A very special donk

Doesn’t it totally sound like the post of this is; "This week, on a very special Blossom episode…"

But seriously folks, Check out this knobbular donk.


Apparently, donkeh twins are very rare, and since it was a tight fit in the womb, one donk got knocked (but very cute!) knees. Read more here!


Ehn! Go little donkeh go! (You too, Emily S.)



  1. Lizzums says:

    So cute! Knobbular, but cute!

  2. bookmonstercats says:

    Will they grow straight?

  3. chanpon says:

    This puts the “donk” in redonkulous. Redonkulously cute!

  4. Ohh! Poor bebe! He has to have casts on his widdle arms! Three years of surgery….Sniff! Brave, valiant little donk!

  5. They should be named Donk and Redonk.

  6. Hon Glad says:

    Poor little Donk hope the treatment works.

  7. Well, I’m off to donate now (hint, hint)…

  8. “Donk and Redonk” – that’s priceless Babs! 😀

  9. awwww. thankfully there are people who care enough to help the little bendy donk out.

    i HAD to make a donation. i mean, how can you NOT look at his bandages and knobbularness and not give a few dollars/euros/wampum/whatever? (shameless hint)

  10. ThreeCatNight says:

    A darling little face!

  11. There wasn’t any way I could NOT make a donation! Irresistible! With as many CO viewers as there are out there, I’m sure this community can make a huge difference! Even just a small amount will go a long way. :o)

  12. what a cutie! it looks like the appeal’s going well, so hopefully he’ll get all the vet attention he needs.

  13. Awwww so precious… poor little donkey.

  14. Donk and Pa-donk-a-donk?

    Poor baby! Hope his kneezles get straight soon!

  15. Annngh!!

    The puir wee burritos!!

  16. Click the link folks, feel the heart break, help this guy win his fight..dontae, donte, donate.

  17. claudia says:

    OH geez… just wanted to hug and hug and hug him!

  18. I clicked, I donated. Wasn’t a lot, but I hope it helps. I am sure that exposure on CO will help this poor guy out plenty!!

  19. CO donaters, FTW!

    When I was borned I had a leg turned all wonky and had to wear a leg brace as a behbeh. Today I’m fine, though I insist on walking out of every room sideways.

    Let’s hear it for the cute little asses! (heh)

  20. I also feel for the adorable donk
    i too have knock knees little buddy!

  21. Are these donkeys my children? Love it.

  22. Elizapooh says:

    Sorry I’m too late to be the first to say, “Donk and Redonk.” But I can’t help but say it again!

  23. Ermine_Violin says:

    I had horrible knobular knees too when I was a nubbin’ and had to wear what we affectionately called my dumb-dumb shoes.

    I will donate to help fix knobularly bent donkeys!! (donkies?)

  24. Wow, mii tew! Still knockin’ but sum fokes thimk itz Qte. Ai LURVE the donks an hoap tihs littuhl wun iz sooon straytend aout!

  25. Donk & Re-Donk!

  26. Whoa! As of today they have raised $20,105!!

  27. Jennifer says:

    Awwww… what a little fighter!

  28. Oh my! What a cutie! I hope he’s okay. >.<

  29. kgirl81 says:

    Hey fellow CO’ers.

    This little fella resides in my home town of Perth, Western Australia.

    Poor little Lonegan (and his twin Donegan – bwahahahahaha!!). His plight was in our local Sunday paper just the other day, needing to raise $25,000 (Aussie dollars) so that he can continue to have his treatment. By Monday, they had apparently raised over $10,000!!!!

    So, keep up the donatin’ 🙂
    it’s fer a good cause!!!

  30. OK, I feel like totally stupid. How do you donate via credit/debit card? Do they accept international money orders? US cash is nearly worthless so I am not sure. Anybody?

  31. LesbianNeoCon says:


  32. Legotech says:

    I just donated $20 AUD and it was $19.80 USD…..so, give up the Starbucks for the rest of the week and give the money to the Donk! 🙂


  33. kittymom says:

    This sweetie needs our donations! Please help him ~ there is a link on his website…. whatever you can do will help!

  34. I just couldn’t resist – I gave! I’m a sucker for cutie donks!

  35. We’ve had a few horse colts born with knees like that. What it DOES NOT cost is $25,000 to fix them. If they’re not too bad, plastic splints can be used for a few months. For surgery options, there is stapling or the preferred “stripping” of the ligaments. Usually both of these will work for a few hundred dollars at the most. The splints are made from PVC pipe for a few dollars. If your vet wants anywhere near $25,000, you’d better get a second opinion.

  36. jackie31337 says:

    berthaservant: “Let’s hear it for the cute little asses! (heh)”

    Darn, you beat me to it!

  37. A winkey wonkey donkey!

  38. Marilyn says:

    Did everybody see how much money has been donated to Lonegan’s cause? That’s wonderful. *snif*

  39. Nate, this is the most flattering pic of the deformity. I too have had many horses with knocked knees after birth similar to what you describe, but this is a truly acute deformity resulting in severe turnout to the point where the hoof wasn’t bearing the donkey’s weight — the inner hock was. Even with ready vet care, this kind of treatment requires years of surgeries and therapy and can easily cost $25,000 or more.

  40. Well, I’m in!! Hope the bebeh’s all better soon!!

  41. Cameleopard says:

    Hey, they’re up to $32,000, well done people – excess donations going to a donkey sanctuary and an orthopedic hospital for children. Nice way to start the weekend…

  42. That is a really pretty baby donkey. Will its legs ever straighten out?

  43. Aww, poor lil guy. I made a small donation, and it’s great to see that excess funds are going to other worthy causes. Way to go to everyone who donated (and thanks to Cute Overload for bringing this story to my attention)!

  44. Katrina says:

    I wrote to them, and they wrote a lovely e-mail back.
    What nice people.