Everyone knows that baby red pandas are mythical

K Mythical creatures! They do not exist! IMPOSSIBUHLS!

Hey Amanda W., ruhmember this guy (from Teh Archives)





  1. Love the way he struts! He’s all like, “I OWN these trees!”

  2. sunnymum says:

    Wow! WOW! *ded*

  3. brinnann says:

    OMG bebeh red panda is so prosh, I’m gettin’ teary-eyed! WANT! (Nuff disclaimer: This was not meant in a serious manner; I have no wish to hold a red panda captive. I would, however, be greatful for a stoofed animal one!)

  4. Im looking at the video and Im thinking thats one hot stepping panda. And then I look at the photo and its like the toddler child of the wolf man. Lots of talent in those genes.

  5. Newfie Girl says:

    Aww! It looks like walking is a foreign concept to the little bebeh. 😛 He’s being so careful!

  6. That photo is the cutest Godzilla impression ever!

  7. cutest saunter ever!!!! And then in a ‘im a scary baby panda’ pose

  8. I think this is the same animal! I’ve seen one with my own eyes – I thought that the information said it was a “red fox” but I could be wrong.


  9. It looks to me like he learned to walk by seeing how they do it on South Park.

  10. Now I’m gonna hafta create a YouTube video asking for my very own baby red panda.

    **places order for extra exclamation points and question marks**

  11. Tihs guy iz almoas az Qte az a cattun. ALMOAS. Mmm — lookz laik hiz right front leg mebbe laim oar soar???

  12. ThreeCatNight says:

    Looks like he’s doing his Jimmy Cagney imitation again, ya dirty rats!

  13. ‘well you can tell by the way I walk ma walk I’m a cute red pan. no time to talk’

  14. *squees* Lookit the way he walks! Have you ever seen anything cuter? NOT EVEN ON CO!

  15. OMG…they walk so funny! Haha! I want!

  16. I’m walkin’, yes indeed,
    I’m talkin’ about you and me…
    I’m hopin’ you’ll come back to me…

  17. Clearly, both the vid and the pic prove the point that baby pandas are born with SERIOUS attitude. I almost expect to hear the theme from “Shaft.”

    I’m just talkin’ ’bout Behbeh Red Panda!


  19. brinnann says:

    Teho, warn a sista before you yell somefin’ like that! That was a hard laugh to stifle at the office.

    [I thought that *was* the warning… – Ed.]

  20. In the first picture he’s all like “this is how we walk, see” (in 1930 gangster voice).

    The second picture must have been taken the moment before he said ‘boo!”

  21. katiedid says:

    hehe.. he looks drunk.. like he has to make sure the ground stops spinning before he puts his paw down.. what a cutie!!

  22. Are you kidding!! How freakin’ adorable!

  23. It looks like he’s walking in slow motion.

  24. He’s PRANCING!

    the giant tail is :poit:

  25. i swear the commentary from other readers makes most posts THAT much better.

  26. why, just WHY he walks like dat!!!

  27. riolinda says:

    cutest, cutest walk! 🙂

  28. cinderELLA says:

    OMG!!!! the walk in the video……. squeeeee! it was like he was walking on eggshells!!!

    Does anyone know; where can you get red pandas, and are they legal to keep as pets???

    teekay, i agree. evryone, keep on commenting!!!

  29. He’s walking like he has the wrong glasses on! LOL!

  30. …or the wrong trousers. (and they’ve gone wrong)

  31. There was a “Nature” documentary episode called “Pandas of the Sleeping Dragon”, showed a baby red panda tasting something new that he didn’t like, and he was all, “AACCKK! AACCKK! PTTHTH! Get it off!” and wiping it off his tongue… FUNNIEST THING EVER. Buy it online! Do eet!

  32. Scooterpants says:

    I think he’s got his “tree legs” and after a while on the ground he’ll get his ‘land legs’ kinda like when you get off-a boat onto shore.

  33. chanpon says:

    Since I’m at work, I literally screamed inside my head when I saw this. I think I heard my brain explode.

  34. thats the CUTEST red panda i’ve ever seen!

  35. Hehe, Tanuki are proof that not only do the Japaneses have us beat on cuteness, but also on weirdness. O_o

  36. Analisa says:

    Hartz flea and tick products have killed so many people’s pets. Why are they being advertised on this site. I don’t get it.

  37. DesireeI says:

    He looks like he’s walking in SloMo…cute! 🙂

  38. awwwwwwww!!!!! proshness!

  39. Dat baby walk funny!!!

    Sooooo key-ute!!!

  40. Theresa says:

    That baby definitely needs his own Looney Toons-style “walking” music. So shweet!

  41. RabbitDad says:

    What we really need is an XCO of those angry white eyebrows!

  42. Pavlovsgirl says:


  43. Pavlovsgirl says:

    oh nvm, it came back – he’s so gooooooorge!!!!

  44. Baby firefox! This must be the new version

  45. Khadija says:

    oh i lurve those. used to have stuffed red panda animal when i was little.
    this one marches like a soldier. hope they never get extinct. they’re wonderful

  46. SquarePants says:

    For some reason this red panda just reminded me of Mario in his Tankoi (sp?) suit in Super Mario 3 game. Has it remind anyone of that or is it just me? LOL! BTW cute panda!

  47. Holy freakin’ cuteness! Toooooo much!

  48. Rachel Sweeden says:

    I agree Decca that is the cutest godzilla impression ever.

  49. Catsquatch says:

    Show of hands, how many of us want one!

    :sproing: (hand shoots into air…..)


  50. I want three please!

  51. Daphne Moss says:

    Maybe he had some kinda anesthetic or sumpin…I’ve seen these sweeties at the zoo, and they don’t walk like that…still very prosh, tho…
    China is trying to save them, but of course they are in trouble (what sweet little forest creature isnt?) ;-(

  52. “I’ll be your priiiiivate dancer….dancer for money…..doooooooo what you want me to doooooooooo”…..his legs are better than Tina’s. 😉

  53. Red pandas are endangered although less so than giant pandas. They cannot be kept as pets. Some live in zoos, most in the wild. They are related more to raccoons than pandas but they do also eat bamboo. They are incredibly cute and that baby doing his strut is just the most prosh!

  54. I think that baby was just learning to walk hence the ‘tude. On the other hand, maybe he got into mama’s bootini.

  55. barfing rainbows ovah heah!!!!AAAAAA!!!!! teh qte!

  56. Heather says:

    He reminds me of the CO raccoon burgular post a while back! I can’t get enough of temporary bipedalism!

  57. Catherine says:

    I saw this, squeed, and looked at my husband and said “I’m crapping rainbows tonight!!”

  58. Catherine says:

    I saw this, squeed, and looked at my husband and said “I’m crapping rainbows tonight!!”

  59. Catherine says:

    uh, sorry bout the double post!

  60. Hey, remember the conversation some had a few weeks back about what kind of tail we all wanted to have? Well, there you go. My choice was the red panda. They are just soooo pretty and floofy.

  61. kittymom says:

    @ Monica ~ thanks for the details…
    *watches vid again* AAAWWWKKK… tooooo cute… THU-PLOOF. Ded. Just ded.

  62. Totalee Puppy says:

    Little wind-up toy walk–
    rrrr…rrrr….rrrr…rrrr…”Ehn!?” (branch on ground–crosses over)…rrrr….rrrr….rrrr….rrrr….fade away…leave me so happy and HOL (howling out loud)…Wish could hav little red panda…promise to be good!

  63. I want one! Must have!

    (Not for reals, but I had to say it at least once.)

  64. Aesthetica says:


  65. Karen in Toronto says:

    Peering into invisible bucket: “Must have fruit!”

  66. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I knew they’d be related to raccoons! Thanx on that, Monica!

    BUT, y’all know what’s missing from this particular viddy? That kinda sneaky music that goes “da da da da” at every step he takes!! My sis ALWAYS did that whenever she wanted to sneak a piece of candy out of my hand by fingerwalking and doing that tune!! ALWAYS cracks me up!! XD!!!

  67. Shannon says:

    Two things:

    First came to mind while watching the video – He looks like he is trying to walk on a ship on a high seas!

    Second while reading other posts – Ministry of Silly Walks, anyone????

  68. Shannon, I believe you refer to Python (Monty)?

    And Teho, I believe you refer to Gromit and his Wallace?

    [Ezzzzackly. – Ed.]

    And YES, I am an Anglophile!

  69. Cutest thing I have EVER seen in my LIFE.

    And my squealing made my Siliga jealous. She jumped in my lap and started swiping at him with her little kitty paws. “That’s MY mama, not yours!”

  70. AuntieMame says:

    He looks like he’s not sure about the feel of dirt under his little paws.

  71. Aww, baby firefox! Very adorable.

  72. hon glad says:

    Pandy has a pimp roll.

  73. OMG! I always knew that red pandas were way more cuter than the already super cute giant pandas. This proves my theory.

  74. With that walk I think it’s destined to be America’s Next Top PANDA Model. Work that runway!

  75. Jessica says:

    faarrrr steps!! hehehe!!

  76. Heather says:

    Guess I should have paid moren attn to Monica’s posts!

  77. OMG… OMG… that’s literally what I said when I saw it! I actually started to get tears in my eyes b/c it was so cute!!!
    That is just too much… TOO MUCH.

  78. Katrina says:

    The bebeh’s walking reminded me of ‘The Baby Elephant Walk’

  79. karla b says:

    Ack! OMG! MUST SQUEEZY-PET THAT TAIL! Squishy! Thank goodness I am near my kitties so I can pet them.

    (I think it looks like his feets are too new to use properly)

  80. Does anyone else hear that old pimp music playin in their head when they watch this vid?

    da da DUH NA da da DUH NA DUH NA DUH NA…..

  81. These things MOVE? Jebuz… I’ve never seen one do anything but huddle in a tree 20 feet off the ground and sleep.

  82. It looks like a fox and a racoon got drunk,hooked up, and thats what was created.

  83. [snicker] “Foccoon”

  84. Did anyone see the related link that shows up after the clip ends? Check out the wobbly fluffy stubbular panda bebeh:

  85. It seems like I say this every time, but THIS time you’ve really outdone yourself, peeps. I’m laughing so hard, I’m crying. Or maybe it’s just the sawdust from sanding my living room floor today.

  86. Kristin says:

    OMG there are actually baby versions of this animal? I thought they were like… born grown up! *shifty eyes*


  87. Banana – that was so adorable!!! Deserves it’s own CO post! Poor panda baby’s like “MUST.STAY.ON!!”

  88. Paunchie says:

    I swear the little kid watching said he looks like he tie-tie…

  89. The Zombies are coming!!!!
    The Zombies are coming!!!!
    Run for your lives!!!!!!!

  90. Tally, no worries, we’re all safe. It’s *Friday*.

    (what do zombies want?…)

  91. Ms. Scarlet says:

    Augh! The cuteness is overwhelming!

    My day has been made so much better. Thank you. : )

  92. That second guy is wearing some serious pandaloons.

  93. Aw! Look at that teetering!

  94. I walk just like that when I’m drunk. and, I have red hair.

  95. EEEEEE!