop actually has beneficial bacteria that can boost your immune system but only if you eat a raw food diet! Have you ever heard of a dog or cat that died from eating poop or tootsie rolls??? : )

    [On your own time, try Googling “canine parvovirus” – Ed.]

  57. Moonshiner says:

    I work at a doggie day care and I’m going to tell you something all you dog lovers probably don’t want to know: at least 50% of dogs enjoy eating poop. I see it happen day in and day out. We have a few notorious clients who make eating poop the top priority of their day, and who’s parents, upon picking them up in the evening bend down and let their dog lick their faces. Ah, the sweet facts of life………

  58. Laura M. says:

    Go and read Dooce’s account of her poop eating puppy Coco…its hilarious. http://www.dooce.com/2008/05/20/abrupt-change-subject

  59. LaraKimbo says:

    My parents dog eats out of the litter box as well. My mom refers to her ‘snacks’ as “Litter Critters”.

    Cracks me up every time I hear it…but I refuse kisses from the dog now!

  60. b nicer says:

    I have TWO dogs who suffer the same gross problem. Up side – clean yard. UGH!!!!!!!!

  61. Bluemenro says:


  62. “probably poops dasies” 😀
    Thank you…

    We had a problem with this and our dog for a while. However it was during winter so we did find humor with the poopcicle department.

  63. NutherDeb says:

    Just admitting that she has a problem is half the battle! Now Taffy, don’t skip your meetings and don’t forget to call your sponsor whenever you feel like your going to give in to the urges…

  64. Michelle says:

    Aw she looks so guilty

  65. I don’t know if it’s really cute to publicly humiliate your dog. What if some of the other dogs get wind of this, looking over the shoulders of their owners viewing this page? What is a neighbor CAT sees this? The ridicule could scar this puppy for life. Poor Taffy….at least she’ll have something to tell the doggie therapist, or Oprah. Let’s hope not Jerry Springer…

  66. mmwubby says:

    😦 why shame to puppy???? (

  67. Man, these TV pet judges have started to come up with some weird sentencing guidelines.

  68. indigoreiki says:

    Not Fair -No Tattling on cute pups.

  69. sessile says:

    I need to make a sign like that for my dog that says, “I eat everyone else’s poop.”

  70. Some people, like KendraPT, are obviously being delightfully whimsical… but some actually seem to think this is mean and humiliating and shameful for the dog.
    For it to have that effect, she would have to be able a) to read, and b) to understand that through the magic of the internet hundreds of people that she has never met are looking at her and disapproving of her pooguzzling.
    And I think that if you think that, you are really overestimating the mental capacity of an animal that eats its own poo.

  71. Anne Boleyn says:

    At our house it’s referred to as “THE BAD SNACK” whether from the pup or stolen from the litter box.
    P.S. That Post Secret link is some amazing stuff.

  72. Sarah, beautifully said. I loled.

  73. She sooo knows what that signs says! Ohh the disgrace.

    I’m continually shocked when a dog eats its own poo. I so don’t get where that urge comes from. Bizarre and disgusting. Is this a new category or what. LOL!

  74. Shame on those people who embarrassed that poor little doggie!

  75. smartyboots says:

    we call the cat-box “treats” kitty roca.

  76. typingfool says:

    I have a few that could join this support group -what time does it meet? lol!

  77. positive spin: self cleaning puppeh!

    poop, clean up…. poop it again, clean it again 🙂

  78. Michelle says:

    lol Sarah!

    Are there actually people that think this dog is being humiliated? Seriously?

  79. I remember years ago we had a German Shepard and he was eating his own poop a lot. My father asked the vet about it and the vet said that when dogs eat their own poo it’s because they are missing something in their diet (can’t remember what)

    He told my dad to feed him liver and pineapple, and sure enough, it worked! After a day or two he stopped eating his poo and didn’t do it again.

  80. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I was almost afraid to see the pic! That humanslave should be ashamed of themselves for doing that to poor Taffy! Mah fat girl Rizzo has some…ahem…”issues”…but I don’t go around taking pictures humiliating HER!

    By the way, Taffy IS cute, but I hope Taffy poops on her humanslave’s head when they sleep! KARMA, BABY!!! 😀

  81. hon glad says:

    Surely not with that innocent look.

  82. Oh our frenchie Cid used to eat his own poop and the poop of the other dogs.
    Just absolutely disgusting. We found out about it when he was still being housetrained. We’d see the pile of poo, and a wetspot where a piece should’ve been. We quickly realized what was going on. Bleh!
    We got some kind of pill things you feed to your pets that’s supposed to make their poop bad tasting or something.
    It worked for a little bit, but ended up making the dogs sick so we had to stop using it.

    He’s thankfully grown out of it though… for now. Who knows if he’ll pick up the nasty habit down the road.

    One of our other dogs loves cat crap too…. like every other dog out there.
    She would want it so bad, she would jump over a 3ft gate to get at the litter box.

  83. Oh, and yes as someone else mentioned… it’s gross as hell when they decide to throw the poop back up. It’s all mushy and blended in with stomach juices…. BLEH.

  84. Shannon says:

    The more I see her the prettier she becomes. Those eyes! That nose! Those feetz!

    And thanks for all the home remedies instead of the vet stuff. Mine doesn’t eat his own and I don’t think I could get the cat to eat pineapple tho….. My pup does love Canada Goose poo, tho. It’s so bizarre. And bunny poo, to a lesser degree. I’m glad he’s an inside pup and only gets the chance rarely to eat that stuff.

  85. ruth curtis says:

    I come to this site to get fluffy entertainment. Poopy dogs I’ve got at home.It’s depressing Please keep things merely cute, not edgy funny/gross (unless you post them in Gee-ross!!)

  86. starling says:

    Feeling sorry for the doggy to be “shamed” is taking antromomomomorphiciwotsit a tad too far. Unless you’re convinced it can read.

  87. browngrl says:

    for all those who think this is too humiliating for the dog : don’t worry those other folks are just hating the game while still loving the player

  88. katiedid says:

    Peoples: doggies and all the other animals in the world (besides humans) cannot feel shame or humiliation. The do not posses the cognitive ability to do so. Shame requires that you can see your actions from another persons view. Now if puppy can do that .. then i think poo is the least of your worries.. Puppies look of “shame” is just a look of submission because it has learned that eating the poo is bad and gets a “bad” look or yelling from its master… for my moms dog all it takes to get this look and the tail between the legs is a “What did you do?!” .. so dont worry about puppy .. im sure he doesnt even remember this moment by now…

  89. Hi.

    I’m actually a DVM and I see tons of patients that love eating their own poop. A little bit of forbid in the food or a complete diet change helps.
    A lot of my clients who have dogs and cats report that the dog will treat the cats litter box like a candy machine.
    There are worse problems to have…and this one can be fixed.
    What a beautiful pup btw.

  90. Does anyone know where this picture came from? My old boss had a jack russell named Taffy that eats her own poop. I’m wondering if this was taken by one of the ambulance personnel who still work for my old boss. I could so see more than one of them doing something like this.

    As for the poop thing…there is nothing worse than when the dog walks out of the bathroom with the cat litter still clumped to her leeps and the “I didnt so anything” look on her face ::shudder:: Nasty

  91. (tosses pocket change in hat next to sign)

  92. lmao I knew a rottweiler who would wait until the poop was frozen in the winter and then chew on the poopsicles lol

  93. hey, has no one stood up for this poor dog? She’s recycling!

  94. ThreeCatNight says:

    This came just at a time while I was eating a breakfast bar at my desk.
    Nuff said…

  95. has anyone considered this may be slander?
    and that poor pup’s innocent?

  96. Anyone who thinks this is too gross is being silly. Anyone who thinks this post is mean is being ridiculously silly.


    *drama llama bites everyone*

  97. Gillian says:


    OMG. I’m dying laughing. Hahahahahahahahaha hahahahaahhahahaha

    ooooohmg. Too funny.

    Cute dog. Cute sign. LOL.

    Coprophagia is usually due to a mineral and iron deficiency, not fear of punishment or anything else. It can usually be stopped with a dietary supplement.

  98. This makes me sad. Reminiscent of the old days when children were humiliated as “discipline.” The poor pup looks ashamed, even though he/she probably can’t read (you never know). Maybe counseling would be a better option?

  99. I’m lucky that neither of my two dogs are poop-eaters or nasty-thing-rollers.
    They were on a play date with another dog and he starts eating his own poop. The look on their faces was priceless: “You eat your own poop? Yecch…”
    Of course, they steal “Kitty Krunchers” (great name, by the way) so they’re in no position to be casting aspertions on another’s dietary habits.
    The cat feels that they should be honored to be eating her poop.

  100. Jmper, I know exactly what you’re talking about – our foster pit bull/bull dog will sometimes come out of the bathroom, thinking he’s all sneaky but doesn’t realize that he has kitty litter all over his giant nose. 99% of the time he’s an angel, but he is hands down the worst cat turd burglar we have ever fostered.

  101. it would be a jack russell..

  102. In my practice I’ve noticed that a large percentage of my poop eaters eat a certain brand of dog food…and as far as cat poop goes, it just tastes good to dogs for some reason.

  103. kathleen says:

    Our 8 year old golden does this and we excuse her by saying she likes warm food or she’s recycling.

  104. Letty, stop pigeon-holing Jack Russells.

    I’m sure plenty of other breeds eat poops too.

  105. Granny Smith says:

    Around here we call the litterbox cat leavings stuff “kitty kandy”. It’s interesting to see all the names people give it.

  106. I am sorry that a lot of you don’t think that animals, esp. dogs can be shamed or humiliated. They most certainly can be.

    I don’t know, I just feel sorry for the little doggie, maybe it’s the look on her face, but it just seems like she knows that she’s in trouble and she really doesn’t know why.

  107. too many comments to sift through to see if this suggestion was already uh suggested, but normally if you scoop the poop after the doggy goes potty, they don’t have a chance to nosh on it. that generally only works on inside pups though that are monitored when they go outside for walkies. i did, however, read the suggestions on pineapple and pumpkin, and that normally does correct the problem, but if it doesn’t then i’d keep the poop out of the yard and away from puppy’s mouth. looks like an inside dog to me, so you should really pick up after it to help alleviate the problem. if there’s no doo lying around, puppies can’t get into it and eat it! it may be a tedious task, but it’ll keep you from having turd flavored puppy kisses and poo residue on your face after getting snorgled by your pup! 🙂

  108. oh and by the by, our dog used to eat her poo, and knew she was in so much trouble when she did it too. she’d lay in the grass watching us watch her, then get up and run with a turd cigar hanging out of her mouth, and sprint across the yard with us chasing her yelling “DROP IT!” that’s when the poo will start getting picked up, when you chase a dog with a turd cigar.

  109. Sharon Wilson says:

    Well, my sister and I went to the park once with a friend and her puppy, and the puppy found some horse poop and acted like it was the best thing since kibbles.

  110. Sadness.

    Possible reasons:
    -Boredom: When a dog is kept alone for too long, they may consume feces.
    -Stress, frustration, or anxiety: A dog that is tied up in the backyard for many hours a day is lonely and frustrated. This often results in displacement behaviors. It may be an attention-seeking behavior.
    -Nutritional or digestive enzyme deficiency. Check w/your vet.

  111. Aw that’s mean. Dogs are just dogs. Look at that sweet little face!!

  112. Put some pineapple in her food and it will make her poop taste nasty so she won’t do it anymore…learned that from Victoria Stillwell

  113. @ Sarah:


    I love that word. So much. Thank you for introducing it to me.

  114. Awwwww – she’s so purty, and she has the exact same nose inkblot as my li’l Charlie (who, thank goodness, resists the poop of his own species, so I only have to watch out for cat, rabbit, sheep, and cow poop)!

  115. OMG…. some of these comments are hilarious…

    Kitty Krunchers… too funny!!

    Turd Cigar! Hahahahaha

    Cat turd burglar… ROFL

  116. Claudia says:

    LMAO @ Blair… indeed, that too would have made a great prop;)

  117. For a second there, I thought “prop” was a typo. Heh.

  118. I wish my cats ate their own poo. Then I wouldn’t have to scoop so often!

    Eww, I know, kiddink! … kinda 😉

  119. I HOPE that, for your sake, this is just good fun.

    If it is not for “fun”, then I suggest you take puppeh to the vet.
    My wee one used to eat her feces….turned out she had an abdominal tumour……I had to have her put to sleep.

    Think on.

  120. katiedid says:

    I have just asked my boyfriend, who is a psychology major, and he confirmed that animals are not able to feel shame. So don’t worry about puppy emotionally. I don’t even think the puppy looks that upset..

  121. Our chocolate lab eats our kitties poop daily!

  122. Poop eating is natural to dogs. Some “outgrow” it. Some do not. There may be a dietary problem, but it can also be a personal preference. Gross to humans may be delightful to dogs. We are different species. They sniff each other’s butts to say ‘hello’ after all. Putting further chemicals in the diet to curb the “problem” can be harmful and even fatal. Let your dog just be the dog it wants to be. It’s not trying to deride you from your human habits, after all. People who try to control doggie behavior often become doggie abusers, whether they actually recognize it or not.

    Dogs eat poop. Deal with it.

  123. Animals ARE able to feel shame. Your boyfriend, katiedid, has obviously never lived with four cats before. Than again, he’s a uni-stooge, right? You too? You believe he knows it all?

    My cats clearly know embarrassment. Even a slight slip would have them putting back their ears, looking around, and then hiding for 10 minutes. Do you even know animals?

  124. Don’t feel bad for puppy. He released his secret to the world and found that he is not alone!!!! He no longer needs to hide his dirty secret. He must feel so liberated.

  125. Katiedid: Um, I am sure your boyfriend is very smart, but someone who specializes in the human psyche is not an expert on animal emotions. Those are vastly different fields.

    I am a vet tech who specializes in behavior. I think he is incorrect. There is no way to 100% say that animals do have emotions, sure. But I would hope that anyone who has owned a pet can see how obvious it is that they do indeed have feelings, even if they can’t say “I love, I hurt.”

    Animals are not sentient. They are not capable of thought. That does not mean they can’t have feelings or goals, it just means they must be very simple.

    Shame is a feeling too complex to be included in the narrow range of perception animals have. That is why they can’t feel shame. Not because they don’t have feelings.

    Honestly I don’t know how anyone can come to this site and think animals have no feelings. I don’t understand why people assume animals would be different from us. They aren’t robots.

    (pet peeve of mine, sorry)

  126. Clairia says:

    I don’t see the humor in humiliating the sweet dog. The dog is adorable. Would you make fun of your child this way?

  127. avianmission says:

    coprophagis is NOT normal, but is common, in dogs. perhaps it is puppy behaviour. perhaps this is a shelter dog that had to forage to survive. perhaps this comment is too late to help the poor dog. the sign is immaterial, but the dog’s health and welfare matter.

    the condition can indicate serious nutritional problems [because over a LONG period, the dog may be ‘starving’ for nutrients, and this affects everything], or behavioural ignorance or abuse on the part of the OWNERS/GUARDIANS, not the dog.

    dvms above, shame on you for not mentioning the possibilities, links to help, or the requirement to get in touch with the OWNERS/GUARDIANS/PEOPLE WHO SUBMITTED THAT PHOTO. get the message to them that this may be something THEY are not doing correctly that must be properly checked.

    Cuteoverload, please get word immediately back to the photo submitters that the dog should see a vet, that the FOOD the dog is eating should be evaluated as appropriate, that the dog should be checked for various diseases/illness first [see one link below–but owners must always check for somatic illness first], and that behaviour modification may only be part of the problem.

    here’s a ‘slink’ to one of thousands of references online to coprophagia in dogs [which by the way is common, and not evil, in some birds].


    if the sign in the dog’s mouth read ‘desperately trying to tell you something, but you are not listening and laugh at me anyway,’ you might not find this ‘gross’ or ‘hilarious.’ animal intuitives may have answers, too, but the list for healing always requires a look at somatic illness. and nutrition. always.

    get the photo off the site or do the responsible thing.

  128. avianmission says:

    p.s. sorry for typo, meant ‘coprophagia,’ and to the vet tech who says that animals are not sentient, thanks for saying that.

    everyone take note–if you have a vet tech that thinks your animal is not sentient, find another vet. and vet tech.

  129. cats rule dogs drool!!!blehhh.cats bury that stuff dude

  130. I cannot believe that nobody has made a “sh*t-eating grin” joke yet. Far be it from me to ruin a perfect record.

  131. You know, I’d bleen out that naughty quote, but I fear a feedback loop and the dreaded resonance cascade. Bleen recursion is not to be toyed with.

  132. yes, but i’m sure it’s organic poop.

    [That’s a relief, I’m sick of all this artificial $#!%… – Ed.]

  133. Poor widdle puppy…such a nasty habit. Hi, I’m ______________ and I eat my own poop. Well…my dog eschews his poop for horse poop. Not pleasant.

  134. avianmission: Soooo with that response I assume you didn’t actually read my post, just glossed over enough to see “not” and “feel” and quickly, mouth frothing, slammed the reply button.

    What I meant was that animals do not say “Hi, my name is Fluffy. I like catnip and tuna.” They are not self aware. They are not capable of reason, and if you think this, you are a few tomatoes short of a thick sauce.

    This does not in any way mean I think they are unfeeling beings. Which, by the way, was the entire point of my post. I was refuting the earlier claim that animals don’t have feelings. Feelings and thoughts are very VERY different things. You can feel and express love without being able to say “I love you”, you know. That was the point I was making.

  135. yeah…jumping on the bandwagon late on this one, but it’s actually kind of funny cause i JUST had a conversation with someone about this. she told me (and i canNOT verify as am not a vet) that there is a chemical in commercially-produced dog chow that makes the chow smell especially yummy to puppersons — and that this chemical is not broken down by the doggy’s stomach, therefore poop smells like food (and therefore =yummy). girl who mentioned this was definitely into feeding pets organic food. can anyone confirm, if anyone’s still reading this thread? (my dogs never ate their own, and were on supermarket generic food when they were still around…)

  136. katiedid says:

    Ermine: I said NOTHING about an animal not feeling emotions.. I said that an animal cannot feel SHAME.. you may need to re-read things first.. and as for the boyfriend comment.. Do not assume anything about my boyfriend.. as you have never met him.. In SEVERAL of his classes they have discussed the differences in emotions and feelings between animals and humans.. Animals are NOT self aware.. Which is something that you need in order to feel shame or embarrassment.. If you majored in animal psychology then you would know that.. or if you majored in human psychology.. I KNOW that animals have feelings im not an idiot.. I have had many animals before and I have seen them upset and sad before, but I am arguing that an animal cannot have a complex emotional system such as embarrassment and shame.. That is it.. I said nothing about feelings..

  137. Eeeeouuuwwwwww………

    Cute dog, not so cute visuals.. ::barf::

    I’ve heard that adding some pineapple to the meal, or in conjunction with the meal will make the poop smell so disgusting to the dog that even them won’t have anything to do with it…

  138. I don’t know if any one wrote this yet. But many did suggest pineapple.

    Pineapple works because it has enzymes and eating their ‘poop’ is a reaction to an ENZYME DEFICIENCY.

    They DON’T just eat ‘poop’ because they LIKE IT!

    They’re having ‘potty’ problems and they’re dogs. Doing it the ‘dog way’,..

    Because we feed them wheat instead of meat!

    DOGS and CATS are Meat Eaters,…! Fruit too!

    When you’re bananas skins are black, give them to you’re dog! That’s when they are the sweetest.

    And please don’t let them eat from the ‘clumping’ litter box.

    It’s is plastic and a multitude of other unnatural man made toxins.

    Don’t make you’re dog sicker.

    Meat tenderizer on some meat, cut up so they don’t eat it whole, will help to avoid it to start with,…. but pineapple will do the job too.

    What ever you’re ‘baby’ wants. Their trusting you to take care of them,…

  139. When I scolded my dogs for something, there was emotion there,..not to be rejected, or disappoint,…or shame.

    Call it what you want.

    I’ve also seen my dogs, solve complex problems.

    But then I must have had exceptional animals, right?

    Since animal psychology would say animals have no emotions, I’m glad I don’t have need of one!

    Human psychology would say they do. After all that’s why we have them, to comfort and companion us.