It’s been WAY too long since we posted a hedge

People, if there was an AKC for hedgehogs (who knows, there prolly is!) this hedge would win points for his:

1. PERFECT moist nosicle
2. curled paw/claw
3. Teeniest of hoggular muzzlepowshes

Oh, and that his name is "Truffles"


On second thought, we won’t hold that against you, Nancy T. 😉





    there ya go 😛

  2. belphebe says:

    I couldn’t resist: I had to beep that cute little nose!

    What a cutie!

  3. Now, THIS is cute. What a nice little smile he has going on.

  4. metsakins says:

    that nosicle! I believe it is illegal in several states! at the very least there should be a warning about possibly inducing a coma and THUD

  5. His nose is an upside-down heart. 🙂

  6. Seven Paws says:

    That little footlet is absurdly small!

  7. bleenann says:

    Truffles? TRUFFLES!!?!!?!! I lof heem.

  8. My friend has a hedge named Ziggy Stardust <3 I think THAT'S pretty qte. Hedges are just adorable in general, though.

  9. HOly crapola that is a cutie!

  10. Okay, I just had a tiny epiphany that hedges look like Pomeranians.

    I just needed to share that eureka like moment.

  11. WANT!

  12. Oh yeah? And how painful is it when you stab yourself on that “cutie”??

  13. They do look like pom-poms! Who’d have thunk pom-pom’s could get any smaller?

  14. ThreeCatNight says:

    That is one cute hedgie.
    I like that Mona Lisa smile.

  15. I beg to differ with the hovertext — this lil cutie has much cuter eyes than the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee cat, whose eyes were blue BTW.

  16. bleenann says:

    Kari, I think the comparison is that both will OWN YOUR SOUL!!!

  17. riolinda says:

    I want a hedgehog named Truffles! 🙂

  18. Rosalynde says:

    Truffles is rockin’ the BEF!!!!!!!!

  19. Yes, Meg…Way too long for hedgies. Don’t let it happen again! ;D

  20. Of course his name is truffles just look at him…

  21. The ears look very tasty, too!

  22. grawl. I want one-but there is noone selling them where i live =/

  23. oh gawd, that tiny little paw!!!! eeep!

    what a cute little hedgie.

  24. AkaneAli says:

    I can’t believe it… my hedge is named Truffle! 😛 Because he looks like this one, he is all white and dark chocolate mmm dee-liocious!!!

    Also has a little mushroom-y nose…

  25. AuntieMame says:

    The little peeping ears look like they were cut out of felt and stuck on with glue stick. Like in kindergarten.

  26. He is especially cute for a hedgie!

  27. Is that a heg baroo? BAROO?

    [No no, what we have here is a head-tilt. “Baroo” is a sound that dogs make. – Ed.]

  28. I like how the hairstyle goes with his invisible eyebrows. He looks like a crossover between a pompom and a bat, super qt ones tho!

  29. zeldapie says:


    I heart Truffles.

  30. Not particularly a hedgie fan, but this one is definitely squee-worthy!!!

  31. Hoggular? Is that the new catch phrase of the summer?

    “Hoggular, dude!”

  32. Such a winsome face – love that raccoon mask. He looks like he’s smiling. It’s so nice to see a hedgie since my last hedgie died a week ago.

  33. chanpon says:

    *Melts* Look at his cute little smile, but it’s his little one paw grabbing onto the hand that is anerable.

  34. Rachel Sweeden says:

    I agree with you 100% Kris I love the smile.

  35. sunnymum says:

    Awwwww, he’s sooooooo cute! I lurve his little earsies! I found out they use hedgehogs in the animal research lab because they sent a flyer around advertising a talk they were giving about their research, and here’s the kicker, they adorned the flyer with pics of totally cute, cartoon pics of hedge hogs? Sick? Me thinks so!

  36. Theresa says:

    (SWOON!) It’s a mid-1940s Disney Studios hedgehog!!

  37. Theresa says:

    PS Don’t miss the ears!!!

  38. Kwistee says:

    Oooh, can we pwease have a COXCU of those little hedge-fingers?!?! XD XD XD

  39. you forgot to mench the
    poifect ears!!!

  40. Tell me where is fancy bred?
    In the heart?
    Or in the hedge?

  41. indigoreiki says:

    OMG! TRUFFLE :-0 I’ve been converted. I luv hedgies.

  42. Totalee Puppy says:

    BERTHASERVANT-Way to go!
    JOY–I’m sorry that you lost your hedgie. I’m glad to know that Truffles is
    a comfort.
    TRUFFLES-Your proshness is as special and as sweet as your name…MUST BEEP! MUST BEEP! I keep thinking of Wind in the Willows and
    a picnic by the river…It’s been too long without a hedgie…It’s been too long without our
    gracious Mrs. Picknick and
    the cucumber sandwiches and tarts. Welcome back,
    dearest friends!

  43. Sunshine0460 says:

    I LUV this one is so sweet..what a special smile..
    have to beep that nosicle..
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..{contented sigh}

  44. hon glad says:

    Master Hedge Pig.

  45. Hey, is this a repost? I swear I’ve seen the photo before. Oh who cares-double the hedgie goodness!

  46. Nissa, you’re so right! They’re poms without the barking, maybe?

    Joy, so sorry about your tiggy.

    Berthaservant, as always, you rock.

  47. There is an “AKC for hedgies” – hedgies from reputable breeders are registered and have five-generation pedigrees:

  48. EEEE!!!!

    sniffles sniffles!!!!

    and the wee paw…..

    kisses on the nosey and kisses on the paw!!!!

  49. Katrina says:

    The International Hegehog Registry is just a must-see, peeps.

  50. tee.chi says:

    This hedgehog makes me want to own one!! I want to hug him so bad… too bad hedgehogs are banned from California :(*

  51. zer05um says:

    Cute little guy!

    And better off than the ‘hog used as a weapon in avery strange assault here in New Zealand.

    Somebody threw a hedgehog. Hog and victim are ok. The assailant is in jail.

    Who throws hedgehogs. Honestly?

  52. Raemie L. says:

    Ah! So cute, espeshe with the twinkle in the eyes.

  53. i loooooooovvvvvvvve pigs and hedgehogs pigs more but only just. this lil hedgehog is a keeper, i’ve seen cuter but nevertheless hes so cute anyways,,,, lol…x hes so sweet his lil nose