Your Caturday FIX is served!

Amuurrrrican Shorthair kittehs simply prancing around. They’re in the stubbular stage, with lots of prolonged blinking. Ahnnngh [head tilt]

I found this one muhsef!



  1. How can kittens be so cute when they aren’t even DOING anything?!
    Oh right…because they are kittens. Okay.

  2. meacu1pa says:

    I kid you not, I laughed out loud at the drive-by mewing at 1:21.

    I don’t know why.

  3. browngrl says:

    I have only one question: how to fit all those paws in my mouf?

  4. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Hear me out, gang, on a potensch new Category…JAPANESE REDONK!

    It came to me after they showed the “American Shorthair” with the corresponding Japanese with it. Of course I was sorely disappointed that THIS particular viddy would NOT qualify in the Category. Why, do you ask? Well, in order for it to qualify, other than it to OBVIOUSLY come from Japan, there has to be the Japanese female talking like a four-year-old that gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME,LOL!!! Espesch when she’s talking like she’s the wee tabbeh or puppeh in the viddy at the time. Japanese Redonk could also be those Hello Kitty Waffle Iron Pix or what have you that popped up here in the past…WHO’S WITH ME!!???:D I AM glad, that they DID keep it silent, or else you wouldn’t hear the BEBEHS!!!

    Oh, aboot this viddy, the MEWS! They kewood me ded!! And then, and then aboot 1:30 the last kitling was like “Look at me, I bwoke my paw, I’m kwippowed!” Just like my stepbrother’s cat when my dad accidently stepped on her front paw…she hammed it up for a month, and my dad felt SO GUILTY that he stepped on her, he was treating her to tuna every Saturday and everything…and then one day she sashayed into his workshop on ALL FOURS and my dad turned around and Merlin looks up and quickly curls up THE WRONG PAW!!!LOL!!!

  5. I don’t think cats know right from left. My cat did that after she broke her leg – limped on the wrong one after recovery, I mean.

  6. thanks. i needed that today. i shall go snuggle my own kittehs now 🙂

  7. And I agree. Any voice over would have totally drowned out those deleeshious litl meews.

  8. ashagato says:

    let’s hear it for M-head kitties! i luff them…

  9. This link was on “related videos” of a Scottish fold, almost as cute as the American Shorthairs, that has a black patch on its head that looks like a bad but cute toupee… Just thought someone might like to see it, too!

  10. I thought the paw-kitteh was licking and then forgot what s/he was doing. Hence the staring into space. I do that all the time.

    Juniper Jupiter, I’m still howling at your dad/cat story. I’ve got a BIG laugh and it scares my cats every time. You’d think they’d get used to it after a while.

  11. The MEow are what really make it that and the little Kitten cleaning his paw.
    Excellent Find Meg!

  12. miltoncat says:

    I like the kitteh at 1:18… he’s got ‘tude.

    I must eat them. Nomnomnom.

  13. bubbyscranky says:

    Meg, I thinks we are getting dangerous levels of kyoot here. It’s the meeyews and the paw licks and the sheer vloume of kittens. Thank God they weren’t sleeping too or I would be ded on the floor.

  14. Awesome find. I played the mewlings for my mewler. She agrees, it’s tootoo cute.

  15. Katrina says:

    Clare2- Thank you for the clip- did you run the Sleeping kitty one? My, my, my, if Meg doesn’t find that one I’ll be very disappointed. Meg, can you check that one out? It has world “Achieving World Peace” quality. Theriusthly.
    This bebeh is just learning about gravity, the hard way.

  16. Ya see? Therez NO WUN Qter tahn a regyoolur cat-type cat. NO WUN. So stop breedin and start ADOPTIN!!!

  17. Juniper Jupiter

    My lhasa apso/ toy poodle mix used to do that. One time something happened to her paw..someone stepped on it on accident or something. At any rate, she came whining and limping into the living room, and i promptly scooped her up for snorgles. Every so often she’d whine and lick at her paw, and I was starting to get a little worried.

    Then she heard the can opener, and ZOOMED right off my lap and into the kitchen. No limp, no whines, just running.

    I walked into the kitchen and she gave me this really guilty look, held up her paw and whineda t me.

  18. Yitzysmommie says:

    Ah, my Caturday evening is complete with these lovely kittingks. Thanks, Meg, for finding it all by yourself!!!

  19. sweet baby bastet, the ears. must. soft. kronsche.

  20. Michelle says:

    lmao@juniper’s story.

    My sweet old sassy red dog learned that trick after she was spayed and I made the mistake of trying to lift her onto the sofa (yelpyelpyelp!). I let go of her immediately and smothered her with sympathy kisses. For days, she yelped even when I just reached for her. That broke my heart, but I didn’t handle her if she protested. Weeks later, it slowly dawned on me that she was no longer in pain from her surgery, but I had inadvertently taught her this bad habit. Any time I reached for her when it was time to go or if she was doing something she wasn’t supposed to, she’d start yelping before my hand got within two feet of her (Oh the looks I’d get at herding school when she didn’t want to leave and it was time to put her leash on). She used this technique on strangers and even friends that tried to grab at her. I’d always get an indignant “I swear, I didn’t even TOUCH her!”

    hahaha! I sure miss that nut of a dog. :’\

  21. Totalee Puppy says:

    Love these kittens! The teddy bear is a nice touch, too. If I zip myself into a teddy bear outfit, could I spend
    some time with these PROSH
    kittens? Thanks for making
    Caturday evening so special!

  22. Great story Juniper.

    But I’m with Mika — this is probably the most minimalist cute possible. The cats are literally doing nothing except being cute (except for one brief paw nomming and the sleepies at the end). It’s a very meta-zen examination of cuteness.

  23. Hon Glad says:

    Stan my cat does that paw in the air thing. I’ve never worked out what it means.

  24. Katrina says:

    I think they get distracted and catthoughts, catthoughtscatthoughts take over,and you just can’t lick and think at the same time, sheeshs!

  25. Did I miss the prancing?? Where’s the prancing? I don’t see any prancing. 😦

  26. So. I realize that some people here are possibly (probably, even) getting sick of random kitteh footage, buuuuuuuut I personally will NEVER get sick of the kittens. <3

  27. bluekat says:

    Miltoncat, you are so right about that dude. I just knew that one was a “he”. Don’t they look so soft? I just want to dive in for a snorgle – and then blow hair from my face for an hour:)

  28. claudia says:

    Agreed, I lol@ the driveby meowing too 😉

  29. chanpon says:

    As someone who can sit and stare at my kitties sleeping for hours, there’s is no such thing as too much kitty footage.

  30. I agree chanpon. My boyfriend gives me exasperated looks because I’ll just and admire how anerable and gorgeous my kitty is when she’s asleep. An impromptu, “oh how CUUUTE!” is SURE to escape me whenever there’s in-sleep paw-rubbing-the-face action, and he always goes, “oh my god..she’s just SLEEPING!”

    He’ll never understand. But he doesn’t have to.

  31. T I N E E E
    T A B B E E E E E E E S !

  32. Truly fanTabulous. I agree, we could use a “Japanese handing our tocks to us” category.

    I love the one holding up his paw like “Wha? Were you talking to me? Is something going on?”

  33. Kittens are AWESOME. Especially very simple, no-frills tabby kittens that nevertheless ABSORB YOUR ESSENCE.

  34. Boopsie says:

    These kittens are soooo cute but I think the mewing is fake! Listen to this vid:

    Mewing sounds exactly the same! Weird.

  35. Yay……….little wee kitty wittys

    Love the teeny mews!!!

    And, of course, the cleaninks of the paws!

  36. Okay, is it just me, or is this the same mewing dubbed over??

    What’s going on here? My mew leg is being pulled…

  37. Totalee Puppy says:

    (Music plays-flutes)
    “Here we go loop-tea loo,
    Here we go loop-tea lie,
    Here we go..loop-tea loo..
    All on a Caturday night!”