If you look deepleh into this kitteh’s eyes, you can see the ENTIRE C.O. AUDIENCE OMG

///Photos removed by request///

Followed by: JAZZ HANDS!

///Photos removed by request///

Exsquizzle find, Lori W.



  1. Hon Glad says:

    I am catatonic from admiration of this shot. All i can say is neelb.

  2. and a little jazz belly too!

  3. i want to chomp on the paddingks.

  4. I believe that kitten now owns me. Tell me what to do, kitten.

  5. fish eye no miko says:

    Awwwwwww… Babeh! [snorgles kitty]


  7. Um … that was “splode” + “squeee”.

  8. *sob* i want to poke the paws :c


    [Thanks a whole heck of a bunch for not bothering to add the *source* of the photo, over on that LOL-builder tool which generates content for somebody else’s blog. Good of you. – Ed.]

  10. *has lost the power of speech*

  11. Londoner says:

    *whimper* I can haz kitten? Just one paw? A teensy pink pad, then? *smooches screen, leaves smudge*

  12. I wubs dat kitteh!

  13. “Three”? Oh, come on– there’s got to be AT LEAST twelve of us by now…

  14. Marianne says:

    o! what a darling baby!!

  15. i can haz kitteh?

  16. browngrl says:

    checks nervously (yes, all other cute overloads ded from cutes), grabs kitten and runs home

  17. 260Oakley says:

    Awww, the kitty has frizzy humidity-hair just like me! My paw pads aren’t nearly that pink, though.

  18. snorglepup says:

    Braving the little velcro claws for full belly snorgles.
    Nom, nom, nom…

  19. I’m a sucker for a tineeee tabbeee.

  20. You know, as CO commentators go, I’m relatively new. I thought I had a lot to learn, a long way to go, that I was a mere grasshopper. But no more. I get it now. I’ve been enlightened, reached nirvana, I’ve been saved if you will.


  21. leah b. says:

    Pink Jelly Beans !!!!!
    nom nom nom nom

    I be this big when I grooz up

  22. snorglepup says:

    Welcome, bev. There is no return to the life you once knew. You’re in good company with kindred peeps.

  23. Bev, I second snorglepup’s welcome. It’s a one-way street to HEAVEN.

    And Meg, the jazz hands almost killed me. I’ll be giggling all day.

  24. Dead… I am dead. De cuteness… RUN! Save yourselves!


  25. OMKG (oh my kitten God) I want this little one so bad. I could cry with just looking at this. Can I have it? please, please?

  26. KristoCat says:

    Oh. My. God. That kitten is POTENT. Especially the first pic. Love, love, love it.

  27. Exsquizzle indeed.

  28. chanpon says:

    The spread paws are the icing on the cake. 🙂 I need to snorgle a kitty right now.

  29. i’ve been killed by cuteness.


  30. N’awwwwwwwwww! Lookit the curly whiskers! This must be a foreign cat, because this much cute is illegal in the U.S.

  31. yankeebird says:

    The three people in there bit must mean the only three that weren’t killed ded by this adorable little cutie here.

  32. D’awww. *Very* exsquizzle.

  33. Theresa says:

    Perfeckly pink paw paddulars!
    Paddulars is a BRILLIANT word!

  34. I love the “sex kitten” pose in the first pic! Yes, pun intended.

    Me want kitteh!!! *grabs kitteh, stuffs into oversized shirt, and nonchalantly walks away, whistling*

    Nothing to see here, folks — move along!

  35. eeeeee-what an adorable snack

  36. CoffeeCup says:

    Senorita, mi amore, look into my eyess, see the deep soul dat iss in my tiny, small yet significahnt body. Comprende? Si. To see me, is to of coursse…loff me.

    * Note: I don’t know why the kitten sounds like Antonio Banderas in my head. But he does.

  37. metsakins says:

    AAAAhhhh…it looks like a babeh Miss Huggums…..

  38. little pink raspberry pads! tasty yet sharp! it’s well worth the face shredding just to get a taste of the little pink raspberries. that’s what i always that my kitties paws were made of when i was little. their toesies look like tiny sections of raspberries or blackberries.

  39. Look at the teeny widdle claws! And the teeny widdle paws!! And the teeny widdle eyes!!!

    I’z daid!

  40. Hmmm Tabular kitty needs to come to work with me. … I would like to see one person stay Irrate after meeting with so much adorableness.

  41. Lof zee jazz hands!

  42. The Jazz Hands nearly killed me. If he can do Spirit Fingers, I’ll be reduced to ashes.

  43. Those white spats just kill me. I just want to kiss those wittle white haf-paws.

    That first pic especially is killer. Genetically designed to trigger a “cuddle me, please” response.

  44. Melinda says:

    I just squeed at my desk “Kitty bean FEEEEEEEET!”. Now my co-workers are staring at me.

  45. greyhoundmommy says:

    Petal-soft paw pads and jellybean toes, NOMable ears, tiny pink nose,the belleh that begs to be snorgled. Excuse me, I must be leaving to make a video begging for this kitteh.

  46. Viviana Lotti says:

    Aaaaaahhhh! Talk to the hand ‘cos the kitty is trying to kill us all. No…good……(sighs and body slides off chair while mind is assimilated into C.O. heaven)

  47. riolinda says:

    I am DEAD from the cuteness! I am now completely, completely useless today!

  48. Kitteh is channelling Norma Desmond!!

    “It’s the pictures that got small!”

    Also, it looks like kitteh is in a car…maybe it’s the ride home from being adopted?

  49. Tell me you did not just say ‘exsquizzle’.

    Great. Another word that will henceforth be always replaced with its more wiggly alternative. JUST WHAT I NEEDED.

  50. The jazz hands… or is the kitteh reaching up for a hug? Oh my! Let me! (the dog will be so jealous!)

  51. Catsquatch says:

    “If you look deepleh into this kitteh’s eyes, you can see the ENTIRE C.O. AUDIENCE OMG”


    stop stop….
    Its KILLIN me here!!!!

    Geeze man, you guys…..

  52. milkfilledandroid says:

    oh if i could be just a hair in that kittens fuzz-halo for a day; **sigh**

  53. Furbabies says:

    See? That kitty wants me. Gimmee.

  54. oh… oh– ohh…

    This is… INCREDIBLE…

  55. Bleen bleen bleen! The toesicles and clawletts! It’s too moishe!

  56. Esmeralda says:

    I would like to warn everyone not to use Hartz on their pets.

    Their flea and tick products have killed thousands of animals.

    Why would anyone who loves animals promote this product?

    {If I had any integrity whatsoever, I would stop serving those Hartz ads immediately…}

  57. Boo-kittie says:

    K I am new too…tell me I am not the first to say it….TABULOUS!

  58. Boo-kittie, you might actually be. Welcome to the madhouse.

  59. caroline says:

    A handful of fuzzy cute!

  60. Hey Theo… we got a newbie that just coined a new word [say in sing-song (or something like… I am not Meg, you know.)]

    Anyway, you may need to add “TABULOUS” to the glossary.

    [Oh, we’ll watch & see how it weathers the world… – Ed.]

  61. They aren’t jazz hands, they’re….

    “Oh stretchy kitty toes!”

    Which is traditionally exclaimed just before little pink jellybean pad nibblage.


    [Thanks a whole heck of a bunch for not bothering to add the *source* of the photo, over on that LOL-builder tool which generates content for somebody else’s blog. Good of you. – Ed.]”

    Dear Ed. I know, sorry about that – I didn’t realise that step was there until after I had made my LOL. It was my first time…

  63. Tom — yes, OK, got it. It’s just that, y’know, I’m *not* new, and this kind of thing happens ALL the BLEEPing TIME.

  64. I’ve had times where a couple of my pics of Dusty weren’t sourced to me and after an email to the ICHC guys it was fixed.

    That said, I’ll just go lie down now because this kitten is killing me with its cuteness. These are beautiful photos.

  65. Shameless plug warning!

    If you’re in the greater Philly area, I have THREE like this one, FOUR Marmies and 1 Tortie babeh kittehs I am fostering for Philly PAWS who will be ready for adoption mid-June!

    END of PLUG!

  66. No. Actually, they are called “jazz PAWS”. Sheesh!

  67. Oh! And my 10 year old kitten alternates between jazz paws and eagle toes – with definite toe-hawk action going on!

  68. If you are going to feature my cat photos on your site, don’t you think you owe the photographer the courtesy of asking for their use? Yes, both of the kitten shots belong to me. You owe me, at the very least, an apology.

  69. Jerry — so I gather that you’re not the one who submitted your Flickr photos to us, then? I’ve emailed Meg about it.

    In the future, though, the info is in the right-hand margin, under “EMAIL ME”. Meg doesn’t usually have time to read comments, and I rarely have time to do posts. We balance out.

  70. stephie says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! how cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. jerry, why not ask next time instead of hurling accusations? duh, if your pix are posted online for anyone to see, then anyone might submit them anywhere afterwards. remember that, and next time this happens somewhere, which it most certainly will, please ask instead of showing up in attack mode, ‘k?

  72. hi jerry,
    i’m assuming that your photos were under a creative commons license on flickr? this means that they are able to be displayed anywhere without your permission, as long as it’s not to make money. sorry dude! try copywriting your stuff if you really don’t want this to happen…

  73. Katrina says:

    HI Jerry, very nice photography, be sure to keep yourself protected, the Internet has its own rules, as does everything, and you may be exploited very easily by putting your stuff up the way you did, no fault of your own, you didn’t know… Good luck with it though, I especially liked the boat in the first couple of pictures. If you are ever in Connecticut you’ll find we have a beautiful state! Just your cup of tea. These are the good guys here, no need to put your tail up, really.

  74. Purrsephone says:

    Awww judging by the comments I really missed a doozy!

    I tried looking for the pics on Jerry’s site but the loud music made me hit the little red x since I couldn’t find the off switch.

  75. Purrsephone says:

    Phew, found them! Super cute! XD

  76. Krissi D says:

    Too bad Jerry got his knickers in a wad. If he doesn’t want his images used on other sites, he shouldn’t share them on Flickr. Sorry I missed the pic of the kitten; it sounds like it was really cute. I think ole Jer has removed it from his Flickr site, too, because I couldn’t find it.

  77. I love it when someone post their stupid image of a lamp post on flickr as a spaceball and I do a screen capture and publish it without permission. Pfft.