Excellent use of exclamation marks

Who made this movie and from WHOM are they requesting a Sugar Glider?

As usual, the music put me over the edge with this sweet lil’ movie. And, YES, I’ll pay for the cage and food, Apple Squeakie and Kim I.



  1. Jimbeaux says:

    Oh jeez… I don’t know why this made me so sad. It’s very, very cute, but the feeling of wanting a pet soooooo badly… I guess I empathize. :/

  2. Aww, man – now *I* want one…

  3. Wait, all I gotta do is post on teh ewe-tubes what kinda pet I want? OK!
    I wanna bebeh bunneh, an’ I want a pupeh, an’ a stoat who votes, an’ a bebeh donk with knobby knees, and another bunneh to keep the first bunneh company, and a wee piggy. But no kittehs plz, I’m allergic.

  4. hon glad says:

    Well it certainly, sniff sniff, tugs at the heart strings, gulp. But I don’t think I would have one what with them launching off the light fittings and my cats preponderence for noming on boids and other flying things.

  5. Wow, that ups the bar on letters to Santa! “HO HO HO Susie, no dolly for you–the elves are only considering new media this year!”

  6. mharvey says:

    Wow! That sure beats the usual pleading until your parents break down! You could just set that to loop. Well done, kiddo!

  7. Jessica says:

    I love sugar gilders… but who ever made the video isn’t exactly correct that “one will be okay”. Being social animals, Sugar Gliders who live by themselves in capativity have been known to get depressed and not eat. The will litterly die of loneliness.
    Just thought I’d mention. Some day, when I have enough money to build a custom cage for them, I plan on getting some.

  8. I want one too, now!

  9. Yes, very cute indeed. Maybe to cute to be just a pet inside a cage… Much cuter to see it at the top of the tree, don’t you think?

  10. As fond of sugar gliders as this person is, asking for someone to buy the cage and all the supplies are actually more expensive than a single sugar glider (unless they are getting 2 to be bonded buddies). If I could tell the person who made it one thing, it would be: If you can’t afford to buy everything now, don’t get it now! Don’t forget about future vet trips for your gilder too! Gliders are fragile, tiny, and super dependant on you. Someday, they will make an excellent pet for you.

  11. I am relatively positive that this was a request from a kiddo to his/her parents, and I am very impressed!! I believe that I would help the child if it were my kid, cause I would want two gliders too. 😀

  12. jessica n says:

    eeeeewww! the music is making me gag. the music makes it so sad.
    i think it’s a kid. they made a typo (not that grownups don’t do that)
    other than the slow piano, VERY CUTE

  13. Kaitou Juliet says:

    Awww…extremely cute, but it made me feel sad too! I hope the person who made this got the glider!! (And if s/he didn’t, I don’t want to know! Let me have my illusions!) (Have I used enough exclamation marks yet?)

  14. Gillian says:

    Holy Beady Eye Factor, Batman!!!

  15. I agree with Kit. If you can’t afford an animal AND all its care, DO NOT BOTHER. Animals like this need 24/7 CARE – that means handling them, wiping away their poo, feeding them…and VET BILLS.

    BTW, not all vets know how to care for exotic pets like these sugar gliders.

    Oh and alot of sugar gliders are smuggled into the country, or ones brought legally aren’t properly checked for diseases. Diseases that not only could kill the animal, BUT MAKE YOU SICK TOO.

    I love animals and pets, but people really need to consider the costs – not just moneywise either.

  16. Don’t forget how long they live, that’s how long you will need to take care of it. Feeding it when it needs to be fed, changing its cage, making sure they get enough exercise… if don’t want to have to come home every lunch hour from work and feed it….just like them from afar.

  17. Being a Mom and Having survived an on slot like this when our youngest wanted a Myna bird. I thought I would post this link from this website
    http://www.sugar glider.com which has tons of information about Sugar Gliders

    If you really are considering one as a pet please go to this link


    First…This is not a pet for a young child.

    any way we did survive the request for the Myna bird and our daughter ended up with a rat. Her name was Templeton of course and she was a wonderful beautiful pet.

    That aside please really read the stuff I posted Sugar gliders are not kittens or puppies and they need a lot of room not to mention they are nocturnal and the list goes on and on.

  18. iLikeAnimalsMoreThanYouDo says:

    Wild animals should stay in wild…. ’nuff said!

  19. Eeekk Sorry

    By the way a really awesome video I loved it and the sweet adorable glider pictures and the music too.

  20. Disapproving says:

    Given the fact he/she managed to make a youtube Video, they’re probably pre-teen or teen.

    The video had a sweet melody and the pictures were cute, but more than anything it conveys the idea that this person wants the pet for some idealized fantasy of how it will be nothing but a cute thing to gush over. That’s pretty much the same mentality that contributes to many cats and dogs and rabbits sent to shelters once they’re outgrown their “cute” phase and the young owners realize they actually require care.

    Considering the fact the sugar glider requires even more attention than a cat or dog, and this person seems to brush off as trivial the fact that sugar gliders are suggested in twos, both person and critter would be better off if this person got a hamster or mouse instead. I’m sure equally compelling adorable pictures can be found on those as well.

  21. redangell says:

    I have a friend that owns one by itself and yes they are social, but if the owner provides that social outlet, one does fine by itself. Hers is 8 years old and a happy little glider that goes everywhere with them!

  22. greyhoundmommy says:

    Her Youtube page says she has 12 dogs. Hmmm does she really need another pet?
    Very cute video plea for a very fragile, high maintenance, fur baby though.

  23. “See mommy? I spent those three hours I was supposed to be doing my homework making a video for you…Please?”

    *And the mother caves in, all resentful that the kid manipulated her into it*

  24. I want a hedgehog. If you but the hedgehog for me, I will buy the cage and foods. thanks.

  25. Wow, the curmudgeon index is super high today!

  26. Can I just point out that the sugar glider is type of Australian POSSUM! On of many in fact! Does this mean that possums are in fact cute?!!


  27. Shannon says:

    Holy cow. Those eyes could be lethal!!!!

    Nice try kiddo. You can hate me forever and I am sorry, but sugar gliders till you can cover their vet bills too. AND we know that it comes from a reputable place.

    I hate to side with the curmudgeons but I’m just not convinced being a pet is in the gliders best interest. Now a rat! Just as cute and easier to care for!!

  28. Hmmmm…. On another video’s comments, she said she had 12 dogs :/

  29. If this is a kid petioning his/her parents for a pet, I would like to adopt this brilliant, wonderful child and give him/her all the sugar gliders in the world.

  30. I don’t know anything about sugar gliders and yes, they may be impractical as pets, but this is VERY, VERY sweet and also kind of sad. We weren’t allowed to have pets until I was 13 (and then it took a near-tragedy to get my dad to capitulate), so I know what it’s like to want that special animal.

    Can we please not try to rain on other people’s parades? It’s the parents job (or whomever is being targeted with this video) to say yes or no, depending on their own circumstances. Maybe they are filthy rich and have a big ranch with berry trees and a pet glider or two would be perfectly fine with them. We don’t know. At least the videographer took the time to research how to care for the animal and put a LOT of love and heart into making that video. I applaud his/her desire, even if it does become impractical.

    P.S. If I made a short movie like this about wanting a Scarlett Johanssen of my own it’d probably be a little creepy, right?

  31. Well considering the monstrous eye to soul quotient here coupled with the cute factor, all I see is a devious plot to render the money-havee senseless and easy pickings. >_> Kids are shifty these days.

  32. As a vet who treats sugar gliders myself, I can attest to the fact that a) it is expensive for veterinary care for these guys and b) not all vets who SAY they treat these animals know totally what they’re doing. Even from the vet standpoint, a sugar glider isn’t a dog or cat, and can’t always be medically treated that way.

    That being said, I do have some wonderful sugar glider owners, but most of them are responsible adults who understand how to take care of them and what their dietary requirements are (if you don’t like bugs, don’t get a sugar glider. They need insects as part of their diet, since in the wild they’re primarily insectivores). Parents, please think twice before buying your child an exotic pet. Know what is involved in caring for them, and what common problems you run into medically. It makes my job a lot easier when people understand this and can afford to treat their animal appropriately rather than have to half-ass it on the cheap and pray that the animal makes it, or worse, put the pet down because you can’t afford to treat it. **ok, stepping off soapbox now**

    The pics of gliders were cute though, well, except for the few obese gliders (another common problem I see with these guys!)

  33. LOLOLOLOLOL @ Peg of Tilling

    OMG that was TFC!

  34. Catsquatch says:

    Wow, Ima crumudgeon?

    Hooda thunk it….

    I agree, wild animals need to be in the wild, and we citizens who purchase wild animals as pets do in fact fuel the pet trade, legal and otherwise, and ultimately cause decimation of wildlife populations.

    But the fact of the matter is that people do purchase wildlife as pets, and the only thing we can do to stop it is settle for a cat or a dog as a pet ourselves and await the day when the entire planet realizes the dream where all life lives in complete harmony.

    We can also give advice when presented with cases like this.

    My advice is this:
    If you are a kid 1 to 12 years old, get a dog.
    If you are a teen 13 to 19 years old, get a cat.
    If you are an adult 20 to 99 years old, let your conscience be your guide.
    If you are venerable 100 plus, do what you see fit man, you earned it.

  35. katerpie says:

    Methinks all this ranting about whether a sugar glider is an appropriate/inappropriate pet really misses the point. It’s a sweet video, OK?

    Oh, and you’re all repeating each other, but carry on if you like to hear yourself talk (watch yourself type?).

  36. Sugar gliders are cute, but they are terrible pets.

    I speak from the experience of living with a pair of sugar gliders owned by an ex.

    They are awful pets. They require a ton of time, space, money and care.

    If you own a house, and are out of school, then by all means, buy yourself a sugar glider.

    However, I caution all parents against buying a sugar glider for a child.

  37. I would have done this if technology allowed when I was a kid (early 80’s). I tried a similar persuasive technique to get a guinea pig by putting pictures and notes detailing their wonderful qualities on my parents’ bedroom door. It did not work, BTW!

  38. Egads! What holds sugar gliders’ freakishly huge eyeballs in their tiny little skulls? It looks like one good dope slap would send their eyes bouncing across the floor like so many marbles.

    (Hey, some of us THRIVE on curmudgeonliness!)

  39. ThreeCatNight says:

    Sort of a cross between a lemur, a chinchilla and a squirrel. I didn’t get any sound, unfortunately, so I don’t know what the music sounds like. Cute, but not practical, like most exotic pets. The photography is very fetching, though, but I’ll stick to dogs and cats.

  40. Awww, that video is sooooo cute!

    Any kid that wants any type of pet should make a video like this and show it to their parents. You would have to have a heart of stone not to give in.

  41. LOL BerthaServant I wasn’t really trying to be a crumudgeion… I love the video, I was trying to give a link with information about the sugar gliders so people could know what they were getting into but being a mom Yeah I am a crumudgeon… Thank you you made me so proud ; )

    Being as they are from Australia that would explain their deadly cuteness.

  42. Hey, I want a pet George Clooney, but ya don’t see me on teh Intarwebs asking for people to buy me the supplies.

  43. Berthaservant – the answer to your question is yes, it would be a little creepy, but maybe Meg would post it anyway

  44. addendum to Catsquatch: If you are 100+, make sure your pet is in your will (also if you have a parrot or turtle, whatever your age).

    I have seen and heard a sugar glider. Their vocalizations are ear-piercing.

  45. Sugar Gliders and rats should always be kept at least in pairs. Most responsible breeders will not sell either alone unless they will be joining at least one other same-sex member. These animals are highly social and no amount of human interaction can take the place of a constant buddy to snuggle with. Rats and gliders will not love you any less with a friend, they have lots to go around. 😛

  46. These animals do not belong in cages. I was shocked to learn that there is obviously a whole culture of keeping this wild animal locked up in apartments and cages. This is really outrageous and degrading for the animal, which is not here for your entertainment!

  47. HeebyJeeby says:

    I used to want a sugar glider, until my local pet store got one. Even though they seemed to be cleaning the cage every time I was there, it was still way too stinky (and I’m used to male mice!). They are adorable, though, and I make a point of admiring the one at their store every time I go. Such pretty eyes!

  48. wow if you read the stuff on why not to get a glider on the link posted earlier in the thread it is shocking. They “extricate” all the time, in the air, on you and have a skunklike odor. They “screech and crab” at night while you are sleeping. They must be in pairs or they may self mutilate. They bite. They reproduce all year long and live 15 years so it’s sort of like guppies.

  49. Man, the whole wild animal story again. I don’t understand what’s the problem adopting abandoned cats and dogs. Besides, they don’t have to live in cages. Adopted cats and dogs can also be sweet, cute and full of love.

  50. I don’t think young teens should get pets unless their parents are willing to look after them once Jr goes to college. I recently took in three 3 1/2 year old ferrets because the daughter went to college and couldn’t keep them.

    If YOU don’t want the pet, don’t let your kid get it.

  51. LesbianNeoCon says:

    I want one, too!!!!!

  52. Just me, but does this music trigger flashbacks of Sesame Street for anyone else?

    That whole, “non-offensive, musak-y kind of new jazz.”

  53. kittymom says:

    @ Megan ~ thank you for being a sane voice in a sea of insanity…. Please, please be responsible pet parents, people!
    That said, just appreciate this post for the ‘cuteness’ factor, which is ‘hai’ *tipping my hat to the ICHC peeps* , nothing else!!!!

  54. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    Hmmm,just wondering if I could contract with whoever made that and get them to help me convince my husband that I need BASSET HOUNDS?!

  55. Isn’t that music from Spinal Tap: “Lick My Love Pump?”

  56. Ah, yes, El Zapato. D minor.

    The saddest of all possible keys.

    Simple lines, intertwining.

  57. Pyro Ferret says:

    The pics were cute, but the only pets we had growing up were dogs, bata fish and a pair of gunnie pigs hehe they were cute. But nothing exotic. I have 2 ferrets now that i’m grown up and in my own apt. And i would love to adopt a dog, but i cant do that till i have a house with a yard for the puppy. I’m glad my mom let us have pets but she made sure we (my brothers and I) took care of them always. It was a good way to learn how to take care of things.

  58. Sugar gliders look cute by day, all nice and calm and cuddly. That’s because they sleep during the day. If you disturbe them they make a really wierd noise called crabbing.

    Then comes night time. The little buggers wake up and keep you up all night playing. If you don’t pay attention to them they bark like dogs…very loud…all night

    So have fun with them, just don’t plan on getting anymore sleep.

  59. Um. Ok. says:

    Americans actually keep sugar gliders as pets? I find that really odd.

    The only time I’ve ever seen a caged sugar glider here in Australia is when they’re in an animal refuge either waiting until they are well enough to be released, or they stay there if they are unable to be released.


  60. marissposa says:

    I will love it and it will love me!
    I vote yes! Yes to sugarglider! Sugargliders for all of us! YES! YES! YES!

  61. I agree Um. OK, it is weird. Especially as it would be illegal here.

  62. Vanmoriel says:

    They are cute, but I still don’t agree with having them as pets. Where I come from they’re wild animals, not pets.

  63. jackie31337 says:

    Did anyone else notice that the animated circle that is shown while the video is loading is right in the center of the sugar glider’s eye in the freezeframe? Coincidence, or brilliant editing? 😉

  64. I hate to burst everyone’s bubble but sugar gliders make HORRIBLE PETS. Why? Because they can just as easily be extremely wild, scared to death, defensive, aggressive, and protective of their mates as they can be all this talk of “cute”. Gliders have to be hand raised by someone with LOADS of time on their hands, and that RARELY happens. So when you buy your “awww so cute” baby, it may want to rip your face off 🙂 Granted, you can spend another several weeks staying at home 24/7 to spend time holding, feeding fresh handmade meals and insects, if you have no job or life, and it *may* trust you then. Sugar glider owners are NOTORIUS for lying about how nice these animals are. I have seen some very nice ones, but again, they are not fully domesticated animals that naturally “want” to be in captivity or around humans. Vet bills? think micro-surgery… Thousands! Food? they are exotics, no kibble, no biscuits, no pre-made ANYTHING…if you want it to live. HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS PER MONTH. Play time? they can’t be outdoors (they will escape and get hurt) they can’t be in rooms with any hidden holes that could endanger them (even a couch or recliner is extremely dangerous for them, the moving parts and springs will snap their tails off before you even realize they are there)so the only safe alternative is a room with virtually no furniture and no holes to other rooms. Being so small btw, they can go under a door or through a crack in seconds. They typically can’t be around other pets, they are too fragile, too unmatched in the tooth and claw dept. and they are SCARED of anything new, including people!
    Is this so cute now?????

  65. Yeesh… OK, here’s a few links with actual practical information about domesticated sugar gliders. They are certainly exotic pets and require a much higher level of care than your basic dog, cat, or hamster. No need to get *quite* so shrill and OMGWORSTTHINGEVAR about it, though.





  66. snorglepup says:

    If pleading video maker got the request granted or not; I give them an A+ for effort and creativity.
    Well done. I too want one!!

  67. little gator says:

    I want a pony! IF you pay for the pony and full board and daily care at a stable and all the tack and hoof care and vets care it needs I will visit it and ride it when I’m not busy with something else.

    And I’ll pay for the apples and carrots.

    Though I really want a mule, cause I think they’re adorable.

    A pony-size mule would be ideal.

  68. I don’t know, people. Am I the only one who thinks they look more scary than cute? Just askin’.

  69. Melinda says:

    OK. I want one, too. But I also want the wombat in a hat, and the anteater. Oh, I want Winston, and the 2 kitties asleep on top of each other. Well, pretty much any kitteh on this site. The baby red panda is pretty cute, so I want him too. And how could I ever forget about those darling little hedgehogs! And hammies!! And puppies!!! As my mom used to say: “How’s it feel to want?”

  70. My cat could not make a parody of the Sugar Glider video called “Y I WANTS CHEEZBURGER!”, so I had to do it myself:

    I swear I love C.O. more than ICHC! I swear it!

  71. chrissy says:

    I don´t know why but this animal gives me the chills.
    The eyes are too big to be true.

  72. Kathleen says:

    Those big, beautiful eyes just got to me!

  73. Daphne Moss says:

    I agree that loving such exotic and fragile little beasts from afar … and doing all we can to protect their jungle habitats … is a far greater way to love them than puttingsuch active little beasts in a cage.

  74. VERRY creative appeal!

    @Peg o’Tilling: LOL!!!!!!

  75. Sounds like a presentation for Mom and Dad.

  76. patito gigante…

    I love it…giggling madly…

  77. Katrina says:

    Berthaservant-Scarlett called, and she’s really sorry about last night, she feels foolish and if you want her to try again, she would be willing.
    She hates the key of d min., too.
    Repeat after me, “Jeg elsker deg, Scarlett”-“”I love you, Scarlett). (Yay el sker day)
    You’re welcome. You’re on you own from now on, but I thought I’d give you a little help.

  78. Thank you, wolfwatcher!
    They really ARE better with 2, aren’t they?

  79. Why is it that the nuffing always reaches epic proportions on posts about sugar gliders?

  80. I am not an advocate of keeping pets that are number one, better off in the wild..number two…illegal. Very cute animal yes, but meant to be in it’s natural habitat..it knows how to take care of itself far better than anyone ever could. People only think of themselves and what makes them feel good..and the animal is the one who loses..typical.

  81. slywolf actually there wasn’t much nuffing on this post.. (I have seen much worse on here.. See the buddy post(fat cat) and omg you let that squirrel take a peanut out of your mouth you might get the plague, or any scottish fold kitten post)

    Actually this has been a pretty civil comment thread all in all.

    We now return you to your regulary scheduled cute

    OMG the I wantz chzburger video is inspired… Loved it patito gigante

  82. Betsy Schwartz says:

    Yep. My pre-teen sometimes asks for a pet snake. I tell her to get back to me with detailed info on just what it takes to keep one healthy for a full year and what it would cost: food, supplies, vet, and **electricity**.

    So far, no snake.
    (I did agree to a second kitty!)

  83. brinnann says:

    Wow, you guys are still ranting about this poor kid wanting a sugar glider? Here’s what happens: Kid makes video, kid shows video to parents, parents teach their kid why they can’t have one. No sugar gliders were harmed in the making of this video.

    Patito Gigante: OMGAWESOME!!! Loved your ICHC ewe-toobage!

  84. Katrina says:

    Berthaservant- OK, I can go with the flow, repeat after me- Jeg elsker deg Kristen…You do like the Norwegian ladies….good choice. ‘Strong, like bull’. Everyone should learn how to say I love you in many languages. Still working on it for ya……I say keep the sugar gliders in their original habitat unless threatened. If so, de-threaten the habitat.
    Happy Caturday peeps!

  85. My cat would love a sugar glider too!

    Anyway, this video crossed the “sad” line. The kid seems too obsessed over the cute and is ignoring the real animal behind those huge eyes.

  86. Holy B to the E to the F!!!

    A+ for creativity, vid-maker. =)

  87. they can be expensive that is for sure but that is what exotic pet insurance is for. Anyways I have two. The first one the owner didn’t want anymore because she was having a baby – not an excuse. My second one I got for a companion for her. Mine are spoiled ROTTEN with a 6 ft tall reptarium and tons of toys

  88. I love my sugar gliders and they love me. I agree, they are very complicated animals to care for and you need to have lots of time and patience and love (and vet-fund money!). However, some of the links people have provided for info are HORRIBLE places to get correct info. The absolute best site to learn about these glorious and sweet and loving creatures (who do not bark and crab all night long – just every once in a while – not even every night!) is http://www.glidercentral.net