Keep that muzzlepowshe flexible!

Seriously, this vid should simply be set on repeat at your desk for a few hours.

Nicole C., Exxxxxxcellllent



  1. Cute!

  2. Caitlin says:

    he looks annoyed. which is cute.

  3. palooza says:

    My kitty loves it when I do this!

  4. It reminds me of Brazil…

    And he must not be too annoyed, since the owner still has working fingers!

  5. hon glad says:

    Those new curtains will be slashed for this.

  6. He is probably loving it, I could almost hear the purring from here. Yep, that is one kitty who knows the value of a good masseuse.

  7. ThreeCatNight says:

    Kitteh is tolerating this, because if he was ticked off – boy, would they know it! (mere Band Aids alone would not help!)

  8. riolinda says:

    i’m going to try this on my kitties! 🙂

  9. The Japanese are at it AGAIN!

    They may as well change the name of Kyoto to Kyuto at this point.

    OMG…there IS a KYUTO, Japan!!

  10. lurkingsmirk says:

    That is a very, very patient kitty. And a very daring owner.

  11. lurkingsmirk says:

    Ok, I don’t know if it’s the same cat but you have GOT to watch this other video:

  12. hon glad says:

    lurkingsmirk: Cats all, I meant to do that.:0}

  13. charliewabba says:

    HEeeeeeee! I love the
    stretch and stretch and stretch and hoooooooold and stretch….

  14. Wonderful!
    I love the kitty’s slightly annoyed face.

  15. My cats love to have their ears tweaked. Similar. But not the same.

  16. This video would be great for Caturday!

  17. Marianne says:

    lol kitteh is like “let me know when you are done with this foolishness.” those look big enough to be hamster powshes!

  18. Looks like he thinks: “Oh come on, give me break…”

  19. jennijoon says:

    meg! PUH-LEASE. SOME of us east coasters ARE trying to work, thank you kindly! How, pray tell, is one supposed to do that when you go posting uber-cute vids of oddly-cute-distendable-muzzlepowsches like that?? HOW??? 🙂

  20. I’m going to show this to my cat tonight and say, “Do you see? Do you see how much worse your life could have been? I could be exploiting your supple muzzlepowsche for all the internet to see!”

  21. My fat cat loves it when I do this — almost as much as she loves having her butt scratched.

    Cats are weird. =-D

  22. Tony James says:

    It’s great that more people are stepping up to help rehabilitate Felis Fattus Inabagicus (see here for more details: ).
    The problem is that, with global warming, these animals natural predators are dying off, and so there’s no need for them to inflate themselves. But unless the inflation muscles are worked and massaged then they can atrophy, leading to a condition known to scientists as Cattus Deflattus – this means that the Puffer Cat will not be able to inflate if threatened.

    The more you know.

  23. Tony James says:

    You’ll need to delete the “).” from the end of that link – Mr. Teh-0, can I beg an edit?

  24. Was already doing it, Teej, hang on a sec…

  25. Aesthetica says:

    “I’m going to scratch your eyes out in 5… 4… 3… “

  26. Tony James says:

    Thank you, sir! 🙂

  27. No problem.
    No Cattus Flatus for me, though, thanks all the same…

  28. leah b. says:

    Post bun pic next to a still of this disapproving kitteh see who wins. I think it would almost be a tie but hey what do I know.

  29. bubbyscranky says:

    This kitteh would be rolling his eyes if he could. Le sigh.

  30. I really hate my work sometimes. They block the good stuff. 😦

  31. LOL lurkingsmith, that is hilarious!!!!!!

  32. Oops – lurkingsmirk, sorry! Guess I need to learn to read…

  33. My kitteh likes this too. Especially when I gently pull on the scruff of her neck–she turns into a purring puddle. Kittehs like massages!

  34. In the voice of Phoebe Buffay:
    Stretchy cat, streeeetchy cat,
    Why are the stretching you?
    Stretchy cat, streeeetchy cat,
    It’s not your fault!

  35. Fat Tabby says:

    Thanks Lurkingsmirk, that made me giggle 😛

  36. Just sayin' says:

    Ok not to be picky but I thought “muzzlepowshe” was the puffy part of the front face where the whiskers are? not back on the neck which is not (technically speaking) the muzzle? Not that it takes away from the kitteh’s “I don’t know if I’m annoyed or what.. ok you can have 10 minutes to stop that ..prr..” face.

    [Well yes. Meg’s a little looser with the language than even I am, grumble grumble harrumph kids these days… – Ed.]

  37. Caitlin says:

    I… yeek… this disturbs me for some reason. 0_o

    I’m not nuffing, just commenting on this video’s strange psychological effect on moi… is there something wrong with me?? halp! :p

  38. I really wish there were an accordion soundtrack to this.

    [Ooh, yes, something borrowed from the movie “Amelie” maybe! LOL – Ed.]

  39. The undulating folds of skin remind me of a lava lamp.

    I’ve never done that to my kitties. I like playing with their “lips” and making them make faces and they tolerate it.

  40. Catsquatch says:

    Kittys all “Lissen mang, Im tryin ta CLOSE my eyeballz alreday!”

  41. LoL! that’s funny! I LOVE the “Are you not done yet?” expression and especially that teeney hint of an eye roll right at the end…

  42. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Nobody thought of this yet?

    You guys are slackin’! 😀

  43. people gotta check out lurkingsmirk’s suggested video, it is heelarious

  44. Oh, I love how the kitteh’s all like…what-evah! wtf-evah!

  45. poor kitty looks like he’s trying to blink, but can’t. 😦

  46. Thanks Lurkingsmirk, haha, that is too cute. I love the paws up action.

  47. Aw, video no longer available. =(

  48. chanpon says:

    As an experienced cat owner, I clearly detect kitty-plotting in those eyes.

  49. Definitely Terry Gilliam. Or else the Girl in the Radiator from “Eraserhead.”

    “In heaven, everything is fine….”

  50. Theresa says:

    Those are definitely cheeks. 😉

  51. I see Reality Casual Fridays are back!

    It would be better with purring, though.

  52. binky-mama says:

    I’m so confused….how did the kitteh get basset hound face-folds??? However it happened….I likes it!

  53. snorglepup says:

    Didn’t your mom tell you not to make faces or it might freeze that way.

  54. Okay, that cat? It’s thinking “Sigh….humans. The things I have to put up with to get fed, and loved, and warmed, and cleaned up after…”

  55. Oh yes, this is one of the exercises from the new Richard Simmons workout video, “Swattin’ to the Oldies.”

  56. the angle of kitty’s ears says it all! Still very cute : )

  57. After watching the squishy cat head I randomly found a super wiggly puppy in the youtube side bar.

  58. Ouch! Sore muzzlepowshes… or neck mussculls (muscles) as one make choose.

    @lurkingsmirk – best video link evah! Made me giggle and had to watch 3 times.

  59. Totalee Puppy says:

    Juniper Jupiter-Super!!!!
    “As our technician explains
    the neck enlargement procedure, please watch the visual demonstration with
    our cat-surgi-simulator.”

  60. Actually, I thought teh cat looked pretty comfurtabls – check its content look at 00:21 =}

  61. Squirly says:

    This reminds me of my dear, departed boy Sionnach. When I did this to him, he looked like George C. Scott as Scrooge:

    Ah… how I miss my kitty-poo.

  62. Gillian says:

    Kitteh is thinking:

    That’s okay. You videotape yourself messing with my jowls and post it on the internets for all your little friends to laugh at.

    Just see how many eyeballs you wake up with.

  63. Patricia says:

    KRIS – I love your Phoebe Buffay impersonation – very good – darn it – I wanted to use that – your comment is the best
    along with – what – I shall scratch your eyes out in 5-4-3………….
    Such a laugh for my morning – – UK Time – Patti-Time love you all

  64. Katrina says:

    OK, go back and check out R’s video with the crawfish and the puddy. Crustacean power!
    Even though it is Caturday, are you wearing your Caturday unpardonables?
    I have a concert today! Woopy-doodles and it is a beautiful Connecticut Spring morning. Thank you Ceiling Cat.
    If a puddy-tat has rolls of whatever, where-ever, they should be massaged. To do otherwise would build up the massager’s blood pressure to unacceptable levels.

  65. Totalee Puppy says:

    KATRINA–Charming as ever!…If the charm reaches
    the buzz-buzz-siren-ALERT level, there is a number to call…We’re here for you 24/7…You are
    a blessing I am thankful for (Winston is displeased…it should be
    “for which I am thankful.”)

  66. Tangletail says:

    I feel sad for the cathas its ears back:(

  67. lmao! I thought this was more hilarious than cute, but good show anyway. The look on the kitteh’s face IS pretty adorable. <3

  68. Yitzysmommie says:

    LOL-I think I’ll try this on Yitzy & see how long he’ll let me get away with it.
    and ROTLMAO at the other vids, too!

  69. WTF? I just tried this on one of my cats, and he hasn´t got any big powshes like that to grab, nowhere NEAR it! That must be quite a fat cat or something… 😉

  70. Cyrille says:

    Kitty looks annoyed, like “I will put up with this for now, but the foolish humans will pay later. What exactly shall I leave on their pillow before they go to bed…?” 🙂

  71. Irritated, yet Adorable! Check out our foster kittens here:
    They is pretty cute too!! And see all of the over 200 rescued exotic pets on our website too!

  72. jazmella says:


    “Stop it…stop it…stop it…stop it…stop it…stop it…stop it…stop it…stop it…”. Repeat as necessary.

  73. megarouge says:

    It’s Cloverfield Kitty!

  74. Did anyone immediately think of the freaky acid-spitting dinosaur from Jurassic Park upon seeing this video?

  75. Kathleen says:

    Kitty facial time!

  76. Katrina says:

    This is clearly a Cheshire Cat and he is having spasms in his smiley-muscles. Physical therapy to the rescue!

    The concert today was terrific! All 26 of my young musicians are just the best!
    I am such a proud… (oh, heck what am I ?)Administrator!
    Classical music will survive to the new generation in my little Universe!

  77. Katrina says:

    Where are my manners- Thank you Totalee Puppy and Annie before that. I wonder if Winston has muzzlepouches, as he does not ever smile……atrophy, would be my guess. Yes, Winston, I sure, is a stickler for good grammar.
    I wonder what he’s eating tonight-thupka (sp?), that Tibeten dish we were told about before? If coooourse he is licking it off someone’s fingers.

  78. oh that look at the very end! lol. kitteh disapproval!! kitteh’s so cute and tolerant.

  79. kitty massage…….AHHH