Cats ‘n’ Racks illustrated! From "Girls with Slingshots" by Danielle Corsetto:


Mrrrow-algh Esta J.



  1. While I can’t say I share that woman’s pain (having a miniscule rack), I did laugh out loud at the cartoon. Does the cartoonist frequent CO?

  2. Rosie A. says:

    Wouldn’t that also be qualified for a Cats ‘n’ Racks tag?! LOL

  3. Annie J says:

    Lol! Totally Cats ‘n’ Racks!

  4. Uilleand says:

    Yaaay!!! I love GWS!!!!
    (All my friends e-mailed me with the subject line ‘It’s YOU!!’ the day that one was published. *sigh*)

  5. Best Cats’n’Racks ever. Hands down :))))

  6. Michelle says:

    Truly a classic! ahahaha I love it!

  7. This has happened to me once or twice… or three times… 😀

  8. this happens to me all teh time…

  9. Yitzysmommie says:

    That is SO Cats ‘N Racks!
    HEEEEEElarious cartoon.

  10. Juniper Jupiter says:


    LOVE Girls With Slingshots!!!

    Wha, no love for McPedro? 😀

  11. calence says:

    Ouch, Juniper Jupiter. Ouch. :{

  12. I’m sorry, is there a cat in this comic? 😉

  13. Hon Glad says:

    Thanks for the mammary.

  14. Hon Glad, *groan*

    Seriously though, us girls who uh, leave shadows know better than to hold a cat against any part of our chest.

    Have gotten many a near lumpectomy that way.

  15. I think if I were to design and market a Kevlar/Lycra sports bra, complete with “Cute™” silkscreened logo, it would very likely sell better than any of these…

  16. call me a parade rainer, but I do not get the big fascination with boobs an cats. Kar is right. Boobs and cats do NOT mix. OUCH! I watch a lot of Youtube vid and I’m sick of seeing another photoshopped thumbnail of enormous boobs with a cat trying desperately to climb free.

  17. This strip was my gateway to GWS. I spent my Memorial Day afternoon reading them in order. Love love love. Better than some books, actually.

  18. kittyface666 says:

    I find it very sad and offenceve that women are so often portrayed as sex objects, I am a 22 year old women and am tird of seeing women degrading themselves. I love this website and look at it EVERY morning but I am very dissapointed that shit like that comic ( and all the cats and racks stuff ) are posted…I know being slutty is populer in north amarica but comon this is suposto be bout cute stuff not making peinises twich… Every time women alow themselves to be portrayed like that it is a step backwards for all women. bodys are butifull yes, but making yourself into rape-bate for fun is bad for all women. What are we teaching our daughters ??

  19. Everbound Venvel says:

    IMHO, I really don’t see this comic as demeaning, especially since the comic is authored by a woman, who writes about the lives of women. She’s got big boobs, yes. Some people have them, strewth. At least she’s portrayed with some meat on her bones as opposed to having Barbie-doll proportions. I, for one, even lose stuff in my meager b-sized cleavage every once in a while. Also, dressing in sexy clothing does not automatically make someone a slut. Many people find that feeling sexy boosts their confidence. As for rape-bait, most of us women know full well how to defend ourselves in that kind of situation. We’re not all the helpless sex-crazed weaklings that the freaks may think we are.

  20. I think my eyes just did a 360 in their sockets from all the eye-rolling.

    How a cartoon making an innocent joke involving a perfectly normal part of the female anatomy can cause anyone so much grief boggles the mind. There’s not even a trace of anything sexual here, it’s just a cleavage. A cartoon cleavage at that. Good grief.

    Go away. You’re ruining my internets.

  21. Get a grip kittyface666. I’m with Weiner. I think I sprained an eye muscle while decifering your horribly spelled post. Franky, Jamie’s proportions are about the same as my own and I could use my cleavage for a purse so I know how it feels. There is nothing remotely “slutty” or “degrading” about this. You never see her in overly skin revealing outfits and 5″ heels or latex and leather. Just clothes that fit a woman with curves. The only way a woman with her body could avoid losing stuff in there is to live in turtlenecks and that’s just ridiculous. Danielle has done a great job with her and the whole comic. GWS is definitely one of my favs.

  22. kittyface says:

    you took my comment away !!!

    [Um, no, I really didn’t. You’ve dropped the “666” off the end of your screen name, though; maybe that’s causing some confusion… – Ed.]

  23. TonyRockyHorror says:

    you guys totally need to be reading Girls With Slingshots more often. One of the best comic strips out there.

  24. This also was my introduction to GWS…

    My husband is an avid online comic reader… and now i have my own comic to love…

    And love I do.

    Thank you for introducing me to Haze and the gang its a riot.

  25. carltonbankz says:

    This cartoon…FAB. It’s not demeaning AT ALL, if you ask moi. I can’t stress enough how not demeaned this cartoon makes me feel. People need to wake up and recognize that racks and cats are natural compliments to one another. It’s the 21st Century, people! Enjoy the fruits of evolution! Specifically, Cats and Racks. Together at last.

  26. I love this strip — it kind of reminds me of my bestie. :3

  27. kittyface says:

    its not inoccent if it causes pain!!!!!!!!!!its not inoccent if it permotes women being used which it dose !!!

  28. kittyface says:

    this kind of shit makes it ok for men to rape us and use us. why would you want to encourage whats allready soprolific. come on cute over lode their are allready so many sites that you can go look at that will shoe you girls boobs WHY HERE ASWELL ???

  29. kittyface says:

    If your flashing your titts arouns it is slutty and you are permoting men useing women. You are making it harder for ever other women to get treated with respect. Stuffing cats in your shirt and getting some on to take pics is asking to be perved on and is just putting you out their as a sexual object.

  30. kittyface says:

    So, please let me get this straght, if I send you a picture of a small cute kitten wraped around a mans balls, will you post it on your famlly friendly website ?? How about if I cram a kittin in my but crack… will you put it on you cute animal website?? I love your website and look at it everymorning befor work but I am desterbed and descusted by your choice of subject matter regarding “cats and wracks “. Their are more then enuf other places to get your titty fix . And come on girls why are you doing this to your self, do you really want who knows who perving on your body ?? And what example are you setting for you daughters ???? PLEASE NO MORE BOOBY PICTURES !!!

  31. I’m so glad this strip was posted on CO & that so many of you enjoyed it! Just realized that there’s a comment section below. Hadn’t noticed that before. Heh.

    Kittyface, this strip wasn’t intended to be sexual in any way. It was written for all those lovely busty ladies out there who can relate (not myself, but I’m glad I nailed it!). Additionally, Jamie’s a twenty-something virgin – something young women can look up to. And I hope they will. 🙂

    Here’s the URL in case anyone’s interested in reading more: (or if you don’t feel like typing it all out). I’m introducing a new character this week that I know you kitty-lovers will enjoy. 😉