Prairie Punks

The San Francisco Zoo Prairie Dogs are always making trubz. Check out these teenage doggles.

…Fighting authoritay:


…Playing Wii tennis (super small Prairie Dog version)


…Sleeping in ’til 1PM


Anne E., let’s send them all to boarding school pronto.



  1. Bluemenro says:

    LOL! Love the tailio action in the last pic. Too cute!

  2. Catsquatch says:

    Ok, I admit it, SOME rodents are cute.


  3. WAAAAY Downward (Prairie) Dog, on that last shot. Splat Yoga™.

  4. metsakins says:

    Rebels without a cause!

  5. Seriously! He is mighty FLAT in that last picture!! Prairie dogs are cute. Just liek groundhogs. You just don’t want them in YOUR backyard…

  6. i used to live in arizona and there was a huge prarie dog city nearby (scottsdale) that was so fun to visit and watch. it spanned the equivalent of many city blocks. it has since been paved and hotels and strip malls are there. poor little guys and loss of habitat! it still makes me sad but this post helps me feel happy remembering my little buddies..thanks!

  7. HubbardsMama says:

    SQUEEEEEE! Baby PDs!!!!

    We’ve been seeing the little guys lately here in Denver, and I just want to run into the field for a giant snorgathon with ’em!

  8. Barbara says:

    HAHA the hovertext re. Clay Aiken….hahahahahahahaha….

  9. CoffeeCup says:

    I think he’s playing Wii Bowling, not Wii tennis. I recognize the determination in his eyes…

  10. Hey Squeee,
    What you gonna do?
    I think,
    I could snorgle you
    For a while, maybe longer if I dooo…..

    — Pure Prairie Dog League

    (P.S. Meg — I believe it is spelled “authoritahhh”).

  11. I want a prairie dog!! *jumps up and down like a spoiled brat* I want one, I want one, I WANT ONE!!! Whew, that feels much better.

    Those little darlings are just the cutest things I’ve ever seen (besides my own little rodents — the hamster and the guinea pig).

    Hey, kid — at least your Mii doesn’t have poofy arms because your Wii Fit said you were obese!! *grumble, grumble*

  12. the last one is prairie dawg pancake, lol! he’s all smooshed.

    love the tailio action!

  13. Berthaservant, I was hoping for a little variation on Let Me Love You Tonight… ;o)

  14. fluffernugget says:

    I love PD’s! We used to have one as a pet many years ago. He was a riot. He would bark when we caughed, drag laundry across the floor to put in his box in the closet and he could be very snuggly. And that tail action in the picture, we called that “Tail Twiddles!” Cute little dewds!

  15. Is a prairie dog still a prairie dog if he doesn’t live on the prairie? I’m just sayin’, since I live in a prairie state (KS).

    Maybe, in the last shot, he got beaned by a falling house a la wicked witch of the west. Then there’s be a Little House on the Prairie Dog. It could be a new series.

    Yes, peeps, I’ve been inhaling fumes and am a little light-headed. Staining my floor today.

    [Dude. Open some windows before you bleen. – Ed.]

  16. I wonder if he has mini copies of the Prairie Dog Home Companion? I’ll bet they read it by campfire light in the evenings…

  17. Melissa says:

    Hopefully the zoo will invest in a Prairie Dog Wet Banana after seeing this.

  18. Berthaservant, as someone named Amy I can only say: thank you! I like your version better. What could be better than a song about flat and furry prairie dogs! (PS Love the nose hold in the first pic!)

  19. P-dawgs representin’ the 415!

    Okay, I will never say that again. But seriously, I stop and visit the prairie dogs every day – so chubbulent and cute! (Staff secret – two of the rocks in the viewing area are heated… yes! Great for cold Zoo mornings.)

  20. ThreeCatNight says:

    Love that there prairie dog scrimmage. I can almost see that little guy in the bottom pic shouting, “Safe!”

  21. TheIglets says:

    LOL I’m never sure which I like better, the pictures or Meg’s comments. Two hits in one. HeeLarius!

  22. Theo, isn’t it better to open the windows AFTER? Lets the bleen out, you see.

  23. Big feets!

  24. …meeleetarii academii. Iz teh onlii waiii.

  25. I thought the belly-flopper in #3 looked like he was sliding into home after an inside-the-park home run!!

    Bet Mama can’t wait for these darn kids to go back to school again!

  26. yay!!! prairie dogs are my favorite animal EVER! but don’t tell my bunny…

  27. apparently i’m supposed to make a remark about the tailio action.

  28. Ha ha, good stuff, Anne! 🙂

  29. chanpon says:

    Haha..the sliding into home is cuter than what I first thought. My immediate reaction was *splat* from tripping and falling on his face.

  30. Not Wii tennis – it’s boxing for sure.

  31. hon glad says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with these kids today.
    Who can understand anything they say?
    They are disobedient, disrespectful oafs!
    Noisy, crazy,dirty, lazy, loafers!
    while were on the subject:
    You can talk and talk till your face is blue!
    But they still just do what they want to do!
    Why can’t they be like we were?
    Perfect in every way
    Oh whats the matter with kids today?

  32. Aw, I work at the San Fran Zoo, and see these guys every day! So funny to see them show up here.

  33. Good one (as usual), Hon Glad!!!