I snorf your hand as you touch my face

Sooooooo typical of a baby lamb. The old "snorf-back" trick.

I like the old biddies in the background, they’re Gossip Central™.

Extra points for the knobbular knee action, Sandra E.



  1. That lamby is so bleening cute!

  2. joliesmom says:

    The biddies are all, “Kids these days with their butts dyed blue. Psh. So ornery.”

  3. *long huff…”Smells of…smells of coco butter, hair conditioner, *sniffs, and possibly a Taco Bell gordita with Fire Sauce…”

  4. BLEEN!

  5. caitlin says:

    ha ha, I for a moment I thought that someone had put a picture of me on the interwebs! The hair looks like mine, and I went on a retreat last year where we got to help birth baby lambs 😀 😀 😀

  6. A part of me just died on the inside. ;-; I love sheep!

  7. It looks like it has human lips….the better to keeess you with.

  8. Sheepy day! Sheepy day! I love sheepy day so much. Soon I will acquire a freshly shorn fleece to depoopify, wash, and spin. That little one is beyond adorabaaaaallle.

  9. WANT…NOW…pleeeeeeze???

  10. I tell ya Madge, when you’re young and adorable, they’re all over you, with the free treats and the cooing and the squeeing, and when you get older, it’s like ‘yes sir yes sir three bags full’ and off to the races without even a little skritch on the ears at bedtime…I tell ya, aging is for the boids…

  11. Rachel Sweeden says:

    That baby lamb is so adorable.

  12. Martha in Washington says:

    *THIS* is the reason I go to the county fair every year. Just to pet and scritch all the sheep and goats. I will even pet the “old” ones!

  13. Beth E. Dogg says:

    Look at the face of cuteness here!!! What a fuzzy little dude with his knobbularness. I lurve him!!

  14. bonster says:


  15. Lambykins looks like she was poked on the butt with a pool cue. Somebody please get her some extra milk.

  16. Oh, them knees is just hilarity personified (“lambified,” mayhaps?)…

  17. This is what biologists do to tame great white sharks. Really.

    LOL @ Gossip Central!

  18. Hon Glad says:

    Mint sauce!!!

  19. Yes. There needs to be more lambs on CO. Now excuse me whilst I go vegetarian. 🙂

  20. @Kim: LMAO!!!!

    Disapproving sheepies!!! They’re like “If I’ve told her once, I’ve told her a thousand times, not to talk to the 2-legs!”

    LOVE the lamby-kins!!!

  21. turbofloof says:

    He has a blue booty!

  22. riolinda says:

    knobbular knees! cute little lamb! 🙂

  23. chanpon says:

    Rather than sheep day, how about leaving these ’til tomorrow and offering a “t-ewe-sday”? Sorry. 😦

    Love clean white lamby (blue bottom aside). Parents look a bit dirty.

  24. Katrina says:

    T-ewe-sday-ugh, I wish I had thought of that first. Niiiiiice, chanpon.

  25. wee little Lambkin!!!!

    cuddles and a kiss on the wee little nose!!!!!

  26. Squirly says:

    Cute *and* Tasty!

  27. ok, not sure about in this pen, but i know for sure why sheepies have colored spots on their backs in ireland and such. that blue spot on the baby lamb-ette may just be an identification marker, but over on the emerald isle i know that farmers tie certain colored chalk balls on the rams necks so that when they try to reproduce, the farmers will see the colored spots on the backs of the ewes and know which ones have been “marked” by which rams, if you know what i mean.

  28. i like the way he’s eye’n the camera.
    he’s all “yeah, I’m snorglin’ yer grlfren, whatcha gonna do about it? hmmm?”

  29. smackety says:

    I love how the sheep on the right is eyeing the camera as if to say “…ASSHOLE.” That may be the most stern-faced, disapproving sheep ever. It doesn’t like you. It doesn’t like me. It doesn’t like itself, the sheep next to it, the lamb, the human, loud music, or freshly-minted rainbows. IT HATES EVERYTHING.