The softest-looking Buns

Many people may CLAIM they have the softest buns, but the Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair today really delivers. There is nuthin’ better than little McSquirmersons, squirming IN THEIR OWN SOFTNESS! Just kill us now and get it OVER WITH


Thanks for making us end a sentence with a prep, and thanks for the Bunday, Erin S.



  1. fish eye no miko says:

    “Sorry, but this video is no longer available” )-:

    [Well, it *is* still working… try clicking through to its YouTube page – Ed.]

  2. Since these buns are at a sheep fair (a SHEEP fair! I’d be in heaven!), I call interspecies snorgling too.

  3. Theresa says:

    Squirmingks, as far as the eye can see!!!

  4. “How does one sleep when one’s pillows refuses to cease its squirming!”

  5. Katrina says:

    Awww, come on, two in a row?
    For pity sakes. Happy Bunday, all!

  6. And the image for the cover photo too!

    Rule #9, #7 and #6 in action!

  7. Katrina says:


  8. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait…

    Is that bunny nest made of MOAR BUNNIES?!?

  9. Karebear says:

    OMG I kept forgetting it was a video and was trying to smoosh my face into the fuzzy bunny pile. It just LOOKS so soft I can actually FEEL it! *smoosh* Ugh, I did it again! *goes to get windex to clean the monitor*

  10. Bunny nest is made of Mommy’s hair. She starts pulling it out right before she has babies.

  11. Aww!

    The one on the left is the exact same color as a perfectly-toasted marshmallow!!

    … must … kronsche … !!!

  12. Khadija says:

    Jenn, as opposed to humans mommies – they pull their hair out when kids come home with school reports.

  13. Karebear says:

    Janie: mmmmmmm bunny s’mores!
    The 2nd to the left is more brown like graham crackers, and then the one to his right is chocolate! (or the closest choco color in the bunch at least)

  14. BUN ‘TOCKS!

  15. chanpon says:

    The downward ears to make them more aerodynamic for squirming, smooshing, and nudging is crazy cute.

  16. Isn’t anyone disturbed by the origin of this clip? I mean, don’t we all visit this site because we love animals and don’t want them to be exploited for their coats?

  17. bethanne says:

    Be not thou distressed.
    Haircuts are not abuse.

    Sheep are shorn and, as a result, have gotten rid of an uncomfortably hot wool coat just in time for summer.

    Buns are plucked during their molt. Fur they were shedding anyway.

    It is very cool to see a spinner at a wheel spinning directly off bun’s back. Bun just sits there calmly getting scritched and the yarn flows off his back like magic.

  18. Spoken like a true spinster, Bethanne (and that’s a compliment, not a comment on your marital status!). And it’s total instant gratification for the spinner too, who gets amazingly beautiful yarn direct from the source.

  19. Bunday morning
    Brings the dawning
    It’s just a squirmy feeling
    By my side

    Early squeeing
    Bunneh’s being
    It’s just the drooping ears
    So close behind

    Watch out,
    The world’s behind you
    There is always some cute around you to recall…
    It’s nothing at all….

    (whomever gets this reference may ask for my hand in marriage)

  20. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh my gaw!! There’s so much freakin’ FLUFF I can’t tell what part of body goes where!! 😛 Well, except for when that itchy bunny started kicking up her leg to skritch her head, LOL!!!

    Who DIDN’T wanna reach into that fluffpile and give that blond bun a skritch? I always gave my kittehs a skritch when the itch! 😀

  21. Exactly how many bunnies are in this pile? Millions?

  22. karebear says:

    How is it exploiting when a rabbit de-fluffs itself for her babies’ nest?
    And if you’ve ever owned a rabbit, you’ll know shedding season looks almost exactly like that photo! Hairs everywhere! (and sometimes hares too)

    Where can i take my bun’s fur to make yarn!!!) *wants a bunny-fur sweater*

  23. bertha: Already married, but I have to admit Velvet Underground’s just about the last thing I’d expect to see here.

    [And in a freaky coincidence, I spent part of today watching a documentary on them online.]

  24. Hon Glad says:

    Get new Bunnyfluffs with extra soft dusting power, at all good stores near you.

  25. Katrina says:

    Ah, Karebear, depending on where you live, there are dozens of people who would love to spin a/your bun-bun’s fluff into yarn for you. Put it in a big cloth bag and go onto the ‘other’ part of the Internet, the potentially rude and nasty part, and ferret out of it some spinners of fluff (who are neither rude nor nasty by definition). There are spinner associations and it seems that at least one of our peeps does it. If you don’t knit or crochet or weave, I betcha we can find you that too within our peepdom. Bunny mohair-an experience like no other.

    Berthaservant-sheesh you are fickle. You would dump Kristen for a Velvet Undergrounder/ Undergroundist/Undergrounderizer?
    Ah, youth.

    And don’t I see some crinkly sheep locks in the mix with the bunnehs? If not then the Mommeh bunny has some fantastically long fluff! Wowie,wowowow.

  26. berthaservant, thank you for existing!

    I love the little McSquirmersons!

  27. Karebear, there’s a spinster right here. Let’s talk.

  28. lots of bun buns!!!!

    little wee bun buns

  29. Must…jump…into…the…middle…of…squirming…snuggly…tocks…eh…

    (head implodes)

  30. Is this not the coziest thing you’ve ever seen? I feel ready for a nap just looking at them.

  31. Katrina-
    Growing up, I remember reading a story about a family with a wolf hybrid dog– he shed so much soft fluffy fur that they gathered it, and had lovely silver-gray sweaters knitted from the stuff.