Danger Will Robinson!!!

Just ONE quick FLIP o’ the schnozzle, and that kitteh is Scooby Snack Central.


Cynthia H., I think we should warn — IT MAY BE TOO LATE!



  1. Rosie A. says:

    Holy heckfire! That’s so trippy looking! Hope the kitteh came out of that situation ok!

  2. Someone rescue that baby!!! He looks scared! This is freaking me out!

  3. zeldapie says:

    Rosie bleen!!!

    Oooh, this is an exciting picture! Check out those TEEF! Kitteh, be careful!

  4. Squee! Squeeeee! OMG

    Love the colour coordination on these two. <3

  5. stubbedoo says:

    My what big teeth you have! Kitty – step away from the teeth!

  6. the dog’s teeth are as big as the kitteh’s paw!!

  7. milkfilledandroid says:

    hmm, maybe the kitty is like those birds that clean the lions teeth? His little claw is hangin down there… Puppy probably just wants a quick nom on those chub-ears. mmmmm.

  8. Sasha's mum says:

    Am I the only one worried about the pup? Those little needle kitten claws are *very* close to his sensitive schnozz.

  9. I’m pretty sure Scooby and Shaggy were vegetarians, but that kitteh sure looks good enough to break the rules…

  10. Personally, I’d like to think that the handsome Husky was overcome by the cute and was attempting to snorggle the wee Kitteh.

  11. P.S. – What clean, white teeth he/she has!!!

  12. “… and I bagged *this* one while I was hunting in Alaska with my drinking buddies Tinkle-Puff and Mr. Whiskers. Made him into a rug and put him right here in front of the fireplace. Kind of complements the moose head, don’t you think?”

  13. It looks like someone has been going to town on the denta-bone.

    What giant teeth you have there, Grandmother…

  14. Khadija says:

    what shiny teef!! (running off to bathroom ashamed..)

  15. Tinkle-Puff and Mr. Whiskers!!

    Love it!

    And wot a cuddly rug!

  16. sasha’s mum–

    I’m concerned for the dog, too. Look at the devil-black eyes on that little kit and those sharp little claws–it’s Kitteh of the Damned!

  17. So does this qualify as part of that ‘cruel or cute’ thing we had awhile back, with the milk-bones stacked on forlorn dog noses? Just breath in and ze kitten is *poof*.

  18. Awww husky snoot!

    People who have pet huskies rarely take a photo without a husky snoot in it… huskies want to be involved in EVERYTHING. And I do mean everything, embarrassingly so!

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  20. Danger indeed! I actually gasped–from the QTE.

    Kitteh looks like it’s climbing a mountain (or falling off one).

  21. Theresa says:

    Arvay, you’re right about those husky snoots — there was one up my skirt yesterday at the farmer’s market. I was poking around some fresh apple pies, and -YEEEEEEEESH!!!

  22. Theresa, that’s nothing compared to stepping out of the shower and bending over to dry your lower half…

  23. Kitteh’s needle-sharp little nail-ios are awfully close to doggeh’s eye!!

    (And boy, do I have the ‘decorated’ legs to testify to the needle-sharp claws of babeh kitties!!!!)

  24. Those are some incredibly clean teef!

  25. Arvay and Theresa, there’s an advantage to short pets. They can’t reach your delicate areas so easily.

  26. I loves me some huskie, and I’m usually a kitty person. I saw the pic and I was all OMG HUSKY!!!!1!!

    I choose to believe they are best friends. 😛

  27. Juniper Jupiter says:


    That li’l kitling is SO KYOOT OMG I jus’ wanna pop ‘er IN MY MOUF!!! OM NOM NOM NOM!!!

    But must do it quietly. Kisca pup is sleepy. And begging to be beeped on snoot. Ahem. **beep!**

    (Oh, yeah, in case anybody’s wondering, Hubby had a Husky, and her name was Kisca, and what was so funny aboot her was she was SO friendly with kids and ALWAYS smiling and jumping and wanting to be skritched, but all boys 8-10 would take one look at her and go, “WHOA! Is that a wolf?” LOL!!! XD!!! We still miss her!)

  28. Heather says:

    Eek scary! So cute. I wonder if my bf will like it since his name is Will Robinson 🙂

  29. oooooooh my. they match each other so perfectly.

  30. “Well, you know…I *would* eat him, but my vet says I need to stop snacking between meals, and the hair always gets stuck between my teeth.”

    Dog: [sigh]

  31. Hey everyone – I’ve got 2 new Caturday Totes hot off the sewing machine posted in my shop. Here’s your chance if you missed out on the last one 🙂

  32. I bet that dog loves the warm cuddly kitty on it’s nose….I know I want it on MY nose.

  33. Wait, just I’m sure.

    Is this cruelty to the kitteh or the pup?

    Personally I think somebody’s about to get licked within an inch of their life. Question is, who’s going to lick first?

  34. scooterpants says:

    there is no worry here.
    my big doggies have always shown the most anerble luvs for the tiniest of kittehs.
    that pup is smilin at that lil sweetie.

  35. chanpon says:

    Is this the kitty-doggy circus version of the lion tamer putting his head in the mouth of the lion? That husky looks gorgeous, btw, and the kitty of course is just icing on the little snouty cake.

  36. doodlebug says:

    “Kibbles & Bits..Kibbles & Bits” !!!SO..Is that a “kibble” or a “bit”?

  37. Oh, Meg! We *must* have some background on this anerable shot! What’s the story on these two????

    So cuuuuuuuuuute.

  38. Aww, it looks just like the puppy I had to give away. 😦 Anybody know its name?

  39. No, no this is not a snack!This is babysitting! Corralling baby with his schnozz is the best way to keep an eye on baby until Mom gets home.

  40. Two Cents Worth says:

    Da kitteh stole my soul!! SPLOOT And der go da brains…

  41. Remember…kittehs are friends – not food.

  42. People, people, relax. As this classic Warner Brother education video (

    ) demonstrates, the kitty totally pawns the husky.

  43. that looks like a husky snout!! great picture.

  44. leah b. says:

    Husky says bebbeh kitteh youz hang with me we’ll be the best of freinds!!!
    I have no Idea what a scooby snack is?!?!?!?

  45. Michelle says:

    leetle morsel <3

  46. hon glad says:

    Why Grandma, what awfully big teeth you have!

  47. That doggie looks like he/she has had Hollywood-stylee veneers put on those teef! I’m impressed. (I think it looks like the Husky kind of scooped up that baby kitteh)

  48. momof2kitties says:

    Warner Bros. education video!? That ‘s what I’m going to say when my kids want to watch Tom & Jerry for the 8,976,564th time!! HAHAHA!!!

    Teh kitteh is teh qte also. Dentist Kitteh, at your service!

  49. Theresa says:

    My brother had a friend with a big dog named Dook. When they got a kitten, and the kitten got too rambunctious for Dook’s taste– Dook would put the kitty’s head in his mouth. The family went ape****, but the kitten was never hurt, and hardly slowed down. Mom-dogs do this with their puppies all the time when the pups get annoying. They hold the puppys’ heads with their mouths.

  50. k. o'dee says:

    Hee, hee! That is a classic zonked out husky pup. Most likely in the exact center of the kitchen floor. The zonked out huskies I’ve known lift their heads for neither man nor kitten. They will move their eyes, just to make sure you’re paying adequate attention to the poor, tired baby.

  51. The kitten knows how to defend herself in case of danger. Dog noses are very sensitive, so it’s a good idea to keep your little claws on them, just in case the dog doesn’t keep those big teeth under control.

  52. I’m thinkin’ that may be a Malamute, not a Husky… though I certainly could be wrong (it’s happened before, and this angle makes it hard to judge). Regardless, we’ve clearly got a case of “Warner Bros. bulldog/kitten” symbiosis happening here– a long-suffering pup tolerating a too-cute-for-words kitty.

  53. Katrina says:

    A Scooby Snack is taken from a cartoon called Scooby-Doo, wherein a large dog(Scooby-Doo), befriends a bunch of meddling teenagers who solve mysteries and, when asked by this dog, (who speaks a broken dog-English patois), the dog is then given a Scooby Snack by aforementioned meddling teenagers… It is both a reward and a Brand name for a dog snack. Anybody- can you please help this poor peep more than I can?
    There are peeps that are unaware of what “Danger Will Robinson” means to the elder peeps of the USA and perhaps beyond…I have delved into ‘Popular Culture’ quite enough to one day, your turn!

  54. karla b says:

    I agree with J. Bo that he/she might be a malamute – after looking again, I’m thinking that pupster’s head and jaws are more massive than a husky’s

    [still can’t get over those beautiful/dangerous white teef!]

  55. The Nose knows how to kitten sit and be kitten sat upon.

  56. momof2kitties says:

    Scooby Snacks are also a brand of dog-bone shaped graham cracker snacks for children. Quite delish, too!

  57. ThreeCatNight says:

    The husky is thinking:
    “Just one well-placed lick and I can wash this furry little intruder off my nose!”

  58. kittymom says:

    You can see it in those kitty eyes, lil’ Will Robinson is all, “Oh, heck! Wheeere is my mom when I reeeally need her?”

  59. It’s almost like an abstract painting except for, well, the kitty and dog. ;D

  60. I know from personal experience with my animals that all dogs really think when cats are sitting on them is “please god dont let it attack”. They tend to stay dead still, with only slight eye movements to look around and plead for someone to come and help.

  61. violetgreen says:

    No worries. Kitteh tickles husky’s sneeze reflex, is blown out of danger.

  62. figgylicious says:

    This picture could ALSO be showing us the aftermath of a furious fight, in which the kitty, exhausted, leans over the vanquished body of its foe.

    I like my story better.

  63. Yay!! I scored a Caturday tote!!!!!

  64. Hoarseman says:

    I don’t get the sense that the kitten is terrified of the dog, more of a “Get up Mr. Doggy, I need you to make the bad things go away” vibe from the pic.

  65. snoopysnake says:

    McDoggysons there looks like he’s auditioning for KISS with those black lips and white face and teeth. Agent Kitty looks rather apprehensive about the whole thing.

  66. Mary (the first) says:

    I think kitn is wondering ” are YOU my daddy?” and pup is “no but I can be your bff”. Very sweet.

  67. My take:

    WWF Announcer:

    And White Fang is Down! He is DOWN for the count! and Lil’ Terror is on him while the referee starts the countdown!!
    Will this be the final triumph of feline over canine Ladies and Gentleman!? 1…2…

  68. Tangletail says:

    that is so funny l. o. l. !

  69. momof2kitties says:

    Holy Crap, EmmyLizzy!

    I just saw that you’re in Waterford. I’m in Rochester Hills! Small CO world, ain’t it!?

    And…yay! that you sold all your totes, too! Rock it out!!

  70. Kitten sayz;
    are you ready to say uncle yet

  71. Totalee Puppy says:

    NOT THAT MIKE THE OTHER MIKE–Wonderful rug story!

  72. Grifonchik says:
  73. Kitten: “A puppy! Thank you, thank you,thank you! I promise I will take good care of him!”

  74. emaleika says: