We need 5 tons of bamboo STAT!

[Panning across globe] Let’s check in on the China Wolong Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, where surviving pandas and workers are doing well. 5 workers were lost and 3 pandas remain missing after the quake…


Look at these guys, they’re all falling over themselfs and stuff.


Thanks for the update, Monica 🙂 Full story at ChinaView.



  1. Oh my, so squealishiously cute!!! Five pandas are exponentially cuter than just one!!!

  2. PandaPile!

    ten times cuter than a dogpile!

  3. Er…6 pandas…I was so overjoyed by getting first post that I lost my ability to count!

  4. Theresa says:

    OMG, a panda pile!!!

    The first shot is a LOLPanda waiting to happen. I see a “NOM!” over each little panda head. 😉

  5. GAKKKK!! TFC!

  6. Synchronized bamboo krunching? I looove the uniforms!

  7. ashagato says:

    their Qte runneth over…

  8. Is the lady trying to bunch them together for a photo in the 2nd shot?

    The news from China is so bad, it’s nice to hear/see something adorable. It helps offset some of the sadness about the lost workers at this facility (and the pandas).

  9. LOL that first picture looks like school kids having lunch.

  10. “Come on, come on! Your running the food pyramid routine. What are you doing back there, knitting a sock?!”

  11. UPDATE: As of Thursday, only TWO pandas were still AWOL.

  12. Sabrina says:

    Poor babies!!!

  13. I just read a Washington Post article about someone who was in Wolong Reservation at the time of the quake. Lots of villagers and tourists lost. In their article, they commented on the bravery of rescue workers, one of the scenes was workers emerging from the forest with panda after baby panda.

  14. CJBChicago says:

    Thank you for posting! I was wondering what happened to them after the horrific earthquake! Happy to see most made it through, sad about the other care givers and bears that perished.
    Please keep us picture-posted!

  15. Katrina says:

    How do they identify these little beasties? They are identical! It seems to me that they are having some good luck with their breeding methods- good heavens. Even these delightful little beings are not immune to harder times- it is bad enough being endangered from mankind, I hope they find their little charges, maybe when they get hungry they’ll beg for food from someone and be returned.

  16. chanpon says:

    OMG, they look like they’re trying to form a panda bridge to get to the food!

  17. Rachel Sweeden says:

    The pandas are so adorable I feel sorry for them.

  18. Yesterday (Friday) on NPR, there was a lengthy report on the Panda sanctuaries, if you peeps are interested….go to http://www.npr.org

    Apparently, the huge decline in tourist visits is very worrisome, along with a potential shortage of bamboo.

  19. Quit puuuushin,quit puuushin….

  20. charliewabba says:

    Poor little panda sitting behind the tree stump isn’t part of the cool crowd. She has to eat by herselves. I’ll bet in the second picture she’s the one in front getting squooshed by the popular cheerleader pandas.

  21. LOL Charliewabba or she is the one at the back shoving them all in the trench ala revenge style ; )

  22. Totalee Puppy says:

    These photos make my heart
    glad. Is World Wildlife Fund involved? Can we support WWF some way?

  23. Thanks for keeping us informed, Meg…it’s easy to forget about things so far away, and it’s nice to be reminded that people and animals are awesome survivors!

  24. the first pic looks like a school lunch session, i hope that poor panda sitting behind the stump alone wasnt bullied by the other pandas.

  25. The guy on the left of the first photo looks like he’s throwing his hands up in delight, shouting “YAY!”

  26. Hon Glad says:

    If you go down to the woods today,
    Your sure of a big supprise
    If you go down to the woods today you’ll hardly beleive your eyes
    For every bear that there every was
    will gather there for certain because
    Todays the day the pandas have their picnic.

  27. Katrina says:

    That panda behind the tree just thinks she is sooooo coooool, smoking! Yes, smoking her bamboo! Naughty little panda.

    Wait a minute, these pandas are black and white, so are most Rorschalk test cards, hmmmmmmm, could this be a new psychological test developed by the World Wildlife Fund to generate a new revenue stream, and fund their work of saving the pandas? Brilliant!

    (Note to self- I have GOT to stop be ‘Administrator of a non-profit’ once in a while.) Back to your regular programming…

  28. Look how they’re even sitting in formation… except that one guy… but that only makes it more cute!

  29. These pandas look like little fat men in suits

  30. radiogirl says:

    News flash, one of the missing pandas was spotted Sunday across the river from the panda center. So far the workers haven’t been able to get across the river to reclaim it. But they say it’s safe. Chinese state media says only one panda remains missing now.

  31. (badger song beat)
    Panda panda panda panda panda panda
    bamboo bamboo
    Somebody please make the video!!!! (If I knew how I would!!!)

  32. anneelizmary says:

    I see the panda sitting with her back at the tree stump as the arty, airie fairie type, just Dum-dee-dum-dum-ing her way through her snack, looking at the sunbeam.

    Who cares about the cool kids who run in a pack?

  33. charliewabba says:

    Hooray, Hon Glad!

    Picnic time for Panda pants!
    Those little Panda Pants
    Are having a marvelous time today!
    Watch them, catch them unawares
    And see them picnic on their holiday.
    See them gaily chew bamboo,
    they love to play and poo,
    They never have any wants!
    At six o’clock their mummies and daddies will take them home to bed
    Because their tired little Panda Pants!

  34. charliewabba says:

    oops so sorry –
    They’re tired little Panda Pants.

    (so embarrased.)

  35. hehehe. love the one behind the tree. 😀

  36. Awwwwww.

  37. Hon Glad says:

    Charliewabba: Play and poo. LOL.

  38. The second picture looks like a panda crash.

  39. Shouldn’t this be in the Bears category?

    [Fixed! – Ed.]

  40. The term “rolly poly” comes to mind.

  41. im only in it for the food feed me

    save the pandas thier endangered just help i am do it please